Hell’s Kitchen Finale!!

I’m so glad the finale is here (not because I don’t like the show but because there are just too many shows to watch!!). Anyone else rooting for Dave? Kevin a little sleazy and arrogant and Ariel’s been lacking. And dude, how long has he been one armed and still the best of the night? But forget that…TENNILLE IS GONE!!! (Enough said.)

Challenge time. Under 3 domes are cuisines from around the world. They’ll get one to make. Ariel gets China, she’s excited because she can be creative. Dave gets India which he knows nothing about. Kevin gets Mexico, which he thinks is super easy. 45 minutes. Dave doesn’t know what to make 15 minutes in and chooses pork. Ariel burns something. Time’s up. The guest judges are…3 chefs, experts in the the respective cuisines. One of the chefs he brings in is the head chef he brought in to a restaurant from his show Kitchen Nightmares, named Vikas. Ariel presents first and blanks out. Commentary- enjoyable sweetness, marinade too watery, and nice try but a miss. Kevin forgot his sauce. It is missed but the judges like it anyway. Dave prefaces it with having never worked with it before. He thought cow was worshiped in India so he chose pork, except pork is not allowed for Hindus. Otherwise, the flavor was good. Dave wins unanimously. Reward: the chefs will each cook him their signature dishes and get to talk to the chefs. Also, Scott brings in a complete cookware set. Losers must prep for service and clean the dining. (Two people enough for this?) Kevin is sure that his sauce would have won it for him.

JP gets them polishing silverware. (Ariel wonders if all of it is needed…) Dace is joined by his sister and fiance for the meal. Kevin keeps looking over in jealousy. They get to watch the chefs cook and hear about the recipes while Ariel try to listen in but they’re too busy. They have to iron tablecloths. JP whispers into their ears about how amazing Dave’s food looks. (Dave looks a little gross…) Kevin is giving them the death stare. After the meal Dave wanders and gives himself a pep talk “gotta do this tonight, come on!”

Service. Each of the chefs will have a turn to run the pass. He wants to see assertiveness and confidence. Run the kitchen or it will run you. (It will probably help Dave’s wrist to have the break in the middle.) Scott and Heather help out in the kitchen.

Things start of well and Kevin is called up to the pass. (He’s all “I’m doing what I always do.”) He starts off well. Scott substitutes Halibut for Seabass as a test. He catches it. He gets frustrated with Ariel’s speed. Kevin’s unhappy with her lamb and tells her to redo it. Dave offers to help her. He keeps tell her to redo it while ignoring what she says. Ramsay tells Kevin to get a grip. Ariel serves the lamb without the sauce. Finally it’s delivered.

Dave‘s turn. Dave is very intense at the pass. He’s kind of rude to everyone but food is moving quickly. Time for the first test. Spinach puree substituted for asparagus and Dave doesn’t catch it. Ramsay gives him a talking to. He misses the second test too when Scott sends out tuna that isn’t done well. He catches the cold fish and lack of salt in the food. Better. “Dave has rallied.” Diners enjoy.

Time for Ariel. Test one, Heather substitutes parsnip puree for potato. She doesn’t catch it. (Do you guys not realize that they’re going to do the sabotage?) Otherwise she does well. Sabotage two from Scott. Salmon substituted for Seabass. She plates it at first but then realizes before sending it out. She calls out so many things that Kevin can’t follow and he drags. Ramsay starts to yell at her. Ariel thinks he’s doing it on purpose. He messes up a scallop and has to make a new one.

Ramsay says not bad, each had ups and downs. It won’t be an easy decision. He has them each say who they think shouldn’t be in the finals. Ariel asks Kevin if he was ruining the scallops on purpose. He takes it personally. Ramsay tells them he can see any of them at the Araxi.

Kevin says he thinks Ariel should not advance because she’s been at the bottom often. Ariel says Kevin because he didn’t have her back. Dave says Ariel because he felt most lost when she was up at the pass. Ramsay says the answers don’t help him. One more question, why do they each belong in the final. Kevin says he’s very strong and can accomplish anything. Ariel says she’s grown a lot, young, creative, and full of potential. Dave says he’s grown tenfold and he can run a kitchen. Screens are dropped to reveal who will be advancing. This is a very tough decision…the first person advancing is…DAVE. The second person advancing is…KEVIN. No surprise, though I really hope he doesn’t win. I’m so not a fan. Ariel gets to keep her jacket.

The next service will be their design. They need to get dressed, there’s a limo waiting for them. Why? They’re on a rooftop. Ramsay shows them their final challenge, which begins…right down there. Below are the judges. They must make a dish worthy of Araxi in 45 minutes. The last challenge of the show. Kevin’s meal is difficult versus Dave’s simpler execution. They’re very different chefs. Time for judging…

There will be five judges. Three votes to win. The first judge tastes. Four are food critics. He likes Dave’s. Kevin’s has a beautiful presentation but he votes for Dave’s dish. 1-0 Dave. Judge two goes. He chooses Dave. 2-0. Judge three is impressed with both and chooses…Kevin. 2-1 Dave. Fourth is a chef. He ties it 2-2. It’s down to the last judge. he picks…DAVE who is superstoked.

The crew preps the restaurant. It’s now split into two. Time to design their menus (do they not design the interior of the restaurant?)Dave wants simple and unpretentious. Heather will be working with Kevin, Scott will be working with Dave. Special deliveries are right out front (the other chefs?). They open the truck and sure enough it’s the chefs. Dave immediately starts thinking about who he wants. Back is Suzanne, Ariel, Robert, Sabrina, Van, and Amanda. (No Tennille thankfully.)

Dave- Ariel, Robert, and Suzanne (blue team)
Kevin- Van, Amanda, and Sabrina (red team)

They practice the menus. Kevin’s dishes look amazing, Dave’s are very simple. Ramsay warns Kevin about the degree of execution (too complicated even if beautiful) and tells Dave to explode (don’t be pedestrian).

About time to start. Ramsay calls them over and says something has been bothering him, something that isn’t quite right…they don’t look the part of head chefs. He gives them new jackets.

JP opens the kitchen. It’s showtime! Top chefs from British Columbia including their future boss, are in attendance. Kevin makes Amanda nervous. He’s unhappy with her scallops. Robert serves a good dish and they quickly get appetizers out. Kevin hasn’t gotten anything out as they wait for scallops. Ramsay yells at her to concentrate. She overcooks the next batch. Kevin and his Boston accent switch Amanda to starters and puts Van on fish. This works out and they finally get appetizers out. Dave is almost done with appetizers but they’re running out of mushrooms. Robert gets upset when Dave criticizes him and decides to make things difficult. The diners on Dave’s side like it but not on Kevin’s. The rice is poorly cooked. He tells Van to come and help out Amanda as well. Van is doing better than he ever did when he was a contestant.

As Kevin finishes up appetizers, Dave begins entrees. He’s unhappy with Ariel’s venison (remember when she had a tough time on lamb last time? why is she doing it this time?) The second go is great. Diners approve both entrees. In comes the Araxi ticket. Kevin keeps changing how well done the beef should be so when Amanda brings the wrong one he’s upset. Kevin is about to lose it but calms down and talks to them calmly. Things work better that way and food comes out.

Dave has four tables left. Kevin has six. Kevin decides to fire two tables at once to pick up speed. Dave’s kitchen is starting to slip. Fish comes back raw. Dave has Robert help Ariel. Kevin ties it up.

One table left each. They basically finish at the same time. Ramsay paces while deciding who to choose. He calls them up.He’s proud of both of them. This the closest final of the show. He’s reached a decision. They step up to the doors. Whoever’s opens is the winner and will be the head chef at Araxi. On the count of three turn the handle. One, two, three..DAVE WINS! Not all that surprised his sister and fiance run up to hug him.


Hell’s Kitchen 13

Tennille screams. Ariel is upset about her near miss last week. Kevin says he knows about everyone’s weaknesses.

6:30 am. Challenge time. Ramsay is seen pacing and yelling. The door opens. Wait, that’s a kid, not Ramsay. Dressed as Gordon though. The British kid begins to yell at them but they all laugh at him. Real Ramsay comes in. He’s just having some fun with them. He announces that life is getting harder for them. Vegetarian catering time. They must serve 80 vegetarian customers. Specifically, kids. They must make an eighty portion dish. The kids vote on the dishes (each served on different colored dishes). There’s apparently not enough dishes per kids and they are not patient. Tennille tries to be fancy which puts her behind and Ramsay tells her to forget about it. Dave rushes out with food, trying to get them to like him. The kids spit out some of the dishes. Ramsay has a surprise for the kids: a bag full of treats. They’re thrilled. And make a mess. Time for the results.

40% voted Kevin’s dish their least favorite. Top two are Dave and Tennille. The winner, with 55% is…Tennille! She receives the news with cheers. Dave says he never wins, he always comes in second. (That’s a definitive lie.) Punishment is cleaning up the dining room. (Not such a big deal, just vacuum.) Tennille gets a day in Beverly Hills (sprucing her up) to go to a fancy sushi place for lunch with Ramsay. (More confessional screaming.)

They wonder how she won. Her food is well suited for a kid. She’s going somewhere fancy and they think she’ll be uncomfortable. She’s ecstatic though. She kind of looks like Whoopi Goldberg after being done up. An annoying Whoopi. Meanwhile they clean which includes scraping gum from under the tables. Dave is pocketing the goodies that he finds as he goes.

Dinner service prep. They kind of ignore Tennille when she returns.

Dinner service, Ramsay wants to finish on a high. He’s determined. Kevin’s on appetizers. They seem to be getting on well, communication wise. Kevin gets a compliment on the risotto. Appetizers are “flying out of the kitchen.” Tennille’s scallops don’t fare as well, they’re rubber. Second try and they’re perfect. All appetizers are served within a half hour. Dave is on meat. Dave suddenly hurts himself as he’s trying to bring the lamb to the window. Why does he keep picking things up with his injured hand?!? Ramsay tells him to see to his arm. He insists he’s fine. Again holding the pan with the injured hand! Once again Tennille serves poorly cooked fish. Ariel gives a confessional of “get your shit together” which makes me want to say “dude, you screwed up last week so quiet” even though I dislike Tennille. Dave wonders how Tennille made it so far in his confessional. Ramsay gets more bad cooking from Tennille and calls them all together to rant. She finally cooks a good fish again.

They worked as a team. Dream team in the beginning. He says he’s never seen anyone suffer like Dave is and he is concerned. Dave insists he’s fine. Tennille’s service sucked and he kicks her out without any nominations. He says she had a great comeback and a great heart.

The group toasts being the final three when there’s a final call. Ramsay is on the line and asks them to come down. Unfinished business. After eliminating Tennille he wonders if it was a good idea to keep Dave. After a lot of thought…he did. He has a surprise, family and significant others.

Next week is the last week.

Hell’s Kitchen 12

Dave is upset that Tennille changed who she was nominating for elimination last week. He no longer trusts her. Kevin just sits back and enjoys the fighting.

Ariel and Suzanne talk. Ariel asks if she’s okay or shaking. They’re both worried about themselves. Suzanne knows that if she’s nominated again she’s going home (she’s been up 3 times in a row).

Challenge time. Individual challenge no less. It’s all about presentation. The editorial staff of Bon Appetit is helping judge. (5.8 million readers per month.) Each person must make one dish. Presentation will be primary judgment. Top two will be ranked for taste. “You do not want to lose this challenge.”

Dave is banging something. They’re rushing around. Suzanne makes a salad and Dave thinks that’s a bad idea. Ramsay bugs everyone as they work. (I’m hungry!) Tennille’s fish broke so she dumps everything on top of it. Kevin just manages to pour the sauce on top. Each of them seems to get complimented though Dave seems to have difficulty explaining his dish, can’t even remember its name.

Fifth place- Tennille (duh! it was a mess!)
Fourth place- Suzanne (she thinks it was a piece of art)
Third place- Dave
Second place- Ariel (I’m glad, someone told her it would photograph well)
First place- Kevin

They taste Ariel and Kevin’s dishes. Time to choose who wins. They’ve come to a decision…TIED! (Is it just me or does Ramsay ditch out on this decision making more than once?) Their dishes will be featured in the magazine. Pretty cool. Shutters On The Beach is beautiful. Kevin thinks it’s a taste of what it would be like to win the show.

The losers must prettify the streets. (Dave complaining about Tennille not Suzanne well…) The lsoes must wear orange jumpsuits. Tennille stop yelling dammit! She keeps saying “this just ain’t right!” But apparently she’s learned not to commit crimes. So…good? Dav’es wrist starts swelling.

They work to prep for dinner service. Dave’s struggling and Kevin is annoyed. (Despite Dave doing the best always.) Kevin steps up by telling everyone what to do which gets on Suzanne’s nerves. She thinks he’s patronizing. Ramsay’s pep talk: this is about determination. Do everything perfectly.

Service. The menu features Kevin and Ariel’s dishes. The first ticket is in. Dave is on cold apps, Tennille is on hot apps, Suzanne is on fish. Dave asks if there’s anything new on the menu, Tennille responds nastily. They get off to a bad start since Tennille didn’t give a warning to Suzanne so Tennille comes and helps. They get things out anyway. Communication improves but Tennille overdoes the Risotto and ignores Ariel’s warning. She has to do it again. A lot of tickets are coming in at once. Ramsay is unhappy with one of Suzanne’s scallops. Dave is fighting to get his dishes out and does a good job. Ramsay send out incomplete orders hoping Suzanne and Tennille will be ready any minute. Tennille continues overcooking the risotto. It seems the rice is a problem, Kevin cooked the rice. It’s both of their faults. Suzanne brings good rice. Ramsay yells at them both. Kevin gets more yelling for having poor standards.

The kitchen is behind. Finally the risotto is out. “Appetizers start flying out of the kitchen” and the diners are pleased. Entrees. Raw chicken is served by Ariel. She’s pissed at her own screw up. Kevin ruined the rice and he’s saying “meat is so easy!” Her chicken is good enough when redone. Suzanne serves up something that Ramsay is raw. Kevin’s a jerk. Ramsay yells directions. Suzanne doesn’t feel good about herself. Ramsay shouts inconsistency. Ramsay storms “it cannot be possible!” John Phillipe works damage control on the floor. Only half the entrees have been served. Dave helps Tennille. Nothing comes up together which pisses Ramsay off. Ariel’s lamb is bad. More yelling. Tennille says they can’t let Ramsay shut the kitchen down.

Service is finally over but Ramsay’s disappointed. Only Dave didn’t get yelled at. More yelling. They didn’t come together as a team. 2 must be nominated for elimination. No best of the worst tonight. Dave says anyone could go.

Suzanne (who thinks everything of hers was beautiful) nominates Ariel and Tennille.
Ariel puts up Kevin and Tennille.

No decision seems to be made when the chefs return but it seems they have. Kevin is called to nominate. Number one is Ariel (for inconsistencies and lamb not up to par.) Number two is Suzanne (for raw fish and overcooked scallops). Shame, I was hoping for Tennille.

Suzanne says she focused on perfection but Ramsay says she accomplished nothing. She thinks she’s better than Ariel. He tells Ariel she’s gotten worse. Ariel thinks she is better and wants it badly. He says honestly both should go. He decides Suzanne is leaving (no surprise to anyone). Ramsay tells Tennille that she dodged a bullet and could have been up there just as easily.

Hell’s Kitchen 10

Part One:

The guys have no qualms of telling Suzanne that they don’t want her on their team. The women worry about running a kitchen with only three people, especially with Sabrina’s inconsistency. (Anyone else wonder why Tennille has to yell whenever she speaks to the camera?)

Challenge time. Ramsay speaks to the group from the Araxi restaurant where the winner will run the kitchen. He flew ingredients from the Whistler region so the chefs can work with the things they would normally use while at the Araxi. They must use all 15 ingredients without repeating any, to make 3 dishes. The women ignore Sabrina when she talks and she gets annoyed. Suzanne is ignored on the men’s side as well. The women’s team discusses what to do with the lamb (though Sabrina points out that it’s venison). Two and a half hours pass in like two seconds and suddenly it’s judgment time. Ramsay returns from Araxi with Olympians Sasha Cohen and Johnny Moseley.

Dish 1- Kevin vs Ariel, Ariel’s sauce is too think and the blue easily win the olympian’s votes. 2-0 men.
Dish 2- Tennille vs Dave, Ramsey is shocked when Tennille delivers venison and calls it lamb, she stumbles around trying to say what it is but she doesn’t know. (Dave is such a monotonous speaker.) Despite her faux pa the women win tying the score 2-2.
Dish 3- Van vs Sabrina. Sabrina actually has lamb. Van can’t get out the words of what he made. (Sabrina whispers the answer to him.) Blue wins 4-2. (Suzanne’s all smiley as though she did something.)

The punishment- milking cows and cleaning the pig pen. The guys laugh until Ramsay tells them to stop. They get cowboy suits to work in. Tennille stop yelling at the camera! She’s also surprised that working on a farm is hard. Ariel is afraid of pigs because she was attacked by a pig at the county fair when she was little. Tennille starts gagging at the pig manure smell.

The reward- great restaurant and a beanie. Suzanne says she feels good about being on the blue team. She does a lot of the confessional explanations…They get grill cheese sandwiches? (What permanent damage do we think Dave is doing to his hand?)

Dinner service is tonight. This is a menu challenge. Each team creates three appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will go head to head for the restaurant. The women are having issues as they dislike Tennille’s suggestions (not fine dining enough). The blue team discusses and gets along very well as they suggest dishes. The blue team is ready with time to spare while the women struggle and no one on red is satisfied. Time to present anyway. Blue runs through theirs and Ramsay approves. Red’s turn and Sabrina says she’s not happy with Tennille’s plan which Ramsay says it isn’t very creative. More confessional yelling from Tennille. The blue team is chillin in the kitchen while red fights.

Service begins. Voiceover points out that Sabrina didn’t offer a dish. Tons of tickets go to the blue kitchen. Finally red gets one. Coordination between both kitchens is required because they have to serve the whole table together. Tennille serves a bad garnish. Van serves the wrong number of scallops and gets yelled at (Dumbo!) Food on the red side is returned because of cold pork. Ariel gets yelled at too. Van gets black charred bits on his scallops. Ariel’s food is returned cold again. Dave lifts a pan with his bad hand and did something bad to his arm. He asks to see the medic and says he’s in horrific pain. He worries about his ability to perform but he heads back to the kitchen anyway.

Both teams seem to be doing well finally until Sabrina falls behind. Van spills and doesn’t clean it up which gets him a scolding. (Van can’t look Ramsay in the eye.) Van falls behind a bit. Tennille starts sweeping mid-service, which puts her behind. Van serves something raw. Both kitchens fall behind. But he keeps serving it raw (Ramsay smashes the fish and it flies everywhere). Sabrina also serves raw fish. (It’s rarer than a sushi bar!) Ramsay calls up both Van and Sabrina for a yelling.

Service ends and no one wins because both teams screwed up. One name from each team is required. Blue discusses. Van messed up, but Van suggests Sabrina because she’s new. Dave says he’ll do whatever the other guys agree. Kevin isn’t so sure.

Sabrina suggests Tennille because they were waiting on her garnish. Tennille suggests Sabrina for not creating a dish. How does Ariel not get nominated after all the screwups she made?

Red team officially nominates Sabrina for previous services. Blue team nominates Van based on the night’s performance (though they do mention Suzanne anyway). Van says he’s not done. Sabrina says she has “everything” left. She says she can mesh with or lead any team. The person leaving is…Sabrina. (Dedicated but not head chef.)

Part Two:

Van’s still upset about elimination but oh well. The teams are combined and they get new coats.

Challenge time, Ramsay is cooking. The challenge is to recreate a dish based on sight and taste. In pairs: Van and Ariel, Tennille and Kevin, Suzanne and Dave. Dave isn’t thrilled but whatever. They must make a fish with four components.

Ariel and Van can’t seem to determine the fish. The fish, and garnish are the same choice by each. The puree, also difficult, does not get agreement (two parsnip one celery root). Final component is the sauce which everyone can’t quite determine. Each team has chosen a different fruit. As they prepare the dish with two minutes late, Van drops the fish on the floor. (Dave is clearly in pain.)

Kevin and Tennille present first then Van and Ariel (very similar presentation) then Suzanne and Dave. Fish was correct for all but no one had the puree correct (it was a white onion). Garnish was missing from Kevin and Tennille’s dish. Only one of the remaining teams got the correct fruit. The winning team is…DAVE AND SUZANNE. (People don’t like her response.) Their reward is going to eat at Ramsay’s restaurant and get to meet the winner of Season 4, Christina.

The punishment is decorating the restaurant. John Phillipe makes everyone unhappy as he gives them directions. TENNILLE STOP YELLING BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT OF THE KITCHEN MYSELF!

Ramsay gives Suzanne and Dave. They get a tour of the kitchen and meet Christina (who looks remarkably like Sabrina). Christina and Suzanne seem very similar. Christina tells them to think ahead and what twists Ramsay may present. Dave constantly makes confessional comments about disliking Suzanne.

Everyone is mean to Dave when he gets back and ignore him when he offers to help. Ok, well I guess they can do all the work while he relaxes. Whatever.

Service will be couple’ night with a tableside service. Kevin is in the dining room. Well, that should make the tables a little easier to coordinate.

Suzanne is all thrilled with hot apps. Kevin and Suzanne must be on point. Suzanne messes up and does one tortellini too few. Which means Kevin’s tableside station is messed up. She serves it finally and they’re back in sync. Van starts too early (his sweat is dripping into the food and he gets yelled at for it).

The kitchen begins working on appetizers and entrees. Tennille steps up both communication and cooking. Van screws up again with the fish and serves it raw. Ramsay calls Van into the back and tells him to get a grip! Next time he’s out. Something is burning in Ariel’s pan. She didn’t realize the burner was on. Ramsay and Scott leave the kitchen. (Who will step up to replace him? Maybe it’s a test…) Surprisingly, Tennille steps up to take control. But Ariel gets annoyed. Dave offers to help her. Kevin plates the food and then heads out to the dining room to do more. Suzanne doesn’t know how to plate the food so she tells Van to instead. Suzanne is worried about putting it out so Van does it. (The kitchen seems incredibly calm now.) Van struggles to keep up on the fish. Suzanne tries to give him a pep talk.

Ramzay and Scott return and tell them to stop. He says he’s never walked out before. He send Van, Suzanne, and Ariel out of the kitchen. Unnecessary since they’d finally fixed everything while he was gone…Van screams and yells. He says he’s done and walks away. But he won’t quit.

Dave, Kevin, and Tennille continue working in the kitchen (Dave stop holding heavy things with your injured hand!). Tennille is told she’s cooked meat better than he’s ever seen anyone cook it. They finish strong. He thanks them and says nothing was their fault. They are all safe. They must choose two names from the three left (Suzanne and Van by any chance?).

Tennille says Suzanne screwed up for not being able to plate food. Then she points out Van for screwing up. Dave wants to put up Ariel because of the burned lettuce (strategically really). Tennille isn’t sure but then they decide on Suzanne and Ariel. Let’s be honest, Ramsay will probably call Van up anyway.

Elimination. They announce their nominees. Ramsay doesn’t agree and asks Tennille if she does so Tennille says Van should be up there. So he;s called up as well. Van whines and complains. Ariel is safe. Van and Suzanne have both been up 3 times. Going home is VAN.

Hell’s Kitchen 9

Suzanne and Ariel talk. Ariel says she must change how she interacts with her team.

Challenge: French Cuisine, specifically the crepe. 4 crepes per team (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert) testing creativity. He demonstrates. 20 minutes to do all four. Both divvy up the responsibilities. Suzanne tried to be a team player and help but everyone dislikes it and thinks it’s overcompensating. The men are having trouble making crepes. Van can’t get it to spread. With five minutes left no one can seem to do it. Well, they all manage to bring something to the table. John Pierre, who is Belgian, will help with the tasting. Van is first good idea but bad crepe. Ariel’s is a nice color and is very nice. Women take the lead 1-0. Tennille’s is very spicy while Andy’s has great color and combination. 1-1. Kevin’s has a lot going on with a delicious flavor. Suzanne gives a long speech that everyone is annoyed with. Hers is delicious with perfect seasoning. Tough call. Both win. 2-2. Kevin thinks he should have won and that Ramsay was “throwing them a bone.” Amanda vs Dave. Dave reveals his and gets a “holy ****, what is that?” It looks like a plate of diarrhea. Sabrina’s is delicious (Ramsay says he can see it in Whistler. Women win 3-2.

The menu for the evening will be gaining some french food. The Women will be going to a french restaurant and there will be a surprise. Men will be prepping both kitchens. Dave’s upset that he couldn’t make the crepe. (This is another example of it wasn’t just him who lost but everyone blames him.) The guys are all moody.

The women pull up to a surprise. They are being taught how to pantomime. This will help them communicate. I doubt it will help but okay. They enjoy fake punching Suzanne. They bond. The guys eat gross food that Andy can’t handle. They all laugh at him. The women return, revved up.

Andy is prepping and cuts off the tips of his fingers. He calls for a medic and needs stitches. Bad timing and bad luck, as always for the men’s team. Ramsay calls them all together for the pump up speech. Tonight he wants success.

Service begins. Dave gets the men off to a quick start by putting out good risotto.

Sabrina delivers hers and Ramsay says it tastes like nothing. He brings over Dave’s to show her how bad hers is. She delivers more soon and it’s stunning.

Andy struggles on crepes. Van tries to remain positive. Kevin takes over for Andy. The red team is already moving on to entrees. They’re feeling good until Suzanne changes the time that they need to back things up. She says the oven isn’t working well.

Andy falls behind and everyone else needs to help him. Dave seems to be doing everything. Imagine Dave with two hands. I kinda hope he wins.

Suzanne is having a tough time on meat and Ramsay yells at her. She cuts the lamb too early.

Andy makes salads. He couldn’t do the other stuff with the injured hands. Until he starts knocking things over. Ramsay looks at it and is unsatisfied so he calls them all over to yell. He asks Andy if he’s given up and he says no, he’s having problem with his dexterity.

Suzanne finally catches up only too be called over for mixing up the order. He says he’s amazed at her inconsistency. Sabrina serves up something with too little garnish. He tells her she’s too bland. So it will be between Sabrina and Suzanne if they lose.

On the men’s side Andy can’t handle the crepes. Ramsay kicks Andy out, which may help the men win. Andy thinks that you don’t have to be a “douchenozzle” to win.

Suzanne delivers something that is overcooked. He yells about their inconsistency and kicks out Suzanne and Sabrina. He calls Tennille and Ariel over to reassign them. They seem to be doing fine now. (Their sous chef, Heather, helps.)

An hour in and everyone is waiting for food but without Andy, Suzanne, and Sabrina, both teams finish off easily. He calls them over to say he’s shocked to complete service without 3 chefs. The two teams must decide together which 2 people to nominate total.

They go up to discuss. Andy says he knows the guys were carrying him. They don’t know what to do. Finally they agree to put up Suzanne and Andy. Sabrina is thrilled to have dodged the bullet. Suzanne doesn’t understand why she’s up and she says so. She thinks she’s a team player though the team doesn’t agree. When she leaves they debate how to get rid of her and discuss whether they should put up Sabrina instead of Andy in hopes of Suzanne going home but Sabrina says no. If they do she’ll say it was just because they want to protect Andy.

Judging. First nominee is Suzanne for bringing down the team. Second is…Andy for his inconsistencies in service. Suzanne says she should stay because she knows how to cook every station. He asks Ariel and Tennille if they’re better without her and they say yes. Andy says his services have been improving and that he has an issue because he hurt his strong hand. Ramsay points out that two of his teammates are injured and doing well. The person leaving is…Andy. That’s been coming for a while. Ramsay tells Andy to stop panicking. Andy’s sad because he thought he was makign a comeback.

Ah, but then Ramsay says he’s not done. He calls up Sabrina. He says he wants the old Suzanne and old Sabrina back. Then he tells Suzanne to take off her jacket. The women are thrilled. Then he explains she’s being moved to the blue team. Women are thrilled, the guys are not.

Hell’s Kitchen 8

The contestants return to their apartment. The men say they can’t believe Robert is gone. Dave thinks Robert was more skilled than Andy (so why didn’t you nominate him?!?) The women meanwhile hope to get rid of Suzanne because she’s getting on their nerves. She rubs them all the wrong way.

Challenge time. Ramsay plans a taste test for the chefs. His favorite challenge since all good chefs must have a great pallette. Andy says he’s known for his taste buds so great. Tennille is told to sit out. Suzanne brags about her great taste test.

Ariel vs Van tasting cream cheese. Van guesses yogurt, Ariel guesses cream cheese. They then taste venison which both guess wrong. They also get pecans wrong. Finally, leeks. Van gets it right as does Ariel. Score is 2-1 women.

Dave and Suzanne are next. They get turkey right but miss zuccini. For quince, which they work with everyday they both guess wrong. Egg yolk is last which Dave guesses is squash and Suzanne gets right. Women lead 4-2.

Kevin vs Sabrina. Iceberg lettuce first. Which they both misidentify. Grapefruit is guessed correctly by both but miss oregano. Clams are the last one for them which Kevin totally misses by guessing spinach and Sabrina guesses is Tuna. 5-3 women.

Amanda vs Andy. Lychee is first. (Amanda can’t seem to open her mouth wide enough.) Andy gets it while Amanda guesses pineapples. 5-4 the women. Avocado next. Andy says its tough and guesses boiled coconut. Amanda gets it right. 6-4 women. If Andy misses the next one it’s all over. Ahi tuna is the choice. Amanda actually gags. Both team are praying as Andy debates it. Finally he guesses salmon. The women win.

Andy got no more or less than anyone else but they’ll probably remember it as him losing it for all of them.

The women must get dressed for the limo while the men prepare the glasses, bring in a new shipment, and make sorbet for service. With two injured guys, this will be tough for them. The men are surly as the women come in. The guys have to sort the berries that came in. Van gets so dirty it looks like he was in a drive by shooting.

The women arrive at Opaque where they dine in the dark. They walking in train style and are seated. They’re all giddy. He tells them to eat in the dark more often so they could appreciate tastes. Suzanne asks a question that makes them all think “suck up!”

Chef Scott brings inĀ  some good looking food and blends it. This is apparently their lunch and they all feel like they’re going to throw up. Van enjoys though.

The girls return all drunk and school girl giggly.

Both teams begin prepping. The women are clearly not getting along. They women have the anti-Suzanne team. She recognizes it. (They cut to a shot of her eying them from behind a wall which makes her look creepy.)

Ramsay calls the teams in. They will be serving a sorbet for the first time ever. Ariel will be working the sorbet table-side as well as in the kitchen. Ramsay’s goal is consistency out of the two kitchens.

Dinner service begins. Tennille and Kevin are on appetizers. Kevin plans to jump in on Andy’s garnish station if needed. Suzanne’s scallops are cooking and Tennille tells her to redo them because they’re dark. Ramsay says they’re a nice color. Kevin served up a risotto and Ramsay says it’s good. So far so good for both. Ariel heads out to serve sorbets (six flavors and they look good). Kevin heads out to do the same with Van covering the app station.

Van’s first appetizers up are bland. He delivers them again and they’re good. One of the women tell Kevin the risotto was bad and she’s disappointed. Ariel returns to the kitchen as they move on to entrees. Tennille offers help to Amanda who is getting overwhelmed on garnish and she refuses. He yells at her and she redoes it acceptably. Andy can’t seem to remember what’s next and isn’t communicating when Kevin returns. Ramsay yells at them for not listening to the orders. They pick it up again.

With Sabrina on meat and Suzanne on fish can’t seem to work together. They finally get it out but the lamb is raw and is returned. (Sabrina blames Suzanne for rushing her.) He kicks her out of the kitchen. (She made one mistake and her kicked her out!) Sabrina is eating the lamb meanwhile. Tennille is assigned to the meat and she loves taking charge. Tennille delivers acceptable lamb and the diners are happier.

The men have found their rhythm. Sabrina is finally called back in and he says if you won’t eat your raw food why should the diners. The men are almost finished. If Andy can keep up. He says they have too few potatoes for what’s ordered. Is it enough? Barely. The diners are pleased.

The women are also nearing the end. Suzanne is a minute off with the fish which means they have to redo the entire table. (All must be served at once.) They start blaming each other and the diners wonder where their food is.

The men are down to their last three tickets but there isn’t enough potatoes. David says he’ll run to get some. He uses potatoes skins to make. Andy is sent to tell the clients that they are short on mashed potatoes. Suzanne asks Amanda for help but even so the fish comes out cold. (Suzanne then blames it on Amanda.)

Ramsay’s freaking out and yells at both Suzanne and Amanda. Dave works to prep the potatoes. Andy’s overwhelmed by being stuck between Chef Scott and Chef Ramsay. Dave’s finished the potatoes and they finish their entrees. As does the red team.

Dinner service ended and Ramsay tells them both teams are equally weak. The winner tonight was the blue team. One of the best performances came from Dave. Tennille is told he’s glad she’s still around because it was her best service and she was the best of the worst so she can nominate two for elimination. Gee, I wonder who she will pick? (I am sick of Tennille yelling at the camera during her confessionals.) Tennille tells her she’s putting Suzanne up for throwing everyone under the bus. Suzanne apologizes for being intense, she isn’t trying to throw them under the bus. (The distinction between “I’m ready” and “we’re ready.”) Tennille thinks about putting Amanda up for her carelessness during service.

Upon request, Tennille nominates Suzanne for lack of teamwork. Next is Sabrina for “not stepping into the role she needs to make the team successful.” Ramsay decides to add one more person. Amanda join the nominated. Suzanne says she gives her full everyday and she thinks it’s personal. Sabrina thinks she should stay because she’s a team player, a leader, and a good cook. Amanda says she can cook her stuff and she can win.

He decides that…Suzanne…back in line. Amanda is going home. Amanda is a very gracious loser. She plans to keep cooking and be the best chef ever!

Ramsay tells them he plans to turn things up a notch.

They all promise to gun for Suzanne. Each team has 4 contestants left.

Hell’s Kitchen 7

There is talk of getting rid of Robert (for a more cohesive team) who is still in the hospital.

Challenge team. Ramsay is standing in front of a huge covered, tublike thing. He thinks they need to be more creative. The cover is revealed, it’s a craps table. They must roll a die and whatever letters they get they must choose an ingredient with that letter.

Women get R (rabbit), H (harricovert), P (potatoes), G (garlic), and H (hamhock). Well set dish from the start. Men get H (hadock), F (figs thanks to Dave’s difficulty thinking), A (angel hair pasta), A (apples), and T (tomatoes).

They have 30 minutes to make their dishes and the women seem to quickly split the work and get ready. Meanwhile the guys can’t seem to figure out what dish to make. Suzanne steps in everyone’s way as they cook, trying to do better. Kevin puts the figs in the sauce and they’re shocked to see it tastes good. Tennille suggests putting sugar in Ariel’s garlic puree but she ignores the suggestion.

Van thinks the girl’s dish is beautiful looking and Ramsay says the puree was very strong but the leg was well cooked. The men’s fish is delicious. Both are delicious and the men win the challenge. Andy says their the McGuyver of cooking. As a reward the men head to Vegas. As a punishment the women must bring in the deliveries.

Tennille pulls out a box of lemons and it splits at the bottom and spills all over the floor as them men walk buy in their suits. Being a genius, Van hangs his entire body out the window of their limo as they drive. There’s a huge sign welcoming the men to Vegas where they get a VIP suite among other things.

The women are having a tough time with the punishment and all go to bed as soon as they finish. At 1:15 am a delivery truck shows up. Tennille is cranky.

Time for prep in the morning and the women are sore and tired. The men arrived wearing their sunglasses indoors. Robert is still not back but the men don’t seem to care. In the women’s kitchen Suzanne is getting on everyone’s nerves. The men are bonded and feeling good. They think that without Robert they’ve been doing better (I haven’t seen that proof anywhere but ok). And then in walks Robert, an hour before dinner service. The men are pissed. Apparently Robert’s heart is too small for his body. The men are cold to Robert and he feels it.

Ramsay calls them together. Tonight for the first time ever they are going to have chef’s tables composed of executive chefs from his other restaurants and he warns them not to make him look stupid. The chefs table is right next to the kitchen so they can see what is happening inside.

Dave says they ordered two risottos but they never actually asked for anything. The women don’t go to greet them until Ramsay tells them. The men’s chefs are impressed that Dave is working one armed and say his risotto tastes good. Ariel delivers her meals but doesn’t get great feedback (not enough salt).

The men move quickly on to entrees. Van is confident on his fish station but when they deliver it’s not good because he left the plastic wrap on it. The women move on to entrees as well. They wonder what Suzanne is actually doing. Another blue table has the paper on it from the men’s table. Ramsay calls the men in to yell (well, I’m guessing Van will be on the hot seat tonight). The chef’s tables hear the screaming. The women seem to be moving well until Ramsay sees that the garnish is in a dirty pan and yells at Sabrina.

The men forget about the chef’s table. Apparently they don’t get a menu. Van just tries to recite what he can remember about the station (he even tells them one of the dishes isn’t very good). The chef’s tables have already been served and are enjoying.

The women are dragging on the rest but they seem to pick it up again. Robert is struggling on lamb meanwhile. He finally gets it delivered and the meat isn’t cut well enough. The red team teach their last two tables. Ariel is slightly behind on the pasta and Amanda’s kind of freaking out. (Ramsay still seems to blame Amanda.) Robert still seems to be struggling and then some of the meat is delivered raw. Ramsay decides to have them turn it all off.

Despite the best start yet they lost focus mid-service. The chefs in the red kitchen said they’d be happy to return. The chefs in the blue kitchen said thanks but no thanks. The ladies win service. He calls out Van and Robert. The chef that stood out was Dave who put them in front of the women for appetizers so he gets to pick the nominees.

Robert doesn’t think he should go home. He puts up Andy’s name as someone who’s been consistently bad. Robert and Andy have a screaming match.

Elimination time arrives and Dave nominates Robert for his weak service and health problems. Second is Van based on his performance that night. Ramsay adds Andy to the mix. He tells Van to get back in line. Why should Robert stay? Robert says he’s been consistent until now. Andy says he does everything needed of him and Robert does nothing. Second screaming match. Ramsay decides that it’s Robert’s time to go because despite having more services than anyone he still hasn’t picked it up.

Robert plans to work on his career and health and the experience has really helped him.

Andy says he knows he needs to step it up.