Greek: Your Friends and Neighbors

Casey is obsessing over her personal statement for her law school applications. Her grades are ok and her pre-LSAT scores are not so good. Kappy is looking to pick his major which means he may be around for the next few years and she’s planning to try for a law school in the area. They could graduate at the same time!

The KTs are playing throw the garbage over the fence rather than bring it to the dumpster. Rusty and Kappy discuss what Kappy’s major should be. The garbage gets chucked back over. They have new neighbors. The guy looks stuffy-nerdy. The woman looks uptight.

Ashleigh packs when in comes Casey and they talk about her date with Pete. PS they have to do name tags and cups. But they can’t find time to do things together. They settle on tomorrow.

The KTs are worried about the new neighbors. Rusty thinks their neighbors seem reasonable. Rusty spoke to them, he’s a professor. They scheme to get rid of him. Haunting anyone? As soon as Rusty leaves and they start a pool about how long before Kappie can say I told you so. Beaver (I keep wanting to call him Moose! Like the Archie comics?) tells Kappie he slept with Rebecca. 75% sure. Kappie tells him to keep it to himself until he’s absolutely sure, he’s been wrong before.

Calvin’s making music. They discuss why Rebecca disappeared. She claimed to have food poisoning. Is Beaver poison then? Why does Clavin seem so chipper? He’s making a gaylist (playlist with gay music). He’s never opened his eyes to something beyond the straight world. There’s money missing from the petty cash and they think someone must have stolen it. It would have to be a brother since only a brother would know to look for it.

Cappie comes at the end of study group. Cappie goes to confirm Beaver’s story. She explains that Evan bought her something nice and it’s sweet and overwhelming and she’s not used to it. Cappie wonders why she isn’t happy: you like him and you’re freaking out and are trying to ruin things. Ok. Maybe that’s it. She hasn’t dumped him though, she just doesn’t want it to get serious. No one will believe Beaver anyway so she doesn’t have to tell him. Cappie would just like to be there when she tells Evan.

Casey gets her essay evaluated and she is told it’s dry. They discuss how some people should be around your entire life while others should just make an appearance. Casey realizes she should find a connection between herself and the law. Applications are due Friday. No rush then.

The KT party is happening. The pledges have been helping out. Cappy is trying to figure out his major. Over comes the professor with some gifts made by the wife as a thanks. Someone comments on a hot girl, the professor’s daughter. The professor has a list of demands. Cappy is not happy.

Katherine is afraid that she’s been too forward with Rusty. Casey is really stressed. Katherine suggests getting coffee to discuss what’s bothering her while discussing her dating issues with Rusty. It’s so cute. Katherine already got into Yale Law.

The guys are having a weird time. Cappy says it’s time to fight back. War with a faculty member. They suggest borging him. Absorb him into the fraternity collective. Maybe he’ll relax the rules. And maybe he can help Kappie pick a major.

Omega Chai discusses who stole the money. Evan says, let’s not turn on each other. Tripp throws around accusations. Salem here we come.

The KTs talks with the professor as they play a pool drinking game. Major discussion.

Rebecca is searching for Evan’s necklace. Casey realizes she forgot about their plans. Ashleigh offers help but Katherine comes in with an idea. It’s perfect! Writing about overcoming stereotypes and cynicism.

Rusty is thrilled with Katherine but Casey thinks Ashleigh’s jealous of her. The prof is hung over at the KT house. AKA Cappie’s academic advisor.

Grant and Calvin discuss the money again. Calvin points out that they shouldn’t be pointing blame. Rebecca comes in acting weird. Everyone is looking at Grant to solve the issue. Calvin suggests getting the money back without humiliating anyone.

Rusty and Kappy discuss the successful borg of Prof. He’s an honorary pledge. His wife is looking for him though. The KTs want him to go and suggest Rusty haze him until he quits. He does five push ups no problem. Shouldn’t all the pledges be doing it? Ten for everyone. Beaver asks to take over.

Casey is looking over her essay. Ashleigh is upset about Katherine’s idea. Katherine doesn’t know her like Ashleigh does. Time for freshman reunion.

Rebecca asks Beaver if he found a silver necklace in his room. She thinks she might have lost it during sex. He says she’s better than Wonder Woman in bed. They have the pledges cleaning in awkward costumes. Kappy thinks he’s come up with a major. He wants to major in the Prof. Rusty says everyone is creeped out by him. And one of the pledges is making out with the Prof’s daughter. In comes the campus cops because of a noise complaint.

Casey and Ashleigh are at the reunion (I remember going to mine, it was so fun to see my old room again! But it was during senior week not when other people were around.) Sunny, an old friend says she’s lost touch with all of her friends from freshman year, they were friends just for rooming together. They have nothing in common really. Ashleigh storms off.

The KTs need to get the prof and his daughter off the property so as not to get everyone in trouble. They throw the dad over the fence and then have to stall the mom to get him upstairs.

The Omega Chais have an idea. Everyone gets an envelope which they have to return by tomorrow. If the money is returned anonymously in an envelope then all’s well (but we know–or at least are meant to assume–that Evan used the money to buy Rebecca the necklace and will therefore not have the money to return. I will say this seems like a stupid thing to do, even for him.).

Rebecca and Beaver come to stall. Rusty thinks they must have slept together. Cappy tells him not to tell. Rusty suggests getting back at Evan with Rebecca and Beaver but Cappy wants to get back at everyone. They find Rebecca’s necklace stuck in the Prof’s chest hairs. Kappy rips it off and just in time they get out.

Casey rants to Katherine about how it can’t be her fault that her relationship with Ashleigh is messed up. She’s been focused but so has Ashleigh. Katherine’s never been on the same page as anyone. She considers Casey a friend. Maybe they could be the kind of friends who will be on the same page. Katherine offers her a book to borrow. Katherine is sorry that Ashleigh and her are growing apart. Casey wonders if their friendship is over. (I love that Katherine and Casey are real friend now though I don’t love the reasoning behind it. It seems shallow.)

Ashleigh sits alone in the laundry room and Casey comes over. They snark on Sunny and then reminisce on meeting each other and Franny in the laundry room. Things were easier back then. They have more going on now. They’ll have to work harder to stay on the same page. They never had to work on it before. Is it true that they’re only friends because they were roommates? Maybe it’s why they became friends not why they stayed friends. They are growing up not apart. Let’s not live in the past.

At the KT house the Prof says he needs to separate himself from the house. It’s not where he’s supposed to be. He’s dad and professor now, not T-Bag. He belongs on the other side of the fence. He likes his life. College isn’t about rules. College is fun. He’ll miss it but it’s never the same once you leave. You can’t go back so enjoy it now. (You know that song “I Wish I Could Go Back To College?”) Kappy says he made a lot of sense. Does that mean he won’t graduate?

Calvin figures out that Evan did steal the money. Though he returned it. He marked Evan’s envelope to prove him innocent. He’s upset. Evan NEEDED to buy Rebecca a present. He’s always been surrounded by money and he’s getting used to not being. Calvin says he gave up the trust fund because he didn’t like what the money was turning him into but maybe the money wasn’t the problem.

Cappy thanks Rebecca for her help and gives her the necklace that she lost, with the hair attached. Cappy asks if she’s being mean about keeping the necklace if she doesn’t feel the same way as Evan. She’s not the kind of person who gets serious. She wants things to stay simple. He says he isn’t sure he’s ready to graduate and move on. The idea is scary. But what about Casey? What if she goes elsewhere for grad school? Well, no idea so let’s enjoy the sunshine.

Casey wrote an essay about the law building on the past. It’s about nostalgia. It’s good. There’s a weird moment (did he just get an erection or something?) and she pulls back awkwardly.


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