General Recaps

Pretty Little Liars– This has definitely taken the spot of show of the summer. It’s one of those oddly addictive shows where you can’t help but keep watching. A part of me was really into it, wanting to know who A was (we never actually saw Allison’s body, so there’s every possibility A is her) and the other part was frustrated. For one thing, the show was suffering from the “awful main character” syndrome that seems to be an issue with a number of ABC Family show–Amy of Secret Life, Emily of MIOBI. I find Aria’s entire story utterly uninteresting. Her parents are going through a pretty awful divorce and all she can think about and be upset about is the teacher she’s obsessed with. The other big issue I had is the fact that the actresses are fairly awful. But I do like Hannah and to a slightly lesser extent Emily and the tension building from episode to episode was well done, even if not every individual plot line was.

Huge– I might only like this because I like Nikki Blonsky, but I’ve enjoyed this show (and I think Blonsky will be singing this week!!!). Not the best show of summer, but not bad either. I particularly like the most recent bit of information about Will’s past, though the one character I’d really like to see more about is Shay. We’ve only learned a little about her and she’s such a crazy character that I want to know more about where she’s coming from.

Melissa and Joey– Entertainment Weekly summed this show up perfectly. It’s like being in an episode of “I Love The Nineties.” The show is completely formulaic and not particularly surprising or funny. ABC Family doesn’t seem to do half hour comedies well and this show surprised me considering how well their one hour teen dramas are doing. It just didn’t seem to fit. My friend says they’re trying to capitalize on the people who liked the movie Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence starred in and also perhaps target the nostalgic twenty-somethings who watch the channel and then pretend not to. I get the strategy, but the show just doesn’t cut it.

Royal Pains– This show has sort of hit a plateau, which isn’t to say it’s bad, but only to say it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ll be honest and say that I like Dr. Emily Peck as well as Paige, though both characters interrupt the main character romances that were set up in season one (you know, the will they won’t they that was Ross and Rachel but is now Hank and Jill, Divya and Evan). I like how Evan’s growing up somewhat and I find Hank to be a little too perfect. I’d like to see more facets of his personality beyond “hi, I’m perfect.”

Covert Affairs– It’s like Alias without the mythology stuff (thankfully, because despite my like for Lost and its mythology, the Alias stuff just didn’t stick for me). I kind of like it, though I am hoping for the show to step back for the formulaic stuff and look more at the bigger story (specifically, Annie’s love interest). Other things I’d like to see: Auggie’s action days (the recent episode with the girl he liked was pretty great), a female for Perabo to play off of (maybe a rival spy), more about Annie’s family, and more depth into the characters.

Drop Dead Diva– This show continues to surprise me. How many different story lines can you come up with about a dead person who is living in someone else’s body? It turns out, a lot of them. It may not be the best quality show out there, but it continue to churn out interesting, albeit preposterous, episodes. (Maybe a bit more insight into characters like Kim and Fred would be nice.)

Project Runway– This is quite the season. I’m not sure if or how the extended format affects things or even helps things, but I’m not complaining either. This season is a pretty good one. I think there are a few really talented designers, though there are others that are just ridiculous (the diaper shorts?). The first episode was ridiculous with its “you’re not on the show yet” challenge. Why was everyone freaking out? Are you on camera? Are you competing in a challenge? Then by definition, you are on the show. The benefit is in theory, the girl who got kicked off in that first episode should be able to tryout for the show again. What I greatly enjoyed though did not necessarily agree with, was Tim’s dressing down of Gretchen this week. Sure, she’s arrogant and hot headed, but to say that she bullied them into listening to her was unfair and from what we saw, untrue. She didn’t force anyone to do anything. We didn’t even see much arguing. And now, the cast that already hates her is bound to turn mean. And yeah, she’s pretty full of herself but her record did (at the time) kind of give her a right to be.

Weeds– Well, this show just continues to take strange turns. I know the writers think it’s a great idea to ditch everything and start over, but I miss the dynamic of the original seasons and the rest of the cast beyond the Botwins. And the whole mallet murder…yeah, I don’t even know what to do with that. Still enjoyable but perhaps straying father than I would like?

Leverage– This past week’s episode really showed off just how excellent the writing talent on this show is. Basically, we see the tale of how a specific dagger was “stolen” through the eyes of each of the characters before they had met and worked together. The brilliance of this was showing how each person’s memory was the same, but different. Little details, accents, etc all highlighted the individual characters, their abilities, and the overall dynamics. Even though they’ve turned to good, they still take pride in their abilities and their pasts. I for one would love to keep learning more about them. Though I don’t think they can quite utilize this specific format again (what are the odds that they all foiled each other on another heist?), I hope they find a way to use a variation of it. At the same time, I love how we’ve seen a number of episodes that highlight particular characters. Always strongest for me are the ones about Parker (since they’re the only ones, besides Nathan, where we delve into the characters’ pasts as well as their psyches), which we’ve had a few of lately. I hope to learn more about all of the characters. I will say that I miss Jeri Ryan on the show, not that I want her to replace Sophie, but maybe as an occasional guest spot or addition.

So You Think You Can Dance– Did you see it coming? Lauren Froderman beating out Kent Boyd? There’s only one reason this did not surprise me. My friend has a theory that the contestant who is set up as the clear winner from the beginning (of any reality show, not just SYTYCD) is virtually never the actual winner of the show. Perhaps the audience doesn’t like being forced into a decision or the contestant gets to cocky or just doesn’t show growth because they are already so strong, but for whatever reason, it seems to be true. (I can’t think of examples off the top of my head right now, but I’ll come back with them.) I for one am glad because Kent couldn’t seem to manage the few things the judges asked of him in terms of improvements whereas Lauren seemed to get better by the week without ever really misstepping.

Psych– I’m noticing one particular thing missing for me this season. Specifically, that is the heart of the show. Where are the emotional aspects? What happened to the will they won’t they dynamic of Juliette and Shawn for example? Can we learn more about Spencer’s mom or maybe Juliette and Lassiter’s pasts? It’s still entertaining but it’s not quite as solid as it used to be.

Rachel Zoe Project– What is with the obsession over Taylor? Whether or not she actually stole some clothes (which really just doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons), get over her. It’s like not a moment can go by without them mentioning her and usually bashing her. Yeah, she was a whiner, but are you really pretending she didn’t ever do any work? I’m not even sure why I enjoy the show but I do and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Ashley. The truth is, even without Taylor, there is still chaos, but it does seem to be more outer office chaos rather than internal (but then again, Rachel is healthy, which is a change, and she is not putting an employee in the unfair and awkward position of choosing who gets to go on a trip).

Rookie Blue– Another actress I’m enjoying these days is Missy Peregrym. I like that her face is actually expressive. You don’t need the camera to zoom in as close as possible in order to get a sense of how her character is feeling. Not every plot is excellent, but a lot of them are. It would be nice to get to know more about Gail because right now she’s ridiculous and I would love to know more about each of their pasts. I like watching the rookies blunder, I like things about training and learning. If anything, I’d like some flashbacks of them actually training.

Burn Notice– Aside from not believing that Fiona and Michael are as attractive as they’re meant to be, I’m not enjoying this show as much as I did in previous seasons. I think the main reason is that it feels like the same arguments are rehashed every episode and the emotional element that I mentioned was missing in Psych is also lacking in this one. I hope it gets better, because this new story with Jessie finally knowing the truth could be interesting.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager– Do you think Adrian is going to have a miscarriage? That’s the only other storyline that I think could be really interesting since they’ve lost the opportunity to do the abortion plot (not that I’m surprised). All the other storylines, meh. I’m glad to see a little less whining from Amy though.


Drop Dead Diva: Grayson’s Anatomy: Finale

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve hit the final. Well, sort of. It almost seems like this show has gone on for so long and will never end, but I know it hasn’t been that many episodes. I’ve been really surprised and impressed by the show. They’ve managed to be fresh without gimmicky while still sticking to the heart of the story.

Jane interrupts Grayson to ask for help on a case until he starts staring at her and then gets up to kiss her. ALARM CLOCK! Grayson bolts upright. Stacy and Jane talk about Grayson and Kim’s break up and how it might mean that they’re platonic friends (since Grayson confided in her). So they moved on to Tony and how they can’t seem to manage dinner together. They’re lunch buddies at the moment. Stacy introduces Jane to Lena, “her new client.” She was supposed to be on the cover of a huge ad campaign but after she admitted having breast cancer, they fired her. Jane’s angry.

Parker is getting stares in the office. Teri yells at Jane for being late. Parker is clearly pondering a big decision. Jane says she doesn’t want partner. (Until she’s told she has an upstairs office and a budget to remodel.) Jane goes to tell him about the new case, with Teri’s “partner pen.” She tries to tell him about the case until Parker says he wants her on a different case. The case: for a man meant to be a baseball star whose chance was ruined by a doctor’s mistake. Kim and Jane are both in the meeting. Jane gets first chair over Kim. Kim is upset but he talks her down. Kim walks out before Jane can do anything.

Kim and Jane talk to the doctor and her lawyer. The doctor says she did nothing wrong. There is always risk, he signed a consent form. Her lawyer offers to settle, they reject.

Grayson deals with the lingerie model. Why is Stacy there? To support and translate. Lena wants her there because she’s overwhelmed. She doesn’t understand the issue because her illness never interfered with her job. She didn’t mislead, she just didn’t tell them.

Jane instructs Kim of what to do. They disagree. Tony interrupts with lunch. He suggests committing to more than lunch. Dinner. Or, he suggests a bed and breakfast for the coming weekend. (Grayson’s in the background…) She says it sounds…uh…She needs to check her schedule. Grayson watches.

Stacy is using a legal dictionary in a bikini and glasses. Jane is unhappy and tells Stacy why. She’s never “gone to Nappa as Jane.” What if Jane has never “gone to Nappa?” And what about Grayson?

Lena is on the stand. She told the truth because she knew it would come out anyway. But she also delayed the interview until after signing.

Now the baseball player on the stand. He tells about his life and what happened after the surgery. He once said he didn’t have what it takes to play for the majors. Kim and Jane argue but pretend all is fine when Parker asks.

Grayson talks to Stacy and yawns in the middle. He’s been having strange dreams about Jane. He’s tired. He runs away before Stacy can ask more.

Tony and Jane in the hallway. Jane brings up the bed and breakfast when she gets a call from Stacy who tells her what Grayson says. She runs away from Tony. Stacy and Jane talk…Dream or nightmare? She thinks maybe deep down Grayson knows she’s his soul mate. But what about Tony? Great guy chasing her while awake. Jane doesn’t know what to do. Stacy has to go to bed early.

Dream about Paula Abdul as judge. Grayson vs Tony. Everyone is in the dream. Jane must swear on a stack of fashion magazines. Even Kim (looking annoyed) and Teri. Chemistry, history. Tony tap dances, Grayson does magic. Paula Abdul has made a decision, she will tell her, after the break. Which is when Jane wakes up of course.

Grayson questions the CEO of the company. He doesn’t alert his stock holders about his own illnesses. It says Martinez can’t do her job because people connect her to breast cancer. Cancer isn’t sexy.

Tracy is working out a layout to Jane’s unassigned new office. Kim comes in to sort of apologize. She knocks over the model office with a box of paperwork about the doctor. “The Smoking Gun.” Kim is pleased with herself and Jane tells Kim to win the case. Apparently the doctor has not been resting and doing surgery at more than one hospital. Jane asks why she didn’t postpone the surgery: she had plans for the weekend.

Parker pops a wine to celebrate Kim and Jane’s success. $15 million settlement. Any other announcements? Parker has lost weight and will therefore be wearing suspenders. She’s wondering about the doctor being photographed somewhere she should not have been time wise. (The doctor is no longer practicing.) The doctor has a house on Hawaii, where the client intends to visit. The doctor and Eric were having an affair. The whole case was a scam.

Jane tells Parker the truth but she can’t say anything. Attorney client privilege, plus, it would ruin the firm if peopel thought they turned on their clients.

Grayson is figuring out a closing. Stacy has an idea: call Lena back to the stand. She drops a bag on his desk and says everything he needs to win is in the bag. Trust her! (Sounds like a Jane antic…)

Teri asks what Jane will do. How can she pretend not to know but it will end her career…And Teri’s career would take a hit. Teri says she’s working for her because she believes in her, do what you have to do.

Grayson and Stacy in court. Lena disagrees with the assessment. She disrobes to show herself in lingerie. Photographers take her picture. Who’s thinking of cancer now.

Jane meets with the doctor. Jane has a message from the client saying he won’t be coming to Hawaii. Jane knows everything. They’re protected by attorney client privilege so Jane can’t say anything. Jane gives her a letter with her share of the money, $20,000. The doctor is pissed. They both gave up their career. The doctor is pissed. (The client was getting weaker anyway, he would never have made the majors. The doctor was the mastermind.)

Grayson and Lena meet with the defendants. They know they were wrong but Lena has gotten new offers.

Jane has a tape that she packages for the LA court district. And a letter for Parker. Giving up partner then? Grayson is at his desk and she knocks at the door. She congratulates him on the case. She clearly has something else to say but can’t seem to say anything. “I just want to say…” kiss on his cheek “it’s been nice working with you.” Goodnight, get some sleep. He stares after her.

Stacy tells Jane how great it felt to win. What happens now? She’ll be suspended and under investigation. What should she do now? She can do anything she wants. Maybe it’s time to leave Old Jane’s life behind and concentrate on New Jane. And go with Tony to Nappa. She can’t be stuck in the past. Knock on the door. It’s…someone we don’t recognize. He says it’s been a long time…she’s hard to find. He’s Ethan, Jane’s husband…

Drop Dead Diva: Dead Model Walking

After an awkward moment between Kim, Parker, Grayson, and Jane, Parker warns Kim to keep her and Grayson’s relationship quiet. Deb and Stacy’s idol Kristy is the firm’s client and Jane wants to work with her but the case was given to Kim. Meanwhile, Grayson takes on a pro bono case to help a woman keep her home (the government is trying to force her to sell).

Jane weasels her way into the case by showing how much she knows about Kristy. Kristy is being arrested for assault (her card was declined so she hit the guy). Jane talks her out of the arrest and now they have to work unfreezing her assets. Kristy chooses Jane over Kim (despite Kim’s specialty being in finance).

Kim confronts Jane about stealing Kim’s client. Kim thinks Jane wants the partnership that Kim wants despite Jane’s denials. Kristy calls Jane to invite her to cocktails.

Kim goes to Parker for a new case and Parker tells her what she needs is actually pro bono hours. The partners know she can bring in, they need to know she can give back. Parker tells her to help “her boyfriend” since Grayson just took a new one on.

Kristy’s being accused of helping her husband flee. She says she didn’t help, she called the authorities when she saw that he didn’t come home. While they’re talking, Stacy shows up and joins. Stacy asks for her autograph. Jane has managed to get her personal assets unfrozen.

Kim and Grayson flirt in bed. Kim uses the moment to ask about the pro bono case. She’s a little upset that she’s never been to his place. He says next sleepover will be at his place but when he leaves she whispers “you said that last time.”

Cocktails are going great when Jane gets a call from Tony asking for dinner. She suggests dinner instead. Police come to tell Kristy that her husband’s body has been found and she is under arrest for his murder. They refuse to give her client bail because she’s a flight risk. He does offer a plea bargain: second degree murder. (They have motive because the murder was timed to allow her to get his estates.)

Kim and Grayson tell the woman about a new offer, the woman refuses. Kim insists the woman just wants more money but Grayson insists she’s honest. She comes back without Grayson for another offer–a million dollars–but the woman turns her down. The woman tells her off and says that women like Kim (who only see the world as they want and as though it revolves around her) always end up unhappy.

Kristy refuses to take the plea. She says she was mad at him but that she still loved him and would never have hurt him. She cries which convinces Jane she’s honest because she’s a terrible actress.

Trial time for Kristy. The husband was killed by a paddle like the one rented but Jane points out that so many others do too.

Grayson finds out about the million dollar offer (which was fake) and he’s furious. If she found out that it was fake, Kim could be sues for malpractice.

Kristy takes the stand. A fake passport was found with Kristy’s picture but a different name. Jane is upset about the passport. Kristy reveals that the passport is actually the true her. She used a dead person’s ssn to create a new persona. Jane wants to explain the truth but Kristy insists otherwise. It’s all she has left. (Who is this actress? She looks so familiar…Baywatch?) She doesn’t want to be a punchline on late night TV.

Kim shows up in Grayson’s office with coffee. He receives her coldly. She says she has a hard time to understand the attachment to places because when she was little she moved around a lot. She apologizes and offers off the case. He forgives her and wants her to stay on it. Before she leaves she adds “so, you’re place tonight?” He stumbles for a way to say no “eh, uh, I’m not sure…”

Tony shows up for the lunch date but Jane is too busy with Kristy’s case. She’s too busy to even pay attention to setting up their double date between Grayson and Kim and her and Tony. Oops.

Grayson, in court, says that though they’ve followed the letter of the law, they are violating its spirit. Grayson explains that the house where your loved one was (before they died) becomes the loved one. Kim realizes that he’s talking about Deb. She says she realizes that he thinks he is cheating on Deb. She can’t be the other woman. She cares about him and she’s not what he needs at the moment. I’m actually sad for her. (Good job Lifetime, making someone sympathetic despite her evilness.)

Stacy brings coffee to Jane and Teri. Jane notices a mark on the husband’s neck. There’s a lipstick mark on his neck, not Kristy’s. Meaning Kristy wasn’t the last person to see him. Jane questions Kristy’s remaining friend on the stage (who is wearing the same lipstick shade as was on the husband’s neck. There’s also an overseas account set up for her. Her credit card receipt shows that she rented a boat the same day.

The judge rules in favor of Grayson. There will be an appeal but at least she’ll have some time. The woman has something to tell them, they won’t tell right? If she moves theyll find her husband’s body under the floorboards because she killed him in ’89. Oh. That was…unexpected.

Kristy offers Jane a designer bag. Kristy asks if she wants to go to dinner but Jane has a double date. Jane says that she can still do things differently.

Jane shows up for dinner where Grayson is already waiting to find out that Tony can’t come and Kim and Grayson broke up. But rather than call it a night, they decide to sit down for dinner anyway. Deb had a theory that you are where you live, which is the line he used to win the case. This is weird, watching him tell Jane what Deb told her. He thinks that if he was meant to be with Deb then now that she’s dead he’s meant to be dead. She says we always change and who we are meant to be changes too. He’ll find someone to share his life with, she’s sure.

Drop Dead Diva: What If

Teri says Kim and Grayson are clearly “doing it.” Someone approaches Jane who has realized that apparently her parents and her DNA do not match despite her parents being on her birth certificate. She thinks she was switched at birth. She wants to know the truth, to find out why there are thinks that are different about her. Jane discovers that another baby girl was born on the same day as her just minutes apart and she’s setting up a meeting. She wants Jane to come.

The lawyers watch a cartoon that makes fun of a chocolate bar (saying that the candy bar uses bugs). The client says he wants Parker on the case (it’s an important client).

Stacy is being weird when Jane walks in. Jane has a date with that guy from last episode. Doorbell, it’s some woman, Elaine. They don’t know who she is until Teri calls to reveal that it’s Jane’s mom. Jane’s mom thinks Stacy and Jane might be gay together and Jane assures her they’re not. Fred needs a bed now that Elaine is staying on the couch. Stacy offers her bed since she has a date. (With the nerd?) Elaine sees that Fred likes Stacy. (Apparently, Jane’s parents are divorced because the dad’s a cheater.)

Parker presents the chocolate bar company in court but he stumbles around. Kim steps up. Parker tries to brush it off as no big deal.

Jane and woman head to the woman who might have been switched at birth. The parents are rich which makes her nervous. They meet Sally, the one who may have been switched with Lisa, the client. Lisa is too afraid to speak and so she leaves Jane to do it. When they explain, the dad yells. Lisa doesn’t want to pursue it but Jane insists. Jane took a bottle to test the DNA from the saliva.

Jane talks to Elaine about her job and Elaine’s excited to actually hear something about her daughter’s life. Apparently, real Jane was very closed off. In comes the date. He offers to reschedule when he sees her mother until her mother tricks them into staying with her for dinner. She then gets Jane to sing “Love Is A Battlefield” which her date thinks is awesome. End of the date almost kiss until the mom interrupts. Maybe this is why Jane is so closed off. Jane wonders why her date likes her and her mom says some guys prefer full figured women.

Kim and Grayson discuss court. Kim thinks he had an anxiety attack because of some losses in the recent past. They’re cute and flirty. Back in court, an independent lab analyzed the chocolate, revealing trace amounts of insect particulates. Parker has Kim redirect. It’s legal to have small amounts of insect particulates and choconuts has less than the amount allowed. The client is upset that Parker isn’t leading.

The DNA test comes in positive. Her mom is upset. Jane says she can sue the hospital for negligence. Lisa wants to pursue but her mom doesn’t. Lisa says it’s something she needs to do.

Jane dodges a call from Tony. Teri questions. Jane worries that Tony likes her for her size. Teri dislikes Jane’s mom for always trying to take advantage of Jane. Her mom arrives and Fred wants to ask her some more Stacy questions. He gives her a tour and asks about getting over someone. Elaine tells him that Stacy isn’t the one. She says go out and see other people. (It just mentioned cookies and now I really want some.)

Jane spots Kim and Grayson together. Cue the sad music. Jane’s mom returns to Jane’s office and Jane asks if her mom needs anything. Apparently Jane always gives her mom a check when she wants her to leave.

Court time for Jane. She questions the two women about their education and jobs. Sally is rich, Lisa is poor. Grayson tells Jane about Parker’s behavior. Jane gives a roundabout story about Parker needing a pep talk. Fred comes in to ask about her mom. She can’t get Deb’s mom back but maybe she can get Jane’s.

Lisa’s mom is called to the stand to talk about Lisa’s surgery at 3 years old. Her mom found out the truth then. Statute of limitations is passed. Recess. Lisa is upset with her mom. Sally wants to speak to them. She wants to sue the hospital (her non-biological mom died when she was two.)

Grayson gives Parker a pep talk in the form of a personal story but Parker seemingly dismisses it. Parker shows up late to court but he’s ready now.

Jane brings up the book “Are you My mother?” because everyone must know your mother. Jane’s mom returns to the courtroom. They talk. They hug. She sees Tony, he asks if she’s avoiding him. He kisses her.

Parker tells Grayson they won. The story Grayson told him was fake but seeing his junior associate give him a pep talk snapped him back.

Jane’s case is settled. Sally gives Lisa all the money and the two families intend to be close.

Fred tells Janes he’s leaving. WHAT?!!? We just got him back. (He wants to see the world.)

(btw, the actress who plays Deb is currently on Gary Unmarried.)

Drop Dead Diva: Make Me A Match

Jane is late for a meeting with a judge. She doesn’t even know why (IT’S ROSIE!!!) but apparently they’re playing scrabble. Long time competition between them. Judge Rosie paid $25,000 for a dating program that Jane found her and has gotten nothing so Jane suggests she get a lawyer to get her money back.

Kim is in with a client who spots Grayson and insists that they need him on the case. “Him! We need him!” Kim comes to ask if he come and reveals that the woman is a psychic who believes he will win her case. Lily (the psychic) and her sister inherited their father’s psychic shop. They were meant to run the shop together until her sister left to open a competing store across the street. Her sister refuses to work together (both are psychics). There is no will so they’ll get the father’s things in equal share.

The psychic runs into Jane and tells her she will not be alone for long.

Jane talks to Stacey (who is on a pirate themed shoot) and they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s FRED!!! (Even better than Rosie!) Fred was messing up so much that he gave up his guardian angel status to come back to Stacey. She may not remember him but she fell for him once so it can happen again. Fred has no job or place to stay after he left.

Gina Torres, the dating service head, meets with Jane and Judge Rosie. They say the place introduced her to 28 dates but none led to a second date as it expressly said in the contract. They ask her to go to a mixer, she refuses and leaves, but Jane convinces her to go (on the condition than Jane chaperone).

Stacey arrives home to find Fred who was crashing at Jane’s and thinks he’s robbing the place. She maces him. (Stacy is such an idiot, he’s baking when she comes in.)

The psychics meet and fight. (The psychic sister tells Grayson that “she will be still close.”) He’s skeptical of her but she talks him into staying. For the first time since Deb, he’s thinking of another woman. She’d want him to be happy, the psychic assures him. When he leaves, he spots a picture of the two sisters together. She sidesteps his questions.

Jane helps Fred wash his eyes out. He and Stacy are not hitting it off.

Grayson goes to the rival Psychic’s shop. He feels uncomfortable. Stacy confides in Jane that she feels like she’s meeting the same guy over and over again. Jane suggests Fred in a roundabout way. Stacy doesn’t get it at all.

Rosie’s uncomfortable at the party. Stacy encourages her to relax. Her dates don’t go all that well and then Gina Torres introduces her to someone in particular.

The rival attorney flirts with Jane. (Wouldn’t it be easier to just refund the money? But that would be a failure!) He gives her his business card, in case she wants to go to dinner…

Rosie’s date seems to be going well. Stacy pulls Jane away and explains that the guys talking to the judge is actually an unemployed actor who she met on a job. Jane is pissed and they plan to make Gina Torres (Diane in the show) pay.

At the trial, Diane (Torres) says she gave free memberships to people who have passed background tests because people are more than her wallet. Rosie wants to know why Diane chose him. She says she thought he’d get along with him.

Grayson calls both sides together. He wants to speak with the one person they haven’t spoken to, their father. The seance begins. How does his dad want them to run the business? 50-50. The dad says he’s not okay with the second shop. Younger sister doesn’t always listen and Lily has good ideas. The sisters need each other.

Fred wins his job back.

Court. Jane questions Rosie on the stand. The question is whether she rejected everyone just because she has impossibly high standards. The lawyer pulls out her response cards and says she misrepresented herself when signing up. Her submission said she was a “fun-loving romantic.” Rosie is pissed so she storms out and says she’s going to drop the case. It turns out Jane filled out her questionnaire.

Teri goes to Rosie. She came of her own volition. She’s mad because she’s one of Jane’s few friends and is being mean to her. After some yelling she convinces Rosie to call Jane back.

Kim is impressed by Grayson. The sisters needed a nudge in the right direction. He isn’t ready to let their kiss go and asks her out to dinner.

Jane gets a visit from Rosie while she packs up everything she subpeonaed from the dating service. Rosie’s impressed and realizes that Jane was really trying to help her. She apologizes. Rosie was trying to find someone to replace her husband (who died). Rosie sees that one of the clients of the agency is Ron Haywood. Forget dismissing the case. It turns out the dating service’s thorough background check wasn’t so thorough. 8 felons were on the list.

The sisters sign a deal to share the shop. They ask Kim and Grayson to join them for lunch. Kim declines. They already have dinner plans. (Awwe, she may be evil to Jane but I like her.)

Jane got Rosie a full refund, they’re revetting the whole operation. And Jane found a guy who enjoyed his first date with Rosie.

Stacy is dating the mailman who Fred replaced. Fred is upset and when asked for advice he says treat her well. She deserves the best. Poor Fred.

Psychic asks Jane for the bathroom and Jane asks what she meant about her not being alone for long. She talks in third person, clearly about herself. The psychic says hell is being unable to love. To get unstuck give yourself a kick, stop living in the past.

Jane calls the lawyer from the other side to ask if the offer for dinner still stood.

Drop Dead Diva: The Dress

Stacy is at a store where she is waited on hand and foot–people bringing her dresses, asking her if she wants a drink. In walks Jane. Stacy asks if she wants a drink because it’s free but the woman says the machine broke. Jane wants to give herself the perfect make over, starting with the perfect dress. They ask for a size 16 for Jane but they don’t carry anything over a size 10 in the store. Jane is loud and upset. He says that Jane is just not their brand. The woman says it’s intended for a different silhouette. The woman not so subtly tells them to leave. Skinny women all around the room are staring.

Kim wants more substantial cases and tells Parker so. She wants this to help her make Parker. In comes Jane saying she wants to sue the retail store. Parker assigns Kim to the case. Kim doesn’t want to do it but he doesn’t give her a choice. (Stacy makes herself sound like an idiot over and over again. She tells Kim that being a lawyer is like being a superhero and she needs to use her powers for good.)

Kevin Hansen comes to the firm. He’s an old friend of Parker’s. Kevin is upset that his daughter ended up on a “Girls Gone Wild” video. He wants to stop the video from being distributed. He wants him to win it even though there isn’t a legal precedent.

Jane asks Kim how she feels about the case. Kim says it doesn’t matter. Jane says it does and she wants to know how Kim feels about her. Kim says all she sees is “poor Jane, banging her drum.” Jane says she wants her day in court because of people like Kim.

In court, the judge isn’t buying it. Kim makes no effort to win it so Jane steps up and says that the store knowingly inflicts emotional harm. It says it sells dresses for the average woman when the average woman is in fact bigger than the store carries sizes for. The judge says they will begin jury selection.

They talk to the video makers who don’t care. Jenny says she wasn’t taken advantage of. Kevin punches the guy who says that they will be suing for assault and he will put Jenny on the cover of the next video.

Kim is headed to jury selection and Jane wants to partake. Kim tells her she can’t micromanage. Jane says she wouldn’t if Kim believed in the case. Kim says if she were on the jury she’d tell Jane to grow up or go on a diet. Kim and Jane argue a lot while deciding but finally find the right jurors (size, metabolism, etc.)

But when they return to the office, Parker tells them to withdraw the case because the firm represents the largest shareholder. Kim agrees but Jane does not.

Jane sings to the jury and gets an applause. They judge is Paula Abdul who says great job. Paula says her clothes are bad. Even she improved her judge’s robe (belted and bedazzled). Why doesn’t she dress more like Kim who looks awesome. Kim walks in wearing the dress Jane wanted. Kim doesn’t even have to sing to make it to the top. Paula tells her not to give up the fight. Paula says “it’s nice being the only judge.” Teri wakes Jane with gifts. She’s glad that Jane is suing because when she was younger she never went to the mall because of her weight. The sales people always made her feel bad and Jane is telling them that the overweight women are not the problem. Jane says Parker told her to drop the case. Teri points out that she pulled an all nighter so clearly she’s not.

Jane goes to Parker and says that if he tries to prevent her from suing the company, she will sue the law firm because it files her rights. He says he won’t support it but he won’t stop it. Kim is back on the case, much to her chagrin.

Jane sees Grayson watching the Girls Gone Wild video. Jane is upset and tells him to at least close the blinds. Grayson laughs and says he’s on a case. “Oh, well then I’m embarrassed.” She says that just because Jenny says she isn’t embarrassed doesn’t mean she isn’t. No girl wants to admit it.

Jane is on stage. Kim asks why she’s really angry, it’s not just about a dress. She says because they made her feel like she didn’t count. In cross the defendant points out that not all ads are geared towards all people. Outside Kim says she has something coming: Stacy.

Grayson approaches Jenny to talk. The clock says 1:11. Technically she wasn’t 18 yet, maybe they can win a case. Grayson says this could hurt her future. She doesn’t seem to care.

On the stand is the designer who says it would be impossible to put his design on a larger woman. Funny thing both Jane and Stacy are wearing his design. (Though the two dresses don’t really look like the same design.) The designer was given a contract to sign saying he can design for anyone he wants. Jane pushes for her to amend the suit because they’re losing. They want to say that the contract was counter to the company’s best interests. I’m not sure why they can sue for that.

They say any judge will look for any loophole possible. They ask if Jenny will sign a new release she says no. Not only that, they will sue for illegally filming a minor. They must stop sales and donate all proceeds to charity, which will bankrupt the company. Terms are agreed to.

They call the largest shareholder to the stand. His wife can’t shop at the company. The judge finds for the company then.

Kevin apologizes to Parker for being rude and thanks him for his help. Parker invites him to poker nights.

Jane is upset and Teri comes in. Jane feels like a failure, she couldn’t even win her own case. Kim says they’re wanted in Parker’s office. Jane apologizes to the company’s largest shareholder. He says that’s fine, he realizes that he hasn’t been paying attention to an under served market. They’ll be catering to a larger size now as well because it just makes sense. After everyone leaves, Parker asks Jane to remain. He says Jane went too far. Her zeal whether she wins or loses is how you make partner. Good job, he’s impressed. (Kim’s gonna be pissed!) She finally got the dress she wanted.

Kim asks what Parker wanted. Jane lies and says just for her to get back to work. Jane says thanks for trying so hard despite her feelings on the case. Jane asks if Kim wants to go shopping with her at the company now that it carries her size and Kim says maybe. Teri and Stacy are waiting anxiously for Jane who comes in wearing the dress. They have girl talk and discuss who they’re looking for guy-wise but Jane says she’s not looking for the moment. Teri makes Stacy eat Calamari and she’s amazed. Even though it’s fries.

The question on everyone’s mind: WHERE’S FRED? He’s still in the intro so he must be coming back…

Drop Dead Diva: Crazy

Marla Sokoloff plays a bride to be who wants Kim and Grayson to sue her maid of honor for sleeping with her fiance before the wedding.

Grayson apologizes for kissing Kim and making Jane uncomfortable. He knows it’s inappropriate but he can’t say it won’t happen again. Jane tries to pretend it must be because he was vulnerable. “Not really,” he says but she dismisses.

Jane has a meeting with someone important and her boss is nervous. She was specially requested. The client is being sued by his business partners who are trying to prove him incompetent so they can strip of the rights of his company, which he built. He seems sort of off, but not crazy just yet. A few months ago he had a near death experience and he had an epiphany: stop wasting life. He collected some tattoos, travels by air balloon, shut down some factories. He wants her because she’s a bulldog. Of course he says something that makes her realize maybe he really almost died (“People say life is short but unless you see the gatekeeper press the return button you have no idea”). I’m seeing a theme!!!

Kim wants to do the case but Grayson says there’s no case. She’s clearly angry at him though she pretends otherwise. The judge says the same thing and Kim says she suffered emotional distress. He turns it down, no monetary loss. So Kim says the dress cost $10,000 paid for by the defendant. He agrees that there is a case.

Stacy and Jane look at real Jane’s old yearbook. One of her reunions have come up.

Jane is met by her client for court, wearing pajamas (because he gave his suit to a poor man). He takes her bosses suit. He’s itching all over while his son says that he’s no longer doing a good job with the company. Jane points out that he had never worked with the company. But while she’s questioning the son her client gets undressed because the suit was itchy.

Kim tells Grayson she succeeded with the case and Grayson says he’s not interested in getting involved. He says the guy was a creep who couldn’t control his urges. She asks if that’s what happened when he kissed her.

Jane puts her witness on the stand he explains that what he wants to create lawnmowers that are energized by the grass they cut. The prosecutor asks what he would do if the item fails. He puts on bunny ears to get smiles. The prosecutor says Sandy Kipling is the next witness which elicits an “uh oh.”

In comes the fiance to ask Kim for help. He wants her to tell Mia he’s sorry for messing up. Kim bashes him in front of everyone. She’s pretty awesomely mean, making me appreciate her and wondering what baggage she has beyond the Grayson thing.

Sandy is on the stage and she sounds pretty ridiculous but what she describes the client doing is worse. Her client wants to ask a question. The judge allows. He proposes because while she served him coffee she was nice. She said no. Jane tells him she thinks he needs help. He asks why she thinks he hired her. Because of her brush with death but he was wrong about her so she’s fired.

Stacy and Jane prep for Jane’s reunion while Jane says she’s upset about being fired. Jane memorizes everyone’s names so she knows who they are but no one remembers her. They search for Brian Young, who signed Jane’s yearbook saying prom was the best night of his life thanks to her. Stacy sets out to make everyone think Jane is awesome. With Stacy’s encouragement they all start saying Jane was awesome. In comes the prom date. He calls her Jane-iac. He thinks she’s gorgeous. He’s afraid he ruined prom for her because he came out on prom night.

Kim tells Mia that her fiance came and she hears that he said he loved her and you can see that she still likes him. Kim convinces her that he lost his chance.

Jane and Brian talk. She says she’s a great lawyer except she was just fired. He says her client must be crazy which makes her laugh. She has something to tell him that he can’t tell anyone. She tells him her true story (about Deb) and he laughs thinking she must be telling a joke. She doesn’t correct him. On prom night she said to him that no one has the right to tell him how to live his life and this gives her what she needs for her case, as per usual. She wins the client back right before court.

Kim is told by her client that she doesn’t want to sue. She spoke to her fiance and she’s taking him back with therapy. You can’t predict a future.

Jane says that by societies norms her client is nuts. She puts on the bunny ears and asks if she looks crazy. Do her words make any less sense? No. She gives examples of brilliant but eccentric people. No one can tell you who to be. Her client wants to say one thing but as he does he collapses. Jane approaches his son in the hospital. The doctor says his dad is going to die. Even though he and his dad aren’t close, he’s upset. The nurse comes out to say he’s asking for Jane. He loved her closing speech. She tells him to reconcile with his son.

Grayson decides to ask Kim out (Jane tells him life is short and no one should tell him what to do) but she says no. She wants to pretend things never happened because clearly he doesn’t know how he feels about her. He tries to say he likes her but she gives him no chance.

Jane’s client signed over his shares in the company to his son who will convert the company to what his dad wanted. She then meets her client and they go for a hot air balloon ride.

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