Gossip Girl vs The Good Wife: The Takeover Battle

For weeks now, both Gossip Girl and The Good Wife have had a major story line involving the takeover of a company.

In Gossip Girl, the company in question was Bass Industries, chuck was concerned with his father’s legacy remaining intact. Ian Thorpe and Chuck battled it out for control of the empire with many a scheme and trick. Ian made Chuck think a successful party might convince him to keep the company together then sent Nate’s dad a memo saying he would take it apart no matter what. Ian then convinced Chuck to get rid of Lily, Chuck did so (losing Raina in the process) only to find out that once again that didn’t matter. Chuck snuck into the Thorpe office, learned who his financial backer was, and stole him. Lily then pretended to be on Ian’s side to throw him off guard. Ian then attempted to blackmail Lily and Chuck showed Raina what a scum her father was. Lily turned herself in and Bass Industry won.

In The Good Wife, the battle was for control of the firm. Derrick Bond came in to bail the firm out of financial ruin and then attempted to make a play for control by winning Will onto his side. Diane noticed that she was being marginalized and attempted to start her own firm. Will and Diane finally realized they were being used by Bond and worked together to turn some votes and regain control of the firm by ousting him. Ultimately, our original twosome won.

For weeks now, EW has been complaining about the Gossip Girl battle because it was dull (to quote: “Business deals are boring enough but fake business stuff is even worse”). In the case of Gossip Girl, I am inclined to agree. I am not sure what it was about the story that never quite worked (maybe it’s just that everyone talks in this weird smarmy way and always smirks, making their deviousness too obvious?). Meanwhile, when it comes to The Good Wife, this storyline was actually interesting. In the most recent episode in particular, as the showdown came to a head, things got extra heightened when we weren’t sure if our team of Lockhart-Gardner would make it. And what if Will had been lying all this time? (It isn’t entirely unlikely…) My conclusion is that it is not the story but the execution that makes a business deal boring or interesting. In a way, Gossip Girl lacked its classic scamming and simply had too much of Chuck acting desperate and therefore continuously being swindled, which we all know is not where he’s best. Diane meanwhile, struck back without ever seeming really desperate.


General Recap

It’s been a while since I’ve really written about anything but Hellcats, so quick comments it is:

Gossip Girl– Who else felt the urge to jump up and dance when they realized that Jenny was pretty much gone. As an added bonus for this episode, Vanessa was MIA. The Chuck-Blaire-Jenny storyline was actually fantastic (and the only reason why bring Little J around is worth it is that she seems to attract scheming) and leaves the show wide open for new ideas. (Could it really have been that easy and that quick to end the Chuck-Blaire war?) Is anyone else sick of Serena’s plot lines? What I once found interesting about her character was how she was this out of control party girl who was trying to change, but that lasted only a little while. Now, her only story lines revolve around fighting with her mom (which is somewhat interesting) and sleeping with boys (which is getting lame). Everyone else has other problems of one sort or another, can’t she have some other issues?

90210– While Annie remains the most annoying character on the show, Naomi had become incredibly compelling of late. EW recapper may dislike seeing the softer side of Jenn, but I found it endearing that while she may be okay with messing with her sister, no one else better hurt her. It’s like a really screwed up version of the typical sibling relationship. I will say that the Ivy-Laurel-Oscar situation is more disturbing than anything else. Poor Ivy. Maybe we’re finally getting deeper into her character? I almost felt bad for Adrianna but aside from the fact that I don’t know how she possibly thought she wouldn’t get caught, she has now made her bed…As for Liam, stuck in the house of stalker-girlfriend should be interesting and you knew it was coming when he asked no questions before accepting. Meanwhile, where was Teddy, make Silver more interesting, get rid of Navid, and wonder about Dixon.

Chuck– People, if you are not watching this show, you are really making a mistake! This episode, dealing with Chuck’s mom was so interesting. I love how this show always examines the idea of family vs honesty. When you’re in the spy game, who can you really trust? Biggest complaint of the show: everyone keeping secrets from Ellie. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think she can handle it. And I think she can kick butt if given the chance. Plus Awesome has been missing for the past few episodes, which is sad. Casey using Grimes as bait though, genius.

Glee– Rolling Stones thinks the Rocky Horror episode was one of its best episodes. It may be true. But as someone who had never seen Rocky Horror (I associate it with the creepy kids who used to walk around in lingerie for the activities fair in college), it was just ok. I mean, it was fun, but it wasn’t anything special either. Adam Shankman did an excellent job though. I will say that the idea of having adults in the play was pretty disturbing and I didn’t find the scene between Emma and Schu to be any better. Time and place people!

Better With You– despite my earlier critique, this show has actually grown on me. The scenes seem to be a bit longer (or maybe I’ve just gotten used to them) and the show has hit its stride. Maybe not the best comedy out there, but it definitely has some good moments.

Raising Hope– this show has actually grown on me as well. Every grandmother scene makes me cringe, but otherwise, I like where things have gone. They’re still all incredibly stupid, but somehow it has become more endearing than annoying. (Take this week’s Halloween episode: The dad spent years scaring his son on Halloween so that his son would come home and hug him because he never hugged him anymore. There’s something oddly sweet about how screwed up that is.)

No Ordinary Family– Another show that more people should be watching. The show has started pushing into the realm of the bigger mythology aspects, which is always exciting, but the family drama is pretty solid as well. Daphne right now is pretty lame and could use something more interesting, but the others are much better to watch. EW seems to think JJ was on the road to evil because he kept his powers a secret and used them to get on the football team and do well on tests. The issue has sort of been relieved this week, but personally I disagree with the assessment. Everyone else used their abilities to succeed in sports or academia or some other area, why shouldn’t he? Should he not do well in school despite his ability to do well now, not get into a good school, and not put himself into a position where in the future he might be able to cure cancer or something simply because he has a special ability? I find his making the football team less plausible because even if you can read all the angles, having the ability to throw well enough or far enough or run far enough requires more than a superbrain. We never got the impression that JJ was particularly fit. In fact, they kept talking about how small he was, so how is it that when he got tackled by someone twice his size he was totally fine?

The Event– This show seems to be getting as many complaints as it gets viewers, but I haven’t been as bothered. Sure, it was annoying to have Sophia locked up because she was relegated to the role of “I can’t tell you the truth but I want to be your friend” and nothing more. It was a little frustrating to see Layla be little more than the damsel in distress, but I don’t think that her escape attempt was undermined by the fact that they planned it. Not everyone would have taken the opportunity to even try. And earlier she made an attempt without them planning it. Not to say it isn’t nice to see her out and free. Let’s just hope she gets to play a stronger role now.

Survivor– compared to the epic season last year, this one has been a relatively calm and lame one. I am not sure why they thought it was a good idea to have a young vs old season. Not to say that no old people can do well in this game, but a less physically demanding set of challenges gets boring after a while. Then there’s the question of what some people are thinking. Marty giving up his idol at the promise that he’d get it back next week, Naonka attacking a handicapped person with such fervor that you wonder if it was her religious calling, Sash not watching his tongue at tribal council…I love Jeff Probst’s comparison between Brenda and Parvati. He makes some good points. I think Parvati definitely has to be considered one of the, if not the best, player to have ever played the game. If I could vote on one player for them to bring back, Parvati would be it (though I hope she watched the last season’s tribal and learned what she should have said), though I think she’s done so well in the past that she might get voted out first just to make sure she isn’t a threat. There’s no one as polarizing and compelling this season as in others. I will say that seeing Alina cry actually made her more endearing. The only reason I don’t think it was an act was because normally we’d see a confessional with her saying so.

Caprica– not much to say here other than it’s a shame this show is going off the air (and bizarre that they are doing another Battlestar spin off considering the lackluster success of this one). The show has some solid points, though I wish it focused more on Zoe because it always felt like she was smarter and more complex than everyone else.

Vampire Diaries– Bringing Katherine into the mix and turning Caroline into a vampire were two of the best decisions this show ever made. (Clearly they were going to bring Katherine in eventually, but I’m glad it has happened.) I will say that though I really liked Bonnie in season one, she has really begun to frustrate me since her major anti-vampire crusade has begun. She, with all her history and all she’s seen, should know better than to lump all of them into one group. I’m glad Jeremy is no longer so mopey, but the truth is I’m sort of done with him. He’s never interesting except in so far as the other things going on around him.

Grey’s Anatomy– I absolutely love how this season has shaped up. Some people may say the show is past its prime but I really think this is one of its best seasons so far. Christina is a particularly fascinating case and despite my initial dislike of Torres going gay, I love her and Arizona together. I find Mark and Lexie slightly creepy because she could totally be his daughter, but she does have a good effect on him. The one thing that I feel like I’m missing right now is more Bailey time! Why has she only had a few minutes? (Still not a fan of Hunt-Yang, but fine, I won’t fight it for now.)

Private Practice– You know, a lot of people think this is just a poor imitation of Grey’s but I really find it enjoyable. Some episodes more than others. The Pete-Violet relationship is ridiculous, but I find Charlotte incredibly compelling (and can’t wait to see this storyline with her tonight) and even like how she is with Cooper. If they actually use Amelia, I think she could be an interesting character as well because she has a lot of crazy baggage. (Apparently so does Derrick, but who knew?) I’m sad that they totally dropped the ball on Betsy and kind of feel like it Sam in particular really screwed up. Dale died saving his daughter, Sam couldn’t save Dale’s? Naomi’s absence was oddly felt because this was a moment you’d expect her to be involved in. And have quite the say in. I would love to see Betsy back in a few years, totally screwed up and angry at them. Knowing Shonda Rimes, I wouldn’t count that possibility out.

Dexter– Julia Stiles welcome back! She has been fantastic as Lumen this season and the way her character interacts with Dexter is fascinating. I love Deb and hope her story picks up a bit. Frankly, it’s time her story be about something other than boys. I’m not sure what since she’s already done the victim thing and already worked for the job she wanted, but something’s gotta happen. What do you think would happen if she found out about Dexter and her dad?

Brothers and Sisters– I’m not sure why people are so upset with this current season. While I find Sarah to be a lamer version of herself, Nora as talk show host is just fantastic. The newest Kevin-Scotty drama is both endearing and upsetting. Just when I was starting to really like Scotty. I’ve never cared for Kitty so her story is neither here nor there for me, but I would be okay with getting rid of Luc. (Some people may find the accent thing sexy, for me it just gets annoying.) But even with these many issues, I still find the show compelling. It always has a couple good tearjerker moments and I love the family’s banter. I did miss Saul this week though and hope to get him back soon.

Nikita– I’m liking this show more and more as it continues (whereas I’m finding myself no longer watching Undercovers) though I still don’t find Nikita herself as compelling as I’d like. It really comes down to her protege. She is excellent in basically all she does and I can’t wait to see how they try to test her next. I also wonder how long her identity can remain a secret. Nikita employs a large degree of “idiot plot” (the only reason Alex’s cover works is because everyone around her, despite being a highly successful secret ops organization, is apparently too stupid to see her sending constant outgoing messages and being in the computer lab when she shouldn’t be. (Idiot Plot is my new favorite term.)

Project Runway– Ah the finale. While this season wasn’t nearly as compelling as some others (Heidi really needs to learn what the phrase “throwing someone under the bus” actually means and the talent was disappointing), there is enough there to pique my interest. The final runway this week should be interesting at least since they’ve got the three designers with the most distinct visions competing. It does seem unimaginable that Mondo won’t win, but hard to say for sure.

America’s Next Top Model– Ann’s awkwardness has finally found its weakness. We always knew what it was but it was well highlighted this week. Meanwhile, Kayla is excellent and I really hope she keeps strong. She might be my favorite, weird hair color makeover and all. Not many other girls who I find particularly great (oddly, all the international versions seem to get the more interesting and breathtaking girls). I don’t love commercial weeks. At the very least, I appreciate them having a photograph at the end as well and wish they’d opted to do that this season.

Anyway, that’s about everything. Any shows I missed? What have you been thinking about this season’s shows?

General Recaps

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Tod Margaret– I had the chance to finally check out this new show and I wasn’t impressed in the least. It was basically just watch an ill-qualified idiot be given more responsibilities than he can handle and see him fail. There wasn’t really anything funny about it and much as I love British accents, that wasn’t enough to draw me in. None of the characters were compelling or made me want to watch more.

Glee– Before I even mention this week’s Grilled Cheesus episode, I wanted to talk about the Britney/Brittany episode. TV guide complained that Heather’s vocals are weak, but if we’re honest with ourselves, so are Britney Spears’s. I remember when Baby One More Time was popular, we got one of our teachers to listen to the song and she said: “well, it’s fine, but why does she whine so much?” What the episode did showcase was Brittany’s awesome dancing, her body (which is better than Spears’s ever was), and her awesome stupidity. I didn’t really expect more out of the episode, though I do agree with the assessment that I prefer songs directly related to what is happening and given the number of songs Britney’s put out, it shouldn’t have been all that difficult to manage. On to this week, I really liked the conversation about religion though it would have been nice to hear about the actual Jewish side of things (Rachel for example who cares enough about Judaism to want her kids to be raised Jewish though not enough to date/plan to marry a Jew). As always, Kurt was fantastic. Anyone notice that Rachel is much more stylish this season?

Running Wilde– hasn’t gotten any better really. One of the faults of the show is the daughter’s voiceovers. She’s just got no comic delivery (though she doesn’t have much to work with)

Raising Hope– It’s starting to grow on me. I’m not sure why though. I did like the baby getting lost in the Hoarders’ closet. Interesting that the mom kept all that stuff because she hoped for something better, I don’t think that’s what it’s about for most hoarders.

– Continued solid performances by all involved but I don’t like how Amber has been mostly MIA lately. Bring her back! I liked seeing Gabby get stuck dealing with Crosby and I actually kind of hope they bring Gabby in more. The kid who plays Max is fantastic and the episode about Adam trying to bond with him was really one of the best.

Brothers and Sister– I still think this is some of the best writing for TV dramas. Thank you college roomie for insisting I watch it. (If you haven’t watched it, start from the beginning and give it a couple episodes before you decide.) Not a huge fan of Sarah’s bangs and the daughter’s haircut is pretty awful. I surprisingly don’t mind Tommy being gone but I do miss Saul and Rebecca.

Chuck– I never thought I’d say this, but I really enjoyed Nicole Richie’s performance. Her dynamic with Sarah/Jenny is fantastic though from what we’ve learned of her past I can’t imagine her as a punching bag. I would love to learn more about her. I don’t really get this ever changing agent Greta thing, but that’s ok. I do miss Elie and Awesome.

Outsourced– I’m ready to cross this one off, now that I’ve given it a second episode. This season’s new comedies are just not doing it. How did they get so many great shows last season (Modern Family, The Middle, Cougar Town) and have so many blah ones this season?

No Ordinary Family– I didn’t love this episode the way that I loved the pilot, but it was still enjoyable. I particularly liked the mom tripping over a bicycle while running at superspeed (didn’t anyone ever tell her to watch where she’s going?) and it did help us discover that she has a Wolverine healing factor (or a cheerleader’s). EW talked about JJ’s ability as cheating, but I have a different take on it. Aside from the fact that I’m not sure he can turn his ability on and off, is it cheating to use his own abilities?

Life Unexpected– it’s unclear to me why exactly Lux didn’t want Tash to stay with her newest foster family (was it because the woman was awful or because the woman had been a mother figure?) I miss Cate on the radio but I suppose this woman does bring new drama. My question is how the listeners feel about it. The decision to fire Cate seemed almost arbitrary, like it was a personal vendetta and not a business decision.

Nikita– learning what we did about Alex was really interesting (and even better that Amanda recognized that she was lying despite an excellent acting job). I really like the flashbacks and wish we could learn more about Nikita and why we should really feel for her vendetta (not in the sense that I don’t think Division is bad and needs to be brought down, but in the sense that I don’t buy the love story).

Dexter– There’s something fascinatingly disturbing about Deb’s blindness when it comes to Dexter. How can she, being so close to him, think he is the strong, supportive older brother? Can anyone with so little humanity really fake it that well? Seeing Dexter with Cody was great though I can’t pretend I’m sorry to see Astor go. There’s only so much pre-teen melodrama a person can take.

Undercovers– another show where I found the second episode slightly less appealing that the first. I think my main issue here is that there isn’t any real tension between the main characters. Everything was just a little ordinary. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either.

Vampire Diaries– if there’s one show that’s really kicked it up a bit (despite a sadly departed Anna), it’s this one. The Katherine vs Elena scene was great and I think I actually believe Katherine loved Stefan. Of course, Katherine’s version of loving isn’t so loving, but that’s a different story. I like Caroline the vampire when she’s struggling with her feelings for Matt, less so when she’s Katherine’s puppets. Why not come clean and get help? I miss the Bonnie of old, this new, moody, vindictive one is tiring.

Gossip Girl– Serena’s storyline is just dumb. I appreciate that she’s meant to be the hot wild child, but really, I prefer her storylines to revolve around her sordid past, fighting with her mom, and fighting with Blaire. And if they must do a love angle for her, perhaps one that brings in a new character. I’m so sick of Dan and Nate. (Nate for his lack of personality and Dan for…liking Vanessa.) I did feel for Dan losing “his” baby. The Blaire-Chuck dynamic has taken an interesting turn. A part of me didn’t think Eva would really be gone or expected him to fly after her or something, but instead he’s decided to go to war against Blaire. Should be interesting. You know, Serena and Blaire fought to get into that exclusive society and now there’s nothing about it.

90210– Adrianna is so dumb that I kind of feel like she’s getting what’s coming to her. But then, her new manager is so slimy that I kind of feel bad. As always I don’t care for Annie so her selling her eggs, besides being stupid and so illegal since she’s probably not old enough to do it (where will she do it?). Silver’s was sort of background this week. All she really did was make situations that allowed for other people’s drama. Ivy’s sex insecurity can only get better now that Dixon has found out that he might be HIV positive. How paranoid will she be when he either doesn’t show or doesn’t want to have sex? Liam and his brother was just eh. Naomi was also sort of a non-entity this week, but she’s been fairly interesting in the last couple weeks so I forgive her.

Grey’s Anatomy– I still mostly don’t care about Meredith, though I will admit that I like how she interacts with Christina. Speaking of, how did anyone think Christina getting married was a good idea or that it was something she wanted/was ready for. I’m guessing the writers will make it work, but I don’t believe it. (I don’t particularly like Hunt so that could be part of it.) Her reaction in the OR was so compelling and was definitely one of the moments of the week. I also liked Lexie-Mark (or lack thereof) for its complexity and Arizona-Callie for its sweetness (even though I had a hard time believing Callie was gay, I like their relationship enough to not care). I’m actually quite impressed with this season so far. I think cutting out some of the new cast from last season was really smart and the fallout of the shooting has been masterfully done. The thing I am most excited for: Amelia’s arrival. Which leads me to…

Private Practice– this show has had its ups and downs and it seems like the Grey’s-Practice writers were murder happy last season. The Violet-Pete relationship is still pretty awful (because though I liked the actress as Amy in Judging Amy, I find Violet grating and Pete so much better than her) but I love the way it interacted with the Coop-Charlotte relationship. I really like Charlotte and she did a great job this past episode of becoming more human while implying that she’d been that way all along. I don’t care for Naomi or Sheldon, but I must admit Addison has grown on me lately. I like Sam though I do hope his storyline doesn’t become all about him and Addison and nothing more. (Same goes vice-versa.) Though sad to see Dell go, I do accept the reasoning, better to get rid of a character than force storylines that are bad. Plus his death was pretty heart-wrenching and unexpected. Finally, I’m thrilled that Amelia has become a permanent cast member, it’s like another link between this show and Grey’s but still natural.

Cancellation note: Huge, Lonestar, and My Generation have so far been canceled.

What do you think? Any shows you didn’t like, shows I should give a second chance, or shows you think I should be watching?

Gossip Girl: Last Tango, Then Paris

Guess who is back in town with newly dyed blond hair?!? Georgina Sparks! She seems to be hiding.

Lily gives Rufus a pep talk about how teenage girls are impossible. It’s not much of a pep talk. Grounding her won’t work. Will sending her away work? Lily thinks it won’t work and he thinks Eric and Jenny need each other. Eric recommends sending her away quickly.

Jenny mopes and Nate wakes up beside her. She says he’s here for her but he doesn’t want her to get the wrong impression. She gets it, Serena loves him. Chuck comes in, Nate tries to cover but Chuck says he knows nothing happened. Chuck warns him to be careful. He and Serena are on thin ice. Chuck thinks he’s about to save his relationship.

Dorota is too pregnant to do much. Her parents ask if Blair intends to come to Paris with them. Dorota says Blair loves Chuck and should admit it (using the Empire State Building as a euphemism, of course). Blair wants Dorota to keep her away from Chuck’s plan. Dorota tries to talk her out of it.

Georgina arrives at Chuck’s. She says she needs help and is scared, she doesn’t want revenge. The Russians don’t mess around. (Though the issues she’s “scared of” seem like a non-issue.) He’s unsympathetic and kicks her out.

Jenny meanwhile is up to her usual mischief when she spots Serena and Dan sleeping in the same bed (like her and Nate?!?). She takes pictures of them for GG. Dan wakes up when Nate calls Serena’s phone and hits ignore. She says last night was a mistake. They just fell asleep after wine, talking, and a kiss. She freaks out. He does too. They’re in love with their couples. They debate telling anyone and decide no, which doesn’t matter because GG will reveal it all of course.

Sure enough, GG text goes out shortly. Is it strange that Nate gets it? And Dan? (I guess lots of scandal comes out that way so good to be in the loop.) Dan manages to figure out its Jenny because she made the not so brilliant move to lave a coffee cup with her name on it on the counter. Serena calls Blair (and Blair reveals that Georgina may be a Russian mail order bride). Blair realizes Jenny is in Brooklyn and she has an idea.

Serena calls Dan to make sure they’re on the same page. They are. Dan reveals to Rufus that she wasn’t home all night. He says Jenny is out of control and has to be stopped.

Serena gets to Nate and Chuck’s but Nate isn’t there. Chuck suggests she tell Nate if she really loves him and if not, stop playing games. Nate comes in and he’s upset but she tells him nothing happened and he forgives her. Remember when Jenny slept in your bed last night?

Blair finds Jenny and plans to give her “the smack down she so richly deserves.” Blair says she will never be a part of their world. Nate and Serena are mythic and she’s hurting people they both love. Jenny says she wasn’t trying to. No one loves Jenny except Rufus and who knows if that’s even true anymore after everything that happened. In comes Rufus. Time to find out…Blaire spots Dan, yells at him. Dan says to her nothing happened. She doesn’t believe him. He asks what if the world is giving him signs and he was too afraid to follow them. She says signs are for the lower class but then she spots the Empire State Building and decides to go to Chuck. But then Dorota’s water breaks. Maybe that’s a sign.

Rufus sits with Jenny and says they’ve decided she will be spending the summer and the next year with her mother. Jenny says the city is all she has but he says it’s done. No more Jenny?!?!

At the hospital, all arrive. Dorota urges Blair to go to Chuck but she says she can’t go. She insists so Blair goes (not that she couldn’t just text Chuck or something). Dan and Serena arrive. Dan’s been feeling guilty. Serena doesn’t want to say anything to Nate but he overhears it. Georgina spots Blair and asks her to stop. She needs to talk to her…Blair doesn’t care and runs off. I kind of feel bad for her.

Nate says a kiss isn’t nothing. A kiss means feelings. Right?!?! Nate stalks off all pissed. Then he sits by himself and stares at his phone and does things I’m not entirely clear on.

Dorota has a baby girl.

Blair reaches the Empire State Building. She can’t find Chuck and finds the flowers in the garbage. I repeat. Text.

Jenny comes looking for Nate. Chuck is there. He’s upset that his plan didn’t work. Jenny says she’s sorry. She’ll go since Nate’s not here. Chuck says she can stay. Not like she hasn’t done it before. But that was with Nate! Chuck offers her alcohol instead. Chuck says the world she’s looking for only exists on the outside. He always knew it was empty and now she knows too. She found out the hard way. He points out that the hard way is the only way. And naturally, they make out because wouldn’t you want to be with your once attempted rapist? So they go to bed.

Dan and Serena meet up outside the baby ward (with Georgina skulking around the corner). They play the “who will that baby grow up to be” game. Georgina intends to do something that will make everyone else hate her.

Ellenore Waldorf is enamored with the baby and is made the godmother.

Serena feels terrible about what happened with Nate. Dan needs to talk to Vanessa. They debate the merits of being in a relationship with a stranger vs a friend and almost kiss again when Dan gets a text from Vanessa. Nate sent her the photo.

Jenny is sulking in Chuck’s bed and he tells her she can stay the night. I don’t know if they’re supposed to have slept together. Someone comes in and it’s Blair. He tells Blair no one is inside. He’s surprised. She pulls out the flowers and he realizes she went. Jenny meanwhile opens something in his room. Blair says she tried not to but she couldn’t help it. She loves him. Jenny puts out the candlelight to ensure that Blair can’t see her (is that to save him or herself?) and starts making the bed. He makes an excuse to go into his room and finds it empty.

Eric finds Jenny crying and she tells him to go away. He says no. He’s still here for her. She says she’ll do something to let him down and he’ll turn his back like everyone else. Everyone hates her, even Chuck. What did she do to Chuck? Ah, so they did sleep together. Why would you do that? They were sad. She didn’t do it with Damion, it was her first time. She asks him not to tell.

Nate is met by Serena who wants to talk. She thought she’d stop making the same mistakes once her dad came back and she thinks she needs to be alone for awhile. He’s forgiven her! He says he won’t wait around for her. If she’s out, she’s out. She says that’s fair. She loves him, but if they have a real chance, this is the only way.

Eric finds Dan to help Jenny. Dan goes to see.

Chuck and Blair walk arm in arm. She says the night is perfect. He says there is one thing to make it better. He apologizes and pulls out a ring box. And is about to propose when Dan punches him. Dan tells him to tell her. Tell her what? Blair figures it out and tells Jenny to get out of Manhattan and never come back or else she will destroy her. Jenny tries to apologize. Rufus and Lily arrive and Jenny turns to him for comfort. Serena arrives and sees but Dan pulls her away. Chuck tries to apologize and she doesn’t want to here. This whole night didn’t happen. She leaves.

can Georgina even make this worse?

One week later…Jenny leaves, willingly this time. There’s nothing here for her. Eric says he is and he doesn’t want her to go. She’s still his best friend. Apparently Serena isn’t interested in saying goodbye. Can’t say I blame her. Can we throw a party together?

Serena is excited to have nothing to do. Blair points out that Serena’s life is like summer. Serena intends to change. Blair is going to Paris to find love. She wants Serena to come. She was planning on Yoga. They’ve never been single together…how can she say no to Paris. They have each other, they’ll be ok.

Dan and Nate apologize to each other. Vanessa isn’t speaking to him at the moment. He wants to explain what happened. Chuck left to Prague and Nate intends to use his Little Black Book he’s with some women and alcohol. Dan passes.

Dan calls Serena instead of writing his email and tells her to call when she gets back. He says that’s fine but instead he decides to buy a ticket to France when Georgina arrives with brown hair. She has something of his…A baby!

Nate, you know better than meaningless sex. You know from Chuck that it doesn’t work.

Chuck in Prague is mugged and they steal his ring. He struggles and gets shot and the muggers run off. (I was going to say the show should have ended with Georgina’s revelation, but nevermind.)

Gossip Girl: Ex-Husbands and Wives

Blaire is picking out clothes for…her date. Blaire’s never been on a date! A real date with someone she didn’t know. Serena advises her that she behave. Serena reveals that she thinks Rufus cheated. Lily doesn’t know yet. Will thinks they should wait to tell her. Blaire offers mob connections. She also recommends no handcuffs for a first date.

Chuck is looking into Lily’s medicine. Jenny is grounded so she whispers about it. Her dad catches her anyway. Nate wants to go see Serena. He says she’s in a good place. She’s not keeping secrets any more. Chuck sends his regards to Blaire…The pill results are in.

Jenny says she didn’t do anything wrong. V has left! Good news! Rufus heads to Lily’s for Jenny’s books.

Will gives Lily her pills. They discuss the things she had when pregnant with Serena. She brings up his speech…he says he got caught up in the moment, it came out wrong. She was hoping that happened. He’s just thrilled to get to know the kids. How could they get through “this” without him. Call to Jenny, the pill results are in. Not relevant to lymphoma. Found! He intends to use this to get back with Blaire. Only an expert can get this information. Blaire tells her to meet him at the Waldorf’s for despite her grounding she goes.

Serena tells Rufus basically says get lost. He asks if it is Lily or Serena? So they call Holland up, she acts all uncomfortable, and she says they slept together. He’s surprised by this news. (Clearly bribed! Well played Will, he pretends to play dumb though.) Will kicks him out. Rufus refuses. Nate arrives wondering what he missed. Rufus apologizes that she’s insane. Lily doesn’t see what she had left to prove. She doubts him. He says he wouldn’t do that.

Nate doesn’t think Rufus did it. He knows Rufus better than that. All guys are good until they aren’t anymore. He wants her to give him a chance. She’d rather not talk about it. She should go be with her family.

Jenny doesn’t understand why they need Blaire. Blaire says no. He needs to find out why someone doesn’t want Lily getting better. She won’t miss her date and next time don’t bring Jenny.

Lily and Eric walk around. Lily says she’s not sure how she’s doing. She doesn’t want to get yet another divorce. All he cares about is that she’s still “here.”

Nate meets up with Dan. He wants to see what he finds out before talking to Serena. They interrupt Blaire’s date for help. Her dates seems into it so she agrees.

Jenny says she’s learned how to lie. She manages a lie. It turns out, Holland is the psychiatrist prescribing Lily’s drugs. Jenny looks for more pills of Lily’s to link the pills to Holland. Blaire thinks Holland wants Rufus to herself. (Nope, but close!) They need to get to Holland first. They know where she is. Chuck is rude to her date. So they do this a lot? Yeah, a lot more than you’d think. Dan doesn’t normally participate.

Will and Serena come in with a gift for Lily. Serena wishes they’d stayed with Will. Maybe Lily wasn’t with the right man. Will says he won’t take advantage of the situation to get closer to her. She pushes, as always the clueless one. He invites them to the Library benefit. Jenny is searching for pills, finds the pulls she’s looking for when Serena walks in. She fails to hide it but she says she’s trying to help. Until Serena is rude enough to make her say she’d rather go back to Brooklyn forever. Lily sees her leaving and says she doesn’t want them fighting because of Rufus. She says she’s fine. Serena suggests the benefit. Lily agrees, loving Will’s gift.

Blaire is dressed. Her date has other plans so he isn’t around. Jenny arrives and pretends she found nothing. Blaire has a contingency plan. (Really, you’d rather destroy your dad just to get away from Serena?)

The benefit has begun. Blaire worries about Serena being there and ruining the plan. Jenny is supposed to wait for the guy they are bringing in. Chuck tries to play the part but she pulls away. Jenny calls to tell the doctor to forget waiting for Nate who was getting him. Serena sees her and picks up her own phone. She sees her parents dancing and is thrilled. Lily likes being there with someone who doesn’t hate these events.

Blaire and Chuck spot Holland. Rufus spots Jenny–he came when Serena called. She claims to be trying to help him. Serena sees that everyone is there and stalks away. Nate chases after her. “Anyone who doesn’t support your dad has to go?” She thinks he should have trusted him. They distract her and then threaten to out her. She owed a favor to Will. She wrote the prescriptions for him. Jenny tells Will what happened. Will plays surprised. She tells him to leave asap. Why? She wants him to get his family back so she can get hers back. (Once a spoiled brat…)

The Van Der Woodsens are about to leave and Dan sees them.

Will claims he has to go to Palm Beach and the family plans to come. Eric looks shocked but he agrees. Nate calls but she ignores it. As she packs she gets a call from Dan who tells him the truth. Shockingly she doesn’t listen. Serena suggests waiting a day but he says he can’t. In comes Rufus.

The crew brainstorms about what happened. Will Lily believe them?

Will and Rufus fight. Eric interrupts to ask if she was even sick and he says “of course she was sick.” (Was, meaning not anymore, meaning he screwed up.) Serena says he doesn’t have to prove himself but he feels he does. He leaves to prove himself. But he’s gone. Serena can’t believe it. She doesn’t think he would leave her. They should call the police. If they wait he’ll be gone for good. Blaire realizes the big question: who tipped William off about leaving? Jenny admits that it was her.

Dan finds Serena alone downstairs, back in her “daddy abandoned me” sadness.

William is getting ready to board when Serena arrives. She wants the truth! (Isn’t it obvious?!?) He says Lily was sick originally but he cured her and fell in love again. And he realized he’d messed up with Serena and Eric and he wanted his family back. She says all he needed was “to be here.” But he didn’t think she’d give him a chance. She tells him to leave because the police are coming. He asks her to come with him but she doesn’t forgive. Final I love you hug and she sends him off so that he won’t get caught. He gets in a cab and drives away. The police pass by.

Lily is sorry she didn’t believe him. They’re happy again. But Jenny…time to deal with her. She points out that William wasn’t the only problem. They always fight and they keep secrets. They all get dragged into their issues. Jenny pretends that Brooklyn was better. He says what needs to get back to normal is her. Eric tells her no one is forcing her to stay. (So she runs away again? Cause as I said, I wouldn’t be disappointed.)

Blaire is waiting for part two of her date. Chuck waits with her and says she felt “it.” She says it was a role play scheme. She says they aren’t safe no matter what they feel. He gives her a deadline of tomorrow. He gives her until 7:01 the next day or he’s closing his heart to her. She says she doesn’t care, but clearly…she’s still thinking about it.

Serena gets a call from Nate. She says she got to him before her dad did and this is why she doesn’t talk to him about things. Right, because that’s the issue. And Dan is the one who was with her. (Does this mean they’re getting back together?)

Nate starts drinking when in comes Jenny to live. She thought he’d be with Serena. So…they kiss now? Well, he takes her bags at least.

Parts of this were excellent. All that scheming! But the end was a little blase.

Gossip Girl: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

Well, Serena and Nate are back to lovebirds. Dan and Vanessa not really okay…boo hoo. Gossip Girl warns of changes to come. Nate wonders if Serena should move home while Lily is sick. Chuck is sleeping with multiple girls a night now.

Dan suggests a list of things to talk about things that are off limits. No classes. Or jobs. Yes politics, Jersey Shore, and food. Yeah. This seems like a great plan.

Eric and his new boy have not been around each other much. Serena and Jenny are daggers at each other. Lily wants to be treated like usual from the fam. In comes William who Serena invited. He pretends to give her a check up. William is getting awarded at Columbia. Serena wants her friends to get to know him. Lily seems oblivious to Rufus’s dislike. Eric is not being kind to him despite Serena’s insistence.

Blaire visits Columbia. We get dreamy music meant to indicate it’s all she could dream of. She wants to get away from NYU when everyone plans their housing. She’s recognized by the Columbia girls. They’ve gotten a fantastic apartment. They think she might be transferring and get excited. She pretends she is. They’re relieved.

Serena tries to impress her dad but Jenny tries to make her look bad. Serena announces that she’s going to be moving back in. William announces that he will be moving in downstairs. Not everyone is happy by either pieces of news.

Dan learns that Vanessa is going to Haiti for three months. Which she didn’t tell him!

William tries to bond with Eric who isn’t interested. And pretty pissed. So many things he didn’t know about Eric like his gayness or his suicide attempt. William still wants to get to know him but Eric is not interested. William almost looks sad!

Serena moves Jenny’s stuff out of her room and Jenny freaks. Rufus wants to know what’s going on but Jenny gives up the fight. Serena tells Rufus Jenny is the problem.

Dan confronts Vanessa. It was easier when they were friends. So should they go back to being just that? I don’t know. (PLEASE!)

Lily and Rufus decide Serena should stay in Chuck’s room. Rufus is unhappy by William’s new arrangement. Lily doesn’t see the problem. (Lily, what exactly is in the medication he’s giving you? Decision inhibitors?) Rufus calls someone up for favors.

Blaire talks to her Columbia groupies. They suggest attacking Jenny. Blaire says she’s not doing it. They are shocked and think Blaire is over. They pep talk her into blackmailing Jenny. They have dirt: she’s a drug dealer. Hurray! It’s back! The backstabbing!

Jenny is upset that Serena paired her drug dealing stuff on Gossip Girl. Serena says she didn’t. Jenny gets self-righteous about Serena ruining her relationship with her dad and tells her not to lie to her dad.

Vanessa comes to talk and says she’s not taking the internship. He tells her she has to. She just wants to be with him…Dan, if you love someone you don’t let them ruins something so amazing just so they avoid missing you for a few months! (And the worst boyfriend award goes to…Lonely Boy!)

Blaire is still thrilled when she gets a text from her NYU friends asking if she was signing their lease. Chuck is upset that Blaire is pretending to be a Columbia student and posting about Jenny. What’s wrong with a little cheer and denial? One of the girls heard what Blaire was saying and she hits Gossip Girl asap. Blaire finds Chuck drunk. She doesn’t want him to avoid Lily. He’s afraid to lose her, she’s the last “parent” he has left. Blaire gets the GG text. Either way she advices him to see Lily. Blaire agrees to stay at NYU.

Serena is upset that her dad didn’t get approved to live in the building thanks to Rufus. Rufus says he was protecting his marriage. Serena tells him off and Lily’s mad.

Blaire at the benefit. Awkward. Blaire meets her once-groupies and they’re rude. William looks pleased. Serena’s dress would be flattering if it was a different color. Chuck has shown up and Lily is thrilled. He apologizes. Yay something good out of him, at least Blaire can influence him for the better still. She assures him she isn’t going anywhere. And then walks away. (It’s like the “I’ll Never Let Go Jack” titanic moment.)

Jenny skips the benefit and watches a movie with Dan. He wants to know if the blast was true. She admits it and he suggests she admit it to Rufus. He’ll find out one way of another. She agrees to try at the gala. How are he and V?

William works the room and up comes Serena to talk. She comes true about her many mistakes. He says he doesn’t care. She’s scared he’ll leave once Lily gets better. He wants to be a part of their lives again. All their lives. He’s trying to find a way to do that without overstepping.

Blaire is unhappy, complaining about not being in Columbia. PS, she’s in, he’s an admissions officer. She never applied! Chuck did it for her months ago.

Eric and Rufus commiserate. Eric wants him to go to the party. Elliot was invited to the party by Eric’s dad. Rufus advices him to let his dad try to make things right. Rufus goes to the gala and makes up with Lily. William spots and is unhappy. Chuck realizes that something is off. William makes a speech courtesy of Serena’s honesty. He apologizes to his family for his great sacrifice of leaving them and he intends to make things right.

Lily says she doesn’t love William but she does love Rufus. He wants her to get another doctor. Lily asks him to sleep elsewhere. Well that was a quick 180. A girl finds some girl who is pissed about her drug dealing lies and her dad overhears it. Oh well. Nice try.

Dan tells V to take the internship. Ok, I rescind your award. But I’m not sad to hear that she is leaving for 3 months though I suppose this is the end of the season so we won’t get to enjoy it.

Serena finds out that Rufus has been cheating on Lily. She runs to talk to William and tell him to fight for Lily.

Jenny looks up information about cancer and sure enough, Lily’s symptoms don’t add up.

Blaire talks to the girls and informs them that she will be attending Columbia after all. But she isn’t interested in living with “the help.” And if you want to experience a Blaire Waldorf take down, cross them again.

Jenny calls Chuck about her suspicions.

Serena has invited William over. Eric is ok with it. Lily reluctantly agrees. The phone rings and it is Rufus but she lies that her mom is too tired to talk. Good to copy Jenny’s lie. She then lies that it was Blaire.

Gossip Girl: Dr. Estrangeloved

Before I mention anything else I feel the need to mention Jenny’s lipstick color. I know very little about makeup but my god Jenny (aka stylists) do something to save her!

Jenny is wearing Nate’s shirt as they have breakfast. He let her crash. She lied to her dad about where she stayed. No news from Serena. Nate gets a text from her at that moment, she’s just landed and Nate wants to go see her.

Serena and Lily are in the limo together and whatever drama between them that we expected to see is not there. They seem happy and supportive, which means we missed something. (I feel like we’ve been cheated!)

Blaire dislikes Dorota treating her delicately. Blaire is throwing a party but Dorota isn’t sure it’s a good idea. Blaire has invited the most eligible bachelors. Dorota thinks she hasn’t grieved properly. Dorota postponed her honeymoon to support Blaire, who orders the disposal of all Chuck memorabilia.

Rufus expects to find Lily but instead finds Will, Lily’s ex. Rufus tells him to leave but he says he can’t. There’s more he doesn’t know about…but he’d rather be mysterious than forthright.

Chuck comes home with a gaggle of girls. Chuck and Jenny discuss her love for Nate. She tries to deny but he advises her to make Serena think Nate betrayed her and Serena will push him away. He wants his friend back which would be easier with Serena out of the picture. All she needs is something to make her suspicious. So she steals Nate’s shirt of course. Jenny, didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s a bad idea to trust a snake?

Rufus and Will trade barbs and then Lily and Serena arrive. Lily says she was sick, not her mother. He was treating her. That’s why he pushed Serena away when she visited: to keep Lily’s secret. Lily’s illness (which is?) is treatable but they’re waiting for test results. Oh. Cancer. (They never quite say it, but there it is.) This isn’t a good reason for him to refuse to leave when asked. He didn’t need to be around at the time. Rufus tells Will to leave, yet again. He needs time with his family. This time Will asks Serena to come and talk. Eric isn’t around.

Dan has been rejected from the writing program. But guess who did get it…Vanessa. There was only one spot. She didn’t think she had a shot. Dan congratulates her, if it wasn’t him, he’s glad it was her. But then he excuses himself for a study group. And suggests they go to a party to celebrate.

Lily and Rufus talk. I feel like they came up with this storyline after the fact the explain Lily’s absence. She claims she was afraid to tell him the truth because she didn’t want to see him be sorry or have him treat her like she’s sick. She says Will has helped her get better.

No one has shown up to Blaire’s party. She blames Dorota. She asks a waiter for his opinion. He thinks she’s hot. Blaire thinks Chuck has blacklisted her from the dating world.

Jenny sees Serena coming up and pulls her shirt out for Serena to see. She almost doesn’t but just as she leaves she catches sight of it and recognizes it.

Dan runs into some girl named Willa who is at Tisch. He’s surprised that she knew about Vanessa’s application. He says her story is based on his submission. But submissions have to be original works. Her dad is on the board and informed her that Dan was the runner up. So really, it should be his spot. So she goes and calls her dad.

Serena runs into Nate. She has to go see her father right now. He doesn’t want to wait. She throws accusations, he fights back. Jenny watches them in a fight.

Chuck and Jenny talk about the plan to get Nate. He says she needs to seduce him. Blaire storms in to yell about his sabotage. He says he didn’t. No one showed up because no one could measure up to what they had. Right. That’s what all guys were thinking. Blaire intends to find someone. (Has she considered that a party of eligible bachelors is not the funnest thing for guys?)

Willa informs Dan that Vanessa submission is up for review.

Serena and her dad seem to be hitting it off a bit but there are the reminders that there’s a big gulf. She doesn’t understand how he could leave for 14 years. He says it wasn’t like that. What did Lily do?

D and V talk and V shows her new work. It’s original, based on him and their relationship, but not based on anything he’s written. Uh oh. Better call Willa.

Will said he wanted everyone to come with him. (He was a soldier?) She didn’t like the commuting dad so she wanted a divorce. He didn’t just leave, he wanted to stay with them. That doesn’t explain 14 years away. Before they can talk more, Will spots Rufus coming to talk. He excuses himself to talk. Rufus tells him to leave. Will claims to have changed in 25 years. Rufus wants Lily to get a new doctor, one who definitely only has one agenda. Serena decides to leave with Rufus. She needs time to think.

D calls Willa to tell her to change things but Blaire finds Dan and says she wants to talk. She needs some guy to kiss her so she can put it on Gossip Girl. She needs a party away from Manhattan. Dan has a party that he and V were going to go to. So she’s coming.

Rufus tells Serena not to let their past affect things. Lily receives a call from Will. The test results are not what they hoped.

Sure enough, Chuck is spying on Blaire’s love life. In comes Nate looking depressed. Nate is unhappy with Chuck’s behavior, he doesn’t forgive what he did to Blaire. Chuck wants to be friends, maybe get out of the city. Nate accepts a drink and invitation. They’re going to Brooklyn! And Jenny is coming too.

The party seems a little bigger and fancier than Brooklyn can afford (at least the Brooklyn of Gossip Girl). Blaire searches for a guy. Dan searches for Willa. Jenny offers to get drinks. Nate isn’t happy yo have Jenny around. She’s a kid. Chuck points out she’s a junior. Same age as when he and Serena were together. Blaire spots Chuck and feigns faintness to get closer to a guy she’s spotted. Dan try to get Willa to call her father, she tries to make out with him. She thinks he deserves the spot more. He says he’s with V. Dan sees Jenny and runs over to see why she’s there.

Will talks with the family about her cancer treatments. She’s had a relapse. Serena suggests sticking with dad. Will plans to stick around regardless to see how she is. Lily agrees. Rufus is pissed but plays it off like he doesn’t mind. (I hope Serena doesn’t think her parents can get together.)

Serena calls to talk. She’s upset when she hears Jenny is there. Nevermind, no talking then. Chuck glares at Blaire and boy she’s with. Nate wants to leave the party so he and Jenny head out after taking a shot together.

The guy with Blaire is more than happy to make Chuck jealous though she seems nervous about it. Lean in for the kiss.

V is upset that D told Willa about her piece. She says why did he go behind her back? Like she went behind his!? She says she explained but he said she justified. She had said she wouldn’t have applied if she’d known there was only one spot. Seems like he wants her to pull out.

Serena isn’t sure what she wants from her dad. Will says he thinks there’s a reason behind everything that’s happened. He’s followed her from afar. He appreciates the second chance. She thinks everyone deserves one.

Chuck sees Blaire and reveals he did blacklist her. She didn’t break it because she realized it wasn’t the way to get over him. He broke her heart and she has to face that. She’ll kiss someone someday and it will be for her. (Good job Blaire. Regardless of how good or bad they were, she’s clearly grown up some.)

Nate is upset. Jenny says he is great and deserves someone who treats him better than Serena. But Serena overhears things. Jenny leans in to kiss him but he pulls away. She came to apologize. He says nothing happened. Jenny tries to butt in but she shuts her out. But Serena says she left him a message with Serena. Jenny protests that Serena is lying but he tells her to get out. She stalks out with a final “you two deserve each other.”

Blaire is glad Dorota hasn’t thrown out the box of Chuck stuff. Dorota tells her she will recover.

Serena and Nate talk. She says she does trust him, but she is guilty of taking him for granted. She promises not to do it again. She tells him about her mom’s illness. It’s strange that they haven’t used the word cancer once. My guess is there’s some significance to that.

Blaire goes through her box of memories.

Lily and Rufus seem content but we know there’s more going on.

Dan leaves Vanessa a message saying he’s read her play and its amazing.

Will tells someone “it’s not working as he’d hoped and he needs him to write Lily a prescription. You can’t pull out now….blackmail!”

This episode had a lot of good and bad:

  • For one thing, so nice to see Jenny shut up. I’m not sure how she thought this would work that Serena would never mention calling him. And probably talking to him in places where you can easily be overheard is not the best plan. But then, we’ve never said that Jenny was brilliant. Anyone else find it weird that she’s a high school student who spends all of her time with college students? I wish they would write her storyline so it was about her high school experience. It’s a good way to bring in new characters and makes more sense.
  • Dan and Vanessa…not so interesting. Their issue was just so quiet. (Does that make sense?) All the potential drama fell flat. It potentially could have been interesting, it could have led to backstabbing and maneuvering, but it’s Dan and Vanessa…
  • Whatever is going on with Will could be good, but that depends on what his long term goals are. If all he wants is to win Lily back, then LAME. If it’s something bigger…AWESOME.
  • Chuck and Blaire…well, I like seeing Blaire learn something about herself/grow up a bit but I hope she doesn’t lose her edge.