The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Who Do You Trust?

Adrian is PREGNANT! Like mega-pregnant. And she’s packing tons of health foods, just for snacks. Ben meanwhile is in charge of lunches. Amy comes and sounds genuinely happy/supportive about the fact that Adrian looks happy. Adrian and Ben can’t wait because today is the day they find out the sex of the baby…they’re holding hands and it is a “we”. Grace is obsessed with her “we learned it at med-camp stuff.

Amy and pals discuss whether or not they and/or their respective boys have had sex over the summer. Amy says she’s ready to have sex with Ricky and wants him to get tested. Yeah…this seems like a good plan. Ricky then talks to some high-pitched girl that he once slept with. Then another girl. He’s just dating Amy right now. Ruthie from 7th Heaven tells Ricky he probably has an STI because he’s slept with everyone and by extension everyone they’ve slept with. (What will probably be the best moment of the night–Lucy of 7th Heaven, the new guidance counselor, spotting Ruthie in the hall.)

Amy wants the old guidance counselor’s address to send her a gift. Ashley wants to get some forms for homeschooling, to teach herself. Ms. O’Malley wants to talk about it so Ashley tells her that she basically hates everything about school (hallways and bells and stairs and lockers and rules and people who try to help). The Juergens parents got divorced over the summer and she is not speaking to her ex. who Grace is now dating.

Grace informs Adrian that Tom is working as the VP of HR for some company “he diminishes the potential for a lawsuit.” (As in people are too afraid to complain to him?) Grace and the bf have had sex and want to talk to her mom about it.

Jack gets the bad news that Madison met a new guy. Nothing has happened but he’s interested. Jesse says to Lauren that “things happen” meaning he met someone too? He’s a senior and when he goes away to school he doesn’t think he wants a long distance relationship. (I wasn’t very attached to him anyway so that’s fine.)

Ricky doesn’t want to get tested so maybe they’ll have to go back to where they were. But she’s all cheery and “it’s up to you.” Ashley interrupts to get a ride home and uses the opportunity to scare Ricky into thinking Amy wants marriage.

George is the stay at home dad (where did Annie go?) and he’s okay with Ashley being home-schooled. She brings up having sex with Ricky, naturally. The discussion turns to whether or not she will sleep with him if he gets an STI and if he doesn’t want to get married.

Ricky finally goes to the clinic to get tested when of course his foster mother comes in–she wasn’t supposed to be working. She’d have come if he asked her. His mom thinks this a good, responsible thing to do. He says he always uses a condom so he should be fine.

Adrian, who is apparently only halfway through her pregnancy despite looking as big as a house. Ben hasn’t come in with her before and he’s squeamish but she convinces him to come. This is his baby. He’s afraid to do or say something wrong. She says it’s too late for that. (If all the times to be squeamish!)

Tom is enjoying his job when some guy comes in because he has issues with Milton. (He’s uncomfortable talking to Tom at first but then gives in.) He says he won’t be an idiot to work for Milton the idiot and he quits. Milton is thrilled that he won’t have to pay unemployment.

Madison tells her dad about the boy she wants to date that she didn’t mention all summer. They couldn’t date during the summer because they were co-workers. He was her boss. He’s 20, three years older. Now he wants her to see Jack! He’s still in high school, kind of. He’s divorced after a bad marriage in high school. Sammy is a nice, mature guy, apparently.

Grace and the bf, Grant, talk to her mom about how they’re still together after “all that time” which is long than her mom waited. She wants them to continue waiting obviously. Grace doesn’t want to wait though. At least they thought about it and are prepared but they should get tested before they do anything. Time for some private talk. Grant has only had sex with one person and didn’t always have sex with a condom. Grace had sex with Jack who had sex with Adrian who had sex with Ricky (and everyone) who slept with everyone. Grace isn’t even sure she always used a condom with Jack. She refuses to get tested. Then they’ll have to wait because now Grant isn’t comfortable. Jack’s been tested but he recommends that Grace get tested.

Ricky tells Amy he got tested. Amy’s response: “Oh.” She would have come with him because it can be emotional but he says that’s only a girl thing. That’s why you’re being so snappy with everyone! He’s worried though.

Annie gets a call from Ashley and says she isn’t thrilled with the home-schooling. What’s the best thing for her? Ashley says she will never marry. But she plans to get her license. Annie is now happy.

Adrian’s parents are saying they’d like a boy. Or a girl. When can they get excited about it? Well Ruben is excited, Cindy isn’t. Ruben still thinks they should get married. In comes the happy unwed couple…and guess what: it’s a girl! (I totally thought it would be a boy, not sure why.) Betty is thrilled, she wanted a girl. Betty asks if the ring is still good. (You know the one she gave away and turned out to be so expensive.) Ben was amazed by the heartbeat. And he didn’t even pass out! His dad wants to know if he’s thinking about the wedding option at this point.

Ricky is still in panic mode when he gets a call, which he ignores. His mother’s at the door, she’s out of jail. She’s staying with him for a bit until she can find a place of her own.

Well, I think this is the first time that we’ve gotten through an episode without Amy crying. Better or worse? This episode felt like a lot of exposition and very little happening (in fact, nothing actually happened other than Ricky getting the test but he didn’t even find the results). I’ve always been a little iffy on this show, but after this episode, I’m finding myself liking it even less (despite the lack of conversations on the phone, compared to usual).


General Recaps

Pretty Little Liars– This has definitely taken the spot of show of the summer. It’s one of those oddly addictive shows where you can’t help but keep watching. A part of me was really into it, wanting to know who A was (we never actually saw Allison’s body, so there’s every possibility A is her) and the other part was frustrated. For one thing, the show was suffering from the “awful main character” syndrome that seems to be an issue with a number of ABC Family show–Amy of Secret Life, Emily of MIOBI. I find Aria’s entire story utterly uninteresting. Her parents are going through a pretty awful divorce and all she can think about and be upset about is the teacher she’s obsessed with. The other big issue I had is the fact that the actresses are fairly awful. But I do like Hannah and to a slightly lesser extent Emily and the tension building from episode to episode was well done, even if not every individual plot line was.

Huge– I might only like this because I like Nikki Blonsky, but I’ve enjoyed this show (and I think Blonsky will be singing this week!!!). Not the best show of summer, but not bad either. I particularly like the most recent bit of information about Will’s past, though the one character I’d really like to see more about is Shay. We’ve only learned a little about her and she’s such a crazy character that I want to know more about where she’s coming from.

Melissa and Joey– Entertainment Weekly summed this show up perfectly. It’s like being in an episode of “I Love The Nineties.” The show is completely formulaic and not particularly surprising or funny. ABC Family doesn’t seem to do half hour comedies well and this show surprised me considering how well their one hour teen dramas are doing. It just didn’t seem to fit. My friend says they’re trying to capitalize on the people who liked the movie Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence starred in and also perhaps target the nostalgic twenty-somethings who watch the channel and then pretend not to. I get the strategy, but the show just doesn’t cut it.

Royal Pains– This show has sort of hit a plateau, which isn’t to say it’s bad, but only to say it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ll be honest and say that I like Dr. Emily Peck as well as Paige, though both characters interrupt the main character romances that were set up in season one (you know, the will they won’t they that was Ross and Rachel but is now Hank and Jill, Divya and Evan). I like how Evan’s growing up somewhat and I find Hank to be a little too perfect. I’d like to see more facets of his personality beyond “hi, I’m perfect.”

Covert Affairs– It’s like Alias without the mythology stuff (thankfully, because despite my like for Lost and its mythology, the Alias stuff just didn’t stick for me). I kind of like it, though I am hoping for the show to step back for the formulaic stuff and look more at the bigger story (specifically, Annie’s love interest). Other things I’d like to see: Auggie’s action days (the recent episode with the girl he liked was pretty great), a female for Perabo to play off of (maybe a rival spy), more about Annie’s family, and more depth into the characters.

Drop Dead Diva– This show continues to surprise me. How many different story lines can you come up with about a dead person who is living in someone else’s body? It turns out, a lot of them. It may not be the best quality show out there, but it continue to churn out interesting, albeit preposterous, episodes. (Maybe a bit more insight into characters like Kim and Fred would be nice.)

Project Runway– This is quite the season. I’m not sure if or how the extended format affects things or even helps things, but I’m not complaining either. This season is a pretty good one. I think there are a few really talented designers, though there are others that are just ridiculous (the diaper shorts?). The first episode was ridiculous with its “you’re not on the show yet” challenge. Why was everyone freaking out? Are you on camera? Are you competing in a challenge? Then by definition, you are on the show. The benefit is in theory, the girl who got kicked off in that first episode should be able to tryout for the show again. What I greatly enjoyed though did not necessarily agree with, was Tim’s dressing down of Gretchen this week. Sure, she’s arrogant and hot headed, but to say that she bullied them into listening to her was unfair and from what we saw, untrue. She didn’t force anyone to do anything. We didn’t even see much arguing. And now, the cast that already hates her is bound to turn mean. And yeah, she’s pretty full of herself but her record did (at the time) kind of give her a right to be.

Weeds– Well, this show just continues to take strange turns. I know the writers think it’s a great idea to ditch everything and start over, but I miss the dynamic of the original seasons and the rest of the cast beyond the Botwins. And the whole mallet murder…yeah, I don’t even know what to do with that. Still enjoyable but perhaps straying father than I would like?

Leverage– This past week’s episode really showed off just how excellent the writing talent on this show is. Basically, we see the tale of how a specific dagger was “stolen” through the eyes of each of the characters before they had met and worked together. The brilliance of this was showing how each person’s memory was the same, but different. Little details, accents, etc all highlighted the individual characters, their abilities, and the overall dynamics. Even though they’ve turned to good, they still take pride in their abilities and their pasts. I for one would love to keep learning more about them. Though I don’t think they can quite utilize this specific format again (what are the odds that they all foiled each other on another heist?), I hope they find a way to use a variation of it. At the same time, I love how we’ve seen a number of episodes that highlight particular characters. Always strongest for me are the ones about Parker (since they’re the only ones, besides Nathan, where we delve into the characters’ pasts as well as their psyches), which we’ve had a few of lately. I hope to learn more about all of the characters. I will say that I miss Jeri Ryan on the show, not that I want her to replace Sophie, but maybe as an occasional guest spot or addition.

So You Think You Can Dance– Did you see it coming? Lauren Froderman beating out Kent Boyd? There’s only one reason this did not surprise me. My friend has a theory that the contestant who is set up as the clear winner from the beginning (of any reality show, not just SYTYCD) is virtually never the actual winner of the show. Perhaps the audience doesn’t like being forced into a decision or the contestant gets to cocky or just doesn’t show growth because they are already so strong, but for whatever reason, it seems to be true. (I can’t think of examples off the top of my head right now, but I’ll come back with them.) I for one am glad because Kent couldn’t seem to manage the few things the judges asked of him in terms of improvements whereas Lauren seemed to get better by the week without ever really misstepping.

Psych– I’m noticing one particular thing missing for me this season. Specifically, that is the heart of the show. Where are the emotional aspects? What happened to the will they won’t they dynamic of Juliette and Shawn for example? Can we learn more about Spencer’s mom or maybe Juliette and Lassiter’s pasts? It’s still entertaining but it’s not quite as solid as it used to be.

Rachel Zoe Project– What is with the obsession over Taylor? Whether or not she actually stole some clothes (which really just doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons), get over her. It’s like not a moment can go by without them mentioning her and usually bashing her. Yeah, she was a whiner, but are you really pretending she didn’t ever do any work? I’m not even sure why I enjoy the show but I do and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Ashley. The truth is, even without Taylor, there is still chaos, but it does seem to be more outer office chaos rather than internal (but then again, Rachel is healthy, which is a change, and she is not putting an employee in the unfair and awkward position of choosing who gets to go on a trip).

Rookie Blue– Another actress I’m enjoying these days is Missy Peregrym. I like that her face is actually expressive. You don’t need the camera to zoom in as close as possible in order to get a sense of how her character is feeling. Not every plot is excellent, but a lot of them are. It would be nice to get to know more about Gail because right now she’s ridiculous and I would love to know more about each of their pasts. I like watching the rookies blunder, I like things about training and learning. If anything, I’d like some flashbacks of them actually training.

Burn Notice– Aside from not believing that Fiona and Michael are as attractive as they’re meant to be, I’m not enjoying this show as much as I did in previous seasons. I think the main reason is that it feels like the same arguments are rehashed every episode and the emotional element that I mentioned was missing in Psych is also lacking in this one. I hope it gets better, because this new story with Jessie finally knowing the truth could be interesting.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager– Do you think Adrian is going to have a miscarriage? That’s the only other storyline that I think could be really interesting since they’ve lost the opportunity to do the abortion plot (not that I’m surprised). All the other storylines, meh. I’m glad to see a little less whining from Amy though.

The Secret Life: Do Over

Ben still looks shocked. He spots Adrian and she lets him know that she’s not pregnant–she started her period. They’re both thrilled. She leaves and Henry and Alice want to know what’s going on. Nothing. Well…she thought she was pregnant, but she’s not. Alice thinks Adrian might be lying. Grace and Adrian discuss and Adrian says she doesn’t want Grace to say anything to anyone. She doesn’t want people to talk about it. What if Grace told Jack who told Madison who told Amy. Adrian sees Ashleigh and assures her that nothing happened. Did she tell anyone? Ashleigh told her dad. She used her as an excuse to get birth control pills.

Ricky sees them talking and tells Ashleigh not to be friends with Adrian. She’s a bad influence. Ashleigh points out she’s got a mind of his own and he’s not a good influence. That’s what he likes about her. Ashleigh says she doesn’t want Amy to pay attention to her and her sex life. With who? Wouldn’t you like to know? She walks away and he says “yeah, maybe I would like to know.”

Amy wonders why Ben hasn’t been returning her calls after saying he loves her. Madison clearly knows something but they think it’s just Jack problems. Amy thinks Lauren had sex, but she didn’t. He walks by, sees them, but doesn’t say anything.

George and Ashleigh talk to the doctor about getting her on the pill. The doctor is concerned about them not telling Anne. She wants to talk to Ashleigh alone. She also thinks George’s hair plugs might be infected.

Amy took John home because the other kids at nursery are sick. Anne wonders if maybe it’s a bad idea to get back together with Ben. But Ben is Ben…Is Ashleigh going out for track? That’s what George said. Amy’s sure it’s a lie. Why would they lie about that? Birth control pills…

Ben calls Adrian. He wants to talk to her. In comes Grace with cookies. She got her license and came right over, just like he did when he got his. He has work now though. She wanted to celebrate him and Adrian’s good news. Grace says she wants to be more than friends with him. He says he has to go. He makes an excuse so that he can’t see her car. He’s acting weird but she still gives him a kiss on the cheek. Still no answer from Adrian. He calls Bunny to take the afternoon off for “personal reasons.” She gives him grief but agrees. Bunny wonders if Adrian is in trouble. Ricky thinks something is going on. Ricky says he doesn’t care about Adrian but he does care about Ben and Amy.

Madison and Jack make out. Madison is afraid that Amy will hate her for not telling her about Adrian’s scare. Jack insists she keep it a secret. She’s open to “the same kind of sex they were having before.” He told her he loves her and he really does. He’s not just saying it to get her to do something. She didn’t think he’d ever say it to her. She needs something to prove that he told her he loved her. He doesn’t have anything.

Ben calls Adrian and she finally answers. He’s outside her house and wants to talk to her. He says he doesn’t know if he believes her that she’s not pregnant. She lets him in. He asks if she had an abortion and she says no. And if she’d wanted to, it would be her decision not his. He disagrees, but it doesn’t matter because it’s irrelevant. He’s still not sure. He would feel really guilty if she “made the problem go away.” She tells him they should move on. They made a mistake, but they’re friends. She hopes. He does too. They apologize to each other. She understands how Amy felt a little better now and she hopes things work out between him and Amy. She knows Ricky will never forgive her though so nothing’s happening there. Maybe someday she won’t care what Ricky thinks.

Anne is there when Ashleigh and George come in. Ashleigh claims she made it on the team but when Anne asks her about what specifically she made it in. Hesitation. She says she hopes he believes her. Then he says he got his hair plugs taken out by the pediatrician’s nurse. Anne thinks that’s strange.

Tom makes fun of Grace for having no friends. Her mom suggests she take Tom for a ride. He’s upset because she doesn’t want him to ride. She seems upset now. Is she in a fight with Grace? She got a text from Adrian that said: “Remember not a word to anyone.” What does it mean? Grace goes through it all. She suggests Adrian talk to her mom. Grace wasn’t even supposed to tell anyone. She suggests that maybe Grace should meet some new guys but Grace doesn’t want to.

Ben is putting away his socks when Ricky comes in to ask why he missed work. He’s all happy and giddy. Ricky thinks they had sex again. He assures them they didn’t. Ricky says it’s time to talk to Amy. Ricky sums up all the girl relationships Ben has–Grace, Adrian, and Amy. Ricky wants him to go talk to Amy now. Let’s go!

Jack’s parents come in to talk to him. They have a huge decision that they wants to talk about. He’s in a fight with Madison right now. Their news: they’re moving. They want to. To Phoenix. He’s been offered a job now. Jack doesn’t want to miss his senior year. They suggest he stay with a friend for the year. Is there any friend that would let him do it? This could only work if he can find a friend. Jack is sure it will work. He insists they take the job. Jack starts making calls. He calls Madison to apologize and ask if he can live by her.

Ricky comes to talk to Ashleigh while Ben and Amy talk. He says he doesn’t want to go back to Adrian because she tried to hurt Ricky and Amy and he’s over people trying to hurt him. So, what now? He still wants to have a companion(s). He thinks she’s too young to talk about this. She’s the same age as when he slept with Amy. How are things with her and Grant? Want some advice? No. Don’t have sex in high school. Don’t be like everybody else. She says she isn’t and he says he hopes not.

Ben and Amy talk. John was glad to see him. He’s sorry he didn’t call her back, he scared her back. He loves her but, how can they make it work? The last two years have been hard on both of them. Why not forget everything that happened? They kiss. Of course. He says he won’t hurt her again. She says the same. This seems like a poor decision.

Madison asks her parents about Jack moving in. They say no.

Ashleigh’s mother wants to go for a run with her. She needs to train for the track team. She wants to spend a lot of time with Ashleigh now. She hasn’t spent time with her at all. Ashleigh comes clean. Anne reveals that she knew and maybe they all handled things poorly. George admits they were wrong to lie. Ashleigh says she doesn’t plan to have sex but she wants a back up plan to be protected. Ashleigh says why could Amy be on the pill but not her? Oops, no one knew that. Amy says she’s sick of being reminded of her mistake. Anne says it’s time to start talking as a family.

Leo and Betty talk to Ben about Amy. Leo suggests he take things slowly.

Adrian’s dad comes in to talk to her. He doesn’t like her mother’s traveling. But he says he’s glad she found him, she changed his life for the better. He asks if everything is ok. Fine. She’d not speaking to Ricky, but that’s ok. Casual sex is really not all that casual. Next time she wants to have sex with someone she loves. He points out change isn’t easy and he’s there for her. When he leaves, she calls a clinic to talk to a counselor.

The Secret Life: Ben There, Done That

It has arrived, the last week of Amy’s whining for the season!

Amy gets a call from Ricky to talk about John’s party. He doesn’t know what to do for it. He’s never really had a birthday party until he was over. He wants to include her in the party-planning. She’s in a rush to put John to Ben. She says it’s more for them since John won’t remember it. He’s surprised she doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. He’s relieved to hear that. Amy’s got John. She wants to have his birthday party alone first, the night before. She seems pleased with herself. John seems confused. But he seems to like the cupcake.

Anne wakes Amy and wonders why John is wearing his suit. Mimzy might have suffered a stroke. She doesn’t know if she’ll be back in time for John’s birthday. Anne sees that John has cupcake on his face. Anne says everyone who’d been through the year with her missed it. Amy wants her to wait. Anne wonders where Amy, the girl who did the right thing, went. Amy manages a last moment I hope Mimzy’s ok. George is going up too. She’s upset about this too. Amy stop whining. Anne at least tells her to stop it.

George goes to tell Ashleigh and then she asks to go on the pill. He begs her not to have sex, he says it isn’t fun. He asks if she’s done it. She says no. He says she’s too young to do it. He likes Grant but she doesn’t want to have a baby with him. Things can go wrong even if they use protection. She says they’ve been making out a lot and she likes it and they may want to do more than that at some point. She just wants to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake. He begs her to wait until she’s 18 and then he’ll support her. She agrees. But she wants to be on the pill anyway just in case. She doesn’t think things would go that far but neither do other people who make a mistake. It’s finding out about Adrian that’s gotten to her.

Adrian and Grace talk about her potential pregnancy. Grace advises her to take a pregnancy test. If she’s pregnant it’s not Ricky. It can only be Ben. Grace wants her to lie that it’s Ricky. She intends to have an abortion which Grace is against. She doesn’t want Ben to know that she might be having Ben’s baby. She says she has to take responsibility. Adrian says she isn’t having a baby and ruining her life like Amy. She can’t be a mother like Amy. Grace says they can discuss that later. But first, take a test. Adrian thinks she already knows.

Madison and Lauren wants to come to John’s party. They’re family too! She’s glad they feel that way. They discuss the wedding and their sex plans. They discuss different sized condoms. Jesse and Jack discuss meanwhile. Jesse doesn’t want to say no about sex yet. He’s afraid to be her first and he isn’t ready to do it now. Jesse says Grace always struck him as unpredictable. He doesn’t like feeling like he has to have sex. And half the kids in high school don’t have sex. Grace calls his attention. She’s hiding from Madison. He doesn’t want her to ruin his relationship. She needs someone to talk to in order to talk Adrian out of abortion. He suggests going to Ben. Not an option…Madison sees them talking.

Ben, Henry, and Alice talk about not being invited to the baby’s party. They plan to crash. Ben tells Griffin that he and Grant and a date are invited to the wedding (which Ashleigh has said otherwise). Griffin gives Ashleigh to the news. She wonders who he’s bringing. He heard she’s thinking about sex and says it’s too soon. She says too soon for him too. She’s surprised he said something but George told him. She storms off.

Ricky is upset at Amy for having her own mini-party. Ben wanted to check that Ricky plans to come to the wedding. He’s pissed at Amy. They aren’t acting like adults. Adrian sees them talking (and looks pensive).

George talks to Mimzy about how he doesn’t have to marry Anne unless he wants to. She tells Anne she can’t wait for their wedding. Anne says they haven’t decided on a wedding yet. Anne says they have too much going on. She doesn’t want to get married tomorrow. He tells her to stop being a scaredy cat. If he pushes her, she’ll move the other way. Mimzy pulls out her old wedding dress. She reveals that she’s been married recently. In walks some black guy named Mr. Levy.

Ricky is still upset with Amy who refuses to do anything. She says it’s raining so the party is canceled. He and Ashleigh talk and he says he doesn’t know why he’s so upset but he is. Ricky says he wants her to come to the party. She apologizes for her party. Ashleigh sneaks off. She says things still seem unfair. It’s not how she imagined John’s birthday. He offers it to be just the two of them if she’d prefer. He’ll sleep on the couch and she can take his bed. She agrees. Pack? Ashleigh seizes the chance not to go (in the guise of wanting to go). She clearly plans to have Grant over and sure enough, calls him as soon as Amy leaves.

Adrian’s dad wonders what is taking so long as they plan to get married. Her wedding dress is Rubin’s mother’s and it’s ugly. Cindy is upset about the dress but it’s ok. His mother may hate her but he loves her. He wishes he’d married her mother earlier. In comes someone to be a witness. Adrian looks like she’s trying to be happy for them but is too upset.

They get to Ricky’s. Ben is in the meat shop. Ben’s surprised that Amy is sleeping over. Subtle. Ben’s upset that they’re sleeping together. Bunny points out that it is none of his business. She tells him not to ruin Leo’s wedding day. Ben says he would have been a better husband and father. He says he’s ruined his life. Bunny hopes not.

Madison says she isn’t ready to have sex yet. Tomorrow, after the wedding. She says she isn’t nervous. He got condoms. She wants to see. That’s awkward. She’s never seen one before and he offers to either show her or do it alone. She asks about it breaking. It would be bad. Jack let’s slip about Ben and Adrian’s condom breaking. She says it’s off the record. He says she can’t say a word. Madison puzzles it all out and promises not to tell anyone. Ben doesn’t know. No one knows. Except for everyone who does. Madison gets weepy.

Grace calls Adrian to check in. She says the wedding was beautiful. Her parents went on a brief honeymoon. Adrian bought a test. Grace offers to come over. Adrian turns her down. She doesn’t know if she wants Grace to know. She saw her talking to Jack. It’s her choice if she wants to have an abortion and she will do the right thing for her. She should have Ben with her when she takes the test.

Ben calls Amy but she doesn’t answer so he leaves a message. He says he’ll always love her and he’ll always be there for her.

It’s the wedding. Grace and Ben toast love and happiness. Amy thanks Ricky for the night. Robby and John are being babysat by Ricky’s foster mother. Henry and Alice discuss their future wedding plans. Lauren says her family is upset about the sex discussion but he says it’s better to wait. Mimzy, husband, Kathleen, George, and Anne end up at a table together. Amy claims she was with Griffin and Grant. Griffin is with a guy names Michael and they compete for best dancer. Grant wants to dance but Ashleigh says she doesn’t do disco. Adrian approaches Jack, he denies telling Madison who is on stage singing. It doesn’t sound like she’s singing at all. In comes Betty and Leo in a horse-drawn carriage. Leo makes a toast.

George has not found out much. Anne says she’s happy to be friends with George. She doesn’t want to get married just because they had a baby. They’ve changed. Do they have anything in common? She wants to take it slow.

Ben and Amy catch each other’s eye but before they can talk Adrian goes up to him. They make awkward small talk until she says enough. Madison, Lauren, and Amy talk, wondering what is going on. Madison keeps it secret. Amy is glad that Ben called. She doesn’t know if she loves him but time will tell.

Ashleigh and Ricky talk for a moment. She tells him not much is up and he wants her to keep it that way. Aww, he’s looking out for her. Everyone assumes something is happening with Ashleigh and Ricky.

Tammy comes to be with Tom. Grace watches Jack and Madison dance. Madison goes up to the band again. I’m highly doubtful that some random teen who is barely friends with the groom’s son would get up and sing at a wedding.

Grace tells Jack they should stay out of Adrian and Ben’s business. Ben is inside staring forlornly outside as Adrian waits for the results. Her expression says pregnant but that could just be her being grim. She approaches Ben and just stands there for a few moments. Is she debating telling him? Maybe she thinks it would be better to tell him she’s not pregnant and just get the abortion alone.

Of course, the show ends without telling. That’s a long time to wait to find out.

The Secret Life: I Got You

George talks about Leo’s awesome sausages. George and Ricky discuss his desire to take John for the weekend. He shows how he’s baby proofed the place. George says the baby will get hurt but he just have to make sure that the worst thing that could happen isn’t the thing that does happen. If there’s an accident, expect questions. Is he prepared for that? George tells him to be alert. He wants George to talk to Amy. He says it’s a good plan but he needs to talk to Amy. Ricky says he’s determined. Amy said no. George said this could be a lifelong war. Well, at least Ricky is fighting.

George arrives and asks Ashleigh where the moms are. Ashleigh says the moms aren’t happy. George wants Ashleigh to tell Amy that it’s a good idea to have Ricky watch John. Anne wonders why Ashleigh said she looks good. Anne says Amy wants to decided when John can go where. George makes a snarky remark about not being married. Anne planned a dinner with Ricky’s foster parents to discuss Ricky’s idea. She says she isn’t getting in the middle, she’s going around. She wants them to work out an agreement not go to court. Amy wants George to talk Ricky out of it. Amy says she gave birth to John so she gets to decide everything. George says things might change. She could have a life. Amy intends to get what she wants but she says George won’t. Adrian comes over to support Amy. She thinks what Ricky’s doing is terrible. Adrian says she feels bad for her. Adrian says he can’t be trusted. But then she asks about if it was just a kiss. She also apologizes for sleeping with Ben. She was trying to hurt Ricky. They have something in common, making them friends. Ricky will go to court if he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s friends vs friends in court.

Ben and Grace discuss whether or not they will go to court. Ben is sure it won’t go that far. They both think it is reasonable for Ricky to ask for John on weekends. Grace wants to hear about Italy. Sex with Maria? He asks if she’s been to Italy. She hasn’t but she’d like to, maybe with him. She suggests her bedroom. He gets nervous and asks for a tour of the house. She’s single minded on her bedroom and decides to start the tour there. Grace, overalls aren’t sexy. Sorry. Ben says her room looks just the way he thought it would. She wants to make out while no one is home. She says last time he made out with someone it was the wrong person, hence the problems. He gets a call and it’s Amy. Grace tells him to take it. He hesitates and then picks up. She wants to talk and asks him to come over. He says he can’t. Adrian says they should both come over. She wants them to be on her side if they get into a legal thing. He takes Grace’s advice and says he doesn’t want to get in the middle. Adrian insists. Ben and Grace continue making out. Grace wants to make a video for Amy. Maybe later.

Amy can’t believe she’s asking Ben for favors. Adrian says guys do stupid things. If Amy had had sex with Ben, he never would have slept with Adrian. Ashleigh says she needs to do what is best for John. And that is having Ricky to see John. But Amy’s made her decision. Amy always though Ben would be her second and last. Adrian thought Ricky would be her last. Amy says she can’t forgive Adrian. Adrian says the girls screw up because they can’t forgive each other like the boys can. Adrian says Ricky isn’t the best boy. Maybe Jimmy. Adrian suggests she call anyone who knows that Ricky is not a good character. Amy is sure the judge won’t question her character, she’s done nothing wrong. Adrian points out that she’s the one who got pregnant.

Grant and Ashleigh are together, babysitting. They discuss the possibility of having “responsibilities” (babies) of their own. She’s so tired of Amy and her mom’s babies. She has condoms but she doesn’t plan to need on before graduation. Grant avoids the question of whether or not he’s had sex. He has. Maybe they can have sex in the next year? She says she’s fifteen but she wants to wait until she gets out high school. She’s not ready. He wants her to be his girlfriend. He would never push. Or push her away. He’s a gentleman, he’ll let her come to him when he needs. (Have I said that Ashleigh is my favorite?)

Anne, George, and Ricky’s foster parents are at dinner. They would like to have more time with John, their grandson. They want him to get to know them. They consider Ricky their son. Anne and George like Ricky too. They feel that Amy should make the decision because she is the mom. George points out for them that Ricky is the dad. Anne says he should back off and Amy may be willing to compromise. Foster mom says how long? While judges favored the mother in the past, that isn’t the case anymore, they will likely rule in Ricky’s favor. Anne hopes that won’t happen because Amy has been through so much. Not that Ricky hasn’t.

Ricky talks to Adrian’s dad about getting a legal agreement. Ruben suggests mediation. It can go either way. Ricky wants to do this and he’s sick of the uncertainty. He needs to speak up for his son. Ruben will talk to both families but Ricky must try to work it out with Amy because once it’s in the system, you can’t take it back. Someone will lose and someone will win. Ricky only cares about John.

Ricky meets Amy to talk to him again. Amy’s rude. He thinks Amy has been making good decisions but now she’s making a bad one. Other people have other opinions as she reveals with her laptop. He points out how hypocritical Amy is being for being friends with Adrian. Adrian’s characters witness piece says Ricky has character issues but Amy is solid and a good mother. Amy then plays Lauren and Madison’s statements. She goes on to show Jack’s statement. Ricky says he can get his friends to do the same. Amy got Ben too, to say Amy is a good mother. Grace says Amy is a good mother and doing a good job. Ricky hopes Ben will be allowed to be around John. Amy wants to keep things the way they are. He wants change. She refuses. He wants to hear her point of view. Her reasoning: I don’t, he’s mine. Why can’t you just be satisfied seeing him when I want? Because I can’t be a father according to your whims. Ricky says that they shouldn’t be putting their friends involved. Amy says she doesn’t want John to love Ricky. So court it is.

Madison tells Jack she can’t. What if the judge finds out that she convinced Jack to make the video in exchange for sex. It’s illegal! (Also, his video would not be counted because you can hear her correcting him in the background.) She wants him to make another. She might want to have real sex. After Betty and Leo’s wedding.

Lauren and Jessie suggest the same time. Oh. He thinks it would be slightly awkward because they haven’t done a whole lot but he guesses it would be okay if she wants. That’s what Madison is doing after all. These kids are so screwed up.

Ricky approaches Ben who says he can explain. Ricky says he wasn’t thinking right because he was with Grace. Ben says he can get everyone to make videos for Ricky too. He calls Grace and she says they’re idiots and they have to endorse Ricky too.

Leo talks to Ricky. He may have to punch Ben again. What did he do now? Does Ben really want to be responsible for John, Ricky, and Amy’s lives? There’s also the Ben and Grace…

Ashleigh tells Grant she wants to make her own decisions about sex. Okay…

The group makes videos for Ricky as well and an arbitrator watches. Henry and Alice even say it’s not that they’re even pushing for more time with John. What about Adrian? She isn’t talking to Ricky. Duly noted that Ricky is in therapy and commendable to Amy for school. Good job to the family and grandparents. With all that in mind, he is ready to announce his recommendation. Amy interrupts to say she wants to make a decision and she admits that she’s wrong. She knows it is important for John. Ricky is a good dad and if he weren’t she wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for him. It isn’t Amy’s decision though. But he gives her the same rights that she offers anyway. He wants them to maintain this arrangement. So then Ricky gets John for his first birthday because it is on the weekend. Anne tells Amy she did great. George points out that they can be together on John’s birthday. That’s what you do. Do the right thing for John!

Ricky thanks his foster parents. They tell Ricky to have the birthday party in neutral territory and to have her there. However he treats her is how she will treat him.

George doesn’t want to see how things were. She says they were miserable when they were married. He says he’s miserable now. He says she has until Leo and Betty’s wedding.

Amy and Ricky talk. Anne offers to bake the birthday cake. Now I want cake. Ricky says they can plan the party together, they’re doing this together.

Adrian asks Ashleigh if they’re home or if they’ve heard anything. Nope. Ashleigh asks Adrian how to get birth control pills without her mom finding out. Free clinic but Adrian suggests she speak to her mom who took her birth control pills. She says you need at least a month on the pills for them to work. She’s changed pills recently. Maybe that’s why she’s late. She uses condoms anyway but they can break. She’s had one break recently: at the mother-daughter dance. Really? Is she going to get pregnant too?

Secret Life: Good Girls and Boys

Ben’s dad finds Ricky and wants to talk. Ricky thinks everyone would be better off without everyone. Or you’re better off without them? Ben’s dad asks who he is. He has the right to feel however he feels, but he should let them know. But otherwise no one will be able to fix it. Ricky is tired of being angry (he doesn’t really come off as particularly angry). If he’s tired of being angry he needs to talk to everyone. Tell the truth. Is it best to leave your son or is better for both of you to get serious about yourself and who you will be. Grow up. To be a good father you need to be a good and honorable man. Most teens prefer to avoid confrontation, but Ben’s dad tells the truth in your face, because he cares. He returns the apartment keys. Sooner or later he will do the right thing. Hopefully sooner. It’s official. Ben’s dad is the best part of the show. And the only sensible person.

Someone knocks on Ricky’s door. He came back. It’s Ben to apologize. He doesn’t feel good about what he did and he’s sorry for betraying his friendship. Were they really friends or had they just been friends for Amy and John’s sake. Without them he didn’t really have a reason to be friends. He was always angry because Ricky slept with Amy. Ben wants Ricky to hit him because justice would be served and it would give him an opportunity to him back. Ben is still angry that Ricky slept with Amy. He punches Ricky but only hurts his own hand. Ricky says don’t hit anyone. If you hit him again, he’ll hit back. Ben hits him again and Ricky hits back just once. Ben realizes that it does in fact hurt to be hit. Ricky explains that hitting doesn’t solve anything. Ricky plans to see everyone and then go. Ben wants to come with him. No. Ben gets too obsessed with things, like a little kid. Ben wants to know if he’ll talk to Amy or Adrian first. It’s Ben’s business because he still loves Amy. Adrian did what she did for revenge. Ben tries to make it more than that but there isn’t. Ricky accepts his apology because despite how little an apology it was, he’s been through worst. Ricky says he didn’t do anything to intentionally hurt anyone so he doesn’t owe any apologies. He admits that the kiss wasn’t just a kiss and apologizes. They’re not even unless Adrian has his baby. (THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE BEN, YOU DIDN’T KNOW EACH OTHER AND YOU WEREN’T TOGETHER.) Ricky assures Ben that Amy will never forgive him. In comes Ricky’s foster parents who he seems to have an excellent relationship with. They’re glad he returned and want to make sure he stays around. They want to be more involved in John’s life, as grandparents. Ricky wonders what’s going on. It almost seems like they intend to try to adopt John.

Tom wants to know when they will get more sleep because the parents are honeymooning at home. Grace is no longer nice, now that she’s realized her reverse psychology plan was stupid. Jeff wants to talk to Grace. He wants to know what Grace wants. Doesn’t she think her mom’s been through a lot? Shouldn’t she have fun. But they’re married. “Have fun” means sex here. This is so awkward. Good girls often have a hard time standing up for themselves and tend to avoid conflict. He loves her mother. It’s freeing not to have to be the good girl, she wasn’t such a good one. Wait, he’s not saying go “have fun.” But maybe she can. She feels better about that. Uh oh.

Adrian’s dad comes to say goodbye while she’s doing her makeup. She’s concerned that her mom is getting cold feet. They both were. His mom sent a wedding surprise and it hasn’t come yet. He thought his parents wouldn’t approve but they’re happy. Sometimes the most difficult conversations are the best. Adrian is dressed up to see him. Ricky is upset with her and is coming to talk. She’s not afraid to talk to him. If she needs to talk to him afterward, she can call him. She should talk to someone who cares about her rather than sleep with someone who doesn’t. Ricky is angry and hurt and sometimes says angry and hateful words. Adrian says she’s stronger than most girls. With her background, eventually she only cares what she thinks and she doesn’t hold things in, she acts them out. He advises her to listen to Ricky’s feelings, apologize and say nothing. Let it go. He knows she’s sorry for what she did with Ben. She denies. She’s still afraid that Ricky and Amy will get married eventually. (ADRIAN, GET OVER THIS FEAR, YOU’RE RIDICULOUS.)

Ashleigh knows that Ricky is back. She tells George he left her a message. She just knew he was going to see his mom, not where he went. She thought it would make Amy feel better to know he wasn’t running from her. Ashleigh knows it was wrong to lie to George. She knew she couldn’t tell him because he’d tell Leo. What’s going on between Amy and Ricky. But Amy isn’t easy to talk to. What’s Ricky’s interest in Ashleigh? Friends! Amy is too good, she doesn’t fight so they’re never over. No spine. It’s like shadowboxing, throw punches until you’re tired but you don’t accomplish anything. She’s been getting more of one. She’ll be stronger because of having John. She can’t say the nice stuff because she has so much more of the bad stuff, which comes out when she’s angry.

Amy and Anne discuss how she doesn’t care why Ricky is angry with her. He can’t tell her unless she wants him to. He has no right to feel angry. Amy hates that, he has no right! (AMY, BRAINS!) Amy wants to know why she should go to therapy. Adrian and Ricky went to therapy, look how that turned out. Anne suggests she talk to Ben also. Amy said they already talked. Amy will never get over Ben sleeping with Adrian. Anne says Amy needs to confront her demons. Why would she put herself through that? Haven’t I done enough for John? No, you can never do enough.

Grace comes into school Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” apparently all relieved by her conversation. Grace, Adrian, and Amy get excited and they think Ricky came in. Ricky and Ashleigh talk about her telling Amy where he was. He can’t go anywhere but he does plan to get away for a while. Ashleigh is still speaking to Ben. She suggests talking to Amy. Ashleigh likes both of them, so does John.

Amy runs down the hall, Adrian seems her and follows. They find Amy, Ashleigh, and Ricky. Adrian and Ricky are left alone but not after she’s flirty with Ben in front of Ricky (REALLY ADRIAN?). He admits that he missed her but he can’t do it anymore. She wants to change his mind. Neither of them should have done what they done. He thinks that if a man loves a woman he doesn’t cheat on her and vice versa. He wants to end this. They’ve been over since before the her and Ben episode. She’s sure he loves her, don’t run away! I’m not running away. We can’t trust each other. This relationship isn’t a good way to become a good husband and father. And this isn’t about Amy. Adrian leaves crying.

Amy pulls out her Tuba case which has a picture of John. She’s glad he’s back but she doesn’t want to talk now. He’ll come over tonight to talk. She loves John. That’s a good sign at least since that’s hard to tell most of the time.

Madison and Jack discuss Ricky and Adrian’s breakup. She thinks he will be with Amy. Lauren and Jessie gossip too. Lauren thinks along the same lines but the guys don’t think so. They argue over his bird. The girls freak out. Alice and Henry continue to discuss and think this ruins Ben’s chances with Amy.

Grace and Ben talk. Grace is okay with him. She says she forgave Jack, maybe Amy can forgive him. She and he did something in common: had sex with the wrong person at the wrong time. It’s so complicated. How could you know? She doesn’t believe not until marriage anymore. She doesn’t know if she wants to or can wait until she gets married. Will she find that person in high school. Can they still hang as friends? Of course. And can he give her a ride? Sure. She up to something?

Rubin finds Adrian at home crying. She did call him in the end. Dad, must you be stupid enough to ask if this is about Ricky. He offers ice cream which gets a small laugh. He reassures her but she just hugs her pillows.

Ashleigh complimented Amy for a bribe: Grant can come over. She doesn’t normally say it because Amy needs self-confidence. Ricky is over talking to Amy meanwhile. Grant is all polite and Ashleigh tricks her parents into letting Grant stay over later. George wants to get married. Let’s wait until our anniversary in a year. He wants to get married now. She thinks this is a compromise. He says this is just her getting her way. She’s not saying no. Well he is. He leaves with Moose.

Ricky wants to talk. Amy doesn’t want to. She wants to know what she did wrong. He loves John, he’s glad to have him in his life. He apologizes for leaving and not telling her. He feels badly about tricking her into kissing him but clearly she wanted. But then everyone found out. They’ve both been acting like kids not adults, even though they have a son. He has his own place. He can’t see John unless he deals with Amy’s house. He’s tired of their business becoming everyone else’s. What does he want then? She would never just live with him. He wants to take John on weekends. His parents will watch John when he’s at work. She says no. But this will give her free time. She still refuses. He points out that John is his son. John should be part of his family and his life. He can have his date around John just like she could. She says she’s his mom so she can decide everything. He says that’s not true. Ricky rationalizes. Amy says she loves him more. Amy starts crying. He doesn’t want to hurt her but he doesn’t want to hurt his relationship with John by not doing what he should be. (Why does Amy’s crying look like smiling?)

The Secret Life: Choices

Sorry, missed the first couple minutes and will have to add them later.

Adrian insists she’s fine but her mother knows better. Adrian clearly feels guilty. Her father tells her it’s wrong anyway. He asks what makes it wrong? She says if it wasn’t a good time. She insists that she had fun. She accomplished evening the score. Ricky was Amy’s first and she was Ben’s first. Her dad asks if that was to her advantage to even the score. Her cavalier attitude feels better and is easier.

Amy is looking for Ashleigh and George offers to drive. George doesn’t want Amy to look for him. She says she won’t. If he’s gone, he’s gone. She wouldn’t mind being a single parent. (Right, she’s overwhelmed most of the time.) She wouldn’t mind finding a new dad for John, rather than be forced to stick with Ricky. Amy would like to uncomplicate her life, starting with not driving Ashleigh. Ashleigh gets Amy’s gladness for Ricky being gone, it’s easier if everyone would go. George asks if Ricky called Ashleigh, she denies it but there’s something that makes me think she did speak to him.

Grace is headed to school. Tom says Adrian is not her friend. She agrees and says she isn’t Tom’s either. No one cared about her feelings. Ricky isn’t in love with anyone. Grace doesn’t want to hang out with those people. Jack is picking her up. Tom suggests Grace get closer to her family. Grace thinks she’ll trick her mom into not liking Jeff by pretending to like him. Even Tom can see that this is dumb.

Ben’s dad insists that Ben apologize to Amy and say it won’t happen again. He says it has to be his decision. Ben doesn’t understand why he should apologize to Amy. (I agree with him, he owes Ricky an apology but not Amy who chose Jimmy.) Ben’s dad is upset that he slept with Adrian. Sex isn’t the most important thing in life. Ben makes another snarky comment about Betty being a prostitute. Ben, really! Ben’s dad debates if “he can still live in his house after saying that.”

Anne is giving George a concerned look. Asheligh is the only person who isn’t interested in Ricky and the only person he’s ever had a conversation to. Amy is mad at Ashleigh for telling George. Anne insists that Amy still cares about Ricky and is angry at Ben. Anne is no longer angry so she’s trying to decide how she feels. She goes to the gym. George is upset that Anne is making herself hot. So he can get hot too. And don’t forget Robby!

Madison and Lauren are trying to figure out why Jack and Jesse didn’t call them back. They got dumped why? Because they mentioned babies. Jack wants to talk to Madison. Amy is upset that they took pictures of John. Jesse wants to talk to Lauren. He wonders if she doesn’t think about the future with him because he’s white. She assures him that she doesn’t care, they’re too young. Jesse wanted to call but he’s on phone restriction because of how much they talk. Jack tries to excuse giving Grace a ride. He didn’t like her decision not to want a future. She says she’s only sixteen. She needs time to think about it. Back together then. She doesn’t want him driving Grace around. News of Ricky’s disappearance spreads.

Adrian sees Grace crying in her locker. She’s crying about her lack of friends, boyfriend, and father. Adrian is on a mission. Adrian says who needs friends? Grace needs friends and asks Adrian to be nice so they can be friends. Adrian is on a mission. She approaches Ben. Ricky called his parents so he’s ok. Adrian says they had fun and she didn’t regret it. They’re still friends. Hopefully always. Ben says Ricky is his friend and he doesn’t want to betray Ricky again. Ben thinks Ricky loves Adrian. She insists he doesn’t. If he did, he would have called her. So the offer of more sex is open. Amy congratulates Ben for getting what he wants. She gets all “if only…”

Dinner with everyone but George who will be late. Amy doesn’t feel like it, she just wants to be with John. Anne insists and then realizes that Amy has been crying. Ricky or Ben or the new one? Amy starts crying because Ben said it was his fault. She says she can’t get through this. She wants to drop out and go anywhere else. Why can Ricky run away? Anne did! Problems follow you. Anne says he’ll be back. She’s upset that Ben had sex with Adrian and now they can never be together. Anne says that’s not true. Anne insists she’s a strong woman. Life won’t always be hard. And Amy is a good mother! She’s a good person! She doesn’t want to be good, look where it’s gotten her. Teenagers are so dramatic. Jimmy calls and Amy dries her tears and puts on her happy voice.

Ben finds Betty at home. She hopes he can help her pick out a China pattern. He can’t help. He hates himself. She says it’s a waste of time. Was seeing Amy awful? He was prepared for angry. It didn’t go that way at all. She used to see his dad and think he was so cute. She used to think his dad would ignore her because she was a prostitute. She wanted to make sure he knew what she did from the start but he didn’t turn her away. He apologizes for what he said (she says she doesn’t even remember). She wants him to give himself a chance to be the hopeless romantic that he is, it’s better than sex. And sometimes he wins. Look at his dad. He doesn’t know if that’s who he wants to be anymore.

Grace’s mom and Jeff come in and Grace is up to her reverse-psychology. The parents apologize for staying out late. Grace’s mom is suspicious. Grace hopes they get married soon and are together and happy for the rest of their lives. How about tonight? Jeff suggests. Grace’s mom accepts and Grace is not so thrilled her plan backfired. Tom rubs it in.

Adrian’s mom calls. Her mom wants to take some extra shifts and Adrian thinks her mom is backing out of the wedding. Her mom needs more time. Adrian wants to know how many dreams she has to give up.

In walks George wearing a backwards cap. He also has new, low rider jeans. Anne is upset that he went shopping and to a ball game while she watched Robby. But she does offer him to sleep in the bedroom. To talk. No sex. He makes himself comfortable but he keeps the baseball cap on. She insists he take it off. Underneath he reveals hair plugs.

Ashleigh comes in to say good night and to see if Amy’s heard from anyone. She doesn’t think she’ll ever hear from Ben, not that she wants to. Ashleigh says she doesn’t know if she’d want Adrian to win. Why doesn’t she try winning? Ashleigh says she doesn’t tell dad everything. She knows where Ricky is.

Ricky has gone to his mom. He thought they could talk so he could come to some understanding about why he let his dad do all those things to him. He wanted to forgive her but, not that he sees her he doesn’t feel like it. He wants to move forward because he’s made mistakes and he doesn’t want to anymore. He’s got a son and he wonders how anyone could destroy someone like his dad did. His mom wasn’t there and she was afraid to be killed. They got out and survived. His mom tried and didn’t know how. She got beaten or was locked out. Ricky’s dad broke him. Ricky looks ok. She hears he’s doing ok. His mom’s been saving money for him and has an entire envelope of money for her. Maybe he can go back to be a good dad and save the money for a rainy day. (This is actually a nice moment and for once a genuine one.)