Greek: Camp Buy Me Love

Cappy brings Casey flowers to apologize. He says he bought the flowers. She thanks him for the flowers. She asks if he means the apology. He said he’s sorry for the fight. She says he no longer wants to move forward after graduation. She has to go.

Rusty and Ashleigh meet up as she tries out for Eighties night at Dobblers. He doesn’t know what to do between Katherine and Dana. He wants to make sure he has the right match. Ashleigh says Katherine will never talk to him again because he ran out on her. She’s mortified. In comes awkward teacher dancing it talk about teen marketing in the 80s. He asks if she’s positive that he blew it with Katherine. That means he can date Dana. She’s pretty great. But Ashleigh points out that he might have ruined it with her too.

In the lab Rusty gets distracted by Dana and hurts himself but then he asks her how she is and she gets her finger stuck in her hair. He says nothing happened with Katherine. He asks her out on Saturday. She’ll have to think about it. Just kidding. Of course.

Casey and Ashleigh discuss Cappy’s lack of drive. What if they’re too different? Ashleigh says she needs to address this with him. Didn’t you know how he is when you got back together? She’s afraid that they can’t possibly work.

Evan and Calvin talk about Rebecca. He knows she slept with someone but he doesn’t know who. Calvin suggests going to the eighties party. Calvin says he thinks Rebecca really did like him.

Rusty runs into Katherine and he turns away. She calls him over and he tells her he doesn’t think she’s fat. She says she isn’t angry. She was at first but she realized that he was right and his realization was the height of chivalry. She’s mortified by her actions and she’s hoping they can move passed it. She asks if he has plans for the party and he says no. She doesn’t usually have dates for these events. She has to go but she promises to call him back.

Casey sits with Cappy to talk about their future. What if she doesn’t get into CRU Law? He wants to deal with it later. Does he plan to be in college forever? Cappy’s parents arrive. Right? They’re like the epitome of hipsters. Totally explains Cappy.

Rusty asks his fellow KTs for help. They don’t see the problem with having two girlfriends at one time. It’s never happened to him before. How does he choose the better girl. Beaver says date both. There’s nothing wrong with that unless both are casual. Lie to them and slip in the word casual a lot. Rusty takes this advice.

Casey wants to study with Evan for a bit before meeting Cappy and his parents for lunch. Evan says they’re flaky hippies. She finds it weird to talk to Evan about their relationship problems. He can be objective about her…She isn’t aimless like them. Dale offers cookies to Casey but refuses to give one to Evan because he is mean to girls. Everyone knows that Rebecca cheated on him. Rebecca had always been up front about her plans but he tried to forcing something she didn’t want. Sound like anyone?

Dana and Rusty talk. She saw Katherine. Rusty lies about them not being friends. Dana makes a comment about how he wouldn’t string someone along just to dump her later.

Casey finds Cappie and says worry about future plans after the parents leave. His parents show up and want to go camping. Casey comes to her rescue and suggests they do that another time. Cappy’s mom pulls her aside to say they want to discuss future stuff. Future. Huh. Casey says she can manage the camping trip.

Rusty comes to talk to Ashleigh about his dating situation again. She thinks she’s an expert on dating because she watched a lot of movies. He knows how she feels about the double dating. Ashleigh says Dana is the girl for her because she’s the nerd. He says it feels right. Ashleigh tells him he has to tell Katherine the truth. (I dislike this choice.)

Casey gets bitten by mosquitoes on their camping trip. He suggests they get lost while looking for firewood but she wants to hear more baby Cappy stories. Cappy’s entire life was spent moving around. Casey wants the discussion of the future to begin but the rents aren’t ready.

Calvin shows his eighties get up. Evan doesn’t know what to wear. Clavin says he has to get over Rebecca by getting the necklace back. How? Calvin may have someone on the inside (Dale).

Casey is surprised that there’s only one tent but Cappy’s parents assure her that she and Cappy will have some time together. Cappy has gotten a lot of random scholarships. He has almost a free ride to CRU. Casey suggests his ability to graduate and his parents suggest he stay as long as he needs. Learning can be a lifelong process. Won’t his scholarship money run out? Well they have inheritance too. They believe life is about doing what you want not what society tells you. Casey gets upset and leaves.

Rusty comes to talk to Katherine to tell her he can’t go out with her. She asks if it’s because she’s weird or she’s a whore. She says she’s disappointed, she thought she’d found her match. She was so excited to find a Greek Geek. She thought they had a unique understanding. Someone who wouldn’t make fun of her for being excited to open her new textbook. He does understand. He begins to doubt his decision when she closes the door on him.

Cappy wants to talk to Casey. She loves him and wants to be with him but how can that happen if he never graduates. She sees more for him. He has potential. He doesn’t want to change. He wants to be like his parents. What’s wrong with growing up?

Dale doesn’t want to help Evan. But he’d be happy to bring down Rebecca. He gets all the girls into the kitchen for low carb snickerdoodles. They get to Rebecca’s room and search. He’s found it. And then he finds something from their first date. Why? (Maybe she does care?) Ashleigh realizes the snickerdoodles are fattening. Rusty comes in to tell her he thinks he’s screwed up. He thinks Katherine is a better match. Maybe Katherine is an underdog even though she looks imperious. Ashleigh thinks he still has a shot. (Ashleigh, real life is not the same as a movie!)

Cappy’s mom catches up with Casey to talk. Are they fighting about something that can’t be resolved? Casey is the most important person in his life. They moved around so much that he didn’t get a chance to bond and he’s lived longer in the KT house than anywhere else. Casey and the KTs are his family. They haven’t managed to reconcile their differences. Cappy’s parents are splitting up. They were never married but they are going separate ways. They’ve been fighting and they don’t want to stay the same place. As soon as they accepted it was over, the fighting stopped. Not all relationships are meant to last forever.

At the party Evan drinks more bad beers. He toasts to closing the Rebecca chapter of his life. Calvin picks out Katherine as the next one to talk to. Evan agrees even though Katherine is a little intense. She thinks she needs to be more of a people person. He offers to buy her a drink. Ashleigh and Rusty arrive and but as Rusty goes to talk to her Evan arrives with the drink. They fight. Rusty mentions Rebecca cheating on him with Beaver. Evan punches Rusty. Neither of them are making themselves look good in front of Katherine but Katherine goes to talk to Rusty as he ices his face. She wants to know what he wanted to talk about. He wanted to say hi, happy eighties. You can see she was hopeful and is now disappointed. Ashleigh sits down and Rusty says he would have made a mistake with Katherine. He looked into her eyes and realizes that he wants Dana. She inspires him because she’s proud of who she is. (I’M UPSET!) But he already broke his date with Dana. Ashleigh says it’s not over. She has one more idea. Poor Katherine sitting all alone and reading a book and some almost hot guy is interested.

Casey and Cappy talk by the fire. Cappy says all the signs were there. She wants to talk about something…she’s sorry for trying to change him. She can accept him as is. Worry about graduation in May.

Rusty shows up at Dana’s to get her attention with a boombox outside her window. Dana never got his message because it was staticky. They kiss. (BOOO.) Ashleigh is proud of herself.

Casey and Ashleigh discuss the weekend. She finally woke up. It was surprisingly comfortable once she let go. No more fighting. She needed to face reality. She and Cappy aren’t built to last. They work in college not anywhere else.


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