Greek: Love, Actually, Probably, Maybe…or Not

The Valentine’s Day episode. A professor gives them a speech about how Valentine’s Day began. (It’s actually interesting to hear that it began because of a letter that St. Valentine wrote.) She’s clearly having some issues though as she digresses about cheap boyfriends. Rusty and Ashleigh discuss whether or not they will be celebrating with friends. All of his friends have dates. Rusty has one friend left: Ashleigh. Actually, she has the Omega Chai Day Dance. Rusty’s surfe he’ll have the best VD.

Casey and Cappie play archery. They discuss how awful freshman year VD was. Cappie says he will get her the best gift ever. He thinks she thinks he’s the worst boyfriend ever because he doesn’t do chocolates. He plans to get her the most romantic VD gift ever.

Calvin finds the door locked and walks in to find Grant giving himself a makeover. That’s so uncomfortable, even for Calvin.

Pan Helenic meeting. Katherine discusses wanting to sell VD bears. She invites everyone else to a single ladies event but there are no takers. Casey offers to sell the bears herself but Katherine turns her down.

Lots of flowers in the ZBZ house. In comes Casey to fill Ashleigh in on the meeting. (Dale still has a crush on Casey.) Katherine is spending VD all alone so Casey wants to get her a date. Maybe she’d appreciate it and they can be friends again. Ashleigh suggests Rusty, they’re awkward, Greek, and nerdy. Evan brings a bear for Rebecca but she is not a fan of VD. They can make fun of people at the party. That will be fun right?

Calvin and RUsty discuss how seeing so much of his bf is a little much. Rusty is still looking for a girl. Calvin says the expectation is the worst part. Rusty spots a girl and goes up to ask her out but it bombs. (Awkwardly.)

Ashleigh with her new guy when Omega Chai president, Natalie interrupts. She’s upset that he’s taking Ashleigh. She says he’s a cheater and he’s upset. (Even though he said they should see other people.) So is Ashleigh. And here she thought he had no Fischer-like qualities. (It sounds like Natalie set this up knowing Ashleigh’s issues.)

KTT is trying to help Rusty get people’s numbers but nothing comes of it. Cappie worries about getting Casey a gift. Rusty says he’s over it until Casey comes in with Katherine as an option. He’s in!

KTT prepares for their party. Rusty wants to know what Katherine is like. Katherine wants to set up a pre-date. Cappie worries about pleasing Casey. Rusty says it comes from the heart.

Ashleigh and Casey shop for the party. Rebecca is there too, picking out something for Evan’s party. Casey says to ignore Natalie about Pete. She’s evil. Ashleigh agrees to give Pete a second chance. They spot Cappie in the lingerie section and she points out that lingerie is more of a gift for him than her. He says it’s for Beaver. Cappie challenges her to finding the most romantic gift. She agrees. GAME ON!

Calvin comes in to Evan’s room where he catches Evan shopping. He’s trying to convince Rebecca that he cares for her. She’s the first person to get him and not to treat him like a bad guy. She deserves something special. Calvin wants to hide his gift for Calvin in Evan’s room. Calvin is concerned about the others being upset with him being out.

Date time. Katherine has a notebook, of course. It’s awkward! She’s staring at her notebook. He tries to make some bad joke about politics being poli sci. Katherine is not making it easy, she doesn’t say anything more than one word answers. It’s so uncomfortable.

Casey is upset at how badly the date went. Too bad Ashleigh and Casey will be in different places. Katherine shows up to discuss this Rusty incident. How could you imagine they would get along? They did! Her’s so smart and handsome. She wants the “dets” about him. She’s so thrilled to have a friend like Casey. She has to go prepare her wardrobe! Casey is probably wondering if they were at the same date.

Casey visits Rusty as he prepares for VD alone. Dale got a card for Casey. Rusty is surprised about Katherine. He’d rather have no memories than one-word answer girl. Casey begs him to do it and he agrees. With free access to her car. She agrees. Pretend to like Katherine please.

Natalie finds Ashleigh to apologize about Pete. Natalie wants them to be friends. Pete’s called her every day for the last few weeks. (Which house is number one now?)

Cappie made Casey three presents now. A plant, a god’s eye with ZBZ colors, and a macaroni necklace (he cooked the macaroni). Nothing doing. The party’s in an hour.

Calvin and Grant are getting dressed. It’s been tough between them, Grant wants to spice things up. (Evan mentioned the conversation.) He wants to surprise him.

At ZBZ the guys arrive. Ashleigh wants to see Pete’s cell and he says he’s called Natalie a bunch of times to get his textbook back. Evan gives Rebecca her gift. It looks like a big deal. I can’t tell if she actually likes it or not at first but I think she realized he spent what little moeny he had one her. All’s well with Ashleigh and Pete. Casey seems nervous. Cappie arrives and she asks about exchanging gifts but he says they should wait until the end of the day. Rusty wants to get the date over when in comes Katherine looking amazing. She tells Rusty he looks dapper himself. Moving on. Cappie is staring a little too much.

At the KTTs, Katherine is nervous. Casey is surprised. They’re offered jello shots. One of the guys is dating an old woman. Everyone is making otu, what are Rusty and Katherine to do? Shoot some arrows of course. Rusty was surprised that Katherine wanted to come to a KT party, it doesn’t seem like her. She says it’s intimidating. She was being one-worded because the quickest way to get to know someone is to let them do all the talking. Interesting. Rusty misses his first shot. Katherine gets a bull eyes. She made the Olympic trials at 11. She demonstrates how to shoot ( gender role reversal) and he gets a bull’s eye.

Calvin sees Ashleigh for the first time in a while at the party. In comes Grant, looking hot. Well, so says Ashleigh, not my thing at all. It’s like a purple velvet suit. When he walks ago they discuss it’s awfulness. Natalie flirts with Pete and Ashleigh gets nervous.

A pledge stole a gift for Cappie to give to Casey. Time to give the gift then. A bottle of vodka. She’s not happy. So he pretends it was a gag gift. They are both clearly stalling for time.

Natalie finds Pete again to apologize about earlier. She says the worst time ever was VD when she was nine. She says her dad died. Ashleigh interrupts to point out that the story is from the Gremlins. But Pete seems to have fallen for it and goes to get her some water.

Rusty admits to Katherine that its his first VD and Katherine admits its hers too. She rarely dates or goes to parties. She got into law school and she’s terrified. She wants to fit the entire college experience into one semester. Rusty understands exactly. Casey worries the other way, did she wait too long to find things beyond ZBZ. Katherine says she’s doing fine. They all have regrets but she doesn’t think she’ll regret this. Until he let’s slip that he wasn’t going to take the second date. Casey says she wants to be her friend, she respects her. Katherine wants one reason why she should forgive her and then gets shot by an arrow.

In the hospital they all wait for Katherine. Rusty it upset because he likes her. Dale is there because his date had a retainer accident. Katherine is on strong painkillers and a little loopy but the arrow was blunt edge so she’s okay. She says Casey went to so much trouble to be her friend, no one has ever done that before. Rusty offers to walk her home.

Rebecca sees Calvin moping. Grant’s missing. Rebecca tells him not to be upset that he’s experimenting with the gay lifestyle. Rebecca likes the necklace and Calvin tells her what Evan said. Finding out that Evan sees a future with her is more commitment than she’s ready for.

Ashleigh interrupts Pete and Natalie talking. Natalie tries to make Ashleigh look bad but Pete doesn’t believe her and it makes Natalie look like an idiot in the end. (He doesn’t believe that she burned the Gamma Psi house down,) He was upset about the cheater thing. How about they promise not to hurt each other. They kiss.

Calvin finds the door locked again and comes in to find their room decked out in rose petals. Calvin wants to be as brave as Grant as a gay. Well, relationship troubles over. Evan interrupts in search of Rebecca.

Rusty walks Katherine to her room. (Her roommate is a weirdo.) She says she’s sometimes socially awkward. She’s sorry for being a bad Valentine but they both agree it was their best VD ever. They want to kiss but her arm in a sling is in the way so she runs back into her room.

Rebecca is getting drunk outside at the KT party. Rebecca suggests going to Beaver’s room.

Casey and Cappie decide to exchange gifts. She bought lingerie just for him. She admits how hard a gift is. He took her to the quickie mart that they went to when they were freshman. It was the moment when he fell for her. He’s loved her every day since. That’s his gift. She says it’s perfect. Cappie so won.


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