Greek: The Day After

Finally, this show has returned! I love that ABC Family runs this show in the fall season but begins it just earlier than all the other shows so that they get a jump on the audience.

The Day After The End Of The World:
Rusty awakens in the arms of Jordan. They wonder if Cappie and Casey are dating. She suggests they do something fun but he has to get to the lab to finish some work.

Back at ZBZ, Casey tries to keep Ashley from her room because it’s a gross mess because she was upset. But today she’s great! It’s a new day. No dwelling, no pity. Ashley told him that Casey and Max broke up. What did he say? Well, he’s probably still thinking about it. Casey is going to remain positive and think about other things. The ZBZ girls come in singing with a cat. It’s supposed to be a show of support. I dunno. Gotcha (also known as Assassin) begins, hosted by Omega Chi. Ahsley gets Cappie so she and Casey trade. Rebecca is super hungover. She was making out with a guy the night before. (Well, definitely over the gay thing then.)

The lab is locked.

Calvin wakes up feeling terrible. He’s asleep on Dale’s couch. Calvin kissed the guy he wasn’t supposed to, but they didn’t do anything else. But, Dale kissed the landlady. Or Calvin did sleep with him since he’s still at the apartment.

Rusty is looking for Max. But Max is gone, he quit the program and left a box for Casey. Rusty returns to his and Dale’s apartment. Rusty got a D on his midterm and figures out that his average will be a low C (because he can’t finish his project since the lab is locked) which will kick him out of the honors program.

Rusty delivers the box to Casey. Rusty’s upset because Max was his friend and inspired him academically. Casey apologizes but he’s not soothed.

Kappa Tau practices shooting for the assassin game. He’s angry at Cappie. Spitter shoots the guy as an old woman and is disqualified but Cappie comes to his defense. He could have been a serial killer dressed as an old woman.

Calvin doesn’t remember the night before but he pretends he does. The guy (Grant) teases him. Oh, they didn’t do anything more than kiss. At a KT party, which is bad. Evan comes in and they pretend they weren’t together.

Jordan comes to talk to her about Rusty. Rusty might get kicked out of the program…Casey realizes she has to help even though there’s a party.

Ashley and Rebecca dicuss who to be. Ashley will be Mrs. Smith. Rebecca will be Sydney Bristow. She still won’t tell who she made out with. Evan’s bank account is empty because he gave up his trust fund. Rebecca is shocked (are you an idiot!). She offers to help him out. She’ll lend him money and he’ll do her a favor. (Pretend to be her boyfriend?)

Casey comes to Rusty’s room. She intends to help him. She can get him into the building even she can’t help him with the science. She got the security guard to come and they pretend Rusty is sick so that she can swipe the guard’s keys. The only catch there are like a billion keys.

Dale comes to Cappie. Cappie asks why Rusty’s so moody. Cappie learns that Max left town and Rusty’s failing. But Dale never gets a chance to talk because Cappie runs out.

Rebecca receives flowers (from Evan). It’s an obvious cover but no one notices.

Calvin raids Dale’s closet for Austin Powers clothes. Calvin says he will be seeing Grant but they’ll keep it secret. Dale reveals that he had sex with Sheila. He’s freaking out and he regrets it.

Inside the building, Casey is still working on keys. Casey asks what happened to Rusty’s grades. He got distracted. He must really like Jordan. (They haven’t had sex yet.) With her he doesn’t feel like he has to obsess with his grades. She says he can have both. Casey says she realized she and Max were too different. She’s bummed because Max is such a good guy. Cappie barges out of the door in full ninja garb because he climbed in through the open window.

At the Assassin party Rebecca wants him to pretend they’re into each other. He agrees. Calvin and Grant hang out at the party. Grant wants to have sex. Calvin wants to slow down and get to know each other. Rebecca and Evan hang out at the party and he asks who she made out with. Rebecca slaps Evan and yells at him, pretending that he was a jerk so that everyone can hear her break up with him.

Back at the lab, Casey and Cappie makes awkward talk in front of Rusty. Rusty doesn’t let Cappie help until Casey says more hands could help. Until Cappie breaks the tubes…Rusty starts over again with only Casey helping. Rusty tells Cappie that he’s a jerk for hitting on Casey while she and Max were still together but she says it was her who talked to him and not vice versa. An alarm goes off because they forgot to turn off the gas. They have to run out of the building. As they run out there’s security coming so they have to take a detour. Cappie tells them to go back to the lab while he pretends to be protesting animal testing.

Calvin tells Dale that he and Grant decide to hold off on sex. Dale says he’s come to terms with his relationship with Sheila. She shows up and he proposes to her. Her response: “That is so sweet…but I’m busy with work…and there’s my cat…” Ouch.

Rusty gets a C on his extra credit, keeping him in the program. Rusty tells Jordan he can’t keep blowing things off.

Casey and Ashley wonder why she and Evan would keep their relationship secret. They see Cappie cleaning up garbage as punishment for breaking into the lab. Casey goes up to talk to him and thank him. As always, Cappie is about to say he does like her until she interrupts him and says she gets that he doesn’t like her. Seriously, girls need to stop talking in movies. (She does shoot him to get him out of the game though.)

Back To The End Of The World:
Cappie decides he needs to find Casey. Evan finds him and says he and Cappie were never good for Casey. Evan basically says she and Max just broke up. Evan says he obviously doesn’t intend to graduate and have a future while Casey has her life planned out. He asks if he wants to go through losing her a second time. If he wakes up and feels the same tomorrow then go for it.

Rebecca is making out with someone. I think it’s supposed to be Ashley’s boyfriend but I can’t tell/don’t really remember what he looks like since he hasn’t been in the entire episode (poor writing on the writer’s part he’s a relatively new character and the show is just starting up again!).

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The Secret Life- Cramped

Much better title than last week’s. Subtle, multiple meanings.

Ashley and George finish packing. Ashley’s willing to share a room with Amy if necessary. It turns out, his dad made the garage into a room for her. Do I see a smile on her face? She runs to the garage to see what will not be her room (it is huge). Amy is upset. She wants to move in there because she had a baby and needs the bigger room. Ashley says she hopes she never sees Amy in her room again.

Adrian is packing when Ricky arrives. Ricky has email on his new phone because Amy made him. He wants to have sex with Adrian one more time before she moves. Adrian, realizing that she and Ricky will never be together, says she’ll never sleep with him again. Way to go! She says she just wants to be friends now. She’s starting over and she wants more than sex, someone to love, someone she could marry and have a family with. She deserves that. Ricky intends to never be married or have another baby.

Amy’s upset because Ashley has been given the garage. Betty is moving in with Ben and his dad. Officially. His dad is nervous because while he loves Betty he’s not such a fan of her things.

Grace’s mom is evasive when she leaves and Grace wonders if she’s dating. Se says she’s delivering food to the poor. Grace seems to be in pain but she invites Jack over for some personal time.

Amy whines. Her dad says Ann doesn’t want the dog and Ashley’s upset. They argue. George tells them to act like a family. Amy’s a baby again. Ashley asks for help buying furniture. Ricky comes to the door and Ashley lets him in. He has a pile of stuff that Amy told him to buy. He asks why Amy is in a bad mood because it made him in a bad mood. Ashley says maybe he needs to take a break and asks him to take her furniture shopping. (It’s cute but also uncomfortable how the two of them are bonding).

Betty’s going through her stuff and selling off what she’s not bringing to Ben’s. Ben and crew show up at her yard sale. Ben offers help moving. A lot of her stuff was given by a friend. He talks her out of bringing the mini sink from the dentist’s chair. Ashley and Ricky show up. Their fingers brush, what a moment. (I like that they’re playing with them but I really don’t want them as a couple. Ashley is sooo much younger than him and he got her sister pregnant!)

Grace and Jack make out but Grace is having stomach pains. Must be her period, she tells him. (Well, she says it in euphemisms.) He doesn’t mind talking about it but she’s uncomfortable with it. He’s fine having sex while she has her period. She’s not. When did they decide to have sex again? Tom is convinced Grace is still having sex. Tom wants to have sex with Tammy but she doesn’t want to.

George tells Ann he found a home for the dog and Ann reveals that she does want the dog. She says if he lets someone take the dog away he’s never moving in to her home. (Seems Ashley was right, as always.)

Amy moodily unpacks things. She finds out that Ashley and Ricky went out together. She and her dad panic. Adrian shows up to ask if she can put more things in the garage. She says that she and Ricky broke up. Ashley and Ricky return. George yells at Ricky. Ricky said he would never touch Ashley. He’s trying to make up for his mistakes. Ricky adds that if anything happens it’s because he provided Ashley with a place where something could happen. Ashley says it’s because he trusts her, right? But he doesn’t respond.

Jack, which searching for Grace’s pads, spots Grace’s mom flirting with a guy and runs away. Well that one was pretty obvious.

Amy tells Ricky he shouldn’t be alone with Ashley. He points out that Amy getting pregnant isn’t all his fault. He thought she was on the pill, otherwise why didn’t she say anything. He tells her he thinks she’s a good mother but she doesn’t enjoy her on. She says she’s too tired to. He says let him do more and accept that he’s going to have girlfriends and she can’t control who holds the baby. Amy says she hates him and he says he knows that. Even when she’s nice, he knows. (Shockingly, Amy looks like she’s going to cry. I know, call the news, this never happens.)

Grace and her mom talk in the kitchen. Grace wants a burger and a shake. Her mom is in a good mood and Tom asks why she’s in such a good mood. Her mom calls Jack to ask if he said anything to Grace and he plays dumb (which has always worked out so well for him before). Tom asks who her mom is having sex with. She explains to her kids that she’s in a good mood because she met a guy. Grace is no longer in a good mood and says she hates her. (It’s been less than six months since her dad died.)

Ricky bangs on Adrian’s door. He refuses to let her break up with him. He’s yelling and is rough with her and she’s scared. He’s frustrated with everyone hating him and not giving him credit for anything. He’d be lying if he said they had a future and she said she’d be lying if she said she was okay having sex with him. She asks if they can go to therapy together but he refuses. He says he just wants to have sex and Adrian says no, it doesn’t feel right for her anymore.

George searches for Ashley to tell her he trusts her but he just got scared. Ashley points out that Ricky isn’t a bad guy, he’s just had a bad life. She’s not excited to be back in the house with Amy. Geroge tells her she and Amy need to talk.

Ben plays with Betty’s dentist chair. Uncomfortable because you know the kinds of things she did in it. Betty and Ben hug. She thanks him for talking him into leaving things behind. She was afraid that if she didn’t take her stuff and things didn’t work out, she’d be stuck with nothing. Ben says he’d never let her be left alone. Ben asks his dad if Amy can spend the night. His dad says sure as long as her parents say yes. Ben’s dad says Amy and Ashley need to talk. Ben was wondering. Can Amy move in? His dad doesn’t bother to respond. Good night.

Ben gets a call and answers with “Ciao how are you?” Hmm, who is on the phone?

Ashley is looking miserable when Ricky comes to the door. He wants to talk to her dad. George isn’t home but he can come in if he wants.

Grace is upset when Jack arrives. Grace explains why. Jack isn’t surprised but says her mom might get married again and deserves to be happy. Grace’s mom’s boyfriend shows up at the house but Grace doesn’t want to meet him. (Also, the guy is A LOT younger.) There’s more information. His brother was the doctor working on the dad when he died. They debate having sex but the mom says she isn’t ready. He kisses her and she says well maybe she’s ready but not tonight.

Ann wakes up and tells George she’s so hungry she can’t sleep. She wants a stack of pancakes and milk. He goes to get it. She’ll get anything she wants for the rest of his life. George finds Ashley and Ricky talking across the street. They’re very chummy. He’s unhappy but he doesn’t go over. Which I’m impressed about although slightly iffy. In walks Ashley. Ricky went home because he saw George look at him. What were they talking about? Stuff.

Ben asks the mystery caller when she’ll be visiting. Summer. (Isn’t that like a year away?)

I’m wondering if Amy has postpartum depression. maybe they should have her see a doctor?

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I have a strict rule about watching television. If I’m going to watch a show, it has to be in order from beginning to end. None of that starting on episode 7 or season 3 stuff. Sometimes it drives my friends crazy, but quit frankly, if you don’t watch a show from the first episode you’re missing something.

Chloe vs Janice

Chloe vs Janice

The perfect example of this is 24. For my Television and American Culture class at Brandeis, the professor told us we had to watch the current season of 24. I’d never watched the show before and it was in season seven (plus the 2 hour movie). My friends who did watch were excited that I’d start watching with them, but I told them I would only watch the current episodes once I caught up. They told me that you didn’t really need to watch from season to season to get the show, which is true, but I stood by my tv rule. It took me I think three weeks (I did have school, ultimate, all the other shows, and sleep to catch up on!) during which time my friends would bug me every time a new episode was on. (“Just watch with us” “just catch up on this season and do the rest later!”) I have to say I am so glad I refused.

While it’s true that each season is only marginally connected to the last (the show jumps months and years between seasons and the casts tend to be mostly new people) there are always things to be gained. For example one of the best (and underused) things about this past season was the Chloe-Janis rivalry. Why? Because Chloe is awesome. You can’t appreciate her, her brilliant awkwardness, and her resolute loyalty without watching her grow in previous seasons. You don’t get the full effect of Tony, Bill, and Chloe’s return if you don’t know who they are in the first place. And you certainly don’t feel the shock of Tony’s betrayal if you don’t watch Tony and Jack work together and see Michelle’s murder. Even his daughter Kim’s return is less spectacular if you don’t see all that they’ve gone through together (including the mother’s murder in season 1). Though, I’m not such a Kim fan so neither here nor there for me. So yes, I could have started with season seven, but I wouldn’t have appreciated the show the way I do if I had.

Jack on trial for torture...

Jack on trial for torture...

One of the things that’s so interesting about this show is the way they display morality and patriotism. For one thing, sometimes doing the right thing means doing the wrong thing. And while most Americans would balk at the idea of using torture as a legitimate method of interrogation, the show presents it in such a matter of fact light that while watching the torture happen, you can’t help but support Jack. You’re sort of like, “well, I don’t agree with torture but here…I guess it’s warranted.” They’ve finally addressed this issue somewhat in the most recent season but then the issue sort of ell by the wayside when one of the FBI agents who was opposed to torture comes to see things from Jack’s perspective.

The format of the show, having 24 episodes, each an hour long, the entire thing taking place in 24 hours, is both a smart gimmick and an unnecessary one. The thing is, unless you watch the entire show in one sitting (which I recommend because it’s WAY better that way), it doesn’t really feel like a single day, in which case you don’t really care much about it. Plus, the audience can’t help but watch and wonder “would it really take that long to get from point a to point b? When do they sleep? Don’t they eat or go to the bathroom ever? But, when the show started, it was this detail that got it a lot of attention. It probably makes the writer’s jobs a bit harder since they have to make a lot of events happen in transit, but they do a good enough job that while watching the show it doesn’t feel like things have been effected by it all.

24 is excellent and I can’t wait for the next season. I only hope that a) Chloe returns and b) budget cuts don’t ruin the quality of the show.

(Sidenote: if ever there were a show that was the embodiment of product placement, 24 is it. Sprint cells show up in virtually every scene and are used for more than imaginable. And somehow, the battery is never dead and the cell doesn’t break despite all the action.)

Defying Gravity: Frenzy

We don’t start with a voiceover!!! Apparently, Donner doesn’t like blood so of course Paula comes in with her camera to show the Doc giving Donner a blood test. He misses Donner’s vein and they blame it on her. Mintz (the doc) told Donner once that he can’t remember the people he’s saved, only the medical cases. Why? Because (in voiceover) lessons are taught by the ones you lose not the ones you save.

We see Zoe of old taking her pills. She stares at one for a long time.

Donner tells the recruits that tragedy happens in space and there’s no one but each other to count on. Of course, one of the doctors helping is pregnant so Zoe can look at her forlornly. Discussion about how Donner hurls at the sight of blood. How can you be an astronaut and not handle blood? Zoe moves so as not to be in Donner’s group. Donner leaves before he can go into the medical area.

Back on board, Donner talks to Mintz. He asks if he’s sick. Apparently his back has been acting up (also known as alcohol withdrawal…) which is causing his hands to shake.

Claire checks on Mintz, who seeems to be running a low grade fever. AJ enters the floor, thanking him for being allowed back. Mike doesn’t seem so thrilled to have him.

Jen approaches Zoe to ask for some help. She cuts the video feed first. Mysterious. Slash she has a rabbit. Sort of. It’s more like a fetus in a petri dish. Jen needs Zoe’s help to “give him birth.” Zoe starts talking to the pregnant doctor as she demonstrates some medicine. More talk about Donner hating blood. Zoe tells Jane she had the abortion and will be home before the cramping starts.

Paula and Wass are together in their rounds. They find a guy high on drugs. Paula wants to do more but sometimes medicine is dull.

Paula is doing her reporting job and Wass interrupts. She tells him off. She’s very religious and Wass teases her. Ted hears and tells him to stop. He has a job for them. Moving crates or something. He wants them to become friends. She isn’t looking when he pushes the next crate and he calls her as it’s about to crush her.

Mintz is looking at his back and flashing back on his war experience. Jen and Zoe do their experiment. Jen intends to nurse the rabbit all the way back to health. The rabbit is the first birth in space. It’s creepy looking! (Zoe says it looks like a floating penis with teeth.) Zoe warns her that it’s against protocol. Alarm sounds. Donner looks ready to faint from all the blood floating. Paula is unconscious and missing her thumb. Mintz is clearly not ready but Claire tells him he’s needed.

Donner is asked to scrub in because he’s not contaminated with blood. Jen isn’t there yet because she has to put away the rabbit. She fainted when she saw her thumb. Jen is told to stay out.

Wass talks to the drug guy. Paula tells him to stop being a poser without a clue. Too many of her friends have OD-ed on drugs back at home.

Wass insists they fix her thumb because she really wants to pilot the Venus lander and can’t do it without her thumb. He is sent away. Donner is having a hard time with the blood which makes me wonder why they let him in of all people. Mintz is having a tough time. Donner suggests opening the wound and finding the wound with his eyes (same advice he gave a doctor years ago in training which worked then).

They worry about whether Paula can last and whether they will exhaust their blood supplies. Mintz starts seeing the girl he couldn’t save just as he’s about to cut open the wound to search through it. He manages to make the incision. He still can’t see anything until Donner spots it. Donner sticks his hand in to point out the cut and asks for help. So far no puke, that’s a good sign. (This whole scene is inter cut with when Mintz saves a patient with his hands earlier and Donner nearly throws up from the blood. In the flashback Claire approaches and says it was amazing and she wants to buy him a drink. He accepts.)

Zoe asks pregnant doctor if she ever wonders what her life would be like if she’d chosen not to have the baby. Zoe starts having cramps and the doctor tells her to take the rest of the shift off. Donner says he’s had enough for one day and leaves to of course follow Zoe to the bus stop. She asks if he’s following her and he asks if she’s avoiding him. She admits it. She says she’d rather not talk about herself. He admits he has a blood thing. Her cramps are getting really bad (even though they shouldn’t have until that night) and she tries to hide it. She faints and he brings her into the hospital. Donner sees blood on his hands and pukes. After making it through the whole night.

Paula reports that there’s no change in the druggies vitals. The druggie flat lines. The pregnant doctor manages to be there too to help. Paula tells the doctor not to give up when the doctor calls it and begins doing CPR.

Jen tells the pregnant doctor what happened and not to tell.The doctor says she’ll do what she can. AJ overhears and says he won’t tell.

They vacuum up Paula’s blood. Wass is looking for her thumb. Nadia asks why, he doesn’t even like Paula. He says it doesn’t matter, she wouldn’t give up on him. (She can apparently regrow it in a month.) Just before they start the grow process, Wass brings in her thumb. She could be good in a week if she’s lucky, she might still be good by Venus.

The discussion turns to what is wrong with Mintz because Paula almost died. Jen says she once found him having a war flashback. Ted is angry at her for keeping this a secret. He says she has to tell him everything that might affect their trip. She says she understands and then goes to feed the rabbit. Zoe tells her its hair could clog the filter but Jen assures her it won’t.

Back on earth AJ tells Donner that Zoe is okay. Apparently he was traumatized by killing a pig he’d gotten to know.

Claire and Mintz are talking. Mintz says he’ll forget about the person he saved soon. Mintz explains that he saw so many more people than most. He doesn’t remember anyone but the school girl caught in a building from a strike he called in. He had thought there was gunfire in the schoolhouse only to discover that it was just a school. Nothing but children. A little girl was reaching for him, calling for help but something exploded before he could help. A beam landed on his back, which is what scarred him. He saw the schoolgirl on the table. This wasn’t a full blown hallucination not anything else.

Wass asks Nadia if she got all the blood. She thinks so. He apologizes for being an idiot. Nadia says she’s always wondered why he’s on the crew but then every once in a while he finds a thumb.

Zoe’s in the hospital bed. Eve tells her she had an emergency hysterectomy. She had an ovarian cyst that wasn’t detected and burst. That’s what they’re saying so that she won’t be out of the program. Well, lucky her. Eve says she should have come to her and she would have been able to do something. Well how could Zoe know.

Voice over: we never remember the ones we save or fail. It’s about taking responsibility. Learning from sacrifice.

Wass and Paula share a hug over the dead druggie. Paula is being treated and Wass sits at her side. Zoe cries while looking at a picture of the doctor and her kid. Donner sits at Zoe’s bedside.

(This is a little too preachy in the end. Can’t we just take away the lesson by watching what happens?)

I’ve heard that this show will not be fully aired but will instead conclude online. What do you think? Is the show worth keeping on air?

Drop Dead Diva: Crazy

Marla Sokoloff plays a bride to be who wants Kim and Grayson to sue her maid of honor for sleeping with her fiance before the wedding.

Grayson apologizes for kissing Kim and making Jane uncomfortable. He knows it’s inappropriate but he can’t say it won’t happen again. Jane tries to pretend it must be because he was vulnerable. “Not really,” he says but she dismisses.

Jane has a meeting with someone important and her boss is nervous. She was specially requested. The client is being sued by his business partners who are trying to prove him incompetent so they can strip of the rights of his company, which he built. He seems sort of off, but not crazy just yet. A few months ago he had a near death experience and he had an epiphany: stop wasting life. He collected some tattoos, travels by air balloon, shut down some factories. He wants her because she’s a bulldog. Of course he says something that makes her realize maybe he really almost died (“People say life is short but unless you see the gatekeeper press the return button you have no idea”). I’m seeing a theme!!!

Kim wants to do the case but Grayson says there’s no case. She’s clearly angry at him though she pretends otherwise. The judge says the same thing and Kim says she suffered emotional distress. He turns it down, no monetary loss. So Kim says the dress cost $10,000 paid for by the defendant. He agrees that there is a case.

Stacy and Jane look at real Jane’s old yearbook. One of her reunions have come up.

Jane is met by her client for court, wearing pajamas (because he gave his suit to a poor man). He takes her bosses suit. He’s itching all over while his son says that he’s no longer doing a good job with the company. Jane points out that he had never worked with the company. But while she’s questioning the son her client gets undressed because the suit was itchy.

Kim tells Grayson she succeeded with the case and Grayson says he’s not interested in getting involved. He says the guy was a creep who couldn’t control his urges. She asks if that’s what happened when he kissed her.

Jane puts her witness on the stand he explains that what he wants to create lawnmowers that are energized by the grass they cut. The prosecutor asks what he would do if the item fails. He puts on bunny ears to get smiles. The prosecutor says Sandy Kipling is the next witness which elicits an “uh oh.”

In comes the fiance to ask Kim for help. He wants her to tell Mia he’s sorry for messing up. Kim bashes him in front of everyone. She’s pretty awesomely mean, making me appreciate her and wondering what baggage she has beyond the Grayson thing.

Sandy is on the stage and she sounds pretty ridiculous but what she describes the client doing is worse. Her client wants to ask a question. The judge allows. He proposes because while she served him coffee she was nice. She said no. Jane tells him she thinks he needs help. He asks why she thinks he hired her. Because of her brush with death but he was wrong about her so she’s fired.

Stacy and Jane prep for Jane’s reunion while Jane says she’s upset about being fired. Jane memorizes everyone’s names so she knows who they are but no one remembers her. They search for Brian Young, who signed Jane’s yearbook saying prom was the best night of his life thanks to her. Stacy sets out to make everyone think Jane is awesome. With Stacy’s encouragement they all start saying Jane was awesome. In comes the prom date. He calls her Jane-iac. He thinks she’s gorgeous. He’s afraid he ruined prom for her because he came out on prom night.

Kim tells Mia that her fiance came and she hears that he said he loved her and you can see that she still likes him. Kim convinces her that he lost his chance.

Jane and Brian talk. She says she’s a great lawyer except she was just fired. He says her client must be crazy which makes her laugh. She has something to tell him that he can’t tell anyone. She tells him her true story (about Deb) and he laughs thinking she must be telling a joke. She doesn’t correct him. On prom night she said to him that no one has the right to tell him how to live his life and this gives her what she needs for her case, as per usual. She wins the client back right before court.

Kim is told by her client that she doesn’t want to sue. She spoke to her fiance and she’s taking him back with therapy. You can’t predict a future.

Jane says that by societies norms her client is nuts. She puts on the bunny ears and asks if she looks crazy. Do her words make any less sense? No. She gives examples of brilliant but eccentric people. No one can tell you who to be. Her client wants to say one thing but as he does he collapses. Jane approaches his son in the hospital. The doctor says his dad is going to die. Even though he and his dad aren’t close, he’s upset. The nurse comes out to say he’s asking for Jane. He loved her closing speech. She tells him to reconcile with his son.

Grayson decides to ask Kim out (Jane tells him life is short and no one should tell him what to do) but she says no. She wants to pretend things never happened because clearly he doesn’t know how he feels about her. He tries to say he likes her but she gives him no chance.

Jane’s client signed over his shares in the company to his son who will convert the company to what his dad wanted. She then meets her client and they go for a hot air balloon ride.

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Starmaker 3

The girls are all shocked and upset by who went home and who got to stay. They think that mediocrity is being rewarded. Monet is upset that no one congratulated by her for winning.

Everyone goes up to the roof and they toast Larissa. Monet starts crying. Apparently her parents have come to visit. She’s never been away from home for a week so seeing this is a big deal. She tells them that no one thinks she deserved to win. Her parents reassure her. While agree that she’s not the best singer, I think she was the best performer. (Someone should explain the distinction to the contestants because I don’t think they understand it.)

The boys are up this week and must pick between Kevin Rudolph, JONAS Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Fall Out Boy, One Republic, and Jesse McCartney. Unlike the girls, the guys are pretty nice and let everyone pick what they think would sound best for each person rather than fight like the girls did. It’s nice but also semi-stupid. One guy doesn’t fight for a song he thinks he’d be great at because someone else would be great at it too. Instead he takes a song he’s never heard of. (This whole process is silly because they make not all the songs good options and then someone will ultimately get stuck with it even if it isn’t what they would choose.)

Laurieann makes them sing while looking in the mirror to develop a stage presence and pay attention to what they do while they sing. Haha Laurieann calling people pumpkin and muffin. I will never get over it. Maybe So You Think You Can Dance has made her nicer. She tells one guy he’s not the best singer (which pisses him off because she’s a choreographer) but that it doesn’t matter. Omotayo is again amazing and so much farther ahead than everyone else. Agreed, he’s pretty great. Of course everyone takes this personally and disagrees. They think she’s getting caught up with herself. (One guy says don’t tell me I’m a bad singer because you don’t know what I’ve been through. Which is funny because his past is totally irrelevant to his singing and while she may be the choreographer she clearly knows music. Dancers know music too.)

Performance time. This week’s guest judge is Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls.

Up first is David singing the JONAS Brothers’s “Burnin’ Up.” He was dubbed the one to beat last time. I don’t remember that but he’s much better than in practice. There are a couple troublesome moments but otherwise…The thing is, it’s not that hard a song because the JONAS Brothers aren’t all that talented. Rodney says his voice is dope and needs to get his swag right. Tamara says to let go of the mike. Laurieann said awesome. Nicole feels like he owned it. I think the girls in the audience all think he’s so cute.

Omotayo is singing into the mirror. It’s his time up. He’s singing “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder and it is the perfect song for his voice. The judges are dancing with the music from the start. Rodney says even Stevie Wonder would be proud. Tamara says amazing and nailed it. Laurieann tells him he killed it. Nicole says “don’t you wish your boyfriend was hot like Omotayo.” Did she really pull that out? I wish one of the other judges did but not her…

Jordan is up now. (The one who is angry at Laurieann.) He was told last week to strengthen his vocals. Singing Kevin Rudolph’s “Let It Rock.” Ha I love that one of the lines is “and the truth is hard to swallow,” so appropriate. I think he does a pretty good job but when the song hits its high point he doesn’t match the energy. Back stage they say he didn’t start strong. Rodney says he didn’t let it rock. He was a little awkward. Tamara says great energy (maybe it doesn’t translate through on tv) but he’s not diamond yet. Laurieann says he rose to the occasion but time to come back and hit it even harder. Nicole thinks he rocked it out.He says he forgives Laurieann, like she needs his forgiveness.

Zach’s turn, previously in the bottom two. He’s doing One Republic’s “Stop and Stare.” His critique was to stop singing from his throat. And he’s MUCH better. He actually pulls the mike off the stand and moves around which no one else has really done. The crowd seems to be enjoying. Backstage they think he was lost. Rodney says it’s a great song that he didn’t deliver the way he likes. Lackluster. Tamara tells him it’s not a game and he didn’t improve much. Laurieann and Tamara exchange words and she encourages him. Nicole says she thought it was lovely. (Do the guest judges ever say anything not nice?)

Jesse McCartney’s “Leaving” is sung by Christopher. it’s funny because with him singing it it doesn’t sound anything like a Jesse McCartney song but he does a good job. It becomes more of a hip hop style sounding song. There one trouble spot in particular. Rodney says he started shakey and then opened up. Do that more! Tamara agrees. Laurieann says it makes her happy to see someone’s dream manifesting. Nicole loves his swagger and thinks he did his thing.

Last comes Todd singing “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy. This is another song that I don’t think shows off vocal talent att all. But he’s got a lot of energy and the judges are smiling. Rodney says he killed it. His performance shot up and he looks like he wants to win. Tamara says great stage presence and the full package. Laurieann says great job there’s nothing else to add. Nicole says he’s going to have groupies.

Zach’s upset because he thinks he’ll be in the bottom two again. Yeah, probably.

Judgment time. Jordan, Zach, and Todd are asked to step forward. Everyone else is put through to the next round. So Todd is obviously the winner this week. He owned the stage, Rodney declares. Now for the elimination. One of them is not ready to be a star. Who is out? Zach is not ready to be a star. They need to see some improvement from Jordan.