Greek: The Big Easy Does It

Casey and Cappy are woken by Dumper with a breakfast beer. But Casey is taking the LSATs today. He’s always wanted someone to bring him beer. Did he fill out his major declaration form? Yes, with three. He avoids telling her though. He says today is about her. She’s trying not to think about it too much. He goes to party for Mardi Gras.

Rusty needs to leave the lab early because he has to help set up for the party. He mentions Katherine but he doesn’t want to make things awkward. He’s never had a girl-pause-friend before. Rusty wants to introduce them. They’re so cutely awkward. She’s not vapid. Dana seems a little upset about that but says that Katherine is…great.

Ashleigh finds Casey wondering if she’s coming for Mardi Gras party. It’s the perfect holiday. They want to make Dale the sober sister for the party but he can’t because he’s going to the KT party to prove you don’t have to be drunk to have fun. Casey needs somewhere quieter to study. But Dale brought her study food!

The KTs are setting up. No one is thrilled with Rusty bringing Katherine because it’s about getting girls to flash which Katherine is not about that. He thinks Katherine will enjoy the party. Cappy takes his beads away.

Rebecca and Evan come down, he compliments her necklace and she leaves. Evan assures Calvin that he won’t steal again and he pawned his laptop to pay the house back. He apologizes again and Calvin says they’re cool.

Casey is having a nervous breakdown. Shaky table, spilled water! Joel comes to the rescue with napkins. When does this test start exactly? The test is a big deal! Freak out now instead of during the test. She thinks this is all she has. Law school or nothing. Now that she’s freaked out she’s calmer. He suggests a lucky talisman as well.

In the lab Dale is watching them work. Dale is concerned about not having a date and Dana invites herself as his date. Dale wants to see her teeth first, she refuses, he agrees to take her anyway. Katherine comes in to discuss a few last minutes details and wants the room cleared for it. Now that she has some time on her hands, she’s decide to lose her virginity to him. Tonight. Rusty seems to think this is a little fast. They can’t even greet each other properly yet. They’re intelligent she has confidence that they can work it out. She has no experience so he can choose the condom. (WOW KATHERINE IS THE FIRST FULL ON CHARACTER OF THE SHOW. I LOVE HER IN ALL HER IMPROBABLE AWKWARDNESS.)

Cappy passes on his sex beads to Rusty.

Grant has tickets to Mardi Gras, gentleman’s choice, for them at a gay club. He could make $500 but he wants to be with Calvin. $500! Calvin suggests it to Evan. But Evan had plans with Rebecca. But he could make all his money back. He doesn’t want anyone to know though. Evan talks a little too freely about his theft.

Casey hasn’t left because she is looking for a lucky hairtie. Ashleigh is upset about how she should feel about Pete not being around for Mardi Gras. Casey has an entire answer prepared. She even manages to throw in some lawyer speak. Casey goes to the KT house to search. What’s going on with Katherine? Sex of course. Casey is not happy. She’s feeling sick. They can be cute and date. No sex. She’s a virgin. Katherine has had 21 years of expectations. She reads. He has to live up to some great literary men. She recommends rethinking this plan. Casey finds her hair tie along with the major form, unfilled out. (Of course, he could have more than one form. A spare perhaps.) He sees her seeing.

Test Time. Casey thinks to herself and it all comes down to Cappy. Why didn’t he declare a a major. Someone is tapping his foot and it’s distracting. And yeah right the test and the party would be at the same time. But it is. Dale and Dana are awkward on the couch. They share trivia but Dale doesn’t like being showed up.

Rusty says Katherine shouldn’t expect too much. The first time isn’t the best. She always thought Al Gore was very hunky. Well at least Katherine doesn’t know who Robert Pattinson is. Rebecca and Ashleigh come to the KT party to congratulate Casey. Rebecca misses Evan. Beaver comes to compliment her on her outfit. He goes to far and she leaves. They leave.

At the gay club things are packed. Evan hasn’t made a lot of money because maybe he’s giving off a straight vibe. Calvin is a little uptight and Grant unbuttons his shirt. Evan pulls of his shirt to advertise. Rebecca and Ashleigh come to the gay bar so no one will objectify them.

Post test Joel is waiting for Casey to see how she did. He wanted to. She guesses she did okay. Life stuff snuck in. He brought her snacks for afterward- scotch and cookies. Got plans? She’s supposed to go to a party but it isn’t going anywhere.

Cappy wonders where Casey is he needs to talk to her about something (aka his major). Dale and Dana continue being awkward. Dale comes to the rescue of Laura the non-sober sober-sister. Dana asks how Rusty and Katherine are going and Rusty reveals the sex-plan. She says “oh, so you’re that guy.” He doesn’t understand why she makes such a big deal about it.

Casey and Joel unwind. This is exactly what she needed. Joel didn’t even realize it was Mardi Gras. Joel used to be a bad boy. At some point you realize been there done that and find other interesting things.

At the KT house, Rusty asks if Dale resents Sheila for taking his virginity. He doesn’t think so. Rusty is concerned now. Cappy says this is what college is about and it won’t get better. Think about whether or not it feels right, don’t let other people get in his head. Then he rushes off to earn beads by lifting his shirt.

Calvin is drunk and takes off his shirt. Calvin finds Ashleigh dancing. Who is she with? Rebecca. She’s at the bar. Calvin has Grant join Ashleigh and goes to warn Evan about Rebecca. A guy hits on Rebecca. Evan puts on a mask and comes over to see Rebecca make out with the guy. He takes off his mask to reveal himself.

Rusty says he isn’t a dog. Why does Dana care? Because she likes him. Duh! For a smart guy he’s dumb. Look at the signs! She wore makeup. She even wore heels to facilitate eye to eye contact. How can he not see it? So you don’t want to be my girl-pause-friend. Katherine wants to have sex now. It’s her schedule after all.

Casey and Joel continue talking. He makes a move and she turns him down. She has a boyfriend. He didn’t know. She should’ve been more upfront. He has one last logical reasoning question: why would a girl spend an evening with a guy and not mention her boyfriend?

Rebecca and Evan talk. Evan says her kissing someone else was a big deal. He wants to be exclusive. Why? Because he cares. Caring doesn’t have to mean exclusivity. Wait, you haven’t been exclusive? When? With who? He’s working to pay back money the money that he stole to buy her that necklace. She’s been honest with him all along. She says him trying to force love is ruining things. He says she’s afraid. She says they should’ve been a one night stand. He says she doesn’t believe in love because she’s heartless. That’s a little true but you can see she’s upset.

Katherine comes in wearing a dress shirt. She’s done her research. They kiss with some awkwardness. She’s prepared to dance for him but he suggests getting comfortable and she’s relieved. She says she can’t believe she can finally get this over with. He says that sounds like a transaction. He doesn’t want to be someone to just get it over with. That’s not who he is. She looks devastated as he leaves.

Laura thanks Dale for doing her job. She gives him a necklace. Casey comes in as the party’s basically done. Cappy is outside playing with beads. How’d the test go? Okay. One logic question tripped her up. She saw the form, why did he lie? He didn’t want to distract her before the test. He’s not ready to graduate and he didn’t tell her because she was giving him pressure. She thought they were passed this. She almost kissed another guy. Nothing happened. She doesn’t like not knowing his plan because she can’t make hers. He may never be ready to graduate. She’s going to stay at the ZBZ house.


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