Starmaker Finale

They let it all sink in.

For song selection, they can pick any song sung on stage or a new song all together. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they took someone else’s original song. They want to know if it’s what they do best or something new for the finale. Todd picks Coldplay’s Fix It. Melody picks If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. Liz debates for a while and then picks Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson.

Performance night…

Liz is first. Rodney says she might be the first Bad Boy country artist. She rocked it and looked like a star. Tamara says “Yeehaw.” Laurieann says she rocked it. Diddy says great job and growth. He needs someone with the Bad Boy swagger “you never know.”

Melody is second. Rodney says she’s very special with a unique tone and a passion. Tamara says she has gone through the biggest transformation. Laurieann says she’s super comfortable on the stage. Diddy says she’s always owned the stage.

Todd finishes things off. Todd would be the first Bad Boy rock star. Rodney’s always believed in him and even more so now. Tamara says he rocked it. (Favorite phrase of the show.) Laurieann says he affected a change in her atmosphere. Diddy says he did his thing.

Diddy makes a first decision to get rid of someone. The first artist staying is Liz. And Melody, this will not be “the day for us.” Finally.

Now Diddy questions the final two. Liz believes she has the strength, drive, and endurance. Todd had so much fun for him so that settles it. (Can we discuss the “make history” words? You are not changing the world!) Finally, Diddy says, he wants to make history with Liz.


Starmaker 9

Liz says she thinks the final four are the most deserving (didn’t she say Lauriana should go home?). Melody does look better with her makeover.

Song choice:
How to Save A Life by The Fray
Here for the Party by Gretchen Wilson
Chasing Pavements by Adele
Ready, Set Go by Tokio Hotel

Liz jumps on the country song Gretchen Wilson. Lauriana takes Adele’s song because even though she’s never heard it, it’s a blues song. Melody and Todd want the Fray song but Todd once again lets her take it (after she refuses to give it up).

Today the artists will do interviews. This their final assignment. Todd says he’s spoken to small press but never something so big. Rodney warns them that they are representing themselves and Bad Boy and they are promoting themselves and their brand.

Liz doesn’t think about what to censor and what to share. She doesn’t talk about her music. Melody talks about her specific style. Lauriana says she won’t stop singing no matter what happens and she wouldn’t change who she is or her morals to win. Todd didn’t know how to take the opportunity to promote himself.

Rodney gives them feedback afterwards. He points out that soundbites are used to represent an artist. Overall, Lauriana did the best.

Laurieann coaches them and tries to encourage them to connect to the music. She wants to see another level.

Performance time. Guest judge, Kelly Rowland.

Todd is first and is apparently sporting a new look. A vest. His hair looks better. But he looks possessed. Rodney loves what he does but he’s predictable. Tamara is speechless. Except she’s not. Laurieann says he’s not manufactured crap. Kelly says he’s still around for a reason.

Second comes Melody. Wow, I really do not like her voice. Not even slightly. BTW Melody’s mom is in the audience. Rodney says she connected. Tamara says she got chills. Laurieann says she made it personal. Kelly tells her she’s a star.

Lauriana follows. Rodney isn’t sure if it connected, it was too low for her. Tamara wasn’t convinced tonight. Laurieann says the others just connected better. Kelly says she did a good job.

Finally Liz. Rodney says she killed it. Tamara says she could win. Laurieann says Yeehaw. Kelly says exciting, fun.

Now it’s about who can win it all. Judges have made their decision. Melody will be going through. Liz is through it’s between Todd and Lauriana. What are the odds of an all girl final?

Todd thinks he is different and that’s what the label is looking for. Lauriana says she is passionate, she works hard. Lauriana is not ready and Todd will be in the finale.

Starmaker 8

New competition: they must create the melody to a song that they have the lyrics and track for. They need someone who can write. They will be put into a vocal booth to sing their song.

They want to make Rodney proud and think his track is amazing. Rodney feels what Liz did. Omotayo struggles to get out the lyrics. He sounded a mess. Todd gets a wow. Melody (don’t like her voice but eh). Lauriana kept it simple but good. Monet gets a “yahoo” don’t know what that means. She crashed and burned.

Song Choice is predetermined, Diddy has chosen them specifically. Todd was given original. Lauriana gets If I Ain’t Got You. Omotayo gets Moving Mountains. Melody gets Just Like A Pill. Monet gets Dirty Little Secret. Liz gets Before He Cheats. Each presents a unique challenge for the different artists, which is clearly the point.

Laurieann is tough on Monet. Laurieann tells Omotayo she is fed up with the weakness of his lack of stamina. Liz gets coaching on her entrance. Lauriana starts crying and Laurieann says she can’t be babied.

Liz first with a southern song. So much for stepping out of their comfort zone. I feel like this is such an easy song. But she sounds really good. Rodney says killed it all day long. Tamara thinks she’s even more convinced of her skill. Laurieann says yeehaw stay focused. Lady Gaga, guest judge says she killed it. (She looks as strange as ever.)

Monet second. Weird song for her…Rodney says not her best and Tamara says she’s off her game. Laurieann says she has a great work ethic. Lady Gaga says at the end don’t throw away the end. Be good at being wrong if you’re going to be wrong.

Melody sings Just Like A Pill and I really hate her voice. But the judges enjoy. Rodney says she’s making it hard for the others. Tamara says she git chills and nice makeover. Laurieann says she rocked the crowd. Lady Gaga says she’s got a kill in her eye.

Omotayo performs Moving Mountains. Laurieann looks thrilled. But he clearly gets breathy at the end leading the others to wonder what was wrong with him. Rodney says he was uncomfortable with the line moving mountains. Not his best. Tamara agrees it was hard. Laurieann says improve but he has a gift. Gaga says he should have more fun. She certainly has fun on stage.

Todd performs his original song titled Flatline. Not my type of song, a little angsty, but he does a good job. Laurieann is on her feet screaming. Tamara is beaming. Liz backstage screams. Rodney says he’s a rockstar. Tamara says he’s a beautiful car crash. Crazy fantastic. Laurieann says excellent. Gaga says there’s that screw loose that he has. Amazing.

Finally, Lauriana sings If I Ain’t Got You. Don’t like the styling. This is tough because Alicia Keys is really good at what she does and has a really distinct voice. Laurieann looks confused. It’s almost like the background is so loud she’d competing with them. Liz says boring. Rodney says she started off shaky but she got in the zone in the end. Tamara says not her best or worst. Struggled on the low parts. Laurieann says she sounded amazing but having worked with Alicia, you need to let the audience in. Gaga agrees, she needs to decide who she is as an artist.

Monet and Omotayo are called forward. Everyone else is through. Sad, I like these two. They didn’t step it up so both of them will be leaving.

Starmaker 7

Picking teams. Liz picks Omotayo, Melody, and Todd. David picks Lauriana and Monet. Their task is to write a song. Monet is a quiet writer and leaves mid-session. She’s frustrated at being young and not being listened to. Lauriana sees she’s upset and tries to talk.

Mini-performance time. Liz’s team’s song is “Made A Way” and Melody actually sounds good. Some of the harmonies are off (read: awful). David’s teams sings “Diamonds” and it’s also not too bad though the solos are not so evenly distributed. Liz’s group is complimented for the harmonies but not thrilled on the song. Good concept though. David has the lyrics written on his hand and gets called out for that. You couldn’t do that in a concert” of course, in a real concert you’d never perform a song you’d just written and didn’t know so…The song was better. So they win.

Song choice time. Running this time. Lauriana was first and grabs original. Next is:
It’s Not Over by Daughtry
Just Dance by Lady Gaga
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Thnks Fr Th Mmr by Fallout Boy
Call Me by Blondie
Every Breath You Take by the Police

Liz says he should have fought about it but Todd says there’s no point. Lauriana wouldn’t budge. Liz hopes Lauriana’s song would suck so she gets sent home.

Lauriana’s song is called Love, Traitors, and Fate and she gets positive feedback with the only critique that she needs to overannunciate since it’s an unknown. Monet seems perfect for Just Dance she just has to be aware of the vocals. David is playing piano and he’s told this doesn’t really fit the rock song he’s doing. It’s a safety thing. They’re told not to play it safely.

Kimberly Caldwell is all “look at me hosting” and I’m not impressed.

Liz is first with Girlfriend. Not enough actually singing for my taste. It’s such a young song. She looks kind of mad on stage. No country there though. The judges say…Rodney thinks she stepped it up and stepped out of her comfort zone. Tamara says she proved herself. (Backstage Monet wasn’t thrilled.) Laurieann wants her to focus more but she has what it takes.

Omotayo does Every Breath You Take. Didn’t P.Diddy do this as Puff Daddy once? Laurieann gets way into it. Rodney says not his best but he owned it. Tamara thinks he brought it, sang it,, delivered it. He’s been working out everyday now. Laurieann says he set the standard but go even deeper.

Monet up doing Just Dance. She looks a bit possessed but Gaga’s so crazy that it’s to be expected. Laurieann looks flabbergasted (really there’s no other word) and Tamara is covering up a laugh. Melody thinks it was too much. Rodney doesn’t see the praise from last week. Tamara wants to know what she’s wearing. Pull it together. Laurieann says she’s choreographed Lady Gaga and she needs her fire and focus back. Lauriana says not to count herself out.

David does call me. Rodney says he didn’t grow. Tamara thoguht it was sloppy. Laurieann thinks he didn’t rehearse enough.

sings It’s Not Over. And once again I don’t like her voice. Rodney says great job and Tamara says while not her best, nice originality. Laurieann says she’s a star.

Todd sings Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. Tamara wants to know why Todd didn’t do his own song, he must step it up. Rodney says he’s very unique. Laurieann says he knows who he is. And his gf was in the crowd. Cute.

Lauriana last singing her original song. A little dramatic…But it definitely suits her voice. Todd says it’s all right. Liz looks furious. (Because it’s good?) Rodney says it’s risky to do an original song but she pulled it off, best original song so far. Tamara gives her props but she needs to spend more time on articulation. Laurieann thought it was fantastic. Take it to another level though. She cries a bit.

Decision time…Monet is called forward along with David. Everyone else is safe and sent backstage. No best song choice? David went back into his comfort zone and Monet had a bad night. David is going home. Liz yells “what!”

Starmaker 6

Todd decides he will fight for the original song this week. And an announcement: no more guys and girls week.

Song choice:
Irreplaceable by Beyonce
Instant Karma by John Lennon
Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield
Yellow by Coldplay
U + Ur Hand by Pink
Big Girls Don’t Cryby Fergie
Original Song

People are unhappy by the song choices. Omotayo was stuck with a woman’s song. Lauriana is screwed. Melody insists on an original. But for once, Lauriana fights for it. Though she doesn’t seen to get very far. But at least she said something for once. In comes Rodney and sees one song is not taken. He says it must be resolved now. Rodney suggests Omotayo giving Lauriana Unwritten and he do Irreplaceable because it was originally written as a male song. They agree. Melody is all “deal with it, I can’t believe this was even an issue” even though she’s a baby like that anyway.

Practice comes along and Omotayo does a great job. Lauriana is uncomfortable with her song but she does a good job. ChristopherJohn struggles with Higher Ground. Liz is sick so she’s unsure if she can hit the notes for Big Girls Don’t Cry. So much for big girls not crying because she leaves the studio and burst out in tears…Melody’s song doesn’t say much about her range from what we hear.

Stage rehearsal and Diddy arrives. But surprise! This won’t just be a rehearsal, the regular live audience has been canceled and this is the competition. Judged by Diddy. And 1-2 people could go home. He never has good news does he? He expects to see evolution.

Monet is first, performing Pink’s song. She’s been better, but not too bad for the first one up.Actually, she gets a bit worse as she goes…Diddy says she showed her growth and potential but still has work to do.

Todd next with Coldplay’s Yellow. Good song choice. (Remember when he was going to fight for original song? Maybe he decided to save that for later?) Diddy says not enough change. Well if he’s been doing well…why change it?

Lauriana is third performing Unwritten. It really is a good song for her but she needs to project a bit more. Confidence would go far with her. Diddy saw an improvement and comfort. It felt like she was fighting for her spot. He also loved the changes she made in the song.

Christopher John is up next doing Higher Ground. (All I can think about is that scene from Centerstage.) He needs to own the stage and give more.

Liz follows with Fergie. Not bad but Diddy says he didn’t like it and thinks she picked the wrong song.

Omotaya does Beyonce. Diddy is upset that Omotayo had not been working out every day and says he didn’t own the stage.

Melody has her own song next. Not a song I’d really listen to. Diddy says she commanded the stage but she needs a makeover. That’s unfortunate as I’d like her to go home…She’s all teary-eyed about his compliments.

David next. Last? Doing Instant Karma. I think he does a good job though he seems a bit jittery. Diddy says he didn’t commit well enough.

Judgment time. Monet, Lauriana, and Melody are called forward. They’re all growing, keep it up. They’re all safe. (Way to represent for the women.)

Todd and Omotayo are called up. Diddy says they haven’t changed and he asks them to say why they deserve to be signed. Omotayo says he’s different and people connect to him. Diddy keeps yelling at him for not working out everyday. But he’s safe. Todd says he loves performing and brings a lot of energy. And he’s different. Diddy wants to see risks and evolution. He’s safe too.

Remaining is Chris, Liz, and David. Chris gave nothing to the audience despite his normal swag. Liz went backwards (and she’s dressed like an old lady). David didn’t go all out. David will be staying. Liz, what happened? She was scared and not feeling well. Christopher says he didn’t own it. Christopher John is sent home. Liz…needs to step it up.

Glee: Hairography

Quinn considers keeping the baby. Puck is sweet and maybe just maybe she can make it work. Terri panics until her sister comes up with a plan: have Quinn babysit her monster children and get scared off. Quinn likes the idea of a test run and wants Puck to come but she needs to distract Finn. So she goes to Kurt and asks him to give Rachel a makeover. Kurt agrees, partially reluctantly as he dislikes Rachel and secretly likes Finn, but partially excitedly as IT’S A MAKEOVER! Rachel is all sexified and asks Finn over (even dresses in a catsuit from Grease) but he reveals that he is into natural girls (and she looks like a “sad clown hooker”) and Quinn is his one and only. Also, it turns out Kurt knew all along that this is how Finn felt (as he specifically asked Finn). While babysitting with Puck things go well and Quinn is all excited, only to discover that Puck was sexting Britney the whole time. He says he wants to be a good father but he won’t change who he is and Quinn realizes she can’t have the baby with Puck.

Meanwhile, Sue asks for the set lists from Schue which makes him think she is trying to leak their songs to the competition. So he goes to Jane Adams and meets with their head (Guest Star Eve) and invites them to a “scrimmage.” Apparently Glee Club is now a sport. And also, apparently at this first scrimmage only the Jane Adams girls perform. Jane Adams girls are thieves and liars so naturally they can’t really sing or dance. Instead they do “hairography” and sing “Bootylicious.” Schue gets intimidated by the hair dancing and decides to give everyone wigs and work on hairography with the club despite Rachel’s protests. Then the school for the deaf complains that they were not invited to the scrimmage so Schue invites them over. First his club performs their new hairography and is awful, then the deaf club signs/speaks “Imagine” and the Glee kids join in. Schu realizes that good singing is the way to go and adds “True Colors” to their list. Nice choice, reminds me of Save the Last Dance. Sure enough, Sue does leak the set list and gives a “convincing” argument as to why they should cheat to win.

Also, Terri tries to distract Schue from her lack of baby by buying him a car. He’s super excited and starts fixing it up until he realizes that it isn’t appropriate for a baby and sells it.

I’m okay with Puck sexting but not so okay with the way he spoke to Quinn about it. It seems out of character for him despite his attempts to be Mr. Cool. I’m not so okay with Kurt being such a jerk as FINN IS NOT GAY so acting like a jealous lover is just silly. Quinn thinking that a good job babysitting is equivalent to raising a baby is also ridiculous but then, none of the students seem very bright. As far as sectionals go, it looks like there’s no competition for them to make it to regionals so I’m not sure why we’re supposed to be anticipating a good show. Some good music tonight though, even Quinn sounded good this time. And hairography is the best term ever.

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So You Think You Can Dance Top 12 Results

Starting next week the viewers will vote out the bottom guy & girl without say from the panel. I dislike this because then the solos are meaningless (no more dancing for your life) plus the judges have a better idea of what is good dancing. This means the contestants and choreographers will be challenged for chemistry but the top ten will know they are going on tour so cool for them.

The first two couples are Karen and Victor and Ashleigh and Jakob. The first couple in danger tonight is…Karen and Victor. As expected (and desired). Ashleigh made it into the top ten! After she almost wasn’t in the top 20! Mary says they’ve been growing so they have a chance to fight to stay in.

(Random thought- who else thinks “oh how the mighty have fallen” when they see Karen from Will & Grace in the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercial?)

The next two couples are Mollee and Nathan and Kathryn and Legacy. This is a tough one as Mollee and Nathan had a bit of a tough first number but I feel like Legacy is doing better than expected which isn’t the same as doing as well as the others. The second couple in danger is…Mollee and Nathan. Sad but hopefully they’ll have an awesome set of solos. Adam thinks the couples didn’t connect with the audience but if they get through they’ll have the chance to dance with new partners. Maybe as a couple, they are too young together. Adam points out that the clips before the performances are important too because it affects how the audience views you.

Noelle and Russell and Ellenore and Ryan. I kind of hope to keep Noelle and Ryan…I like Russell but I’m not in awe of him and I think I like Nathan and Victor better. (Once again they show the order of Noelle and Russell’s performances in the wrong order.) And I’d like to see Mollee and Noelle return. (I wonder if Noelle and Mollee are still as close as they were during tryouts. In the bottom is…Ellenore and Ryan. Nigel says he’s frustrated but then again the people who made it through were great too. He says Ryan is one of the best partners and Ellenore is one of the best girls. (Wouldn’t it be fun to see Ashleigh and Ryan partner but not for ballroom?)

Meanwhile, a dancer from the American Ballet Theater. Cool for her though I wish they’d gotten more than one dancer. Also, I’m not a fan of slow ballet. I much prefer it to be reinterpreted into a more modern style. But ouch for her toes…

Karen up first doing what is once again a relatively lame and repetitive solo.

Next is Victor with something cool and slightly odd.

Now Mollee. And she comes out kicking, again with a unique and exciting solo.

Nathan fourth. Also goo though I think last time was a little better. He had some good moments and some mediocre ones.

Fifth comes Ellenore. Her is interesting, not as great as Mollee but still good. I think a big choreographed routine by her would be interesting.

Ryan is last. His solo is sadly reminiscent of Karen’s (we get it, those steps are advanced but give us something more!).

Now we get Shakira. It’s pretty awful The only thing cool about the dancing was that it was a lot of people in sync. Shakira can’t really song, she did a move that looked like something most people only do behind closed doors and I hate when songs refer to the singers (for example the line “Shakira shakes her hips like nobody can”). Some of the dance moves looked particularly awkward when done only halfway by Shakira.

Girls: Nigel says that Mollee fought for her place in the top ten more so than any other. Ellenore gets a good reaction with the audience and the judges don’t know how she can improve. Karen meanwhile is a fantastic performer and it is difficult for ballroom to do a solo but it felt like she’d given up tonight. And therefore, Karen will be going home. (There’s something sad about the song being “Don’t Let Me Go” as they’re being let go.)

Guys: This decision is not unanimous. Victor has grown as a person and his solo was terrific. Ryan has been delightful but his solos are tough. His partner work is tremendous though. (Does this mean Nathan is leaving?) Nathan hasn’t really grown yet on the show. Nigel would have sent Nathan home but the choice was for Victor to go. Sad but I guess I didn’t want any of the bottom guys to go.