Hellcats: You’re in for a rude awakening.

Well, it seems Hellcats has not been picked up for another season (I might be more upset if I wasn’t really excited for some of the shows that they have picked up) so this will be the last post.

I guess watching the Hellcats workout is different than watching them dance as the opening. One girl seems to be having a particularly hard time, sweating and coughing and ultimately fainting. It turns out she’s sick with a particularly virulant strand of the flu. The plan: sleepover in the gym! In comes Marty’s half-sister, Dierdre to meet the friends. She’s nervous, like a feral cat, apparently. (How much older is Marty than D?) Savannah tries to give her a welcome hug and she freaks out, asking to play Marty’s guitar in the corner instead.

Dinner with Savannah’s family. Charlotte has a letter from their dad but their mom rips it up before Savannah can read it. She’s on her fourth drink. She and Marty’s mom toast faithless men when Red’s ex joins in and then acts as inappropriately as possible while talking to Vanessa in front of Louis. (I love how she tells V not to be hostile because it diminishes her image as educator and then proceeds to be over the top hostile.) Parting shot: “You know what’s really inappropriate? Sleeping with a married man.” Dierdre spends the party strumming with ex-jailbird Travis until Marty interrupts to ask her to mingle with the guests. Dierdre gets angry and asks “why do you think I would want to hang out with a bunch of shallow cheerleaders?” She storms off to the shower room where it turns out the doors are locked. Marty goes after her, slowly, and then talks to her about coming to Nationals. It is actually important to Marty now. Dierdre is Marty from a year ago. But after all is said and done, Dierdre seems to be intending to come. (PS- finally a story line involving Marty that I actually care about!)

The hellcats have arrived in…somewhere that doesn’t look like where they hold Nationals. They walk in doing the Armageddon/Mean Girls stride but lose confidence when they see Savannah’s old squad being awesome. Nasty Kathy halts their practice because “there are spies among us.” NK wants to talk privately with Louis because he hasn’t been returning her texts. She apologizes for her rashness and wants to try again. Louis, it turns out, is more or less back with Alice. Poor NK runs off.

Alice’s feet might still be bothering her but she is surprised by flowers form her dad and stepmom who it seems have actually decided to support her this time around. Alice is thrilled but warns them that they have a weak crew–only 20 out of their entire squad, which is just more than enough. They have to rework the entire routine and it is pretty bad (they are using alternates who are unfamiliar with the stunts, ultimately dropping some redhead we’ve never seen). As they look at the girl with the injured arm, Charlotte calls to tell Savannah she is having the baby. Savannah’s plan is to run to the hospital, come back for the performance, and come back to the hospital. Dierdre thinks Marty wouldn’t drop everything for her but Marty says she would. (That’s a weird thing to say to someone you just met, sister or not.) Dierdre doubts her sincerity.

Alice whines about Savannah leaving when her stepmom insists Alice join her for a bathroom trip to point out that Alice clearly has the flu and could infect people. Alice says they have no choice or they will have to forfeit and all their hard work will be for nothing.

Louis gets a call from someone that is frantic. He borrows Alice’s dad’s car and runs off. This squad is not doing well numbers-wise. It’s NK, who is naked and drunk in bed. She asks for his jacket because she is cold and he gives it to her. He goes to get her clothes in the bathroom and she locks him in, saying he brought it on himself because sex is a big deal to her. She has this all carefully planned–hiding his phone, turning the music up, and leaving a do not disturb sign on the door.

Savannah gets to the hospital, anxious to see her sister, but the doctors have said the baby is premature and might have problems. Her mother says she is glad Savannah is there because she could not do it alone (she even wishes her husband was there) which means Savannah totally cannot run out. Savannah gives her a pep talk that seems to help and the two pray together. So cute.

Savannah gets a call from Alice. Without Louis, they are down to 17 and they must have Savannah there. Savannah says she can’t leave, the baby is premature and might be sick. Savannah is the birth coach and can’t leave her. Alice is angry, Savannah is sad (though the nurse seems proud). Alice whines to Vanessa who says she gets it.

Louis rages and hits and groans, looking for a way out. He pries something out the the toilet to open the window and succeeds.

Time for competition but they are still only 17. Vanessa stalls, saying Louis is ill but not to worry, he has arrived just in time. But not yet: They got an anonymous tip that some people might have strep and they have to test everyone. If anyone tests positive they are out (do strep tests work that fast).

It turns out three of them are positive. The Cyclones ended up winning Nationals and Alice actually starts crying. She talks to her dad and says she’s sorry for wasting his time. For once he is a good father and says she could never waste his time. Alice suspects her stepmom did it, but she says she didn’t. So who did?

It was Red’s ex! She claims she was concerned for the kids and clearly Vanessa wasn’t. But the head of Athletics says the school really needed the gold. Who will he back? He asks her out in response.

The baby! Dan comes in to meet little Joseph who looks sorta Mexican. Savannah wants to know if the squad won but Dan says they should focus on baby Joe.

Dierdre is lost in her world of music when Marty interrupts. Marty tells Dierdre to stop pushing her away. She wants a sister but if Dierdre doesn’t want that she should say so otherwise she will break her heart. D is afraid that M will get bored of her and learning about Rex and will leave her. Marty promises she will never leave her (awe). Even D hugs back. (Doesn’t it seem like the show is already over?)

Alice wants to know why the club is packing. Time to do their routine at nationals, no matter what. She doesn’t want to let them down. They have done everything for this, they have earned their moment. Art for art’s sake. Anyway, V’s not giving up the keys until they do it. They’re artists! Athletes! Bobbleheads! Marty steps in as Savannah and they do their routine for the cleaning crew. Savannah and Dan come in just on time and Savannah does a tumbling pass down the aisle to join in (as though that wouldn’t impact their routine to have the wrong number). This also seems like it could be the end of the episode, but no, there’s more. And was that Vanessa on the mat? weird. To give Dan a reason to be there, he tapes it. Other cheerleaders from other squads join in because you know, this is like the ending of every teen movie. Dierdre watches, impressed. The head of the Cheerleading association wants to stop this unauthorized performance but Alice’s father stalls. I notice no Cyclones in this mess of cheerleaders.

Back at Lancer, the team has quiet drinks. Savannah worries about her family. Her mom’s a mess, Charlotte is a single mom. Savannah says she can’t let her family issues hurt the squad so she is stepping down as captain in favor of Savannah. they hug and all the nastiness of the year is forgotten.

Vanessa is seen by the head of Athletics to inform her that effective immediately, she will be suspended. Even though she didn’t know the kids had strep. They had all been tested. Red’s ex said she did it to herself.

A toast to next year! (There won’t be a next year Hellcats.)

Dierdre’s phone rings and it is Rex, who says he is sick of being ignored, he wants to meet up. Marty turns to Dierdre and tells her it is time she gets back to her old life. Dierdre yells “you promised me!” but Marty takes off on her bike.

After many false-endings and an ultimately disappointing resolution (you know Dierdre probably had a fair reason for ignoring/hating Rex and lying to Marty but now we will never know. How did you feel about the series finale?


Hellcats: You are too damn pretty to waste.

For once we don’t open to the Hellcats dancing. Instead we have an awkward workout-dancing-flirting session between Louis and Nasty Kathy. Nothing good can come of this. (You don’t think she’s just seeing Louis to spy on the Hellcats do you?) During a basic twirl NK hurts her knee and he helps her put on a brace. Naturally, the moment they start kissing Alice interrupts with rudeness. She’s found out that NK and Louis are partnered for a dance-a-thon to win a car but Alice says he is partnered with the wrong person. He wants the car badly enough to risk injury. NK doesn’t even want the car, she’s just helping him. Alice offers to replace NK because she is a winner who doesn’t give up. He turns her down.

Savannah is upset by the seemingly unbiased coverage of her father’s crime. He dad’s using a public defender since they have no money–the FBI froze their assets. Savannah and Dan are getting ready to see Dan’s family but he suggests a private date night instead. Dan’s dad’s pension plan was gutted and apparently blames Savannah’s dad. Naturally this leads to a fight, as though it could have led to anything else. Savannah asks Marty to ask Julian to defend her dad for free while they go on a date. Her dad’s lawyer at the moment is apparently an idiot. No “Marty you shouldn’t date your professor?”

Alice is given a drink compliments of Marty’s law friend, which Alice finds laughable. Louis’s father can’t make nationals and his dad’s credit card gets rejected so Louis pays. He needs a car in order to work, which explains why he wants the job so badly. Alice overhears ad puts it together so she hatches a scheme. She talks to the law kid who, it turns out, has a scarily long dance resume (kapuera, ballet, and cats).

Marty’s mom helps Marty prep for her date with Julian. Seriously mom! Her mother says not to get too attached. Her mother says Julian’s priorities are different than hers but it doesn’t matter because he cancels via text message.

At the dance competition, there are a lot of people around. The rules: five minute breaks every hour, otherwise you must remain moving. They have Ciara guesting for this dance-a-thon. She going to be there the whole night? Because that would be impressive. Louis and NK are doing some fanciness which makes me wonder if this is wise in the early hours of the contestant. Shouldn’t you conserve your energy? Meanwhile, Ciara is not a bad dancer. Alice and Lawyer boy bump into NK and Louis who stop for a moment in surprise and disgust but are luckily not disqualified.

Marty goes to visit the Prof and finally he answers the door. He says he’s kind of busy and can’t explain why he canceled but it turns out that he’s with his daughter who thinks Marty has pretty hair. That puts that relationship in perspective. Marty is surprised by this. Julian’s divorce is pending. Julian’s therapist suggests a six month waiting period before introducing his daughter to any potential girlfriend. Makes sense. But he wants to make it up to her by cooking dinner. She also has another favor to ask. He agrees to help Savannah.

The Prof explains the situation to Savannah and family. Bail has been set at $50,000 and they have no way of paying. Their other options? He works to get them an allowance from the court and a reduced bail. What about getting help from the church? Their mother thinks this isn’t what the fund is for and looks for another move. Assuming she wants her husband to come home. She cannot say otherwise in front of everyone.

At the dance-a-thon there is a rehearsed dance routine section during which Alice continuously tries shoving NK (funny how the animosity was really between Savannah and NK but somehow Alice has horned in on the meanness). NK seems to be having some knee issues and Alice takes the chance to goad her. NK says she won’t bail on him and Alice points out that she may have to miss nationals. Alice offers to take her place and Louis considers. NK says if he does, he’s lost her. He gets defensive and naturally opts to dance with Alice. Alice lies about Morgan leaving and then fires him once Louis agrees to dance with her.

Savannah finds her mother and asks if the church will give her the money. She hasn’t asked yet. Her mother says she doesn’t take it on faith that her husband is innocent. She loves him but he has never been satisfied with his lot in life. Savannah says they can’t give up on him. He’s be there for them. Wouldn’t he? She convinces her mother to make the call. She says she raised her right.

What Alice does not say to anyone is that she is having foot problems of her own, which she hides by saying she is wearing bad shoes. Ah, I understand now that the dance-a-thon winner is chosen not just by length but by score. The judges select who is the most impressive, explaining the over the top moves that everyone is doing. I will say there is no way they would have this much energy over the length of time that this is supposed to take. Alice’s foot problems seem to get progressively worse.

Julian and Marty are on their date (has enough time elapsed for this to be taking place yet?) and he puts on music so they can dance. They realize they forgot about the food in the oven and there’s a fire. Marty hears him telling someone he is alone and he says he just thought it would be simpler. They are interrupted by a call from…Savannah’s family. The father is coming out of jail. They have a nice little reunion.

Alice and Louis are still going strong as the last two. Too bad I don’t know their last names or I might know where they rank. For the last few minutes they turn things up and I notice that the show opted for a gay couple as the other pair. It’s interesting only in how unremarked upon it was. It just is. No one makes a comment about it. Alice insists on doing some cheerleading stunts which turns out to be a good idea, because they win in the last few minutes. Louis spots Alice’s feet and she says she’s fine. He carries her away to take care of her feet (and I half expect NK to be there to see it).

Marty questions who he was talking to in the morning. It was his ex. Though he lied to Marty and said it was his insurance agency. He said he was embarrassed. She’s like an advertisement for a mid-life crisis. Is that how he sees her? He lists a bunch of things he likes about her, which naturally wins her over again. They sleep together. Bleh.

Savannah and Dan make up. She needs his support. She gets a call from her dad, saying he is leaving and he couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. He says he can’t go back to jail and he wants to make things right but for now she has to help her family. Poor Savannah can’t catch a break. He drives off, throwing away his cell so that he can’t be tracked.

Louis presents the car with Alice on crutches. They kiss. So goodbye NK? I kinda liked her.

Hellcats: Life doesn’t always give you proper shoes.

Well it looks like the Hellcats are actually rehearsing for Nationals for once but Savannah can’t seem to get anything right. Dan can tell she’s distracted too. Turns out her scholarship was revoked for getting the F in her course (for cheating). She’s smart but she barely spends time bothering with her classes because she wants to do cheerleading for a living. (This one aims high, huh?) Dan suggests finding a way to get her parents to agree to help her pay for school.

At Dan’s advice, she talks to her father first. She has a financial plan that involves holding down two jobs in addition to everything else she will be doing. Will she have time for cheerleading? Even he knows she can’t. He says she’s worked hard to make peace with her mother and has supported her sister, so he has written her a check so long as she keeps up her grades. It’s a lot more money than she expected him to have. Apparently “a few side projects have finally paid off.” (That sounds suspicious.)

Marty’s mom points out that her old professor has just walked into the bar. He has some information for Marty where he searched for her father. He’s clean and married. The second wife died and her father disappears. Oh, and he has a daughter, the girl at the music shop. I KNEW IT! And Marty wants to find out why she lied because she clearly knew.

Louis and Nasty Kathy are playing Kinect which looks awesome until Alice and Savannah turn on the nasty. Alice likes Louis and she and Savannah have history. Savannah goes to her room and gets a letter about a baby shower being held by Kathy. She is not happy and so she confronts Charlotte. Savannah had a whole surprise party planned and didn’t invite Kathy. This is a cheer-aster! She needs Kathy on her side or else her life will be ruined in her school and on her team. Savannah says she’ll make nice. Define nice Sav.

Marty shows up at the store, her half-sis tries to run but Marty is a cheerleader, there’s no outrunning her! So the sis dumps her stuff. Leave the bag Marty! She loses her by hopping a fence. You’d think Marty was a cop and she was smoking weed or something.

Vanessa is with Red’s ex, being interviewed. She apologizes for hurting her ten years ago. The ex says he’s a cheater in general. Vanessa says she trusts him complete which makes ex-Red laugh. They discuss whether or not Red does pay for play. She says Red is anti, which he is.

Savannah invites Kathy to the shower and Kathy is angry. She feels like she’s been made to look like an idiot. Kathy knows Savannah didn’t come because she felt bad. (I really want to know where the bad blood comes from.)

Savannah and Dan take a Kinect turn (this looks way fun ps). In comes Marty to announce her spiteful half-sister. The half-sister was her best lead. Savannah suggests trying to connect to her sister. Having a sister means always having family. Marty gives it another go (wearing running shoes). The music store owner doesn’t want to talk to Marty because Rex isn’t her favorite subject. Marty brought some music sheets because it could be something they have in common. The originals no less. Dierdre, the half sis is there though and calls her in to talk. They banter, it’s kind of cute. Dierdre’s ‘rents stayed clean until her mom died and ten he went back to drugs and left her alone with nothing but a guitar. More or less. Marty invites her over and she agrees because “she has nothing better to do.”

Kathy and Savannah join together to throw the shower and help Kathy save face in the process. Gifts are passed out. Savannah asks her dad about the tuition check, which the bank has put a 3 day hold on. He has decided not to tell her.

Bringing Dierdre home turns out to be about as awkward as possible. They shout over each other until finally Marty’s mom gives Dierdre a hug and she looks sort of shell shocked. Finally they bond for real and Dierdre burned all of Rex’s stuff. Marty wants to hear something good but they don’t have anything really. She gets frustrated because she’s the only one who doesn’t remember him. Dierdre starts playing something that Marty recognizes because it is something Rex used to sing. They have a little guitar playing duet. (In case you don’t know, Dierdre is AJ of Aly and AJ so this is particularly cute. The song is particularly silly though.) Her mom says the song brought back memories of him bouncing her on his knee but I wonder if she made that up.

Kathy says this will be Charlotte’s last hurrah with the squad, she’ll no longer be protecting her. A captain needs to succeed or fail on their own merit. Louis pulls them out of the room before they cause a scene. Louis wants to know their history. They were best friends until they were nine and Savannah killed her tarantulas. It was Kathy’s only pet that she could have. She couldn’t handle feeding them crickets so she gave them hamburger and they died. Kathy told everyone she was a murderer so she started the nickname Nasty Kathy. It was how they were teasing her that was so bad. (Good acting, she actually looks sad.) Savannah says she didn’t know she felt that way and apologizes. She gave her the spiders because she was her best friend and her parents were getting a divorce and her mom hated the spiders and maybe if she got rid of them her mom would stay. Savannah wants to start over but Dan bursts in to pull Savannah out. Her dad is being arrested. Kathy actually gives her a little reassuring pat.

Red meets with ex-Red and says she’s trying to get him in trouble for no reason. He’s still a big deal in football, regardless of whether or not she finds anything. If she leaks anything, her career will end, if not, he’s safe. She says she thought she had moved on from him when she agreed to the job. But then she say her. (Bored! Stop with this storyline.) He says he loves her. Ex-Red says she has a way to hurt him then.

Aly and AJ, I mean, Marty and Dierdre are still plucking away on their guitars.

Savannah’s dad has been accused of bribery, misuse of funds, etc. He wrote a big check and the police thought he was trying to flee the country.

Ex-Red has that evil revenge-y look on her face. What is she planning? Break up, firing?

Dan finds Savannah crying in a corner in the dark. She blames herself for the situation. Things are taken for evidence. Her father is booked.

Louis buys Kathy two tarantulas and she loves it. (To be honest, I love Kathy’s character and I particularly like how different the actress is between Hellcats, Caprica, and Kyle XY.)

Marty goes to the prof’s house for another make out session. (Another lame storyline.)

Hellcats: This isn’t about cheating.

The new athletic director is more of a creepy leerer than he is someone who knows about sports. Whether he’s biting his lip and dancing in place as he watches the Hellcats rehearse for a fundraiser, talking about their tasty moves, or asking Vanessa about Red’s divorce, he’s sorta creepy. For some reason Marty is not rehearsing but only working. She’s just too good to practice?

Louis is about to get in trouble for cheating on a paper but refuses to defend himself. Marty takes it upon herself to get someone good to defend him so naturally she heads over to her law professor’s new office—Three Strikes Central—to get his help. He is still faculty on the student advisor court and she wants to be a defender. He agrees after she pleads her case.

Louis is MIA and Alice genuinely wants to help marty help him. Luckily, she knows where to find him. When he feels guilty he likes to beat himself up, so he boxes. Apparently, he never used the paper he bought.

Red confronts the new director for digging into his personal life. Apparently, the NCAA is digging into lancer and they don’t want to be surprised by anything. The director decides he dislikes red and is fine if he gets buried.

Marty and the prof are getting awkwardly close as he suggests that Louis might be covering for someone and that her job as a lawyer is to help the client not deliver justice.

For the most random cameo possible, Nastia Liukin MCs the fundraiser. Thing I find awkward: teachers/coaches partaking in overly sexualized dances/songs with their students. (I’m looking at you glee and hellcats.)

Savannah and Louis have been arguing and Alice and Marty wonder if it was Savannah he is covering for. She probably knew nothing about evolution at the time when Louis bought the paper and Louis owed Savannah for getting on the team. So naturally Alice confronts her and Savannah starts crying.

The real story comes out: Savannah was on her own for the first time and she didn’t understand evolution at all. The professor made fun of her in class. She refused to write the paper and Louis refused to let her quit so he said he’d help her write the paper and then bought one for her. He planned to use it as a reference. Eventually it got so late that they ended up using at least part of it despite their intentions. Louis blames himself because Savannah would never have done it. If he’s suspended the Hellcats lose a base before nationals, but losing Savannah—their captain and best flyer—would be a disaster. So what to do? Savannah opts to come clean.

Red panics about his ex-wife whose job is to help the school investigate. This could be awkward but she acts fairly calm. She may or may not have hired private investigators to follow them. Vanessa admits that they are together.

Marty is upset that Dan didn’t tell her the truth. She’s his best friend but Savannah is his girlfriend and had sworn him to secrecy. They swore their relationship had to be different after all.

Time for court. Savannah pleads guilty and Marty has her final say before punishment is decided. She opts for a speech about Savannah’s positivity. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything. I feel like there are better things she might have said in this instance (like mitigating circumstances and first time offense, etc). She asks for them to let her continue making things better at lancer—positive outcomes only.

Louis gets academic probation (technically he did nothing wrong, buying a paper is not wrong it is using it and plagiarizing that is).

Savannah’s punishment is reached quickly and they decide that all she will get is an F in the class she used the paper for. Louis is talking with Alice, Dan is with Savannah, and Marty sneaks off all sad and lonely, but not for long because she goes to her ex-professor’s (he is not teaching for the time being). Really Marty, you should know better! Sure enough, they end up making out a bit. (Note to TV writers: the student-teacher relationship thing has been done to death lately.)

Hellcats: Coming to a Theater Near You.

Marty and Louis are running through the darkened hallways of the athletic department. Louis shoots the glass doors with the gun he’s packing. They trip over a dead body. They have four bullets left. A zombie pops up and they scream and “FREEZE!” This is Dan’s movie for his application. Savannah assures him the admissions panel will love his film.

Marty runs off to a guitar shop to track down her dad. He isn’t in the database though. She begs as though asking would suddenly make his name pop up. The music store girl, Dierdre, asks her dad but he doesn’t know either. There is one last place to check: the wall. The girl seems oddly interested (like she’s a long lost half-sister who is hiding it?). Sure enough, on the wall, Marty finds her dad’s set list. The date is later than when Marty’s mother told her that her father died.

Alice tries to get help because she is failing. And help is really cheating. $300 for at least a B. This isn’t the first time she’s done it and no one has been caught yet. Except that someone was taping them. Conveniently. Ah, Alice was undercover. Surprising and smooth. The newspaper woman she’s helping suggests Alice get a career in journalism. Alice says she had a blog in high school (was blogging that popular then?).

Marty confronts her mother. Her mother tries to play it off as an error at the guitar shop but Marty isn’t having it. “Ok, fine, let’s go.” Go where? To see the hobos on the street to know that Marty’s dad was an addict. One day she came home and found Marty and her father gone. She tracked them down here where her dad was getting high and left her alone. So her mother grabbed her and broke up with her husband. He never came home again. So when Marty started asking where he was so she lied and said he died.

After the film is screened, they have to explain how the film demonstrate their vision as a filmmaker and why they should accept them into the program. Dan takes studious notes and then introduces himself to a goth girl. Dan is feeling good about himself until goth girl starts talking about how good themes were the year before and he finally begins getting nervous. He tries to come up with some metaphorical mumbo jumbo so as not to sound like an idiot with his film. “So, there are real zombies?” He watches last year’s top film and is bored out of his mind. He gets so down on himself that he decides not to submit his film. Why bother if no one will get him anyway? Savannah tells him that just because he is scared doesn’t mean he should give up. He says h isn’t scared but he can make movies without film school. Savannah tells him he is making a mistake. When he leaves, she takes the film and submits his application anyway.

Dan goes to Marty to cheer her up. She bemoans the real father she has discovered. She explains what she learned. This conversation is a little lame because it gives us nothing new really. She thinks maybe she wasn’t good enough for him. She wishes he cared about her, that she was enough.

Alice finds Louis who hopes that the cheating story gets cancelled. Louis will get in trouble if she does because his name will come up. She refuses, this is the first thing she’s excited about. Louis got a paper from her freshman year. He says it is complicated. He asks her to kill the story (I don’t see why he thinks she could, she isn’t running it) but she turns him down. She calls Kelsey, the newspaper person, to ask her to kill the story. Kelsey laughs and blows off the suggestion as a joke.

Marty’s mom brings up Marty’s dad’s guitar. Marty finds some sheet music underneath, a song her dad wrote the day Marty was born. See, he did love you even if he was still an addict! (Does anyone else find it weird how in the last few episodes suddenly Marty LOVES music?) Rex might even still be alive. I imagine we’ll see a reunion at some point.

Savannah meets Dan at the bar and pulls him to the film application. She’s been judged her whole life, if she changed everything to avoid people’s opinions she’d be missing out. She convinces him to go in just as his film is playing. There’s the good kind of laughter going on. It’s disgusting but surprisingly well shot considering the timetable and actual equipment (of course, that is because he didn’t really shoot it but you know). Love that Savannah turns out to be the one to pull out the big guns. Even the pretentious film students are into it by the time the big fight scene comes along. His screening gets a big applause. He is then called up to tell them how the film contributes to film as an art form. He gets nervous, Savannah encourages him. He gets up and says he loves old horror movies because they commented on real issues while being entertaining. His film is about overcoming fear, which he learned about in the application process. Being a cheerleader, Savannah leads the applause. (Dude, just a note, it isn’t really appropriate to kiss your girlfriend during your application.)

Marty performs her father’s song at the coffee shop/bar thing. The song’s actually not too bad. (I’m a sucker for violins in modern music.) Savannah looks guiltily at Louis (it isn’t her fault, she did actually try!). I half expect her father to walk in right now. Anyone else? No such luck.

The best part of this episode was the surprisingly good horror flick. Savannah was a very background character (literally just a cheerleader), which is unfortunate because she is the deepest person on the show. Marty’s self-pitying “why wasn’t I good enough” didn’t quite work for me. Dan was fine as a character but he’s about the least appealing personality I have seen on television in a while (perhaps because we met him as a player and haven’t overall seen much else–even now that he is with Savannah again, you know it is not because he was over Marty but rather because he thought Marty was over him). On the upside, no Vanessa and Red!

Hellcats: So, is that your band or something?

The Hellcats are using a UNIQUE song for their routine (some local band that Alice chatted up), which is supposed to make this routine more awesome than the other billion we have seen them practicing. (I know this is a cheerleading show, but can’t we open the episode differently sometimes? Make It Or Break It doesn’t open every episode with the girls working on a routine.) Dan shows up to tell Savannah he got into Lancer, (there’s a cute awkward moment where Marti thinks he came for her) he didn’t tell anyone he applied just in case he got in. He says he’s actually applying to the film school which requires additional essays and applications. If he doesn’t get in, he can just become a Hellcat, she can just get him on the squad right. Savannah looks terrified and he tells her he is joking. Don’t joke about cheerleading it gives her a nervous stomach.

Marti goes home to hear Travis playing something about Born on Halloween which he expects her to recognize. It is one of her dad’s. Marti insists he keep playing, she didn’t know he wrote songs. Whoops, her mom gave it to him but never told Marti!

Savannah takes a detour with Alice to get Dan some nice film books from her house because he can’t afford nice books. (Apparently he expects technology to fail so paper books are important because she dismisses Alice’s idea of him getting his information online.) Charlotte comes in with an ultrasound picture. She seems much more chipper than we have seen her in a while. Charlotte’s team just found out they got into Nationals because another team got kicked out. What’s particularly bad is that the song Alice just scored is the one they are using too. So naturally Alice barges in and accuses Nasty Kathy of stealing it. They throw some insults back and forth, Savannah tries to calm everyone down. In her anger, Kathy says that Charlotte got pregnant by Savannah’s ex. Which Savannah did not know. Even Alice realized it was not the time to be involved. Charlotte liked Noah since forever and he was sad that Savannah rejected him. They fell in love and are planning to get married. Wow, that’s a lot of a secret not to tell your sister. Their mom thinks it is the best think for Charlotte and the baby but when Savannah asks if charlotte agrees you can hear the hesitation in her voice. She’s trying to convince herself to do it.

Vanessa tells Red about the cheerleading drama. (Alice plans to “flash a little cleavage and straighten the whole thing out.”) The athletic department is still looking for a director. Wanda comes in to be uncomfortably awkward, saying how sorry she is about the wedding being cancelled and how she watered down Red’s whiskey because he might have to “suit up” later. Vanessa doesn’t want to be “that woman,” the slut who gets with someone right after breaking off her engagement because there is a double standard. Red doesn’t want her to find something new to keep them apart but she leaves.

Marti is at home when her mother gets back. Travis is giving them some “breathing room” so Marti can find out why he knows things about her dad that she doesn’t. Wanda tries to change the subject but Marti isn’t having it. Wanda says talking to Travis is like talking to herself because he doesn’t care about it. Wanda says she is doing the best for Marti so if she doesn’t want to talk about it, it is for Marti’s best. Marti isn’t having it so Wanda tries to lay on the guilt (“did you ever think how I feel?”) and say her father was a bad guy. When that doesn’t work she decides to go to a movie to give Marti a chance to calm down. Like that’s going to work.

Louis and Alice show up to a bar and Alice goes to the bathroom when Nasty Kathy shows up. She can’t get the barkeep’s attention so Louis helps her. She looks familiar but can’t place her and they are actually kind of cute together. When he brings up how well the song goes for cheerleading they make the connection when Alice returns to be nastier than Nasty Kathy. They approach the band and argue and the band will compete to win the song.

Savannah is out with Noah when she gets Alice’s call and gets ignore. “So you went to talk to my sister about me and you slept with her,” Savannah summarizes. She wants to know if he loves her but he loves Savannah, even he offered to marry Charlotte. He thinks this is his last chance to tell her how he feels. She is going to be his sister in law in three months. She’s sorry for giving him false hope but it is never going to happen. He wants her to tell him to marry Charlotte and he will. She says this is his responsibility not hers, he got himself into this mess. She says goodbye and leaves. (This is actually Savannah at her smartest and best.)

Marti and Dan discuss his film submission–it should be a trailer to show off his taping skills. So horror probably since those are cheapest. She agrees to be in it in exchanged for a gory blood-soaked death. She wants to see her intestines. Marti ignores a call from Alice to tell Dan about her Wanda and dad issues. Dan says when she wants to accomplish something she goes after it (duh, look at Travis). So why didn’t she push harder for this? She was in 8th grade and asked why they split and she didn’t want to talk about it. She kept pushing and then Wanda became a crazy wild drunk for at least a week. (Oh.) It hurts that Wanda is telling Travis everything so quickly. Savannah calls Dan for Marti to get the song.

The squad arrives to compete, Charlotte’s school first. (You’d think they would just think the Hellcats are hotter because they show more skin and give it to them. The band doesn’t seem any smarter than that.) The smarter band member seems to be getting bored by the competition (the two routines are extremely similar–wasn’t that the whole reasons for Marti?). Sure enough one guy is asleep and the other is flirting with girls. Louis tells them off and the Hellcats decide they don’t want it. Nasty Kathy agrees they want to beat the Hellcats for real, not because they pissed off some townies. The band’s reply “you might want to rephrase that little girl” so Alice does: “intoxicated farm animals.” He spits at them and they tell him to wipe it up, which surprisingly he does (I’m not sure why he would).

Louis approaches Kathy and she gives him her number. (Despite the nickname, I’m actually really liking her.) Naturally alice is watching this in the shadows.

Marti and Dan arrive to find Savannah and Charlotte in a cat fight because Charlotte things Savannah is telling lies about her fiance. Charlotte storms off.

Vanessa is on her office when Red comes with coffee. He apologizes for pushing. She shouldn’t worry about people gossiping, it isn’t her real issue. She’s worried about the shame. She hurt Derrick so much and she felt evil. What if they had never met? Would he still be with Emily? Not a chance, it wasn’t right. There wasn’t that “cosmic pull.” (Their story is sort of a twist on the all too common Teacher-Student story.) With Derrick too there was no cosmic pull. (Could have fooled us when we first met them.) They make out, she takes off her sweater, and Alice shows up to show her some new music choices.

Savannah’s mother is waiting for her when she gets out of practice. Charlotte broke off the engagement. Her mother agrees it is for the best. She wants to thank Savannah for having the courage to tell Charlotte what she couldn’t. She thought the marriage was doomed (it would have been two children playing house with a real baby). Her mother is too tired to be mad. They thought it would be easier as they got older, but it never does. She is still worried but has less control. So Charlotte will stay home for now. Savannah is the strong one and will be around to help.

Martiis doing something with boxes. Looking for things of her dad’s? In comes Wanda and Travis. What’s going on in here? Ah, Marti has gotten her father’s things out. Wanda doesn’t want to talk so Marti just takes his briefcase and leaves. Travis says he’s going back to prison because it is safer there.

Marti stares longingly at the case and opens it to sees a sign that says “Unemployed musicians retirement fund, please give generously. Wife and child at home.” There are also pictures of a younger Wanda and Marti. A bunch of guitar picks which naturally Marti has to use right away. She puts on a hat (his hat?) and plays his music.

There was nothing earth shattering about this episode. Nothing really changed (except Vanessa and Red), but for some reason I found myself really liking everyone’s characters and performances. Nasty Kathy was sweet with Louis, Alice stood up for her in a rare moment of solidarity, Savannah stepped up plus had a bonding moment with her mom, we got to see the issues Marti always talked about having with Wanda that we barely saw before…I’m a fan of Louis and Kathy. I kind of wish the Charlotte-Noah-Savannah story took more time to play out, but all in all, I’m a real fan of this episode.

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Hellcats: Aww, tear.

This opening random dance is perhaps more confounding than any we have seen yet. First there is the guy flipping in from another room, then there’s the very illegal booty shaking, then there’s the coaching dancing with her fiancé, which is just randomly strange. And who is Gretchen? I could pretend to care that the fiancé is being deployed for a year, but he’s more filler than anything else. He wants to get married asap so she can be “taken care of” if something happens. No pressure when he lays it on thick with “When I go I want to know that I am married to the person I love, I don’t want any regrets.”

Travis is apparently live at Marty’s Mom’s house. In return, she wants Marty to sing for someone’s wedding. Marty is opposed because Dan will be best man at the wedding. Dan will only be in town for the weekend. Because he is going…? More laying it on thick with “Dan’s daddy asked especially for you, it would break his heart if you didn’t.” She is ambushed by Dan’s dad so she ultimately gives in.

Marty talks to Savannah about Dan leaving. Marty thinks Dan hates him, Savannah doesn’t think that is the issue. Marty doesn’t want Savannah hurt so she offers to back out. Savannah wants to know if Marty has feelings for Dan. Marty says no, it’s confusing, well…maybe. And Savannah? Yes. She wishes she could tell him though. They decide to settle this by having Dan decide. It will be an emotional exploratory. (I kind of love that phrase.) Marty just has to get Savannah an invitation to the wedding. Just to be clear: in no way is this emotional exploratory a competition. (Savannah’s just getting her hair done special.)

Alice, Louis, and a football player talk about Jake being gone. This is the guy who circulated Alice’s pictures. Jake wonders why Alice has not come to visit. Alice says they’re through and she doesn’t want to give false hope. It’s tough Alice time and she will not reveal her true issues. A brother once in jail?

Wedding emergency number one—baby’s breath is WHITE!?!? The bride’s father sent her mother white roses when he was cheating on her. Dan, with a new, scruffier haircut, learns that Marty is coming to the wedding. Wanda tries to talk up Marty, Dan is having none of it. (Last time she meddled…all hell broke lose.) Dan wants to know about Savannah since he hurt her real bad. Does Wanda detect a hitch in her plans?

Vanessa is drowning her sorrows at the bar—I mean celebrating her wedding—when Red shows up. The wedding, FYI, is tomorrow. She tries to talk herself into the wedding being a good idea. She won’t throw this relationship away on a whim. Red being the whim. Red wonders if she would be happy about the wedding if the situation were reversed.

The wedding. It is hardly equal footing with Marty in a hot dress and Savannah in waitress clothes. But Dan in a suit is one sight we never expected. Dan spots Savannah as they get a pseudo pep talk about not messing up. Savannah clearly had the same thought I did, she brought a change of clothes for equal footing. (I do like Aly’s voice better than Ashley’s but I’m surprised Ashley Tisdale gets less song time.)

Travis waits on Alice and thanks her for convincing Alice to confess and helping him get out of jail. If she ever needs anything… She asks him to sit with her for a bit. She thinks Jake doesn’t deserve visitors after what he did but Travis says as much as he wants Jake to suffer, he thinks even Jake needs some support. He owes her so much that he won’t lie to her because that was probably not the answer she wanted. Well, how can she not go now? (Let’s be honest, he has visitors, it doesn’t have to be Alice.)

Daniel compliments Marty on her set. So he is willing to talk to her, that’s a step. Their parents are dating so they joke about becoming stepsiblings. Awkward. Dan wants to apologize for leaving abruptly. No you don’t owe me an apology, yes I do, no you don’t…Marty’s been thinking—“Mushroom puffs?” Savannah interrupts. But they are interrupted by the best surprise of all: a new girlfriend! She looks too old for him. And she’s a do-gooder. Well, at least Marty and Savannah can bond over something. Well, at least Savannah saved Marty from saying something stupid. Savannah appreciates the honesty of Marty says she doesn’t know how she feels. Marty thinks she and Dan work as friends, that’s all she wants. Savannah isn’t ready to be counted out yet. What about cute firefighter guy? She pays a guy $50 to distract her. Savannah takes the opportunity to talk to Dan. She remembers everyone’s names and stories. Impressive. But the thing she doesn’t anticipate, the guy gets sick of the girlfriend’s talking and spills that he was paid to talk to her. So she reveals Savannah’s plot in front of the family. Awkward.

Dan talks to his father about his issues with both girls. He thinks Marty is a bad fit. They are both train wrecks. He needs someone to call him on his crap, someone who makes him better. Savannah did that. (An interesting talk considering what Savannah just did.)

Vanessa agonizes over lame dresses. Will Vanessa change her name? She hadn’t thought about it. When it comes time to sign she can’t. He thinks its nerves but she says she thought she would have more time to be sure “about us.” Ouch. Is it Red? He takes it well. Calm with a wish for the best for them.

Savannah is embarrassed, is there something wrong with her for still wanting Dan? Marty assures her she is just a wonderful person. At least they didn’t ruin their friendships.

Marty goes to talk to Dan about how he should be with Savannah. He agrees they are best at being friends.

Alice does go to visit Jake in the sketchiest looking room ever. It looks like a warehouse crossed with an interrogation room. She’s sorry he’s in jail. She lied to him about believing in god to get him to confess and save the hellcats. He says she is not to blame. He is sleeping better now that he has done the right thing. He hopes she will come back to visit. This is the first time he’s kind of a sweet, endearing character. (I’m a little disappointed but not surprised that all the stuff Alice said was a lie. It rally gave her depth.)

Dan finds Savannah and she apologizes for crashing the party. He tries to find a way to apologize for all that he has done. Sorry is a good place to start. He thought about how he missed her but she wants to know why he didn’t call, why he hooked up with the do-gooder. He didn’t think she would forgive him. She does. He has to break up with Vicky right now. They dance, they kiss, Marty looks on sadly as she sings a song too sad for a wedding.