Greek Finale

After a short season, we have finally arrived at the end and I’m left with mixed feelings. These last ten episodes have been a bit uneven, with half the cast out of college and therefore not really a part of the Greek system the show is centered around. Evan became indifferent to his fraternity (though to be fair, he had been becoming indifferent over last season too), Casey couldn’t move on and became a house mom. Ashleigh didn’t really care one way or another about it, she had moved on and looked back at ZBZ as just a bunch of fond memories. Even Katherine was done with it, except for her relationship with Beaver (why do I always want to call him moose?). But for all the issues of the season, the finale really stepped up.

In one episode, we saw just about everything we could have wanted. All the stories were resolved to one degree or another:

  • Casey finally learned that her fake debate in school was actually a very real issue that the university was having (by the way, does anyone else find it strange that Katherine was having a hard time debating because that is so out of character for her) and that the “little store” in question was actually Kappa Tau. Suddenly she (and by extension Evan) had to make a choice: her future or her past. Ultimately, she decided she could not betray Cappie and stood up for the KTTs. Even Evan refused to betray Cappie, ultimately cementing the on again off again friendship. Alas, to no avail. In the most emotional scene (for me), the KTT house was torn down. Who knew a fake TV house could mean so much? (Casey ultimately decides that if being a lawyer means compromising her values, it isn’t what she wants. Cappie has accidentally graduated so the two set off to Washington together without any real direction.)
  • Rusty fears that with the loss of the KTT house, he will revert to the super-nerd he once was. But by the end of the episode he learns that it is just a house and the spirit of the KTTs lives on. He assumes Cappie’s place as president and gets the girl (Ashleigh).
  • Rebecca and Dale even had a pseudo-resolution. The pair decide to talk to their old boyfriends/girlfriends to find out why the relationships didn’t work out. Dale learns that Laura is interested in him (so they end up together) and Evan admits that he ruined his relationship with Rebecca by being a jerk. Their relationship, though not as resolved leaves off with the possibility of hope (though knowing Rebecca, she may not be willing to try it again).

Ultimately, this felt like one of the best season finales I have seen in a long time. Not everything was tied up neatly, but we were given a chance to look back at the show and at least get the sense that everyone will be okay.

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So the final season of the show has begun and I’m sort of torn in my feelings.

Normally, when a show decides to graduate its characters, they lay the groundwork for new characters to take their place or they move on with the characters themselves. In the case of Greek, moving beyond college would be difficult because the premise is that it is about fraternities and sororities. And because it is the last season, there isn’t really time to introduce new people and let us get to know them. (It might have worked if they’d started setting it up last year and we had one more year after this one, but that isn’t how things are.)

As such, the writers have had to find a creative way to get Casey, Ashleigh, Evan, and (to my pleasant surprise) Katherine all back at CRU and into the Greek system. Evan, Casey, and Katherine all end up at law school there (after a brief teaser that Casey and Katherine would be elsewhere), with Evan pseudo-dating Rebecca, Casey living in ZBZ as house-mom, and Katherine sort of seeing Beaver/Walter. Then, to pull Ashleigh back, she’s the not-so-suprising mess of the bunch who ends up back at CRU when she runs away from her job and sort of messes up her future. To integrate her with the rest of the cast, she makes out with Rusty (I’ve been expecting this for a while and while Jeremy-Bonnie on Vampire Diaries sort of creeps me out, for some reason this pairing doesn’t, maybe because age matters less in college than in high school) and has the layout for the overdone, tired teacher-student relationship. (Yes, I know she isn’t actually a student, but she might as well be in terms of secret relationship, though it isn’t wrong in the way that it is in Pretty Little Liars and Life Unexpected.)

Rebecca’s excellent scheming is wasted when she has no one to bounce off of. Yes, Casey is still around, yes she’s trying to sneak things past Casey, but it isn’t the same relationship anymore and so it doesn’t feel quite right. (Partially because Rebecca’s shenanigans seem reasonable and realistic and Casey just seems a little sad and desperate to be there at all.) Evan’s storyline, though believable, makes him feel like an afterthought. He’s only around for the sake of making other people paranoid. (Rebecca worries that he’s moving on without her, Casey worries that he’s making her look bad in school.)

Dale joining a fraternity is only sort of believable but less enjoyable. He feels much less crazy now that he’s in with Omega Chai. It was nice to have someone outside the Greek system for a counterpoint, now it feels like he’s just sold out.

Even Calvin, who seemingly should be a major part of the show right now, feels like an afterthought. He’s barely in the show and mostly as support for Rusty and Ashleigh.

The only people i’m really enjoying right now are Rusty (and his Little) and the Katherine-Beaver/Walter relationship. Firstly, its nice to see how much smarter Beaver is than we realize, while simultaneously making us worry about future kindergarteners everywhere. Secondly, I love Katherine and all her high-strung craziness. Rusty is on the same upward path we’ve seen in him all along, so I enjoy that continuing.

It’s not that I don’t like the current season, it’s just that I think it could be handled better. (Though at this point it may be difficult to change things.)

What do you think? Is the final season holding up?

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Greek: All Children…Grow Up

As the KTs plan their final revenge, Cappie says he intends to give Casey the perfect birthday. Finally.

Ashleigh has been interviewing for jobs, Casey has been rejected from a few law schools so far. A letter has come from a school and it looks promising, it’s big. Casey’s gotten into GW law school! Cappie isn’t as happy as Casey. They haven’t heard from CRU yet.

The Omega Chais discuss their Myrtle Beach spring break plan. Nationals has said that because of members’ illegal action the year before, anyone caught doing similar things will lost their charter for their fraternity. Time for presidential nominations for next year. Someone immediately nominates Tripp (why? he’s a jerk! I suppose he’d be good for the house in some ways). He “graciously and humbly” accepts. Grant nominates Calvin. Calvin is surprised. No other nominations are made so campaigning will begin after break. Evan is glad Calvin and Grant are still friends. Evan isn’t sure if president is something Calvin can do or would want to.

Rusty talks to Dana about last year’s spring break. Rusty suggests they share a room during spring break. She wouldn’t mind…saving money…the economy sucks…

Casey calls someone trying to find out if she got into CRU Law. No such luck though. It’s illegal…

Ashleigh finds out that Nationals requires a full time house mother starting next year. And Casey’s secret birthday party is in the works. Even Rebecca seems into it. She’d nervous about going to spring break single. Rebecca is still into Evan. Ashleigh suggests they take a vacation from themselves and lie about who they are over break to find guys.

Rusty accidentally invites Dale to Myrtle Beach and he actually agrees, Surprisingly. He finds Dana grating, but he wants to go anyway.

Leaving to the beach but first Casey assaults the mailwoman and she finds out she didn’t get into CRU but when Cappie asks, she lies about it.

Dale will be staying with Dana and Rusty. They’re both disappointed. Dale uses a blacklight to search for “residual body matter” and it’s all over. The Omega Chais look around at the myrtle beach house. Some guy comes in and tells them they have ten seconds to get off the property. He pulls his coat back to reveal a gun. Evan realizes it was a setup. Tripp wants to take it back but Evan suggests they find a place to stay first.

Casey and Ashleigh talk about the end of Casey and Cappie’s relationship. They also talk about how old people are 22. Ashleigh wants to bungee jump. They’re going to miss each other. Some guy overhears her talking about law school and advises her not to flunk out.

Dana gets a fake ID from Rusty. Dale is unhappy about all the girls who aren’t wearing much. Dana heads for a drink. Dale says he will make sure Dana won’t get pregnant.

Ashleigh and Rebecca begin their pretend game. Ashleigh finds someone interested in her right away. Someone takes a picture of Ashleigh’s top. Her name is Faith Flowers. Ashleigh tells her off. Rebecca knows who it is, she’s a trend forecaster. Ashleigh says she’d be good at that. Rebecca says to do something about it but Faith disappears. Like she’s magic. She’s the fairy job mother.

Evan, Tripp and Calvin discuss plans. Cappie and the KTs show up. Beaver teases about sleeping with Rebecca. Calvin reminds them about Nationals.

Casey asks Abby her first spring break. They discuss what Casey wants to do for law school housing, etc. Casey isn’t sure she’s ready. She isn’t sure she’s going. Casey wonders about maybe taking the house mother position at ZBZ. Right.

Dale wants to hang out with Rusty and Dana but they want to be together. Dale says he doesn’t like being the third wheel and leaves. Dana points out that they’re alone and can save some money. Rusty has to help with Phase Three but when he’s back…Dana goes to the beach.

Cappie sneaks into Casey’s room with coffee while she sleeps. He has a donut with a candle but she doesn’t wake up until the candle goes out. Casey is hungover while Cappie is fine. Casey tells him she didn’t get into CRU. She’s been thinking…she’s decided to stay. She can defer for a year or two. She loves her life and him, why leave? Come on Cappie, this is a test. If you’re the best boyfriend ever, you would talk her out of it!

Ashleigh and Rebecca look for boys. Rebecca can’t vacate from herself because she misses Evan. What can she do? Ashleigh points out she can open herself up. Evan sees her coming and has the Omega Chais leave. She says she screwed up and she’s sorry and she still cares about him, a lot, and she misses him and she’d like a second chance. He says he can’t. He forgives but he can’t forget. Should he? He’s still pissed. He doesn’t look so sure of his decision but he lets her walk away.

Cappie and Casey stand to bungee jump. Casey is freaking out. Cappie wants to give her something. Casey is scared. What if the cord breaks? Cappie tells her it will be fine. She says fear is natural. But it isn’t good when it keeps you from living your life. He jumps off.

Evan tells Calvin what Rebecca said. Calvin points out he still likes her and should give her another chance. Calvin is too nice. Tripp sees Rusty paying the guy from the house. The Omega Chais confront him thinking they hired the guy to kick them out of the beach house. Rusty says no one is staying there now so the Omega Chais intend to take it back.

The Omega Chais come to the house while the KTs are partying. Evan says leave them the house and they’ll call it even. Rusty says if they want them out they’ll have to kill them. Policemen walk in asking what they walked in on. They ask whose house it is. The Omega Chais say it’s theirs. He wants to see their house. (There’s even a donkey there.) Evan says they just arrived, the illegal activity has nothing to do with them. They could lose their charter. Should of thought of that…Cappie makes no move to help.

Ashleigh wanders and is approached by a cute guy when she sees Faith and talks to her about why should be hired. She wants to do what she does or learn from her or get her coffee or whatever. So…?

The cops asks if they did anything with the coffee. Tripp wants Evan to fix things. Tripp gets up to try to bribe him. He of course makes things even worse. Calvin asks to talk in private. They come to an understanding and the cops agree to leave. Tripp asks what he did and he says he handled it. This gets Calvin people’s support. Calvin said he learned from Evan. He’s learned how to be loyal and how to prevent pride from ruining him. He’s going to lose Rebecca because of his pride.

Casey is prepping for her surprise party. Ashleigh has something to tell her. She’s gotten an unpaid internship with Faith. She’s going to New York! She isn’t freaked out, she’s ready. Ashleigh says when they started college she never thought she wanted much for herself but Casey made her see that she should want more. Casey always goes after what she wants. Casey says maybe she’s not as strong as Ashleigh thinks but Ashleigh says maybe she’s just taken a vacation from herself.

Rusty apologizes to Dana for Dale who is drunk. Dale says it’s Rusty’s fault. He wanted a girl, that’s why he came. A real college experience, fun, etc. He only has two years left. Dana suggests getting him coffee. Someone knocks on the door, it’s Casey. She tells him about GW and how she isn’t going. She worries about failing. He assures her she is ready. She’ll be alone. Rusty was like that too but look what he has now. Even their relationship is better now. Rusty says everyone has to grow up, even Cappie. Dale throws up.

At Casey’s party, Ashleigh tries to push Rebecca to look for a guy but she plans to call it a night. Calvin approaches to say that even Tripp agreed to vote for Calvin. That was the last phase. All the people (cops, mafia, etc) were old KT brothers. Casey wants to go on a walk with Cappie now. Evan sees Rebecca and runs over to say it’s been his fault and he doesn’t want to lose her. He says she cheated on him because she doesn’t think she deserves happiness but she does and he’d like to try.

Cappie has something to give her. It’s his lavaliere. She tells him she can’t stay in Cyprus because she’d be doing it because she’s scared. She has to do what’s best for her. He thinks he will lose her. She suggests he comes, to transfer. He says he can’t leave. He says he doesn’t want to leave, he’s not scared. They conclude that they have no choices left. This is just one of those college relationships. She says maybe it’s the best one of all time. He says why wait? They should break up now. She doesn’t want to. It’s done. He walks away.

Greek: The First Last

Well, now that I’m devastated by the break up of Katherine and Rusty…

The KTs play golf indoors and Rusty brings Dana in to introduce her to the KTs. Rusty points out that the pledges need to step up the pranks. Cappy is also prepping to defeat the Omega Chais in a golf tournament. Cappy won’t reveal the secret plan to them though. It’s on a need to know basis.

Ashleigh and Casey discuss their lasts before graduation. Rebecca is back and pretending to be okay when she’s clearly upset. It may be Casey’s last chance to be there for her as her big sis. Casey takes a shot but of course Rebecca can’t admit she’s upset. In comes the news that Greek is canceled. It was the ZBZ’s last chance to become number one again. Some problem with budget cuts. Otherwise, they will finish number two.

Casey went to visit Katherine but found Natalie there. Natalie is behind the change in funds. Katherine says she was just as surprise. Katherine says maybe there’s a way to get an extra blue ribbon event. Katherine suggests that someone propose reinstating an alternate event. Katherine wants to battle it out not have her house win on a technicality. She’s moving on anyway.

Grant and Calvin discuss the possibility of a gay cruise. Cal is opposed. Grant is for. Dale shows up before he has to commit. Dale has a favor to ask–someone in his church group has question that Dale doesn’t know how to respond. Dale wants Calvin to talk to him. (Oh Dale…)

Rusty tries to get the plan out of Casey but she says she doesn’t know. Evan comes to apologize for punching Rusty. Casey appreciates the apology but says he should say sorry to her brother. Surprisingly he does but Rusty doesn’t accept because he got 3 of his brothers expelled. So Evan says that Cappie and Evan made up. Rusty is shocked.

Dale is with drunk girl. Apparently they are sort of privately together. She doesn’t like public affection. What happens in the pantry stays in the pantry but at least she will concede that it is a relationship of some sort.

Ashleigh explains the pageant. They need someone to represent the house and nominate Ashleigh who has a pageant past. Ashleigh nominates Casey and then Beth nominates Rebecca who accepts. But Casey points out they need to win and they pick Casey. Rebecca walks out.

Cappie is practicing gold outside when Rusty comes over to confront him. Rusty wants to know the president but they get kidnapped by guys wearing old president masks. (Reminds me of that movie about the cheerleaders who became thieves.) They find themselves in a tool shed. Rusty is upset and wants to hear Cappie’s master plan. He didn’t want to drag other people into it.

Casey and Evan discuss the pageant. There will be no swimsuit pageant. Rebecca sees them talking and is upset. Rebecca says she’s just trying to validate herself through ZBZ events. She also knows Evan stole the necklace but she won’t call the cops.

Calvin talks to the guy for Dale. Calvin explains that you can find love being gay.

Dana comes in to look for Rusty and they realize Rusty and Cappie are missing. She points out that it’s strange that they’re missing because of the Omega Chais.

Casey and Ashleigh worry about what Rebecca said when Natalie shows up with their Gamma Psi power contestant. (Ashleigh does manage to mention smeyesing…Tyra Banks, did you really make that a term?)

Rusty uses his science knowledge to free himself but he’s not making things easy for Cappie. Once he gets Cappie to concede he agrees. The Omega Chais are coming so they sneak out a window but the pledges have arrived, it was actually them who kidnapped Cappie and Rusty in an attempt to prank them. But now they’ve lost them! (Is this the show’s attempt to introduce new characters as the old ones graduate?)

Cappie and Rusty debate where to go. Cappie says that as president he has to keep secrets sometimes. They split up because they can’t agree on things. Neither looks to be going in the right direction but time will tell.

Calvin gets home and asks Grant to come to speak to Dale’s friend next time. Calvin tells him he doesn’t want to go on the cruise. Calvin wonders if he’d like to explore the single gay world more.

Cappie is now in the car with Casey, looking for Rusty. They discuss the pageant. She thinks maybe Rebecca should let her compete. She hadn’t supported because scandals don’t help win pageants. Cappie suggests she’s trying to be the hero. They spot Rusty.

The guys wonder where the KTs are when Rusty and Cappie arrive. But they’ve been disqualified. The pledges are upset about screwing up.

Casey looks terrifying as she practices and Natalie’s managed to screw up Casey’s gown. Rebecca offers a chance to fix things (she had gowns “from being rich”) and Casey reluctantly agrees. With the warning that everything is riding on her of course. But Rebecca has been fake smiling for years she should be great at this.

Katherine introduces the pageant. How many houses are there? The Gamma Psi girl is a pro but clearly so is Rebecca. Until she gets to the end of the runway and some Omega Chai guys call her a tramp. Evan tells them to shut up but Rebecca’s already heard him.

Calvin meets with Dale’s friend. Grant didn’t come. Dale is upset that Calvin isn’t helping his friend see the way gay life can be stable. Calvin says he has to understand how gay life works–relationships are hard gay or straight.

Cappie is pissed at Evan for what happened to Rebecca. Rusty breaks up their fight and offers to take a hit but Evan leaves. Rusty is upset that Cappie doesn’t trust him. Cappie says there’s no revenge. He wanted it to be perfect. He wished Cappie would come to him. “Quit being his hero and start being his friend.”

Backstage Rebecca dabs away her tears. Casey comes over to comfort her. She wanted to show people that she didn’t care how they see her. Everyone or Evan? She still cares for Evan and she hates that. She thought he’d get her but it was stupid. And now she’s ruining things for the house. Rebecca tells her she was a better choice. Casey says going out their shows that she was the better choice. It’s about confidence, elegance, and poise. Casey encourages her to go out for the final question. She’s the future of ZBZ. Whether win or not now, Rebecca will help them win number one again in the future, even if not this year. It’s the pep talk Rebecca needs (we get a smile and all). She makes a speech about how girls are held to hypocritical standards. She calls everyone out for the double standard. She gets a standing applause and even Katherine seems to approve. She and Evan make eye contact. Evan wins the Greek God competition and the Greek Goddess is…Rebecca! (Can’t pretend to be surprised, Rebecca’s question was about health care, the other girl’s was about her favorite class.) Evan tries to congratulate her but she cuts him off.

Cappie challenges Evan to golf. Cappie bets the beach house for their spring break in exchange for the Omega Chai house for a day. Terms agreed.

Calvin asks Grant to come watch the tournament. Grant wants to head to a gay bar. Grant doesn’t know what he wants to do but Calvin says he wants to be single. Grant concedes this point a little. He’s grateful to Calvin and loves him. Calvin doesn’t want grateful though. Well, it’s over then…(That should make sharing a room awkward.) Grant thanks him for everything. At least they end on good terms with a hug.

The competition begins. One shot, closest one to the hole. Calvin comes to watch. Evan takes his swing and it’s good. Two feet from the pin. Cappie’s turn but he asks Rusty to go instead. Rusty not being a golfer and all, this seems like a bad plan. Cappie tells him to be the ball. Rusty’s swing is just a few feet long. So much for that.

Casey comes in to present Rebecca in the ZBZ house. Ashleigh says it is tradition for the seniors to give a gift to the house. Their gift, which they will be giving early, is that they’re number one again and they got them T-shirts to flaunt it. Dale tells Laura he doesn’t want to hide their relationship. He wants to take it outside the pantry but Laura doesn’t. Poor Dale, he never can get a break. So Dale announces to the house that he and Laura are no longer involved.

Cappie calls the house together to point out that they wanted the KTs to lose so that they can use the beach house to take the best revenge ever. Rusty will lead the revenge chair as the new revenge chair. (I can’t wait for this pranking!). Phase one of the plan is complete. Phase two…

Greek: Camp Buy Me Love

Cappy brings Casey flowers to apologize. He says he bought the flowers. She thanks him for the flowers. She asks if he means the apology. He said he’s sorry for the fight. She says he no longer wants to move forward after graduation. She has to go.

Rusty and Ashleigh meet up as she tries out for Eighties night at Dobblers. He doesn’t know what to do between Katherine and Dana. He wants to make sure he has the right match. Ashleigh says Katherine will never talk to him again because he ran out on her. She’s mortified. In comes awkward teacher dancing it talk about teen marketing in the 80s. He asks if she’s positive that he blew it with Katherine. That means he can date Dana. She’s pretty great. But Ashleigh points out that he might have ruined it with her too.

In the lab Rusty gets distracted by Dana and hurts himself but then he asks her how she is and she gets her finger stuck in her hair. He says nothing happened with Katherine. He asks her out on Saturday. She’ll have to think about it. Just kidding. Of course.

Casey and Ashleigh discuss Cappy’s lack of drive. What if they’re too different? Ashleigh says she needs to address this with him. Didn’t you know how he is when you got back together? She’s afraid that they can’t possibly work.

Evan and Calvin talk about Rebecca. He knows she slept with someone but he doesn’t know who. Calvin suggests going to the eighties party. Calvin says he thinks Rebecca really did like him.

Rusty runs into Katherine and he turns away. She calls him over and he tells her he doesn’t think she’s fat. She says she isn’t angry. She was at first but she realized that he was right and his realization was the height of chivalry. She’s mortified by her actions and she’s hoping they can move passed it. She asks if he has plans for the party and he says no. She doesn’t usually have dates for these events. She has to go but she promises to call him back.

Casey sits with Cappy to talk about their future. What if she doesn’t get into CRU Law? He wants to deal with it later. Does he plan to be in college forever? Cappy’s parents arrive. Right? They’re like the epitome of hipsters. Totally explains Cappy.

Rusty asks his fellow KTs for help. They don’t see the problem with having two girlfriends at one time. It’s never happened to him before. How does he choose the better girl. Beaver says date both. There’s nothing wrong with that unless both are casual. Lie to them and slip in the word casual a lot. Rusty takes this advice.

Casey wants to study with Evan for a bit before meeting Cappy and his parents for lunch. Evan says they’re flaky hippies. She finds it weird to talk to Evan about their relationship problems. He can be objective about her…She isn’t aimless like them. Dale offers cookies to Casey but refuses to give one to Evan because he is mean to girls. Everyone knows that Rebecca cheated on him. Rebecca had always been up front about her plans but he tried to forcing something she didn’t want. Sound like anyone?

Dana and Rusty talk. She saw Katherine. Rusty lies about them not being friends. Dana makes a comment about how he wouldn’t string someone along just to dump her later.

Casey finds Cappie and says worry about future plans after the parents leave. His parents show up and want to go camping. Casey comes to her rescue and suggests they do that another time. Cappy’s mom pulls her aside to say they want to discuss future stuff. Future. Huh. Casey says she can manage the camping trip.

Rusty comes to talk to Ashleigh about his dating situation again. She thinks she’s an expert on dating because she watched a lot of movies. He knows how she feels about the double dating. Ashleigh says Dana is the girl for her because she’s the nerd. He says it feels right. Ashleigh tells him he has to tell Katherine the truth. (I dislike this choice.)

Casey gets bitten by mosquitoes on their camping trip. He suggests they get lost while looking for firewood but she wants to hear more baby Cappy stories. Cappy’s entire life was spent moving around. Casey wants the discussion of the future to begin but the rents aren’t ready.

Calvin shows his eighties get up. Evan doesn’t know what to wear. Clavin says he has to get over Rebecca by getting the necklace back. How? Calvin may have someone on the inside (Dale).

Casey is surprised that there’s only one tent but Cappy’s parents assure her that she and Cappy will have some time together. Cappy has gotten a lot of random scholarships. He has almost a free ride to CRU. Casey suggests his ability to graduate and his parents suggest he stay as long as he needs. Learning can be a lifelong process. Won’t his scholarship money run out? Well they have inheritance too. They believe life is about doing what you want not what society tells you. Casey gets upset and leaves.

Rusty comes to talk to Katherine to tell her he can’t go out with her. She asks if it’s because she’s weird or she’s a whore. She says she’s disappointed, she thought she’d found her match. She was so excited to find a Greek Geek. She thought they had a unique understanding. Someone who wouldn’t make fun of her for being excited to open her new textbook. He does understand. He begins to doubt his decision when she closes the door on him.

Cappy wants to talk to Casey. She loves him and wants to be with him but how can that happen if he never graduates. She sees more for him. He has potential. He doesn’t want to change. He wants to be like his parents. What’s wrong with growing up?

Dale doesn’t want to help Evan. But he’d be happy to bring down Rebecca. He gets all the girls into the kitchen for low carb snickerdoodles. They get to Rebecca’s room and search. He’s found it. And then he finds something from their first date. Why? (Maybe she does care?) Ashleigh realizes the snickerdoodles are fattening. Rusty comes in to tell her he thinks he’s screwed up. He thinks Katherine is a better match. Maybe Katherine is an underdog even though she looks imperious. Ashleigh thinks he still has a shot. (Ashleigh, real life is not the same as a movie!)

Cappy’s mom catches up with Casey to talk. Are they fighting about something that can’t be resolved? Casey is the most important person in his life. They moved around so much that he didn’t get a chance to bond and he’s lived longer in the KT house than anywhere else. Casey and the KTs are his family. They haven’t managed to reconcile their differences. Cappy’s parents are splitting up. They were never married but they are going separate ways. They’ve been fighting and they don’t want to stay the same place. As soon as they accepted it was over, the fighting stopped. Not all relationships are meant to last forever.

At the party Evan drinks more bad beers. He toasts to closing the Rebecca chapter of his life. Calvin picks out Katherine as the next one to talk to. Evan agrees even though Katherine is a little intense. She thinks she needs to be more of a people person. He offers to buy her a drink. Ashleigh and Rusty arrive and but as Rusty goes to talk to her Evan arrives with the drink. They fight. Rusty mentions Rebecca cheating on him with Beaver. Evan punches Rusty. Neither of them are making themselves look good in front of Katherine but Katherine goes to talk to Rusty as he ices his face. She wants to know what he wanted to talk about. He wanted to say hi, happy eighties. You can see she was hopeful and is now disappointed. Ashleigh sits down and Rusty says he would have made a mistake with Katherine. He looked into her eyes and realizes that he wants Dana. She inspires him because she’s proud of who she is. (I’M UPSET!) But he already broke his date with Dana. Ashleigh says it’s not over. She has one more idea. Poor Katherine sitting all alone and reading a book and some almost hot guy is interested.

Casey and Cappy talk by the fire. Cappy says all the signs were there. She wants to talk about something…she’s sorry for trying to change him. She can accept him as is. Worry about graduation in May.

Rusty shows up at Dana’s to get her attention with a boombox outside her window. Dana never got his message because it was staticky. They kiss. (BOOO.) Ashleigh is proud of herself.

Casey and Ashleigh discuss the weekend. She finally woke up. It was surprisingly comfortable once she let go. No more fighting. She needed to face reality. She and Cappy aren’t built to last. They work in college not anywhere else.

Greek: The Big Easy Does It

Casey and Cappy are woken by Dumper with a breakfast beer. But Casey is taking the LSATs today. He’s always wanted someone to bring him beer. Did he fill out his major declaration form? Yes, with three. He avoids telling her though. He says today is about her. She’s trying not to think about it too much. He goes to party for Mardi Gras.

Rusty needs to leave the lab early because he has to help set up for the party. He mentions Katherine but he doesn’t want to make things awkward. He’s never had a girl-pause-friend before. Rusty wants to introduce them. They’re so cutely awkward. She’s not vapid. Dana seems a little upset about that but says that Katherine is…great.

Ashleigh finds Casey wondering if she’s coming for Mardi Gras party. It’s the perfect holiday. They want to make Dale the sober sister for the party but he can’t because he’s going to the KT party to prove you don’t have to be drunk to have fun. Casey needs somewhere quieter to study. But Dale brought her study food!

The KTs are setting up. No one is thrilled with Rusty bringing Katherine because it’s about getting girls to flash which Katherine is not about that. He thinks Katherine will enjoy the party. Cappy takes his beads away.

Rebecca and Evan come down, he compliments her necklace and she leaves. Evan assures Calvin that he won’t steal again and he pawned his laptop to pay the house back. He apologizes again and Calvin says they’re cool.

Casey is having a nervous breakdown. Shaky table, spilled water! Joel comes to the rescue with napkins. When does this test start exactly? The test is a big deal! Freak out now instead of during the test. She thinks this is all she has. Law school or nothing. Now that she’s freaked out she’s calmer. He suggests a lucky talisman as well.

In the lab Dale is watching them work. Dale is concerned about not having a date and Dana invites herself as his date. Dale wants to see her teeth first, she refuses, he agrees to take her anyway. Katherine comes in to discuss a few last minutes details and wants the room cleared for it. Now that she has some time on her hands, she’s decide to lose her virginity to him. Tonight. Rusty seems to think this is a little fast. They can’t even greet each other properly yet. They’re intelligent she has confidence that they can work it out. She has no experience so he can choose the condom. (WOW KATHERINE IS THE FIRST FULL ON CHARACTER OF THE SHOW. I LOVE HER IN ALL HER IMPROBABLE AWKWARDNESS.)

Cappy passes on his sex beads to Rusty.

Grant has tickets to Mardi Gras, gentleman’s choice, for them at a gay club. He could make $500 but he wants to be with Calvin. $500! Calvin suggests it to Evan. But Evan had plans with Rebecca. But he could make all his money back. He doesn’t want anyone to know though. Evan talks a little too freely about his theft.

Casey hasn’t left because she is looking for a lucky hairtie. Ashleigh is upset about how she should feel about Pete not being around for Mardi Gras. Casey has an entire answer prepared. She even manages to throw in some lawyer speak. Casey goes to the KT house to search. What’s going on with Katherine? Sex of course. Casey is not happy. She’s feeling sick. They can be cute and date. No sex. She’s a virgin. Katherine has had 21 years of expectations. She reads. He has to live up to some great literary men. She recommends rethinking this plan. Casey finds her hair tie along with the major form, unfilled out. (Of course, he could have more than one form. A spare perhaps.) He sees her seeing.

Test Time. Casey thinks to herself and it all comes down to Cappy. Why didn’t he declare a a major. Someone is tapping his foot and it’s distracting. And yeah right the test and the party would be at the same time. But it is. Dale and Dana are awkward on the couch. They share trivia but Dale doesn’t like being showed up.

Rusty says Katherine shouldn’t expect too much. The first time isn’t the best. She always thought Al Gore was very hunky. Well at least Katherine doesn’t know who Robert Pattinson is. Rebecca and Ashleigh come to the KT party to congratulate Casey. Rebecca misses Evan. Beaver comes to compliment her on her outfit. He goes to far and she leaves. They leave.

At the gay club things are packed. Evan hasn’t made a lot of money because maybe he’s giving off a straight vibe. Calvin is a little uptight and Grant unbuttons his shirt. Evan pulls of his shirt to advertise. Rebecca and Ashleigh come to the gay bar so no one will objectify them.

Post test Joel is waiting for Casey to see how she did. He wanted to. She guesses she did okay. Life stuff snuck in. He brought her snacks for afterward- scotch and cookies. Got plans? She’s supposed to go to a party but it isn’t going anywhere.

Cappy wonders where Casey is he needs to talk to her about something (aka his major). Dale and Dana continue being awkward. Dale comes to the rescue of Laura the non-sober sober-sister. Dana asks how Rusty and Katherine are going and Rusty reveals the sex-plan. She says “oh, so you’re that guy.” He doesn’t understand why she makes such a big deal about it.

Casey and Joel unwind. This is exactly what she needed. Joel didn’t even realize it was Mardi Gras. Joel used to be a bad boy. At some point you realize been there done that and find other interesting things.

At the KT house, Rusty asks if Dale resents Sheila for taking his virginity. He doesn’t think so. Rusty is concerned now. Cappy says this is what college is about and it won’t get better. Think about whether or not it feels right, don’t let other people get in his head. Then he rushes off to earn beads by lifting his shirt.

Calvin is drunk and takes off his shirt. Calvin finds Ashleigh dancing. Who is she with? Rebecca. She’s at the bar. Calvin has Grant join Ashleigh and goes to warn Evan about Rebecca. A guy hits on Rebecca. Evan puts on a mask and comes over to see Rebecca make out with the guy. He takes off his mask to reveal himself.

Rusty says he isn’t a dog. Why does Dana care? Because she likes him. Duh! For a smart guy he’s dumb. Look at the signs! She wore makeup. She even wore heels to facilitate eye to eye contact. How can he not see it? So you don’t want to be my girl-pause-friend. Katherine wants to have sex now. It’s her schedule after all.

Casey and Joel continue talking. He makes a move and she turns him down. She has a boyfriend. He didn’t know. She should’ve been more upfront. He has one last logical reasoning question: why would a girl spend an evening with a guy and not mention her boyfriend?

Rebecca and Evan talk. Evan says her kissing someone else was a big deal. He wants to be exclusive. Why? Because he cares. Caring doesn’t have to mean exclusivity. Wait, you haven’t been exclusive? When? With who? He’s working to pay back money the money that he stole to buy her that necklace. She’s been honest with him all along. She says him trying to force love is ruining things. He says she’s afraid. She says they should’ve been a one night stand. He says she doesn’t believe in love because she’s heartless. That’s a little true but you can see she’s upset.

Katherine comes in wearing a dress shirt. She’s done her research. They kiss with some awkwardness. She’s prepared to dance for him but he suggests getting comfortable and she’s relieved. She says she can’t believe she can finally get this over with. He says that sounds like a transaction. He doesn’t want to be someone to just get it over with. That’s not who he is. She looks devastated as he leaves.

Laura thanks Dale for doing her job. She gives him a necklace. Casey comes in as the party’s basically done. Cappy is outside playing with beads. How’d the test go? Okay. One logic question tripped her up. She saw the form, why did he lie? He didn’t want to distract her before the test. He’s not ready to graduate and he didn’t tell her because she was giving him pressure. She thought they were passed this. She almost kissed another guy. Nothing happened. She doesn’t like not knowing his plan because she can’t make hers. He may never be ready to graduate. She’s going to stay at the ZBZ house.

Greek: Your Friends and Neighbors

Casey is obsessing over her personal statement for her law school applications. Her grades are ok and her pre-LSAT scores are not so good. Kappy is looking to pick his major which means he may be around for the next few years and she’s planning to try for a law school in the area. They could graduate at the same time!

The KTs are playing throw the garbage over the fence rather than bring it to the dumpster. Rusty and Kappy discuss what Kappy’s major should be. The garbage gets chucked back over. They have new neighbors. The guy looks stuffy-nerdy. The woman looks uptight.

Ashleigh packs when in comes Casey and they talk about her date with Pete. PS they have to do name tags and cups. But they can’t find time to do things together. They settle on tomorrow.

The KTs are worried about the new neighbors. Rusty thinks their neighbors seem reasonable. Rusty spoke to them, he’s a professor. They scheme to get rid of him. Haunting anyone? As soon as Rusty leaves and they start a pool about how long before Kappie can say I told you so. Beaver (I keep wanting to call him Moose! Like the Archie comics?) tells Kappie he slept with Rebecca. 75% sure. Kappie tells him to keep it to himself until he’s absolutely sure, he’s been wrong before.

Calvin’s making music. They discuss why Rebecca disappeared. She claimed to have food poisoning. Is Beaver poison then? Why does Clavin seem so chipper? He’s making a gaylist (playlist with gay music). He’s never opened his eyes to something beyond the straight world. There’s money missing from the petty cash and they think someone must have stolen it. It would have to be a brother since only a brother would know to look for it.

Cappie comes at the end of study group. Cappie goes to confirm Beaver’s story. She explains that Evan bought her something nice and it’s sweet and overwhelming and she’s not used to it. Cappie wonders why she isn’t happy: you like him and you’re freaking out and are trying to ruin things. Ok. Maybe that’s it. She hasn’t dumped him though, she just doesn’t want it to get serious. No one will believe Beaver anyway so she doesn’t have to tell him. Cappie would just like to be there when she tells Evan.

Casey gets her essay evaluated and she is told it’s dry. They discuss how some people should be around your entire life while others should just make an appearance. Casey realizes she should find a connection between herself and the law. Applications are due Friday. No rush then.

The KT party is happening. The pledges have been helping out. Cappy is trying to figure out his major. Over comes the professor with some gifts made by the wife as a thanks. Someone comments on a hot girl, the professor’s daughter. The professor has a list of demands. Cappy is not happy.

Katherine is afraid that she’s been too forward with Rusty. Casey is really stressed. Katherine suggests getting coffee to discuss what’s bothering her while discussing her dating issues with Rusty. It’s so cute. Katherine already got into Yale Law.

The guys are having a weird time. Cappy says it’s time to fight back. War with a faculty member. They suggest borging him. Absorb him into the fraternity collective. Maybe he’ll relax the rules. And maybe he can help Kappie pick a major.

Omega Chai discusses who stole the money. Evan says, let’s not turn on each other. Tripp throws around accusations. Salem here we come.

The KTs talks with the professor as they play a pool drinking game. Major discussion.

Rebecca is searching for Evan’s necklace. Casey realizes she forgot about their plans. Ashleigh offers help but Katherine comes in with an idea. It’s perfect! Writing about overcoming stereotypes and cynicism.

Rusty is thrilled with Katherine but Casey thinks Ashleigh’s jealous of her. The prof is hung over at the KT house. AKA Cappie’s academic advisor.

Grant and Calvin discuss the money again. Calvin points out that they shouldn’t be pointing blame. Rebecca comes in acting weird. Everyone is looking at Grant to solve the issue. Calvin suggests getting the money back without humiliating anyone.

Rusty and Kappy discuss the successful borg of Prof. He’s an honorary pledge. His wife is looking for him though. The KTs want him to go and suggest Rusty haze him until he quits. He does five push ups no problem. Shouldn’t all the pledges be doing it? Ten for everyone. Beaver asks to take over.

Casey is looking over her essay. Ashleigh is upset about Katherine’s idea. Katherine doesn’t know her like Ashleigh does. Time for freshman reunion.

Rebecca asks Beaver if he found a silver necklace in his room. She thinks she might have lost it during sex. He says she’s better than Wonder Woman in bed. They have the pledges cleaning in awkward costumes. Kappy thinks he’s come up with a major. He wants to major in the Prof. Rusty says everyone is creeped out by him. And one of the pledges is making out with the Prof’s daughter. In comes the campus cops because of a noise complaint.

Casey and Ashleigh are at the reunion (I remember going to mine, it was so fun to see my old room again! But it was during senior week not when other people were around.) Sunny, an old friend says she’s lost touch with all of her friends from freshman year, they were friends just for rooming together. They have nothing in common really. Ashleigh storms off.

The KTs need to get the prof and his daughter off the property so as not to get everyone in trouble. They throw the dad over the fence and then have to stall the mom to get him upstairs.

The Omega Chais have an idea. Everyone gets an envelope which they have to return by tomorrow. If the money is returned anonymously in an envelope then all’s well (but we know–or at least are meant to assume–that Evan used the money to buy Rebecca the necklace and will therefore not have the money to return. I will say this seems like a stupid thing to do, even for him.).

Rebecca and Beaver come to stall. Rusty thinks they must have slept together. Cappy tells him not to tell. Rusty suggests getting back at Evan with Rebecca and Beaver but Cappy wants to get back at everyone. They find Rebecca’s necklace stuck in the Prof’s chest hairs. Kappy rips it off and just in time they get out.

Casey rants to Katherine about how it can’t be her fault that her relationship with Ashleigh is messed up. She’s been focused but so has Ashleigh. Katherine’s never been on the same page as anyone. She considers Casey a friend. Maybe they could be the kind of friends who will be on the same page. Katherine offers her a book to borrow. Katherine is sorry that Ashleigh and her are growing apart. Casey wonders if their friendship is over. (I love that Katherine and Casey are real friend now though I don’t love the reasoning behind it. It seems shallow.)

Ashleigh sits alone in the laundry room and Casey comes over. They snark on Sunny and then reminisce on meeting each other and Franny in the laundry room. Things were easier back then. They have more going on now. They’ll have to work harder to stay on the same page. They never had to work on it before. Is it true that they’re only friends because they were roommates? Maybe it’s why they became friends not why they stayed friends. They are growing up not apart. Let’s not live in the past.

At the KT house the Prof says he needs to separate himself from the house. It’s not where he’s supposed to be. He’s dad and professor now, not T-Bag. He belongs on the other side of the fence. He likes his life. College isn’t about rules. College is fun. He’ll miss it but it’s never the same once you leave. You can’t go back so enjoy it now. (You know that song “I Wish I Could Go Back To College?”) Kappy says he made a lot of sense. Does that mean he won’t graduate?

Calvin figures out that Evan did steal the money. Though he returned it. He marked Evan’s envelope to prove him innocent. He’s upset. Evan NEEDED to buy Rebecca a present. He’s always been surrounded by money and he’s getting used to not being. Calvin says he gave up the trust fund because he didn’t like what the money was turning him into but maybe the money wasn’t the problem.

Cappy thanks Rebecca for her help and gives her the necklace that she lost, with the hair attached. Cappy asks if she’s being mean about keeping the necklace if she doesn’t feel the same way as Evan. She’s not the kind of person who gets serious. She wants things to stay simple. He says he isn’t sure he’s ready to graduate and move on. The idea is scary. But what about Casey? What if she goes elsewhere for grad school? Well, no idea so let’s enjoy the sunshine.

Casey wrote an essay about the law building on the past. It’s about nostalgia. It’s good. There’s a weird moment (did he just get an erection or something?) and she pulls back awkwardly.