ANTM: Cycle 16 Finale

Molly and Brittani duke it out for the title of America’s Next Top Model. Brittani thinks she is the more high fashion model and was only ever in the bottom two for yelling at Alexandria during a shoot. Molly is nervous about the bubbliness required for the Cover Girl commercial.

Ivan Bart, VP of IMG Models, wants to get to know the girls. He thinks Molly is an amazing model in photographs (whereas in person she just looks like a pretty girl). Brittani has a great face and attitude.

The girls will be shooting Cover Girl with Pierapolo Ferrari. The item of the shoot: lipstick. This time around the girls will have a teleprompter so they won’t have to completely memorize their lines. But they will be shot form all angles at once, so that’s a challenge. Molly has an easy time making the commercial sound natural but Brittani has a bit of a tougher time. Also, Cover Girl seems to be a little less “girl next door” and a little more edge this week.

Molly sounds good on her shot but she doesn’t move well for the video or smile much. Brittani, meanwhile, has a hard time delivering the lines. She gets a little teary after a handful of shoots but finally manages to get comfortable.

Molly’s beauty shot was “perfect” according to the photographer. Brittani looked a little old school.

Now is the Italian Vogue shoot. Brittani was very professional. Molly comes off as sad and lacking in energy. (She also complains about always being last–Molly, there are only two of you!)

The girls return home to find Molly’s parents. Poor Brittani’s mother doesn’t come because of all her issues. At least she and her mom get to talk via video chat. Molly is put in a better mood.

Tyra Mail: “Tomorrow’s runway will be modelling mania.”

This week is a salon style fashion show–they walk through different rooms. The girls will be modeling with Kasia, Alexandria, and Hannah. Plus Ann, the winner of Cycle 15, who tells them it is all about having fun. The girls are split in who they are voting for.

Tyra surprises Molly (whose hairstyle looks like they are trying to hide a major bald spot) and the rents and gets Molly crying about how awful she was to her adoptive parents back in the day. She drops in on Brittani too (who has crazy wild hair) but it is a less emotional discussion.

The runway begins:
Ann opens the show walking better than she ever did on her season. Not great but you know. She’s awkward.
Molly steps out confidently. In round two she feels even better.
Brittani is modeling from before she even starts her walk. Her second walk has a bit of a crazy face but otherwise she’s solid.
For the final lap they have to pose together and Brittani starts giggling a little–Tyra does not look happy–and then slips headfirst into a wall (but Molly helps her up). Brittani gets all weepy “my ankle hurts” when she and Molly are supposed to go out again.

Jay tells the girls backstage that they have to kick things up by giving them new looks for panel. Which is good because technically, Molly never got a new look. Their looks: both get very short hair. I think this look suits Brittani more than Molly. (It sort of sucks that they had to do this just for their last day.)

Runway: strutted with confidence, owned it, dropped out of character sometimes though. Rushed a bit. Not okay with the laugh. Pushed through after the spill. Divine pose.
Commercial: beautiful asymmetry in the face, easy to direct, wasn’t bothered
CG Picture: stunning, startled, left hand heavy
Runway: Great walk, a little shake that looks a bit cheap. Perhaps thought about the walk too much. Tyra liked it a lot but need to work on smooth transitions.
Commercial: came off as mean girl, not Cover Girl. absorbed the script.
CG Picture: stunning, soft, gentle, committed, wonderful, to be framed and put in the salon

Do we not get to see their Vogue shoot? That seems like a major oversight.

Time to find out the winner. At those words, Molly starts crying. And…America’s Next Top Model is…Brittani.


ANTM: Season 16 Episode 12

We are down to the final three and the girls are breathing a sigh of relief because Alexandria went home. Brittani, Hannah, and Molly remain. Hannah was in the bottom two for the first time and she’s all teary-eyed about it. She thinks she’s more dynamic and more commercial than her competitors. Brittani is thinking about ways to get Molly to mess up because she’s proven a real threat. Molly thinks she’s the most worthy of winning because she’s gone through adoption. (She seems to think that growing up in a trailer park is no biggie and that Hannah is too nice for the world of fashion.) But Hannah thinks Molly is to angry for people to want to work with her.

Tyra Mail: Tomorrow you’ll know beauty inside out and all about.
The girls guess this will be the Covergirl commercial. (Anyone else think it is time for a new sponsor? I am so sick of covergirl.) They get some video from The Insider to tell them about a fashion/beauty trend in Morocco that they have to report on. They have to fill 90 seconds of airtime and the winner will get the video on their site. The three options are Henna, Black Kohl, and Argan Oil.

Molly chooses Black Kohl, which she hopes is eyeliner. It turns out that it is a type of stone. Molly gets into a mood and starts cursing a bit. Molly comes off much more focused. She uses her experts and does a good job until the very end where she thinks it was over.

Brittani struggles to find an English speaking person that she can interview about Henna. Brittani fears that she will be sent home because she isn’t the whole package. Brittani ends up doing a lot of talking and doesn’t even address the expert who is standing with her.

Hannah has Argan Oil and she’s studied journalism so she thinks she has an edge. Her specialist is a bit long-winded but she’s still feeling confident. Hannah’s video ends up being a little too talkative and runs out of time. She didn’t utilize the people to be interviewed.

The winner is…Molly. (Even her celebration of her victory seems laid back like “can’t bother to get too excited about this”.)

Tyra shows up to talk to the girls. She asks Molly what she opened up about on “emotion day” and Molly talks about her adoption once again. Hannah talks about how she never thought she was good enough. Brittani’s issues are about her mother’s problems. Tyra tells them that a perfect life is boring and makes for a vapid person. It seems to be most helpful for Molly who looked happier than we’ve ever seen her.

And then Tyra does a crazy rushed photoshoot with crazy hair and makeup. All three of them seem to do pretty well here. The shoot is over so quickly so it is hard to talk about any specific moment. Tyra does explain “isolations” to the girls, in which you move only a single part of the body instead of the entire body to change up a picture slightly. They are then joined by a Moroccan band and end up dancing around. On a list of most random things ever for the season, this might be number one. But I guess fun to see Tyra dance around.

Hannah stop crying!

Tyra Mail: Are you really committed? You will be tomorrow.
Insane asylum? Wedding?

Time for the real shoot, which is on the beach. Nigel will be the photographer. They will be wearing Moroccan wedding gowns and modeling with a male model. (Insane asylum would have been more awesome.) Brittani is worried because the sexy thing makes her nervous. Hannah feels good because she can “emote.” Molly wants to use her male model as a prop. (Those three thoughts are very indicative of the individual girls.)

  • Molly– ignores her model too much, there was no connection between her and her model until the end.
  • Hannah– worked well with the model but at times she got a little too aggressive looking, she just needed to find the balance. Hannah came out the most confident of the group.
  • Brittani– she seems to have a little disdain for the model and therefore lacks a connection (Jay even talks about Hannah’s mindset during the shoot) Brittani started crying which ended up being pretty but Nigel says she can’t always cry to get the emotion

I like Tyra’s dress but not her boots for panel. This is a new look with her hair pulled back and looking more glamorous. She’s usually been more casual this season. Tyra tells the girls she loved their films so much she picked two shots each.

  • Brittani– Her first shot is pretty awesome though Nigel says he had a hard time with the emotion. the second one is stronger but she gets some critique about not going all the way. Nigel didn’t like the experience of enjoying her.
  • Hannah– Her first shot is Andre’s favorite of the season, you can hardly see the groom. Hannah says her emotions have become her strength but Nigel warns her not to lose herself. Her second picture feels like a continuation of her story but Andre doesn’t like her pointed foot. They worry that Hannah is too emotional but her energy radiates.
  • Molly– Her first shot is beautiful but they didn’t feel the connection as much. Her face is stunning though. Shot two is the better one for me. She is great for the photography but her energy is poor.

Despite how confident Hannah was coming out of her shoot, it seems like less of a sure thing now that we’ve seen everyone’s pictures.

The best photograph for this week is…Molly. That’s three weeks in a row people. That leaves Brittani and Hannah in the bottom two. The judges like Hannah’s ability to sell. Brittani’s photos have not been as strong as they were in the beginning. Joining Molly in the final is…Brittani. No surprises there, though for once I would like to see the nice girl make it.

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 11

Molly is feeling confident, Brittani thinks she is gone, Alexandria is nervous about being in the bottom, Hannah thinks she can win it all.

Miss Jay shows up with the models’ books because they are having tea with someone important: Franca, the editor in chief of Vogue Italia. Hannah worries that she doesn’t stand out enough. Molly barely spoke (she looks tired). They leave with some words of encouragement: “even if you don’t win don’t give up.”

Now is the challenge. Miss Jay introduces them to Nor, who balances a tea tray on her head while she dances. It requires balance and dexterity. Alexandria apparently has a big flat head so this challenge is particularly great for her. Hannah and Brittney seem to have the most trouble with this. They learn a dance that they will be performing. By the way, the performance will include lit candles on their trays. Alexandria’s feeling cocky. Molly trips on her way down the stairs and naturally becomes pissed off. Alexandria dropped her things but people didn’t seem to mind- Jay says it happened when she got overconfident. Brittani wins and chooses Hannah to meet with Jay for her reward for a private runway lesson. Meanwhile the other girls go eat brains.

Tyra mail: “The sweet smell of success.”

Brittani is all whiny because the brains made her nauseous. Well, they were brains! The shoot will be in the market.

  • Hannah– Jay thinks she gets lost, the photographer thought she was posey
  • Molly– gets warned not to do another profile shot, she has a much easier time of the shoot
  • Alexandria– tries to let go this time around, not relaxed in the lips
  • Brittani– had to work in the rain but it didn’t seem to hurt her, natural elegance

Hannah thinks she is going home. People want Alexandria to go home still.

Panel time:
Alexandria– looks like she’s lost her mind in an interesting way. Nigel thinks she looks beautiful, looks like a flight attendant
Brittani– like her but she looks like she lost her arm but closer to high fashion than Alexandria
Hannah– most editorial but facial expression may or may not work
Molly– high fashion, sells things well, most editorial

Best picture this week is Molly. Tyra thinks that was obvious. They want her to try a non-intense photo. Runner up is Brittani, leaving Hannah and Alexandria in the bottom two. and the girl staying is…Hannah.

ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 10

As I don’t recap fake episodes (those recapping episode full of filler) or even watch them, I have been missing ANTM for about two weeks. Luckily there was some exciting news about the series to tide me over. The show will be doing an All Star season. It’s about time! I don’t know who I want back, but I can’t wait to see who they bring.

Morocco time for the girls! Alexandria’s feeling good after winning best photo. Molly is pissed because she always looks pissed. She blames it on her adoption. Alexandria morphs into a screechy teen. She did promise she could change colors, unlike her gecko. Kasia takes the opportunity to remind us that she is older and more experienced than the other girls. Brittani is used to killing, skinning, and eating snakes. What else would you do with them? Oh right, hanging them on the wall of the bar.

Monkeys jumps on the girls and Jay tells them to pose for a picture. They did not hit it like models and I can’t help but wonder if this will come back to bite them at some point. They love to tell the girls that every picture counts because the paparazzi will be stalking them.

The traditional Moroccan meal is less disgusting than many of the meals the models have been served through the different seasons.

Time for a walking challenge with some very ethnic clothes. Brittani walks well. Poor Kasia can’t find an outfit to fit. Molly can’t shed her sour face. Hannah is extra bubbly. Kasia finally finds an outfit and she is the only one with heels (finally her experience matters). Alexandria works it but somehow forgets to remove her socks. Andre Leon Talley tells the girls always to wear heels and says Brittani’s walk was best because she never put her hands on her hips.

Tea Time with Talley. Molly doesn’t understand the whole smile no matter how you feel rule and continues to hate on Alexandria. Most obvious statement of the night goes to Alexandria who says “it’s so not America”. Molly gets upset to have to share a bed with other people.

“You’ve made it this far but you’re not over the hump yet.” Alexandria did say she wanted to do a shoot with camels so this Tyra Mail should make her happy.

Michael Woolley is tonight’s photographer. The theme is a complete mystery but yay camels and desert!

  • Brittani plans to ride the camel across the desert and back but it turns out to be more difficult than she expected. After some advice from Jay, things go well.
  • Molly manages to force a bubbly smile and has no problems getting accustomed to the camel. She brought tension to the shot, says Mr. Jay.
  • Kasia plans to bring a lot of emotion and have great body shapes. So in other words…she plans to model. Unfortunately she gets to posey and can’t take in Jay’s advice. She has a heart to heart with Jay about being self-conscious but it is too late for the shoot.
  • Alexandria says some weird things to the photographer and has a tough time from the start. She is too controlled. Jay says she is being awkward and he wants something fresh and new. The photographers to stop directing herself so much. She stands up on the camel, like Brittani but straight up.
  • Hannah refuses to be forgotten today. She looks like a bull rider and they like it.

Alexandria is concerned about her performance, which the girls hope means she will go home.

Tyra looks like she is about to go horseback riding for judging.

  • Brittani– androgynous but still beautiful. perhaps too concerned with what is around her.
  • Alexandria– strong upper body, slightly awkward stance, face looks angry. she is warned not to upset the photographer. looks like a stubborn girl.
  • Kasia– eyes not soft enough,seemed self-conscious. lacks the energy needed.
  • Molly– solid shot, looks natural and shows off the clothes. elegant.
  • Hannah– very different, hand slightly awkward, edgy and natural, expression is maybe ok

Best photo goes to Molly. Brittani is the runner up. Hannah is safe, leaving Kasia and Alexandria in the bottom two.

The girl who will be staying is…Alexandria. Because she has stronger pictures.

ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 8

So panel was the worst day of Brittani’s life. Is she surprised to have gotten called out on her behavior at the shoot? She says she wants to clear the air. Brittani apologizes for exploding. Alexandria forgives but doesn’t forget. Apparently the attitude toward her is “flipped.” Molly isn’t buying it (dude, someone give Molly a makeover!). They go to an art gallery full of their pictures, which Tyra calls the Hall of Portfolios so she can teach them how to put together a portfolio. Face shot. End with something conversational. You don’t need a lot of pictures (Tyra once booked 25 shows with three photos); Better to have a few great pictures over a lot of crappy ones. Brittani still feels awkward with Tyra so she stays quiet.

Tyra wants the girls to C where they are going oversees. They have the letters which they must put together to discover: Morocco. (This is about as corny as the show has ever been.) Go sees tomorrow in order to determine who goes. Only five of the girls will be taking this international trip.

With this advanced warning the girls prepare for the go sees. Hannah, why pigtails for this!?! They must pack a bag to help them represent each of the archetypes Tyra taught them about last week. The girls get a map but their driver cannot give them directions. They must arrive at Lana Marks by 3 pm or be eliminated. Alexandria thinks she has an advantage because she’s from LA.

Go See 1-
Frankie B Jeans, Bombshell. Molly wanders aimlessly. Alexandria arrives first and behind her are all the other girls. Molly considers leaving to go to the next one because she is last so she does. The owner liked that Alexandria was sweet, personable, and knew the brand. Brittani has the edge. Kasia and Hannah seem to go well too. Jaclyn is too sweet though.

Go See 2-
House Casting, Girl Next Door- Molly is there first but isn’t friendly enough. Alexandria is second and she comes off friendly and excited. Jaclyn’s accent was difficult to get past.

Go See 3-
Oday Shakar, Couture. They really liked Kasia here. Brittani had a nice walk. (Nice that so far none of the designers don’t like her because she’s a plus size model.)

Go See 4-
Smashbox, Athletic. Molly did not bring athletic wear but she did well despite this. Alexandria was lost but thanks to spotting Molly she finds the place. She brought a swimsuit with her. They like her a lot.

Jaclyn opted to go to Lana Marks very early. Alexandria debates making the last casting but opts out in the end. The girls hope she doesn’t make it. but she manages to get there with thirty seconds left. This might be the first time that no one was disqualified for being late. The three top girls will get an extra go see at Lana marks. Kasia, Molly, and Alexandria are the top three. Hannah needs more runway work. Brittani and Jaclyn only made it to two go sees.

Go See 5-
Lana Marks. The winner will be part of a campaign, win a clutch, dresses, etc. All three girls seem to do a good job posing with the bags. (Kasia was the only one to have a really good answer for what it would mean to win this.) Ultimately, she chose Alexandria because she was “a natural, beautiful, magnificent girl.” Molly lost out because she wasn’t graceful while sitting and waiting.

Tyra Mail: A modeling career is a terrible thing to waste.

The girls arrive at the landfill. Ha! Alexandria actually covers her face with her hair. Nigel and Mr. Jay tells them to get used to it because they will be doing an eco-friendly shoot here for Michael Cinco. These are actually some of the coolest dresses I’ve seen on the how in a while.

Kasia– not as much range in the face as Nigel would like
Jaclyn– needs to work on control
Hannah-seems awkward at points because she starts second guessing her pose, with some encouragement from Jay she picks it up
Alexandria– feeling like a queen on top of garbage, she’s totally on for this shoot
Molly– great model but when the camera gets put down she complains and whines
Brittani– Nigel gives Brittani a pep talk that they have faith in her, got down on the ground for this shoot

Kasia and Molly think they’re safe because they won at the go sees.

Alexandria– booked every one of her go sees. she was prepared, outgoing, and friendly. her shoot is “true high fashion” and could be a double page spread. Model on and off camera. Unheard of to book so many.
Jaclyn– only made it to two go sees which Lana Marks says there is no excuse for. She booked both though. Nigel says she should work more on her face and her arm is a little off.
Molly– booked two out of four job, she comes across as cold and not present when she thinks she isn’t being judged. Nigel says the same. Lana Marks says had she been more smiley she’d have won the ad. Her shot is pretty amazing. Too standoffish in person. Lana Marks thinks she’s insecure. (I think in part it is also just her face which is a bit shadowy around the eyes.)
Kasia– Kasia also made it to four castings and booked two. she sometimes came off as rehearsed and forced. the shot was gorgeous but is perhaps a bit stuck. She needs to learn the tricks for her body. Hit or miss.
Hannah– booked two of three go sees. Came off sweet but inexperienced. Posture is strong. Tyra tells her to catch up mentally to her technical abilities. Seems too frail for the industry.
Brittani– Tyra accepted Brittani’s apology and she and Alexandria resolved it. Brittani booked two of two go sees. Her shot is pretty excellent though her muscles look a bit stiff. To me her leg looks a little amputated but it’s still pretty cool. Not enough control but amazing dace and potential.

The winner of the garbage shoot is: Alexandria. (They make a lot out of the fact that she’s wearing a shirt that says number one.) Hannah gets second. Bottom two is Jaclyn and Molly. Ultimately molly stays because her body of work is so strong and she needs to stay more positive in front of clients. Molly cries through this which is a bit surprising. I don’t like that Kaclyn goes home just because she only made it to two go sees (in the real world she would have given herself more time and figured out where to go and perhaps mapquested it) but I suppose no one took a bad picture.

ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 7

Mikaela is upset that her model experience has not helped her do better in the photoshoots and Britanni mopes that Alexandria was not in the bottom two. The girls get home and find some bags with symbols of some sort. It’s for the Women Warriors in Pink, Race for a Cure. Molly is avoiding Alexandria (was that a weave-confessional there?) and Alexandria feels attacked because all the girls hate her.

Since Ford doesn’t have enough product placement on American Idol, it decided to get into the action on America’s Next Top Model (is Ford trying to campaign for most American car company or something?) and the winner will be in a nation-wide print ad.

Jaclyn– our warrior of courage has no problems on her shoot
Kasia– the warrior of heart (?) seems to have an equally easy time
Brittani– the warrior dove (?) is confident because she just won but she doesn’t think when she takes pictures and Nigel calls her out on it, you have to have a heart
Hannah– the spiral warrior has a bit of a tough time owning it, not memorable enough
Mikaela– this is a personal shoot for Mikaela (her niece has lost a grandmother), the warrior of war paint (seriously who thinks of these names?) but can’t seem to change things up, she forgot to emote her symbol
Molly– the warrior of angel wings really wants to win because she hasn’t won yet
Alexandria– the tree of love warrior (which Brittani hates on immediately) gets a good reaction from Nigel, made it her own

The winner is Alexandria. I saw the ad campaign this weekend and I wasn’t particularly impressed but it was a pretty basic ad, with her just standing by the car. But she actually wins the car. Cue evil jealousy looks from the other girls who were already fuming about her win. They shoot the campaign on the spot. Brittani “really really thinks Nigel made a mistake because she’s the ugliest person there and doesn’t look like a model,” she “just wants someone who deserves it and is a good person.” Alexnadria is close enough to hear this and says so. Brittani starts yelling at her, loudly enough for Nigel to hear. It’s funny for Brittani to say how nice she is as she acts mean (sure, Alexandria is a brat but that’s not nice either by any standard). Alexandria doesn’t get it but the girls haven’t exactly addressed things in the best way either. I can’t imagine anything will be resolved this way.

Ms. Jay wakes the girls before 7 am because he has “scored us VIP treatment at Universal Studios” which Brittani thinks will be just fun but I imagine something is about to happen to make it less fun and more challenge. Sure enough, when Ms. Jay steps out to take a picture at a house from Psycho, out comes Mr. Jay to kill him for not modeling H-to-T. Sure enough, it is photoshoot time with Miguel Starcevish who wants an artsy, extreme picture. Eric Daman, the stylist for Gossip Girl, has come to style the shoot which already makes this seem less extreme. The shoot theme will be “Crazy For…”

Molly– Crazy for Accessories brings a little too much crazy at first but she seems to settles in after a bit
Brittani– Crazy for Shoes went crazy on her shoot in a good way
Hannah– Crazy for Bags but seems to lose herself by talking though out the entire shoot
Jaclyn– Crazy for Makeup is a natural
Kasia– Crazy for Hair was different and fun
Alexandria– Crazy for Fur uses some screaming to make her shoot come to life
Mikaela– Crazy for Sales sounds like she’s having an orgasm which is awk and has a hard time figuring out what to do in the set

If Alexandria doesn’t go home, Brittani worries that she will flip out. Nigel’s already seen it, so it should be interesting to see what he mentions about it. It is certainly not professional to do at a photoshoot. The girls are giving her the silent treatment which sort of makes me sympathize with her a bit.

Tyra seems to have some wardrobe issues, so it seems she changed before judging started officially (we don’t even get to see the Tyra Mail for this panel).

Hannah– her picture is surprisingly great but her film was otherwise awful because she was talking mid-picture (it looks like she’s stealing all the bags she’s obsessed with)
Molly– her picture ended up cool despite her earlier difficulties
Jaclyn– looks like a scary clown but in a good way, very edgy and editorial. Nigel thinks it is her best picture yet. She looks like the “Joker.”
Mikaela– Her picture is sort of okay, not crazy enough, did she get the assignment?
Kasia– Does anyone else wish she stuck a lock of her hair in her mouth? Her face is pretty crazy and looks weirdly good.
Alexandria– high fashion but her face isn’t crazy enough

Nigel brings up the fight between Brittani and Alexandria and says that Brittani was the unprofessional one. Alexandria starts crying and then Brittani starts crying for making herself look bad (which leads to hiccups) and says she’s “so mad she let Alexandria make her look do this.” Tyra says that she needs to show sportsmanship and shut her mouth especially in front of the client. She has to show respect for herself, the client, co-workers. Brittani walks out. Andre tells Alexandria he’s sorry for her to have to hear all this and should smile. Brittani manages to collect herself enough to return but she’s sort of mid-panic attack.

Brittani– sweet but not as big as they would have liked.

Tyra talks about how girls think the opposite of fake is rudeness just because it is telling the truth. They think maybe Brittani can change. Backstage meanwhile Alexandria asks the others to tell her that they don’t like her. She’d prefer they had just been honest and said they didn’t like her. Tyra thinks Brittani should stay home but it seems that she is outvoted (we learn that Nigel and the other judges outvoted Tyra to get rid of Tocarra but in hindsight thinks she should have stayed).

Top photo is…Jaclyn. Runner up goes to Molly. Hannah, Kasia, and Alexandria are called next, leaving Brittani and Mikaela in the Bottom Two. (Tyra says she thinks Alexandria handled herself very well.) The girl who must return to the model house, pack her bags, and leave is…Mikaela. (Anticlimactic for us but maybe a little more surprising for the models.) Tyra makes it a point to say she was outvoted and says she doesn’t know how Brittani can prove that she deserves to remain in the competition.

ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 6

The girls arrive back at the house after elimination and find Tyra (how did she beat them back?). Molly has a little meltdown about her weave and Kasia wants her to suck it up. Tyra tells her the same but the weave will be removed anyway. Tyra talks about the archetypes of each girl.

First we label the famous models:

  • Gisele Bunchen is the “bombshell.”
  • Coco Rocha is the “girl next door.”
  • Agness Deyn is the “edgy” one.
  • Sessilee Lopez is “couture.”

Then we sort the girls:

  • Kasia is a cross between bombshell and couture.
  • Jaclyn is girl next door.
  • Monique is bombshell.
  • Alexandria is edgy bombshell.
  • Brittani is couture.
  • Mikaela is a bombshell.

I’m noticing a pattern. Tyra, you may be a bombshell, but not everyone is. But moving on. Once you get to be a successful model, you become famous, Tyra informs the girls. So we must discuss the levels of fame. She discusses her boundaries. She gives them lessons on autograph signing. They also need to have thick skin. Alexandria thinks she’s as tough as a diamond thanks to her background of abuse, but I think she’s much more fragile than she realizes. The tough girl is more facade than real.

Molly’s weave is gone and returns with crazy crimp. Does she get a replacement haircut? Monique is annoyed that Hannah won again but really she’s just worried about being sent home to Hebron, Illinois.

Today will be an autograph signing challenge. A what?!?! This is to test them on how well they carry themselves. The winners gets to have dinner with Ms. Jay. Jaclyn is loving it. Monique just seems to be modeling angrily on the side. She goes as far as saying that Alexandria would kiss some random guy so she tries to deflect it onto her boyfriend. (Monique, do you really want to mess with the meanest girl in the competition?) Alexandria resolves things with a kiss on the cheek. Jay’s evals. Alexandria was sweet but is told not to kiss him on the cheek because it could lead to stalking. Jaclyn is squeaky. Kasia talked while staying model-ly. Monique was bored and rude. The winner is Kasia who selects Jaclyn and Brittani for dinner. The losers must clean up the garbage as Monique wonders why Kasia won since they were so close together. Move over Alexandria, Monique is gunning for your queen of drama. “I hate my life right now.” She hopes they choke on their meals. Ms. Jay tells them “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will make me wealthy.” When they got back it was more awkward because she was trying to act like “why would I have wanted to be at that dinner” which means “I wish I was there.”

Tyra Mail! “Oh the tangled webs we weave.” Time for a new photo shoot and the girls worry about there being spiders involved. I would be surprised if there was, only because they just did animals last week. Maybe some huge web that they are “caught” in? That could be cool.

Jaclyn takes the time to see if Monique is ok. She’s just all annoyed because she wants to win. Well so does Jaclyn but you don’t see her being mean to everyone. Of course, not sure she could even if she wanted to, but that’s neither here nor there.

Mr. Jay introduces photographer Jonathan Mannion. This is a covered in mud photo shoot and Jay decides to pit the blondes against the brunettes. Molly thinks this is a good because the blondes have all gotten best photos and the brunettes have not. (Molly looks like a surfer girl.) Kasia is a little nervous about body but she stays calm about it.

Blonde shot: Molly and Hannah in particular seem to work well together–it helps that they’re right on top of each other. Kasia and Alexandria are having a harder time at the ends. Kasia readjusts herself and it works. Alexandria again makes a comment about another girls’ position and Jay calls her out on it.

Brunette shot: Jaclyn gets a little too fierce. Jaclyn is told that she doesn’t have to try to hard since it’s already very creative. Monique can’t stay in “model mode.” Brittani meanwhile has no problem on the end to the point where one of her poses inspired the photographer to take a few individual shots. Well, if she doesn’t win this week…Mikaela was just lackluster.

Only seven will continue on…The girls realize they are about to hit the halfway point (in terms of elimination numbers not actual competition time). Mikaela really really really thinks and really really really hopes she did well. Kasia knows she had a rocky start but she thinks she worked it out.

Not loving Tyra’s jumpsuit thing though it doesn’t emphasize her figure. What is this about her wearing flats though? How un-Tyra-like. Sonia Dara the first South Asian to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Brunettes are called up first:
They work together well and Andre loves how he can’t tell them all apart. More editorial.
Jaclyn– despite her worries, the judges love her powerful picture, heavy hands but otherwise fine. Shows off the angles of her face.
Brittani– standout in the shot despite one of her legs looking amputeed, most modern
Mikaela– weakest link, no internal drama, sometimes she had the fire but not in the best group shot. Dead eyes.
Monique– gentle soft look in eyes but the body needs to be more relaxed. Tyra thinks she’s surfing a bit. just sailing in the middle. (Nigel thinks if she was removed from the picture it would look the same.)

The blond shot:
Great eye contact but less body language. Sonia wants to be blond now. More billboard.
Alexandria– a little pose-y, like she’s not quite involved but Tyra loves it despite her inconsistencies. (no mention of her misbehavior though.
Kasia– eyes called to her first, good energy.
Hannah– most beautiful picture of her so far. Hannah feels a little separate from the shot though. not a chameleon, photographs just as you see her.
Molly– gorgeous. Her left eye looks slightly small but otherwise great. Confidence is back (maybe because she doesn’t have to worry about holding up her weave).

The first name is from the strongest group shots’ winner: Brittani. Runner up is Kasia. As the names get cold, Monique’s mean faces increase in frequency. The girls are disappointed to find that Alexandria gets called in the middle (though the judges do take the time to pick apart her bad outfit.) Mikaela and Monique are called forward despite being in the winning picture. In the end, Mikaela is called forward and Monique is sent packing. (No one’s taking Alexandria’s spot as Queen of Mean!)