So the final season of the show has begun and I’m sort of torn in my feelings.

Normally, when a show decides to graduate its characters, they lay the groundwork for new characters to take their place or they move on with the characters themselves. In the case of Greek, moving beyond college would be difficult because the premise is that it is about fraternities and sororities. And because it is the last season, there isn’t really time to introduce new people and let us get to know them. (It might have worked if they’d started setting it up last year and we had one more year after this one, but that isn’t how things are.)

As such, the writers have had to find a creative way to get Casey, Ashleigh, Evan, and (to my pleasant surprise) Katherine all back at CRU and into the Greek system. Evan, Casey, and Katherine all end up at law school there (after a brief teaser that Casey and Katherine would be elsewhere), with Evan pseudo-dating Rebecca, Casey living in ZBZ as house-mom, and Katherine sort of seeing Beaver/Walter. Then, to pull Ashleigh back, she’s the not-so-suprising mess of the bunch who ends up back at CRU when she runs away from her job and sort of messes up her future. To integrate her with the rest of the cast, she makes out with Rusty (I’ve been expecting this for a while and while Jeremy-Bonnie on Vampire Diaries sort of creeps me out, for some reason this pairing doesn’t, maybe because age matters less in college than in high school) and has the layout for the overdone, tired teacher-student relationship. (Yes, I know she isn’t actually a student, but she might as well be in terms of secret relationship, though it isn’t wrong in the way that it is in Pretty Little Liars and Life Unexpected.)

Rebecca’s excellent scheming is wasted when she has no one to bounce off of. Yes, Casey is still around, yes she’s trying to sneak things past Casey, but it isn’t the same relationship anymore and so it doesn’t feel quite right. (Partially because Rebecca’s shenanigans seem reasonable and realistic and Casey just seems a little sad and desperate to be there at all.) Evan’s storyline, though believable, makes him feel like an afterthought. He’s only around for the sake of making other people paranoid. (Rebecca worries that he’s moving on without her, Casey worries that he’s making her look bad in school.)

Dale joining a fraternity is only sort of believable but less enjoyable. He feels much less crazy now that he’s in with Omega Chai. It was nice to have someone outside the Greek system for a counterpoint, now it feels like he’s just sold out.

Even Calvin, who seemingly should be a major part of the show right now, feels like an afterthought. He’s barely in the show and mostly as support for Rusty and Ashleigh.

The only people i’m really enjoying right now are Rusty (and his Little) and the Katherine-Beaver/Walter relationship. Firstly, its nice to see how much smarter Beaver is than we realize, while simultaneously making us worry about future kindergarteners everywhere. Secondly, I love Katherine and all her high-strung craziness. Rusty is on the same upward path we’ve seen in him all along, so I enjoy that continuing.

It’s not that I don’t like the current season, it’s just that I think it could be handled better. (Though at this point it may be difficult to change things.)

What do you think? Is the final season holding up?

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