Our Family Wedding

The main reason I wanted to see this movie was because America Ferrara was in it. I kind of like her (both for the fact that she is not the typical Hollywood look and because she usually does fun, uplifting things) but didn’t really know what the movie was about, so I decided to go when my friend asked if I was interested. It was that or Cop Out which I had zero interest in.

Anyway, the movie is about a Mexican-American girl and an African-American guy who fall for each other and get engaged. The problem: they haven’t told their parents. Lucia hasn’t told her family for a number of reasons. One is that they are very traditional and want her to marry another Mexican. Another is that she dropped out of law school to teach. Marcus meanwhile has a father who had a bitter divorce and no longer believes in marriage. But finally it comes time to reveal their engagement and things don’t go so well. In part because their fathers have a run in with one other before meeting as soon to be in laws.

The movie was cute, but overall nothing special. It had occasional funny moments but little, if anything, stood out as unique or particularly well done. America Ferrara played her part, but it was all predictable. She also looked very tired throughout which I think is partially poor makeup. The one character who I particularly enjoyed was Isabel, Lucia’s sister, who is something of a Tomboy. She was the funniest character thanks mostly to some snappy writing, but I for one wished she’d had more of a real storyline.

All in all, I don’t recommend paying to see this in theaters. It was fun but not worth the price of a theater ticket. Rent it once it’s on DVD.


Lost: Ab Aeterno

Jacob comes to someone wrapped in a bandage saying he’s sorry he couldn’t come sooner. It’s Ilana and he needs her help. He tells her there are six people she needs to protect. They’re the remaining candidates. (So Ilana is that woman’s name!)

In modern times they wonder about what to do. Ilana asks Richard what to do since Jacob said he’d know. Richard laughs and says he doesn’t know. Richard thinks everything Jacob has ever said was a lie. The secret he’s known for a long time is they’re all dead. The Island isn’t real. It’s Hell. He thinks it’s time to listen to someone else. He picks up a torch and goes to “follow someone else.” Ilana wants to go after Richard but Jack says Richard doesn’t know what to do. They reveal smokester Locke that Richard intends to follow. Hurley is talking to someone invisible and Jack thinks it’s Jacob but Hurley says it’s nothing to do with him. Ben says Richard doesn’t know anything. He’s known Ben when he was 12. Richard looked exactly like he does now.

Richard of Old rides a horse to a house and goes inside. There’s a woman lying in bed named Isabella who is sick though she tries to pretend to be fine. She’s coughing up blood. Richard wants to go for the doctor. He worries about them having enough money and she offers up her cross-necklace. She says they’ll always be together. He promises to save her. (This seems like the most random past ever relative to the Island.)

Someone tries to keep Richard from coming inside but he forces his way in. The doctor refuses to go with him because it’s raining out but he says he has medicine that can help. The problem is money…Richard offers him everything including the necklace but the doctor says it isn’t enough. So naturally Richard gets into a fight with him and accidentally kills him. But he does manage to get the medicine. He takes off for Isabelle who lies in bed with a book in hand but he’s too late. Naturally.

He’s thrown in jail where he sits and reads when a priest comes in with food. He says he’s not hungry. Richard has been teaching himself English because he and Isabelle had planned to travel the world and have a family. He makes a confession to the priest for killing the doctor. The priest says he isn’t forgiven for murder. Richard says it was an accident. He needs a way to earn God’s forgiveness. Penance. He won’t get a chance because he will be hung tomorrow. (This is a crappy priest…)

It is time for Richard’s hanging and he prays for forgiveness. Some guy (turns out to be Mr. Whitfield) stops them to see if he speaks English. He has strong hands. Mr. Whitfield buys him to send him to the new world.

He is taken on a ship through a storm. He and others are chained in the brig. They spot an island and then a guy says he sees a devil guarding it. It kind of looks like a dragon for the three seconds that I can see it before they crash into it.

The ship ends up on the island and the prisoners wake up, still in chains. One guy says god spared them. Some of them. Some of the crew is alive but the captain is dead. The prisoners call for help and someone comes down and runs the men through with a sword. He says they have limited supplies and with five officers left…they’d try to kill them if they freed them. Before he can kill Richard the smokester comes to claim the other officers. The man who came to kill them calls for the others and then he is taken too. Richard fights to get free (consider quiet for the moment). The smoke monster slithers its way down the stairs and stops in front of him as though studying him but then it disappears.

Richard works to free himself when a storm suddenly starts. He tries to get to the water pouring in but he can’t reach. He’s week by the time he manages to get a screw to help him work through the wood to pull the chains from the wall. A wild boar comes into the hold and seems to be eating one of the dead men. Richard scares the thing and it runs off. He dropped his nail though and now it’s out of his reach. (What about his feet?)

Someone comes in checking is anyone is inside. It’s…Isabelle? She runs to him and says they’re both dead (the smoke monster then?) and she wants to get him out before the devil comes. We hear it coming and he tells her to run. She doesn’t want to but he insists. She starts screaming and it’s gotten her. (Can the smoke monster get itself?)

Someone else comes down with some water to give him. Jacob? Nope some other guy whose name I can’t remember though he looks familiar. The man offers water who says he is a friend. He also tells Richard he is in hell. He was here on the island long before the ship. It probably means He has her if she hasn’t returned. The man says he wants to be free too. He’s also brought keys and he wants a guarantee of help, anything he asks. Richard agrees, he hasn’t got much choice after all. Richard is weak and needs to be helped up. They need to escape by killing the devil. Richard and friend eat pig and then discuss the plan The ship hit a statue, which explains the broken foot. The man says he needs to kill the devil (who took his body and humanity) with much the same advice as the master gave Sayid. He admits to being the black smoke but says he didn’t take Isabelle and if he wants to see her he must kill the devil.

Richard goes to the beach where he finds the brown statue, knife in hand, and there’s a door at the base. Richard gets punched a few times before he can even see who is there. It’s Jacob! He wants to know what he’s doing there or how he got the dagger. Jacob realizes it is the smoke monster who sent him. Jacob says he isn’t dead, it wasn’t his wife. Richard doesn’t believe him, he thinks he’s dead. Jacob gives him a taste of drowning to convince him otherwise. Jacob says they need to talk. (Is this an entirely flashback episode because no offense but I don’t care all that much for Richard and how he ended up immortal.)

Jacob brings him wine and says no one comes into the statue unless he invites them. Richard asks if he is the devil. No. He did bring them to the island though. The island keeps the devil from getting out. The smokester believes it is in people’s nature to sin. Jacob tries to prove them wrong. Others have tried but they died. He says if he has to make them do what’s right it’s meaningless. Richard points out that if he doesn’t the smokester will. Jacob offers Richard a job. He doesn’t want to step in but maybe Richard can do it. In return he will get…immortality (the other things he asked for are things he couldn’t do).

Richard returns to the pre-Locke smokester with a pebble who tells him that he will never see his wife again. Should he change his mind, his offer still stands. He has something for him. It’s something he found on the ship–the necklace his wife had given him. Richard buries the necklace.

Modern day Richard is wandering through the jungle and goes to where he buried the cross to dig it up. He’s changed his mind, he calls for the smokester asking if the offer still stands. Hurley arrives asking what he wants. Hurley says Isabella sent him. Isabelle is with them now, she wants to know why he buried the cross. Richard is in shock. She says his English is awesome. He wants to know if she’s really there. She tells him to close his eyes. (Hurley relates the message.) She says it wasn’t his fault that she died, it was her time. He’s suffered enough. He misses her and wants to be with her. She says they’re already together. And then she’s gone. He puts the cross back on. Thanks Hurley. She said one more thing, something he has to do: stop the man in black from leaving the island otherwise they will all go to hell.

Jacob approaches the man in black holding the pebble Jacob sent. Jacob wonders why he did it. Because he wants to leave. Smokey says he will kill Jacob and anyone who replaces him as guardian of the island. Jacob offers him the wine which the smoke monster smashes (symbolic of escaping by force I suppose).

Greek: The First Last

Well, now that I’m devastated by the break up of Katherine and Rusty…

The KTs play golf indoors and Rusty brings Dana in to introduce her to the KTs. Rusty points out that the pledges need to step up the pranks. Cappy is also prepping to defeat the Omega Chais in a golf tournament. Cappy won’t reveal the secret plan to them though. It’s on a need to know basis.

Ashleigh and Casey discuss their lasts before graduation. Rebecca is back and pretending to be okay when she’s clearly upset. It may be Casey’s last chance to be there for her as her big sis. Casey takes a shot but of course Rebecca can’t admit she’s upset. In comes the news that Greek is canceled. It was the ZBZ’s last chance to become number one again. Some problem with budget cuts. Otherwise, they will finish number two.

Casey went to visit Katherine but found Natalie there. Natalie is behind the change in funds. Katherine says she was just as surprise. Katherine says maybe there’s a way to get an extra blue ribbon event. Katherine suggests that someone propose reinstating an alternate event. Katherine wants to battle it out not have her house win on a technicality. She’s moving on anyway.

Grant and Calvin discuss the possibility of a gay cruise. Cal is opposed. Grant is for. Dale shows up before he has to commit. Dale has a favor to ask–someone in his church group has question that Dale doesn’t know how to respond. Dale wants Calvin to talk to him. (Oh Dale…)

Rusty tries to get the plan out of Casey but she says she doesn’t know. Evan comes to apologize for punching Rusty. Casey appreciates the apology but says he should say sorry to her brother. Surprisingly he does but Rusty doesn’t accept because he got 3 of his brothers expelled. So Evan says that Cappie and Evan made up. Rusty is shocked.

Dale is with drunk girl. Apparently they are sort of privately together. She doesn’t like public affection. What happens in the pantry stays in the pantry but at least she will concede that it is a relationship of some sort.

Ashleigh explains the pageant. They need someone to represent the house and nominate Ashleigh who has a pageant past. Ashleigh nominates Casey and then Beth nominates Rebecca who accepts. But Casey points out they need to win and they pick Casey. Rebecca walks out.

Cappie is practicing gold outside when Rusty comes over to confront him. Rusty wants to know the president but they get kidnapped by guys wearing old president masks. (Reminds me of that movie about the cheerleaders who became thieves.) They find themselves in a tool shed. Rusty is upset and wants to hear Cappie’s master plan. He didn’t want to drag other people into it.

Casey and Evan discuss the pageant. There will be no swimsuit pageant. Rebecca sees them talking and is upset. Rebecca says she’s just trying to validate herself through ZBZ events. She also knows Evan stole the necklace but she won’t call the cops.

Calvin talks to the guy for Dale. Calvin explains that you can find love being gay.

Dana comes in to look for Rusty and they realize Rusty and Cappie are missing. She points out that it’s strange that they’re missing because of the Omega Chais.

Casey and Ashleigh worry about what Rebecca said when Natalie shows up with their Gamma Psi power contestant. (Ashleigh does manage to mention smeyesing…Tyra Banks, did you really make that a term?)

Rusty uses his science knowledge to free himself but he’s not making things easy for Cappie. Once he gets Cappie to concede he agrees. The Omega Chais are coming so they sneak out a window but the pledges have arrived, it was actually them who kidnapped Cappie and Rusty in an attempt to prank them. But now they’ve lost them! (Is this the show’s attempt to introduce new characters as the old ones graduate?)

Cappie and Rusty debate where to go. Cappie says that as president he has to keep secrets sometimes. They split up because they can’t agree on things. Neither looks to be going in the right direction but time will tell.

Calvin gets home and asks Grant to come to speak to Dale’s friend next time. Calvin tells him he doesn’t want to go on the cruise. Calvin wonders if he’d like to explore the single gay world more.

Cappie is now in the car with Casey, looking for Rusty. They discuss the pageant. She thinks maybe Rebecca should let her compete. She hadn’t supported because scandals don’t help win pageants. Cappie suggests she’s trying to be the hero. They spot Rusty.

The guys wonder where the KTs are when Rusty and Cappie arrive. But they’ve been disqualified. The pledges are upset about screwing up.

Casey looks terrifying as she practices and Natalie’s managed to screw up Casey’s gown. Rebecca offers a chance to fix things (she had gowns “from being rich”) and Casey reluctantly agrees. With the warning that everything is riding on her of course. But Rebecca has been fake smiling for years she should be great at this.

Katherine introduces the pageant. How many houses are there? The Gamma Psi girl is a pro but clearly so is Rebecca. Until she gets to the end of the runway and some Omega Chai guys call her a tramp. Evan tells them to shut up but Rebecca’s already heard him.

Calvin meets with Dale’s friend. Grant didn’t come. Dale is upset that Calvin isn’t helping his friend see the way gay life can be stable. Calvin says he has to understand how gay life works–relationships are hard gay or straight.

Cappie is pissed at Evan for what happened to Rebecca. Rusty breaks up their fight and offers to take a hit but Evan leaves. Rusty is upset that Cappie doesn’t trust him. Cappie says there’s no revenge. He wanted it to be perfect. He wished Cappie would come to him. “Quit being his hero and start being his friend.”

Backstage Rebecca dabs away her tears. Casey comes over to comfort her. She wanted to show people that she didn’t care how they see her. Everyone or Evan? She still cares for Evan and she hates that. She thought he’d get her but it was stupid. And now she’s ruining things for the house. Rebecca tells her she was a better choice. Casey says going out their shows that she was the better choice. It’s about confidence, elegance, and poise. Casey encourages her to go out for the final question. She’s the future of ZBZ. Whether win or not now, Rebecca will help them win number one again in the future, even if not this year. It’s the pep talk Rebecca needs (we get a smile and all). She makes a speech about how girls are held to hypocritical standards. She calls everyone out for the double standard. She gets a standing applause and even Katherine seems to approve. She and Evan make eye contact. Evan wins the Greek God competition and the Greek Goddess is…Rebecca! (Can’t pretend to be surprised, Rebecca’s question was about health care, the other girl’s was about her favorite class.) Evan tries to congratulate her but she cuts him off.

Cappie challenges Evan to golf. Cappie bets the beach house for their spring break in exchange for the Omega Chai house for a day. Terms agreed.

Calvin asks Grant to come watch the tournament. Grant wants to head to a gay bar. Grant doesn’t know what he wants to do but Calvin says he wants to be single. Grant concedes this point a little. He’s grateful to Calvin and loves him. Calvin doesn’t want grateful though. Well, it’s over then…(That should make sharing a room awkward.) Grant thanks him for everything. At least they end on good terms with a hug.

The competition begins. One shot, closest one to the hole. Calvin comes to watch. Evan takes his swing and it’s good. Two feet from the pin. Cappie’s turn but he asks Rusty to go instead. Rusty not being a golfer and all, this seems like a bad plan. Cappie tells him to be the ball. Rusty’s swing is just a few feet long. So much for that.

Casey comes in to present Rebecca in the ZBZ house. Ashleigh says it is tradition for the seniors to give a gift to the house. Their gift, which they will be giving early, is that they’re number one again and they got them T-shirts to flaunt it. Dale tells Laura he doesn’t want to hide their relationship. He wants to take it outside the pantry but Laura doesn’t. Poor Dale, he never can get a break. So Dale announces to the house that he and Laura are no longer involved.

Cappie calls the house together to point out that they wanted the KTs to lose so that they can use the beach house to take the best revenge ever. Rusty will lead the revenge chair as the new revenge chair. (I can’t wait for this pranking!). Phase one of the plan is complete. Phase two…

The Secret Life: Ben There, Done That

It has arrived, the last week of Amy’s whining for the season!

Amy gets a call from Ricky to talk about John’s party. He doesn’t know what to do for it. He’s never really had a birthday party until he was over. He wants to include her in the party-planning. She’s in a rush to put John to Ben. She says it’s more for them since John won’t remember it. He’s surprised she doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. He’s relieved to hear that. Amy’s got John. She wants to have his birthday party alone first, the night before. She seems pleased with herself. John seems confused. But he seems to like the cupcake.

Anne wakes Amy and wonders why John is wearing his suit. Mimzy might have suffered a stroke. She doesn’t know if she’ll be back in time for John’s birthday. Anne sees that John has cupcake on his face. Anne says everyone who’d been through the year with her missed it. Amy wants her to wait. Anne wonders where Amy, the girl who did the right thing, went. Amy manages a last moment I hope Mimzy’s ok. George is going up too. She’s upset about this too. Amy stop whining. Anne at least tells her to stop it.

George goes to tell Ashleigh and then she asks to go on the pill. He begs her not to have sex, he says it isn’t fun. He asks if she’s done it. She says no. He says she’s too young to do it. He likes Grant but she doesn’t want to have a baby with him. Things can go wrong even if they use protection. She says they’ve been making out a lot and she likes it and they may want to do more than that at some point. She just wants to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake. He begs her to wait until she’s 18 and then he’ll support her. She agrees. But she wants to be on the pill anyway just in case. She doesn’t think things would go that far but neither do other people who make a mistake. It’s finding out about Adrian that’s gotten to her.

Adrian and Grace talk about her potential pregnancy. Grace advises her to take a pregnancy test. If she’s pregnant it’s not Ricky. It can only be Ben. Grace wants her to lie that it’s Ricky. She intends to have an abortion which Grace is against. She doesn’t want Ben to know that she might be having Ben’s baby. She says she has to take responsibility. Adrian says she isn’t having a baby and ruining her life like Amy. She can’t be a mother like Amy. Grace says they can discuss that later. But first, take a test. Adrian thinks she already knows.

Madison and Lauren wants to come to John’s party. They’re family too! She’s glad they feel that way. They discuss the wedding and their sex plans. They discuss different sized condoms. Jesse and Jack discuss meanwhile. Jesse doesn’t want to say no about sex yet. He’s afraid to be her first and he isn’t ready to do it now. Jesse says Grace always struck him as unpredictable. He doesn’t like feeling like he has to have sex. And half the kids in high school don’t have sex. Grace calls his attention. She’s hiding from Madison. He doesn’t want her to ruin his relationship. She needs someone to talk to in order to talk Adrian out of abortion. He suggests going to Ben. Not an option…Madison sees them talking.

Ben, Henry, and Alice talk about not being invited to the baby’s party. They plan to crash. Ben tells Griffin that he and Grant and a date are invited to the wedding (which Ashleigh has said otherwise). Griffin gives Ashleigh to the news. She wonders who he’s bringing. He heard she’s thinking about sex and says it’s too soon. She says too soon for him too. She’s surprised he said something but George told him. She storms off.

Ricky is upset at Amy for having her own mini-party. Ben wanted to check that Ricky plans to come to the wedding. He’s pissed at Amy. They aren’t acting like adults. Adrian sees them talking (and looks pensive).

George talks to Mimzy about how he doesn’t have to marry Anne unless he wants to. She tells Anne she can’t wait for their wedding. Anne says they haven’t decided on a wedding yet. Anne says they have too much going on. She doesn’t want to get married tomorrow. He tells her to stop being a scaredy cat. If he pushes her, she’ll move the other way. Mimzy pulls out her old wedding dress. She reveals that she’s been married recently. In walks some black guy named Mr. Levy.

Ricky is still upset with Amy who refuses to do anything. She says it’s raining so the party is canceled. He and Ashleigh talk and he says he doesn’t know why he’s so upset but he is. Ricky says he wants her to come to the party. She apologizes for her party. Ashleigh sneaks off. She says things still seem unfair. It’s not how she imagined John’s birthday. He offers it to be just the two of them if she’d prefer. He’ll sleep on the couch and she can take his bed. She agrees. Pack? Ashleigh seizes the chance not to go (in the guise of wanting to go). She clearly plans to have Grant over and sure enough, calls him as soon as Amy leaves.

Adrian’s dad wonders what is taking so long as they plan to get married. Her wedding dress is Rubin’s mother’s and it’s ugly. Cindy is upset about the dress but it’s ok. His mother may hate her but he loves her. He wishes he’d married her mother earlier. In comes someone to be a witness. Adrian looks like she’s trying to be happy for them but is too upset.

They get to Ricky’s. Ben is in the meat shop. Ben’s surprised that Amy is sleeping over. Subtle. Ben’s upset that they’re sleeping together. Bunny points out that it is none of his business. She tells him not to ruin Leo’s wedding day. Ben says he would have been a better husband and father. He says he’s ruined his life. Bunny hopes not.

Madison says she isn’t ready to have sex yet. Tomorrow, after the wedding. She says she isn’t nervous. He got condoms. She wants to see. That’s awkward. She’s never seen one before and he offers to either show her or do it alone. She asks about it breaking. It would be bad. Jack let’s slip about Ben and Adrian’s condom breaking. She says it’s off the record. He says she can’t say a word. Madison puzzles it all out and promises not to tell anyone. Ben doesn’t know. No one knows. Except for everyone who does. Madison gets weepy.

Grace calls Adrian to check in. She says the wedding was beautiful. Her parents went on a brief honeymoon. Adrian bought a test. Grace offers to come over. Adrian turns her down. She doesn’t know if she wants Grace to know. She saw her talking to Jack. It’s her choice if she wants to have an abortion and she will do the right thing for her. She should have Ben with her when she takes the test.

Ben calls Amy but she doesn’t answer so he leaves a message. He says he’ll always love her and he’ll always be there for her.

It’s the wedding. Grace and Ben toast love and happiness. Amy thanks Ricky for the night. Robby and John are being babysat by Ricky’s foster mother. Henry and Alice discuss their future wedding plans. Lauren says her family is upset about the sex discussion but he says it’s better to wait. Mimzy, husband, Kathleen, George, and Anne end up at a table together. Amy claims she was with Griffin and Grant. Griffin is with a guy names Michael and they compete for best dancer. Grant wants to dance but Ashleigh says she doesn’t do disco. Adrian approaches Jack, he denies telling Madison who is on stage singing. It doesn’t sound like she’s singing at all. In comes Betty and Leo in a horse-drawn carriage. Leo makes a toast.

George has not found out much. Anne says she’s happy to be friends with George. She doesn’t want to get married just because they had a baby. They’ve changed. Do they have anything in common? She wants to take it slow.

Ben and Amy catch each other’s eye but before they can talk Adrian goes up to him. They make awkward small talk until she says enough. Madison, Lauren, and Amy talk, wondering what is going on. Madison keeps it secret. Amy is glad that Ben called. She doesn’t know if she loves him but time will tell.

Ashleigh and Ricky talk for a moment. She tells him not much is up and he wants her to keep it that way. Aww, he’s looking out for her. Everyone assumes something is happening with Ashleigh and Ricky.

Tammy comes to be with Tom. Grace watches Jack and Madison dance. Madison goes up to the band again. I’m highly doubtful that some random teen who is barely friends with the groom’s son would get up and sing at a wedding.

Grace tells Jack they should stay out of Adrian and Ben’s business. Ben is inside staring forlornly outside as Adrian waits for the results. Her expression says pregnant but that could just be her being grim. She approaches Ben and just stands there for a few moments. Is she debating telling him? Maybe she thinks it would be better to tell him she’s not pregnant and just get the abortion alone.

Of course, the show ends without telling. That’s a long time to wait to find out.

Gossip Girl: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

Jenny is snarky to her dad about not being aloud to do anything but go to school. The second she gets outside she calls for a car to take her to the Smith Hotel. Then she takes out her hair to make it look wild. (And druggy rather than sophisticated.)

Blaire talks to Elizabeth. Chuck has been out to see his lawyer meanwhile. Chuck has been sued for sexual harassment by his employees. He says he wouldn’t do that anymore, not to Blaire. He intends to settle just to avoid a trial. He doesn’t want his father’s honoring to be overshadows. Elizabeth is about to meet Chuck’s family. Blaire wants him to let Elizabeth in.

Lily arrives to check in on Jenny. She wants to ask Rufus something but his phone rings and he finds out that Jenny has been cutting classes all week.

Cut to…Serena and Dan having sex. (I think we’re supposed to think it’s Jenny and Damion.) Serena gets a text from Rufus. Serena says Rufus is driving Jenny to Damion by forbidding her to see him. She won’t let that happen! Yeah Serena like your plans ever work.

V and D are making out and he gets a call from Rufus. They want to keep their relationship casual which means not telling Rufus.

Jenny and Damion makeout and Damion is a little hands on. Jenny suddenly says she has to go because she has a quiz in Latin. He says whenever they get physical she bolts. He says he loves spending time with her but when he dates someone sex is usually part of the equation but if she’s uncomfortable she has to say something. She lies about being a virgin and pretends she just wants to take things slowly. So he suggests sex that night and she agrees.

Chuck, Blaire, and Elizabeth talk. Chuck invites her to the event honoring Bart and she readily accepts. Reporters hound them asking about the scandal and Chuck gets a call from his Uncle Jack.

Lily and Rufus discuss Jenny’s delinquency. She says it’s not so bad for her to cut school to be with her boyfriend. Lily wants to talk. She hopes Rufus will come to the honoring. He’s not in the mood though. He tries to get Serena again. She pulls the scarf out of her bag while he’s not looking and leaves it inside.

Jenny and Serena talk. Serena seems to be agreeing with Jenny. J thinks he listens and likes her. He treats her like an adult. It’s serious. J says it’s about to be serious…It’s her first time. They discuss J’s nerves. S tells her you can never get your virginity back. S wishes she’d waited for someone like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. Then she says something about having to prepare for Chuck’s party and Nate takes her to dinner.

Jack claims he’s come to protect him. C doesn’t believe him. Jack says he’s sure Elizabeth is lying. He says he’s seen her body before she was buried. Blaire sees him and she’s upset. She thinks he leaked the story. He says he hasn’t done it. B says he’ll never get C’s empire.

S tells Nate she has a plan. She wants to show J that he’s bad. She invited him over for lunch and wants them to walk in on him in the way. She’s sure her plan will work. She wants 45 minutes.

Dan and Rufus talk about girls, forbidden relationships, and vampires. He tries to avoid admitting his relationship with V but his dad can tell he’s lying. V walks in before he can manage. She’s about to kiss him when Rufus walks out and he freaks out. He wants to define friend-only zones. He’ll draw a map to define it. V doesn’t love the zone rule.

Damion says he’s almost called her a million times to apologize for the dinner. She apologizes too. She says she and Nate are over. She makes a move and he pulls back. He says he’s dating Jenny and really likes her. Serena calls Dan but he ignores it. J wants to know what’s going on. Rufus showed up. It seems Nate has called him. Rufus intends to have her chaperoned at all times. She says he can’t treat her as a child so he says she acts like one. She says he jumps to conclusions and they weren’t Damion’s pills. Really J that’s you’re argument? A lie? She storms away and then he sees the scarf.

Elizabeth brings a bowtie for Chuck to wear. It’s purple. He only wears purple because C loved it. Or did he? She can tell Chuck is bothered. He’s concerned about Jack. She says she and Jack have an ugly history, she tries to pull out (she doesn’t have the strength to deal with him). He says he understands and invites her to stay for a drink meanwhile.

B and S talk. D can see that C is doubting himself. Nate calls S but B picks up. She thinks S’s plan was good. He says he did the right thing. He says S might not understand that losing her virginity is a big deal for a girl like J. S hears this and is pissed–what it wasn’t for her because she was a slut at the time.

Rufus intends for J to come to the party so he can keep an eye on her. She’s watching dirty dancing.

People are boycotting C’s business. B sees C taking a glass to take a DNA sample for Elizabeth. B says he knows already but Jack’s gotten inside his head. (It can’t hurt…) She was calming to say she’d changed her mind. She’s upset. B tries to assuage her. She says he’s his father’s son and can never let her in. He intends to drop it off. B won’t go with him then.

Lily sees Serena at the celebration and tries to talk to her but S tells her to save her lies for her current husband. Whispers follow Chuck into the room so Lily hugs him in the middle of the room. He knows she’s made sure everyone comes. This is actually a sweet moment between them.

Nate sees Serena and rather than make it better he lists all the people she’s ever been rumored to sleep with. She says some are lies or exaggerated. Then he says he lost his virginity to her on a bar and she points out that somehow that reflects poorly on her and not him. He woke up the morning after losing his virginity S left town for a year, so therefore he had a good reason to go behind her back on J. I’m not sure about the logic.

Jack shows up at the event and talks to Lily. Rufus is pissed to see him. Jack says he’s there to apologize. Rufus threatens him. Well I guess their relationship isn’t completely over. He wants to talk to privately.

D approaches J. She’s whiny. V comes in wearing what I assume is meant to be something that makes her look super hot. Meh. She says it’s a friends only zone but the dress wasn’t a friends only dress. She adds that she’s not wearing any underwear. Classy.

Nate approaches J and she wants the traitor to leave. Nate says she’s special and deserves a guy to be there in the morning. He tells her that Damion got rough with S at the dinner and J reveals that it was just for the drugs. She says he doesn’t care about her and should stop pretending. Damion comes in and Nate says he won’t let them leave. So Damion punches Nate and then pulls J out with him. The group rallies and Nate reveals that he’s a drug dealer.

Rufus and Lily talk and Rufus says he didn’t cheat on her but he kind of wanted to even the score. Before they can kiss and make up Dan interrupts with the news about Jenny.

Chuck’s lawyer reveals that things are taking a turn for the worse. For PR sake it needs to seem that he’s no longer in charge, at least temporarily to a family member. Jack is conveniently nearby and volunteers. Chuck says it will never happen. Jack says he’ll wait until he’s bankrupt and then he’ll buy him out. Jack says Chuck took what’s his so he will take what’s Chuck’s.

Nate goes to Damion’s apartment and says they have to tell him where Damion is but they aren’t there. They’ve booked a room elsewhere. Damion gives J a chance to back out but she doesn’t.

Chuck is upset. Blaire offers to take offer if needed. He doesn’t think that would do it. He doesn’t want Lily (Bass Industries) to bail him out. He gets the DNA results, Elizabeth is his mother and she’s an option.

J says there’s something Damion should know before…she’s a virgin. He figured. It’s no big. She says it is. She chose him. (Annointed him it sounds like…) He wants to talk about it after but she says she doesn’t want to do it. He gets up and says he knew she was just a kid. And leaves her alone. And she starts crying.

Lily has spoken to the police but they don’t think they’ll find her. In comes J. She says they broke up with Damion and then goes to her room. S goes after her. (PS I hate S’s dress.) J pretends they had sex and that it was no big deal. Then she listens to dirty dancing music.

Elizabeth is packing when she gets a knock on the door. It’s Chuck. He apologizes. He says he wants to trust her and explains what he needs her to do. She says it’s too much. He doesn’t trust anyone else. She’s his mother.

Lily calls her mom. It’s been six months, she needs to check in with Dr. Van Der Woodson, he’s the right choice. She says she will come soon. Rufus asks what’s going on and she lies about her mother. He says she should go because he and J need time together. When she gets back they can start over.

D shows up at V’s and he wants to talk to his friend about her. He wants to tell everyone about them. She agrees.

Nate apologizes to S. She says her plan was dumb. She apologizes about leaving. She didn’t mean to hurt him. Now they know they love each other.

B is up when Chuck comes in to say he signed over the hotel. She says they’re celebrating him for opening his heart.

Elizabeth gets another knock. It’s Jack. “So, do we have ourselves the hotel?” “We do.” Well, that’s disappointing but not unexpected.

Monday Night

Well, this week wasn’t nearly as overwhelming as some other Monday nights, but there were still a number of things on and I haven’t caught up on them all (namely the shows that I intend to recap in full). In the meantime, I do have some thoughts about the other shows out because I think we got some great episodes this week.

Life Unexpected– This week’s episode reminded me of the premiere which made me instantly love the show. While the other episodes have been interesting, they were mostly filled with teen angst (and adult angst) and had less of what drew me to the show, which was this unique look into the life of a kid put up for adoption but never adopted. It’s not that the story has never been told in any way, shape or form, but the way it’s been handled is more subtle (and less woe-is-me) than most portrayals. We find out why Lux is really so angry at Cate, among other things.

Chuck– This episode was so sad in so many ways. They’ve really made me feel for Sarah this season, in part because now she’s the one who is sort of secretly in love instead of Chuck being the pining nerd. Obviously she will find out eventually about Casey’s role in the test, but until then, how will Chuck and Sarah avoid being separated for good? And what about Ellie? Wouldn’t it be super suspicious for him to just disappear? Don’t they think Ellie would make a huge deal about it? Poor planning NSA and CIA.

Trauma– There were a handful of things I disliked about this episode. Largely it was the handling of Nancy and Diana, which was so anti-climactic and abrupt. On the other hand, it was interesting to learn about Rabbit’s past (though too much of a “I figured out the key to explain every bit of your behavior”). I like Rabbit and Marissa’s dynamic. I’d also like to learn more about her.

Big Bang Theory– I know that Leonard is technically the main character of the show but let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong with an episode about Sheldon. Alcohol may make Raj comfortable talking in front of women but Sheldon and alcohol…not as good a combination. Even my sister, who does not love this show (the characters are a little too much for her) was laughing out loud throughout.

How I Met Your Mother– Probably the best part of this episode was the Barney can’t take a bad picture bit. But there were other details I loved. Lily’s obsession with her birthday reminds me of a friend of mine who has a similar excitement: she has Cindystock, which extends her birthday to a full week. Or month. Now I can’t remember.

24– Well, some exciting and surprising information and some things that I didn’t particularly care for. I really dislike Jack and Rene’s relationship (which seems to be more than close from working in craziness together but is as of yet slightly undefined) so I didn’t care for her charge to save him. Though she did kick butt doing it so I will give her that. Chloe was once again right and did what she needed to (in this case pulling a gun on someone) to make them see it her way. She also stood up for herself which was nice to see. It was sad to see her floundering and weak when last season she was always showing Jeanine how much more awesome she was. And then there’s Dana. Go figure. But still a good surprise.

Castle– I saved the best for last. My sister and I agree that this is the best episode of the season, if not the show as a whole. Everything about it was spot on: Castle and Beckett’s relationship which was made more interesting by introducing the FBI agent Jordan Shaw (the FBI version of Beckett), the super creepy but awesome serial killer who was obsessed with Beckett as Nikki Heat, Beckett and Castle vs Shaw/Shaw and Beckett vs Castle dynamic. The suspense, the humor, and of course the happy ending. (yes, that’s sarcastic for now, but you know it will happen in the next episode) If you haven’t watched this show, you are really missing out because this was one of the best things on last night.

The Connection Between Xena and Life Unexpected?

I know, who would have expected there to be a connection between the two right? I suppose the word connection isn’t quite the right word to use, but I’ve been watching the first three seasons of Xena (thanks to watchxonline.com) and I came across an episode with none other than…Sheri Appleby. She plays a teenager desperate to become good after being told that she’s bad for her entire life. Even as a pipsqueak, her voice has the desperate, squeaky tone to it that we’ve all come to know and that at least some of us have come to love. (On Life Unexpected, a number of characters comment on how irritable her voice is.)

I would never have expected the frenetic mom and the angsty, alien-loving teen to be on a show like Xena (though I suppose everyone has to get their start somewhere).

Some other thoughts on Xena Warrior Princess…while the show was the epitome of campy, it had a lot of heart. I didn’t appreciate the overly-Lesbian tones that took over the last few seasons of the show (as I’ve said before, not because I dislike watching gay couples on TV but because even though there were moments throughout the show, both Xena and Gabrielle were exclusively shown to actually have an interest in men until suddenly they were each others love interests), but there were a lot of good moments and lessons that came out of the show–for example, though a singing Callisto is super-weird, every lesson she taught about the way hate can consume a person and how seeking revenge won’t satisfy you, was well placed.

Finally, I think Callisto is one of the most awesome bad guy on TV. She’s like the pre-cursor to Faith (bad past because she watched someone she cared about die, turns evil and ultimately finds salvation through her enemy) but I think Callisto could probably win in a fight. She’s certainly the crazier of the two and has less of a will to live. I do wish that, the career of Hudson Leick, the actress, had taken off since I she did an excellent job at playing crazy.