So You Think You Can Dance- Still the Top 6

Kent gets a cha cha with Anya, which he’s already done. For some reason Anya looks REALLY old here, maybe it’s the styling? With the music they seemed to be aiming for something much more contemporary, but honestly, this choreography felt almost non-existent and quite boring. Nigel says Kent has become a man dancing but he needs to keep his hands from curling up. Good effort. (Not the ringing review.) Toni thinks it was better this time around. He was more grounded but he sacrificed posture for masculinity. Mia thought his hips moved right but the piece was too crunchy and there wasn’t enough space in his movements. She is also upset about him not fixing his face. Kent says he’s trying to change it but it is him. Adam agrees that he needed more length and relax. Own your awesomeness is his basic advice.

Robert got a contemporary routine with Kathryn, choreographed by Stacey Tookey, about going off to war and leaving a loves on behind. I hope it is actually emotional, because I find hers can go either way. Kathryn’s really got the emotion down, Robert is just so so. But there is a nice little surprise in this…Kathryn is the one going to the army! (I had a feeling that might be the case even before anything started, just because it would be “different.”) Nigel loved it. Robert’s been goofy in the past of SYTYCD but he’s grown and matured. He’s becoming even better than expected. Toni watches carefully for partnering skills and (Kathryn is super emotional about it) she felt it. Mia says they were mature enough to pull back in the beginning; her one note to him is to let his emotions be the catalyst of his movement to make it look less step oriented. Adam is so proud of the dance community because they supported each other so much. Kathryn is so stunning that it freaks him out. And Rob came up to her.

Jose gets the first solo. It’s just so so to me, nothing super exciting or impressive here.

Adechike picked out jazz with Courtney with Tyce. She hasn’t been on in a while, glad to have her back. My sister walked in mid this routine and said “they are so good!” Adam liked that it was just balls out dancing. He wants Adechike to loosen up more. Mia thought it was a great performance but he’s such a powerful athlete that he needs to find a balance of style (it’s kind of what she told Lauren). Toni thought it looked fun. She loved it. Nigel said there wasn’t enough abandon from Adechike.

Lauren‘s solo now. She just blew Jose’s solo away. It was pretty awesome, unique moves, good flow and technique. This is what a solo should be. Take note!

Jose and Comfort are paired for hip hop and I’m beginning to wonder how he always seems to get things that conveniently fall into his general genre. (More so than anyone else I mean.) They’re not quite in sync. This was a weird, slow sort of hip hop (lyrical?) and I have to say, Comfort easily outdanced him. Nigel liked the routine and style and we find out that Jose pulled his groin last week but he’s all right (can’t quite escape that curse, even if it doesn’t take someone out completely). Nigel didn’t think this quite worked with Jose, not sharp enough, too flappy. Toni disagrees, she bought it. Mis disagrees with Toni, she didn’t see swag. Adam recommends that Jose dances the intention of the character, steps secondary. It was too fun, not sexy enough. Smokey eyed?

Billy‘s solo routine now. Super quirky, which is fun, but not overall impressive in terms of actual moves.

Kent‘s turn for a solo. My only complaint is that he kept grabbing his shirt. Otherwise, great moves and full of emotion.

Lauren is paired with Allison for a Broadway. So an all girl routine. I was wondering if they were ever going to do that. It’s all about being strong women. Another Damn Yankees routine, Tyce? Not as action packed as the one he did for Kent but still pretty good. Adam thinks of Lauren as an All Star already. Nothing to criticize. He wants Lauren and Allison to do a variety show. Mia agrees there’s nothing to critique. She thinks Lauren’s forged ahead of everyone. Toni says strong is sexy. Lauren didn’t overdo her face despite the high energy. Nigel says its worked for him. He’s sure she’ll be in the finale, win or not.

Robert‘s solo time. It’s not the best or the worst of the night for me. It was a little jerky.

Billy and Ade are paired for a Stacey Tookey routine. They are supposed to have extremely different styles (homeless man and high powered business man). This was a good Tookey routine. He gets a three of four judge panel standing ovation (Nigel really can never be bothered). Nigel asks Billy about his knee (he’s wearing a brace). He’s glad they kept Billy because it was a privilege to see that piece. It showed Billy’s maturity. Toni found it incredible, this piece transcended dance. Mia says it was sheer perfection. She thanks Stacey for keeping her on her toes (wow, that’s a bit narcissistic). This was Billy’s best storytelling job. Win or lose, he will be remembered and respected. Adam says he was “just born on the show” and one of the best dancers ever on the show. Magnificent.

Adechike does the last solo of the night. This felt no different than everything else he’s ever done.

Kent and Jose get Broadway. Kent you were off on the whistle. Kent, I know you’re supposed to be the young eager one, but really, goofy faces after the warning you had? Adam is thrilled with the choreography. He thinks it will be between Kent and Lauren. Kent needs a little more breath under his hands (huh?) and says Jose was unbelievable. (I agree that this was Jose’s best job.) Mia thought it was fantabulous. Kent found his home. She says his faces even work (but I thought it was too much). Jose kept up and did a good job. Toni agrees that the characters suited them both perfectly. Nigel says Kent has gotten everything thrown at him. He thinks Jose’s problem was just doing it with Kent. He basically says Jose will probably be going home this week. (I’m not really sure why he didn’t leave last week.)

Lauren and Adechike are paired for the second to last routine of the night for a foxtrot. Meh. Not as sultry as one might want from a routine like this (I want nothing from it since I am not a fan of the style.) Nigel said it felt a bit more jazzy than ballroom. Overall, good connectivity and certainly sultry (really?!?!) but he was a bit meh. Toni loves the showcasing of new and different dance styles. They haven’t got the muscle memory for this style though but it isn’t dance like ballroom dancers. It was off. But, they got into the character. Mia says he had some good partner moments but there was a disconnect there too. Lauren has grace, sensuality, presence, it looks like she’s done it a million times. Adam says “simply” that Lauren was just dancing and this was one more proof that she’s excellent. Adechike looked too concerned about her safety (which is good intellectually but it shouldn’t look like it).

Robert and Billy are paired for a Bollywood routine, which is the final dance of the night. I’m noticing that Billy looks like a frog. Also, while his facial expressions are bigger, Roberts movements felt more believable. I think Billy’s extensions were actually a downside to this. Nigel thinks it was one of the best Bollywood routines (with two guys). Toni said it comes down to personal choice now. Toni prefers Robert over Billy though. Mia prefers Billy. NO INJURIES! Nothing wrong with that, everything was right. Adam says they split the vote.

Top Three…Lauren, Kent, and Robert probably. (Though voters seem to really like Adechike…)

Lauren is apparently with the medics right now. So much for no injuries.


Make It Or Break It: I Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me

Kayley has continues her crazy workout schedule, which her dad sees as “chasing Genji.” She thinks he’s coming into the house but he reveals that he’s got a new apartment so that he has own place. (He’s been living in the guest house apparently.) Her parents have been alternating days at the gym and Kayley wants to trick them into hanging out, so she asks him to be her manager again. Now that she’s passionate again. In comes her mom and Kayley asks her to be a manager too, to handle PR. “It’s perfect! I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before?” You’ll find out soon Kayley.

Lauren and Carter are making out, Carter starts feeling her up, but she gets upset because their relationship seems to be just about sex. Is he just with her because she’s…”willing.” He did so much for Kayley and nothing for her. And she’s given up so much for him! She wants him to say “I love you” but he doesn’t want to say it just because she demands it. She storms off, but for once, good for him for standing his ground. (It’s like the only non-sleezy thing he’s done so far.)

Austin rides in on his bike with a girl and the girls guess who the new “bimbo de jeur is” which means it is of course Emily (gotta love that grin on Lauren’s face that says “this couldn’t have been a better moment if I’d planned it”). Emily even looks a bit ashamed by it. (And also, REALLY MIOBI WRITERS? Another love story revolving around Emily!?!?)

In the gym Emily explains that he gave her a ride because they had a flat. Lauren makes an excellent point about how “paying attention to boys because they’re paying attention to other girls is still paying attention to boys” and even Payson backs her up. They should be concentrating on their new floor routines. They’re working on dance portions (tryouts for the world team is soon). Payson thinks this therefore doesn’t include her, but Sasha informs her that he’s working with all future Olympians.

Payson goes to the corner to start. This is where she always starts so she can begin with a strong, powerful tumbling run that puts her right in the action. However, now that she is going for artistry, Sasha wants her to begin in the middle. (I was iffy about this fact so I went to look at some big names to see and my findings were that all of the following gymnasts begin in the corner, or a few steps away, to begin their routine: Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Jordyn Wieber, Rebecca Bross, Yang Yilin, Bridget Sloan. I did not find any, though I’m sure there are some, who began in the middle.) Sasha wants her to “tell a story” and what story does he want her to tell? The story of a flower! This is her new beginning and this is where it starts (PS, anyone else notice that she looks thinner this season? It is either about more gym time or just better costuming.)

Lauren wants to hire Lacey Grimes, the hottest gymnastics choreographer out there. She wants to speak to Lacey directly. She runs off, Steve and Chloe make out. In comes Kayley’s mother to be all “ew.” The point of this utterly pointless scene is for Chloe to see that other parents manage their girls’ careers and Chloe thinks she should do the same. Steve suggests she hire a choreographer.

The girls discuss the floor stuff as they stretch. Emily the whiner has only put together one competition worthy routine ever (I’m not sure we agree about the one she had being competition worthy, it was simply all she was willing to do) and Payson is upset about being “a frickin flower.” Notice that Payson is has her foot ALL THE WAY up in a straight line as she stretches (crazy!) and then moments later, Kayley lifts her leg to stretch and only get it about 3/4 of the way there, to the top of the bar. (Who is the better gymnast?!?) Austin comes to give a little flirty moment, which annoys Emily but Emily thinks he was just teasing.

Chloe has apparently been looking for the wrong type of choreographer (Vegas friends…) so she asks Summer and Kim for help and they suggest Lacey.

Steve texts Lacey’s number to Lauren and says she call her RIGHT NOW. But instead, Lauren is lured away by Carter’s invitation for a romantic date.

Kayley sees them kissing and is so distracted she nearly mows Austin down with her car. I’m not sure that wasn’t intentional. Kayley explains that gym rules are no dating. Then how are Lauren and Carter kissing in the parking lot? (Not to mention all the times Kayley and Carter were making out in the parking lot.)

Kayley is working out again when her mom reveals a new floor routine music that she found, that’s different. Much more rock, like Emily’s lame routine from last season. Kayley wants her to run it by dad who you know will have a different opinion.

Emily finds out that Chloe has gotten Lacey Grimes exclusively, which costs $2,000. Emily doesn’t think they can afford that. Emily is upset that she wasn’t consulted but Chloe wanted to surprise her. Emily intends to send her away. We’ll see about that.

Summer found some Ballet tickets in Sasha’s desks while organizing his desk. They assume it means Sasha will ask her out and Summer gets all fifth grade excited. But the ballet is tonight and he hasn’t asked. Maybe Summer should drop some hints?

Payson continues working on the flower power routine but she’s not into and she starts laughing. She’s an athlete, not a ballerina. She knows what they look like and she’s not that type of girl. Summer works in how she loves the ballet but Sasha is too focused on his Payson problem to really pay attention.

Kayley’s routine, meanwhile, is pretty awkward and non-gymnastics type. Alex is unhappy with it (this isn’t American Idol, it doesn’t matter if it’s produced by a five time Grammy nominee). They argue until they agree on having a dinner to let Kayley decide.

Austin invites Kayley and Emily to a party but Kayley says no. He makes fun that Kayley is the puppet master. Lauren comes in to rub it in about her date with Carter. She also just left a message for Lacey Grimes, which is of course why Emily decides to work with her. (Now you know why boys are a problem, Lauren…) Emily’s mom called Lacey last night while Lauren called this morning. Whoops. (Remember for like five minutes at the end of “Sunday Bloody Sasha Sunday when Lauren and Emily were friends? That didn’t last long.)

Rehearsal with Lacey doesn’t go so well but Emily watches with a mix jealousy and irritation. Emily’s struggling because of her lack of dance background. It isn’t Emily’s style/technique but Lacey says the problem is that Emily is blocked and she may have to stay in the gym all night to get it right. Lauren whines to Steve about how easy the routine is. Steve reveals telling Chloe about the choreographer and Lauren is upset that he’s “helping her competition.” She makes him promise not to help her again.

Summer is ready to give up but Kim thinks he’ll come in to ask her out. He comes to ask her if she’s free at night but only so she can babysit the gym while Emily works on her choreography. Meanwhile, Sasha asks Kim if he can take…Payson to give her some inspiration. Kim agrees and then apologizes to Summer who is very disappointed.

Payson is not happy. She’s been to the ballet before. Contemporary or not. Payson doesn’t think this will be any different. She thinks only petite and graceful people can dance. She won’t promise to enjoy it. In comes Sasha in a suit and Payson’s a little stunned (making me wonder if perhaps that inappropriate relationship we all speculated on last season will in fact happen between Payson and Sasha. Maybe just a one-sided crush).

Kayley’s parents continue arguing over music so Kayley suggests compromise. Even that doesn’t seem to resolve things. Kayley takes a bite of carrot and then craftily spits it into her napkin.

Payson still whines about the ballet when he’s spotted outside by Jadyn (Lauren from So You Think You Can Dance I think!?!) dressed in a baseball cap and sweatshirt. She’s the one who got him the tickets. Payson assumes she’s the stagehand.

Emily keeps working but to no avail. In comes Austin to do a bit more flirting (ostensibly to work out but he does one run on the parallel bars–after which Emily falls over because she’s watching–and then goes over to talk to her). Austin reveals that his parents lived in a van for three months so that he could pursue his gymnastics. He suggests getting out of the gym to work on her gym problems. Pizza at the Shack? She is hesitant but his “charm” convinces her. It’s not a date, just a slice. (Plus a slight dig at Kayey which is always nice.)

Payson is totally entranced by the ballerina performing (in the worst fitting costume ever) and while I’m not a huge fan of the particular choreography which didn’t feel very contemporary to me, Payson is entranced. And shocked to discover that Jadyn is the dancer. (Yay Lauren!) Payson can’t believe she thought she was a stagehand. (This was probably so fun for Ayla Kell, all this ballet stuff.)

Emily wonders about Austin’s party. He never had one, he’s just up-keeping an image. His parents were hippies and they don’t like that he’s spending all his money. Emily doesn’t think she could spend that much money on herself. Austin says that’s why she can’t learn her dance moves. You gotta go in, no holding anything back. Sweat, tears, pain, broken bones, and CASH. All in. If you don’t take yourself seriously who will? In comes Lauren, pleased to find them on a date. She says she won’t tell Kayley but Emily says she can tell Kayley whatever she wants. Lauren then whines to Carter about Emily “stealing” her choreography. Carter tells her to just prove she’s better than Emily.

Payson gushes about Jadyn’s dancing. Out comes the dancer to explain the “lightness” element. People don’t expect girls like Lauren to be a ballerina but she says grace and elegance come from inside. You believe it, people will see it. It’s powerful but it has to come from you.

Summer is still upset about the ballet ticket thing. Sasha is clueless. Sasha is thrilled that Payson has had a breakthrough. Summer takes a page from Lauren’s book to whine. Kim decides to be blunt about it, “if you do like her could you just ask her out?”

In practice Kayley asks Emily about her date with Austin. Lauren you are a five year old. And Kayley aren’t you not talking to her? Emily insists they weren’t on a date. She paid. Lauren says Emily leads all boys on, can she be just friends with any guy? Lauren brags that Carter tells her all the time how much she loves him. So Kayley gives them a speech about how they can screw up their own careers they want. (Kayley, you are the worst leader ever. They really need Payson back in number one. She’s the only one who seems able to maintain her focus, even when she liked Nikki.)

Time for the girls to present their floor routines. Payson doesn’t want to go because she’s not ready. She will be, but she isn’t yet. Willingness is everything. Kayley’s routines, a blend of the two musics is so uncomfortable because they attempt to go all hip hop style which doesn’t work when a girl is wearing a uniform. Everyone watching looks uncomfortable and confused. (Even Lacey Grimes looks shocked and Alex looks more than a little concerned.) Her parents agree they ruined things. Lauren is second and she steals Emily’s routine. (Lacey Grimes: “At least somebody knows the choreography.”) Emily storms off in despair. Austin tells Carter what Lauren did and then goes out to pep talk her. You can’t let her win! It will look different when you do it. You spent money and time on it. Show them you’re worth it. All in. (Yeah, not so subtle relationship blooming. Emily has to be involved with whoever supports her right?) Emily goes out and does it and I can’t pretend to think she does it better, though the show would like us to believe that by showing us the cooler parts. (Plus Emily is longer so her lines are better.) Lauren is clearly worried as she watches. Lacey Grimes is shocked. She gets a standing ovation.

Kayley’s parents decide they can’t keep putting Kayley mid-arguments. Alex says she should go with her mother’s argument while her mom suggests the opposite, leading to yet another argument.

Carter is pissed that Lauren did that. (It took her thirty minutes to practice.) Carter says he’s seen her best and worst sides and her bad side is too scary. He can’t love her when she does things like that. Lauren, getting the smack down two weeks in a row.

Sasha comes to ask Summer out (he thinks Lauren has learned her lesson about that stunt she pulled). She’s so surprised she doesn’t answer immediately. She says yes.

Payson stares at the floor for a bit and then takes off her jacket to do some practice. Hurray, getting to see Ayla Kell do a bit of ballet. It’s about time! (Thought not with the most flattering light in the beginning.) Great note to end on.

Make It Or Break It: And the Rocky Goes To…

Emily is rushing around to get to the gym to prove she’s committed to Sasha and her mom is doing the best to stall. Really she’s just excited to show her the food and brand new custom leo that Emily’s Scholarship has bought the family. (The first check came.) Does anyone else find it sketchy that her scholarship for the family at large’s lifestyle? Anyway, Chloe thinks Emily deserves to look the part of a star.

Summer and Sasha discuss Steve’s attempts to buy votes from the parents which naturally leads to the question of what Summer ever saw in him. Sasha doesn’t believe in marriage or God. Is there anything he does believe in? Leprechauns. (Ok, that made me love him again. Just a bit.)

Payson and Becca talk about her new training regime but first Becca wants to demonstrate the new level 8 skill she’s learned. It might actually be a better skill than half the ones we see our stars perform (though the form wasn’t perfect). Payson gives a bit of critique, which Becca takes well.

Emily and Chloe decide to be “bigger” than Lauren. The parents can’t get between the girls. Chloe doesn’t have a history of letting the kids deal with their issues. Chloe tries to be nice though Lauren does not make it easy. (Why you so happy, Tilla Tequila marathon?)

Lauren gives out barretts because she wants to win the Rocky Award for Congeniality at this year’s Rock Banquet (oh sports banquets, the good memories). (Which Kaylie usually wins but is now getting Gymnast of the year, which Payson got for five years in a row.) Lauren is upset about Emily’s custom leo because she couldn’t get those fabrics yet.

Sasha is glad to see Payson back. (She looks slimmer in this velvet leo.) He intends to change her overall style so she has to be reinvented, which means going all the way back to…level 1. That’s awkward and embarrassing but Sasha seems quite pleased with himself. I get the sentiment but maybe something more private would have been more sensible. Sasha does give her some personal attention and she has to learn to make things about lines instead of height. Becca meanwhile seems to be improving a ton, which is difficult for Payson to watch.

In come the Cruzes acting all cute and “together” as they turn in Kaylie’s pictures for her award. They sure seem to get along. Kaylie is glad to see they’re back together. It’s only a matter of time.

Sasha is impressed by Emily’s renewed determination. She’s upped her game. And she’s looking like a champion with that dazzling new leo. Is it awkward to hear a coach talk about a girl’s leo (which, essentially is a bathing suit)? Lauren hears this and therefore announces free smoothies for all. Steve doesn’t understand why she cares what people think. He’ll help her win if she has ice cream with the Kmetkos after the banquet. Lauren hears some girls talking about Emily’s new leo so she takes some smoothies to offer to the girls. She gives them to Payson and Kaylie and then “slips” and spills the third one all over Emily’s white leo. Red on white…not so great.

Highlights and low-lights of the day. Sasha tells Becca she can train elite if she wants. (She just learned a level 8 skill seemingly for the first time. This seems sudden?) Payson congratulates her but is “too exhausted” after doing cartwheels all day and doesn’t want to celebrate with a smoothie run.

Chloe tries to keep a nice face but now that Emily’s leo is ruined, she calls her a monster. Steve overhears and the parents fight about the congeniality award. Lauren is gregarious, Emily keeps more to herself, which seems stuck up. It’s on!

Kaylie is trying a difficult move that a Chinese gymnast is the only on who can do it. Sasha tells her to stop because the move favors much smaller girls (the Chinese gymnast is at list 10 lbs lighter).

Steve and Lauren scheme to rule the Rock, parents’ board and popularity alike. He gives her his card and she announces free massages for all after practice. So Chloe offers free manicures, pedicures, and waxes. Both offers illicit cheers. Emily doesn’t think she’ll win the award, she’s been at the gym less than a year. Lauren does more bullying (I believe Lauren bullying Emily, not as much with an adult). Summer comes out in time and tells Chloe to behave like a grownup. They have a heart to heart about how Steve can’t say no to Lauren. They’re a team of winners afraid to get left behind, they can get carried away. Lauren needs someone to understand her and show an example, meaning if Chloe is in Steve’s life, that might have to be her.

Kaylie’s been on the elliptical for 98 minutes in addition to a full practice because she wants to be more “aerodynamic.” (They started setting this weight loss obsession up last episode with Beals’s comment and I feel the need to point out that 1) they’ve already set this up with Lauren in the series premiere and then dropped it and 2) while this is a very real storyline in gymnastics, it does seem silly that they’re making one of the thinnest girls in the gym worry about weight rather than say Payson or Lauren who are a lot heavier.) Kaylie is glad that they’re back together as a family. She’s worried that he’s upset with her because she feels responsible. What if them working on her gymnastics pushed mom aside. And she knew and kept it a secret. Alex assures her that he doesn’t blame her. It’s actually a cute moment.

Summer discovers that she and Kim are supposed to be hosting the banquet. Turns out she has stage fright and needs a lot of time to prepare to get comfortable. So naturally, she turns to drinking. (She’s a lightweight so it doesn’t take much.)

Guests begin to arrive. Steve says he believe it’s important for there to be a strong parent looking after the girls’ interests. He sometimes gets carried away. Whoever wins, they’re neutral. Summer keeps drinking (one second she sounds fine and literally 2 seconds later, she sounds drunk). In come the Cruzes who say to Steve “who would have thought when we founded the gym our daughter would become gymnast of the year and your daughter would be…well, she’ll win something someday.” I’m a little surprised by this animosity, not because I wouldn’t expect people to dislike him after everything, but just because we haven’t actually seen the parents dislike him before now. Summer gets her dress dirty and Steve realizes she’s drunk so he offers to bring the votes to the office. That seems like a good idea. We see no foul play but…

Summer introduces Kaylie as the pride of the Rock which Payson applauds but looks a little….stoic about. Then the elite girls sing Sasha a corny song that is totally true to teenage girls. Lauren of course hogs the mic midway through. Summer starts to embarrass herself so Kim comes to rescue her but it turns out she’s not so funny. Parents are called up to present something for their kids. Alex gives a cute speech about Kaylie’s discovery of her love for gymnastics. Steve starts with a nice speech about Lauren’s drive and determination and turns it into a campaign speech (awkward and inappropriate moment–poor Lauren, you can see her sadness and embarrassment). Chloe reads a corny poem using Emily’s name (E is for…) and then decides to come back and say something about Lauren and how passionate and ambitious she is. It’s the first time If ind myself actually liking Chloe. (Will Lauren appreciate it?)

And the Rocky goes to…Lauren Tanner! The applause is so awkward, making me wonder if anyone voted for her or if it was Steve cheating. Lauren gives a self-aggrandizing speech that makes me feel much less sad for her and only stops when Summer finally interrupts.

Most Promising Junior Award goes to Becca Keeler. Payson applauds proudly but then she steps away. Poor Becca, so hard to be happy when you see it making your sister miserable. And Payson’s clearly trying to be supportive but just can’t seem to manage it. (But here are some issues I have with this idea. 1) Becca was just making a huge deal about learning a level 8 skill. She has some time before she can go elite. 2) Becca never has the commitment to be elite. Didn’t she just blow off the gym last week in favor of a movie just because “no one else was going?” I’ll give you that being hyper competitive can be fun if it’s the sort of thing you like, but if you are not hyper-competitive yourself, you aren’t likely to love doing it as Becca claims she does.)

Payson is crying on the stairwell and Sasha comes out to give her a new pep talk. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her because she feels angry all the time. At Kaylie for winning Gymnast of the Year, Becca for passing her by. Sasha assures her it’s normal. But she doesn’t feel connected to gymnastics, she doesn’t love it the way she used to. But do you love it for being great or does the passion come from where you want to be. Sasha says she is a champion and he will hold a spot for her greatness. All she needs to do is show up, which she agrees to do. Then they will get there together.

Kaylie finds something in her dad’s coat pocket. A letter for divorce (which, naturally, he’d take with him to this banquet). She puts it away as Sasha calls for attention to show the video about Kaylie’s awesomeness. I wonder if those pictures are real (since she did do some gymnastics when she was little) or fake. They give out desert and Kaylie pushes hers away. Kaylie goes up to get her award and gives a speech about how her parents helped her get to where she is now because she could always count on them, both of them. Together. Never give up on what’s important. (That was an impressive double talk speech.)

People start getting up when Sasha announces a new award being given, called the Payson Keeler Championship Cup. We get a montage of gymnasts (Nastia, Tasha Schwikert, Carly Patterson, Kaylie, Becca) talking about how Payson has the heart of a champion (laugh at the experts who count her out, won juniors with an ACL injury, etc). That’s exactly the type of thing I’d have done! Nice to see her finally get something happy. (Such a sports movie ending, music and all.)

But the show’s not over yet. Kim suggests a celebratory movie but Payson intends to get up early to go to the gym, even though it’s Sunday. She’s back.

Kaylie confronts her parents about the divorce. She doesn’t want an award. The award means nothing if it costs her her family. She convinces them to give it another 6 months. (Ps, Kaylie’s dress actually shows off Josie Loren’s toned arms well.) They agree reluctantly but that makes me wonder if they will actually try it or just say they are.

Sasha walks Summer home because she doesn’t feel so well. She hasn’t got this tipsy since college graduation. He says he’d be happy to be married to the right woman. Then they kiss. I suppose technically she isn’t a gym mom so though Lauren may be upset there’s nothing wrong with it.

At ice cream Lauren talks about how thrilled she is to get an award.. Emily looks emo.

Kaylie does more exercise.

Payson ends the way we saw her in season one, practicing little moves in the mirror. (Nice symmetry show!)

I think this is one of the strongest episodes, despite nothing technically happening.

Make It Or Break It: Battle of the Flexes

Payson claims to be sick and doesn’t want to go to the Rock. (Guess who is back in the show?!? Becca!!!) What if Payson can’t pick up where she left off? What will the Keeler family do then?

Gran’s coming to visit and Steve is freaking out. She’s apparently more stuck up than everyone else. Lauren has found Chloe’s bra and suggests a vasectomy so Chloe can’t get pregnant and trap him into a marriage. He’s obviously not introducing Chloe to Gran right now. It’s not serious enough. Hmm, this is good information for Lauren…

The girls are nervous to see Sasha and he has specifically asked to see them before practice. To tell them how hurt he is? But instead he congratulates them on their success and wonders why Emily wasn’t there. I love that Emily claims to have been back before bed check when that isn’t true since Beals was doing bed checks and the girls covered with her about the shower. Sasha hopes she learned something and Emily says she’s more committed than ever. Lauren hopes she’s ranked two again but Sasha she’ll be ranked how and when he decides. Then he has a separate word with Kaylie. He hopes she’s convinced she deserves her number one status. She has, it’s time to start acting like it. (Which means she will be brattier.) Sasha says she is the gym’s leader and sets an example. Everything is her responsibility, including Emily’s disqualification. It won’t happen again. Kaylie has a plan.

Lauren and Emily spar about boys. Lauren says “us girls with boyfriends need to stick together.” But Emily says she won’t have a boyfriend until after gymnastics. Kaylie got them promise rings to promise they focus on nothing but gymnastics and forget about boys. But she only gets rings for her, Emily, and Payson because Lauren is clearly not forsaking boys.

And the grand entrance award goes to…Austin Tucker. Showing up at the rock in full motorcycle apparel. The girls don’t look happy to have him. (Kaylie least of all thanks to her no boys policy, among other things.) The news: he’s training at the rock until he can open his own gym. He’s moving to boulder. He promises they’ll hardly know he’s in the gym, as the parallel bars that will replace the second set of uneven bars are brought inside.

Summer wonders if Austin will be a distraction. Sasha thinks have a real Olympic gold medalist will inspire and he says female gymnasts are not Austin’s type. But types can change. Summer is a case in point. In comes Kim and she asks Sasha to tell her the truth: will Payson ever be ready for the Olympic team or is it over?

Austin does his routine and this show makes me wonder what male gymnasts normally wear when practicing since in this show it’s t-shirts and mesh shorts, which is clearly not what they compete in.

Gran comes in to see Lauren on beam. We get it, beam is her thing. Gran is disappointed that Summer and Steve are broken up, she loves Summer best of all his past girlfriends. Well, and Lauren’s mother…before she got into the drugs…Lauren is still holding onto hopes of Summer and Steve getting back together. Yeah…Lauren spills about Chloe.

Emily and Austin talk. Emily’s a bit cold. Why did he come to the Rock? Really? For her, to check out the girl who shattered Damon’s heart. Kaylie interrupts to tell Emily to focus.

After practice Kaylie continues giving Austin unnecessary attitude. (Ok, you didn’t like that he didn’t recognize you in France, but really.) Austin says he thinks he can help but “she’s the national champion and doesn’t need his help.” Wow, that is the antithesis of champion spirit.

Steve, Gran, and Lauren talk and Gran brings up Chloe. Gran has decided they are having dinner tomorrow night.

Payson is watching tv when Sasha arrives to talk. Payson kind of looks shelllshocked and admits he was right and she was wrong. Sasha points out that even though this year she can’t get on the team, next year she can. She can become more of an artistic gymnast than a power gymnast like Nastia. She says she isn’t like Nastia but he points out that Nastia had a nine inch growth spurt in five years and many injuries but she came back better than ever thanks to graceful lines and meticulous execution. Payson says Nastia is built for that (thin and long) and she runs off, unwilling to listen. It’s over for her. Poor Sasha, no one’s listening to her.

Becca wonders if Payson is coming to the gym and Kim says Payson isn’t one to give up but Payson says she doesn’t plan to go. Payson says it is her life. Kim says they all changed their lives Payson’s desires. She expects Payson to stop being selfish and try what her coach suggests. The show has just touched on what I think is one of the most interesting and crazy aspects of a sport like gymnastics. Families literally give up their lives for their kids’ dreams but what happens when those kids decide they don’t want to do it anymore? Should Kim be trying to push Payson to continue if she says she’s done? (If you read Chalked Up, Jennifer Sey talks about her personal experience in this area.) As Payson says, who told you to give up your life for mine? Anyway, Becca decides she wants to go to the movies instead of the Rock.

Kaylie gets to the Rock and sees a huge sign for Austin Tucker. His banner is bigger than hers! Lauren teases her and then says she thinks it’s good because it will put Kaylie in her place. Lauren reveals to Carter his plan to get Gran to get Steve to drop Chloe. Carter intends to go out with Austin, leaving Lauren sex-free for the night.

Steve arrives to invite her to dinner. Chloe thinks he told his mother about her and she’s honored. He lets her believe it. He warns her that she’s tough. “Steve, you don’t ever have to worry about being embarrassed by your mother around me.”

The girls whine about Austin’s attention and then learn that Austin intends to bring in the high bar. No, it goes in the annex building out back, which is cold and has bad lighting. The girls are the stars of the gym. Lauren says no one cares about men’s gymnastics (true). Austin says men’s apparatuses are harder and they do more, 6 to the women’s 4. Kaylie says it’s because they do harder and more precise skills. Conclusion: men vs women, having them perform on the other gender’s apparatuses. Austin is given balance beam, Carter is given parallel bars, Lauren is given rings, Emily is given parallel bars, Emily is given men’s floor (3x more tumbling runs and no music), and Austin takes on women’s floor (music and dance choreography). Sasha is thrilled to see competition with stakes.

Practices on the different apparatuses does not go well for either gender and we see quite a bit of falling. (By the way, anyone notice how much Kaylie and Lauren talk considering their dislike for each other.) Kaylie thinks they can manage.

Becca comes in to talk to Kim and says she’ll go to the Rock tomorrow if she wants. Kim tells her it isn’t about what Kim wants but about what Becca wants. Then why does she care if Payson quits? Maybe it’s time to let it go. They’ve all sacrificed. If she’ll never be what she was, is it still worth the family being separated. Becca points out that maybe not if it’s about winning but isn’t it supposed to be about fun, discipline, and hard work. They weren’t always all gymnastics all the time. Becca brings up ice skating.

Emily refuses to have dinner with Steve’s family. (Brian is conveniently at computer camp. I guess it is summer, even though you may not realize it based on what is going on, there seems to be no time frame in this show.) Chloe has never been invited to meet a guy’s mom and she wants to impress her. Emily is the most impressive thing about her.

Lauren can’t wait for Chloe to show up in her “interesting” wardrobe attire. (Interesting. The perfect descriptive word. When my sister was little she used to announce how ugly things were when we were in stores so I told her she should say they were interesting. It wasn’t much better since she’d always say it as “that’s…interesting.”) But unfortunately for Lauren, Chloe and Emily show up sweaters and Banana Republic-esque clothes.

The Keelers go ice skating and Kim apologizes to Payson. Payson says her mom was right, she is selfish. Kim points out that she gave up her life the moment Payson was born and she wouldn’t want it any other way. She just doesn’t understand why she’s giving up on her dreams when there is still a chance. Payson shares a little story. When she was little, she loved ice skating. She’s always been an amazing athlete (athlete not princess). When she was seven she wanted to be the princess in the icecapades. Instead she was cast as the prince (because the director said she looked more like a boy) and all the other girls laughed at her for thinking she was graceful and beautiful enough to be a princess. She didn’t tell her mom because she knew her mom would have told her the princess was the cooler part. What she really wanted to hear was that they were wrong and she would have been the most beautiful princess in the world. Payson’s scared, she doesn’t think she’s graceful enough. Kim says it’s ok to be scared but if you don’t try at all, you could end up scared of everything. And one more thing, she would have been the most beautiful princess. (While I do love Payson and enjoy Ayla Kell, I will be honest and say the delivery in this scene was a bit stilted.)

Chloe tries hard but things aren’t going great. Particularly because Lauren is taking digs where she can. Gran seems to be on the Kmetkos side though, despite Lauren’s attempts. Lauren reveals that her dad hadn’t told Gran about Chloe. Emily excuses them, she needs to go to the gym early and has some schoolwork (wait, isn’t it summer?).

Lauren is doing some work when Gran comes in and puts Lauren in her place. True class is about having graciousness no matter what (even if someone is trying to pull you down). Lauren was the only one who was truly tacky at the table. She says she may feel abandoned by her mother, and that’s where her anger comes from, but Tanners must be gracious. She’s disappointed in Lauren. I almost feel sad for Lauren here (great facial expressions Cassie Scerbo).

Time for the boys vs girls battle. Payson shows up to interrupt Kaylie’s pep talk with her own (and let’s be honest, it comes out better from her). The girls do a lame chair and then Austin comes over to wish them luck and say no one should get injured. The competition reminds me why I dislike men’s gymnastics. The routines are more boring. There is something hysterical about watching the guys do the girls’ apparatuses. It just looks goofy. (Of course, in a way it highlights the things that look marginally goofy when the girls do it but is expected anyway. All that finger-flicking choreography.) Lots of corny commentating by Sasha (where did hardass Sasha go? I kind of miss him.)

Steve apologizes to Chloe. She dressed up because she was excited and wanted to make sure he wasn’t embarrassed. She says she’s honest and what you see is what you get and he understands that the real reason they are keeping their relationship secret is because he isn’t serious.

I’m not sure how it is helpful to have gymnasts waste their time training on apparatuses they will never compete in but I suppose it might help strength training for the girls and fluidity and artistry for the boys. Kaylie being able to do the guys’ full tumbling runs is impressive. Lauren is glad that she and Emily won’t have to suffer through family dinners. (Lauren, did you learn nothing?) The results are in, and the winners are…the men. Steve interrupts the celebrations to announce that he and Chloe are dating. Oh well Lauren. More applause as they kiss. Sasha admits to summer that people’s types do change.

Austin insists that Kaylie shake his hand. Kaylie says she’s a founding member of the gym and she’s risked a lot for it. Austin admits that he came to get inspiration from the Rock girls. They’re passionate and determined and fearless and he could use that. He offers a compromise. And then gets picked up by a hot girl.

Lauren wants to hang out with Emily and Payson but Kaylie invited them over to commiserate with ice cream. Lauren pretends to have plans with Carter but she watches them pile into Kaylie’s car. Despite all, I actually feel bad for her a little. (Again, good job Scerbo.)

SYTYCD: Top “6”

With yet another injury tonight, you have to wonder if perhaps the contestants this season are being pushed too hard too fast. The downside of there being only eleven competitors is that perhaps they do more per show than in previous season or maybe the pressure…whatever the reason, this is just getting ridiculous. This time it’s Billy Bell, sidelined with an injury though it sounds like he may be all right by next week so no guarantees about who will be sent home. Nigel says they will be bringing someone in to try to do some injury prevention.

Cat Deeley’s got a nice simple ponytail but what is with the dress? It sort of looks like someone just draped tissue paper over her.

The first routine of the night is a Nappy Tab hip hop routine with Twitch and Lauren and while I was not in love with the choreography, I was impressed with Lauren. I didn’t feel like she was outshined by Twitch at all. Adam thinks she tore it up. Hot hot hot. (Anyone else wondering what Mia’s long earrings are? So weird.) Mia thinks she’s completely letting go and should. Kenny (of HSM) thinks SYTYCD changes dance each season. The praise is unanimous. Lauren has enough energy to power LA. Nasty buck.

Jose and Allison get a Sonya Tayeh contemporary. It is much more loving than her usual stuff. One interesting thing about this is that the dance takes place at the edge of the stage. Jose point your damn toes! Notice the walk away that ends 95% of routines? Adam compliments Sonya’s concept and Jose’s immersion in the character and partnering. Less conventional dancing though, making it hard to critique. Mia agrees but it was smart because she gave him pedestrian contemporary (human gestures rather than a technical place) but he didn’t grow much. Kenny thinks the all stars elevate the competitors. Jose gets mucho compliments on his partnering. Sonya covered up his weaknesses. More toe pointing please. Agreed Nigel!

Robert and Lauren are paired for a Tyce Diorio Jazz about seduction. Ir’s one of Tyce’s better ones. Adam dubs it smokin. “Rob” is so good. But watch your hands. Agreement that Robert’s dancing was really showcased here.

Adechike has his solo, which starts out eh, has a cool jump-turn sequence and then eh.

Kent and Kathryn
are paired for a Jazz with Sonya. (Two Sonyas in one week! Best week ever.) Kent was great but it was hard not to watch Kathryn here. Adam says he made the show more special. Mia thinks his face gets a little funny (corny). Kenny thinks Kent is the guy to beat.

Robert‘s solo is strong but I didn’t feel an emotional element.

Lauren‘s solo is my favorite so far.

Adechike and Comfort are paired for a hip hop routine with Nappy Tabs. Interestingly, this routine really showcased how Comfort has grown as a dancer (she used to be only so so at partnering and emotion but she’s really gotten better). Adam felt like he was watching a movie. Adechike is actually crying. Adechike did well but I think Lauren and Alex did better at hip hop. Mia said it felt more real than any contemporary routine. Nigel says it was the epitome of an honest rendition.

Jose‘s solo definitely showed his happy go lucky personality but the actual dancing was no the strongest breaking we’ve seen.

Kent‘s solo while a little frenetic was very solid.

Lauren and Robert are partnered together for a samba with Dmitry Chaplin. Not the best routine of the night but not bad. Adam wants a t-shirt that says you shot me with your but. Robert’s lines were clean and partnering strong. Lauren’s retractions and footwork are so strong. Mia felt that Robert looked like a Samba dancer. However, Lauren’s hips and butt were great but she’s in plie a lot giving some heaviness to her dancing. More tssst. Robert’s upper body reminded Nigel of Dmitry. Lauren has shaken everything that is possible to shake.

Adechike and Jose are paired for a pasedoble (Legacy is assisting) and it’s matador versus matador. Again from Dmitry. Some of the partnering stunts came off a little awkward but it was kind of cool for a style I’ve never loved. Adechike does a weird thing where he holds his head too far forward. Adam’s impressed with their commitment. Jose needs to stretch his body more. Adechike needed more abandon. Mia thought they did okay (but was aesthetically gorgeous). Both had technique issues. They didn’t quite fill the space but good attempt. Valiant effort but needs more carriage.

Kent gets a step routine and gets Billy who is injured and thus replaced by Twitch. Choreographer Chuck Maldanado. I’ve done step, it isn’t easy. The biggest problem I had with this routine is that the cool thing about step is the noises it makes and with two people and the music so loud, you couldn’t actually hear any of it. Adam thanks the producers for introducing new styles. And he thinks Kent killed it but I think he made some funny faces. Mia had no idea he had that in him. Great chemistry.

Random thought, but I love seeing the old contestants and all stars who aren’t competing sit in the audience. It’s just so cute.

Make It Or Break It: All or Nothing

Lauren’s practicing her French, which her dad does not follow. She’s still upset because she’s only an alternate. What I want to know is who was originally supposed to be an alternate.

Meanwhile Chloe wants Emily to go see Damon while in France but Emily is afraid to upset Ellen and lose her scholarship. Fair enough I suppose.

Kaylie is still upset with Lauren who pretends that Kaylie is just stuck up. Steve wants her to forget about friends and focus on her gymnastics because she couldn’t even beat Emily. And with that awesome father-daughter pep talk, he goes to chat up Rock parents. He invites them over to his place for a little get together. He wants it “on the down low” so that only the A listers know about it.

Kaylie puts her bag on the seat next to her to ensure that Lauren can’t sit beside her, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to talk. She apologizes for blurting out the truth about her relationship with Carter. Kaylie is just relieved that she can focus on the Olympics. So Lauren informs her that they’re having sex. Kaylie has Emily sit next to her. Lauren brings up where Damon will be and she and Kaylie argue over whether you can have gymnastics and a boyfriend.

Sasha tries to persuade Payson to postpone, but she cuts him off. Payson didn’t didn’t know about the Carter stuff but Kaylie doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to stay focused. She does manage to take a dig at Lauren for being just an ultimate.

The girls arrive in at the hotel and people come to get Kaylie’s autograph. They don’t want Lauren’s though. Guess who else is there? Austin Tucker, gold medalist who parties and treats gymnastics like a joke. Best part…Kaylie goes to say hi and he has no idea who she is. A little bruise to her ego. (Remember, in MIOBI world, the gymnasts are followed by paparazzi and rabid fans all around the world. I dare you to name six members on the US team without looking them up.)

Ellen Beals welcomes the girls and informs them that they can do nothing but sit in their rooms until practice and competition. Practice is in the morning. By the way, Marty is on leave of absense pending committee review. Beals will be supervising practice. Talk about control freak.

Kim is wondering why everyone is busy when she invited them over for a viewing party. Summer suggests she run to be president of the parent’s board. Kim hates the politics of it. Alex isn’t running again though.

The girls hanging out. Kaylie is upset that Austin didn’t know her. Lauren suggests going to see Damon and Emily feigns indifference. Emily’s just upset to be stuck inside. Lauren proceeds to try and make her nervous that he’s hooking up with other girls.

Chloe and Steve decide that they should keep their relationship secret because he wants her support to look genuine not because of their relationship. Playing the politics comes with the territory. Secret alliance of insiders. Because they haven’t been super obvious already. (It’s all Steve’s idea, naturally.)

Austin figures out that Kaylie is one of the Rock Rebels and he thinks that’s very cool. He invites her to a party because rules are for people with no self discipline, but she turns him down.

Practice time. Lauren tries to worm her way into competition, but she is told that she will only compete if someone gets injured or breaks the rules. Ellen Beals also informs Kaylie that she should lose some weight to make her tricks easier. Payson discovers that a double pike is now required and she’s clearly not prepared. Lauren taunts Emily more. After all, Damon thinks Emily blew him off.

For no reason whatsoever, we have a scene of the girls eating, largely to have Nastia come in and say “stay focused and work hard, that’s how I won my gold medal.” Lauren tries to point out that the love and support of a boyfriend might make you do better. Emily realizes that having Damon made it easier for her. Emily doesn’t understand why she can’t do both. She could easily get there and back. Lauren convinces her that she needs closure with Damon. Kaylie gives in because she thinks it will help.

Lauren buys the tickets for Emily and immediately hides the return ticket. (And Emily being Emily, she’s smart enough not to check before she leaves.) Kaylie is suspicious but can’t figure out what is going on.

Emily finds Damon rehearsing. He conveniently happens to be in the one place she checked. Emily is all proud of him. She didn’t want to say goodbye but they have to. She has to be committed until the Olympics. He can be there for her and support her! She wants him to have his dream come true and she can’t ruin that. They have to say goodbye. (This is actually a pretty mature decision, making it the only adult thing she’s ever done well. Which she promptly ruins by making him initiate the goodbyes.)

Payson comes up after practicing late. She doesn’t seem upbeat. And she’s upset that Emily went to Paris. She lectures about all the things that could go wrong and get Emily suspended.

Emily is informed that her ticket is one way. But Emily went without making sure she had the ticket for the way back AND without making sure she had money. Just full of good ideas.

Ellen comes to check on the girls and they cover for her by turning on the shower.

Emily tries to raise money by doing gymnastics moves for the public. This is probably at least a little dangerous considering the floor it’s on. If she does anything wrong…And naturally, Austin Tucker is there. She asks him for money for a ticket and he says yes on the condition that she does a full twist. Not like she has a choice. He was in Paris for the Green Day concert. He says Damon was awesome but was intense and talking about some chick named Emily. He says living life makes his gymnastics better but she’s sure she did the right thing. At the hotel, they wait for the elevator and he tricks her into a hug when guess who is there…The Devil (aka Beals).

Kaylie gives Payson a pep talk before her petition. And also, Emily will not be competing. Lauren will be replacing her. Sad expressions exchanged and then Emily is alone to bash the locker room to bits (oh wait, that’s later, but on the upside, Damon comes to comfort her).

Payson does her routine on bars and looks fine but we don’t see her other routines so there’s no telling how it actually went.

Steve shmoozes the parents about having someone heading the parent’s committee who will make sure the coach favors their girls’ chances of making the Olympic team. Chloe can’t seem to act like a guest but Steve insists she relax. The meet begins and they see that Lauren, not Emily is competing. Nastia is the one to announce the news. Steve tells her not to worry, it’s probably a minor injury.

Beals thanks Lauren for tipping her off about Emily. Lauren claims she was worried about her. Lauren points out that Emily might not be capable of sticking to the rules. It’s the way she was raised.

Beals gives them a speech and then they wonder about when Payson will find out. After the competition. Kaylie seems to suspect something, interesting how Lauren got in. Lauren says it hurts that Kaylie thinks so little of her (as though it isn’t true…) and today she will prove that first place and boyfriends are not mutually exclusive. They may be competing as a team but Lauren intends to beat her in the all around.

Emily and Damon discuss why they said goodbye, neither of them wanted it. Emily muses about quitting because her dream involves too much rules, training, and sacrifices and then getting benched for nothing. Basically, she a little bit upset that she didn’t do what Sasha suggested and take control of her career. Damon points out that she chooses to do gymnastics, that’s a choice. It will all be worth it. He has an idea. In two years, they meet up in Paris after the Olympics. And then decide on their future. Date? Yeah. This is not goodbye.

Kaylie and Lauren are going neck and neck for the all around gold. Something seems to be fueling them. Nastia, you were a great gymnast but you are not much of a commentator.

Chloe learns that Emily is not hurt and Kim comes in (to get some signatures for Lauren) and discovers the party she wasn’t invited to. Chloe and Steve play dumb. Kim doesn’t fall for it. Steve explains that it is for parents who have a stake. She doesn’t have money or a daughter who is number one. Kim says Payson is coming back and she’ll be petitioned onto the team and she’ll run for president of the parent board. Before she can leave, it is announced that Payson’s petition has been denied. Chloe tells Steve the party sucks.

PS- who else loves the sound effects they make when they perform?

Kaylie tells Lauren that all the crap she’s done to her has made her a better gymnast. Lauren maintains that she was better. And the winner is…Kaylie. Lauren came in third. Ellen actually gives Lauren a comforting pat. Kaylie gloats “you’ve gotta be used to looking up by now.”

Beals and some woman talk about how Payson was unprepared and how Beals “begged her to delay but Sasha pushed her.” If someone doesn’t stop him he’ll ruin the girls’ careers.

US came in second in the meet. Beals tells Emily they could have won the gold if not for her.

Payson cries in the stairwell and her mom calls but she ignores it.

The girls return to the Rock. Kim and Sasha discuss needing to be there for her.

We close on a song about being able to fall and still break free while seeing a closeup of a sign that says “Hey Kids! Be an Olympic Champ! It’s Fun! Fun! Fun! (I might argue that this is the most poignant thing the show has ever done, sort of like in Making the Band why they played Damaged in the background when Danity Kane broke up.)

Some Blogs to Check Out

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1. about a mother dealing with her daughter’s addiction
2. about screenplay writing

Any blogs you would recommend?