Greek: Take Me Out

Ashleigh is upset about Casey sleeping out every night. Isn’t it nice to have her own room though? Casey reeks though, of stale beer, pepperoni, and feet. Like the KT house. Casey doesn’t notice. There’s a baseball mitt and Ashleigh thinks the Greek softball event is a good chance to meet a boy. She’s ready.

Rusty and Calvin are walking. The pledges made Rusty a misspelled shirt. Calvin mentions the tiara incident. They suggest getting together so Calvin can meet Grant. Grant doesn’t seem thrilled though. I’m not sure Rusty does either.

Casey cleans Cappie’s room. It’s gross. How does she sleep there? They discuss Ashleigh’s dating life. Cappie suggests a KT. Casey is hesitant. What about Beaver? Doubtful…Cappy thinks it’s perfect, they’re both tall. I had a sudden fear that he might eat that black banana.

Rusty educates the pledge about Vesuvius. He reiterates the importance of wearing their pledge pins. The pledges have been losing their pledge pins. They’re hesitant to wear the pledges. Casey comes in and says Rusty’s being cute when he tries to be tough. Rusty asks Cappie about how he’s supposed to spend time with Grant. He hates him. Just tolerate him, don’t like him.

Grant and Calvin prep to meet with Rusty. Evan preps for his date with Rebecca.

Ashleigh is with Beaver, Cappie, and Casey at the batting cages. Ashleigh is upset that the pitch is fast. Beaver rushes in to show her the proper way to do it. She says it was a cliche move. Cappie suggests KT and ZBZ pairing up for the baseball game. Ashleigh has Casey come with her to the bathroom. There Ashleigh wonders why Casey thought Beaver was her type. In walks Natalie and Katherine. Natalie is mean, Katherine is slightly less mean but still cold. Gamma Psi is playing with Omega Chai. Katherine and Casey share a sad look (they weren’t a couple!).

Grant, Rusty, and Calvin are awkward each other but Rusty tries to make piece and take Cappie’s advice. Grant is still upset about the tiara’s.

On the date Rebecca insists on treating. Evan next time, they can go low budget. Rebecca says love at first sight is chemical. She doesn’t believe in love. But she does believe in dating and relationships. I see…

Calvin talks to Rusty the next morning. Rusty apologizes for not being able to hang out with Grant. They will just have to hang out separately.

Cappie is awed by the ZBZ’s breakfast. In walks Omega Chai to sing to ZBZ. Ashleigh has her eye on one of the guys. Cappie pretends he is a girl to turn them down but the girls want it. Ashleigh lets them vote (even though Casey wants to be with KT). This was a move against Cappie. Evan, haven’t you done enough! Casey is upset but Ashleigh says this is a chance for the house to move up. It’s for the good of the house. The KTs are more fun but they need to win.

Rusty and Calvin play pool and he’s moody and won’t talk. In walks Calvin’s ex (who looks like Grant). Rusty wants Calvin to get together with Heath again but Calvin is upset and leaves.

Casey talks to Cappie about wanting to play with Omega Chai. He says he isn’t upset but they make up for it in heart and they will have to crush Omega Chai. They’ll have to team up with a more athletic sorority. They make a wager…sexual favors. Casey suggests skipping the bedding.

Evan takes Rebecca to see the Princess Bride. She’s never seen it before. He still wants her to believe in love. She says she wasn’t in love with Cappie. Was he in love with Casey? What about her parents and his?
He insists it is still real. He believes in it. She believed in Santa Claus once too.

Rusty apologizes. Grant arrives and Rusty mentions Heath who Grant didn’t know about. Grant says they will never be friends. Someone makes a snap about Grant being a girlfriend and he gets upset.

Gamma Psi president Natalie rubs it in that the KT house is playing with Gamma Psi. Their teams will be playing each other.

Katherine is upset that the KTs are late for warm up. It’s game time. Rusty is up first and he connects. There’s an iffy call, lots of fighting, the gay word thrown in and anger. Evan makes an illegal pitch and nearly takes off Cappie’s head. Evan asks Casey if they were in love. Lots of flirting. Cappie says he’s never wanted to win more in his life. What will she do? (Evan tells her that all she has to do is get on base.) Nice little details like it’s a wondergirls bat. Casey strikes once, twice, and…she calls a time out. To talk to Rusty. She wants to know if she should throw the game. Rusty sees both sides. She makes a huge hit, home run! Cappie stalks off. (I think she should have won, throwing the game isn’t fair for everyone else involved.)

The after party. Casey says they needed the points. And she likes to win. Just because they’re in a relationship doesn’t mean she’ll stop trying. Her competitiveness is one of the things he loves most about her. Beaver is looking for Ashleigh to apologizes about the other night. He would like to go on a proper date but she’s already with that cute guy.

Calvin and Rusty together. Calvin wishes Grant would chill. Rusty says he was right for telling the guy off for standing up for himself. Rusty wishes he’d stood up for himself in high school. Grant joins, Rusty and Grant find common ground because Rusty supported him. Calvin doesn’t want their relationship to be political. Grant says there was a reason he wasn’t ready to come out and he wants to be proud of himself.

Rebecca and Evan flirt and Rebecca asks why they chose ZBZ. He says it was for “personal reasons.” He wants to know when their next date is. Ashleigh interrupts to suggest a double date. Then they kiss.

Ashleigh is glad Casey is staying in the ZBZ house. Ashleigh was asked out! Casey wonders if she should have struck out fo rhim. When do you compromise for a relationship?

At the KT house, Rusty says he understands Grant better now. In walks a pledge, wearing the pin in the wrong place. Rusty stands up strong. If you don’t respect the KT house no one will. He listens (yay Rusty!). They’re watching the pledges coming in wearing dresses. (A League of their Own!)


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