Toddlers and Tiaras: Gold Coast OC Spring Pageant

Michaela, 8, likes to do pirate stuff in pageants. They’re certainly not boring. They’re “glampirates.” Her talent routine is more difficult for this pageant. They don’t use coaches because her mom thinks she can do it. Her mom studied sword fighting and did baton twirling. They apparently go hand in hand. Her talent is singing. Preps by packing. They’ve got lots of props. Rather than ride in the van, her daddrives behind in motorcycle.

Sparkal, 7, has only done 3 pageants so far. Her dad liked that they had a hobby because it freed up time for him but then he got involved too. She likes to impersonate people. She has a fan club from her youtube videos (her imitating music videos). This is the biggest pageant she’s ever done and she’s nervous. Her mom googled information about what she needs. They pick out her clothes for formal wear, bathing suit, and talent. She’s never done the talent one before. She has a vocal coach.

Cassidy, 7, starting doing pageants at 2 months old. She’s done 100-150 pageants and gets really angry at the winners when she wins. Her behavior makes her stand out. Energetic aka “wild.” Undiagnosed ADHD her parents think. She doesn’t think she’s hyper. Her mom is equally competitive. Her mom stormed out when she didn’t win queen in her first pageant. If she loses this pageant she will slap the winner and take all the money. Goes to acting classes. She wants to be in a horror movie. Her mom bribes her with sunglasses to practice. It’s a big expense so they have to take pageants seriously. The cost effects the family.

Pageant time. Sparkal looks cute but in a dress that doesn’t quite like her clothing fits. Cassidy goes up and she says she doesn’t like being on stage all that much because she doesn’t like to smile. Her mom says she’s doing awful. She’s quite calm for her. She gets upset at her mother telling her to smile and throws a very calm temper tantrum. Michaela’s division is tough.

Cassidy and her mom talk about their issues. Michaela’s excited for swimsuit because she gets to do pirate stuff. Sparkal is all rockstar diva for swimwear. Cassidy apparently likes swimwear much more and “rocks it.” Her mom even cries and learns that she should stay in the back and be quiet from now on. Michaela’s excited for hers.

Talent competition time. Before the start Sparkal hears someone else singing that mkes her afraid to go on so as not to look bad. Cassidy is hyperactive due to lack of herbal supplement. She’s doing magic. Sparkal gets her confidence back and gets on stage. (PS- she can’t really sing…) She’s eh. Michaela has a whole act that includes baton twirling and dancing and she does very well.

Crowning. 5-7 yrs old. Cassidy gets Prettiest Eyes. Sparkal gets Miss Personality. High Point winner is…Cassidy. 8-10. Most Beautiful Face goes to Michaela. High Point is…Michaela. High Point winners are called back on stage to determine who won Overall High Point/Supreme. Cassidy’s mom assumes they won’t win. Michaela and her mom think she has a shot at winning. The winner is…Michaela! Cassidy looks sad. At least she doesn’t hit anyone though she does pop a balloon. (Her mom promised her a Nintendo DS is she won, knowing she wouldn’t get it.) $500 to Michaela.


Toddlers and Tiaras: Outlaw Pageant

Isabella, age 6, began doing pageants as a baby. Her mom’s not sure if she’s ready for high glitz. She likes feeling like a rockstar on stage. She and her brother play. She rehearses her acceptance speeches. She’s worn her glasses in past pageants. Glitz pageants make her feel like a princess.

Hailey, age 6, intends to “shoot down the competition” and she takes glitz very seriously. Cue her and her siblings shooting bb guns. She won her first pageant at 9 months old (despite sleeping through it). She’s won all but 1-2 pageants. She’s very competitive. Looking through her stuff, her mom says it’s like the prom. She’s got a flipper. She has an advantage because she’s been doing pageants for so long.

Jayden, age 5, loves pageants and started at 6 months. She’s been in over 150 pageants. She practices her western routine with her coach. She has a great pageant world reputation. She’s “gonna rock it out!” Jadyn began in full glitz two years ago. Her coach won’t be at the pageant so she’s giving her tips now. She doesn’t like getting her eyebrows doesn’t because she’s afraid of getting poked in the eye.

Isabella answers the door to her pageant coach. Her coach thinks she’s adorable and shines because she loves the stage. She likes to practice so that she can be really good. She’s only had her routine for a few days and if she forgets she just makes it up.

Jayden plans to rule the pageant. She loves glitz and is getting a pedicure. Her mom thinks she stands out because of her beauty and she says she’s a diva. Her mom says Jayden gets whatever she wants, but she’s not spoiled.

Hailey gets highlights because her hair color is too common. Her mom says she takes it seriously because Hailey does. Hailey is her whole world. Hailey says her mom is her best friend.

Isabella and her mom leave to start the 6-7 hour drive to the pageant. They’re nervous about how competitive rumors say southern pageants are. Isabella thinks she’ll do really really really good.

Jayden’s excited for her new outfit but her boots are too big and they’re worried that it will make her fall during the cartwheel or it will fly off when she kicks. She hopes she doesn’t break her neck.

Hailey practices with her mom. They need lots of energy and sheer perfection. Hailey is a perfection and her own toughest judge. Hailey hates practicing. She says she’ll be upset if she loses.

Isabella gets tanned when she gets to the hotel. It’s a new woman and her mom wants her not to get dark. Isabella dislikes it because you have to stand naked (meaning in a bathing suit). She’s darker than usual which makes her mother worried. Isabella says that the outlaw pageant is cow everything.

Pageant day has arrived. Isabella’s mom is very worried about her tan. She also thinks the fake eyelashes are weird. She doesn’t like how different she looks. Isabella likes it. Jayden and her mom worry over her hair and makeup. Ultimately Jayden’s satisfied with her look and thinks she will win.

Beauty Wear first.

4-5 year olds first. This is Jayden’s category. She’s got a little cheering section. She sometimes has a tough time with her smile but today she did well. It might have been one of her best performances ever.

Backstage Hailey tells us that she is perfect.

6-8 year olds next. Isabella is excited. She looks like she’s squinting because she can’t see. Her mom says she did better than expected. Hailey thinks she will do very good and win. She walks in with a little strut. Her mom thinks she did fabulous.

Western Wear second. Backstage is crazy as they chance outfits and hair and makeup. They stuff Jayden’s boots to keep them on properly. They make her feel a little bit awkward.

4-5 year olds go. Some tissue paper falls out in the middle of her cartwheel but she just kept going. She comes back and says “I rocked it out!” and does a little dance.

6-8 now. Isabella is looking forward to western wear because it is her first time doing it. Hailey says she never gets nervous because she never forgets her routines. Hailey does it with compete confidence.She says that everything she did was perfect. Isabella goes on and her moves are a little wild but she’s very into it with a little energy, She forgot her moves so she made it up and “ran all over and went crazy.” It was truly genuine, her mom says.

Judges say the kids were great and scores will be tight.

Time for crowning. This is Hailey’s favorite part. 4-5 first. Prettiest Hair, Most Beautiful, and Most Photogenic all go to Jayden. 6-8. Hailey and Isabella both get awards. Isabella gets sweetest face and most beautiful. Hailey is sure she will get the top supreme title. All 3 girls place out of their age group with the highest scores. Best Overall Western Wear goes to Isabella. (Jayden’s mom doesn’t think she can win over Hailey. Overall Mini Supreme goes to Hailey. Jayden wins Ultimate High Supreme (1st).

Hailey’s mom worries that she’ll be upset. Isabella is very happy and her mom cried.

Toddlers & Tiaras: Beautiful Dolls

44 contestants in this full glitz pageant where everyone is meant to feel like a winner. It has a $500 cash prize for the ultimate grand supreme winner.

5 year old Kailee was 4 months old when she began pageants. It wasn’t really her choice but she’s been pretty successful. She likes the fancy clothes.

Sterling is 5 and began at age 4. She brings home titles. Paris is 3 and began a year ago. She’s already won two grand supreme titles. Powerhouse of pageant girls here. The dad is fine if that’s what they want. They love the excitement, the stage, the people.

Skyler, age 4, loves being on stage. She started at 2.5 years old. Her mom did pageants. Skyler’s getting her eyebrows done by her mom because she hates unibrows. Her mom hopes she won’t pick up on her disappointment if she loses.

Kailee’s mom wishes pageants didn’t cost $6-9,000 a year. Just this tournament will cost $6-700. The entry fee alone is $130. The grandparents help out.

Sterling and Paris use “magic hair” aka a wig. The mom is a fan of anything that can enhance beauty.

Skyler tries on her dress. Skyler is super quiet. Her mom says she’s a girlie girl. I’m wondering if she’s spoken yet on screen. She’s very obedient. She has a cop outfit with handcuffs and a no donuts sign. Skyler practices every day before a pageant. Her mom takes pageants seriously, too much effort to look at it as a joke.

Sterling has gotten her first flipper because she lost a tooth and the smile has to be flawless. Her mom fears that it will fall out and is counting on her to keep it in. The family goes shoe shopping. Sterling puts on shoes higher than the ones her mother wears.

Kailee’s mom views pageant prep like any other competition. Nail polish is like protective equipment in sports. She gets her nails done.

Skyler’s dad isn’t a fan of pageants. He used to go to the pageants but was concerned by some of the mothers who seem to be overweight and unhealthy and doing it for themselves. He said he didn’t like pageants and Skyler got upset so he tried to show he’s ok with it.

Sterling and Paris practice. Her mom says Sterling must work on smiling and projection. Paris needs to get more familiar with where to go on stage. The mom says she’s competitive to an extent and wouldn’t make them do it if they didn’t want to.

Kailee’s mom does her makeup. She gets poked in the eye. Sterling can’t keep her eye clothes for the eyelashes. She and her sister have a professional makeup stylist. (Sterling looks creepily older than a five year old.) The family prays for the girls to bring home the crown. Skyler’s tan looks odd. Her mom drinks red bull. You can’t tell but Skyler’s excited. Paris’s nail fell off. For every minute you’re late you lose a point.

Beauty first…

Most of the baby miss contestants seem to be on the floor bawling or being yanked to their feet by their arms.

Kailee is told by another contestant that she’s the most beautiful.

Paris is up in the 2-3 division and she is anxious to go. She looks full of energy but her smile is kind of creepy. She doesn’t want to get off the stage when she’s done.

Now comes 4-5 group. Sterling comes on and moves very slowly. Her dad says she was wonderful. Skyler wants her mother to come up with her and has sudden, unusual stage fright. Her mom convinces her to go on but she’s a bit off and her mom begins to panic. Kailee comes on and her mom does the motions in the crowd and her mom says Kailee’s beauty is off. (She heads off the wrong way.)

Casual wear. Paris is up on casual wear. She didn’t do a split but was otherwise awesome. Sterling likes her firefighter outfit because it’s sassy. Does she even know what that means? She could have done more but overall she did well. Skyler is much more comfortable now. She does a split. And she accidentally throws away her gun. Kailee has a rock routine and she also looks better here. It’s her favorite routine. Her mom cried a little bit at how well she did.

Crowning time. Kailee says she doen’t want a smaller crown and will be mad if she gets one.

Paris raises her hand for an award she didn’t get. Paris does get queen of her division.

Sterling and Skyler is in the next division. Sterling gets most beautiful. Model goes to Sterling. Best dressed is received by Sterling. Prettiest hair is given to Sterling. Queen of the group is…someone we haven’t hear anything about. Neither of the girls we know got anything yet which means they’re eligible for a bigger prize at the end. Sterling doesn’t understand this and is upset. Paris really wants to get back on stage and throws a tantrum.

Kailee is in the next group. Her mom tells her she will be proud of her no matter what happens. She receives prettiest eyes. Kailee wins queen of her group.

Sterling is crying backstage because she doesn’t understand why she didn’t get anything.

Time for Supremes. Novice Supreme goes to Sterling. Now she’s happy. Mini Supreme goes to Skyler. She can’t even say what she is. The Ultimate Grand Supeme goes to a toddler whose name is Alycesandra.

Toddlers & Tiaras: Stars of Pennsylvania

This is a prelim pageant.

Meadow is 7. She’s done 100 pageants and says she’s a professional. She’s been doing them since age 3. She loves being the center of attention.

The Ayala family has 3 girls who compete in pageants. Angela, 8, has done pageants. Aliana, 3, won a crown in her second pageant. The littlest likes dresses and doing the pageants with her sisters. Addison, 4, has gotten awards too. They do the pageants because they make friends and build confidence.

Roni, age 2, is the “only little princess” of her mother. She can’t seem to pay attention to anyone. She decided to put her in pageants because people kept saying she was adorable. She’s won a grand supreme and has done many pageants.

Meadow and her mom look for outfits. They watch a video from her first glitz pageant. Her mom says it’s given her confidence in school.

The Ayala’s dad was a soldier in Afghanistan and this is the first pageant he gets to see. He’s excited to see them perform.

Roni’s mom tries to get her to practice and she’s not interested. Her grandparents help out. As the first grandchild, Roni is very spoiled.

Meadow goes to her hairstylist, this is the hair necessary for the win. The hairstylist’s daughter is Meadow’s coach. She became a winner with their help.

One of the boys of the Ayala pageant because it is girl stuff. He says he doesn’t like to do it. Addison is allowed to get a hairpiece because her brother cut off all her hair once. They don’t let their kids do the fake stuff-teeth, tan, eyelashes- and they rent dresses.

Roni has things that say “it’s not easy being a princess” and “diva.” They try to get Roni to practice by making it a game with her dolls but it doesn’t always work. Roni doesn’t want to try on her clothes. Her mom likes swimwear best. Roni lies on the floor yelling “stop it!” and doesn’t want to try them on but then she follows her mom anyway.

Time to go to the pageant (Roni is crying–does she ever not whine?) It’s snowy and Roni has a coach. The cost is $50 an hour. She doesn’t have any interest and just lies down. The coach brings in another kid to pressure Roni into doing it. It succeeds.

Meadow arrives a little late and they’re stressing up. Her mom thinks she looks awesome all done up and Meadow likes doing it. She thinks the fake stuff accentuates how they look. Meadow says sometimes she gets nervous when she has good competition.

Margie coaches the 3 girls from the Ayala family. Margie says normally the “bushy eyebrows gotta go.” The mom isn’t a fan. Margie seems to think they have no shot of winning. Normally they do longer session but there isn’t enough time and she’s not confident that she can get them ready in time.

Because of the weather there are fewer competitors. The boys have a single category. The girls use “butt paste” to keep their bathing suits in place (like tough skin in gymnastics)

Roni tans. She uses hairpieces.

Apparently everyone should have a coach who won’t hold back.

Aliana and Roni are in the same group. Aliana struggles. Her hair is nothing compared to the others but she’s still cute though she looks down too long. Up goes Roni who doesn’t want her mom to come on stage with her and did “fabulous”. She wants to go swimming after getting off stage.

Addison doesn’t look happy when she gets on stage. She’s very shy and looks uncomfortable but she perks up a bit. The dad feels a little out of place.

Angela gets up on stage and looks comfortable.

Meadow has a somewhat scary smile on but she does her routine perfectly. She says it was a lot of fun.

They prep for casual wear and Roni doesn’t want to get dressed. Meadow practices her routine with her coach.

Aliana bounces around a bit and spins in circles. Roni, finally dresses, loves the stage and did “her sassy walk.” She also did “hey judges come here baby.” Addison basically stands still on stage. Meadow is in a tiny revealing top and dances around. Angela comes out in preppy cute.

Then comes swimwear. Roni runs on in a one shouldered bikini. She asks if they can go swimming again. Addison starts crying. For her turn she seems somewhat better. Meadow loves the stage. (For a glitz pageant it’s not so huge.)

The tough thing about pageants is that kids don’t understand why they didn’t win so the pageant makes sure everyone gets something.

Crowning begins and Roni falls asleep. Aliana wins best personality. Roni wins beauty wear, casual wear, swimwear. Roni will be vying for a supreme title. Aliana gets the queen for her division. (There seems to be only two girls?)

Tie for princess between Addison and another girl. Meadow wins beauty wear, causal wear, and swimwear. She is also vying for a supreme title. Angela gets beauty wear and queen. She’s a little upset because she wanted the higher titles and she says she likes natural pageants instead of glitz.

Now for the supremes, who got the highest scores. Roni doesn’t get called. Meadow gets Mini Supreme. Finally Roni gets called up (her grandmother seems to be crying). Roni wins grand supreme for the first time ever. The crown is too big for her head and has to be held on.

Meadow’s mom wonders how Roni won over her daughter. It’s also Roni’s 3rd birthday. Final scene: Roni’s mom kissing the scepter and crown.

Toddlers and Tiaras: Southern Celebrity Winter Wonderland

This is another co-ed tournament. It is a glitz pageant. (How does that translate for the boys?) This is a big competition with a lot of contestants.

Destiny Ellis, 5, loves pageants. Her grandmother comes over to play pageant. She started at age 2 and won. Her sister Daylee, age 2, just started to do it too. The girls fight and the mother says it’s starting to look like a real pageant now. Destiny’s been in 24 pageants and made $5-6,000 dollars while Daylee’s “only” won $150. They’ve been going to this pageant for 3 years but it doesn’t give away money.

Karmen Walker, 6, has been doing pageants since age 3. She gains confidence.

Payton Lemasters, 6, is doing his final pageant. They want him to win his last pageant. He’s won a number of trophies.

Destiny looks at her new dresses. She makes the dresses for $800 which is cheaper than buying it.

Karmen picks out her outfits now. Karman wants to wear the wedding dress because she wants to wear it. She wants a long dress but little girls wear short dresses. Only the big girls wear long ones. Her mother thinks she’s really upset about the passing of her grandparents. Karmen says she wants to take a break. She counts her crowns- 87 crowns. Karmen says she feels better now and is ready for the pageant.

Payton practices without coaches. They think coaches are a waste of time. Payton’s dad is supportive. He was iffy at first but after the first he was hooked.

Destiny and Daylee practice their make up. Their mom prefers natural, but at their level it requires the make up.

Karmen’s mom sets up the spray tan tent. Tans make them look healthier. Karmen jumps at the tanning and starts crying because it’s cold. Her mom tells her to quite whining.

Payton gets his hair done. His mom thinks it’s easier to have a boy in pageants than girls because he doesn’t have to do glitz ups.

Daylee wants to practice first. She’s so cute. They try to practice at least once every night. Destiny can’t remember the routine and is having trouble.

Karmen goes with her mother to her coach. Pageant coaching are expensive so they only do it once a month. She hides in a corner after having some problems. The coach says other girls practice every day and it will be tough for Karmen.

Payton pays with his brothers. He’s moving on to four wheeled racing. He’s a little sad to stop because he gets a lot of trophies.

Pageant Day has arrived. There’s a 2 month old contestant! OMG.

The judges love Payton getting on stage. You never know what Karmen’s going to do. Daylee is full of personality. Destiny is a doll and has great routines.

Daylee starts crying that her stomach hurts and she’s coughing. With some medicine she seems ok.

Beauty wear is first. Daylee is up first and despite feeling sick she seems fine on stage. Onto the boys. Payton hopes for a perfect score. (He doesn’t know how to wink.)

Karmen is being uncooperative. She’s tired and starvin’.

Destiny wants to look in the mirror. Destiny is late and she’s not there when she’s supposed to be on stage. If she didn’t make the line up in the beginning she wouldn’t have been eligible for the small awards. Destiny’s the most composed/elegant standing.

Karmen’s mother makes her practice back stage. “Bigger smile. That’s terrible. Flirt. You’re not flirting!” She thinks she’s going to win, she feels prettier than other girls. (And there’s a 7 year old with a long dress.) Another little girl tells her she’s crazy.

Girl’s outfit of choice. Whose choice? Daylee shows good personality. She doesn’t look overly make upped, just cute.

Payton looks like he loves it on stage. He said he was fired up.

Karmen likes the walk like an egyptian part of pageants? (costume and dance).

Destiny’s mother says “go ahead and mess it up not my crown, not my trophy” when Destiny smudges the make up. While she’s on stage her parents keep yelling at her to hurry. Her mother thinks she took too long.

Karmen does some dance/stretching stuff. She was apparently off on her routine. Didn’t notice.

Crowning. There’s a queen in every age division and then the grand supremes.

Most photogenic goes to Daylee. If you’re left on stage with nothing it means you get a supreme title later.

Payton gets best dressed. Payton will be coming back up.

Destiny is coming back up later.

Karmen gets Celebrity Queen, meaning she can’t get supreme. She’s disappointed and doesn’t sound like she’s happy for the crown. Her mother says she doesn’t think she deserved the supreme. Karmen says she’s smiling on stage.

Grand supreme in tiny miss is Daylee. Payton gets the boys grand supreme and his mom starts to cry. Destiny gets the grand supreme for the highest score. Her crown is too big for her head. she always thought she would win it.

They announce that it is Payton’s last pageant so they have him do his final goodbye walk. He’s garnered over 100 titles in the last four years. (And remember that he can come back if he wants.)

Toddlers & Tiaras: Kentucky Southern Celebrity

Kentucky Southern Celebrity Pageant has glitz and all natural contestants. They’re trying to make dreams come true one crown at a time.

Kaleigha Reynolds, 4 years old, has been in pageants since she was 3 months and has been in over 300 pageants. Her mother came across a pageant website before her daughter was born and that’s how they decided to enter their daughter. She’s won a title for 75% of the contests, mostly relating to her personality.

Holly Ooten, age 7, is next. She’s apparently never lost. She wants to be Miss USA, a doctor, and a preacher. Her mother thinks pageants have given her confidence.

Jadyn Milam, six years old, loves pageants because she likes getting awards. She’s relatively new to the pageant field. Her mom was hesitant at first. She says she felt secure in her first pageant. And she thinks she will win now.

Holly tries to pick outfits. She’s very picky. Holly’s cousin, Michaela Runyon, age 2, also competes. Holly and Michaela have always competed together. Holly practices while friends and family watch.

Kaleigha thinks she looks fabulous. Her best friend Mikayla Nelson comes over. She is also age 4 but she is less into the pageant. She just likes playing in make up.

Holly decides she wants to shave her legs. Michaela’s mother thinks she’s too young for that. They do it so that the tanning lotion will say better. (They do lotion instead of spray since apparently it can turn you green or orange.)

Jadyn’s grandparents help her out because her mother has work. They talk about how it’s unnecessary to spend hundreds if you can get a nice dress for a hundred. And she says that it’s silly for parents to show up at pageants looking homeless with kids looking a million bucks.

Kaleigha’s dad says the pageants are more competitive than football. She has a hard time concentrating since she’s so young so her mom is happy if she just does one practice.

Jadyn’s mother does her coach. Jadyn says she does feel confident. Then she asks what confident means.

Holly also gets her hair highlighted, which her aunt doesn’t like because she again thinks she’s too young.

Jadyn’s mother dislikes the fake stuff about pageants. They do hair extensions and eyelashes and that’s it. Jadyn says she’s a natural beauty and perfect the way she is.

Kaleigha’s got several different hairpieces. She’s using a wiglet. It takes hours to straighten her hair otherwise. Her mom just has to straighten the front but she says she wants to do it. Her dad says she’ll burn her head and she starts yelling at her dad to shut up.

The pageant director says the hardest thing to deal with is the unhappy parents at the end. Sometimes they’ll let you know in very public ways.

Pageant time. Everyone shows up. Jadyn’s mom is just concerned that the judges are looking only for high glitz and not natural. The judges are form out of state so that they don’t know the participants. They look at a child’s demeanor, look, and presentation.

Michaela is cranky while waiting to get dressed. She kicks and screams and they need three people to get her dressed. So her mother pulls her out of the pageant. Her mother’s just bothered by other people forcing her to do it. (She nearly starts crying and excuses herself.) Hooray for a responsible parent who cares about how her child feels.

This is a boys and girls competition. It has formal wear first. Meanwhile Kaleigha starts whining. She’s spoiled and hates waiting so they had to start her hair and makeup from the beginning. She watches the babies first, which she enjoys. A lot of the babies scream and cry.

In the 4-5 group are Kahleigha and Mikayla. Kahleigha’s thrilled to be on stage and just gives huge personality.

Now are Holly and Jadyn in the 6-7 age group. It’s the biggest competition Jadyn’s ever done. Jadyn asks Holly to be her buddy but Holly says she already has one. (Buddies mean that if the two girls have the highest scores combined they get the buddy award.)

It turns out you can have two buddies so no worries there.

The competition is tougher than usual. After formal wear they head to casual wear. (Jadyn with the space in her teeth is so cute.)

Jadyn’s outfit has a bit of a malfunction as the elastic is pulled out. Kaleigha tells the camera crew to stop filming her. Seeing the parents in the background doing the choreography is perhaps one of the most entertaining parts.

(Also interesting is the Coke bottle with the label removes.)

Kaleigha acts like a spoiled brat, calling her mom away from the camera.

Riley feels like Hannah Montana on stage. Jadyn loves her outfit because her grandmother made it for her.

Time for the crowning (back in beauty wear). The awards are Supreme, Queen, Princess including awards for most beautiful, etc. Kaleigha wins best outfit, most beautiful, best dressed. Kaleigha’s upset that she didn’t get a trophy but it’s because she’s eligible for the supreme.

Riley gets most beautiful. Jadyn gets best personality. (Jadyn’s family is upset that she didn’t get best outfit of choice.) Jadyn won most natural photogenic and Princess.Queen is Riley.Neither are eligible for supreme. Riley’s mom thinks she should have won more.

Kaleigha and her friend Makayla are eligible for supreme and are called back up. Makayla gets mini supreme. Kaleigha gets grand supreme, meaning she had the highest score of the day. Kaleigha’s worn out and moodily tells her parents she’s speaking.

Jadyn’s mother was shocked by the fakeness of the other girls. Riley isn’t discouraged by not getting a supreme title. Jadyn just wants to get out of her dress and head home.

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Toddlers & Tiaras: West Virginia Walk of Fame

One of the biggest pageants with boys and girls from many countries.

Follow Jayla first, age 6. Unusual in this family is that her father works with her on her routines. She started at one year old. They do 9 pageants a year, approximately. Doing pageants has made them grow closer.

Riley, age 6. Riley has been in 40 pageants she sounds british though her father doesn’t. She wrestles, which builds her confidence. She said she wanted to do pageants when she was 3 and she likes to win because she gets big trophies. They let her do it because she really enjoys it.

7 year old Hannah is doing a pageant for the first time in two years. She stopped doing it when her mother got pregnant but she thinks pageants are really fun so they’re getting back. She won almost every pageant she went to. They enjoy their time together.

Jayla isn’t the girl to bring home the big titles all the time. Most days she does well but she has off days. They just make it fun for her and let her decide when she wants to do one.

Riley’s mother thinks her strength is her personality. She loves playing with animals. She says she can “speak animal.” She says the birds like her being in glitz pageants best.

Hannah gets a flipper (fake teeth) because her teeth haven’t grown in yet after losing her front teeth. This will help her scores. Because they’ve been out of pageants they need to buy all new clothes. $3,000 spent for dress ($2,400 by itself), street wear, and hair.

Jayla has a personal dressmaker who has been making her outfits since she was a baby. Jayla likes the sparkles. (It costs $600.) Her father sees pageants as an investment–maybe a modelings agency will come form it?

Riley’s dresses are made by her mom or grandmother. This lets her know it was made with love. They don’t do glitz pageants often. They don’t tan her because she doesn’t want to.

Jayla does tan. It makes them look leaner, healthier, and brings out the dress. She seems to enjoy-“I’m getting brown!” This pageant is the pageant of the year.

Riley practices with her mother and her dolls as her judges. Her mom says they don’t worry about her score, just that she has fun.

Hannah likes the full glitz most, it’s just being a girl. She’s drinking coffee, and tells her mother to get her more. She likes having pretty nails.

This pageant developed to be high level but affordable. The exciting part is the red carpet wear. Some contestants are new to this pageant, but there are no beginners. The director is excited for Hannah’s return. Riley’s the sweetheart. Jayla is the diva.

Jayla’s dad has never seen so many dads helping out as now. (The little boys are so cute in their little tuxes!)

Riley doesn’t like eye liner and makes it difficult for the make up artist. Her mom says she was easy to refocus, as we see her crawling on the floor.

Hannah is thrilled to be back. She has a fall! (Seven year old with fake hair, come on!)

Jayla gets her make up done. She’s laughing as they do it and rubs some of it off because it’s itching. She has a hairpiece also.

Pageant starts. Step one–beauty wear. Pageants aren’t just about beauty, a judge tells us. They’re about the total package. The parents say you never know what the judges are looking for.

Jayla doesn’t want to walk slowly! She says it’s hard to do practice with a pouty face.

There are nine kids in Riley’s age group.

Jayla and Riley are in the 5-6 group. Apparently Riley’s favorite toy is balloons. Jayla does her routine properly once up. She apparently enjoys helping her daddy make her a fashion diva. Her father directs form the crowd.

Hannah is in the 7-8 year old division. She’s ready to get back on the stage. Her mother is nervous but she isn’t. Her hobby is singing in church. Her mother says she’s not fake while doing the pageants, she likes the spotlight.

Next is red carpet wear. Little girls dressed as Britney Spears get up on stage and shake their butts in front of everyone. Hannah’s costume is a girlie version of the Austin Powers suit.

Meanwhile Riley is racing around, not yet dressed. When her mother picks her up she complains. The bigger pageants amp her up. She says she’s running around because she feels like a baby bunny. She wants to hop like one too.

Jayla’s dad loves the red carpet wear. This part really separates the contestants because some just don’t get the right outfits.

Rileys says she’s “done good” because she remembered all her moves. One of the judges says she has the personality but not the glitz down.

Jayla seems to have loved it. Judge says Jayla just needs more practice.

Hannah’s division is up. She even adds the Austin glasses mid-performance. She thinks the judges liked it a lot. Judge was wowed by her, she’s the total package.

Riley hopes to get a big trophy and a crown that fits. Jayla is crying backstage.

This pageant has everyone getting a trophy and bigger crowns by awards, there’s no money awards. Riley wins prettiest smile. Jayle wins most beautiful. Riley and Jayla get state beauty. Grand Supremes are the biggest awards. Jayla’s proud of her daughter for doing her best. Riley’s happy for getting a crown and trophy.

Hannah gets most beautiful. Hannah is recognized as being in the running for the Mini or Grand Supremes. Hannah wins Grand Supreme! That’s the top honor. She gets her own director’s chair and a crown taller than her head.

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