Greek: The Tortoise and the Hair

Cappy made breakfast. Casey gets excited by an article about something she worked on going to the president as a law (from her internship). Turtle racing now. (I see a theme, anyone watch Life Unexpected?) The KTs all painted their turtles. Casey says everyone calling her Elle Woods just means she has to work harder. She needs to focus on her future. GRADUATION is coming up! I’m impressed at how carefully the turtles have remained in their lanes.

Rusty is doing his science stuff. Dale is shocked by the stuff Rusty got from his grant money. Rusty says he can use whatever he wants. In walks the professor. Rusty’s made improvements. Dale is ignored. Rusty needs a jacket and tie to meet the dean of engineering. Dale’s awarded himself a made up prize.

At ZBZ Casey and Ashleigh discuss a need for a new cleaning man. One of the girls offers. Abby rushes off to make fliers. Casey sometimes likes her and sometimes thinks she might kill them in their sleep. Ashleigh is working on marketing. Cappy hasn’t even said the word graduation yet. Ashleigh suggests talking to Rebecca. Rebecca comes in to say she’s found leftovers that were Frannie’s. They really need someone to clean.

Rusty is dressed in a suite (that is slightly too big). Where did he get the inspiration? Balls. His brother’s balls. Pool balls. Their convinced they’ll beat MIT. Can Rusty have something patent ready by then? Sure, even if the answer is really no.

Ashleigh asks why there are tons of guys in their house? To hire a new hasher (cleaning man). Dale shows up to do it. Ashleigh hires him much to everyone else’s chagrin. (I’m really liking this word lately.)

Rusty needs to be patent ready by the time promised. In comes Dana, arranged to help. She looks good here.

Rebecca wants to know why Casey wants to go into politics. What does she want to do? She points out the different options: they’re all whores. Casey wants to work on new legislation. Rebecca says she could introduce her to someone but she’d owe her a favor. (That’s the first lesson in politics.)

Dana and Rusty have issues. They need to focus, work quickly, and get along. So much for that.

Rebecca and Casey introduces Casey to a Congressman’s base. She signs on to help with voter registration. Rebecca asks if little cartoon birds hold up her clothes in the morning.

Dale wants to fancy up dinner with special napkin folds. All the girls want him out. They’re unhappy that he does Christian things all over the place. They want someone more in sync with the rest of them, someone hotter.

Casey tells Rebecca and Evan that she’s having difficulties getting signatures. Evan is glad to see that her personal life isn’t holding her back. Rebecca says she needs to work on her sales tactics; politics is all about scare tactics.

The turtle race is still happening. Hasn’t it been a day? Beaver thinks his turtle died. Spitter comes in and Cappie asks if Casey’s mentioned Graduation yet. Cappie wonders why he’d want to leave. Rusty says people will move on. Rusty gets good news about an article written about him with pictures and everything. He’s thrilled and talks to Dale about it. How is Dale’s new job going? Good. Professor Hastings comes with a toupee. This is just the beginning for them.

Casey comes in with the new votes and took out all the fake ones. She has a new idea to get more students to register. She wants to impress him so he can get her a job.

Ashleigh comes to fire Dale and he thinks she wants to date him. He’s no longer lapsed. She’s shocked but he quits.

Dana drools and Rusty wakes her up rudely. She says she doesn’t think things will work. She checked his calculations and he’s going for a dead end. He’s gong to have to start with a new formula. He thinks this might be because of their incident. She storms out. But if his ego ever lets him check her notes he’ll see the issue.

Turtle race has more or less ended and Casey comes to see Cappie. She’s in a good mood. She might be able to get a job as a legislative aide if things go well. He says that’s great. She wants to talk about the future. What’s his plan? Their plan? He thinks…he likes turtles. He’s got a plan: we’ll figure it out when your time comes. She says that’s not a plan. He doesn’t have a major (how is that possible in his second semester of senior year, unless they plan to keep him behind).

Casey gives a check to Rusty for Dale. Dana has made him nervous. She worries about whether it’s worth it. He says maybe Cappie will surprise him. Enjoy the interview, he’s worked hard. Cartwrights together, kicking ass. It’s cute. Hunter is the new hasher. The girls want Hunter gone too. They get a bad feeling from him, they want Dale back because they trust him. This guy is weird and pervy. Ashley agrees to call Dale after she sees him being sketchy.

Rebecca is impressed by the event. Cappie comes and it’s awkward. Why Rebecca wants to know. In comes the Congressman so Rebecca leaves to talk to Evan who goes to talk to Cappie about how he’s managed to blow it. Evan asys it’s just like he said it would be. Casey suggests doing this all over college campus. He suggests going back to his apartment to discuss. Cappie comes over to discuss it but Casey says it won’t happen.

Dale says he’ll come back only if she takes a sexual harassment seminar and agree not to make any unwanted advances. He will sleep on it. Alone.

At Rusty’s meeting he wants to discuss the issue but his professor ignores him. Rusty doesn’t understand why he’s expected to pretend everything is fine. Rusty says right now the wire only has potential but it isn’t perfect.

Rebecca wants ambassadorship to France. Casey says she thinks Joel hit on her. Casey is upset. Rebecca encourages her to tell Joel the truth so she does, except that everyone was going back to his place for the debriefing.

Dale is back. Casey is upset because she thought she had that job and clearly she doesn’t belong there. Cappie suggests she go back to Joel. He says she will go to Washington and be amazing. What about them and graduation? He wants to be wherever she is.

Rusty comes in to talk to the professor who isn’t pleased about Rusty’s stunts. He says Rusty lacks drive and ambition. He has to be the one to toot his horn. He says he can’t pretend. The professor gives him a suggestion to fix his formula.

Casey comes in to apologize. He says there’s no need to apologize, he should have been clearer. She was never going to be considered for the job because they only take people with higher degrees or experience. Local government or graduate school? Law school? For herself? He says he can help get her in to law school, he can help her. (So I guess that’s the way to keep her around.)

Dana arrives to talk about Rusty. He’s nice to her now and says he could use her help. Where to begin?

Rusty arrives to find the turtle race over. Cappie is playing Nintendo DS (the really old one–play Zelda, it’s the best game!) Casey has decided on law school and Cappie has gotten a form to declare a major. Baby steps.


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