Fresh Meat: Episode 7

No surprise that Ev is going in. Though I do admire the persistence of trying to get someone on her side, I feel the need to point out to her that Jenn and Ryan, considered the two weakest team, would be the two smartest teams to keep around through the finale because they would be the easiest to be and as such, it is most logical to keep them in rather than send them to exile. Though who knows, maybe Kenny will remain loyal to Jill and Pete.

The challenge was beyond ridiculous. I was trying to explain it to a friend and I was watching and she just kept being like “what?” “they hang around and just swing?” I don’t like team challenges where one team member doesn’t actually do anything. Like Jen was so proud of the win and I wanted to say Jen, all you did was hang from your ankles, you didn’t win anything. Noor did all the work!

Ev needs to calm down a little. No sense in pissing your partner off now is there? But she probably feels overwhelmed by all the hate directed towards her. (Perhaps she should have allowed for more group discussion rather than unilateral decision making.)

Finally, the exile. Landon and Carley vs Ev and Luke. It’s hard to say what the real time frame is since it’s done by TV. It seemed like Landon and Carley finished the puzzle only moments after Ev and Luke left, but there’s no telling if that’s the truth or not (also, I was surprised by how weak Ev was in the beginning, it seemed uncharacteristic of her, but she seemed to pick up). I wonder if Carley can make it to the end at all. She didn’t look good. I wish they hadn’t cut it off right before we find out. That seems unnecessary…

Based solely on the fact that Carley looked like she might not finish the competition at all, I’m going to guess Luke and Ev won, but in truth, for the first time, I’m not really sure.


Doctor Who

A couple of weeks ago, my father kept bugging me about a show he’d recently discovered: Doctor Who. A friend had recommended the show to me over the summer and I tried it but found myself unable to get through episode one. I found the graphics and the acting to be sub-par. But my dad kept talking about it. And I mean KEPT. Like brought it up every day on our morning bus ride to the city. I told him I didn’t like to watch shows not from the beginning (which would be quite a trick since the show started back in the 1960s and has been on and off since, being most recently rejuvenated in 2005). Finally, after he’d driven me crazy for…a few days, I agreed to watch the show, starting from the beginning of 2005 (he said you can start with 2010, but that’s not my style).

I’m glad I did because once I watched for a bit longer, I found myself actually enjoying it. Sure, the acting isn’t the greatest (I often find that British shows don’t have the best acting) and the special effects are greatly lacking (some of it is so incredibly old fashioned to the point where things that should be creepy feel more silly than creepy–I know sometimes they’re staying true to the original series, but couldn’t the Daleks have done with an upgrade?), but for some reason it’s still pretty addictive.

I think that discovering that Billie Piper of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl was the first of the companions amused me enough to give it a chance.

The show, it turns out, is fairly clever. Sometimes the cleverness has to do with plays on history (such as meeting Agatha Christie and resolving the question of where she was for the seven days that she couldn’t remember and having her think she failed as a writer) and other times it has to do with the characters.

Considering the number of changes in the Doctor’s companion, they do a good job of integrating each new personality so that it actually feels like they are close to the Doctor. Some are better than others of course, but always you can feel the bond that is developed.

I think the thing I like best about the show is the way they handle serious issues, (SPOILER) such as the departure of Rose (giving a plausible explanation without killing her while keeping her relevant, at least for season three) and the Doctor’s Daughter. I wish they did more in terms of letting us know about the Doctor, though I get that the point is that we don’t know a lot. They slowly build information over the course of the show and we learn something new about him all the time.

I’m only mid-season four so I can’t wait to see where things go. I’ve heard good things about the episode I’m up to (The Library).

I also particularly like how many episode are joint episodes, spanning two, sometimes even three, episodes per arc. It really allows you to get involved and to care about the characters, even when they are temporary.

The concept of time travel is a complicated and confusing one, which has yet to satisfactorily be explained. You can’t change events that are fixed but some are in flux and those ones can be changed. How do you determine one over the other? The Doctor knows. Not the most satisfactory answer. It may be further addressed later, but seeing as I’m pretty far into the show, I don’t think so.

10 Things: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Kat and Pat see each other and…ignore each other awkwardly. Bianca whines about missing Joey, he’s only been gone two days. Kat suggests she call him but they only have one phone in the model house. Kat says she’s done with Patrick. Then they see their dad talking to the guidance counselor and realize they’re dating. Bianca freaks. Kat suggests calming down, maybe they aren’t dating. Bianca is sure. Kat says they support dad, they’ve been wanting dad to date forever. Dad denies when he gets home and then admits it. It’s something special, maybe…Bianca tells him not to date her. Kat insists so Bianca agrees to have her over for dinner.

Kat’s doing some weird yoga thing when she sees Pat flirting with a girl. The person leading the group welcomes Kat but she’s distracted. Kat volunteers to go with the group to Nepal.

Bianca gets a call from Joey and she tells him about her dad. What if she becomes her stepmom?!? Before they can talk the phone is pulled away from Joey by another model.

Cameron is trying to open a locker. It’s a love poem for Dawn. Pat sees Kat smiling and laughing and he’s sad.

Dinner with the guidance counselor. Kat tells her dad about the program she wants to go on. Ms. Tharpe supports Kat’s idea, her dad is not so into it. Bianca asks Ms. Tharpe if she’s been married. No, but she’s been engaged 4 times. She was arrested once. Bianca gets a call from Joey but her dad hangs up. She storms off.

Ms. Tharpe goes up to talk to Bianca who just wants to be alone. She knows how she feels. They go shopping together and exercise and pedicures…Basically, they become besties and it’s kind of weird.

Kat keeps pushing the Nepal thing. He basically says it’s up to her without saying it.

Bianca gets a call from Joey while in class. He’s been doing well on his go-sees. The teacher takes her phone away.

Kat and Pat run into each other. She reveals that she’s leaving for three months. He tells her to have fun. Dawn is thrilled about Cameron’s poem. It gets Patrick thinking, maybe I should show her.

The trip doesn’t sound so great with all the things that could go wrong.

Bianca interrupts one of Ms. Tharpe’s session because she wants to get her phone. Ms. Tharpe says in school she’s the guidance counselor not her friend and then Bianca is angry and runs off. She then insists her dad stop dating her. (Bianca!)

Kat finds out that the person she thought was coming to Nepal isn’t. Pat approaches and he has…her earring for her.

Bianca and Joey are talking. Joey is nervous about make over day. Bianca gets off the phone mid-conversation and goes to sit with her dad who is miserable. She says she was being selfish and says she’s switching guidance counselors.

Kat has all her stuff and she’s all sad and lonely as the only one without a significant other. Kat goes outside to try out her equipment. Bianca says she’s so brave. Kat says she doesn’t want to go but Patrick didn’t try to stop her. She starts crying. Bianca says she’s stopping her.

As far as episodes go, this one was pretty mediocre. Nothing actually changed.

General Recaps

Ghost Whisperer- well, I’m not sure how I felt about this series finale. It sort of felt like things were rushed to a resolution that was all too easy. It was nice to see how Aiden’s powers were important, but it seemed like there was no final battle. Everyone just held hands and then all was well. I wish it had been more of a struggle, that it had felt like they might actually lose Melinda, some sense of danger for Aiden and the rest of the gang. It was like in one moment we got everything we needed to know, rather than learn it gradually like we should have been.

Grey’s Anatomy- this double episode was both good and bad. On the one hand, there was so much happening. You could really feel the shock and terror of the characters. You felt Lexi’s panic, Christina’s uncertainty, Arizona and Callie’s love…As far as acting goes, it was really some of the best. I even grew to appreciate April here. And Mandy Moore did a pretty good job as a guest star. And I wasn’t sorry to get rid of most of those Mercy Westers (not saying this is how I was hoping to get rid of them…) The episode had it’s downsides too, like some over the top speeches and the question of why the doors weren’t locked anywhere. The gunman seemed to hit every wing of the hospital with unrealistic ease and speed. But, I thought emotionally, the episode hit it right. I twas possibly one of the best episodes (2 episodes) in quite a few seasons.

Bones- Anyone else feel sad at the end of this episode? The case itself was nothing special, but there were so many great people moments. (“I taught you about eye contact, you taught me about evolution.”) I’m not entirely sure where this will lead things to start next season (something going wrong on Bones’s trip and calling Booth in?) but I can’t wait to see how they are pulled back together.

Glee- Talk about an episode of awesomeness. Idina Sings! NPH guest stars! Joss Whedon directs! And the music! They’ve made an obvious play (SPOILER: Idina’s character is Rachel’s mother!) that I didn’t even consider until now and it leaves me to wonder if this is setting up yet another twist (she’s faking it to get into Rachel’s head) or it’s true (and maybe she’ll become a regular on the show–fingers crossed). I can’t remember the last time I was so pleased with an episode.

V- it keeps getting better. No question about it, the show has found it’s footing. It took some time but they’ve finally managed to balance character, story, and action. I’m a little sad we didn’t really get to see the baby and I can’t help but wonder if Ryan is just a really good actor or if he’s really been taken in.

Parenthood- I’m so glad this show is on TV. For one thing, the way they handle all the complex familial relationships is skillful. The adults are like overgrown teens in some moments and true parents the next. You feel for both sides of every argument and every issue. (Julia’s character is the least multi-dimensional and I hope for more from her, but the others are pretty well developed.)

90210: Confessions

Jen gets an ultrasound. Naomi is stuck with the parking. When she rummages through Jen’s things she finds a paternity test.

Jenny and Liam talk about the coins. What to do? Liam is afraid of his life ending–his step dad might send him away or press charges. Annie suggests making it right some other way, like helping the housekeeper. Annie says at least he can do something, you can’t always.

Ad is performing in NY and people seem wild about the performance. Amazing! So amazing! The limo is full of gifts from fans. And he gives her the bracelet he receives. That’s…almost romantic?

Ivy jumps on Dixon and wants to go to the Pass the Torch on party. She’s not so into it. Ivy says all that matters is that they’re honest with each other and she can’t wait to go to Aussie with her. But he looks longingly at Silver and I just want to say “stop it!”

Naomi sends Ryan (teacher) “congrats dad” balloons and leaves the paternity test results. Surprise!

In school they learn about the universe and space. Dixon has something to tell Ivy…about the two minutes they were broken up? He kissed Silver. It didn’t mean anything but he doesn’t want to keep the secret from her. Ivy says she’s done playing second fiddle to another girl. Good for you Ivy! Someone who actually learned from their mistakes!

The Principal tells someone he is about to fail a grade but the kid says he will get Harry in trouble for covering for Dixon.

Naomi falls behind in gym and spots Liam. She finds him to complain about gym. He doesn’t seem interested. How is she feeling? he asks. He tells her to stop lying, it’s over. They never had much in common. All he needed was to talk and she pretended to have the flu. She tries to point out that he’s not perfect either but he stands firm. (Yeah, Naomi, great way to win someone back…)

Silver interviews Ad about her career. Naveed watches unhappily and then spots the bracelet. It was the one he left her. Naveed cuts the live interview. He has a couple of personal questions, like where he got the bracelet. He points out the significance of each charm and she realizes it is from him. Whoops Naveed, you’re still live. He asks for the bracelet back. She doesn’t want to. Silver tries to warn them but he’s not interested. She didn’t know he liked her. She says no one can compete with him. And kiss. To the awes and cheers of everyone who then realize everyone was watching.

Jen is at the beach club tasting food when Ryan arrives to talk. He asks if it’s true about his baby. Who told him? He saw a paternity test. She got his DNA from a hairbrush. It’s true. He doesn’t want to mess it, he’ll get his life back on track. He wants to be there. He may not make a lot of money but…he wants to do what he can. She says she doesn’t need his help. He says this is his baby, he has rights, which she will fight him for in court.

Teddy asks Silver for an explanation and she tells him about his dad. Teddy is furious. She explains that his dad may be a jerk but he was right about Teddy’s career. He says he needs her in his life. He can do both. She kicks him out again. Though it hurts her.

At the Pass the Torch party, Silver and Naomi arrive in the requisite red for juniors. Everyone seems to be coupled. Silver wants to leave, Naomi insists on staying. Why is Naomi in a good mood? She says she’s fantastic and she’ll meet someone better. Silver is not in the mood and spots Teddy. Naomi asks why she broke up with him. She points out that Teddy should make his own decisions.

Ad is inside and Javiar spots her. She has something to tell him. He wants her to open for him on tour. She tells him about Naveed. Why? She loves him. Laurel spots him and he reveals that it’s not over.

Annie goes to Liam’s boat, in red. He says he told his mom. And he plans to tell his stepdad too. He seems thrilled. He wanted her to see that his boat is sea-ready. Time to find out how it sails. They’re kind of actually a good couple, despite my dislike for her.

Ivy moans about wanting to leave when she is called to the planetarium (ps- that outfit is way short for her). She gets there to find it seemingly empty. Apparently, Dixon has managed to get controls (I saw this show!) and does a little thing about how she’s the center of his world and the only one for him. Mr. Reed has some connections. What does she say? Okay. She’d like to be back with him and it would be nice if he still came to Australia. For real. They leave tonight.

Javiar sings for the party (because all A-list singers sing at high school parties). Naomi urges Silver to go to Teddy and finally she does. She tells him it is his decision. He asks her to dance.

Ryan spots Laurel at the party and he seems drunk. He was excited to be a father. She tells him to go home and sleep it off. (Wow, unlike her.)

They do a literal passing the torch ceremony. Naomi looks upset and wanders out alone. She gets on the mini school bus. Ryan just misses the bus and asks to be driven. He wants to go now even though the next shuttle leaves in fifteen. So he steals the bus. That seems like an excellent plan…

Annie and Liam are still at the party. He hasn’t named the boat yet because he doesn’t know what to call it. Annie can’t believe he’s going to tell the truth. He says he’s made a lot of mistakes but he’s changed and he wants to do the right thing. He doesn’t think he could live with himself otherwise. She tells him he’s a better person than her. He thinks she’d do the same thing. She says she wouldn’t. She’s done worse and kept it secret. So she comes clean now…She cries. He hugs her. So he’s not appalled. Jasper meanwhile is watching, of course. And he is not happy.

Naomi goes to her car. Is she about to be hit by Ryan? The car won’t start.

Dixon is trying on hats. Aunt Becky tells him he can’t go to Australia. She said yes when she didn’t know what happened. The decision is final. Harry comes home and says he was just fired. Aunt Becky’s only response is maybe he shouldn’t have lied. More yelling. Dixon overhears the fight and takes his bag and leaves. Aunt Becky says they have nothing now. No savings, no jobs, no love. Can either of them say they still love each other.

Ad and Naveed are kissing when in comes Javiar (to July Flame!) and he says he still thinks she’s talented and is still offering her to go on tour with him. Naveed tells her to do it. He can come. Javiarsays it isn’t a summer tour, it’s a year. She says she’s still in school. Why go to school? To get a job. This is her career.

Naomi goes into the school to get help with her car and there is Mr. Canon. She’s looking for a phone to borrow. He asks if everything is ok. She says it isn’t and starts crying that everything is wrong and it’s all her fault. She says she’s terrible, he says she isn’t. He offers her some water and she accepts.

Ryan makes it back without killing anyone and leaves the motor running as he goes to his car and hits Naomi’s in the process. He backs up and hits the school sign, which causes a fire. (He sees Mr. Cannon closing the blinds and Naomi inside.)

Liam walks Annie home but she needs to tell her parents on her own. He’s planning to spend the summer on his boat. Aunt Becky and Harry are sitting in the kitchen and she comes clean.

Liam comes out and spots his boat on fire. And Jasper crutching away. Liam beats Jasper up. The police come but that doesn’t stop him.

Mr. Cannon shows Naomi a video about some project he’s working on. She says he’s impressed and he’s talented. He takes her hand and she seems nervous. She should go…he kisses her. He says it’s what she wants. He tells her to stop teasing him. She pushes him away. He slaps her. He points out that no one will believe her if she tells.

Gossip Girl: Last Tango, Then Paris

Guess who is back in town with newly dyed blond hair?!? Georgina Sparks! She seems to be hiding.

Lily gives Rufus a pep talk about how teenage girls are impossible. It’s not much of a pep talk. Grounding her won’t work. Will sending her away work? Lily thinks it won’t work and he thinks Eric and Jenny need each other. Eric recommends sending her away quickly.

Jenny mopes and Nate wakes up beside her. She says he’s here for her but he doesn’t want her to get the wrong impression. She gets it, Serena loves him. Chuck comes in, Nate tries to cover but Chuck says he knows nothing happened. Chuck warns him to be careful. He and Serena are on thin ice. Chuck thinks he’s about to save his relationship.

Dorota is too pregnant to do much. Her parents ask if Blair intends to come to Paris with them. Dorota says Blair loves Chuck and should admit it (using the Empire State Building as a euphemism, of course). Blair wants Dorota to keep her away from Chuck’s plan. Dorota tries to talk her out of it.

Georgina arrives at Chuck’s. She says she needs help and is scared, she doesn’t want revenge. The Russians don’t mess around. (Though the issues she’s “scared of” seem like a non-issue.) He’s unsympathetic and kicks her out.

Jenny meanwhile is up to her usual mischief when she spots Serena and Dan sleeping in the same bed (like her and Nate?!?). She takes pictures of them for GG. Dan wakes up when Nate calls Serena’s phone and hits ignore. She says last night was a mistake. They just fell asleep after wine, talking, and a kiss. She freaks out. He does too. They’re in love with their couples. They debate telling anyone and decide no, which doesn’t matter because GG will reveal it all of course.

Sure enough, GG text goes out shortly. Is it strange that Nate gets it? And Dan? (I guess lots of scandal comes out that way so good to be in the loop.) Dan manages to figure out its Jenny because she made the not so brilliant move to lave a coffee cup with her name on it on the counter. Serena calls Blair (and Blair reveals that Georgina may be a Russian mail order bride). Blair realizes Jenny is in Brooklyn and she has an idea.

Serena calls Dan to make sure they’re on the same page. They are. Dan reveals to Rufus that she wasn’t home all night. He says Jenny is out of control and has to be stopped.

Serena gets to Nate and Chuck’s but Nate isn’t there. Chuck suggests she tell Nate if she really loves him and if not, stop playing games. Nate comes in and he’s upset but she tells him nothing happened and he forgives her. Remember when Jenny slept in your bed last night?

Blair finds Jenny and plans to give her “the smack down she so richly deserves.” Blair says she will never be a part of their world. Nate and Serena are mythic and she’s hurting people they both love. Jenny says she wasn’t trying to. No one loves Jenny except Rufus and who knows if that’s even true anymore after everything that happened. In comes Rufus. Time to find out…Blaire spots Dan, yells at him. Dan says to her nothing happened. She doesn’t believe him. He asks what if the world is giving him signs and he was too afraid to follow them. She says signs are for the lower class but then she spots the Empire State Building and decides to go to Chuck. But then Dorota’s water breaks. Maybe that’s a sign.

Rufus sits with Jenny and says they’ve decided she will be spending the summer and the next year with her mother. Jenny says the city is all she has but he says it’s done. No more Jenny?!?!

At the hospital, all arrive. Dorota urges Blair to go to Chuck but she says she can’t go. She insists so Blair goes (not that she couldn’t just text Chuck or something). Dan and Serena arrive. Dan’s been feeling guilty. Serena doesn’t want to say anything to Nate but he overhears it. Georgina spots Blair and asks her to stop. She needs to talk to her…Blair doesn’t care and runs off. I kind of feel bad for her.

Nate says a kiss isn’t nothing. A kiss means feelings. Right?!?! Nate stalks off all pissed. Then he sits by himself and stares at his phone and does things I’m not entirely clear on.

Dorota has a baby girl.

Blair reaches the Empire State Building. She can’t find Chuck and finds the flowers in the garbage. I repeat. Text.

Jenny comes looking for Nate. Chuck is there. He’s upset that his plan didn’t work. Jenny says she’s sorry. She’ll go since Nate’s not here. Chuck says she can stay. Not like she hasn’t done it before. But that was with Nate! Chuck offers her alcohol instead. Chuck says the world she’s looking for only exists on the outside. He always knew it was empty and now she knows too. She found out the hard way. He points out that the hard way is the only way. And naturally, they make out because wouldn’t you want to be with your once attempted rapist? So they go to bed.

Dan and Serena meet up outside the baby ward (with Georgina skulking around the corner). They play the “who will that baby grow up to be” game. Georgina intends to do something that will make everyone else hate her.

Ellenore Waldorf is enamored with the baby and is made the godmother.

Serena feels terrible about what happened with Nate. Dan needs to talk to Vanessa. They debate the merits of being in a relationship with a stranger vs a friend and almost kiss again when Dan gets a text from Vanessa. Nate sent her the photo.

Jenny is sulking in Chuck’s bed and he tells her she can stay the night. I don’t know if they’re supposed to have slept together. Someone comes in and it’s Blair. He tells Blair no one is inside. He’s surprised. She pulls out the flowers and he realizes she went. Jenny meanwhile opens something in his room. Blair says she tried not to but she couldn’t help it. She loves him. Jenny puts out the candlelight to ensure that Blair can’t see her (is that to save him or herself?) and starts making the bed. He makes an excuse to go into his room and finds it empty.

Eric finds Jenny crying and she tells him to go away. He says no. He’s still here for her. She says she’ll do something to let him down and he’ll turn his back like everyone else. Everyone hates her, even Chuck. What did she do to Chuck? Ah, so they did sleep together. Why would you do that? They were sad. She didn’t do it with Damion, it was her first time. She asks him not to tell.

Nate is met by Serena who wants to talk. She thought she’d stop making the same mistakes once her dad came back and she thinks she needs to be alone for awhile. He’s forgiven her! He says he won’t wait around for her. If she’s out, she’s out. She says that’s fair. She loves him, but if they have a real chance, this is the only way.

Eric finds Dan to help Jenny. Dan goes to see.

Chuck and Blair walk arm in arm. She says the night is perfect. He says there is one thing to make it better. He apologizes and pulls out a ring box. And is about to propose when Dan punches him. Dan tells him to tell her. Tell her what? Blair figures it out and tells Jenny to get out of Manhattan and never come back or else she will destroy her. Jenny tries to apologize. Rufus and Lily arrive and Jenny turns to him for comfort. Serena arrives and sees but Dan pulls her away. Chuck tries to apologize and she doesn’t want to here. This whole night didn’t happen. She leaves.

can Georgina even make this worse?

One week later…Jenny leaves, willingly this time. There’s nothing here for her. Eric says he is and he doesn’t want her to go. She’s still his best friend. Apparently Serena isn’t interested in saying goodbye. Can’t say I blame her. Can we throw a party together?

Serena is excited to have nothing to do. Blair points out that Serena’s life is like summer. Serena intends to change. Blair is going to Paris to find love. She wants Serena to come. She was planning on Yoga. They’ve never been single together…how can she say no to Paris. They have each other, they’ll be ok.

Dan and Nate apologize to each other. Vanessa isn’t speaking to him at the moment. He wants to explain what happened. Chuck left to Prague and Nate intends to use his Little Black Book he’s with some women and alcohol. Dan passes.

Dan calls Serena instead of writing his email and tells her to call when she gets back. He says that’s fine but instead he decides to buy a ticket to France when Georgina arrives with brown hair. She has something of his…A baby!

Nate, you know better than meaningless sex. You know from Chuck that it doesn’t work.

Chuck in Prague is mugged and they steal his ring. He struggles and gets shot and the muggers run off. (I was going to say the show should have ended with Georgina’s revelation, but nevermind.)

10 Things: Changes

Dad flirts with Once-Mary Cherry and sets a new date. Bianca says she’s accomplished her first 3 pages of her dream journal. The next goal is a Martha Stewart worthy dinner party. She wants to do it Saturday, which is when his date is. He says he will cancel. Bianca says he can’t come and Kat will chaperone because she’s practically ancient.

Where is Kat? Making out in the car with Patrick. Pulling off shirts banter, lots of kissing.

Kat wants to plan when they should consummate. Saturday night. Bianca tells her about chaperone plans but Kat’s got plans. Even better.

Cameron and Dawn are still dating.. Cameron is thrilled. He didn’t tell Michael, he found out from graffiti. No longer Spoink. Saturday night video games? Michael has to tell him something first. He…just became a level 8 player! (I don’t think that’s it.)

Bianca goes over the dinner party plans with Joey. She had to invite Chastity. And Joey has an audition with The Biggest Poser. He wants her to come because she make him feel confident. And when he looks into her eyes he can see how hot he is.

Kat and Patrick get tested for STDs. As they fill out forms, Kat tries to see who he slept with. She’s slept with only one more person.

Cameron doesn’t know what to do. He’s double booked with Dawn and Michael for the dinner party. He wants Chastity to take Michael to the dinner party. He gives her a pep talk about popularity that gets her to agree.

Bianca worries over the seating arrangement but Joey has to stretch his face. (She worries about de-classing things by height differentials.) While he goes to audition, some girl tells him Joey will definitely make it and reality stars will dump of cheat on you. Then she goes to take a bikini shot with him. Bianca isn’t so confident anymore.

Kat waits for Patrick to come back from testing. All clear! Kat got her results faster so she was nervous. (PS who was the one person she slept with?) Pat takes a condom on the way out.

Kat lotions her legs and Bianca worries about her clothing. Bianca realizes that Kat plans to have sex. Kat says she’s mature while Bianca is an idiot. Kat was Bianca’s age when she slept with Josh. They moved the next day and he never called her again. He moved on two days later. It was devastating and she doesn’t want to see Bianca make the same mistake. Kat says she’s more mature. Love isn’t sex. They got tested…Wow, that sounds like a wonderful transaction. Joey is too busy looking for phone service (he’s expecting a call) to pay attention to how she looks.

Patrick has taken Kat to a place overlooking the cliff and decked out the van for them to do it in.

Chastity gives Michael ground rules: no physical contact, no looking in the eye. Michael reveals to Chastity that he’s gay. But he’s only been out for 3 days. Benji says he’s a newborn. He hasn’t told Cameron yet. So she tells everyone. Bianca says she won’t, she doesn’t want coming out drama at her dinner. Cameron thinks Michael and Chastity look great together. Michael says Chastity isn’t his type.

Dad and Mary Cherry are discussing all the reasons why they shouldn’t date. She realizes what they’re doing. She’s all psych-talking. She thinks they should give it a shot. He agrees.

Joey demonstrates his audition poses. Bianca asks him to watch the food. And get Dawn off Cameron’s lap because it isn’t elegant. He agrees but then he gets a call and runs out. Sure enough the meat burns. Great news though, he got in. He leaves for NY tomorrow. Seems Bianca’s dinner is ruined.

Kat and Patrick are in the back. He’s wanted to do this since the first day of school and the stare off. She says she won and he let her. He says he knew he’d get her eventually. This catches her off guard and she asks if that’s all she is to him. He doesn’t get that she’s upset. Until she puts her shirt back on. She says just because she wants to have sex, doesn’t mean she should. She’s not going to be fooled again.

Joey wants to make friends on the show then beat them. Bianca makes a toast to Joey but she’s all teary and the glass breaks so she runs off. They all don’t know what to do. Michael admits he’s gay. Chastity says she’s thrilled she came. Joey follows her upstairs and she says she’s happy for him but she’s worried everything will change. He says his feelings for her won’t change. He loves her no matter what. She loves him too! Kiss and make up. Best dinner party ever. Cameron is in shock. He says he needs a chance to process. It’s not as much a shock as it should be. So…he’s not wierded out which is good, cause also he has a crush on Joey.

Kat is home and upset and Bianca tells Kat the good news. Kat pretends to be fine about breaking up with Patrick. Right. Not even going to go after her Bianca?