Defying Gravity: Eve Ate The Apple

Sept 2038, two guys listening to music at some sort of computer place when they hear something strange. They’re monitoring something and begin looking into the noise. (Beta?) The origin of the signal is Mars. Another is coming from Peru. The signals are identical and linked. They’re answering each other.

The crew walks into the storage bay which is a shiny color. It doesn’t look like anything other than overly bright. (Lame voiceover about kids wondering about aliens in space.) Almost sunny. But there’s the creepy noise. They follow it to something that Ted opens. More glowing light and something floating that I can’t identify. An alien? Ted’s never made it this far into the room. Paula thinks it’s beautiful. Everyone at the base on Earth can see it too. Which means everyone has just upped their security clearance. Wass exclaims that its fractal and there are 7 such containers with only one full. There are more sounds above. Where is it coming from? The crew leaves though Jen remains to watch and touch. But when she reaches it’s gone. (It’s like playing Marco Polo.) They wonder, is it coming from Venus?They realize they’re supposed to be collecting those creatures. (There’s one at every landing site they’re supposed to come to.)

Ted and Donner discuss when they learned about Beta. The crew will be briefed now.

Back in the academy it’s time to make their first impressions to the world. 6 years, 7 planets. If the press likes you so will the public and know that the corporate sponsors choose their favorites now. Goss tells Donner and Ted they can’t speak to the press at all. Meaning the odds of them being candidates drops. Eve points out that this is about the new mission. They’re the obvious strong candidates in her mind.

The briefing. Eve says they will say everything but hold questions till the end. Eve explains her role in the project.

She was a relief worker in the area where one of the objects were. Eve had a hard time acclimating in Peru and couldn’t sleep. She started hearing the sound, only at night. No one but her hears it. The music was a song from her childhood (she’d just lost her parents btw). So she decided to find it. (The voiceover part here is pretty bad…) She followed it until she was standing over the music. So she dug with a rock. There’s a helicopter above and they take her. Young Eve looks like she’s about to cry. The people threaten her and then insist that they show her where it is coming from. They dig where she says. As they get closer it gets louder. The music stopped suddenly, the ground shook, a bright light shot out of the hole. And then we see the floating silvery thing come out. (I guess it got stuck during the landslides in the area?) I hate that they call it an object when it’s clearly a living thing. Eve was linked to it then. She’s told to keep it quiet and return to camp. She ran back to the camp. This can’t get out to the public just yet.

Zoe asks what happened after they uncovered the object. They want the reports and information. Beta was the object in Peru, Alpha is on Mars. The others are on the various planets that they are meant to visit. Zoe asks what happens after they collect them. Either the objects will tell them or they will have to figure it out.

Jen asks Rollie why he didn’t tell her. He says he wanted to. He says she couldn’t have left with him because she was chosen. She doesn’t feel chosen. She asks if it communicated with him. It didn’t. He says he’s there for her but she points out how far away he is.

Paula pulls out her bible (she says she trusted in god to decide if she was meant for the mission). Nadia finds the music irritating, it’s not what she came up to do. Paula thinks this is just a sign of God. (Those that hear the trumpet will be saved and those that don’t will be damned. Jen doesn’t hear it does she?) We cut between the crew in space and their interviews with the press five years earlier. Zoe stares at the object. It’s not a good idea to stay around it too long because it has radiation. Zoe and Donner wonder about their dream. What’s the plan? The reason for everything…AJ also thinks it’s god related. All are on destined paths.

Donner looks at Mars on the computer and talks to AJ. He’s wondering if the landing sights are different.

Ted asks Eve if anything else is being hidden. Like what the things want. He feels like he barely knows her. Eve had thought that when the object was taken away their connection would fade but she was worse.

(The crews get their own personal story time.) The object communicates through hallucinations. Mintz wants to know if she had any guilt over it. Eve says she’d play the music thinking she made it up though she couldn’t remember it. (By 9 she’d auditioned for Julliard and got a full scholarship.) The violin was her life and every time she picked it up she’d pick it up to play her song. At 16 she was invited to play at the philharmonic but her family died before making it. She never played violin again.

Wass hasn’t had a hallucinations. Mintz asks if everyone’s was guilt related. Paula says she has no guilt because all her sins are forgiven. He thinks the information might be important.

The military came back to get Eve because apparently the object was dying (and so was she in a sense). She says there’s no escaping the object. And then signs off. Way to be ominous. Jen is pissed. Does she has to lose everything she’s planned? She storms off to do work.

One guy from inside sits outside and over comes a reporter trying to get information. (He points out how much money was pulled out of relief work to fund this program and therefore the public should be kept informed.) The guy walks away.

Zoe is surprised by Jen’s reaction. Wass compares it to learning about sex. Jen stares at the tomatoes and grabs some shears.

AJ informs Donner that coordinates will be uploaded planet by planet. Nadia figures out how to get the other sights and sure enough one of the sites is where Mars was. Well look at that, they were connected. (Mars was to pick up Alpha!)

Eve urges Mintz to get everyone talking. Jen cuts away all the vines because they were sucking up the water supply. Supposedly.

New security passes are handed out on Earth. They’re level 12 now.

Paula is obsessive with her bible. Jen stares at the object. Mintz cuts tomatoes. Zoe asks how Jen is. “Fine, just processing.” She asks if Zoe feels connected and Zoe says yes. Eve plays the song again on her violin. More of the creepy music that sounds like a whale. Jen doesn’t see the object at all.


Defying Gravity: Love, Honor, Obey

The crew is told that all should be well now but it’s possible that they could have a few side effects here or there. Any hallucinations should be mild. Venus is one week away, time to prep. No one believes that the patches were the issue but they have no other explanations. Paula has to sit for three hours of therapy for her thumb. Back on the ground they discuss what to do and when to tell them. November 5th, day after the election. What election?

Nadia tells Ted that she knows it wasn’t the patches. She’s never worn hers and she had bad hallucinations. As second in command she should know, but he doesn’t answer.

Lame voiceover about following orders being comforting. Donner still hallucinating. Jen and Zoe are in the lab. Jen feeds the rabbit. Jen isn’t wearing a patch because Rollie thinks they’re dangerous. Zoe says she’s had the same dream many times, same as Donner.

Ted and Donner on earth talk about Eve saying the Mars mission could not have gone differently. Donner says she’s lying to him and they shouldn’t trust her. Zoe is hunched over in drunken pain. Clearly he’s a rule breaker and she’s a rule follower. She has tons of rules. Jen is upset with Ted for not showing up but he says he was pulled into a meeting. They are told they will be getting a long, physical workout. Speech: follow orders or else. You will be evaluated solely on your capacity to obey. Anyone else find that sort of creepy?

Donner acts AJ for some private talk to ask about what’s going on. He says he’s not in the loop. Meaning there’s something but he doesn’t know it. There’s nothing to do now but follow orders.

Testing determination. They must type in a series of equations regardless of pain. They receive shocks as they go. Nadia barely seems to react to the shocks.

Donner and Zoe talk. What do they do if something is being kept from them? All they can do is follow orders. She hears the baby crying and though she doesn’t tell him what she hears, they follow it to the holding area where Beta is kept, Pod 4. Donner tries to access it. Back on earth they wonder why the pods are moving. AJ warns them. But when they try to open the pod access is denied. They ask AJ to pull up info about it and Ted is called to pull them away.

The candidates run and Wass is dying. He’s been overrun at least twice by the rest of the group. AJ says that if you believe in destiny, taking orders is freewill. Zoe is warned by Jen to go easy since they still have 2K to go. Eve comes up to Donner and says she couldn’t find him so she couldn’t tell him at the same time. Donner says he wants to see the data. He won’t just take her at her word. He asks what she actually does. She sidesteps. (She’s connected to a mining company that wants to protect their space mining rights and she’s protecting the investment.) He says that until he is proven otherwise, he believes they did the wrong thing on Mars.

Following orders that bring distress to someone else. AJ and Zoe first. AJ hesitates and Zoe says to do it. This is what he has to do.

Wass plays a game when Donner and Zoe wonder where Paula is. They ask what’s in pod 4, she reads off the supply list which contradicts what AJ finds. Ted finds them and asks what they’re doing. The mining company has a high stake and they are doing something problematic. Donner says Ted needs to tell them the truth. An alarm sounds. It’s a solar flare. It’s not Beta. They have to shut things down quickly and get to the radiation bay.

Nadia and Mintz do the shocks until a fire alarm goes off. Donner and Ted lead them out. Wass says they’re going to the wrong exit but Ted sends them a different way. Jen realizes she forgot the rabbit and turns back. Zoe runs back to get her. Radio blackout for a few hours. Nothing coming through on their medical pads. Eve’s heart rate is up. They pack up and are told to go. Ted calls them in and Donner wants to wait. They run out of time and Ted makes him get inside. What are their chances? Depends on if they can get under their radiation blankets and how bad it was. Even in the radiation bunker they’re getting some radiation.

Rollie brings Eve a drink. He tells her to believe they will return. Every night he cleans the kitchen table because Jen hates when he leaves his stuff out. It’s a big, long event. It’s almost as bad as a prior event. While looking AJ sees something and tells them to pull up the old event’s profile.

The group talks. Wass says that the crew is dead and alive at the same time. Until anyone knows what happened to them, they could be either. The all clear sounds.

AJ sees that the solar flare is identical to the one from the Mars mission.

Running the fire escape. Jen realizes that Zoe is missing and Jen runs back after them despite being ordered. It turns out it was part of the test.

Jen and Zoe are fine. Apparently the radiation flare didn’t actually happen. Mission control says it was a drill. They did the drill to make sure he didn’t lose control of his crew. It refocused them. They’re called into the science lab. Zoe says they heard something and then they see that the lab is filled with vines of tomatoes.

On earth they wonder about it. Beta must want the crew to know the truth. They’re looking for an explanation. Ted says it’s time to tell the truth but they are told no. Ted says his order is to protect his crew. They need to know exactly what the mission is. The answer is in pod 4 of the storage bay. Eve is told to talk to Ted. She tells him to think about what he’s doing, it’s a mistake. He disagrees. There’s some noise that they hear. It’s Beta, singing. (Sounds like a whale song.)

More lame voice over about how following orders is good or bad depending on the orders. They go to the pod and on earth there’s an order to shut down power to the storage bay. AJ pretends to do it and says it’s not responding. This time Zoe is granted access. They look shocked and awed at what they’re seeing. (Some horrified, some pleased.)

Defying Gravity: Fear

Halloween time. Paula’s determined to be ready for Venus and already her thumb is starting to move. They look at Paula and see that she looks pale and her temperature is slightly elevated but no infection in her thumb. The crew is about to make a commercial. Simple, have a good time, exactly what they rehearsed in training. It’s trick or treating in space. Paula is told she’s not allowed despite being insisting that she can. The commercial will earn $10 billion for the program. Oh, Paula looks so sad.

Flashback. Zoe thinks she’s a freak, Jen assures her she isn’t. Everyone is looking at her, thinking she’s done. Jen says they’re amazed she’s moving. She says she’s fine, feeling terrific. She heals quickly. Donner asks if she shouldn’t be in bed and she says no. Zoe doesn’t feel well enough to go to the party that night. AJ comes to say to her but Zoe says he can’t say anything. He offers her part of his sandwich and she jumps at him so he leaves. Eve watches from above and then goes to the room to contact Beta. She feels it connecting to her. The storm and then she sees an astronaut saying go, go, go.

She talks to Ted about the hallucinations, which are caused by Beta. She tells Ted to keep an eye on everyone. In walks Roy, Ted’s and Eve’s son, coming to watch the commercial. He doesn’t want to go trick or treating because the other kids have scared him. Ted says that when he’s scared he thinks about all the candy he’s going to get when he’s done.

Jen wonders aloud about four of the most highly trained minds stepping outside to trick or treat. Donner sees the Mars dirty helmet for a moment. Wass whines about being on the ship during Halloween. Nadia says being in space, Halloween loses its appeal. Paula says it’s a day to honor the dead. Nadia sees a man in the doorway and asks who it is. She abruptly follows, leaving the others wondering where she’s going.

Past Eve and Past Ted look at Ted’s costume. She’s totally flirting with them. I’d think their relationship would totally eliminate him from the running in this program. She wants to talk to him to get to know him. He suggests after work tomorrow. She suggests now. She wants to ask about Mars.

Past Zoe and Past Jen talk. Past Donner asks how she’s doing. He’s dressed up as the baseball player he’s named after. Nadia is a German baseball cheerleader. Nadia brings up the whole “you must be feeling weak.” Well, it’s a good thing the two of them ended up in space. Once in her apartment Zoe starts to cry and pulls out what is apparently a phone but looks like a tiny box to call Jen and say she’s coming.

Zoe hears the baby crying again and turns to look and Donner asks what it was. She says nothing. Ted, Paula, Zoe, Donner, and Eve all have heart spikes and hallucinations. What about Nadia? Eve is seeing little dirty children. Apparently distance from Beta is irrelevant. Beta’s pulse goes up and then drops. Right now it’s getting louder. Why? Maybe it doesn’t want to be hidden anymore. To avoid this, they tell the commercial people that there is something wrong with their patches and so they might have some trouble and so they don’t think it is a good idea to move forward with the commercial.

Nadia is still following the mystery man until Mintz comes up behind her and scares her. He leads her back to the airlock. Only Jen and Wass don’t have fevers. They feel fine and don’t believe the patches are ruined.

Back in the meeting the company is pissed about the idea of pulling the commercial. The loss of money would cause cuts. Let’s ask the crew. They all agree to go. Mintz says they’re fine. “Astronauts.” (Shake head.) The kids show up and Eve sees among them the creepy dirty ones.

Jen comes to pick up Zoe. Jen plans to match her costume to Ted and Zoe intends to be something she never will be: pregnant astronaut. This doesn’t seem like the best idea. Everything thinks this is a disaster.

Nadia is clearly not feeling so well but she says nothing. Paula does a behind the scenes look of the commercial but she sees a dog and can’t seem to keep her stream of consciousness. She wanders away and Mintz calls after her. She doesn’t seem to hear him. They’re all hot and sweaty as they enter the airlock. Everyone watches nervously. Paula sees a dog, Hector, dying. She asks Mintz for help but then he sees her as the little girl. Donner starts to see footprints, Zoe hears crying.

The outer hatch opens and it’s time to step into space. The gravity is turned off. Just as Ted is about to step out he sees the desert. Jen asks Ted what’s wrong but he’s too wrapped up in the hallucination.

Past Eve asks Past Ted about the Mars mission. He starts to tell her about the storm. The two astronauts who were left behind had to cover the distance to the ship by foot. They’d been expecting the storm but they didn’t know how bad it would be. Meanwhile, at the party Zoe of course drinks and Donner watches on worriedly. Nadia tells him to forget about her, she’s a big girl. Jen wonders why Ted hasn’t come to the party. Zoe says she wants to dance but Jen pulls her back. Someone super sketchy flirts, gives her a drink (which they toast “to the baby”), and asks her to dance. Rory talks to Jen.

They wonder what the hangup is with Ted. Mintz and Paula can’t move because of the hallucinations. Everyone’s blood pressure is spiked. Donner and Jen try to get Ted’s attention.

Ted and Eve talk about how they thought the astronauts were close enough to have made it. She tells him not to feel guilty. She’s gone through everything and she tells him they could not have made it.

Zoe is dancing with sketchball and Donner comes to tell her to slow down. She goes to the bar to ask for another drink but Donner says water only. Donner warns her to watch out for the guy who is flirting with her since he has a reputation. Zoe says she can watch after herself. She rambles about belonging in the program. Zoe starts to throw up (and says that her relationship with Donner is built on vomit). AJ follows them to the bathroom to help. Zoe’s and Donner’s hallucination have incapacitated them. Same with Nadia. Only Wass and Jen seem okay. They’re all sweaty gross. Donner says they can’t do it and calls for the abort. The commercial people are all upset. The program says they’ve made the best decision.

Everyone’s okay once back in the ship. They all lie about no longer seeing anything. Things are over but there’s no way to say it won’t happen again. Roy doesn’t want to go trick or treating because his dad didn’t.

Past Zoe is clearly sick and has a headache and AJ says that he wanted to tell her that she made the right decision so she should never look back or regret it. She is meant for space. The baby’s soul was meant to move on to another body and path. There is freedom for both of them. (I love AJ, definitely one of the best characters on the show.)

Eve and Ted talk about Roy. Roy is confused. He’s going trick or treating within the space program but not outside with the others.

Zoe thanks Donner for making the call. She says she’s really glad he’s in space and he says he’s glad she is. She has something private to tell him. She tells him about a dream she’s been having that really scares her. In it she’s pregnant, in space, and floating, naked into the airlock. She sees him and he’s outside working on a thruster and there’s a bright light emerging from behind a planet. (She starts telling the dream he finishes it.) They’ve been having the same dream for the last two months. They realize something bigger is going on.

Creepy music that sounds like it’s been stolen from Lost and…end episode.

Defying Gravity: Frenzy

We don’t start with a voiceover!!! Apparently, Donner doesn’t like blood so of course Paula comes in with her camera to show the Doc giving Donner a blood test. He misses Donner’s vein and they blame it on her. Mintz (the doc) told Donner once that he can’t remember the people he’s saved, only the medical cases. Why? Because (in voiceover) lessons are taught by the ones you lose not the ones you save.

We see Zoe of old taking her pills. She stares at one for a long time.

Donner tells the recruits that tragedy happens in space and there’s no one but each other to count on. Of course, one of the doctors helping is pregnant so Zoe can look at her forlornly. Discussion about how Donner hurls at the sight of blood. How can you be an astronaut and not handle blood? Zoe moves so as not to be in Donner’s group. Donner leaves before he can go into the medical area.

Back on board, Donner talks to Mintz. He asks if he’s sick. Apparently his back has been acting up (also known as alcohol withdrawal…) which is causing his hands to shake.

Claire checks on Mintz, who seeems to be running a low grade fever. AJ enters the floor, thanking him for being allowed back. Mike doesn’t seem so thrilled to have him.

Jen approaches Zoe to ask for some help. She cuts the video feed first. Mysterious. Slash she has a rabbit. Sort of. It’s more like a fetus in a petri dish. Jen needs Zoe’s help to “give him birth.” Zoe starts talking to the pregnant doctor as she demonstrates some medicine. More talk about Donner hating blood. Zoe tells Jane she had the abortion and will be home before the cramping starts.

Paula and Wass are together in their rounds. They find a guy high on drugs. Paula wants to do more but sometimes medicine is dull.

Paula is doing her reporting job and Wass interrupts. She tells him off. She’s very religious and Wass teases her. Ted hears and tells him to stop. He has a job for them. Moving crates or something. He wants them to become friends. She isn’t looking when he pushes the next crate and he calls her as it’s about to crush her.

Mintz is looking at his back and flashing back on his war experience. Jen and Zoe do their experiment. Jen intends to nurse the rabbit all the way back to health. The rabbit is the first birth in space. It’s creepy looking! (Zoe says it looks like a floating penis with teeth.) Zoe warns her that it’s against protocol. Alarm sounds. Donner looks ready to faint from all the blood floating. Paula is unconscious and missing her thumb. Mintz is clearly not ready but Claire tells him he’s needed.

Donner is asked to scrub in because he’s not contaminated with blood. Jen isn’t there yet because she has to put away the rabbit. She fainted when she saw her thumb. Jen is told to stay out.

Wass talks to the drug guy. Paula tells him to stop being a poser without a clue. Too many of her friends have OD-ed on drugs back at home.

Wass insists they fix her thumb because she really wants to pilot the Venus lander and can’t do it without her thumb. He is sent away. Donner is having a hard time with the blood which makes me wonder why they let him in of all people. Mintz is having a tough time. Donner suggests opening the wound and finding the wound with his eyes (same advice he gave a doctor years ago in training which worked then).

They worry about whether Paula can last and whether they will exhaust their blood supplies. Mintz starts seeing the girl he couldn’t save just as he’s about to cut open the wound to search through it. He manages to make the incision. He still can’t see anything until Donner spots it. Donner sticks his hand in to point out the cut and asks for help. So far no puke, that’s a good sign. (This whole scene is inter cut with when Mintz saves a patient with his hands earlier and Donner nearly throws up from the blood. In the flashback Claire approaches and says it was amazing and she wants to buy him a drink. He accepts.)

Zoe asks pregnant doctor if she ever wonders what her life would be like if she’d chosen not to have the baby. Zoe starts having cramps and the doctor tells her to take the rest of the shift off. Donner says he’s had enough for one day and leaves to of course follow Zoe to the bus stop. She asks if he’s following her and he asks if she’s avoiding him. She admits it. She says she’d rather not talk about herself. He admits he has a blood thing. Her cramps are getting really bad (even though they shouldn’t have until that night) and she tries to hide it. She faints and he brings her into the hospital. Donner sees blood on his hands and pukes. After making it through the whole night.

Paula reports that there’s no change in the druggies vitals. The druggie flat lines. The pregnant doctor manages to be there too to help. Paula tells the doctor not to give up when the doctor calls it and begins doing CPR.

Jen tells the pregnant doctor what happened and not to tell.The doctor says she’ll do what she can. AJ overhears and says he won’t tell.

They vacuum up Paula’s blood. Wass is looking for her thumb. Nadia asks why, he doesn’t even like Paula. He says it doesn’t matter, she wouldn’t give up on him. (She can apparently regrow it in a month.) Just before they start the grow process, Wass brings in her thumb. She could be good in a week if she’s lucky, she might still be good by Venus.

The discussion turns to what is wrong with Mintz because Paula almost died. Jen says she once found him having a war flashback. Ted is angry at her for keeping this a secret. He says she has to tell him everything that might affect their trip. She says she understands and then goes to feed the rabbit. Zoe tells her its hair could clog the filter but Jen assures her it won’t.

Back on earth AJ tells Donner that Zoe is okay. Apparently he was traumatized by killing a pig he’d gotten to know.

Claire and Mintz are talking. Mintz says he’ll forget about the person he saved soon. Mintz explains that he saw so many more people than most. He doesn’t remember anyone but the school girl caught in a building from a strike he called in. He had thought there was gunfire in the schoolhouse only to discover that it was just a school. Nothing but children. A little girl was reaching for him, calling for help but something exploded before he could help. A beam landed on his back, which is what scarred him. He saw the schoolgirl on the table. This wasn’t a full blown hallucination not anything else.

Wass asks Nadia if she got all the blood. She thinks so. He apologizes for being an idiot. Nadia says she’s always wondered why he’s on the crew but then every once in a while he finds a thumb.

Zoe’s in the hospital bed. Eve tells her she had an emergency hysterectomy. She had an ovarian cyst that wasn’t detected and burst. That’s what they’re saying so that she won’t be out of the program. Well, lucky her. Eve says she should have come to her and she would have been able to do something. Well how could Zoe know.

Voice over: we never remember the ones we save or fail. It’s about taking responsibility. Learning from sacrifice.

Wass and Paula share a hug over the dead druggie. Paula is being treated and Wass sits at her side. Zoe cries while looking at a picture of the doctor and her kid. Donner sits at Zoe’s bedside.

(This is a little too preachy in the end. Can’t we just take away the lesson by watching what happens?)

I’ve heard that this show will not be fully aired but will instead conclude online. What do you think? Is the show worth keeping on air?

Defying Gravity: Rubicon

Annoying voice over about how you can’t put your past behind you. Donner’s hallucinating again. Paula’s videotaping Nadia tell some history to the camera about Caesar winning. They are reaching the Rubicon point (not being able to turn around, they would have to go all the way around Venus to turn around). Ted thinks they should tell the truth about Beta because his crew needs time to process. Eve says it isn’t either of their choices.

They have to check systems to make sure all is well before they pass rubicon. They will be making a time capsule to leave something important to them behind. It’s about mutual sacrifice and unity. They did it before the Mars mission, which Donner doesn’t want to be reminded of. Paula doesn’t have anything she wants to part with and begins to go through her stuff. Do we finally learn something about her? She’s looking at something that says Hector and crying…

Jen shows Rollie a rabbit embryo from her experiment which is their “space baby” even though keeping it is against protocol. Rollie doesn’t get it. Neither do I. Good to see you can fight from halfway across the Milky Way.

Nadia and Donner check systems. Nadia comes on to him. Donner puts her off and she wants to know why. “Just because.”

5 years earlier. Nadia suggests beginning the friends with benefits relationship. He doesn’t seem opposed. Rankings list is up and Nadia is on top. The current crew isn’t particularly high ranked. Zoe is 28th. Wass is last. Ted and Donner are 12th and 13th. They’re pissed and confront what’s his name (guy running stuff back at base) who says he doesn’t want them on the mission due to personal baggage.

Donner gets to class to teach the trainees but the schematics are incorrect and he’s flustered. In anger he chucks his baseball at the back wall and walks out.

Zoe is nervous about abortion plans. She’s a rules follower. They keep it quiet. 1 in 1,000 have side effects. She’s undecided at the moment.

Zoe is visited by her mom to be told that her dad left. For good. He gave her a note. Zoe tells her to stop overreacting. There’s someone else not much older than Zoe. (She notes Zoe’s ice cream eating increase.)

One of the systems is subnominal after reboot. Donner goes to fix it with Ted and while looking at the panels they look like they’re covered in Mars dust.

Zoe asks Jen why she’s being quiet. She says she fought with Rollie, which never happens, and she’s upset because he’s judging her. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be on such a long mission. He calls and Jen rejects.

Zoe’s mom follows her to the bar, promising not to reveal that she’s her mother. Her mom pulls out tarot cards to do a reading. Zoe’s embarrassed and is sure she won’t make the program.

Nadia approaches Donner about sleeping together. Donner says he doesn’t date astronauts. Nadia leaves him a key to her apartment.

Eve wants everything about the Mars Mission and begins watching the tapes. It turns out not all of the tapes were cut off as it was said and they could have made it waiting longer. The press was lied to. (Why would Eve, wife of Ted, be allowed full access to that? It seems stupid…)

Donner asks Ted what he’d do if someone had hallucinations. They’d have to be reported, examined, barred from activities…

Paula is reading from the bible and Wass makes fun of her. “Send it all into space!”

Jen’s working out. Cue flashback of Rollie talking to Jen. He’s flirting by bringing up an excuse. She turns him down because she’s seeing Ted. He’s says NO, THIS ISN’T A DATE! She apologizes. She agrees to get a drink with him. At the bar later they are getting along well. He’s read all her papers. Ted shows up to take her away to dinner.

Donner sits next to Zoe’s mom and she introduces herself. Unlike Zoe, Donner is willing to have a reading done. She tells him Zoe’s thinking of leaving the program. The Reading: He’ll have 1-2 important love affairs. He’s haunted by his past. But she gets a fall from her husband.

Mintz returns Donner’s baseball that he left in the class. It turns out it’s a ball he got on a date with Sharon before the Mars mission. (Everyone knows about their secret affair.)

Donner comes to a lab that he’s not welcome at. He has a confession and pulls out the baseball to give back to the mother. She says it means nothing to her. He leaves without it.

Zoe’s mom says she’s going to meet her dad on the dig he’s away at. Her mom asks if she’s ok. She looks lost. Zoe agrees to a reading: Pregnant (nope, not the reading, she figured it out with context clues). What will she do? She doesn’t know.

Sharon’s mom is clearly not as uninterested in the ball as she pretended and she picks it up to kiss it. A little odd but sure.

Ted and Donner haven’t found what is supposedly not working. Ted asks why everything has gone wrong during the mission. Ted suggests they say “enough is enough.” But when Donner presses him he says nothing.

Donner shows up at Zoe’s and catches her eating ice cream. He wants to know why she’s considering leaving. She asks if he’s ever considered living a regular life: having a normal job and a family. Some day but now he wants to fly and she shouldn’t leave because she’ll be a good astronaut. This would be sweeter if it didn’t mean an abortion that she doesn’t want, not that he knows that. Behind the closed door she’s smiling.

More Mars dust but only in one section. It says it’s fine but Donner is sure it’s wrong. And sure enough with a test we see it’s wrong.

Jen gets a message from Rollie. He apologizes. He doesn’t get it but he wants her to explain.

Time capsule: each of them put something in. Paula puts in a necklace of a priest (nope we still haven’t gotten to leabrn about her). Jen puts in a picture of herself and Rollie. Wass puts in a magazine. Donner puts in the ball. Zoe puts in a card from her mom’s reading. Mintz puts in his pin from the war he was in.

Eve confronts Mike (the boss). Mike panicked, not Ted and Donner. He’d better leave them alone. Or else.

The ship passes rubicon.

Donner shows up at Nadia’s. Ted talks to Eve about how Donner knew what was wrong without any visible signs. All they can count on that things will change and they’ll have to live with the results. Donner finds the ball on his bed. Ted realized that the capsule was about letting things go, so he returned all their things.

Mintz remembers the girl who he couldn’t save in the war.

Flashback: Zoe took the pills for the abortion. (Well we see her call the doctor but we assume.) Donner receives the ball in a package.

Donner throws the ball out of the airlock. (Why can he just open that hatch whenever he wants?)

Defying Gravity: Hell If I Know (H2IK)

Still can’t think of the name of the show without thinking about Wicked but that’s neither here nor there. Can’t really complain about that anyway, since it’s pretty amazing as far as Broadway shows go.

Donner vo- man is dependent on other men (so says AJ). Zoe refuses Donner’s help from Donner. Paula’s feeling better and refuses Wass’s offers of help (I can count on this fork more than you).

Ted talks to Eve and says he’s been back to see Beta 3 times but all he sees is a storm. How does that make him feel?

The Doc discusses his non-withdrawal withdrawal.

Donner is upset that AJ isn’t on the floor. Rollie doesn’t know what to tell him. They don’t like that they’re running a system’s check without the engineer who built it.

AJ is at the bar where they used to go during training. I feel so bad for him. I mean, sure he kinda lost his mind for a bit, but now he seems fine. Flashback to where Donner is giving a lesson about the ship when AJ corrects him because he has newer information. Donner is clearly pissed to be corrected but what we learn in the next moment is that it’s the 5th anniversary for the Mars Mission. That’s the real reason he’s upset.

Paula is back with commentating and talks about how they deal with lack of gravity and the gravitational suits. Zoe helps to demonstrate but then the lights go out on the whole ship. Donner tries to fix it but they should look for AJ to help. Back at base they say they won’t look for AJ.

Someone approaches AJ at the bar. AJ is clearly uninterested but he sits down with him. It’s a journalist who tries to bond (aka he wants to get AJ to say he went on an unauthorized space walk–as of now the “official” story is he was fixing the shields–so he can get back into the journalism world with a big story). He knows about the power problem on the ship. AJ excuses himself.

Wass is in his room debating the leadership qualities of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. He doesn’t care to come help. Donner can’t find anything so far. Nadia tries to seduce him by biting his neck. Donner has no idea. Paula and Wass argue (he worries too little she worries too much) and then there’s a weird noise. The rotor arm stops working, which shuts off the anti-gravity.

Back at base they have no idea what’s wrong either. In comes the journalist. He’s been nice enough not to tell anyone yet. AJ needs surgery for his heart (because of the plaque that kicked them off the program). Rollie will have the same.

Paula stayed with Wass because he refused to leave but as it gets cold and hard to move, so she leaves. Zoe discovers Nadia’s bite mark.

Flashback. The girls discuss Donner’s tough day and how he was sleeping with one of the people he left behind. AJ approaches to apologize, he wasn’t trying to show him up. Donner continues hitting a punching bag and ignores him. AJ tells Donner that he and his friends came up with a fake code to say when they don’t know something called H2IK (Hell If I Know) to let each other know they need help with information.

Doc explains the surgery to Jen. Power is flickering. They separate. He hears gunshots (a memory connected to the mysterious scars on his back). Ted is staring at the pod door through his computer screen.

Donner goes out in his spacesuit to take a look at the exterior maintenance panels, which look perfectly fine. Back at home they can’t find anything. Zoe tells Nadia her to stop flaunting their relationship. Nadia says she’s just a friend with benefits. Really it’s the woman from the Mars Mission that Donner has never gotten over.

As Donner starts back inside he sees the two people he left behind on Mars, specifically Sharon (the one he was sleeping with). Everyone tries to get his attention but fails.

Back on Earth they try to figure out if Beta is behind the systems failure.

Flashback. Reporter bugs the training astronauts. They’ve all been gathered though they don’t know why. Ted and Donner stare at a picture of the Mars crew. The head of the space program makes a speech about how great being an astronaut and how success comes from sacrifice and they are saluting the two explorers who gave their lives. They will never be forgotten, they’re an inspiration. (Such an empty sounding speech, which is of course the point.) He made Donner and Ted toast their failure. They let him because Goss picks the crews and they want to be able to be picked for a future mission.

Ted tries to get Donner’s attention. The astronauts seem to float away and Donner follows after him. Zoe tries to talk him down. Fake Sharon mouths that she loves him. Zoe then turns and responds to Zoe. He glances back at the ship and when he looks back the image is gone. He says he thought he saw something float off the ship.

Wass is still in his room, freezing. Paula feels bad and gets out of her warm bed. She comes back and asks for a sweater. He says she doesn’t have to help him. she says she does. Because he’ll freeze to death otherwise.

The crew meanwhile is trying to protect their belongings. The power flickers on and off. The flashing lights make Doc think of a war and he hits the deck.

On Earth they still refuse to allow AJ to help. The entire crew argues that they need him. Goss says no they insist. He reluctantly agrees.

Flashback. Jen comes up to Ted who is still moping at the bar. She says he should accept when he needs someone. He shouldn’t be alone and he agrees and then leaves by himself. Donner watches a video of the Mars Mission but it ends before there’s anything to see. Ted shows up with wine. They won’t be spending the anniversary alone.

Jen comes looking for the Doc who is crawling on the ground towards a little girl who is trapped (hallucation) when something falls on him. Jen hugs him in an attempt to comfort him. He reveals its Post Traumatic Stress syndrome and he’s recovering from alcohol addiction.

AJ reveals it’s an H2IK Sequence. (Main base wonders what this is.) He says to work the sequence from the beginning and Donner says ok, that’s what they’ll do.

Paula tries to convince Wass to leave. He refuses. They look like they will be a couple at some point. Because we don’t have enough of those.

Nadia, Ted, Zoe, and Donner discuss the problem. Zoe plays with a magnet which gives Donner an idea. Whenever they turn on and off the gravity it seems to affect the power so there must be a connection. It turns out someone left a wrench inside one of the systems which affected the magnetism and gravity. All’s well.

Donner says tells Goss was because of AJ. They say they need him on the floor.

Flashback to in the classroom. Donner struggles to answer a question. Donner uses the H2IK code and so AJ raises his hand and asks a question to give him the information he needs.

AJ is told he’s going to return to the floor.

VO about accepting help. Rely on others to find the wrench if he doesn’t.

Defying Gravity: Threshold

Episode 3 of ABC’s new series-



The pod is open and he’s freaking out as he looks at the desert? He runs out of the pod and locks it behind him. (Unfortunate voiceover about doors being meant to be open vs there for a reason ie to keep people out.) Ah, it was Mars. Ted talks to his wife and she explains that Beta is trying to communicate with him. She tells him he must go back. 



Jen talks to her husband. She’s worried about his health but he waves it away. She’s working on a secret project for him. He tells her to watch over Ted.



Crew meeting. Something is wrong with Paula and she throws up (haha flying vomit). Ted shows up and Jen tells him Rolie wants him to look after him. Ted doesn’t seem to care. 

Flashback to them on the bus. Donner flirts with Zoe, Ted flirts with Jen. The women fend off the men. Astronauts have to take hormone suppressants to that they won’t have sexual urges. (Their astronaut assignment is to wear the suppressant for 24 hours.) Meanwhile Ted’s wife goes to see Beta, it frightens her as well. It looks like she sees Mars too. 



Present again, AJ’s card oesn’t work and he can’t get into the building. The guard basically stonewalls him.

Paula can’t seem to keep anything down. Wass enters her room and she tells him not to come in without permission. Because she’s sick, Zoe will have to do their shared assignment with Donner instead. (Ah, so Jen had a relationship with Ted before Rolie.)

Ted heads back to Pod 2 but before he can get to the lock Donner sees him and starts talking, asking if he’s all right. He says he might need Ted’s help later but Ted says if he’s not there Nadia will be. 

They’re figuring out what to do with the hormones suppressants. The guys think they can beat them. The girls laugh at them. The girls decide to make a bet with the guys. If they can get an erection they win if not they lose. 

AJ waits for admittance. I feel so sorry for him. He’s no longer out of his mind…



Zoe and Donner do their tests and find their is something wrong. Of course. It’s a little tense between them, not much room. They start by resetting but that doesn’t seem to help anything. The system is unresponsive and wants them to do a tertiary landing. Donner wants to do it manually. They worry that he wants to delve into the systems which are misfiring because of Beta.(Even though AJ is the one who built the program they won’t let him in to help.) They tell him to just leave it alone for a while. He’s pissed but they shut it down anyway.

Donner finds Ted on the treadmill and asks why he wasn’t on deck during the test like he was asked to be. Ted’s trying to brush him off. Paula is still throwing up. 

(To a degree, I feel like this is an adult version of The Secret Life of the American Teenager–every discussion is about sex.)

The guys are at a strip club trying to overcome the hormone inhibitors. The girls are watching. Nadia rips off her shirt to party with them. Zoe leaves and Donner leaves because he sees him. Off all people, AJ is the one to overcome the suppressants and he didn’t even want to be involved in the first place.

Rolie joins AJ outside. He apologizes and brings him stuff. AJ can’t unpack his boxes and move on. He’s no longer and astronaut, he’s in research. He misses his sense of belonging.

Zoe sits at the bus stop and Donner approaches. He says it’s a nice night, she says she felt a drop. Once again she turns him down and the bus comes. (This is just getting kind of pathetic for both of them.) Paula pukes. Apparently that’s what she does. Rolie comes up to Jen asks questions about her research, which nobody is interested in. They flirt and get along but Ted steps in and they’re a couple so she leaves with Ted. 

Jen is giving her personal log–something is wrong with Ted, he’s withdrawn. The doctor, who knows something about Beta, says they’re all okay but they get back some tests that reveal that the crews’ genealogy is changing to match. Claire demands an explanation. Ted’s wife, Eve, gives her a hair sample and tells her to analyze it. Sure enough it’s the same too. 

Paula is miserable and continues throwing up. Zoe hears crying again. Jen comes to talk to Ted.  She tells him to open up so they can help him get through everything. Rolie and Eve watch jealously. Ted says he does have to go through it alone.

Zoe follows the crying to where the pods are. Donner sees her, stops what he’s doing, and follows her. They’re follow the noise and find the lander running. They discover that they’re programming the lander without them. Donner goes to Ted about the changes, he’s upset. 

Paula knocks on Wass’s wall asking for water. Wass ignores her. 

They tell AJ they need to adjust his hormone patch. Jen and Ted make out. Donner apologizes to Zoe and she says not to worry. They agree not to date. 



Rolie comes in asking how Ted is. Still in his room. Rolie calls him to say suck it up. He says in no uncertain terms that he had better get his act together because seven others, including his wife, are depending on him. He feels betrayed by Eve but he’ll have to get over it. (Much in the same way that Jen, when she finds out Rolie was keeping secrets will feel betrayed…)

Ted comes to the others and says Mintz had better help Paula and he told mission control not to make such an issue.

More voiceover: What doors we open determine our lives… 

Claire is taken to some committee.



It turns out Wass made a mistake ignoring paula’s request for water and Mintz lets him know it.

Ted returns to Pod 4. 

AJ goes home. 

Rolie, home alone, cries. 

Rolie, in his own home, cries.

At this point I have some likes and dislikes about Defying Gravity. I dislike the way they mostly ignore half the crew (Nadia, Paula, Wass, Mintz) and the way practically every story line revolves around Zoe and Donner. (They just don’t interest me as a couple.) I am definitely not a fan of the voiceovers. I do like some of the ideas it brings up, like betrayal and necessary secrets. I will definitely keep watching for now, but I’m hoping it moves beyond “they like each other but they can’t date. they like each other but they can’t date. they like each other but…”

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