The Voice: Finale–Results

Time to learn who won it all (the coaches, if we’re being perfectly honest). Our contestants are something of an eclectic group with Vicci as the energetic munchkin, Javier as the over the top crooner, Bev as the belting rocker, and Dia as the artsy musician.

As filler, we learn that the contestants were on Jay Leno.

Vicci Martinez shares the stage with Train singer Pat Manohan for “Drops of Jupiter.” After how great her performance was with Cee Lo yesterday, this performance was a bit of a disappointment. Their voices simply did not mesh well.

Javier Colon duets with Stevie Nicks, singing “Landslide.” I’m not sure I’ve ever heard this song sung by a guy so it was a bit of a surprise. Turns out, I like how he sounds better than Nicks (though I like the Dixie Chicks version better overall). The interesting thing with Javier’s voice is that it is as suited for harmonies and background singing as it is for taking the lead in a song.

Beverly McClelan is paired up with Ryan Tedder of One Republic for a “Good Life” duet that did not work out well for either of them. it’s not that either of them sounded bad. In fact, whenever they were singing by themselves they sounded good but every time they started harmonizing it became painfully clear that their voices did not meld well. (Christina also takes a moment to thank the other coaches for being the “big brothers she never had” which might have been genuine despite giving off little indication that she felt so close to them.)

Dia Frampton is paired up with none other than Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton’s wife. Dia sounded fine for this performance but Miranda came off as the artist with the wider range. (Maybe Dia’s hair was just bugging me…)

Now it is time for results. The voting is so close that our top two, whoever they may be, are separated by only 2%. Those two artists with the most votes are: Dia Frampton and Javier Colon. Javier and Dia were both in the Top downloads list on iTunes.

And with no further adieu, the winner is…Javier Colon.

What do you think? Did you want Javier to win? The show has been renewed for a second season with all of the judges returning. Are you things you hope they will change for season two?


The Voice: Final Performance–Top Four

The last performance show of the evening kicks off with our coaches performing a group number. During this, we learn that Christina can in fact hold back long enough for the other judges to be heard and that her hair is longer and more ridiculous than I realized it was. The performance was a little quieter than I would have liked but Adam finally had a chance to legitimately show off his voice. Also, Cee Lo seems to have missed out on some Incredibles wisdom: No Capes!

And now back to our regularly scheduled contestants. Our finalists have been dolled up/pimped out in black and white—and Dia in red, maybe she missed a memo too. But to kill some time—this is a two hour show after all—we have some questions for the contestants (in which they talk about how they are all friends) and coaches (who say their artists are all true artists, inspirational, etc) and some wasted time with Alison Haislip as she talks about twitter and something about 3D pictures. And by the way, our top eight are touring.

First up for our four finalists is Javier Colon of Team Adam, singing an original song, “Stitch by Stitch,” intended to be his first final (post show). He works with Rodney Jerkins who suggests keeping it simple to show off his voice. Adam warns him not to go too big too early. The song is quite simple, but that doesn’t take away from how good he sounds. Plus, I imagine if he were touring this song for real he would pull a Christina and do run after run so it is nice to hear this clean version.

  • Blake- I’m always in aw, but I want to say something different. He is a good dude.
  • Christina- That song suits you. (She seems sort of bored and indifferent.)
  • Cee Lo- You embodied the song.
  • Adam- You are such an amazing guy. (He actually tears up and needs to regroup.)


Dia Frampton is up second but not for her original song. First we will be hearing her perform “Stand My Ground” with her coach Blake. What I like about this duet is that he doesn’t try to overwhelm her. This isn’t the Blake Shelton show and he knows it. It is this quality that makes him such a solid coach.

From Team Cee Lo comes Vicci Martinez, performing her original song, which she is quite pleased with for its epicness. I love Vicci but this wasn’t her best performance. It’s sort of the song that would be fourth on an album rather than the first single out. I kept waiting for it to build as promised but though she was bouncing around, the song itself was a little sleepy. She’s got such a great range and energy, why didn’t they write for that? I think her onstage bounciness also didn’t suit the song she was singing and maybe stage presence and actual performance is something she will need to work on. Not to say she sounded bad, it just wasn’t as memorable.

  • Adam- I bought every second of it.
  • Blake- I love how you insist on being a big deal. (Huh? Is that even a compliment?)
  • Christina- You’re a dynamic performer. (Is she hung over or something?)
  • Cee Lo- I believe in you as a person and as a personality.

Pitbull  comes to perform his newest single, “Give Me Everything,” featuring Ne-Yo. Christina finally got up some energy to paw at the dancers moving around her red chair. Otherwise there was little notable about this performance.

Beverly McLelan and coach Christina team up for the next duet, singing “Beautiful.” Christina seems genuinely excited about this, which earns her a few personality points (too bad they are not enough to make her actually likable). I don’t know if this song was as unique and different as Christina promised, but it was certainly a powerful and moving performance. (Former Idol contestant Katherine McPhee sings this song in Smash so they plug that as well.)

Dia Frampton represents Team Blake with her original song, “Inventing Shadows,” which we can already tell from rehearsal will be a strong one. The song suits her voice well and it pretty much sounds the same as every other one of her performances. Blake is all but rocking out to the song, which is cute.

  • Christina- Lovely but let’s complain about the background dancers.
  • Cee Lo- Wonderful as usual.
  • Adam- I got distracted by the background, but you were amazing.
  • Blake- They’ll just be distracted by your single dominating theirs.

Javier Colon and Adam take on the Michael Jackson hit “Man in the Mirror.” Javier sounds excellent in this song and Adam harmonizes well. If anything, Adam is at the disadvantage here because his vocals are not nearly as strong as Javier’s.

Country singer Brad Paisley steps on stage for a performance. This song did nothing to endear me to country music, but SURPRISE! Blake Shelton is singing to Christina!

For the last original song of the night, Beverly McLelan of Team Christina, performs “Lovesick.” Christina advises her to infuse her personality into the song. Finally Christina leans forward in her chair and seems to be avidly watching a performance. The song is fine and works for a single but doesn’t show off her voice and won’t help her win. The judges do give her a standing ovation though.

  • Cee Lo- Bev, wow. I enjoy you all the time so thoroughly (that sounds a little dirty…)
  • Adam- What you did transcends all competition and makes this fun.
  • Blake- If music was crack, you would have a serious problem. It’s awesome.
  • Christina- You have great work ethic, you always show up and smile…

The final duet of the night is performed by Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo Green. They perform “Heartache to Heartache” with a bunch of child dancers which is always cute. This energetic, theatrical performance is much more suiting for showing Vicci off.

The Voice: Semi-Finals Results

For an abrupt break from the system we are used to, this week we have a results show. Whether this is a good or bad thing has yet to be determined (more often than not it is a negative, but I’m holding out hope that they’ve found a good way to do it).

Predictably, we open with a group number that is not nearly as exciting as I might have hoped. Each performer sounded individually good, but the song was just a blah song. And when they sang together they were barely any louder than before. It did serve to make me think that there is a lot of talent in this group and that next week’s finale should be an exciting one.

Each artist has two scores one out of the coaches, one from America, each out of 100. Those two scores are added together and the one with the higher score on each team will get the finale spot.

Team Cee Lo is up first. Who will make it, Nakia or Vicci?
Cee Lo’s scores come first-
Nakia: 51
Vicci: 49
His reasoning is that Vicci was overpowered by the drums a bit (which is really his fault for having her use drums so…yeah). He says on playback he’d have made it even.
America’s Votes come next-
Nakia: 25
Vicci: 75
Nakia’s total is 76. Vicci’s total is a commanding 124, easily making her the finalist.

Cee Lo performs his new song “Bright Lights, Bigger City.” Eh, not one of his better songs. But this does mean every coach has put out at least one song since this show has started. well played people.

Team Adam is up second. Who will make it, Casey or Javier?
Adam’s scores come first-
Casey: 35
Javier: 65
Adam’s reasoning is because though he looks at them as equals, Casey is young with a bright future but Javier is older and so he wanted to make sure his career kicks off.
America’s Votes come next-
Casey: 27
Javier: 73
In another very obvious decision, Javier’s total is 138 and Casey’s is 62, making Javier the finalist for Team Adam.

Team Blake is up second. Who will make it, Xenia or Dia?
Blake’s scores come first-
Xenia: 50
Dia: 50
Really Blake? Blake’s reasoning is he doesn’t feel like he can win or lose here. He clearly feels very close to both of them (which is why he is such an excellent coach on this show).
America’s Votes come next-
Xenia: 56
Dia: 44
Which makes Dia’s total 106 with Xenia’s total 94. Dia is the finalist but I am surprised (shocked!) at how close the two scores are.

Team Christina is up second. Who will make it, Frenchie or Bev?
Blake’s scores come first-
Bev: 50
Frenchie: 50
Christina’s reasoning is the two of them are so uniquely talented that she can’t judge them. She wanted America to choose.
America’s Votes come next-
Bev: 57
Frenchie: 43
Making Bev’s total 107 and Frenchie’s 93. Bev is the representative for Team Christina.

There were no surprises this episode. The real question is who of our final four (Dia, Vicci, Javier, and Bev) will win it all? Does anyone else feel that the coaches (other than Adam) sort of cheated by basically opting out of casting a vote?

The Voice: the Live Show Semi-Finals

This week we find out who from Cee Lo and Adam’s team remain in the game and watch the contestants square off yet again. (One week away from the finale!)

I am not entirely clear what the deal is with Christina’s hair. Is that a scarf or did she dye her hair? And some crimped frizz. But she does have less cleavage showing.

The judges have to make their votes tonight which will get weighted with the viewers in some way that I am unclear on.

Before we get special performances and contestant performances, we need to learn who will be performing for Team Cee Lo and Team Adam (meaning all of them had to practice over the week with the assumption that they were going through).

Team Cee Lo is up first. Did you realize Vicci is so tiny? (Maybe she looks so small because she is next to Nakia.) America voted for…Vicci Martinez. No surprise there. Now Cee Lo must decide what to do for his second pick. Cee Lo was trying to pick very different artists (they have their own lanes!) Curtis is his only country guy. Nakia is like a determined brother. Tori and Taylor are delicate. In order to win, he picks Nakia (who he thinks everyone else will agree with as the best decision). It’s almost like when the judges saved Casey Abrams. He doesn’t quite break down but it is close.

Team Adam is up next. America’s choice is…Javier Colon (another non-surprise). The only real question is who Adam will pick. Will he base it on last week’s performance or on general talent. Jeff has a mind-blowing voice. Devon is the most improved–he now has confidence. Casey has argued with Adam a bit. He hates this but he has to choose…he thought he was going to pick Jeff but he has to go with Casey. (Well that is the answer–last week over overall. Jeff was many people’s choice to win the whole thing. I think the audience response to her influenced his decision.)

Team Christina‘s Frenchie Davis performs first with “Like a Prayer” which intimidates her at first. Christina wants her to take it to a choir-church-type place. Complete with the gospel choir around her. I think the thing she is most missing here is actual the enjoyment element. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself like she usually does. I want her to be louder and more energetic (rather than the slightly nervous she wears for most of it). By the end she starts to get into it more as she hits the higher notes, instantly making it a better performance.

  • Cee Lo- that’s my soul sister throwin down.
  • Adam- much better than last week even.
  • Blake- you nailed it.
  • Christina- Seconded. That took some power, control, etc.

Team Cee Lo‘s Nakia is up next with “What Do You Want From Me.” It was another reaction where he didn’t like the choice but it grew on him (this seems like a much better choice than “Sex on Fire.” Mostly Cee Lo is trying to push him. This song is quite perfect for his voice–how could he ever have questioned it? In a surprising choice from Cee Lo, there are no dancers, just Nakia and some lights.

  • Adam- wow. you just forced me to like that song.
  • Blake- that was award show top performance but also in tune.
  • Christina- You have great stage presence.
  • Cee Lo- My man is going to be the next big star.

Team Blake‘s Dia Frampton takes on “Losing My Religion.” Playing guitar this week, Dia orchestrated pretty much the entire performance herself. (Whereas most of the other contestants are decided by the judges.) I don’t love this actual song, but I think she sounds strong in it.

  • Christina- You’ve grown so much.
  • Cee Lo- You’re very inventive.
  • Adam- Another atypical choice, which is awesome.
  • Blake- You always leave your heart and soul on the stage.

Team Adam‘s
Casey Weston
takes on “I Will Always Love You.” During rehearsals, Adam warns her not to try to be or outshine Whitney. This has the potential to be a mess (this what they always warn against on American Idol). Casey’s voice sounds extremely shaky in the beginning and I can’t tell if that’s nerves or intentional. As she continues she sounds a lot stronger.

  • Blake- Every week you blow me away.
  • Adam- You were incredible.

Time for one of the performances we’ve all been waiting for: “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera. This show has really paid off for her, she’s gotten two singles/duets out of it. It looks a little weird for Adam to be in a suit (and weirder to see the guy with long hair suited up). The song itself is just ok, I think Adam has more talent than this song really shows off. The only thing I like about Christina’s outfit is her shoes. Someone needs to send her to Jennifer Lopez’s stylist: time to look classy not trashy. There’s a funny little awkward moment where they finish the song and Adam sort of starts to walk away as Christina tries to get his attention/hug him and he turns back sort of like “oh I suppose I should hug you.” And then, to top off the moment, Carson goes “Adam and Christina, they clearly like each other.” Yeah, clearly.

If there is one thing I would delete from the show, it is Alison Haislip. Her interruptions are neither informative or interesting. They just seem random and weird.

Team Christina‘s Bev McClellan gets “The Thrill is Gone” to show off the more bluesy side of her vocals. She’s worried about Frenchie’s talent but she wants to win so that her type of music can get more attention. As always, she sounds great. Her actually singing may not be for everyone, but she’s got a lot of talent. I think she brings more performance than Frenchie does to each song.

  • Cee Lo- You’re every action and inflection is so sincere.
  • Christina- You are one of the reasons I am so thankful I signed on to do this show.

Team Adam‘s Javier Colon picks up “Fix You” which is a song I have grown to love thanks to an excellent dance on So You Think You Can Dance. Adam warns him to stick to the melody since it is a song people will want to along to. For me, this is one of his best performances, he shows off his voice without going crazy.

  • Christina- I want to see a soulful record from you. As always amazing.
  • Cee Lo- Wonderful song choice again.
  • Adam- I knew you were going to sing the hell out of that song.

Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee” performance is up. He brings out Dia Frampton and Xenia to join in and honestly, I don’t think they sounded great in it though it is cute to see how much he cares about them. He’s like they’re dad.

Team Blake‘s Xenia is up next with “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” She sounds fine, but really, let’s not pretend she has a chance against Dia. I feel like her voice would be best suited for duets.

  • Adam- You have such a unique tone. (The song was a little sleepy.)
  • Christina- What baffles me is your maturity.
  • Cee Lo- Great Job.
  • Blake- That voice’s going to stand on when it’s on the radio.

Team Cee Lo‘s Vicci Martinez picks up “Dog Days Are Over.” Her father died before he could pursue his own singing dream so this entire journey is particularly poignant for Vicci. Her look is…different (her hair adds some height!). Having her playing those drum things were a bit of a waste. I’d much have rathered her walk around the stage the entire time. Her voice sounded a bit shaky maybe in part because of all the running around. It was just…weird, which is unfortunate because I really like her.

  • Adam- You’re such a little dynamo. Coolest performance of the night.
  • Blake- Most powerful performance of the night.
  • Christina- That was a great performance.
  • Cee Lo- The future is so bright for you.

Best line of the night:
Adam- “I’m Cee Lo, I know celebrities.”

The Voice: Live Show Quarter Finals Round 2

Last week we saw Team Christina and Team Blake perform. This week we will learn the results (who the coaches chose to save and who America saved) and watch Team Adam and Team Cee Lo perform. Christina looks better this week than she has all season (the dress is cute, the hair isn’t too big, and her makeup is a bit toned down).

Results first:
Team Christina– for a recap, we see Raquel be pitchy, Beverly be exactly as expected if a little sick, Lily be ok, and Frenchie sound great.
Christina basically bursts into tears at the idea that she will be losing half her team and she has faith in them.

Who did America save? Beverly McClellan.

Now Christina must make her own choice. She takes a moment to say something to each girl (Congrats Bev, Raquel you’re a dynamo, Lily has an incredible range and soul, Frenchie has poise presence and power) and then selects Frenchie. (Both my picks made it through, not surprisingly…)

Team Cee Lo performs first.
Tori and Taylor Thompson are assigned “Boogie Woogie Boys”. It almost feels like Cee Lo wasn’t sure what to do with them so he gave them this super random song since it is a duet sang by sisters. It isn’t a song I would ever want to listen to but they sound right singing it. (Which is to say its an annoying song that suits their voices.)

  • Adam- good old fashioned entertainment (old fashioned is right!)
  • Blake- I love the whole performance.
  • Christina- I love the use of dancers and costume, very fun.
  • Cee Lo- Wonderful job.

Team Adam‘s Casey Weston is second with “Black Horse in a Cherry Tree.” Adam wants her to be energetic but she’s used to the slow songs. He wants her to be a showstopper. She does a fine job but oddly enough, I kept thinking about how much I would like to hear Bev try this song. Casey sounds good but her performance element was just ok.

  • Blake- I want to download that.
  • Christina- That was really fun (she says almost in surprise). Don’t let your background overpower your performance.
  • Cee Lo- You grew into the song pretty good.
  • Adam- I knew you were out of your comfort zone and I’m so happy. Amazing energy.

Team Cee Lo puts in Vicci Martinez next and she is easily one of the contestants I am most excited for. She gets “Jolene” (which always makes me think of Whip It). Her performance does not disappoint. It’s not a particularly energetic performance (because it isn’t that type of performance) but she’s something of a powerhouse and the song suited her well.

  • Adam- soulful, raw, and honest
  • Blake- truly explosive
  • Christina- heartfelt, excellent use of the stage, great ambiance
  • Cee Lo- such a wonderful job, worked that stage like a professional

Team Adam answers back with Devon Barley singing “Stop and Stare.” Adam works with him on confidence. The rocker look seems a little forced (the leather jacket makes him look like he’s playing dress us–maybe they should have given him contacts?) This isn’t his best performance that we have seen.

  • Blake- powerful
  • Christina- I’m into you, you bring it on stage
  • Cee Lo- Very cool how different your voice and look are
  • Adam- Didn’t want to try beating the pyrotechnics, a little pitchy in the start but became confident.

Adam actually makes an interesting point here. He and Blake come from genres that are more about singing and playing guitar etc on stage while Christina and Cee Lo are more involved in putting on a major show. On a show like this, which direction is stronger?

Time for Team Cee Lo‘s group performance in which he wears a major afro. I totally forgot about this part of the show so it was exciting when it started. Vicci sounds particularly great. The sisters, on the other hand, didn’t sound great. Adam is cracking up as they sing a bung of old time songs.

Team Cee Lo‘s Nakia is up next to sing “Sex on Fire.” It is not for not reason that Cee Lo tells him he is counting on him to lead the pack. Easily one of the better performances tonight.

  • Blake- I felt the burn.
  • Cee Lo- Great job, impeccable.

Team Adam‘s Jeff Jenkins is up next singing “Jesus Take the Wheel.” This was a difficult song for Jeff. I know they want to push the singers out of their comfort zones, but you don’t do that by giving them songs that don’t really match their voices. I would have pinned Jeff as a definite for the next round before this performance.

  • Christina- very nice, beautiful.

Team Adam‘s group performance is now so first we get treated to some bonding. His choice of the Wonder Years is so excellent.

Team Cee Lo‘s Curtis Grimes is Cee Lo’s last singer, performing non-country song “Addicted to Love.” Curtis is concerned about singing outside his genre, but I think (in theory at least) this is a good thing for a singer to be able to do because then they can incorporate more variety into their music. It still sounds country, but it is pretty good. Not a favorite of the night, but not bad.

  • Adam- awesome, you wear the cowboy hat
  • Blake- good performance, awesome
  • Christina- Likes his spunky attitude, great manly voice
  • Cee Lo- wonderful job

Team Adam‘s final artist of the night is Javier Colone taking on “Angel” which seems to be an easy choice. Adam warns him not to oversing the song, which he has a tendency to do. There was an obvious jump in the lyrics which caught me, but he sounds good, if a little less confident than he usually is. Still prefer Sarah McLachlan’s version, but more because of her unique voice than his poor singing.

  • Blake- You go and buy his albums
  • Christina- the one that got away
  • Cee Lo- you have the voice of an angel
  • Adam- Absolutely perfect

Second part of results:
Team Blake must learn who will be staying and leaving. We get a quick recap where we see that Jared was good, Dia was a bit up and down despite an interesting version of a song, Xenia looked uncomfortable, and Patrick was solid. (Wow, Xenia looks like a different person with straight hair!)

Who did America save? Dia Frampton. (Really America? Is it because Scotty McCreery takes up too much of the country world for you to embrace another boy wonder?)

Now Blake must make his decision. First some thoughts on his kids. Patrick was wanted by all, Xenia has a unique tone, Jared burns the house down. He can’t effect change with Jared or Patrick like he can with Xenia so he chooses Xenia. Perhaps he does not understand the point of this show, which is not to develop a new artist but to find the best voice. As even Carson says “I don’t think anyone saw that coming.” Blake says he thinks the two girls feed off each other. (Wow, I would have picked the two boys.)

It is strange to realize that we have only seen each of the singers perform at most three times so far this competition. On American Idol, meanwhile, the singers perform every week and laryngitis is not uncommon by the end. I wonder if Idol might take a note from this show and start giving contestants more time to rest between performances (perhaps alternating performances more) so that we don’t have a case like Lauren Alaina in the finals where there was speculation that she might not be able to compete at all.

The Voice: The Live Show Quarter Finals Round 1

Once again proving that our judges know what they are doing, we get an performance by them to kick things off. I’d be lying if I said Adam didn’t struggle a bit in “Unchained Melody”. Cee Lo Green’s “We Will Rock You” wasn’t much more impressive but Blake Shelton really brought it while Adam picked up his guitar. Christina makes a special entrance to continue “Unchained Melody”. Ultimately this performance left me wanting. It felt like they are all talented but did not get to use their skills for the appropriate songs (not that Christina didn’t show off her power and all).

Blake and Shelton’s teams will be competing this week. Team Christina is Frenchie Davis, Lily Elise, Beverly McClellan, and Racuel Castro. Team Shelton has Jared Thomas, Patrick Blake, Dia Frampton, and Xenia. Two artists will go home next week. The judges will pick one person on their team and viewers will pick the other.

In another cleavage spilling outfit, Christina says she just wants them to step up in the performance area. Blake looks dapper in his vest and tie as he wonders how people handle having kids.

Team Christina starts things off with Raquel Castro, our youngest performance gets Kesha’s “Blow” so that she can dance. Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that Raquel has any shot of winning this performance. She does perform well (minus the smug smile of hers) but her voice is so shrieky. She has one good high note and then follows it with pitchiness. She really needs to work on her consistency. Christina is up and dancing encouragement.

  • Cee Lo thought it was wonderful.
  • Adam can’t believe she could dance while singing.
  • Blake: Dammit. She is awesome.
  • Christina tells Raquel she made her get up out of her chair and she couldn’t be more proud.

Team Blake puts forward Jared Thomas first to sing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. I like his voice better than Raquel’s, not there is anything to compare since they are such different dancers.

  • Christina loves watching him perform because of his major stage presence.(The way she talks to Blake makes her look like such a diva)
  • Cee Lo loves his voice.
  • Adam thinks it was the perfect song choice.
  • Blake tells him he kills it and to know he is a rocker.

Team Christina uses Beverly McClellan next to counter with a rocker of their own, performing Melissa Ethridge’s “I’m the Only One”. She struggles with a cold. The funny thing is Lauren Alaina sang this song in the most reason season of Idol and these two could not be more different. The song sounds pretty different in her very different voice and style. You can tell she’s still a little sick because her usual power isn’t there, but it is still enjoyable.

  • Cee Lo loves her spirit. She’s a natural.
  • Adam considers her the one that got away.
  • Blake is blown away by her sexy hotness.
  • Christina knows Adam wet his pants.

Team Blake picks Kanye West’s “Heartless” for Dia Frampton who has major stage fright. Blake has her playing piano so she has something to do with her nervous energy. It’s drastically different from Kanye’s version but I actually kind of like this version better. I don’t quite love her voice but I like it better than squeakster Raquel. She does a pretty good job minus one moment of cracking voice.

  • Christina found it very interesting and she saw the fighter.
  • Cee Lo found it great.
  • Adam thought it was the most refreshing unique thing on the show so far. (It was Dia’s idea.)
  • Blake says this is his favorite moment.

Taking a break from the practicing, Christina takes the girls out to dinner and they talk about performing. She tells them to take risks. She also addresses her earlier mishaps from this year, which seem to have been all but forgotten. Then all five of them perform “Lady Marmalade” as a group. While Christina sports the bustier apparently, the others not ready for that level of risque yet. Mostly this was just showing of Christina’s singing with the occasional input from the others (No complaints here about that though). The other coaches give a standing ovation. Carson lets us know that “WOW, THAT WAS AMAZING.”

Team Blake puts forward Xenia and attempts to make her more youthful and carefree. She seems a bit more relaxed though the arm movements they give her are kind of silly as she sings Jessie J’s “Price Tag.” She’s still stiff, but at least she’s smiling.

  • Christina says she has become one of her favorites because of her vocal maturity. You’re smiling!
  • Cee Lo loves her adorable innocence.
  • Adam loves seeing her have fun and open up.
  • Blake is so proud he sounds near tears. He thinks she is a star being born.

Team Christina‘s third singer is Lily Elise who sings “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie which is designed to show off her emotional side. I actually like this song better when it picked up a bit. This is one of Lily’s better performances with a song that really suits her voice. (But she is another one that will likely not being seeing the next round.)

  • Cee Lo tells her not worry because she has something special.
  • Adam found her engaging enough to be backup dancer free.
  • Blake says Lily’s ability always sneaks up on him.
  • Christina is so proud of her growth.

Blake takes his singers out for a dinner of their own (or do they eat in?). They perform “This Love” and other Maroon 5 songs. Remember when people complained about Haley Reinhart’s awkwardness on stage? She’s miles ahead of Xenia who looks like she has yet to learn how to put on foot in front of the other and stand straight. Their performance is weaker but probably in part because Christina’s team is full of power singers singing a power song while Blake’s team has more diversity and so this isn’t really quite their genres. It picks up a bit when Blake gets up on stage. (Is it weird that Christina sand her own song while Blake sang one of Adam’s?) Adam liked the song choice and needed to point out how much bigger Blake is than his team.

Team Blake‘s finals singer, Patrick Thomas, is selected to sing “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack, a song also recently done by Idol. This song is getting a lot of mileage lately. (I love the song but I don’t think it is the best thing to choose to show off vocal prowess.) Blake wants him to concentrate on the emotion and performance edge. It’s funny that listening to him actually helps me appreciate Scotty McCreery more (I gave him a bit of a hard time in my reviews on However, his high note is something we never got from Scotty and it was impressive and difference.

  • Christina is still waiting for him to take off his pants.
  • Cee Lo tells him he performed like a consummate professional and that he is one of the strongest contender.
  • Adam likes his classy, sophisticated, simple, and understated performance.
  • Blake is always confident with his performance. Nailed it.

Team Christina‘s last performer of the night is Frenchie Davis. She sings “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland. With some instruction form Christina, Frenchie has gotten a better handle on control while singing. I feel like I’ve heard her sing better than she has on this show. This person isn’t bad, but it just isn’t the same as when she was on Idol. I’m not sure she would make it on based on her performances here.

  • Cee Lo considers her one of his favorites because she makes him happy.
  • Adam finds something so beautiful about her. SHe made him love the song.
  • Blake considers her the most powerful singer in the competition (really?)
  • Christina is such a fan.
  • (Frenchie’s tearing up feels so much more genuine than the other kids.)

    Is it just me or do Allison Haislipp and Carson Daly seem to continuously stumble over their words? Time to invest in better hosts (and to cut the V-Correspondent thing all together).

    How do you think The Voice’s live performance stacks up to Idol’s? Who do you want staying and who would you send home?

The Voice: Episode 6

The final Battle Round is upon us and I for one am ready to move on. The last pairings and eliminations will be happening tonight, determining who the last member of each of the judges’ four man team will be.

Team Adam:
Paired Jeff Jenkins and Casey Desmond who have almost nothing in common. Casey is an experienced rocker. The song choice is “Don’t Let the Sun Goes Down On Me” which seems geared for Jeff. Jeff got all four judges to turn around for him while only Adam was interested in Casey. Once they start rehearsing she sounds better than I expected so maybe this pairing will make more sense than I initially thought. Jeff, when you’re like 16 it hardly counts as “waiting your whole life.”
The Battle Begins:
Jeff earns a wow from Blake early on. I’m wondering if Christina will regret not choosing Casey (her audition song choice was a poor one). This basically seems like Jeff is the soloist and Casey is the harmony. Jeff has the obviously good voice whereas Casey’s is more for a specific type of person to like.

  • Reba said she couldn’t take her eyes off Jeff while Blake couldn’t take his eyes off Casey
  • Christina loves Casey’s look and Jeff is not to be taken lightly.
  • Jeff blew Cee Lo away.
  • Adam says Casey has a tremendous voice.

The winner of the battle is…agonize agonize delay delay…Jeff because there is something mind-blowing about him.

Team Blake:
The final pairing is Xenia and Sarah Oromchi, singing “I’ll Stand By You.” They’re both bashful so he wants to see their personality come out. Xenia worries because Sarah can reach higher notes.
It Is Time:
Did not recognize Xenia with the straighter hair, It’s like a different person! Sarah’s singer is actually weaker than it was in practice. Nerves.

  • Christina likes Xenia’s tone. Sarah was pitchy.
  • Cee Lo was impressed.
  • Adam found it pitchy and didn’t think the song suited them.

Blake chooses Xenia for his team.

Team Christina:
Cherie Oakley and Lilly Elise are singing “Since U Been Gone” because it is neither of their genres. Tough notes in this song. Cherie is basically getting psyched out through practice. Christina is looking for passion and emotion not perfection.
Well it is no Nicci-Vicci battle but this is definitely one of the better battles. I don’t like how they sing the general melody but they do well in the chorus and Lilly in particular hits a high note.

  • Adam found the energy fantastic.
  • Reba can’t believe she’s finally meeting Cherie who wrote her a number one song.
  • Cee Lo liked their collective energy.
  • Sia thought Lilly’s high note was spectacular.
  • Christina says Cherie made it her own and was impressed with Lilly’s look.

It is the moment of truth now and she chooses…Lilly. (Thus far that is three for three in terms of the first person to sing the song being chosen.)

Team Cee Lo:
For the final pairing of the night (and the battle rounds as a whole), Cee Lo has Emily Valentine and Curtis Grimes singing “Need You Now.” Curtis and Emily are close so they aren’t thrilled with this pairing. Emily gets lost in his cuteness.
Last but not least:
Not sure what the deal is with Emily’s outfit, it’s like a bad wedding dress. Both are pretty good. I’m not sure who I am rooting for. Maybe Curtis but only barely.

  • Blake sayd they probably weren’t supposed to do it.”
  • Adam is jealous of Curtis’s manly voice.
  • Christina was impressed with Emily’s notes.
  • Monica has no idea.
  • Cee Lo thinks this was out of Emily’s comfort zone and was easy for Curtis.

This time around Cee Lo chooses to go with Curtis.

What do you think of the teams? Who will win? Are you glad to be done with the battle rounds?