Greek Finale

After a short season, we have finally arrived at the end and I’m left with mixed feelings. These last ten episodes have been a bit uneven, with half the cast out of college and therefore not really a part of the Greek system the show is centered around. Evan became indifferent to his fraternity (though to be fair, he had been becoming indifferent over last season too), Casey couldn’t move on and became a house mom. Ashleigh didn’t really care one way or another about it, she had moved on and looked back at ZBZ as just a bunch of fond memories. Even Katherine was done with it, except for her relationship with Beaver (why do I always want to call him moose?). But for all the issues of the season, the finale really stepped up.

In one episode, we saw just about everything we could have wanted. All the stories were resolved to one degree or another:

  • Casey finally learned that her fake debate in school was actually a very real issue that the university was having (by the way, does anyone else find it strange that Katherine was having a hard time debating because that is so out of character for her) and that the “little store” in question was actually Kappa Tau. Suddenly she (and by extension Evan) had to make a choice: her future or her past. Ultimately, she decided she could not betray Cappie and stood up for the KTTs. Even Evan refused to betray Cappie, ultimately cementing the on again off again friendship. Alas, to no avail. In the most emotional scene (for me), the KTT house was torn down. Who knew a fake TV house could mean so much? (Casey ultimately decides that if being a lawyer means compromising her values, it isn’t what she wants. Cappie has accidentally graduated so the two set off to Washington together without any real direction.)
  • Rusty fears that with the loss of the KTT house, he will revert to the super-nerd he once was. But by the end of the episode he learns that it is just a house and the spirit of the KTTs lives on. He assumes Cappie’s place as president and gets the girl (Ashleigh).
  • Rebecca and Dale even had a pseudo-resolution. The pair decide to talk to their old boyfriends/girlfriends to find out why the relationships didn’t work out. Dale learns that Laura is interested in him (so they end up together) and Evan admits that he ruined his relationship with Rebecca by being a jerk. Their relationship, though not as resolved leaves off with the possibility of hope (though knowing Rebecca, she may not be willing to try it again).

Ultimately, this felt like one of the best season finales I have seen in a long time. Not everything was tied up neatly, but we were given a chance to look back at the show and at least get the sense that everyone will be okay.

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