Lost: The End

We get an inter cut of the island and Alternate World, each person “going about their day.” And Jack’s dad’s body arriving of course.

Kate sits in the car in her party dress when the coffin arrives. Desmond offers to sign for the package. He has him take it around back. Kate asks who died. A man named Christian Shepherd. Kate wants information about the plan. Desmond says he’s her friend and he wants her to leave. Leave to where? He wants to show her.

Island Kate watches Jack stand in the water but it’s Sawyer who actually addresses him to see how he is. What the hell happened? Good question. Feel any different? No. Time to protect the heart of the island. There’s something he needs to put it out. Desmond… Jacob is worse than Yoda. Hugo has a bad feeling about “this.” (Sawyer going off on his own?–are the ex-candidates still safe?–the plan as a whole?)

Hurley takes Saayid to a motel? Saayid is handed a tranq gun. Remember this? No but ok, wait here. You’ll be happy if you do…It’s Charlie he’s after. Saayid wants more info.

Kate wants to know why Jack accepted. The island is all he has left. All that isn’t ruined. She seems to be trying to talk him out of this.

Ben finds Sawyer watching Lockster. Oh well, Desmond’s out. Sawyer reveals that they aren’t candidates anymore. Locke intend to sail away. There’s a dog… Vincent.

Rose and Bernard have Desmond and Vincent at their little hut. She doesn’t want him to stay though, their rule is not to be involved. Locke has found them though so too late. Locke pulls out his knife. He’ll kill them or Desmond follows. Desmond wants his word that he won’t ever touch them.

Locke and co set off. Where to? Bright light at least. Ben’s walkie talkie goes off. miles has found Richard. Richard wants to finish what they started.

AW Miles arrives at the same place as Hurley and Saayid are and he spots him. They go to check on Sun in the hospital. Jin is with her. They can’t keep running from her dad. In comes Juliette as the baby’s doctor. Oh, they don’t speak English. Keeps talking to her though. Sun remembers them doing this once before. He suddenly remembers the island as well. And their death. Suddenly, with the memories, they can speak English.

Sawyer runs to catch the others. Jack says they’re all going to the same place to end it all.

AW Jack is about to start the surgery. Jack is confident the surgery will work.

Richard and Miles talk and look, Richard has his first grey hair. He’s glad. He’s finally realized he wants to live. They start rowing. There’s a dead body beneath them and a call for help. It is the pilot. Survivor that one. But he wants to leave. He’s a pilot after all.

Smokester and co meet up with Jack and co for the great battle. Kate starts shooting at him in anger. Doesn’t matter though. Locke thinks it isn’t surprising. Jack was obvious. Jack says he wants to go with him and will kill him there. How do you plan to do that? That’s a surprise. (For who? Locke or Jack?) “Ok, let’s get on to it.”

AW Juliette finds Jack. Surprise, he’s her ex. Maybe they can take Claire with them. Sawyer arrives to check on Sun.

The gang goes to the light. Desmond is the surprise. He’s not sure how, but he thinks Desmond is a weapon. Locke thinks it should just be Locke, Desmond, and Jack for the end. They agree. Hurley has an added “I do believe in fairies” (or really in him) as a send off. They arrive, put a rope around Desmond’s waist. Desmond doesn’t think it matters, he’ll just go elsewhere in the light. Where he can be with the one he loves. Jack is there too. So Desmond actually remembers both lives. Maybe he can bring Jack there too. Jack says he tried. Desmond climbs into the light that should never be touched with the others coming after.

AW Saayid wants to know what they’re doing but Hugo says he can’t tell him. Trust. Hugo thinks Saayid is a good guy. Don’t let other people tell you what you are. Saayid isn’t convinced. Someone is getting beaten up. Saayid watches. It’s Shannon and Boone I’m guessing. Saayid rushes out to save her. They remember. Boone was waiting for him. They’re not done yet, this is only part of the plane.

The group are waiting. Miles calls Ben and he finally answers. Ben warns him not to blow it up. Out comes Claire with her gun. She shoots at the ground and they think they’re dead. She thinks Locke sent them to kill her. She doesn’t believe him. He asks her to come but she says no.

In the cave, they stare down a waterfall. They want to lower him down. He;ll go where the light is brightest. (There’s no way this “safety rope” would work properly.) Locke says this is like old times in the original hatch. Jack says he isn’t Locke and he disrespects him by wearing his face. Jack says Locke had been right about it all but Locke disagrees. Desmond heads to the brightest area. They look down and…

AW concert. Juliette gets a hospital call. Claire and David are all alone but he doesn’t seem to mind. Charlotte finds Charlie and wakes him up. She finds Daniel to ask where the rest of the band is. Daniel is playing piano. They don’t get a flash of memory!

AW David and Claire find Desmond and Kate at their table. Dr. Chang who we all know so well is announcing the evening. The music starts. Charlie sees Claire in the crowd and she wonders who he’s looking at. Suddenly she gets labor pains (or at least some kind of baby related pains) and excuses herself for the bathroom. Kate follows.

Desmond finds skeletons in the hole and then a stone at the center of a pool basking in light. A button/key like in the hatch? He gets in and the energy begins. Painful but still he pushes on to the rock. He pulls it out of the center. The light flickers and sounds like a dying engine and then goes out. And then… it looks like lava coming up through the hole that the rock was plugging. Desmond starts screaming. Locke thinks he’s right. Jack looks on in shock as an earthquake hits. Jack starts punching Locke and he starts bleeding. Fight! Fight! Fight! Lockester gets the best of him for the moment and runs. It seems they’re both right.

AW pregnant Claire is looking for the bathroom, Kate finds her. Mrs. Whitmore spots Desmond and is upset that he didn’t stop things. Will he take her son? Not with him. Of course Charlie comes along and Kate enlists him into help. Flashbacks of the birth last time around. Baby is born! Claire remembers now too. Eww gooey baby. Charlie comes with the blanket. Now that she remembers she wants them to remember. They touch and they do. How is Kate completely clean after delivering a baby on a couch? Desmond comes and asks if she understands. Now what?

EARTHQUAKE! Ben knocks Hugo out of the way and gets trapped. It starts pouring as Skokey predicted. Jack wakes up and goes in to search for Desmond. He pulls on the rope but…nothing. They try to really to help Ben but things aren’t working. Miles calls Ben and Kate finds the walkie talkie. They’re working on the plane right now. 5-6 hours. They plan to leave in an hour though. Locke has a boat they can take. Locke is at a cliff, there’s a Ladder. There’s a boat in the water. Jack finds him and jumps at him with a fist while non-Locke pulls a knife. Hmm, whose odds are better? Neither it seems. Locke does drop the knife which is a plus for Jack. More fighting. Jack chokes Locke. Now that isn’t the hypocratic oath! Locke gets the knife and stabs Jack. When he tries for a second time, at the neck, Kate shoots him from behind. Locke says he’s too late and Jack kicks him over the edge.

AW Locke is post-op. All’s well. Jack has a new sudden cut (correllating with non-Locke’s knife). Locke wakes up early. He tells him to relax. Locke is sure it worked, he can feel his legs. That’s kind of quick but he’s moving them so…flashbacks! Not for Jack though. Oh, yes for him too now. He wants to go and have Jack come. He tells Jack he doesn’t have a son. He hopes someone does for Jack what Jack did for him. Kill him or fix his legs?

The earthquake and storm seems to have righted itself. Though Jack seems to be dying a bit. Jack says he’ll be fine. The gang arrives. Kate says it’s over but we have another forty-five minutes and the earthquake isn’t really over. (And was Locke not where he landed?)

AW Sawyer is surprised to see them check out. Sawyer still doesn’t remember anything. But the Kwans are all happy and don’t want protection. “We’ll see you there,” they say enigmatically but Sawyer doesn’t know what he means.

Plane not quite working but Miles is sent to fix it. You may want to get away from the cliff. Jack says he needs to turn back on what Desmond shut off and they all need to get off the island. Kate wants him to come but he can’t let the island sink. Sawyer and Jack shake hands which is actually a nice touch after all of this. Ben plans to go down with the island. Yes captain! Hugo plans to stay too. He tells Kate she has to go and bring Claire. She’s all teary again. She wants to see him again but he can’t guarantee that. They kiss. (I’m sorry but this is the worst developed love story ever even though it’s the most predictable.) They do admit to loving each other now before splitting up. (I can’t wait to see Evangeline Lily do other things.)

Miles and Richard are working with duct tape. It’s one of the only things he believes in apparently. Pilot is in a rush and tells them to hurry. Time to jump. Kate doesn’t hesitate despite one weak arm and the height. She seems to be using her arm fine though.

AW Sawyer runs into Jack. So I guess Jack needs to run into Kate. And Sawyer? Juliette? At the vending machine, the thing Sawyer wants doesn’t work and as he tries to reach for it like a child, in comes Juliette. She says if you unplug and replug it, the camdy will just drop down. He does it and all the lights go out. But it worked. They touch and of course the memories come flooding back. Tears and joy and memories of death. (How awkward would it be if they were married to other people? Also think about in how many lifetimes/ways Jack and Sawyer have “shared” women.)

Jack gets to the concert as it’s over and Kate spots him. She tells him it’s over. He finds her familiar. The plane…Memories for him now, as predicted. She wants him to come with her so he can understand.

Hugo is helping Jack limp (I don’t actually remember them freeing Ben). They reach the cave and he intends to go in alone. How will he survive alone? He won’t but Hurley isn’t a fan of this plan. The island needs him! He’s not supposed to die. Jack says it needs to be Hugo, not Jack. He says he can’t. It was only supposed to be Jack for a little. Hugo should protect it. He believes in him. He agrees. Temporarily. They do the transfer ceremony yet again but shorter this time, just a drink. That all? Time for the suicide mission.

Pilot plans to try again and it seems to work. Perfect.

Jack is lowered into the well. Faster than planned. He unknots himself and finds Desmond unconscious. He says it didn’t work, he thought he’d leave. Jack helps him away from the circle. Desmond wants to put it back because he won’t die but Jack will. Jack says he’ll see him in another life.

Kate and Sawyer reach the island. They find Claire on the beach. The island looks to be sinking chunks at a time. The plane is moving nearby. Claire doesn’t want Aaron to see her crazy. Kate says she’s not alone, let her help. She convinces her and it’s time for a last run. But the plane is going already. Until they see them on the runway so he waits for them.

Jack struggles in the cave, getting the stopper into place. He drops it in and…nothing seems to change.

They get on the plane and it’s time. Poor Desmond. The earth is cracking and you can’t help but think that Kate has already had two plane crashes, how confident is she in being on a plane? They take off just in time and the question is, is the plane good enough to fly all the way to a real place? Claire and Kate hold hands. Sawyer just looks a bit shell shocked.

Jack cries at his apparent failure. And then…the water starts coming in. Victory! The light returns. Now it’s tears of happiness. Ben and Hurley watch in shock. They pull the rope and it’s Desmond not Jack who they rescue. Hurley is not happy by this discovery. But Jack looks ecstatic to be dying. Will he be the newest smoke monster?

AW gang is all together now at the mansion. Locke still has his wheelchair, but probably just for recovery’s sake. Ben is outside and Locke joins him. Ben apologizes for what he did, for being selfish. He wanted what Locke had–he was special. Locke forgives him. He says it does help. Matters more than he can say. He has some things to work out. Why still in the chair? Oh right, let me stand up again. So long.

Ben helps Desmond. Hurley mopes. Jack’s gone. Tears. Lots of crying lately. Hugo doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. Ben says, take care of people. It’s what he does best. Help Desmond get home. Ben says just because Jacob didn’t let people leave, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. Hugo wants Ben’s help. His experience. At least for a little while. He’d be honored.

AW Ben is still staring at the house when Hurley spots him and tells him to come in. Ben says he doesn’t think he’s coming. Hugo says h e was a great number two and Ben says he was a great number one. Up come Kate and Jack now. This is where Jack was going to have his father’s funeral. This is where he is going to have it. She’s going inside but he can go around back and come in when he’s ready. She’s waiting for him. When he’s ready to leave…

Jack wakes up outside, alive and bloody.

AW Jack goes inside and finds his dad’s coffin. He touches is and remembers more. Wow, he looked so much younger then. (Conveniently they don’t seem to remember Kate sleeping with Sawyer…) Jack opens the coffin and finds it empty. Because his father is apparently not dead. Or at least, he’s standing behind him. But…he died. Yes. How are you here? How are you here? He died too. Jack cries and his dad comforts him. They’re real. Everything. They’re all dead. So…this AW is what? Heaven? Some died before Jack, some after. This is the place they made together so they could find one another. (Oh, well that makes it clearer.) His dad says this was the most important time of his life, that’s why they’re all together now. They all needed each other. To remember. To let go. They’re moving on now. Where to? Let’s go find out. So not heaven, a gateway? They go out and find everyone hugging and talking.

Intercut these with Jack stumbling wounded through the jungle. (Boone is Damon, how weird.) There’s a ked shoe one a tree. All hugs around. Claire’s baby is there. (So not everyone is here, just a lot of them–Echo, Ana Lucia, Michael, Daniel, Miles, and that crew.) Jack collapses and bleeds out. Time for the funeral. Vincent lays down with Jack as he dies. I always did like Vincent. Jack’s dad walks through doors at the back into a bright light that fills the room. The plane flies overhead and Jack smiles.

The end.

So…what was with the polar bear?

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Lost: What They Died For

I figure it’s about time I finally check out the rest of this show, considering that I only have 2.5 hours left of it as a whole.

I still have an issue with Jin dying with Sun instead of living for the baby but ok.

AW Jack awakens to find blood on his neck. His son has “made” breakfast. He has a concert that night. He and his mom are both planning to come. In comes Claire, who is apparently staying with them. She says she’s feeling pretty good. Jack gets a call from Oceanic Airlines to say they’ve located his father’s coffins. It’s Desmond calling…

On the island, Jack stitches Kate’s bullet wound. It’s gonna hurt but it’s necessary. Kate’s crying but it’s not the pain, it’s about the baby they have that Jin couldn’t seem to stay alive for. She’s furious at Locke, she wants to kill him. He agrees.

Sawyer watches things wash ashore–life jacket–and Hurley and Kate join. Kate looks incredibly awful (the rims of her eyes are like white). Jack joins last and suggests they get going. Time to find Desmond. If Locke wants him dead, they need him.

AW Desmond is watching Locke in the parking lot. He’s back and about to start and Ben sees. Desmond starts beating him up (I can’t seem to catch what he says he’s there to do, despite watching a few times).

Ben, Miles, and Richard are walking back to Othersville. Miles seems to be having a convo with the dead. Alex is “with them,” buried where they are. Richard buried her. They get to Ben’s house and go to the room where he was told he could summon the monster. Until he realized it was summoning him. There’s lots of explosives left. They hear the door open, it’s Whitmore and his lackey (the woman). Whitmore seems to think they’re survival depends on him. He’s had the plane rigged for a long time. He says Jacob invited him and told him what he needed to know. Locke is coming. He tells her to run back. They have to hide.

AW Ben is treated for his wounds. Locke finds him. While he was beating him up, he “saw” something. He said he was trying to get him to let go and for some reason, he believes him.

AW Desmond goes to the police station to talk to a detective. Sawyer specifically. He turns himself in. Naturally they lock him up. In the cells are Saayid and Kate. Crafty.

Jack and crew search for the well. Hurley and Kate are walking pretty far apart. Sawyer wonders why Locke didn’t kill Desmond. Jack says he’s been wrong. Sawyer blames himself for the Kwans’ death but Jack says it was Locke’s fault. Hurley sees boy Jacob who demands the ashes from Alanna. They’re his. He takes them and runs. Hurley tries to give chase but let’s be honest what are the odds of that working? Instead he finds adult Jacob burning the ashes which will make him disappear for good. He says he should get his friends; they’re close to the end.

Locke spots Whitmore’s boat. They go to Ben’s hidden room. Ben doesn’t want to hide. Miles wants survival. Ben wants Whitmore’s walkie talkies, one for himself, one for Miles. Richard intends to talk to Locke to get him to leave. Miles runs. Richard and Ben step out and…there it is. Smokey slams into Richard and sends him flying. But is he dead? Ben sits in a chair on the porch and Locke walks up. Just who he was looking for. Locke pulls out a knife and says he needs Ben to kill some people for him because once he leaves, Ben can have the island all to himself. Ben says all right. Locke asks where Whitmore is. Ben tells him.

AW Ben is having a rough time and Alex runs to help him. She offers a ride, he refuses, she insists. Rousseau agrees. Alex wants him to come for dinner. Her mom insists. Rousseau is glad to have him over. Ben asks about her dad who died when she was two. She says Ben is like a father to her. Funny how that works out. Ben gets all weepy about this. They have a moment.

Ben goes inside with Lockster who wants Ben to wait while he goes in but Ben wants to see. Door opens and…dun…dun…Locke kills Zoe and I can’t pretend to be sorry. He told her not to talk to him, making him pointless. He wants to get what he wants so he plans to motivate him by saying he’ll kill Penny when he gets out. If he helps, he’ll give him his word that she’ll be fine. Oddly it is Ben who he is hesitant to speak in front of. He starts to whisper to Locke so Ben shoots him. He doesn’t get to save his daughter. But luckily he said what he needed to. Who else is there to kill?

Hurley is in the lead. Kate seems to be having a tough time. Now they all can see Jacob. She blames him for everyone’s death. She wants to know why. What did they die for? He invites them to sit down and hear why. Why he chose everyone and what they need to protect the island because when the fire burns out one of them will have to do it. Which one?

AW Jack is met by Locke to talk . He’s decided on the surgery…apparently Desmond has done his job. Desmond said the same thing to Ben that Jack had said to Locke. Fate!Jack thinks it is all coincidence. But either way he’s ready.

Around the fire. Starting with bringing them all. He made a mistake a long time ago. The monster…he made him that way. He’s been trying to kill him since. He killed him and now someone needs to replace him, which is why he brought them. Sawyer wants to know why he thought he could mess with their lives. He says none of them were in good lives before. He chose them because they, like him, were alone. Looking for something bigger. They needed this place as much as him. Kate was crossed off because she became a mother, she had something else. Not to say she can’t have it if she wants. The light at the center of the island must be protected from him and do what he couldn’t. Can he even be killed. How to pick the replacement? He won’t. He wants them to choose, which he never could. And if none of them do. Jack agrees to do it. No surprise there. We’ve sort of set up for this all along. It’s time then. Hurley is just glad it isn’t him. Jacob tells him where the light is. Locke is trying to go there. He needs to protect it, now he can get there. Cup? Jacob performs some sort of water chanting ceremony thing and has Jack take a drink. How long does he have to do this job? As long as he can. (So, this is just a cycle really.) Jack drinks. That’s all? Seems to easy. Now he’s like Jacob. Is that a good thing? The others watch.

AW Sawyer are sending the jailbirds away to County. Kate says he can release her, he knows she’s innocent. Flirtatious Kate. Desmond suggests breaking out of the car. He says they have to trust him. He will need something from them. They promise in a “yeah whatev kind of way” but Anna Lucia opens the door to release them. They’re bribing him. A little disappointed. She was way more awesome before. Hugo brings the money. She’s apparently not ready to come yet because they let her go. He sens Saayid with Hugo and takes Kate with him to go to a concert.

Ben wants to know why Locke walks when he can be smoke. He likes the feel of feet on the ground. It reminds him that he was human. Locke leads him to the well that Desmond was in. He isn’t there so clearly alive. Desmond is a fail safe of Jacob’s. He intends to find Desmond and help him do the one thing he can’t. He’s going to destroy the island.

Lost: Across the Sea

As the series winds down, I find myself enjoying about 75% of what is happening while not loving the other bits. I would have liked to see more dead characters , gotten a few more explanations, and perhaps killed a few less people. (The Kuans! I remember the actress who plays Sun saying she hopes they never run out of things to say about her character that she hopes they never finish her storyline because the moment they do she would be killed off. Sure enough, she meets up with Jin again and BOOM! Jin, while I find it admirable that you would want to die with your wife, remember that baby girl you have at home? She now has zero parents. How is that a better option and how come Sun didn’t say anything about that?

Washed up on the shore is…a pregnant woman I don’t think I recognize. Anyone? I wonder how long ago this is supposed to be. She takes a drink of water and is scared by some woman talking in a strange language. The woman wants to help her at least, not that she would know that right off. She eats hungrily. Oh, nevermind they do speak the same language. The pregnant chick is Claudia. Suddenly they are speaking English. Her savior is alone and doesn’t want to give her answers. The woman also says she will find the other people on her ship. Claudia starts having contractions. “It’s coming,” she says ominously as though expecting a monster to be born. Jacob probably? It’s a boy, almost completely clean. And yup, his name is Jacob. Claudia apparently is having twins. Smokey? Maybe she was expecting a monster. It’s…another boy. Two babies, born alive on the island. She only picked one name, what to name boy number two? Claudia wants to see “him” but the woman kills her instead. Naturally.

Boy finds something on the beach, it it seems to be a game of some sort. Boy two wants to play. Jacob and unnamed brother I presume. Brunette somehow knows how to play but he doesn’t want mother to know or she will take it away. Blond boy is Jacob. Savior/murderer is weaving and wants Jacob to tell her where his brother is. He offers to help and is put to work sorting. When asked what they what they were doing, he says they were just walking. She asks if he loves her? When he says yes, she demands the truth. Sure enough she goes down to the beach and brunette doesn’t accurately hide the game. Jacob told anyway. She says he’s special and Jacob isn’t a liar. He wants to keep the game and she says of course, she left it for him. He thought it came from elsewhere but she says there is no where else. Her mother is dead but her boys will never have to worry about that.

The boys are boar hunting. It looks like a little boar. Before they catch it, it is killed by something. They hide to watch and spot men. It seems the man hears them but doesn’t turn to them. There were three men. They run to their mother and she says they are not like them, they don’t belong on the island. They are on the island for a reason but she says it isn’t time for them know yet. She takes them somewhere blindfolded. She knew about the people but she didn’t want to frighten them. They’re from another part of the island. People hurt people. But they’re people. She says she’s made it so they can never hurt each other. They are at…a tunnel?It’s the reason they’re on the island. There seems to be light shining out of the whole. She tells them not to go inside. What’s down there? Light, the warmest, brightest light. No one can find it. Brunette thinks it is beautiful and stares mesmerized. A little of the light is inside man and they want more. They can put it out and then it would go out everywhere. Jacob seems less mesmerized. One of them will have to protect it in the future, when she can’t.

The boys play their game. Brunette tells Jacob he’s doing something against the rules. Jacob is not pleased that all the rules are his brother’s. His mother appears to the brunette, telling him not to be afraid. He decides to go for a walk without Jacob and looks for her. Why can’t Jacob see her? Because she’s dead. She’d like to show him where he came from, across the island where he’s never been. So she is smokey? He goes with her and they see the village. The others. They came 13 years ago, the day before he was born. Their ship was born. There are many things across the sea, including him. That’s not what his mother told him, but she’s not his mother. The ghost is.

Brunette packs a bag and wakes Jacob. He wants him to come and they sneak out. They’re leaving and never coming back. Jacob doesn’t understand. Brunette says she lied about everything. Brunette tells him it was all a lie but Jacob beats him until he bleeds. Their “mother” stops them and he spits the truth at her. He wants Jacob to come but he says no. The woman tells brunette that he will never be able to leave the island but he says he can and he will prove it one day. He leaves.

“Mother” sits on the beach and Jacob joins her. She doesn’t think brunette will come back. Did she really kill their mother? Yes. If she’d let her live, she would have taken him back to bad people. She couldn’t let him become like them. She needed him to stay good. Is he good? Of course. Then why does she love brunette more than him? She loves them in different ways. Will you stay Jacob? Please? Yes. (Really? Even knowing what you know?) For a while.

Jacob is recognizable now. He’s made something and his mother doesn’t seem to appreciate it. She’s tired. He goes to watch the men in the village. He still visits Brunette and they play their game. Jacob watches to know if they’re bad. It’s been 30 years. They are greedy, manipulative, selfish…they’re a means to an end. What end? He’s leaving. He found a way off the island. He throws a knife at the well and it us magnetically pulled to it. Which proves? There are smart men who have discovered that metal behaves strangely in places all over the island. They dig and they found something. He asks Jacob to come again but he says no. What about when she dies? She won’t! Everything dies. Jacob gets back home and they talk about Brunette. She travels to the Others and they’re doing something in a well. Brunette is stoking a fire inside the well when “mother” comes. He sense her and pulls his knife. She asks to join him. He lets. (PS, while an attractive boy, he’s no longer attractive.) He’s been searching all the time for the place with the light so he found another way to find it. The people with him too. They have ideas what to do with it. He has no idea what–because she wouldn’t tell him! He pulls away some stone and the light shines through. They’re going to make an opening and a system that channels the water and light and will allow leave. How does he know it will work? “I’m special, mother.” He doesn’t belong on the island. Then this must be goodbye. As opposed to 30 years ago. She looks like she wants to hug him but I suspect she might try to kill him. They do hug. She cries. She says she’s so sorry and then bashes his head into the rocks. So who are the bad people.

“Mother” wakes Jacob and says it’s time. Something happened didn’t it? You’re letting him go? I don’t have a choice. She takes him to the light. It’s his time to protect it now. What’s down there? Life. Death. Rebirth. It’s the source/heart of the island. Oh, well thanks for the clarification. Just promise not to go down there. She gives him some wine, mumbling some other language. If he drinks he will accept the responsibility of protecting this place as long as he can and then find his next person. He doesn’t want to he has to. She wanted it to be Brunette. But she sees now it was always supposed to be him. He does drink. Now they are the same.

Brunette awakens with a headache. The tunnel is filled in. There’s smoke. The village! He runs back to find it in shambles with everyone dead. So…who are the good people again? He finds the game he and Jacob used to play in the rubble and cries. He’s furious!

Jacob notes the storm coming. He should get firewood before it rains. So she can die alone? She tells him to be careful. He says he’ll see her back home, she doesn’t respond…She gets to the home. I fire is burning. Her loom is in tatters. The game is on the floor. Inside are a dark and a light piece. She picks up the dark one, stares at it, and is run through with Brunette’s dagger. (Wouldn’t we like to have a name for him?) She loved him too much to let him leave. And then she thanks him. He is not so pleased with his revenge and starts crying. Jacob sees him standing over her. He tries to explain. Jacob tackles him and starts beating him again. He takes him, brunette begs, He says he doesn’t plan to kill him and instead throws to the light cave. It is his time to protect it. He tells him to go and sends his body inside. The light gets brighter and seems to suck him in. So that is what created smokey, because sure enough out comes the smoke monster. I suppose that is a fate worse than death. Hard to blame him now…

Jacob washes his face off and spots his brother on some rocks. He’s upset now and takes him back home to rest. Jacob finds the two pieces and puts them in a couch,

Future time, Jack and Kate find the pouch (like first season or so). Where did they come from? Who were they? Their very own Adam and Eve.

Past Jacob says goodbye.

Lost: The Candidate

AW Locke wakes up in the hospital to Jack as his doctor. Locke is all confused because he was run down by a car. He should be all right now. Jack says he saw the spinal injury and wants to know what happened. He thinks he’s a candidate…For what? A new procedure for surgery that might fix him. Locke turns him down despite the minimal risk. In comes the wife. (She looks different.)

Island Jack awakens in the night in the boat. Sayid is watching him. They’re on hydra island. At the base Hurley and crew are being led inside and Sawyer is told get in the cage. So Sawyer steals the gun. Whitmore says he will shoot Kate if he doesn’t cooperate so of course Sawyer obeys. Whitmore says he only cares about Sawyer, Hugo, and the Kwans. Whitmore tells them he’s doing it for their own good. They also have to hurry to put up the fence because “he is coming.” They haven’t got an hour even.

AW Jack enters what looks like an orthodontist’s office. He’s looking for Dr. Nadler–Bernard! He wants to look at Locke’s patient files. He did emergency oral surgery on him. Jack wants to know how Jack was hurt. Bernard says he sat across the isle from him! Bernard can’t break doctor-patient confidentiality but Locke’s accident happened with an Anthony Cooper as well.

Jack is confused. Locke saved him from Whitmore’s people. Everyone else? They scattered. Just the three of them now. Locke says he brought him because they have to rescue his friends. Whitmore has them caged. Locke wants to break them out and run for the plane. Jack says they aren’t his people and he doesn’t want to leave the island. Either way, his friends do want to leave. But he needs Jack’s help to get the gang to trust him. Locke says he could kill Jack and his friends but instead saved him and therefore he should trust him. (That’s not fully honest!)

Sawyer and Kate pace in the cage. Kate says Whitmore wouldn’t have killed her. Sawyer says that Kate’s name was crossed out on the cave wall. Whitmore doesn’t need her. Kwan and Jin talk about their daughter. (I didn’t used to like them but they’re just so cute. I kind of hope Jin is the Kwan they’re talking about.) The generators go off and there are sounds of panic. Someone killed the power! It’s smoke time! They try shooting it with guns which is pretty silly. The man who gets killed and knocked into their cages has the key. Kate can’t reach it but Jack grabs it and frees them. What are you doing here? I’m with him. Into the jungle again with the pilot leading the way. Kate is hopeful that Jack is coming but he says he isn’t getting on it. He’s not meant to go. Sawyer thanks him for helping. Sayid arrives and they all aim guns at him but they say Sayid is with them. Locke is waiting, time to go.

AW Jack is looking for Mr. Cooper when Locke’s wife sees him. She tells him to go. John doesn’t want the operation, leave this alone. Saving him after his car accident isn’t enough. She brings him in to talk to Anthony Cooper. He is in a wheelchair. He’s John’s father. He’s basically catatonic.

Smokey gets to the plane, they try to stop him so he easily kills them. And steals a watch from one of them? On the plane he looks around, there’s a wire out. He finds something…The gang arrives then. (PS there were so many more survivors of the original flight…) They find the dead people. Locke says Whitmore wants them to be all together so that he can kill them which is why he pretended to guard the plane. What he found inside was explosives. What now? The plane isn’t safe. They’ll have to take the sub to leave. Hugo thinks Locke shouldn’t leave. Sawyer doesn’t care, he’s saved them so that’s all that matters. The sub will be heavily defended, they will need everyone. Jack will help but he is still staying. Claire apologizes the Locke and he says it’s all right. Sawyer asks Jack for one last favor. He doesn’t trust Locke and wants to keep him from the sub. No small favor.

AW Jack and Locke are in the hospital again. Locke is sleep talking or something. Outside is Claire. She’s looking for him. She wants to talk. (She’s so huge it looks fake!) The lawyer gave something to her that her dad wanted her to have it. Neither of them know what it is. How’d their dad die? He drank himself to death. Shock, they were on the same flight! Jack wants to look at the box. (She has some muscular legs.) The box has a mirror inside but it’s nothing special. She’s staying at a motel down the road but he asks her to stay with him. They’re not strangers, they’re family, he tells her. It’s sort of sweet.

The assault begins. There’s no one on the dock but there are probably people inside. Jack cryptically agrees to do as Sawyer asked. Sawyer, Jin, Sun, and the captain are first (naturally) to go. Things seem well. Next goes Sayid, Kate, and Claire. Locke continues trying to convince him to stay, Jack knocks Locke into the water, Kate is shot as they are attacked. Claire is now a sharpshooter and takes the guys out. Locke gets back on the dock. Locke starts shooting at their attackers. Sawyer goes to get Claire but Locke comes running so Sawyer shuts the sub and tells him to start the sub. Claire calls for them to wait but it’s too late. Locke tells her she doesn’t want to be on the sub…Will it explode or something because not all of them are on it. Kate is bleeding pretty badly and she’s upset they left without Claire. Kate finds the bomb on the boat, it has about 4 minutes left. He’s getting exactly what he wanted… (killing all the potential candidates?) They have to get to the surface now! Sayid examines the bomb to figure out how to stop it. Jack tells them to stop trying to leave the bomb alone, he can’t kill them. But if they detonate the bomb they will kill themselves. If he was just going to kill them, he’d just have chucked the bomb inside without a timer. Sawyer doesn’t care so he unhooks the bomb. And it starts going faster. Sayid runs away with the bomb and gets himself killed. Jack grabs Kate, Sun is stuck under something. Sawyer hurries to help. Jack gives Kate to Hurley and gives them an oxygen tank to get up with. Sun is stuck and freaking out. They almost get her out and Sawyer is knocked out. Jin keeps trying to help Sun but she tells him to go. He refuses Jack wants to stay and help but Jin insists he go and save Sawyer. Finally he goes. He pushes out, Sawyer in tow, and starts swimming. Jin and Sun are alone. She tells him to go. He refuses to leave her and insists he can do it. Maybe she should try helping. She insists yet again but he says he will never leave her, never again. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter which Kwan they were talking about. On this show they’re not dead until we see it and even then they’re not always dead, but it’s not looking good for them. It all ends with them holding hands.

AW Locke is being let out but his finace isn’t there yet. Jack meets him in the hallway to say goodbye. He reveals his visit to his dad. Locke says he was disable because he was in a plane crash with his dad. (Despite telling his dad to trust him.) Jack gives him the same advice that he gave him “your father is gone…let it go…” It isn’t easy. But he was hoping he could go first, with the surgery. Locke…says goodbye. Jack insists he can help, he wish he believed in him. Nice try Jack.

Jack gets Sawyer onto shore. Hurley and Kate have made it. Kate is all “I couldn’t find you!” And then they cry for losing Jin and Sun (who knew Kate was such a softie?) Jack walks into the water and cries alone. So much for the live together thing.

Locke knows the sub sunk. But he knows they’re not all dead. He goes to “finish what he started.”

Lost: The Last Recruit

Lockster says “Hello Jack, I was hoping you would come. I think we have some catching up to do.” Jack asks Hurley if he’s okay with them talking alone. With Hugo’s agreement he goes. I half expect Lockester to try to kill him but I don’t think he can. It bothers Jack that he doesn’t know what he is. Smokey says “sure you do.” Why John Locke? Because he was stupid enough to believe he was meant to be here. He had to be dead to look like him. Jack wants to know if he’d really seen his father way back when in season one. That was him. Why? He lead him to water. He’s always just wanted to help them. Do? Leave. Jacob got them trapped on the island by choosing them. They don’t have to be trapped anymore, they can leave whenever they want. It has to be all of them. Jack said Locke was the only one who believed in the island and tries to get them to stay. Smokester says Locke was a sucker.

AW Locke is being rushed to the hospital. Ben doesn’t know much about him but Locke says to contact Helen. Sun is brought in with a GSW. Sun says “it’s him!”

Claire follows them and Lockster knows. Jack is her brother. They have catching up to do it seems. Claire said she gave up on him coming back and now…it’s good to see him. (Anyone think she was going to say she wishes he didn’t.) She says it means a lot that he’s coming with them but he hasn’t decided. Claire says he decided when he spoke to Locke. Whether he likes it or not, Jack’s with him now.

Hurley whispers with Sawyer about the sub. Kate is telling Jin. Sayid isn’t invited. He’s gone over to the dark side. Anakin! Claire walks up to hug him. Jack and Lockester arrive and all goes quiet as Lockester says it’s nice to have everyone together.

AW Sawyer offers Kate (in cuffs) an apple and wants to talk to her. She doesn’t strike him as a murderer. She says she’s not. Does she remember him from the airport? Yup. Isn’t it weird they’re together again a week later. Almost someone’s trying to put them together. She insists she’s not a murderer. He’s a cop so why did he let her go? He saw a pretty lady…She thinks he let him go because he didn’t want anyone to know he when to Australia. She tries to blackmail him. He likes her. Miles interrupts for a multiple homicide (Jin and Sun). Sayid is the believed bad guy.

Jack and Kate discuss how Sayid is different. They’re all different. So what did Lockester have to say? He wants to leave and they have to go together but he’s not sure he believes him. In comes Zoe, looking for “the man in charge.” She wants what he took from them. Lockster plays dumb. Zoe pulls out a walkie talkie. They have a fix on her position so they can demonstrate an explosion nearby. They have until nightfall to return what they took or they won’t miss next time She leaves a walkie talkie for him to call them. Lockester smashes it with a stick. Here we go.

AW Claire comes into some building and Desmond comes to talk to her. He remembers her from the flight. She says she’s better now. He guessed correctly that her baby was a boy. He sees her going to the adoption agency and thinks she should have a lawyer. Otherwise things could wind up irreversible. He’s going to the same floor as her. He has an excellent attorney and she owes him a favor….she can help free of charge. It would be his pleasure. Sure. And the lawyer is…Alana. Look at her so polished! Alana recognizes her name, they’ve been looking for her! Alana wants to speak to Claire privately.

Lockester’s speech to say they’ve forced his hand by trying to force a confrontation. Time to get on the plane. He needs Sawyer’s help. He wants him to get a boat to get them together. He calls Kate to help. Meanwhile Lockester calls Sayid aside. Sawyer asks Jack for help, to explain the plan. Hugo, Sun, and the pilot should come with him, no one else. Lockester wants Sayid to go to where Desmond is to kill him. That’s the only way he’ll get what he asked for. Sayid goes to the well with a gun and aims it at Desmond inside. “What did Lockester offer him?” Desmond asks. He has a right to know that much as least. Something he lost, the woman he loved. Where is she? Dead. How can Lockester bring her back? He brought Sayid back. Well, that’s fair. Desmond asks what Sayid will tell her about how he got her back.

AW Sayid packs and Nadia wonders where he’s going. He has to leave. He says he’s leaving and can never return. What did he do? Miles is at the door to ask questions about Sayid. He sees Sayid’s suitcase as Sayid tries to escape out back but Sawyer is clever enough to catch him.

Sawyer finds the place he and Kate were headed. Kate wonders if going back to get Locke is a good idea. He doesn’t. Sawyer explains the plan. Claire isn’t coming. Kate isn’t happy. She insists on Claire. Sawyer says she’s dangerous. No response but they don’t have much time. Isn’t it bad to get a gun wet?

The rest of the group follows Smokey. Jack finds Claire and asks how long she’s been with Locke. Since he left. She trusts him because he’s the only one who didn’t abandon her. Lockester stops to talk to Sun about where Sayid is. Sun doesn’t talk to him. He says it is his fault she can’t talk. Lockester heads back. Jack calls the group of people that Sawyer said. Claire spots them leaving and she looks pissed. Or sad. Maybe both.

Locke spots Sayid and asks what took him so long. He shot an unarmed man, he needed a moment. Of course he killed him. Go check if you’d like. He doesn’t. Yet.

Jack leads the gang to where Sawyer told him to go. Hurley spots the dock and they all get on board. Sure enough, there’s Claire with a gun wondering where they are going. Kate tries to talk her down. Claire wonders why they’re not waiting for John. Kate says it isn’t John and he isn’t one of them. Kate asks Claire to come, otherwise she won’t go. But John promised. Well Kate is promising. She came back just for Claire. Claire hesitates and then joins them. Kate does take Claire’s gun though. Claire says Locke will be angry.

AW Jack and son enter the building where Claire is. Suits and all. It’s for his grandfather’s will. Ah, that explains why they were looking for Claire. Alana greets Jack and David (son). And there’s Claire! Fate. This is where Claire reveals that they are half-siblings. Oh. Jack gets a call from the hospital, there’s an emergency and he has to go.

The ship is sailing. They’re all quiet. Captain wants to know the game plan. Get on the sub, one way or another. Jack sits by his lonesome so Sawyer goes to talk to him (be nice! Kate warns). Jack says it doesn’t feel right to leave the island. Why? Because he remembers how it felt last time. Like part of him was missing. They’re supposed to do something on the island. If Lockester wants them to leave, maybe he’s afraid of what will happen if they stay. So Sawyer tells him to get off the boat if he’s against it. Jack is sure this is a mistake. The island isn’t done with them yet. Well Sawyer is done with it. Jack looks like he might be getting off. He apologizes about Juliet and then he jumps. Kate calls for him and starts to turn the boat around. She wants to go back but he says they’re done doing that.

AW Sun wakes up to find Hun waiting beside her. He’s still asleep and she wakes him up. She and her baby will be fine. Jin says it’s over. We’ll see.

AW Jack and David discuss the surprise that is Claire. Jack cleans up and gets ready for Locke’s surgery (though he doesn’t know it is him yet). He does recognize him when he sees him though.

Jack reaches the shore and is exhausted. Lockester finds him. Meanwhile Sawyer and crew reach the second island and Zoe and her lot find them. They drop their weapons and Zoe lowers the weapon. Smokester is still on the island. And there is JIN! Yay for him and Sun! Tehy run up to where the barrier is and I almost expect them to be kept apart by an invisible wall but nope. Sun regains her English speech though. Whitmore has them pull their guns again and orders them to their knees. This is reminiscent of another season. Remember when they were caught by the others? Deal’s off And they blast Locke’s group. How’d they know where he is? But Jack survives and Locke carries him off the beach. Lockester says he’s ok because Jack is with him.

Lost: Everyone Loves Hugo

Sorry for being so delayed. I didn’t realize I’d missed last week’s episode so I now have two to catch up on.

AW- We start with a speech by that guy who does the Darwin videos about all the reasons why everyone loves Hugo. It’s time for the opening of the Hugo Reyes Paleontology wing. Seems like an odd thing for him to do but he doesn’t get a standing ovation. He’s with his mom who wants him to find a woman (Libby coming back this episode?) and says he’s too scared. But she’s set up a date for him…Rosalita.

Hugo leaves a flower for Libby at her grave and starts talking to her. A lot of dead people have come to talk to him and he wishes she would. Alana wants to gather dynamite to destroy the plane. He’s so sweet. It seems like he’s about to see a ghost when he sees Michael. Not the one he wants to see while mourning Libby. Michael says he’s come to stop Hugo from getting everyone killed. Why should he trust him? He’s a murderer. Michael points out that he’s a leader now and will get him killed. Jack comes up and wants to know who he’s talking to. No one. But it’s time to go.

AW Hugo sits eating chips and waiting for his date. He seems depressed and we see that he’s been stood up though he tries to maintain hope. Someone…Libby…approaches. He’s surprised to see someone so pretty and thinks it is his date. It’s not. It’s Libby. She saw him from across the room. How’d she know his name? Well…do you believe two people can be soulmates? He guesses. He doesn’t remember her though. A Dr. Brooks pulls her away, she’s wandered off. (Right, we knew about the mental institute.) Outside she’s put into the van for the Mental Health Institute.

They’ve got the dynamite, just enough. Hurley is concerned. What if Richard is wrong? Alana thinks she’s looking after them, the monster is evil., And then she drops the dynamite stick and explodes. That was…unexpected. Though I wish it was louder.

Monster Locke is carving a wooden stick. Kate and Sawyer want to talk about getting Jin. There’s a difference between doing nothing and waiting. They need everyone together to be able to leave the island. They’re waiting for Hugo, Sun, and Jack. Kate doesn’t see it happening. Well…yes and no. Sayid approaches and Sawyer asks where he was but he wants to talk to Lockster in private. All’s well. He was seen by Whitmore’s people and found what they were hiding…Desmond!

Hugo is back in moping as he looks for something. He finds a blue-gray pouch. Richard wants to get more dynamite. Otherwise Alana died for nothing. Hurley agrees, it’s their only choice. Trust me Jack! What changed his mind?

AW Hugo is at Mr. Cluck’s and he is not happy. Desmond is there and seems to be staring at him. He comes to join him. He thinks he knows him. They were on the same flight! Is this before or after he’s discovered Penny. Hugo’s upset that the girl he likes is crazy. Desmond asked if he believed Libby when she said she knew him. Yeah…kinda…Desmond advises him to go with his gut. Where would she know him from? Find out.

Desmond is tied up thanks to Sayid, Smokester comes to talk to him. Desmond says he has nowhere to run so Smokey unties him and has some questions. Why did Whitmore bring him back? Umm. Dunno. He survived an electromagnetic pulse. He knows that he’s John Locke. Smokester doesn’t disagree and he wants to “take a walk” alone with Desmond. He wants to show him something.

Richard leads the group while Jack and Ben talk about Alana’s death. She was handpicked and trained and no sooner than she tells them her purpose, she blows up. The island was done with her. What happens when it is done with them. (The actress who plays Sun said something similar after season 1.) They’ve found the dynamite caves. Richard wants to handle it alone because he won’t die. Where’s Hugo? Suddenly he’s running towards them, screaming, and there is an explosion. Hugo says he’s protecting them. What now!??! Miles says he’d have liked a warning. Why did he do it? Michael told him to. How do you know you can trust Michael? Miles asked if it happens a lot that dead people talk to him? He says they’re more reliable so he might as well listen.

AW Hugo meets the doctor and wants to see Libby. The doctor says she isn’t ready. She has issues with reality. He doesn’t think it would be a good idea, unless he’s family. Or a generous donor? $100k enough? It does get him in. He waits for Libby who is brought in and she thinks he remembered. No. But he’d like to know where from? She’s not sure, it won’t make sense. A few days ago while she watched TV she saw his commercial and she felt like she’d been hit with memories of her life but it was…another life. What kind of memories? A plane crash. An island. He was there. They liked each other. She also remembers him being in the Mental Hospital before. If he remembered her…maybe she wasn’t crazy. But he doesn’t. It’s ok, she assures him but she’s crying. He says they’ve all got something. It takes guts to go up to a stranger and tell them the things she did. He’s too scared to talk to girls. He asks if she wants to get a day pass…or something. She’s there voluntarily so no problem. He asks her on a date. She’d love that.

Lockster wants to know how long Desmond was in the hatch. 3 years! Does the island have it in for him? All of them? There’s someone watching them, a young boy. Should we know him? I remember seeing him but where? Smokester says to ignore him and seems angry.

Ben and Richard plan to get grenades elsewhere. Jack thinks they should talk. Hugo has an idea. Talk to Locke. It’s his idea! His being the person no one can see but Jacob is the person. Richard says to ask Jacob what the island is. Jacob once told this to Richard so if he’s really here, just ask him…Hugo says he doesn’t have to prove anything. Come with him or try explosives, his call. Richard says he’s living. Jacob never tells them what to do. Richard says if Lockester leaves the island IT is all over. Ben is coming. Miles is too. Not the captain or Sun or Jack. Well, that gets everyone Smokey wants coming with him. Convenient. So let’s go talk to Locke.

Sun and the pilot wonder if they made a mistake. Probably. Hugo and Jack wonder about what to say to Lockester but Jack thinks he’ll do most of the talking. He probably won’t listen. Hugo admits he didn’t see Jacob, he just wanted them to come. Ever since Juliet died, all he wants is to fix it. He can’t. It’s hard for him to listen to other people telling him what to do but maybe that’s the point and he’s supposed to let go. Unless that gets them killed. Jack trusts him. Hugo has no idea where he’s going. And then there’s smokey sounds and whispers. Hugo thinks he knows what “these things” are. He walks ahead alone and calls for Michael. He walks out of the trees. He’s stuck on the island for what he did and there are others like him. That’s what the whispers are, the ones who can’t move on. Ah. Interesting. Where is Locke? Michael points it out to him. He asks if there’s any way to help him. Don’t get himself killed…And Hurley, if you do see Libby again, tell her Michael is very sorry. He will.

AW Hurley sets out a blanket on the beach. He got cheese for her. She’s very quiet and staring out at the water. Nothing is wrong, just off. Being with him feels familiar, like a date they never had. Why does he want to be with her? Why does she want to be with him? Because she likes him. But she only likes him because she’s delusional. So she leans over and kisses him and he flashes on all of his memories with her! You mean, she’s not crazy! He doesn’t think so. Desmond is watching happily. Does that mean more hope for him and Penny?

Lockster and Desmond reach…a well. Desmond looks in,m wondering how deep it is so Smokey drops in a torch. The well is very old. So old that it was dug by hand. They weren’t looking for water. They were looking for answers. Places like this made compass needles spin and they wanted to know why. They didn’t find what they were looking for. Smokester says Whitmore is in power not answers. He brought Desmond back to find what he’s looking for. Why isn’t he afraid? What’s the point of being afraid. So Lockester throws him in. Bet he’s afraid now. Back at camp Lockester tells Sayid they don’t have to worry about Desmond anymore. Sawyer wants to know where Locke’s been but Hurley arrives. Umm…hey. They need to talk. Him and the people with him. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt or killed. He promises and gives Hurley the knife. Hurley calls the others out. Kate looks pleased to see them, Jack especially. Lockester says hello to Jack only.

AW Locke in a wheelchair, watched by Desmond. Ben knocks on the window to ask who he is waiting for. He’s worried about him watching the kids. He’s looking for a school for his son Charlie. He’s distracted from the conversation by watching Locke. When Ben leaves, Desmond speeds toward Locke and hits him. He keeps going. Ben tries to help. (So he gets hit no matter what then.)

Very little happened this episode but I’m glad Hugo got to be with Libby somewhere. She looks a lot older than I remember her looking though.

Lost: Happily Ever After

Desmond wakes up in the custody of Zoe. He’s been unconscious for three days. She says they had to move him from the hospital. He wants to see Penny. Whitmore tells him it isn’t possible. Desmond was shot by Ben. Penny isn’t around but she and his son are fine. They’re back on the island of course. Whitmore wants a chance to explain which Desmond responds to with a beating. Whitmore says the island isn’t done with him yet. Jin wants to know why Desmond is back. He will show him the test now to explain, even though it isn’t scheduled until tomorrow. They’re not close to ready! But Whitmore wants it so they do it anyway. It doesn’t work at first. Then they find it but someone was there! Zoe realizes too late, the guy who was inside is dead. They intend to put Desmond in there now. (Maybe because he already survived all of that energy when the Hatch blew?) I’m surprised Jin hasn’t said anything to stop this as they throw Desmond inside. Whitmore believes he will be fine and will want him to make a sacrifice that he hopes he will help with. Whitmore’s son died on the island, Penny hates him, he’s never met his grandson. He knows sacrifice! And if Desmond doesn’t help, it will be for nothing, everyone will be gone forever. Desmond doesn’t seem reassured by this and tries to get out anyway. Whitmore wants to begin but Jin insists he explain first. She enough, Desmond is the only person to have ever survived a “catastrophic event” and they need to know he can do it again. His people are hesitant about doing it again but Whitmore flips the switch. Inside Desmond is in a lot of pain.

Cut to AW Desmond is looking for his luggage. Hurley tells him where their bags will be taken. Desmond helps Claire with her bags. He asks her if someone is meeting. He offers to give her a ride but she thanks him. He tells Claire he’s going to have a boy.

Some guy is holding a sign for a Mister Hume, which is Desmond apparently. Has that always been his last name? He’s going to the office, not his hotel. The guy asks him some questions and offers to help him any way he needs. Is he looking for some company? Desmond says no, he’s in the city to work. At the office Desmond is sent in to talk to…Whitmore. They are on very good terms, with Desmond considered Whitmore’s right hand man. Whitmore talks to someone on the phone about his son who needs to be arraigned. Whitmore wants to hire Charlie for a charity event his wife is arranging. Charlie’s gotten himself in legal trouble and he wants Desmond to babysit CHarlie so that he doesn’t get in trouble again. They drink with Whitmore’s fancy scotch.

AW Desmond goes to pick up Charlie (so nice to see him again but sad he’s in bad shape). Charlie wanders away without even looking as he crosses the street and heads to a bar. Charlie asks if he’s happy. Desmond says yes but Charlie says he’s not. Has he ever been in spectacular, consciousness altering love? Charlie saw it on the plane back from Sydney. There was this woman two rows up in handcuffs. Ha, Kate. The cop realized Charlie was carrying so he went to eliminate his stash in the plane but they hit turbulence and he chokes. He sees a woman as things go dark, a blond woman…Claire? Just as he’s about to be engulfed by love…an idiot is asking him if he’s okay. Desmond recommends he write a song about it. The real truth is he has the choice to drink or come with him but if he stays his career will likely end. If he comes he’ll be in one of the best hotels, owed a favor by Whitmore, one of the most powerful men. Charlie says it doesn’t seem like a choice. There’s always a choice, brother.

AW Desmond drives Charlie as they listen to the Driveshaft single we are familiar with. Charlie says he thinks he has it all but he doesn’t. Charlie offers him a choice: show him what he’s talking about or get out of the car. After which, he leads them into a car accident. Well, he certainly seems to be a suicidal rock star.Desmond gets himself free but can’t get Charlie so he comes up for air and then tries again. Charlie is awake, puts his hand to the glass, and Desmond flashes to when Charlie died on the island with the words “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand. Finally Desmond gets him out. Interesting that he actually remembers a bit of the island.

AW Desmond is being checked by a doctor. He seems fine. The doctor asks him a bunch of questions including if he’s seen hallucinations. He’s not sure. But he needs to find the man he came in with. He goes to have an MRI (the guy asks him about metal just like they did on the island). He lists Whitmore as his emergency contact. Meanwhile he’s given a panic button in case he needs to stop. I’ve had an MRI before it’s creepy but not as creepy as this looks with the face mask. Desmond flashes on his island-life and Penny and his son, etc. He presses the panic button, he needs to find Charlie! Jack walks by, Desmond recognizes him and asks for help finding Charlie. No need, he’s running past in his hospital gown. Desmond chases him. Charlie says no one can help him. He checks Charlie’s hands for the message. Who’s Penny? He says he’s seen something. He says he won’t do a rock concert anymore. All that matters is he felt it. He should start looking for Penny.

AW Whitmore asks where Charlie is. He blames Desmond for Charlie’s escape. Whitmore says if he can’t fdeliver Charlie he’ll have to explain it to Whitmore’s wife. Desmond goes to talk to her…we catch her berating someone for mis-aligning the butter knife. Desmond introduces himself to Eloise and explains that Driveshaft will not be able to come. She’s quite calm and tells him not to worry. Her son will understand. She says she’s not angry, what happened happened. As he wanders he hears someone mentioning Penny’s name in the seating arrangement but Eloise refuses to let him see the list when he asks. Eloise kicks everyone out and scolds him. She wants him to stop! Whatever he thinks he’s looking for, stop. He asks if she knows what he’s looking for. He’s attained everything he wants. including her husband’s approval. He insists on seeing the list or to know why he can’t but she says he’s not ready yet. Ready for what?Desmond goes back to the limo and takes a drink. Someone knocks on the door, it’s Daniel Whitmore. He says they need to talk. (Wait, when did Daniel become a Whitmore?)

AW Dan Whitmore says he’s over not having Driveshaft playing with him. He asked if Desmond believes in love at first site. He describes Charlotte and how the moment he saw her he knew he loved her and that’s when things got weird. He wrote something weird after. He has no idea what it is, it’s quantum mechanics. He’s a musician, how would he come up with something this complex. He describes setting off a nuclear bomb to stop something awful. What if all this wasn’t supposed to be their life? What if they had some other life but they changed things for some reason. He doesn’t want to set off a nuclear bomb, he thinks he already did. Desmond doesn’t know what this has to do with him. Dan asks why he asked about Penny. It happened to him too right? Desmond says he doesn’t know. Dan assures him he felt love. Desmond says he doesn’t know anything about her or if she exists. She’s an idea. He says no, she’s his half-sister. He can show him how to find her.

AW Desmond goes to the stadium (where we saw him and Jack meet?) but this time it is Penny running laps. She looks a lot like Juliet. He comes up to introduce himself.

Desmond awakens after the test is complete, still alive though lying on his back. They all seem shocked to see him alive except Whitmore. How long was he unconscious? A few seconds. Whitmore apologizes for doing this but Desmond says he understands. When do they start doing his vitally important task? Zoe asks what happened to him that he’s so cooperative now. She thinks they fried his brain. Sayid kills some of them men and tells Zoe to run. He tells Desmond it’s time to go. Desmond seems agreeable enough with this too.

AW Desmond wakes up in the stands. He fainted after shaking hands. Have they met before? He thinks they’d remember it. He asks her out to coffee. She’s a mess, he fainted. Why not? One hour. She seems amused by him. It’s kind of cute. Desmond heads back to the limo and finds…the driver dead! I’m only kidding. The limo driver asks if he found what he was looking for and he says he did. He heads to the coffee shop. Desmond asks him to do one more thing, the manifest of his flight from Sydney. Just the passengers. He just needs to show them something…