Glee 5

While not much happens, this episode is still really enjoyable (kudos to Fox for all of a sudden becoming a good network). There are more songs and even a brief glimpse of of “Don’t Stop Believin'” which is always welcome.

With Rachel out of the Glee club, Schu needs a new ringer so he brings in Kristin Chenowith, an old student who never graduated. Kristin Chenowith, for those who don’t know was Violet on Pushing Daisies and Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked. Finn tries to convince Rachel to come back by flirting with her (because if the glee club does well he might be able to get a scholarship). Rachel is having a hard time in the play.

Kristin Chenowith is a bad influence on the gleesters (she bonded with them at Schu’s request…by getting them to drink). She was also Mr. Schuster’s first crush.

All’s well in the end as Rachel returns, as expected, and Kristin Chenowith steps down. Sue will need a new scheme to take do the Glee Club.

The music this week is great (and the Kristin Chenowith parts don’t even stand out as the best).


90210: The Porn King

Not all that much happens this week:

Adriana fantasizes about Teddy and kisses him. Her mother insists she audition for a part and when her agent says she will be dropped if she doesn’t audition she goes (ditching school) and gets the part.

The homeless guy Annie killed was actually rich and the uncle of some kid in school. He even donated money to the school. Annie feels guilty and buddies up to him.

Liam thinks he found a way to make Jen confess the truth to Naomi but she outwits him again. Or so she thinks…Meanwhile Jen continues her double flirting.

Silver tries to interview Teddy about the homeless guy, she gets mad at him for making a disparaging remark about homeless people and that he won’t talk to her about it. He can’t talk because there’s a police investigation going. She feels bad.

Dixon dates the older than college aged girl and she finds porn in the trunk of Navid’s car so he says he sells porn to cover his debts. She sees that he may not be who he says he is when she sits outside his house.

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Hell’s Kitchen 12

Dave is upset that Tennille changed who she was nominating for elimination last week. He no longer trusts her. Kevin just sits back and enjoys the fighting.

Ariel and Suzanne talk. Ariel asks if she’s okay or shaking. They’re both worried about themselves. Suzanne knows that if she’s nominated again she’s going home (she’s been up 3 times in a row).

Challenge time. Individual challenge no less. It’s all about presentation. The editorial staff of Bon Appetit is helping judge. (5.8 million readers per month.) Each person must make one dish. Presentation will be primary judgment. Top two will be ranked for taste. “You do not want to lose this challenge.”

Dave is banging something. They’re rushing around. Suzanne makes a salad and Dave thinks that’s a bad idea. Ramsay bugs everyone as they work. (I’m hungry!) Tennille’s fish broke so she dumps everything on top of it. Kevin just manages to pour the sauce on top. Each of them seems to get complimented though Dave seems to have difficulty explaining his dish, can’t even remember its name.

Fifth place- Tennille (duh! it was a mess!)
Fourth place- Suzanne (she thinks it was a piece of art)
Third place- Dave
Second place- Ariel (I’m glad, someone told her it would photograph well)
First place- Kevin

They taste Ariel and Kevin’s dishes. Time to choose who wins. They’ve come to a decision…TIED! (Is it just me or does Ramsay ditch out on this decision making more than once?) Their dishes will be featured in the magazine. Pretty cool. Shutters On The Beach is beautiful. Kevin thinks it’s a taste of what it would be like to win the show.

The losers must prettify the streets. (Dave complaining about Tennille not Suzanne well…) The lsoes must wear orange jumpsuits. Tennille stop yelling dammit! She keeps saying “this just ain’t right!” But apparently she’s learned not to commit crimes. So…good? Dav’es wrist starts swelling.

They work to prep for dinner service. Dave’s struggling and Kevin is annoyed. (Despite Dave doing the best always.) Kevin steps up by telling everyone what to do which gets on Suzanne’s nerves. She thinks he’s patronizing. Ramsay’s pep talk: this is about determination. Do everything perfectly.

Service. The menu features Kevin and Ariel’s dishes. The first ticket is in. Dave is on cold apps, Tennille is on hot apps, Suzanne is on fish. Dave asks if there’s anything new on the menu, Tennille responds nastily. They get off to a bad start since Tennille didn’t give a warning to Suzanne so Tennille comes and helps. They get things out anyway. Communication improves but Tennille overdoes the Risotto and ignores Ariel’s warning. She has to do it again. A lot of tickets are coming in at once. Ramsay is unhappy with one of Suzanne’s scallops. Dave is fighting to get his dishes out and does a good job. Ramsay send out incomplete orders hoping Suzanne and Tennille will be ready any minute. Tennille continues overcooking the risotto. It seems the rice is a problem, Kevin cooked the rice. It’s both of their faults. Suzanne brings good rice. Ramsay yells at them both. Kevin gets more yelling for having poor standards.

The kitchen is behind. Finally the risotto is out. “Appetizers start flying out of the kitchen” and the diners are pleased. Entrees. Raw chicken is served by Ariel. She’s pissed at her own screw up. Kevin ruined the rice and he’s saying “meat is so easy!” Her chicken is good enough when redone. Suzanne serves up something that Ramsay is raw. Kevin’s a jerk. Ramsay yells directions. Suzanne doesn’t feel good about herself. Ramsay shouts inconsistency. Ramsay storms “it cannot be possible!” John Phillipe works damage control on the floor. Only half the entrees have been served. Dave helps Tennille. Nothing comes up together which pisses Ramsay off. Ariel’s lamb is bad. More yelling. Tennille says they can’t let Ramsay shut the kitchen down.

Service is finally over but Ramsay’s disappointed. Only Dave didn’t get yelled at. More yelling. They didn’t come together as a team. 2 must be nominated for elimination. No best of the worst tonight. Dave says anyone could go.

Suzanne (who thinks everything of hers was beautiful) nominates Ariel and Tennille.
Ariel puts up Kevin and Tennille.

No decision seems to be made when the chefs return but it seems they have. Kevin is called to nominate. Number one is Ariel (for inconsistencies and lamb not up to par.) Number two is Suzanne (for raw fish and overcooked scallops). Shame, I was hoping for Tennille.

Suzanne says she focused on perfection but Ramsay says she accomplished nothing. She thinks she’s better than Ariel. He tells Ariel she’s gotten worse. Ariel thinks she is better and wants it badly. He says honestly both should go. He decides Suzanne is leaving (no surprise to anyone). Ramsay tells Tennille that she dodged a bullet and could have been up there just as easily.

Drop Dead Diva: What If

Teri says Kim and Grayson are clearly “doing it.” Someone approaches Jane who has realized that apparently her parents and her DNA do not match despite her parents being on her birth certificate. She thinks she was switched at birth. She wants to know the truth, to find out why there are thinks that are different about her. Jane discovers that another baby girl was born on the same day as her just minutes apart and she’s setting up a meeting. She wants Jane to come.

The lawyers watch a cartoon that makes fun of a chocolate bar (saying that the candy bar uses bugs). The client says he wants Parker on the case (it’s an important client).

Stacy is being weird when Jane walks in. Jane has a date with that guy from last episode. Doorbell, it’s some woman, Elaine. They don’t know who she is until Teri calls to reveal that it’s Jane’s mom. Jane’s mom thinks Stacy and Jane might be gay together and Jane assures her they’re not. Fred needs a bed now that Elaine is staying on the couch. Stacy offers her bed since she has a date. (With the nerd?) Elaine sees that Fred likes Stacy. (Apparently, Jane’s parents are divorced because the dad’s a cheater.)

Parker presents the chocolate bar company in court but he stumbles around. Kim steps up. Parker tries to brush it off as no big deal.

Jane and woman head to the woman who might have been switched at birth. The parents are rich which makes her nervous. They meet Sally, the one who may have been switched with Lisa, the client. Lisa is too afraid to speak and so she leaves Jane to do it. When they explain, the dad yells. Lisa doesn’t want to pursue it but Jane insists. Jane took a bottle to test the DNA from the saliva.

Jane talks to Elaine about her job and Elaine’s excited to actually hear something about her daughter’s life. Apparently, real Jane was very closed off. In comes the date. He offers to reschedule when he sees her mother until her mother tricks them into staying with her for dinner. She then gets Jane to sing “Love Is A Battlefield” which her date thinks is awesome. End of the date almost kiss until the mom interrupts. Maybe this is why Jane is so closed off. Jane wonders why her date likes her and her mom says some guys prefer full figured women.

Kim and Grayson discuss court. Kim thinks he had an anxiety attack because of some losses in the recent past. They’re cute and flirty. Back in court, an independent lab analyzed the chocolate, revealing trace amounts of insect particulates. Parker has Kim redirect. It’s legal to have small amounts of insect particulates and choconuts has less than the amount allowed. The client is upset that Parker isn’t leading.

The DNA test comes in positive. Her mom is upset. Jane says she can sue the hospital for negligence. Lisa wants to pursue but her mom doesn’t. Lisa says it’s something she needs to do.

Jane dodges a call from Tony. Teri questions. Jane worries that Tony likes her for her size. Teri dislikes Jane’s mom for always trying to take advantage of Jane. Her mom arrives and Fred wants to ask her some more Stacy questions. He gives her a tour and asks about getting over someone. Elaine tells him that Stacy isn’t the one. She says go out and see other people. (It just mentioned cookies and now I really want some.)

Jane spots Kim and Grayson together. Cue the sad music. Jane’s mom returns to Jane’s office and Jane asks if her mom needs anything. Apparently Jane always gives her mom a check when she wants her to leave.

Court time for Jane. She questions the two women about their education and jobs. Sally is rich, Lisa is poor. Grayson tells Jane about Parker’s behavior. Jane gives a roundabout story about Parker needing a pep talk. Fred comes in to ask about her mom. She can’t get Deb’s mom back but maybe she can get Jane’s.

Lisa’s mom is called to the stand to talk about Lisa’s surgery at 3 years old. Her mom found out the truth then. Statute of limitations is passed. Recess. Lisa is upset with her mom. Sally wants to speak to them. She wants to sue the hospital (her non-biological mom died when she was two.)

Grayson gives Parker a pep talk in the form of a personal story but Parker seemingly dismisses it. Parker shows up late to court but he’s ready now.

Jane brings up the book “Are you My mother?” because everyone must know your mother. Jane’s mom returns to the courtroom. They talk. They hug. She sees Tony, he asks if she’s avoiding him. He kisses her.

Parker tells Grayson they won. The story Grayson told him was fake but seeing his junior associate give him a pep talk snapped him back.

Jane’s case is settled. Sally gives Lisa all the money and the two families intend to be close.

Fred tells Janes he’s leaving. WHAT?!!? We just got him back. (He wants to see the world.)

(btw, the actress who plays Deb is currently on Gary Unmarried.)

Gossip Girl

Well last week we had Blaire trying to become queen bee in college (apparently no one has told her that people in real life don’t like being talked to like idiots). Nate and Bri keep seeing each other and her parents find out. Georgina and Dan make out (because Dan remains an idiot). Serena screws over Chuck’s business deal when she starts acting out again though once busted about not going to college she and Rufus do come to a truce. (Jenny so far has been in the show only for a few minutes to gossip about Serena. Are we dont with her? We don’t get to see any more of Constance and the battle for queen bee?)

This week…
Georgina still making out and everyone finds out. Blaire and Chuck have issues as Chuck focuses on work. Vanessa discovers that Scott isn’t actually a student enrolled in NYU. (He’s been spending his time with Rufus learning to play guitar.) Vanessa confronts him and he tells her the truth. It turns out his parents told him that his true parents wanted nothing to do with him, which Vanessa reveals to be a lie. He wants to confront his parents before saying anything to Rufus. Serena is suspicious of her boyfriend, Carter (who used to be like Chuck) after a girl stops him on the street to yell at him. Vanessa meets with Dan to tell him the truth but all she says is that Scott lied about NYU (Georgina interrupts, of course). Blaire and Chuck fight over a photograph. He wants it for business, she wants it for an exclusive group. Georgina and Dan do some research of their own and discover Scott’s truth. Scott wants Vanessa to come with him to talk to Rufus. Dan is concerned that Scott is dangerous. All show up to the auction for different reasons. Scott’s mother included, she looks angsty. She’s there to stand by him. (She couldn’t bear losing him after losing her other son in an accident.) Serena outbids Blaire and Chuck for the picture they want because Blaire and Chuck were sabotaging Carter to protect her. Scott comes up to tell the truth but Scott says he’s Rufus’s son’s brother…interesting…Serena gives Blaire the picture and Blaire gives it to Chuck. Serena realizes that the group is really an imaginary invitation from Georgina. Serena warns Georgina that if Blaire fights back she will back her up. Serena then convinces Dan to leave without Georgina which clearly makes her angry. Serena tells Dan the truth and Dan tells Georgina he wants to cool things off for a bit. Carter is upset with Serena for not believing in hm so he isn’t returning her call. Scott comes up to say goodbye to Vanessa before he leaves. She doesn’t want to keep his secret but he convinces her to. She cries. Georgina is listening in. Carter comes to Serena’s, she says Chuck and Blaire were screwing with him, he says he knew. (Oh we get a two second glimpse of Jenny.) Chuck and Blaire meet, Chuck reveals that he bought a hotel rather than just a club. He took out all his money from Bass industries so that he could risk it all and make it on his own. Bri stops Carter on the street to threaten him (apparently finding him will make it easier to deal with her family). Georgina makes plans to head to Boston.

Playing Catch Up

Sorry for not having written about many shows, but as everything premieres all at once, it will take some time before I figure out when I will be watching everything, what I’m going to write about and what I will even be watching. So here’s my thoughts on a bunch of shows from this week in shorthand:

Parks and Recreation– still funny in a I-wish-it-wasn’t-documentary-style-but-otherwise kind of way. Funny but not amazing.

Mercy– I’m undecided on this one. I think I enjoyed the first one in that Michelle Trachtenberg was entertaining to watch but the truth is the rest of the cast left something to be desired. I’m going to give it another week and see how episode two goes.

The Beautiful Life– Rumor has it that this show was canceled which is unfortunate because I was actually enjoying it. Surprising, considering how popular fashion shows have been recently (America’s Next Top Model, Make Me A Supermodel, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Project Runway, Models of the Runway, The Fashion Show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and the soon to be premiering Launch My Line), that this one could not find an audience. In truth, despite its racy photos, I don’t think the CW did a very good job of advertising this show. For example, Corbin Bleu likely has a decent following from High School Musical and yet how long was it before anyone knew he was even on the show? And Elle Mcpherson for that matter. On the upside, maybe Nico Tortella will return to Make It Or Break It for a bit. I didn’t love him as Razor, but I do hate unfinished storylines.

Survivor: Samoa– nothing particularly noteworthy on this show other than that the people in Fao Fao are still stupid. Plus the old dude got pulled out for medical reasons. So nothing new. Although, one guy did find the immunity idol with no clues, so impressive but unfortunate since he’s such a rat.

Project Runway/Models of the Runway– Great challenge, making characters based on movie genres. I’m only sad there was no fantasy genre since that could have made a great outfit or two. Models of the Runway was even less interesting than usual but I’m certainly not sorry to see Fatma go. Obnoxious people get on my nerves.

Bones– Still working on figuring out when this show actually airs…but as always a great episode that involves the Jeffersonian getting involved with the FBI. The character interaction on this show is simply amazing, as always, and we get to see one of Bones’s secret but softer sides when it comes to dealing with one of her lab assistants who has just lost his scholarship. Plus, Booth was jealous/threatened by the fact that Bones makes more money than him, but it was just because she wrote another bestseller.

Flash Forward– GREAT! Definitely a show to start watching. I really enjoyed the premiere (which is a good sign since episode one is usually 1/2 the quality of the rest of the show). It did a good job of introducing a bunch of different characters (there was a doctor from ER whose name I cannot remember) and show of paranoia already creeping into their lives after the worldwide blackout that gave everyone a glimpse into the future. Who else is curious what the little girl saw?

Dollhouse– I heard that the premiere got poor ratings, which is really unfortunate considering that it was quite good. Echo is beginning to develop as a character, retaining a number of memories from her various imprints and determined to discover her real self (with the help of Agent Ballard). Even better of course is the Whiskey/Dr. Saunders-Gunther relationship and the Echo-Whiskey moment. There were so many things about this episode that were an improvement over last year’s pilot. If for nothing else, we actually see where this season is going and even more of Joss Whedon’s philosophy debates enter the picture, which is always a pleasure. Also, the episode was filled with excellently creepy music. Come on people, WATCH THIS!

Ghost Whisperer– For all the big deal they made about Melinda and Jim’s baby, he seemed rather ordinary for the most part. Even with his ability (or at least one of them) he seems hardly the super power they hinted at. That’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the premiere. Still as creepy and heartwarming as ever though I’m not certain where the season is going. I hope it has a big storyline coming since I find the big story more interesting than the formulaic ones.

Smallville– Lois Lane has returned. She’s so ridiculous but also entertaining in her own way. I like the way they brought her into the present. Clark Kent is too whiny for my taste and how bad did you feel for Chloe when she asked him to go back in time and save Jimmy? (Which reminds me, how close is this show intending to keep to the real Superman, since we all know that Jimmy was alive when he was the hero.) I like the way they brought around the girl who was hunting Lois in an attempt to find Clark though less than impressed with Zod. Apparently the ratings for the episode were the show’s lowest but also better than the shows that the CW normally aired in the same time slot so I don’t know what that says about the future of the show.

House– Despite the lack of regular cast mates (Wilson makes a quick appearance but otherwise, no one showed up, even to pick him up from the Rehab center when he was released) this season’s premiere was really interesting. We finally got to see House in every area of his personality though it does leave me wondering who House will be without his pain meds and less afraid to connect with people. Maybe he’ll be depressed again for losing that woman?

Psych– As funny as ever, no surprise since it’s mid-season though this whole Spencer dating someone who isn’t O’Hara is slightly irritating (but meant to be). Best line of the episode: “Did Lassiter’s words just jump into your mouth because that’s really unsanitary.” Also Steve Urkel makes a guest appearance on the show which is always fun, especially when he’s singing. Still loving the theme song!

I have yet to catch up Melrose Place and haven’t felt much of an urge to so I may be dropping that show. I’ve never been such a fan of police shows (with the exception of shows like Bones and Psych which are more comedy than cop show) so I think the whole murder mystery aspect is just ruining it for me. Though my sister seems to like that bit so…

Cougar Town

My friend said she was excited to see Cougar Town and that she thought it looked funny. Though I like Courtney Cox, the commercials (what few of them there were) didn’t really appeal to me. But I decided to try it out since she was so excited and I figured maybe I was missing something. So I watched the episode this morning…not impressed.

Cougar Town revolved around a divorced mother who wanted to score. Apparently no men her age are looking for women her age, forcing her to resort to younger guys, much to the embarrassment of her son, for a number of reasons. Meanwhile she has a best friend who is married and “forced” to sleep with her husband, a somewhat younger friend who tries to get her to enjoy life, and a neighbor across the street who sleeps with tons of younger girls.

I didn’t laugh at a single joke, much less crack a slight smile. It just wasn’t funny. It was trying too hard and all the jokes had been used before (even just in the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney tries to get an A from Marshal’s teacher).

Well, I tried it, but I certainly will not be tuning in next week.