Miss America

I’ve never actually watched Miss America before (because why would I?) but this year, Amanda Kelley was Miss Massachusetts. She was my adoptive CA in college so I figured I’d watch for support.

The Behind the Scenes was a little lame since America was supposed to choose semi-finalists but didn’t actually get introduced to all of the contestants so I don’t understand. Also there was too much about Clinton Kelly and not enough about the contestants.

Judges are Shawn Johnson, Vivica A Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Katie Harmon (Miss America 1992), Dave Koz, and Brooke White. The judges are slightly random but whatever. It’s a little fun to see.

The girls introduce themselves at the start of the show and it’s hilariously ridiculous. Some of the things that people say about their states such as Miss New Hampshire’s “from the only state where you’re still free to be smart.” Some pointed out their sports teams and others their food. Michigan asked you to vote for her because Michigan has been through a lot. (I wasn’t aware that this was relevant to the competition but okay.) Amanda is from the state where you can “pahk ya cah in hahvah yahd.”

The problem with the format of this show is that we don’t understand why anyone was chosen to make it through. But the most interesting thing is that the 15th semi-finalist is chosen by the other contestants. Bet they’re all wishing they’d been nicer to everyone. The winner is Miss Oregon.

If they’re really concerned with viewers, why don’t they get better hosts. No offense Mario Lopez but Neil Patrick Harris would pull in far more viewers. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch? I might even be willing to sit through the entire thing.

Not loving winner Miss Virginia. Last year’s winner, though dressed in a cheap looking dress, is gorgeous. (I guess her saying the dress is a tribute to the military makes it a little okay.)


Greek: I Know What You Did Last Semester

It’s back!!!

The ZBZs are burying something. Earlier…

Everyone is nervous about what happened 9that they might have burnt down the house). Kappy calls, he’s buying his books. She wishes he was over. And he is!!! Hiding! And she sort of knees him. Yeah. Rusty arrives to wonder who the two random people in his apartment are: Dale’s interns. Rusty must get to the KT house. 3 of his brothers were expelled. Ashleigh is less peppy than Casey, unusual. She and Fischer broke up. Ashleigh’s avoiding. They talked constantly over break. Casey thinks it will work out! Rebeca isn’t nervous, unlike everyone else. She made up that she reminded Ashleigh to blow out the candle. What to do for the guys who left? Get back at the other house. Rusty offers to take over as pledge educator. Bad idea?

Calvin isn’t happy about what happened. Grant said he’s ready to come out. Evan runs into Rebeca and it’s awkward silence. Katherine is upset about her new living situation. The investigation is still going on. Meanwhile they’re doing a fundraiser to help fix the house.

Rusty tries to be educator. Not so good. They’re not interested in KT history. Until Beaver shows up.

The ZBZs have to go to the fundraiser (fairytale theme). Fireman shows up at ZBZ to give a fire safety pamphlet. It is official that the candle that started the fire was ZBZs. They have to go to the ball despite their freaking out.

Rusty says Beaver can’t come because he needs to be in charge to get respect.

Grant arrives but it turns out, he’s not ready to come out. Liar! Poor Calvin. He claims he didn’t have a chance. It wasn’t the right time. There probably never will be. Calvin says it changes everything they can’t keep waiting. They’ve already been together 3 months. He can’t be in a secret relationship. So, it’s over, even though it kills him. But they share a room!

Casey and Kappy discuss costume option. The girls are meant to look hot and slutty, so says Casey. Is everything ok with them? Yes, fine. She’s clearly freaking out.

Rusty is reading about how to become a leader. Calvin wants to crash over until another room in Omega Chai opens up. Rusty is glad that they broke up because he dislikes Grant.

The ZBZs remove all their candles. Even shows up to apologize for being weird. He thanks her for being there when he needed it. He wants to make sure they’re cool. She thinks having sex makes you better friends. (Rebecca points out all the supposed negative origins of fairy tales.)

Rusty seems to have their attention. Until Kappy walks in and takes over. And ruins it all.

Casey doesn’t like keeping the secret from Kappy. Ashleigh is afraid of when Casey and Kappy break up. She is pretty sure they won’t remain together.

Casey shows up at Rusty and Dale’s. She needs advice. Why did Rusty tell the truth about something he did when he was little when it wouldn’t have hurt anyone to keep it secret. It would have made things weird. How to make the guy’s listen to him? Confidence.

Grant suggests dividing the room rather than him moving out. Grant doesn’t want him to go but Calvin wishes he would realize it would make his life more real.

Dale scares the KT pledges and says Rusty is even scarier. Rusty drops a cleaver on a pledge’s toe.

Katherine and Casey talk about the worthlessness of men and how maybe someone in the house did it. But Katherine insists they left no candles burning. Kappy was late. They both establish that they have secrets that they’re not sharing.

Prep for the ball and panic. Casey reveals that the Gamma Psis know someone was in the house. There was no evidence that they were there except that Ashleigh still has Katherine’s clipboard. (Which explains the burial in the beginning.)

Rusty wants them to go to the ball and Kappy says they don’t have to. Kappy says he doesn’t have control like Wade did. Rusty said maybe he should support him. Wade is gone and blowing off Greek events won’t bring him back. The pledges deserve more. Rusty took the job because he loves KT.

The girls get lost in the woods. Dumb. Grant wants to talk. Calvin was right and he’s most concerned about losing Calvin so he asks to dance mid-ball. Even though no one is dancing. It’s a little weird but everyone looks and wonders what they’re doing. So Evan says to start dancing to support them. And they kiss.

Fischer cheated on Ashleigh again. Casey begins to think that she and Kappy won’t last. The ZBZs finally arrive and Kappy is there in full dress. Kappy suggests they go talk. Kappy is upset because he’s responsible for Wade’s suspension. The only thing that’s ok is they have each other. Casey tells him about the fire. He assures her that someday it will just be a really good story. She says it was Evan’s fault. Casey thought getting together would be easy but he says this is better. (I wish he looked a little less dirty.)

Rebecca and Evan flirt. He asks her to dance. Rebecca hates that fairytales set up false expectations. Love never works. They’re about to kiss when he sees Casey and Kappy together and stops. Awkward.

Kappy apologizes to Rusty. Wade’s room became the KT hall of fame. One of the guys failed to stay around.

Grant and Calvin are out. Can they shower together? They open the door and find two tiaras at their door. They’ll handle it. Rusty is thrilled.

Rusty and Dale find out about the grant results. Rusty wins! Dale is devastated. He shakes hands and puts on a smile though.

Make It Or Break It: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Payson is getting dressed and trying to hide her backbrace (they couldn’t let her wait until she was healed at least). Her dad is on the phone. She pretends to be thrilled about high school. Her mom suggests she might like it because there are so many clubs. Payson only wants to do one thing. She’s only going to high school because her moom is making her and nothing else. (Sullen teen Payson is weird to see.)

Carter is blasting music and while in a towel and she bursts in to lower it and then offers to do his laundry. He wonders why she’s doing this when he still loves Kayley.

Emily is online now. Some have good things to say but not all of them. And not the one she reads when the camcorder is on. Emily pretends to be unaffected by the negative comments but she is.

The Rock training montage, Kayley texting she slams into Nikki. He’s training she’s texting so he has the right of way. He suggests focusing more on improving herself than selling herself. She whines to Lauren about him and she suggests there’s a fine line between love and hate. How is Payson’s first day goin? (home schooled since sixth grade, no friends, mid year and a back brace…)

Payson gets invited to astronomy. Someone tells her she can toss it so she does. New love interest? (How many triangles can this show have?) Sasha announces that they are having an Open House Exhibition that everyone must partake in to support the club that made them superstars and to inspire kids. (I notice Emily has a real leo.)

Kim stops in and Sasha wishes she’s back. Summer is too organized. How’s Payson? She wants her to thrive not survive. She wants her to discover things to live for. Kim doesn’t like that they’ve forgotten why they love gymnastics. That was something Payson never forgot. Payson watches gym class. A cheerleader wants to show off her moves but the gym teacher has Payson critique her in front of everyone. She does so reluctantly. The cheerleaders start making fun of her. Ike, the guy who told her to throw out the flyer comes over to inform her of who the cheerleader is. He thinks Payson’s cool, she wonders if everyone is so mean. Well, I guess her day could be worse.

Emily face plants. She’s frustrated. Carter asks if he can get a job at the Shack. She can put in a good word. Sasha announces that the exhibition will be fun. They need to make it entertaining. Competition to motivate them, the winner must get the highest applause. Kayley and Nikki must perform together since they’re the new power couple: Kalikki. Ouch. My love for Sasha just tripled. Or more.

Emily can’t manage the vault again. She seems scattered. She’s upset by people’s opinions. What kind of people? Internet people. He points out that feeling the need to prove them wrong means thinking they’re right.

Payson doesn’t want anyone to know she was a gymnast. The cheerleaders show up to be mean about knowing how to tumble better. But Kayley and Lauren arrive to do better than the cheerleaders. To everyone’s applause. And I’m sure Payson’s chagrin. Lauren talks her down. Payson asks if they’re going to escort her to school. They know nothing about the real world. They see there’s a boy but she won’t talk. The girls are insensitive without meaning to be and Payson says she has to go. Emily says she understands being the new girl. Payson says she has nothing, Emily doesn’t know how she’s doing. Payson would rather Kim pick her up. Kim tells her there will always be a few mean kids but most are nice. Kim tells her there is nothing normal about her, she can do anything she wants. Payson can’t, she can’t be the person her mom wants her to be. She hates high school and hates her mom for making her go.

Shockingly, Emily is still monitoring the posts about her. Emily, what did Sasha just say? In comes Brian to tell her to step away. She wants people to forget about her past. Chloe has some ideas for the fun-off.

Nikki is doing his floor and Kaylie’s upset that he nearly killed her.

The mean girls welcome Payson and say they got off on the wrong foot. They want to take a picture but Ike interrupts. He stops cheerleader hazing. He suggests ditching. Ditch? Isn’t that against the rules? Oh Payson, what a concept. That’s actually so funny, it’s like a foreign concept to her. It’s kind of fun! In her last life the rules supported her goals, now she has no goals. What’s his thing? This. Hanging out. What does that mean? He doesn’t do anything, he just enjoys the ride. Everything ends. What will she be now? Invisible hopefully. He invites her to hang out tomorrow afternoon. But she has things at the gym. She still has friends there.

Kim can’t find anything because Summer has Sumerized it all. Wow, getting upset over the gym. She feels like she’s lost control of everything. She lost her job. It’s not what Payson lost but it is something to her.

Kayley and Nikki are still having difficulty working together and collide. They yell at each other. She doesn’t have to apologize, she won. Why do people think she wouldn’t have beaten Payson ?(umm she wouldn’t have her difficulty wasn’t high enough and Payson was way ahead with no mistakes until then). He says maybe she would have because she has the skill. He apologizes. He couldn’t win despite his work. She came out of nowhere. She’s been training 6 days a week since she was 5. And silver is nothing to be ashamed of. He doesn’t wish she was Payson. Truce? Kayley has a bullfight related idea.

Chloe tells Emily to stop obsessing over what people think. She says she wouldn’t understand because her mom doesn’t care what people think about her. Why is everyone judging her? No the issue is she is judging herself. Why can’t they be normal? Chloe suggests that Emily tell her own story rather than let other people tell it. No one can use it against her if she tells it. Chloe has an idea of what to do. She pulls out the old album.

Time for the open house. Lauren first. Oh right, she can dance hip hop. Payson does not look like she’s enjoying. Next is Emily. She starts with jump roping. Kim sees Payson’s sad face. She has a skill that only ten people can do. Since when and how have we not heard of it before? (You know when they had those huge announcers and stuff?) PS the skill was just a double illusion. I’ve never seen anyone do it but I don’t see why it would be any harder than a single one. Everyone loves her story even though it’s not much of a performance. Next is Kayley and Nikki. I notice that Nikki is doing all the tricks. Payson says in the middle that she has to go. Sasha catches her as she leaves to see how she is. He tells her she’ll find another dream but she says “I’m done dreaming.” (That’s so sad and you can see how crushed he is to hear her say that.) Carter looks a little jealous of their pairing and if they end up together I’m going to be a little upset myself. Seriously, must Kayley steal everything that was Payson’s? Lauren looks happy though.

Emily gets told by a little girl that she’s inspired by her story because she doesn’t have a lot of money either. And she wants an autograph. And Emily has a fan site. Emily is glad now. They’re amazing.

Sasha calls everyone together for the applaud-o-meter. Who will win? He doesn’t know yet. Sasha is calling a special sunday practice to make up for wasting time on their silly routines. That’s his idea of fun. Kayley apologizes about Lauren and then they wonder about Payson. Lauren suggests that Payson met a boy. Ike and friends are drinking and smoking, that’s how he stays unattached but she turns it down. Good job Payson at least she still has her standards though she looks thrilled.

Lauren is lying in Carter’s bed waiting for him. He’s drunk. She gives him water and points out that she’s the only one who cares about him. His mom died and she believed in him unlike his father. Lauren believes in him too if he focused on training instead of Kayley. He could be better than Nikki. Everything is right in front of him, he just has to take it. “You’re right!” He has to act like a winner, like Nikki. He’s going to start by getting his own place, he just got a job. She takes something of his (boxers? this is ABC Family! probably a shirt) to smell and hug and as she leaves he thanks her for believing in him. She then proceeds to go to bed in his shirt. What if he comes in? She looks sad but I’m not sure I care. (That was one of those scenes that probably shouldn’t have been the final scene of the episode.)

The Secret Life: Just Say Me

Amy calls Ashley for a glass of water but Ashley hangs up. She calls her dad to ask him next (she’s thirsty, tired, getting a cold, mom would get her a glass of water). She used to ask for a glass of water when she wanted to talk. Ashley is talking to Ben about Amy. He cares about her. Ben says she’s a mom who needs help. Ben calls Adrianne to tell her that she can do something for Amy: get her a glass of water. Adrianne’s on it. Tom calls Adrianne but she isn’t interested, as she’s told him. So Tom calls Jack who thinks it is Grace. Jack calls Madison who ignores the call. Adrianne bangs on the door until she is let in and rushes to give Amy water. Adrianne says she can still get Ben back but Amy says it’s over. Adrianne is behind her either way. It sounds like Adrianne is going overboard. Now can Amy call Ricky to tell him that they are friends? Ricky thinks this news is bad. (Lots of phone in this scene and actually this was really well done.)

Grace approaches Jack and Madison to ask how they are. Madison says they aren’t dating. Madison says they’re just friends and nothing more. Madison wants Grace to take him back, she’s looking for a relationship. Lauren agrees. Amy arrives and Adrianne arrives. Ashley arrives as well. Lauren explains that Ricky will always cheat. Grace says there’s always someone willing to sleep with someone. So Grace suggests…(masturbation?) Jack and Ricky wonder what the girls are doing. Ricky doesn’t like them being friends because Adrianne used to put a lot of energy into sex to keep him from Amy. Ben says he’s fine without Amy because he has hope of sex now. Alice sees the girls’ group and goes to find out what it is. (But not before fully making out with Henry/Hank.) Lauren doesn’t agree with it. Grace hates the word masturbation. Instead it’s “Just Say Me.” Substitute for sex not a relationship. Grace says it has other benefits. Alice reports that the boys have joined the 52% of teenage boys not having sex in high school.

Ben and Henry discuss their dislike of this “campaign.” Ricky insists it won’t work. Apparently all the girls in school are talking about it. It’s about “taking control of their lives and the hormones that make them make bad choices.” They want Jack to do something to stop Grace. Jack says Ricky should talk to Adrianne. He tells Adrianne that last time she held out on sex he went elsewhere but she points out that no one else will sleep with him. Amy thinks the campaign won’t work (so Adrianne agrees). Ashley doesn’t like this battle of the sexes and she doesn’t want to separate herself from half the population. Alice reports that it’s spreading.

Alice is informed that she’s out of TAG (christian group). Jack is sure solitary sex isn’t okay. She starts chanting and everyone joins in. It’s weird how they pretend that this is a girls only thing. Alice is wearing the stickers that say “Just Say No” but Henry thinks they’re embarrassing. If she doesn’t take them off, he won’t sleep with her again. She smiles and says “well, you made your choice.” Amy’s mother never mentioned it. They talk about the origin of the masturbation idea: Grace’s mom. Amy basically doesn’t want Adrianne to come over. She’s not okay with Adrianne around John, she’s not okay with anyone around him.

Ricky wants to talk to Adrianne, he’s upset about this no sex idea. She’s not like those other girls. She says maybe she wants to be. She likes pleasing herself, not everyone else, she doesn’t know if he really loves her…Ben tells Amy he supports her not having sex with others guys because he doesn’t want her to sleep with others.

Shawn Johnson shows up again and she says “Just Say Me” is about self respect and not putting others ahead of your dreams. Apparently that was a scam with Alice.

Grace’s mom is called into school about the “Just Say Me” campaign. I’m not sure why that’s an issue to call parents in for. You’d think that a school that had a teen mom just a year ago would be happy. The guidance counselor doesn’t think it’s appropriate in high school. Grace doesn’t see the issue. Her mom didn’t mean for her to share it with everyone. Grace says this is a good thing. Trying to do good doesn’t always mean doing good. Either she removes the stickers in the school or she gets suspended. Can a guidance counselor do that? And for this? Joe is upset.

They discuss the plan being abstinence for a week. Ashley thinks everyone thinks about guys too much. Amy’s too embarrassed to “Just Say Me.” Ashley doesn’t believe her. Amy says it’s personal. Ashley says it isn’t a decision. Amy says she doesn’t do anything without thinking about it. “Really, have you met your son?” George is thrilled that the girls are sharing secrets. It’s a milestone in their sistership. Everyone goes to their room. George calls Anne to tell her about the secret and she tells him what the secret is. He’s unhappy to know. Anne points out that all women do it, just like men. Anne wants to talk to the girls about it. She thinks it’s ok. Anne is sad that Robby will never know his grandmother.

And we get the everyone satisfied in bed look. Not as thrilled by Thursday though. And apparently they wear the same pajamas everyday. And then Grace dances to Constantinople. No idea where that came from. Meanwhile, Joe is selling Just Say Me gear. Amy starts playing her tuba (?) and John seems to like it. He should, it’s courtesy of that instrument that he exists. Amy calls Adrianne to come over, maybe she does have room for a new friend. They could try, for Ricky and John. Amy lets Adrianne hold him. That’s actually nice.

Madison wrote a novella about masturbating. Lauren baked cookies with her grandma. Lauren gets asked out, which is kind of nice for once. Madison nearly crashes into Madison. Madison and Jack decided to go out as long as Jack and Grace are still broken up. She might have Lakers tickets.

Ricky doesn’t believe Adrianne and Amy are really friends but she says they are. She’s not sure she believes he loves her. But maybe he does.

Is Just Say Me over? Ashley isn’t sure she wants a boyfriend. She’s not miserable because she wants nothing. She’s that cool.

Ben is surprised that Adrianne and Amy are friends. Donna then approaches to ask Ben to help her with her Italian. Jimmy shows up because he heard about the campaign. He wants to hang out after her shift at work. Adrianne can watch the baby and they can go out.

This was such a weird episode.

Life Unexpected

Well CW, I have to hand it to you, this pilot was well done. And if it is any indication of the show to come, you definitely have me as a fan.

Lots of the fast-talking that I enjoyed in Gilmore Girls can be found in this show, particularly among Cate, her fiance, and Lux. The show has some very real characters that you could connect to and root for, in their own, uniquely quirky ways.

Shiri Appleby, I didn’t know you could act! And her character in this show as Cate, the disc jockey and teen mom who gave up her baby who comes back at 16 to get her signature to become emancipate, is SO much more interesting than her Roswell past. Another WB alum is Kerr Smith as Cate’s fiance. They have great chemistry and he has FINALLY grown into his looks.

The dad is the slightly lamer character in the bunch, in my opinion, because he does seem like the typical jock who amounted to little in his life (though when the judge says “you own your own business” instead of “you live above your bar” it doesn’t sound so bad). But the way he bonded with Lux was really sweet and he had his moments where you could see a glimmer of more for him. I wonder how he really ended up where he is.

I do hope we get to learn more about Lux’s past (and how did she get the name Lux, by the way?) and her time in the foster care system. It’s interesting to see the other side of the story, where a girl gives up her child thinking she’ll be taken care of only to find out that it was probably way worse than it would have been had she raised the baby herself. I say interesting because the general feeling is that the teenage parents give up their babies (sometimes) in hopes that the babies can find a better, more supportive home where the parents are prepared to raise and care for them.

Anyway, if you didn’t catch this premier (I completely missed it but found it online), I recommend you check it out. If this is a sign of the quality to come from the CW, then maybe the network will really build an audience. (The show premiered to a higher audience than Gossip Girl did but a lower audience than Vampire Diaries but I’m hoping food word of mouth will help it spread.)

Large-Scale Review

Heroes– So the current season’s part two is now in swing and what do we think about it? Not a fan of this whole Claire as a lesbian thing. As I’ve said before, I don’t mind people being gay, I mind when shows make someone gay just for the sake of having a storyline. If a character is gay they should actually be gay, not just a sudden “new thing” to try out. I think the story about Hiro being slightly out of his mind was pretty funny. I’m frustrated by the Sylar storyline because he had the opportunity to find love and be with someone with Elle and then he just killed her, so it feels like this storyline has been done and over again. And the Samuel in love thing was forced. Crazy stalker!

Castle– This was a great episode, dealing with Beckett’s mom’s murder but leaving it open-ended so that we know there’s more mystery to come. Not much else to say since the show isn’t super deep or anything but though Beckett is slightly funny looking, they’re dynamic works so well. (I love Nathan Fillion!)

White Collar– I’m not sure how I feel about this newest Kate bit since it feels like such a build up for such a let down. But I get the sense that there’s more coming with that and maybe what they have us thinking about Kate now isn’t the entire truth.

Human Target– Having watched two episodes now, I am no more pleased than I was with the first episode. There just isn’t enough personality and heart in the show to make me care. (I will say that I have this suspicion that the bad guy–girl–of this last episode may not be as dead as she seems. What are the odds that she had a parachute under that jacket?)

Friday Night Lights– I don’t think this season is as good as the previous ones. The newer characters are not very interesting and Julie, as the only real carrying over high school student, remains as dull as ever. And now the racial tension stuff feels a little over the top.

Burn Notice– I’m thrilled that Fiona is still there (not that I ever expected otherwise). I felt so bad for his mom in this episode and she made some good points. How do you decide whose life you can ruin?

Bones– I didn’t like the part about Booth’s obsession about it not being JFK though I understand the reasoning, it’s naive of him to think that the US has no secrets. Not that I’m paranoid like Hodgins but I’m sure there are some things they don’t want us to know or that they keep secret for reasons of security. But it was sweet of Bones to lie (even if it isn’t logical).

Grey’s Anatomy– So…welcome back Izzy. I’m kind of proud of Alex and a little irritated at Mark for being angry at Lexi. Arizona and Calley are super-cute and even though making her gay was also a little forced, they’re a cute enough couple to make up for it.

Private Practice– Wooahh Naomi. That’s all I can really say.

Vampire Diaries– I’m not sure how I feel about this newest episode. Elena was still a whiny baby, not that I was expecting much more. Stefan was still dark and broody (though interesting to see his history with Bonnie’s family). I’m kind of glad Damon got beaten up. Sad about Gina Torres though.

Project Runway– This season is definitely proving better (and more talent-filled) than last’s. I don’t understand how Ping is still in the competition but maybe the producers told the judges to keep her as long as possible for entertainment’s sake? I guess I’m okay with that for now, as long as someone truly awesome doesn’t get booted in her place.

Legend of the Seeker– Another good episode this week. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Sister Nikki taking all of his powers since that cuts out a large portion of the book (either they’ve completely changed everything about the rest of the book series or Richard needs to get his magic back which may mean that Nikki dies). I guess they decided they had to make the han-acquirement more TV friendly because it is WAAAY more gruesome in the book, but I understand, it is syndicated TV. Don’t love Leo but I do like Cara’s interaction with him so good and bad for the new seeker. And if they are returned to Richard then what? My final question: if prophecies just appear on the walls does that mean we won’t be seeing Nathan Rahl ever? That would be a shame.


Well, after debating on this one for a while, I’ve finally decided to add a movie section. Even though it doesn’t technically fit, I figure most movies eventually play on TV at some point and they’re both visual mediums so why not?

So to kick start the movie section is Fame. It’s a nice crossover since we’ve got Kay Panabaker of Summerland, Kherington Payne of So You Think You Can Dance, Meghan Mullally of Will and Grace, Kelsey Grammer of Frasier, and Debbie Allen of So You Think You Can Dance among the cast. So there’s almost a connection right?

I was really excited about this movie. Although I’ve never seen the original, what could go wrong with a movie that has awesome dancing and singing? And there were parts that were fun to watch, but overall, it was missing something. There was no character who really grabbed you and drew you in. Least interesting of all, to me, was Kay Panabaker’s story. I’ve never particularly liked her as an actress but I just felt like her character had no personality. Then there was Malik’s story which was sort of just spouted out in random spurts but not really explored. (In truth, the parts of the school about acting just weren’t as dynamic and interesting as the singing and dancing.)

My main issue with this movie is that it simply tried to do too much. There were too many main characters, too many storylines, too much time covered. It followed a large group of students from auditioning for the ultra-competitive performing arts school through their senior year graduation. I think that the same types of stories could have been covered without following them through four years which right off would have made it feel more cohesive. It might have been a better idea to show their auditions and show their senior year. But the large cast was the bigger issue. I’ve watched the entire movie and I can’t tell you the names of the majority of the characters. With everything that happened, they could have made two movies and still had things to spare for a third. I wanted to know more about the characters, their pasts, their ambitions, their PERSONALITIES. It was so focused on the school that most of the personality that drives a movie was lacking.

The best part of the movie for me was Meghan Mullally’s performance (particularly at the karaoke bar). She can sing! And as always, she’s a lot of fun.

What did you think of the movie?