10 Things: Revolution

Sexy car wash plans by Bianca and Chastity. Chastity thinks Bianca should be the new vice head president. It’s up to her anyway. They have an awkward moment when they run into the other girls they’re talking about. Chastity thinks they’re planning a coup. She wants to take them down.

Kat is at the University fair and goes to Brown. The brit kid pushes himself in and it makes Kat decide to run for Student Body President.

Bianca is unhappy because she wants to hang up posters for the car wash and Kat’s posters are in the way. Dad’s out of town, perfect time for a bikini car wash. Patrick is nearby, looking super buff (as Bianca says) and Kat decides to talk to him. She claims she didn’t go abroad because of Bianca. She also says they should be civil. She’d like his vote but he doesn’t “vote in these stupid elections.”

Bianca and Chastity and Dawn want to fight out what to and Dawn suggests a fake fight.

Kat has some girls helping her with her campaign. Meanwhile the brit is going for outrageous promises about parties.

Car wash time. Bianca and Chastity stage a fight. Problem…they diss each other but the disses get progressively meaner. Which means water girlfight. To a crowd watching. Chastity kicks Bianca off but the girls decide to vote Chastity off for throwing a sponge at Bianca. That didn’t seem to go so well…

Bianca and Dawn look over her injuries. Joey is on TV doing the Biggest Poser. It’s a weird animal shoot. The girls are mean to each other and Bianca says she hates how girls are mean to each other. Dawn says Chastity was mean first. Bianca wants to be better than the reality TV stars.

Kat tapes a video but she’s not very good. They suggest she smiles and needs a more interesting speech. Cam takes it and tells her to talk from the heart. That seems to be even worse. He comes up with a new idea. It involves making a mid-video where she raps…it’s weird and she kinda looks like Kelly Clarkson.

Blank has sent the girl to beat Kat and he thinks Kat might win with the video. Tabitha just wants to be in charge of prom.

Bianca says maybe they went too far, they should forgive Chastity. No one agrees. The new girl in charge says she’ll “try and forget the conversation.” Bianca and Dawn quit, hoping they can’t find anyone to replace them before the game.

Video time. Someone plays the video that had her being mean. Kat gets boo-ed. Blank stops her to say he had nothing to do with it but she doesn’t believe him. It was Tabitha, who is very pleased with herself.

Bianca is sure they’ll be asked back. Michelle comes for their uniforms, they have new girls. Uh-oh. They find Chastity to make a plan. Chastity has transferred because she was in the school only to be head cheerleader. So much for that plan.

Kat’s car has been trashed. But Patrick holds up a sign saying he voted for her. He comes over and gives her a hug and offers her a ride home.

Bianca is upset about everything that happened. Cameron says there are some cool things about being unpopular. Free time to hang out, lower cell bill. Dad arrives.

Something for Bianca to watch. Joey is in the hot tub with the girl who had a baby. She’s clearly flirting but he doesn’t get it, then she leans in to kiss him. End of episode.

Kat and Pat are in bed. Post-sex. No fights. Things are better for them. (Umm…dad’s coming…) She asks him a favor: don’t break my heart. He agrees. Before he can ask his favor, in comes dad. And he’s not leaving.


10 Things: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Kat and Pat see each other and…ignore each other awkwardly. Bianca whines about missing Joey, he’s only been gone two days. Kat suggests she call him but they only have one phone in the model house. Kat says she’s done with Patrick. Then they see their dad talking to the guidance counselor and realize they’re dating. Bianca freaks. Kat suggests calming down, maybe they aren’t dating. Bianca is sure. Kat says they support dad, they’ve been wanting dad to date forever. Dad denies when he gets home and then admits it. It’s something special, maybe…Bianca tells him not to date her. Kat insists so Bianca agrees to have her over for dinner.

Kat’s doing some weird yoga thing when she sees Pat flirting with a girl. The person leading the group welcomes Kat but she’s distracted. Kat volunteers to go with the group to Nepal.

Bianca gets a call from Joey and she tells him about her dad. What if she becomes her stepmom?!? Before they can talk the phone is pulled away from Joey by another model.

Cameron is trying to open a locker. It’s a love poem for Dawn. Pat sees Kat smiling and laughing and he’s sad.

Dinner with the guidance counselor. Kat tells her dad about the program she wants to go on. Ms. Tharpe supports Kat’s idea, her dad is not so into it. Bianca asks Ms. Tharpe if she’s been married. No, but she’s been engaged 4 times. She was arrested once. Bianca gets a call from Joey but her dad hangs up. She storms off.

Ms. Tharpe goes up to talk to Bianca who just wants to be alone. She knows how she feels. They go shopping together and exercise and pedicures…Basically, they become besties and it’s kind of weird.

Kat keeps pushing the Nepal thing. He basically says it’s up to her without saying it.

Bianca gets a call from Joey while in class. He’s been doing well on his go-sees. The teacher takes her phone away.

Kat and Pat run into each other. She reveals that she’s leaving for three months. He tells her to have fun. Dawn is thrilled about Cameron’s poem. It gets Patrick thinking, maybe I should show her.

The trip doesn’t sound so great with all the things that could go wrong.

Bianca interrupts one of Ms. Tharpe’s session because she wants to get her phone. Ms. Tharpe says in school she’s the guidance counselor not her friend and then Bianca is angry and runs off. She then insists her dad stop dating her. (Bianca!)

Kat finds out that the person she thought was coming to Nepal isn’t. Pat approaches and he has…her earring for her.

Bianca and Joey are talking. Joey is nervous about make over day. Bianca gets off the phone mid-conversation and goes to sit with her dad who is miserable. She says she was being selfish and says she’s switching guidance counselors.

Kat has all her stuff and she’s all sad and lonely as the only one without a significant other. Kat goes outside to try out her equipment. Bianca says she’s so brave. Kat says she doesn’t want to go but Patrick didn’t try to stop her. She starts crying. Bianca says she’s stopping her.

As far as episodes go, this one was pretty mediocre. Nothing actually changed.

10 Things: Changes

Dad flirts with Once-Mary Cherry and sets a new date. Bianca says she’s accomplished her first 3 pages of her dream journal. The next goal is a Martha Stewart worthy dinner party. She wants to do it Saturday, which is when his date is. He says he will cancel. Bianca says he can’t come and Kat will chaperone because she’s practically ancient.

Where is Kat? Making out in the car with Patrick. Pulling off shirts banter, lots of kissing.

Kat wants to plan when they should consummate. Saturday night. Bianca tells her about chaperone plans but Kat’s got plans. Even better.

Cameron and Dawn are still dating.. Cameron is thrilled. He didn’t tell Michael, he found out from graffiti. No longer Spoink. Saturday night video games? Michael has to tell him something first. He…just became a level 8 player! (I don’t think that’s it.)

Bianca goes over the dinner party plans with Joey. She had to invite Chastity. And Joey has an audition with The Biggest Poser. He wants her to come because she make him feel confident. And when he looks into her eyes he can see how hot he is.

Kat and Patrick get tested for STDs. As they fill out forms, Kat tries to see who he slept with. She’s slept with only one more person.

Cameron doesn’t know what to do. He’s double booked with Dawn and Michael for the dinner party. He wants Chastity to take Michael to the dinner party. He gives her a pep talk about popularity that gets her to agree.

Bianca worries over the seating arrangement but Joey has to stretch his face. (She worries about de-classing things by height differentials.) While he goes to audition, some girl tells him Joey will definitely make it and reality stars will dump of cheat on you. Then she goes to take a bikini shot with him. Bianca isn’t so confident anymore.

Kat waits for Patrick to come back from testing. All clear! Kat got her results faster so she was nervous. (PS who was the one person she slept with?) Pat takes a condom on the way out.

Kat lotions her legs and Bianca worries about her clothing. Bianca realizes that Kat plans to have sex. Kat says she’s mature while Bianca is an idiot. Kat was Bianca’s age when she slept with Josh. They moved the next day and he never called her again. He moved on two days later. It was devastating and she doesn’t want to see Bianca make the same mistake. Kat says she’s more mature. Love isn’t sex. They got tested…Wow, that sounds like a wonderful transaction. Joey is too busy looking for phone service (he’s expecting a call) to pay attention to how she looks.

Patrick has taken Kat to a place overlooking the cliff and decked out the van for them to do it in.

Chastity gives Michael ground rules: no physical contact, no looking in the eye. Michael reveals to Chastity that he’s gay. But he’s only been out for 3 days. Benji says he’s a newborn. He hasn’t told Cameron yet. So she tells everyone. Bianca says she won’t, she doesn’t want coming out drama at her dinner. Cameron thinks Michael and Chastity look great together. Michael says Chastity isn’t his type.

Dad and Mary Cherry are discussing all the reasons why they shouldn’t date. She realizes what they’re doing. She’s all psych-talking. She thinks they should give it a shot. He agrees.

Joey demonstrates his audition poses. Bianca asks him to watch the food. And get Dawn off Cameron’s lap because it isn’t elegant. He agrees but then he gets a call and runs out. Sure enough the meat burns. Great news though, he got in. He leaves for NY tomorrow. Seems Bianca’s dinner is ruined.

Kat and Patrick are in the back. He’s wanted to do this since the first day of school and the stare off. She says she won and he let her. He says he knew he’d get her eventually. This catches her off guard and she asks if that’s all she is to him. He doesn’t get that she’s upset. Until she puts her shirt back on. She says just because she wants to have sex, doesn’t mean she should. She’s not going to be fooled again.

Joey wants to make friends on the show then beat them. Bianca makes a toast to Joey but she’s all teary and the glass breaks so she runs off. They all don’t know what to do. Michael admits he’s gay. Chastity says she’s thrilled she came. Joey follows her upstairs and she says she’s happy for him but she’s worried everything will change. He says his feelings for her won’t change. He loves her no matter what. She loves him too! Kiss and make up. Best dinner party ever. Cameron is in shock. He says he needs a chance to process. It’s not as much a shock as it should be. So…he’s not wierded out which is good, cause also he has a crush on Joey.

Kat is home and upset and Bianca tells Kat the good news. Kat pretends to be fine about breaking up with Patrick. Right. Not even going to go after her Bianca?

10 Things: Just One Kiss

Kat is rude to some girls blocking her locker. The british guy asks her out with tickets to something she wants to go to. He says she should get over the Meat Day incident. She takes the tickets anyway and invites Patrick to go but he’s not interested.

Joey has gotten tickets to movie night. Bianca is with Cameron. It’s something that Cameron wanted to see. Bianca suggests going together with Dawn. Will Dawn be ok with this? It’s a make out movie. Dawn is not into it. Bianca tries to convince her it will be casual. Dawn can’t waste the Saturday on a “nork.” What if Cameron thinks it is a date! Bianca convinces her because she’ll let him know it isn’t a date. Cameron is sure that’s what she’s doing. He is already talking about the potential for their relationship. Not falling in love is hard! She gives him a mantra “these are not feelings of love.”

At the art show, Kat and Brit boy are there. He bugs her, she tells him to get lost, he follows. He makes her laugh. She maintains the snappy remarks though.

Bianca’s dad agrees to chaperone the movie but she tells him there are no spaces left. Cameron finds out it’s a make out movie and freaks out. He’s never kissed a human girl! Bianca tells him Dawn is still not over her ex.

Brit boy says it was an awful show. He asks her out on a proper date. She turns him down. She’s seeing someone. He’s your boyfriend. We don’t label things. So you can see other people? Well, let him know, he’s still interested.

Joey is prepping for their make out a thon. Cameron thinks the mantra is working! Dawn comes over and she seems to be into Cameron now or at least trying to style her.

Kat runs up to Patrick. He dislikes Blank (the british kid). She tells him about being asked out. Will she go? Why would Patrick care? Which means she’ll go just to spite him. Even though he clearly didn’t want her to.

Dawn is into Cameron now. He’s tall! And bumbling! Dawn will break his heart in a day or two. Dawn will just have to kiss him and see if he’s the one. So Bianca tells her dad he can chaperone. Naturally.

Kat and Brit are at the movie. They discuss and are snarkily enjoying themselves. Bianca’s dad uses water to separate the teens. The psychologist pulls him away. Dawn is doing her best to seduce Cam. He’s falling for it. So much for the mantra. They kiss and it seems to be going well. Joey wants to make out too. Only Kat and Brit aren’t making out. If you can’t beat them…ignore them? He has candy or something. Choc covered strawberries. He holds her hand, she is nervous. Patrick is watching. She pulls away, she can’t do this. Brit says Patrick is so…simple. He says she’s too good for him. Kat gets defensive and ends the date. Dawn is obsessing over Cameron. Bianca reminds her of the mantra but it doesn’t seem to work. These are feelings of love! That’s what Dawn does. She doesn’t want him to get his heartbroken.

Mary Cherry and dad talk. They are not close to the same age! She feels for him. She holds his hand. She’s lost someone. Her fiance. He wasn’t really dead though.

Kat and Brit are leaving but Patrick gets physical. Pat tells him to stay away from her girlfriend! Good, so they’re exclusive.

Cameron stops the making out. Dawn realizes Bianca told her. Dawn says she’s too meddling in Cameron’s love life. It’s true. So back to being a couple. Joey wants to know why she’s obsessing. They’re her best friends. It’s weird. She feels left out. He’ll stay with her.

All the happy couples make out, even Kat and Patrick. And even the guidance counselor and father!

10 Things: Too Much Information

I’m sad to say that this show has not been picked up for another season. But we’ll have to treasure the episodes we have left.

Joey stares at the cupcakes as Bianca watches a model show called the Biggest Poser. Joey tries to wrap up the cupcakes, tries being the operative word. Joey wants to apply to the show.

Kat comes into her room to find Patrick waiting for her. Her gives her a kiss. He wants to sleep over, she turns him down because she won’t have sex with him. But he reveals he’s been kicked out so she lets him sleep on the floor. He does try some extra seduction of course though he’s not as hot as he should be. But later Kat wakes up to find him gone and goes in search of him. She finds him eating cupcakes wearing nothing but his boxers. He’s sleepwalking. Kat tells him to go upstairs while she cleans things up.

In the morning Bianca searches for her cupcakes and Kat feigns innocence: “you know how I feel about processed sugars!” Her dad suggests Joey.

In school, Patrick asks Kat to borrow his car the next day. She was upset that he left right after she sent him upstairs. She wants to know what’s going on. He won’t tell her what’s wrong. She won’t let him borrow her car unless he tells her.

Joey comes to say he’s come up with an angle. Chastity and Bianca are friends again so they’re eating together. She asks if he ate the cupcakes. Bianca pretends to believe him but she doesn’t. She thinks maybe he has an eating disorder. Chastity says he’s just weird. Then she sees Joey spit out some food!

Cameron is looking for Patrick. He has a package for him because his mail is being sent to Cameron. Kat wants to know what’s going on, she’s worried. She wishes she could just open the package but Cameron refuses so she suggests following him. Cameron says no so Kat blackmails him.

Joey films his shirtless audition tape. Joey doesn’t like that his abs aren’t popping. Chastity thinks maybe he does have an eating disorder so the cheerleaders plan an intervention. (It is important to note that all of their information comes from television shows.)

Kat gives Patrick her car keys. Cameron picks her up to follow him in the most conspicuous car ever.

Bianca is concerned about an intervention. She doesn’t want to embarrass Joey. Chastity suggests making a fake intervention for Bianca so that he can realize they are similar.

Patrick goes to a corporate office building. Kat insists he follow after him. Cameron is the slowest driver ever, being newly licensed.

At the intervention, they go through the expected steps. Joey looks shocked at what he hears. Joey says he feels terrible about not knowing she had a problem. He called the guidance counselor in for help.

It’s almost an hour and still Patrick doesn’t come out. And Cameron has to pee so Kat suggests a cup. No dice. Patrick finds her and is upset that she followed him. She denies it. He reveals he was at his therapist’s. He storms off.

The guidance counselor asks her questions. Bianca tries to get rid of her but she’s not cooperating. (It’s Mary Cherry!) They also called her dad. Bianca reveals their true plan and Joey storms out. Stratford sisters getting problems with their boys. He didn’t lie about the cupcakes. He eats healthy. He was just excited about the video. She’s afraid he will get too thin because of model pressures. He tells her he wants her to pull him back if she ever sees it happening.

Kat follows Patrick to apologize. She offers to drive him home but he wants to go back to school. He doesn’t understand why she cares so much. Because…He asks what she wants to know. He’s stressed because of his stepdad. She wants to know what was in the package. A snuggie. They hold hands. She should probably watch the road more.

10 Things: Winner Takes All

Bianca and father watch a video of an annoying kid that is Bianca while little Kat wants to give a report. Bianca is trying to figure out what to do for the talent show. This year the winner gets a walk on role on Make It Or Break It! Hahahah, way to advertise. Kat has written a letter to an editor.

Joey plans to do some Russian style dancing for the show. It’s to make his grandmother proud. Kat and Pat discuss his strangeness. Pat thinks she’s jealous. Cameron is practicing magic for the talent show. It runs in his blood. His uncle is teaching it to him. Cameron is officially a dork. He had an awful middle school experience–he “became aroused” while performing on stage hence the nickname spoink,

Kat is thrilled that the paper published her letter and has changed their policy to publish same sex wedding announcements. Her dad pulls out the camera but only to make sure it is ready for Bianca’s performance. Bianca has an announcement. She’s picked a song! Kids in America. Bianca is sure she will win, she always does.

Cameron mopes on the stairs. Kat wants him to win but his assistant has quit so what now? She agrees to be his assistant. Cameron says he sees her as more of a boss. She’s just trying to help. This is his chance to get over the nickname Spoink. Pat puts a bet on Cameron to win the talent show.

Joey wears a Russian hat in school. Bianca is a little embarrassed but she’s more concerned with her performance, which it turns out is the same song as Chastity! Chastity is performing first so sucker! She’s even using an auto tuner.

Pat sits with Bianca and Kat’s dad, who doesn’t know Kat is in the show. Pat believes she’s jealous…There’s an accordion player and then Kat and Cameron are up. Cameron panics and Kat gives him a pep talk. Many laughs about Kat’s outfit.

Kat panics the moment she sees the audience. Uh Oh. Her stage fright is ruining the show.

Chastity is informed that her autotuner is broken. Bianca hears and decides to do Kids in America again. Chastity ensures her mom that she can continue but her mother tells her she can’t sing. Bianca suggests they sing it together. Chastity agrees. Chastity’s singing is fine and Bianca magically knows the dance. Wasn’t this song in the original movie or was that Clueless? They get a standing ovation. Chastity calls her a besty.

Pat insists Cameron get back onstage. Pep talk and all. He goes on stage but he has nothing so he starts singing “My Girl.” He’s so awkward but not bad. Pat adds an accordion.

Bianca finds Kat sitting upset. Kat asks how she gets up onstage. She works on it. Bianca says luckily she’s good at other things. People don’t appreciate when she does things and dad never wears a shirt with her name on it. Bianca is jealous of Kat’s hair.

Cameron finishes to applause. Everyone loves an underdog.

Everyone is called onstage. Bianca pulls Kat on with her. Theri dad splits the roses between the two of them and he’s added Kat’s name to the shirt.

And the winner is…

Cut to Make It or Break It set. There’s Joey offering the new gymnast a towel. (Complete with Kaylie and Lauren hating her. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they’d just introduced a new character to MIOBI in those two seconds?)

10 Things: Meat is Murder

Kat is reading about how meat is bad for the environment and of course, Patrick is having a hamburger. She intends to go do something about it but they will hang out after school.

Bianca tries to get Cameron to sit with him but he says he has a seat, and takes a seat with the Goth kids. She wishes they could be friends. Dawn is crushing on Max. Bianca wants to find Cameron a girlfriend. Matchmaking! They look through pictures of girls. Bianca’s dad is having an issue with figuring out how to sign up for an online dating site. He uploads a picture of him with hair still. His interests are lies. But he does give Bianca an idea about “marketing.”

In the discussion for the funding, Kat asks for help with helping the society. Meatless Mondays is her plan but no one is receptive. It’s pepperoni pizza day!

Bianca talks to the girl they’ve selected for Cameron. They’re going to give her a makeover! Dream come true! As they work, Bianca fills her in on Cam’s interests. Now they have to orchestrate the meeting.

Kat introduces herself to Blank who is glad she’s the first non-self-centered American he’s met. He doesn’t think Meatless Mondays will work but he agrees because it will show power. She gives him her number and Pat sees. Jealous.

Cameron tries to blow Bianca off but she mentions her friend who has a crush on him. Sure enough, she’s hot now. She suggests he make a move now. Which one? They’ll talk abt Lost.

Kat and Blank scheme. They seem to be doing well together.

Bianca and Stacey talk about Cameron. He bought her a gift. It’s kind of clear that she has been coached but he doesn’t notice. Until she gives up. He’s even angrier at her.

Voting time. Passed! Patrick is still threatened by Blank. He’s not thrilled so she walks away.

Bianca mopes and her dad returns with a toupee. It’s bad. His date was a disaster. He hasn’t dated since their mother but now he’s ready to move on and meet someone new.

Meatless Monday is on. Blank then campaigns for meat in his quest for student council president. He says he never believed in her crusade. He’s betrayed her! He says it’s just politics.

Cameron is mopey. Bianca has questions for him. He can be interested in someone other than her. He’s impressed at her research but it seems they are friends now.

Kat is joined by Patrick. He’s eating a soy dog. She’s been vegetarian for four years.