Greek: The First Last

Well, now that I’m devastated by the break up of Katherine and Rusty…

The KTs play golf indoors and Rusty brings Dana in to introduce her to the KTs. Rusty points out that the pledges need to step up the pranks. Cappy is also prepping to defeat the Omega Chais in a golf tournament. Cappy won’t reveal the secret plan to them though. It’s on a need to know basis.

Ashleigh and Casey discuss their lasts before graduation. Rebecca is back and pretending to be okay when she’s clearly upset. It may be Casey’s last chance to be there for her as her big sis. Casey takes a shot but of course Rebecca can’t admit she’s upset. In comes the news that Greek is canceled. It was the ZBZ’s last chance to become number one again. Some problem with budget cuts. Otherwise, they will finish number two.

Casey went to visit Katherine but found Natalie there. Natalie is behind the change in funds. Katherine says she was just as surprise. Katherine says maybe there’s a way to get an extra blue ribbon event. Katherine suggests that someone propose reinstating an alternate event. Katherine wants to battle it out not have her house win on a technicality. She’s moving on anyway.

Grant and Calvin discuss the possibility of a gay cruise. Cal is opposed. Grant is for. Dale shows up before he has to commit. Dale has a favor to ask–someone in his church group has question that Dale doesn’t know how to respond. Dale wants Calvin to talk to him. (Oh Dale…)

Rusty tries to get the plan out of Casey but she says she doesn’t know. Evan comes to apologize for punching Rusty. Casey appreciates the apology but says he should say sorry to her brother. Surprisingly he does but Rusty doesn’t accept because he got 3 of his brothers expelled. So Evan says that Cappie and Evan made up. Rusty is shocked.

Dale is with drunk girl. Apparently they are sort of privately together. She doesn’t like public affection. What happens in the pantry stays in the pantry but at least she will concede that it is a relationship of some sort.

Ashleigh explains the pageant. They need someone to represent the house and nominate Ashleigh who has a pageant past. Ashleigh nominates Casey and then Beth nominates Rebecca who accepts. But Casey points out they need to win and they pick Casey. Rebecca walks out.

Cappie is practicing gold outside when Rusty comes over to confront him. Rusty wants to know the president but they get kidnapped by guys wearing old president masks. (Reminds me of that movie about the cheerleaders who became thieves.) They find themselves in a tool shed. Rusty is upset and wants to hear Cappie’s master plan. He didn’t want to drag other people into it.

Casey and Evan discuss the pageant. There will be no swimsuit pageant. Rebecca sees them talking and is upset. Rebecca says she’s just trying to validate herself through ZBZ events. She also knows Evan stole the necklace but she won’t call the cops.

Calvin talks to the guy for Dale. Calvin explains that you can find love being gay.

Dana comes in to look for Rusty and they realize Rusty and Cappie are missing. She points out that it’s strange that they’re missing because of the Omega Chais.

Casey and Ashleigh worry about what Rebecca said when Natalie shows up with their Gamma Psi power contestant. (Ashleigh does manage to mention smeyesing…Tyra Banks, did you really make that a term?)

Rusty uses his science knowledge to free himself but he’s not making things easy for Cappie. Once he gets Cappie to concede he agrees. The Omega Chais are coming so they sneak out a window but the pledges have arrived, it was actually them who kidnapped Cappie and Rusty in an attempt to prank them. But now they’ve lost them! (Is this the show’s attempt to introduce new characters as the old ones graduate?)

Cappie and Rusty debate where to go. Cappie says that as president he has to keep secrets sometimes. They split up because they can’t agree on things. Neither looks to be going in the right direction but time will tell.

Calvin gets home and asks Grant to come to speak to Dale’s friend next time. Calvin tells him he doesn’t want to go on the cruise. Calvin wonders if he’d like to explore the single gay world more.

Cappie is now in the car with Casey, looking for Rusty. They discuss the pageant. She thinks maybe Rebecca should let her compete. She hadn’t supported because scandals don’t help win pageants. Cappie suggests she’s trying to be the hero. They spot Rusty.

The guys wonder where the KTs are when Rusty and Cappie arrive. But they’ve been disqualified. The pledges are upset about screwing up.

Casey looks terrifying as she practices and Natalie’s managed to screw up Casey’s gown. Rebecca offers a chance to fix things (she had gowns “from being rich”) and Casey reluctantly agrees. With the warning that everything is riding on her of course. But Rebecca has been fake smiling for years she should be great at this.

Katherine introduces the pageant. How many houses are there? The Gamma Psi girl is a pro but clearly so is Rebecca. Until she gets to the end of the runway and some Omega Chai guys call her a tramp. Evan tells them to shut up but Rebecca’s already heard him.

Calvin meets with Dale’s friend. Grant didn’t come. Dale is upset that Calvin isn’t helping his friend see the way gay life can be stable. Calvin says he has to understand how gay life works–relationships are hard gay or straight.

Cappie is pissed at Evan for what happened to Rebecca. Rusty breaks up their fight and offers to take a hit but Evan leaves. Rusty is upset that Cappie doesn’t trust him. Cappie says there’s no revenge. He wanted it to be perfect. He wished Cappie would come to him. “Quit being his hero and start being his friend.”

Backstage Rebecca dabs away her tears. Casey comes over to comfort her. She wanted to show people that she didn’t care how they see her. Everyone or Evan? She still cares for Evan and she hates that. She thought he’d get her but it was stupid. And now she’s ruining things for the house. Rebecca tells her she was a better choice. Casey says going out their shows that she was the better choice. It’s about confidence, elegance, and poise. Casey encourages her to go out for the final question. She’s the future of ZBZ. Whether win or not now, Rebecca will help them win number one again in the future, even if not this year. It’s the pep talk Rebecca needs (we get a smile and all). She makes a speech about how girls are held to hypocritical standards. She calls everyone out for the double standard. She gets a standing applause and even Katherine seems to approve. She and Evan make eye contact. Evan wins the Greek God competition and the Greek Goddess is…Rebecca! (Can’t pretend to be surprised, Rebecca’s question was about health care, the other girl’s was about her favorite class.) Evan tries to congratulate her but she cuts him off.

Cappie challenges Evan to golf. Cappie bets the beach house for their spring break in exchange for the Omega Chai house for a day. Terms agreed.

Calvin asks Grant to come watch the tournament. Grant wants to head to a gay bar. Grant doesn’t know what he wants to do but Calvin says he wants to be single. Grant concedes this point a little. He’s grateful to Calvin and loves him. Calvin doesn’t want grateful though. Well, it’s over then…(That should make sharing a room awkward.) Grant thanks him for everything. At least they end on good terms with a hug.

The competition begins. One shot, closest one to the hole. Calvin comes to watch. Evan takes his swing and it’s good. Two feet from the pin. Cappie’s turn but he asks Rusty to go instead. Rusty not being a golfer and all, this seems like a bad plan. Cappie tells him to be the ball. Rusty’s swing is just a few feet long. So much for that.

Casey comes in to present Rebecca in the ZBZ house. Ashleigh says it is tradition for the seniors to give a gift to the house. Their gift, which they will be giving early, is that they’re number one again and they got them T-shirts to flaunt it. Dale tells Laura he doesn’t want to hide their relationship. He wants to take it outside the pantry but Laura doesn’t. Poor Dale, he never can get a break. So Dale announces to the house that he and Laura are no longer involved.

Cappie calls the house together to point out that they wanted the KTs to lose so that they can use the beach house to take the best revenge ever. Rusty will lead the revenge chair as the new revenge chair. (I can’t wait for this pranking!). Phase one of the plan is complete. Phase two…


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