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Dexter– Not much has changed since the last time I wrote about this show. Some people are disliking Julia Stiles’s character, but personally I love it. The relationship that she and Dexter have is fascinating because on the one hand he’s training a protege and on the other he’s trying to shield her. The way he acts with her is some of the most human we’ve ever seen him, even more so than when he was with Rita where a lot of it was about guessing what the right thing to say was. He’s been more honest and open with Lumen than he ever was with Rita (for good reason). Meanwhile, I love the little twist that Deb’s story line has taken. Fired because Laguerta’s trying to save herself! The cop who idolized her turning on her! Can’t wait to see Deb strike back. And with Angel on her side, that should do wonders for the already irritating (and troubled) marriage. I’m still waiting to see how everything comes together between Deb’s story and Dexter/Lumen’s but I’m not seeing how it would. Unless it’s just Deb’s being out of work and her relationship that makes them intersect. Finally, there’s “Quinn’s” investigation and the pictures of Lumen and Dexter dumping bodies. So that’s one more person to kill. Personally, I’m really liking this season though I’m not sure they can really beat the shocker that was the end of last season.

Brothers and Sisters– This week was the first time where Luc’s presence on the show felt like it had a point. Maybe it’s just me, but until now his only point was for Sara to have issues and basically ignore him. For the first time we had an opportunity to learn a little about him and see him have an actual storyline. Justin as sex God was a lamer thing, didn’t he change at all over this series? And what happened to the girl from the hospital? I liked her much better than Scott’s staff members. Kitty’s absence this episode was a definite plus though, I did not miss her at all. I did miss Saul though. Has anyone else noticed that he’s been getting more and more absent as the show continues? Bring him back! Let him have a relationship for once. Meanwhile, I would really like Scotty to get more in the way of storylines. We got a little with the cheating on Scotty and with his parents, but I want more. Also, we get it that Paige is a bratty teenager, but what is Cooper’s story? We haven’t seen him in ages. Nora and her friend/love interest are cute but I’m more excited to see what happens when Sara becomes her boss (finally she’ll be back to storylines that aren’t just about her love for Luc and insecurities because he’s younger).

House– I have to be completely honest, I’m really enjoying Amber Tamblyn’s awkward new character. I’d be happy to see Thirteen return, but I kind of hope we can keep them both. Get rid of Foreman or Taub maybe. I’m sick of them. Even Chase is sort of boring at this point. Maybe it’s time for a new guy. House and Cuddy are still a strange relationship that’s sometimes endearing and sometimes a little irritating. She expects him to tell her the truth, he intends to lie…I particularly loved when Wilson’s new girlfriend/ex-wife says she sees House’s side of things. I’m hoping they do more about them (like the episode with House and Cuddy’s baby, that was great. I can’t wait till the kid is a little older and can have funny/entertaining conversations).

How I Met Your Mother
– We knew that it was only a matter of time before Robin Sparkles returned, but I never anticipated Jessica Glitter. This week had some funny stuff, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. It was one of those filler episodes where nothing really changes. Still funny, but not quite as exciting as other episodes.

90210– Is anyone else waiting in eager anticipation for the moment when Adrianna is finally outed in front of the entire world? That is all I want. When that happens I will be happy. I’ve realized that the main reason I dislike Naveed is because he LOOKS dirty. Like he hasn’t washed his hair or anything. Silver has been a non-character all season so I guess they’ve decided it’s time to give her a relationship with Naveed which will also bring drama into the girl group. I do wish we’d seen more of Ivy hanging out with the girls (do you think they will get her to be more girly?) but all we got was the precursor. Teddie’s story is one of the most interesting. I like how they’ve finally said that him being gay isn’t just a sudden plot twist (though perhaps some more subtle hints throughout would have been nice) but something from before. On the upside, there was none of Liam’s annoying “girlfriend,” on the downside there was very little of Naomi. No surprise that Aunt Becky and the teacher slept together, it was only a matter of time.

Chuck– There were a few particularly fascinating and excellent things in this week’s episode. For one thing, YAY SUMMER GLAU! Her storyline was pretty hysterical, though I was kind of hoping for a little more. Meanwhile, Chuck was trying to learn how to re-access his intersect and they brought in a specialist who thought fear would be the way to go. He also thought Sarah prevented him from full fear because he could always fall back on her. Why didn’t they simulate a situation that Chuck thought was real rather than actually bring him into a real one? And why didn’t they “threaten” Sarah because if ever there was something to make Chuck afraid, it would be the possibility of losing her. It bothered me that Chuck was insulted about Sarah saying he wasn’t an agent without the intersect. If he can’t fight and defend himself, he can’t be an agent. It’s as simple as that. Maybe there was a better way for her to say it, but still.

The Event– The show has taken a turn for the interesting (aged little girls, man morphing from young to old, the vice president as evil) but it’s still on the slow side. I want Layla and Sean to do something more interesting. Enough running away and crying. Let us see Layla as a three dimensional character. What skills does she bring to the story? (No, abducting a doctor doesn’t really count.) I hate to say it but the president is pretty lame. He doesn’t compare to any of the 24 presidents. He’s involved in things where it doesn’t make sense and yet doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I mean, does he actually run the country? We need more pieces to the puzzle (or even just more things to make us say “what?”). Think of Lost. In the first season, we saw polar bears, the smoke monster, a hatch, a mysterious distress signal, Locke healed, visions of Jack’s dead father, a cable running through the forest/beach, the others, the mysterious numbers, and some other things. So far in the Event we’ve got…stranded aliens with advanced technology, aged girls, and a creepy man. Not enough. Give us more!

Lie to Me– this show is missing the personal interactions and storylines. Think of Bones. Each week there is a unique case, but we also have a ton of relationships going on as well. Cam and her sort of daughter, Bones and Booth, Booth and Hannah, Sweets and Daphne, Hodges and Angela, and the random techs. In every episode something happens with a couple of these relationships so that it feels like someone has moved forward in some way. In Lie to Me, it is that progression in character that I feel like we are missing. Yes, we have Lightman and Foster flirting and Loker and Torres have their moments, and of course Lightman and Emily, but that’s about it. And we don’t really progress much (at all) with any of them in each episode. Get into the interpersonal relationships more.

Gossip Girl– As much as I hate Chuck, I do like him and Blaire together. This decision of hers to remain apart is interesting (and unlikely to stay this way permanently). Dan and Nate act less like bros and more like a couple. Vanessa is a little bit delusional. While it’s true that Serena gets away with things and her friends help, Vanessa has yet to actually be a victim of this. Her friends have always stepped in for her when Vanessa was trying to screw Serena for no good reason. Still not clear on how Ben got in jail. Even if he and Serena had an affair while she was in school. (Is that the real reason she left? This seems like a really delayed address of the issue.) If he’s in jail for statutory rape then Serena’s mother would know about it. I’m okay with a bit of Jenny here and there just to help with the sabotage (since Vanessa and Juliet are clearly awful at it) but I hope she’s not making an official comeback. What I really can’t wait for is when everyone realizes they’ve been scammed. What do we think they’ll do then? And what will happen when Serena wakes up in Juliet’s place?

Castle– After those excellent episodes where Beckett was being targeted, the show has slowed down a bit. I get it, Alexis has a boyfriend and it’s cute, but we need more. Is anyone else expecting Alexis to get kidnapped at some point? It feels like it’s only a matter of time.

Weeds– This show is not what it used to be. The only interesting thing happening is that Nancy has just fallen into the clutches of Guillermo and Esteban and then turns herself into the police to get away from them. It sounds like there is one season left to this show. We’ll see what happens then, but I miss Aggrestic and the other characters that they’ve eliminated.

Glee– Gwyneth Paltrow! She may not be the best singer ever, but I think she was excellent as Holly Holliday and I hope they bring her in more now that they’ve left the door open for it. I’m fine with Teri not coming back and I notice Emma has been a bit absent of late. Fine by me, the EW recapper may not agree, but I don’t care for the adult storylines (except for Sue vs Will which took an interesting turn this week as Sue realized he was better than the alternative). I like Kurt and the idea of him having a boyfriend (and I particularly love the secretly gay football player) but I’m not the biggest fan of Blaine. I’m not sure why, something about him just rubs me the wrong way, talent and all. It feels like the Glee kids for the most part have fallen in the background (Brittany, Tina, Quinn, Puck, Santana) and I would like more episodes to focus on them. Some people are probably thrilled to hear that Mike the Other Asian has been upgraded in cast status. I don’t particularly care, just because we already have so many characters to explore that I’m not sure we need another at this point. Otherwise, the music is still excellent and I am completely happy with the show.

No Ordinary Family– watch this show people! It needs to build more of the mythology (more hints about who the mom’s boss is for example and bring in some more supervillains), but I think this week’s episode with the parents and JJ were excellent. Daphne’s powers have got to become more dynamic (mind control!) to give her some more active storylines. Somehow they’ve made JJ’s super brain more interesting than mind reading. Maybe Daphne mind reads someone who wants to kill themselves or get revenge by shooting up the school and intervenes somehow? Something. Save this show! ( say this is a bubble show so let’s push it back to renewal!)

Life Unexpected– Well, we know this show is done for. Unfortunate since it just got back to a particularly interesting plot (an abusive foster family). Anyone else wonder what the deal with the recent obsession with student-teacher relations is? Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Life Unexpected, 90210 (though it is obviously different in this case because he’s a rapist)…enough already. The question is, will Lux ever come clean to get Tasha out of trouble? What will happen when they find out.

Parenthood– another show to save. How are people not watching this? Everything about it is compelling. The best story this week was definitely about Christina trying to get Max invited to a birthday party (though I enjoyed the Sarah-Amber college story too). Never has a TV show addressed Aspbergers as in depth as this (well, I can’t say never for sure, but from what I know of) and how it affects the rest of the family is so compelling. Haddie could stand being a little more interesting (maybe it’s time for her to go through a rebellious stage, just as Amber is bettering herself because then who better to help her back?), but otherwise, I’m thrilled. It seems Parenthood is moving nights. Let’s hope this isn’t a too little too late measure to save the show. If you haven’t been watching yet, it’s time to start. This is one of the better family dramas on TV.

The Good Wife– this week was a particularly fantastic episode. Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) guest starred as a pop icon trying to shed her Disney image by over-partying. But the interesting thing was how clearly it was actually an act and not the reality of who she was. And when does it become a reality rather than an act simply because of how long she’s been doing it. Cosgrove in real life seems to be one of the teen stars (though Nickelodeon not Disney which might be part of what’s helping her) who has not gone crazy, but she did a great job of acting the part. I’m hoping the show will further explore Kalinda as well as Peter and Alicia’s relationship (which has been pushed to the background), but otherwise I just can’t believe it took me so long to start watching this show. If you haven’t, this is yet another show that should be saved from cancellation.

Survivor– This season has been a weak one (seriously Producers, Old vs Young is 9 out of 10 times going to be lame, why risk it?), but this week’s did take an exciting turn as Holly instigated a push to get Brenda out. I am surprised that Naonka is still around just because she’s so awful. I would think that Fabio would have tried to make a push to get rid of her (though I guess he has not really made any moves on his own). But the odds of Naonka winning are so slim that I guess everyone is hoping she’s the next Russel.

Bones– I’ve already mentioned some of the things I like about the show, but I am hoping that they kick things up a notch. I loved the gravedigger episodes because there was a bigger picture to decipher. I’m hoping they bring in a new big picture villain sometime soon.

The Big Bang Theory– I’m glad Penny is back. She seems to be walking normally (or normally enough). Not everyone is happy about Mayim Bialick’s promotion to series regular, but as long as the show actually explores her character rather than just use her for comic relief, she will be a good addition. (Though Bernadette has yet to be more than a prop so we’ll see.)

The Office– The show hasn’t been garnering the laughs and compelling storylines of former seasons. I’m still watching but I’m a little ambivalent about it of late. Hopefully it’ll find itself again soon.

30 Rock– I want them to give Jenna a new, bigger story. She’s been comic relief but I think it’s time to explore her background more. We got a little about her mother, but I’d like to see more. Kenneth too, would be nice. The show has still be pretty funny, but not quite as strong as it was in past seasons. I do appreciate the way they dealt with Jack needing to move on (though it wasn’t quite as awesome as the episode where Jack was supposed to walk away from his mentorship with Liz).

Outsourced– The show has definitely gotten better since the premiere. I particularly appreciated getting a sense of Tod’s family, which we haven’t really gotten to see until now. It’s still not the best show out there, but it has some interesting things (especially when it comes to Tod and Asha) that make it enjoyable.

Grey’s Anatomy– I am glad Christina’s bartending stint was only a one episode deal. It’s funny, but not the kind of thing I’d want to go on for a long period of time. I particularly like how Teddy’s taking Christina’s issues so personally. It shows there really was a bond and they’d gotten beyond Hunt. I’m more annoyed with the way Derrick is dealing with these things since it doesn’t feel like he’s doing anything to help but rather is keeping her from being able to deal with things. Avery’s also become more interesting now that he has his own survivor’s guilt issues to work out. Bailey drunk though, was awesome. I love Bailey and really hope she gets more air time.

Private Practice– this show has just reached some of its best point since it started. Charlotte dealing with the rape is intense but compelling (though Violet is really starting to bug me). I also love the little bit of Amelia that they finally gave us and hope they can find a way to make her more of a character on the show. I really liked seeing Pete deal with his family, that was probably some of the best we’ve seen of him.

Burn Notice– this was one of the stronger episodes lately. There’s something about the team being caught and forced to work with someone else while also stopping them from doing anything bad that makes it much more interesting. Plus it sort of followed the show’s general procedure while also disrupting it, which makes it interesting. It’s time for more unexpected things to happen. Take the control away from the players for a bit.

Smallville– I love that Tess is finally a good guy with a past to explore. I was over her self-righteous evil. It would be nice if Louis could start being more of a solution to some problems than the damsel in distress since she’s supposed to be so strong. I was happy to see Supergirl back and really hope we haven’t seen the last of her. (Though she was a little too “perfect” this time around, which is never fun.)

Well, that’s pretty much everything in one of my longest posts ever. Thoughts?


Hellcats: She puts the “whore” in “horrifying”.

The requisite Hellcats practice has been replaced by…the prom scene in Grease? An episode of So You Think You Can Dance? Not entirely clear on the deal with this ballroom scene we’re getting but okay. Maybe it’s a fundraising stunt? Except, Dan is dancing with Savannah onstage until Marti and Dan are partnered and begin making out, in front of everyone. And then Marti wakes up with Louis in her bed. Not the right dream it seems.

Vanessa and her boyfriend/fiance are up and discussing wrinkled ties. Her boyfriend is never around because of football season and Vanessa misses him. (Is Red keeping him away?) She wants to know if she did something, why they don’t talk about their future anymore. He has no time for anything but work. He’s all “we knew this job would make me busy when I took it” and she’s all “no, you decided to take it, not we.” (Lamest scene in history?)

Some guys are looking at Alice and laughing as they glance at something on their camera. Her picture apparently. She gets to practice and Savannah wants to see if she’s ok. The team is behind her. About what? Before Savannah can fully explain (she gets as far as “there were some photographs”) Vanessa shows her. The university is investigating who sent them out. She sent them to Jake when he was in an away game. This isn’t the first self-destructive thing Alice has done and Vanessa is concerned that there’s a deeper issue. Those pictures could affect her future. Alice plays it off as she’s unconcerned and unashamed of her body. Vanessa is frustrated that Alice isn’t taking the conversation seriously and offers to help her but Alice “doesn’t need a mentor.” Louis wants to know if Jake did it. Alice admits to him that she’s humiliated and offers to help. If she wants. The offers gets her all teary eyed but she doesn’t actually respond.

Marti and Morgan have been caught! Their lawyer professor is angry for them “harassing” a booster who donates to the university. They have no legal proof! The professor says they a risking helping hundreds for the sake of a single person. He warns them that their “glamorization” is dangerous. He kicks them off the three strikes case and warns them against contacting his client ever again.

Alice and Louis confront Jake about the pictures. Someone stole his phone, Jake claims. (Plus with the entire football team to back him up there isn’t much to do at the moment.) Jake says he only just found out from campus security. Louis has a theory about who might have stolen his phone.

Marti debates what to do about the law case with Dan who isn’t listening. He’s preoccupied. She wants to move on after their dating, he’s not ready to. He’s never been so happy to be with anyone like with Savannah then why can’t he move on. He promised to be exclusive for Savannah! Marti thinks things will go back to normal soon. Savannah shows up then, all bubbles and rainbows and they try to pretend all’s well. She doesn’t seem to notice.

Vanessa burns herself on hot coffee and Red is conveniently there to flirt and buy her some decaf coffee. She’s still upset about the pictures and isn’t sure if Alice is actually fine or just pretending. They talk about not being able to do more for their kids and how frustrating that is (she’s clearly really wishing someone could have helped her and convinced her not to see Red while in college). She doesn’t want to talk about her boyfriend problems though which somehow he manages to turn into flirting. He even bribes her to tell him the truth of the situation. They get kissing close before she pulls back. She should get back to work.

Louis thinks it’s Damion because that’s what he did when he was on the team. Damion does that to people when he’s angry at them. But as one of the best players, he gets away with it. Jake and Louis confront him and Alice joins them despite being told to wait outside. Damion allows them to search his locker and sure enough find Jake’s phone. Damion isn’t concerned, he’s sure he won’t get in trouble because he’s a football star. Bill Marsh will make it about a slutty cheerleader and ruin her rather than about Damion’s actions. His last minute taunt gets Louis and Jake on the attack which is interrupted by Red. Red isn’t done though, he wants a moment with Alice. She claims it was kind of funny. Red says Vanessa really wants to help her and she should open up to her.

Savannah is teaching Vanessa’s boyfriend what a ball change is and tells him to relax. What is going on here? They’re doing it for Vanessa and filming it so she can see how hard he’s working. Quick, hide, Vanessa’s coming! Dan and bf have a little haert to heart about how you know who “the one” is. He knew it six weeks into their relationship. You’re always confused and doubtful, why? Bf basically says Savannah is genuinely the best person ever.

Marti and Alice and the team discuss what to do Damion since there isn’t legally really much to do. Alice is pissed and says “if it’s the right thing to do, do it. make your own justice.” (Marti needed those words to get a kick into continuing to help the jail guy.) Meanwhile a team member says he knows something about Damion that not a lot of people know. Gay?

Marti’s visiting the jail and tells him if Julian flunks her she won’t be able to get into law school. Sure enough, in comes the professor. Travis tells the professor that he will fire him if he doesn’t let Marti stay on. The professor accepts being fired. Whoops, so much for that power play. The next day in class, Marti comes in to drop the class. She says being taught by him has been a waste of time. He’s hurting Travis because he’s forgotten the client for the cause. He’s not sure she’s cut out to be a lawyer and signs the papers to let her drop the course. She can’t let it go out at that and says she wanted to take his class because of all the passionate acts he’s done to protect his clients. Where is that guy now? All that effort got him two people out of jail in fifteen years, that’s frustrating. You can’t tear down the great wall with a hammer and a chisel. Marti isn’t interested in that lesson. (Is this just the speech he needs to re-examine himself?)

Damion and gang are at the bar and Alice is watching and gloating because sure enough, Damion is gay. (This is my shocked face.) Alice plans to out him, Louis and Jake think this is wrong. Damion may actually go pro and being outed may ruin his career. Alice takes this as them betraying her too and isn’t interested. I’ll be honest, I’m on her side. Maybe threaten him and have him turn himself in? Alice sneaks into the locker room and steals his card (Red sees her leaving though!) and gets to his dorm room but before she can do anything, Red catches her. Red takes her to Vanessa who dredges up a story about a friend in high school who was outed when he wasn’t ready. He hung himself three days later. Alice isn’t convinced though, Damion deserves to be punished. Vanessa says she’s better than him. What should she do? Just let it go? Vanessa tells her to take responsibility, she did take those photos after all and she doesn’t want her dad to find out. What about Damion? Red suggests frontier justice.

Alice confronts Damion with Darwin, the guy he hooked up with. She tells him to make amends or else. To be friends, she gives him a schedule for next semester that involves women’s and gender studies classes and has him being the model for a nude figure drawing class. Alice says if he does this they’re “bonded.”

Marti is looking at some board when the professor apologizes to Marti and asks her back and says he even apologized to Travis. She reminded him of what he needed to be reminded of at just the right time. She thanks him with a hug (inappropriate–sure enough he calls her on it).

Savannah takes Vanessa to a seemingly empty theater and there’s Derrick (the bf) doing a cute dance on the steps. Ah it all makes sense now. How did he possibly have time for this? The rest of the team are his back up dancers. Dan films the whole thing. The end has them turn around to show signs that say “Vanessa, I love you. Will you marry me?” To which he gets a “yes you big duf.” Savannah loves love and Marti looks a little uncomfortable with Louis.

Red shows up at the bar afterward to congratulate her about the engagement. So does this mean he will give up? Or that he’s trying to break up an engagement not just a couple? Marti and Dan still look lonely.

Savannah is woken up by Dan knocking on the door to talk to her. He tells her he needs space, time apart. Did she do something wrong? He’s begun to realize he may not be fit relationship material and she deserves better. She goes as far as slapping him and telling him to get out. He says “Savannah” as though…what? What exactly was he expecting?

Red finds Vanessa in the cheerleading office where he kisses her, she pushes him away, and then he kisses her again and they make out. In the office with the blinds open? Oh wait, that’s a dream too. Enough with the dreams!

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Hellcats: You’re Having Cheer Sex With Him.

More practice (really can we get a different opening scene for once?) but this time Savannah gives Marti a hard time for “sloppy work.” Louis asks her what’s up but she claims Marti’s “head’s not in it.” When Marti confronts her about it, Savannah says it isn’t personal but she’s holding them back. Marti hasn’t spoken to Dan yet so Savannah tells her she lied to her about Dan and she has no friends, just people she uses. Must admit that was a nice little smack down from Savannah who then storms off leaving Marti to deal with the rest of the team, including Louis who wants to knows if its true that she and Dan have history. Yeah, in high school. Louis is upset about not being told too. Well it’s clear Marti has no friends on the team as no one comes over to talk to her. I mean, sure Louis and Savannah were there first but really…it’s like 30 people on that team are those her only two friends?

Vanessa is called in for a meeting with the athletic director (does he have a name? I can’t seem to remember it.) She expects to hear about more budget cuts. (Think he’s going to be angry about Alice?) He’s giving their practice facility to the Hellcats. Vanessa realizes that it must be about Alice. She says it’s inappropriate to punish the team for one girl. He says he was going to use the article for fundraising but now they can do that.

Marti comes home to talk to Savannah who is giving her the silent treatment. Marti decides to tell Savannah about how she was obsessed with Dan in sophomore year of high school. Savannah’s not interested. Or at least, kind of not. Turns out the stopped speaking for six months after sleeping together. There’s nothing going on! It’s old news! She didn’t want to open that door again. Savannah isn’t moved and instead decides to go home which is a hint to the rest of the team that something is really wrong. Is there gonna be a fight? Even Louis steps in to say that Savannah needs space. This drama is bad for the squad. Marti says what he is doing is bad for us but he will only giver her support when she deserves it, until then he chooses the squad. (Whoopa!) Alice is actually feeling sorry for Marti. So she says, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Savannah is home watching tv when her mom finds her. Her sister seems less interested. Savannah doesn’t want to talk about it “everything’s fantastic” but her mom isn’t falling for it and ends up hugging a crying Savannah. (Just realized that her mom is Dr. Janet Frasier of Stargate SG-1, she does look a bit older with all that gray hair.)

Marti meets her annoying law partner in the jail. Their professor has been in before them. Oh no! He knows! What if he decides to expel them! Annoying law partner is not willing to go to a safety school for them. The guy in prison covered for them, but be more careful. They’ve found some inconsistencies and changed stories. He was clearly set up. But why?

Dan heads to Savannah’s home and Mrs. Monroe says Savannah isn’t interested in seeing him. “Don’t take it the wrong way Dan but don’t come back.” Savannah goes outside looking for her sister Charlotte who seems a little more friendly now. They bond over their squads qualifying for sectionals but needing to make money to pay for it. Charlotte invites her to come watch them perform and Savannah agrees. Charlotte knows there is something more. What is it? She was planning on losing her virginity. Cue Charlotte looking shocked, not because Savannah was going to but because she did! She’s pregnant now. (Surprisingly, didn’t see it coming.) They didn’t use protection and their mother doesn’t know. Savannah says it’ll be ok but Charlotte isn’t so optimistic. Savannah got away, she couldn’t. She had to sneak behind their parents’ backs. She needed her and she was gone! Savannah didn’t know she felt that way. Savannah wants her to tell their parents but she makes Savannah swear not to tell. Mom’s made sandwiches now so they have to stop crying.

Marti and law dude, Morgan, go to talk to the guy who’s statement seems to have changed (been replaced after the original was “lost”). They claim to be working off the first statement which he denies remembering. They wait to see who he meets up with.

Dan has finally caught up with Marti. They figure out how Savannah realized that they lost their virginity to each other. He suggests going drinking and offers to join her on their planned stakeout. Yeah, that seems like the best plan. Marti tries to go into the gym but it’s locked.

Vanessa is working on getting a space for them to practice. Bill (that’s his name!) has put out the word that the Hellcats can’t practice on campus. Apparently the football team is the mafia and they can do anything.

Savannah doesn’t want Charlotte to perform while pregnant but Charlotte insists. She doesn’t have a choice! Savannah offers to take her place (I assume that’s what “suppose you did have a choice” means).

Marti and Dan are on the stakeout. Odd that Morgan the law dude isn’t there. Dan finds some alcohol and naturally starts drinking. Which means you know they’re going to make out or more before the night is over. I love how random their conversations are. Time passes, Marti leans her head on Dan’s shoulder, they discuss their first time…She doesn’t know what she’d do without him, hand on cheek, and…the expected kiss. They kinda look like a little blond gap ad. They just need the white shirts and khaki pants. (Marti you have become an even worse friend!)

Red comes to talk to athletic head Bill about ruining the Hellcats. He won’t let that happen, he’s making it his business. Return the gym. As a favor. Bill might be able to help Vanessa if Red helps him. There’s a prospective student who wants to get money to play. The team is on probation, Red isn’t willing to do it. And Red needs to be there when they pay. Apparently this was always a plan to get Red to help him. “Pay for play is a way of life.” Apparently the team on probation isn’t problem enough.

Sure enough, Marti and Dan are topless when someone shows up and they pull out the camera. But when they try to follow them they can’t find the keys. (They do at least recognize the guy as the one who threatened them and stole their laptops.) Marti takes the occasion to rehash their six months of not talking. He was scared. What if she’d gotten pregnant! The condom broke. They were sixteen, she had no one to go through it with. They got past it, he felt bad. But maybe that’s why she buried her feelings for him. Being sorry doesn’t help.

Sure enough, Savannah is in Charlotte’s uniform. She’s not breaking any rules but she’s nervous because there are a lot of cameras. What if her teammates find out? They’ll have to understand. They’re not happy to have Savannah but that’s their only chance. (Mean girl on their team is Lacey from Caprica.) Charlotte talks them into accepting her. A part of me expects Savannah to fall in the middle of the routine. But then, it’s Savannah what are the odds that she would screw up? Sure enough she does it perfectly and they get sponsorship for the whole season. Mean girl needs to get in one last evil word.

Dan wants to talk to Marti about “what happened.” Marti said he’s dating her roommate who has done everything for her, she’s not going to make a stupid mistake. He doesn’t think it was a mistake. She does. Louis interrupts to talk to Marti and apologize. Louis! She deserved it! She needs to talk to Savannah. (Why do guys think it’s cute to say “I’m buying” whenever something is free?)

Savannah’s mom thanks her for helping Charlotte and then tries to talk her into staying. It’s only a half-hearted attempt at least. Mom wants to know why Charlotte’s been so angry and depressed. Savannah lies about it (after saying it is never okay to lie!?!? this will be the reason she forgives Marti huh?) and then goes to the cheer house to talk to Savannah. She doesn’t want to be mad at her. She lied to her mom to protect Charlotte so she understands how maybe she thought she was being a good friend by lying. It was five years ago, ancient history. Who cares. Marti insists she doesn’t deserve it (but doesn’t say she kissed Dan). Louis brings in Dan who apologizes for not telling her everything. She forgave Marti so how could she not forgive him. Group hug! (Super cheesy! Nice little uncertain smile from Marti.)

Fefe Dobson sings Stuttering, which has perfect lyrics for the show. I am surprised to find myself quite liking it since I often don’t like CW music.

Red meets Vanessa in the club and she’s all happy that she got everything back. He claims not to know how it happened which makes me think he’s actually not such a sleaze. But he has agreed to do the pay for play thing…

Hellcats: Cheerleaders Are Dancers Who Have Gone Retarded.

Cheerleader disco dance? Or a go-go spirit party…Marti isn’t a fan. Alice meanwhile is all dressed up because she’s going to get a picture in a magazine as part of a piece about football players’ lives. Jake, Alice’s boyfriend, kind of looks like more of a tool than ever. The reporter makes a comment about Alice being a pom pom girl and Alice says they’re not pom pom girls. She uses the opportunity to talk to the reporter about the squad’s lack of support. The athletics director pulls her out and starts threatening her but Alice is not one to back down. Jake witnesses the entire event but doesn’t step in to defend her. Alice gives in once he threatens to “rain holy hell down on her.”

Louis wants to stay the night in Marti’s room because his roommate has someone over. Savannah wants Dan to spend the night too. Savannah gets uncomfortable when Louis gets in bed with Marti (at least they don’t have plan to have sex with everyone in the room together) and Dan unwisely makes the comment “at least you achieved mattress statement.” Savannah feels pressured into letting Dan into her bed. He considers going back home to his shared room with his brother and fiance. Ultimately, Savannah insists Dan take the bed and and goes out to sleep on the couch.

In the morning, Marti and Dan discuss Savannah’s intensity. He wishes she’d lighten up on the sex issue. He would even be okay with not having sex, he’s just tired of talking about it. He thinks she expects sex to change her life forever, it’s a lot of responsibility. But Savannah is good people.

Marti is back at the prison to talk to the guy. They show him about the woman he used to date who was supposed to be his girlfriend. She was homeless and now has a house, it seems she was bribed. They’re suspicious so they go to the guy to talk about the house he was renting to her. He attempts to bribe them when he offers them U2 tickets and asks them to leave the ex-girlfriend alone. Hiding something!

Alice throws a fit about the guy who threatened her. Jake is too busy working. Alice is upset that he isn’t sympathizing with her. He says he is in a position as an ambassador and her job is to support her. If she doesn’t feel like doing that job…

Savannah has made a decision, she’s ready to take the plunge, find out what all the fuss about virginity is about. Marti is not so happy about this plan. So they talk about Marti’s first time in an attempt to say just let it happen. Don’t plan it. But it’s too gigantic for Savannah, she can’t just let it be an accident. Marti says this plan will scare Dan. It’s too much pressure. Lighten up, let it go. Savannah asks Marti if she’s been talking to Dan about this and suspects that there might be an ulterior motive for Marti’s advice. (I expect Marti and Dan to go out eventually, but at the moment I think at the moment any ulterior motive is subconscious.)

Marti sneaks them into the costume department for outfits for the party dance thing (which guarantees a montage of dancing and trying on clothes). Savannah takes the opportunity to tell Dan of her plans (though not in detail). Marti wishes her a happy night and they more or less make up.

I’ve never been one for costume parties, but I will say that college costume parties (at least non-Halloween ones) never look like this. How many people have money to spend on all those fancy costumes? Alice has invited the reporter to come check out the party. Jake is not happy about it but Alice is not listening. Anyone else find it weird that Vanessa is involved in the stafe dancing? (And even that she’s at the party.) It’s a pretty good rendition of “We Got the Beat” though. Alice gives a teary little speech about how the cheerleaders being a family. The reporter informs her that she plans to scrap the football piece to focus on the Hellcats as underdogs. Jake is unhappy and says the athletics director will be pissed. He thinks she’s stabbed him in the back. She says maybe he’ll treat her with respect next time and stick up for her.

Marti is told that her lawyer class partner’s laptop is missing. As a warning! Marti’s is still on her bed but it’ll probably get stolen soon. Dan dances with Marti’s mom who says she always expected Dan and Marti would end up together. She says Marti is in love with her and has been for years. Dan doesn’t believe it. Really Marti’s mom, do you really think this is a good idea in any way, shape, or form? She bets they’ll be together within the next ten years. Dan goes to have a private conversation with Marti about what Wanda said. She denies it. (Though that moment of hesitation says it all so she admits to maybe.) Is there any reason he shouldn’t go down the road he’s going down with Savannah? She has nothing to say. Got it? So that’s a…yes? Alice wants to introduce Savannah to the reporter but she’s out getting her stuff for the big night. Dan wonders if he’s made a mistake he couldn’t fix. Alice doesn’t believe in regret. Her dad says there’s no such thing as mistakes, only new opportunities. Her advice is actually excellent for the moment to talk him into choosing Savannah. Marti of course gives that last moment glance after them and is all moody with Louis. And she is less than receptive to his seduction, even saying she’s not feeling well and cutting him off. Then she notices that her laptop is gone. She realizes someone has been in her room. Of course, the moment she runs out of the room to discuss it with Louis, someone comes of the closet and leaves.

Savannah has something to tell Dan before going any further. She wants to hurry up and get it over with because she’s a 21 year old virgin. She knows it was the right decision to wait because he’s the one she’s been waiting for. Dan is not quit as smiley as someone thrilled with the idea. The hotel room is filled with flowers and roses. She wants to know what his first time was like. She does. (By any chance was it Marti and Dan?) He avoids actually telling her about it by going into the bathroom. But Savannah is persistent and when he tells her the story she puts it together and runs out. Dan runs after her.

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