Greek: All Children…Grow Up

As the KTs plan their final revenge, Cappie says he intends to give Casey the perfect birthday. Finally.

Ashleigh has been interviewing for jobs, Casey has been rejected from a few law schools so far. A letter has come from a school and it looks promising, it’s big. Casey’s gotten into GW law school! Cappie isn’t as happy as Casey. They haven’t heard from CRU yet.

The Omega Chais discuss their Myrtle Beach spring break plan. Nationals has said that because of members’ illegal action the year before, anyone caught doing similar things will lost their charter for their fraternity. Time for presidential nominations for next year. Someone immediately nominates Tripp (why? he’s a jerk! I suppose he’d be good for the house in some ways). He “graciously and humbly” accepts. Grant nominates Calvin. Calvin is surprised. No other nominations are made so campaigning will begin after break. Evan is glad Calvin and Grant are still friends. Evan isn’t sure if president is something Calvin can do or would want to.

Rusty talks to Dana about last year’s spring break. Rusty suggests they share a room during spring break. She wouldn’t mind…saving money…the economy sucks…

Casey calls someone trying to find out if she got into CRU Law. No such luck though. It’s illegal…

Ashleigh finds out that Nationals requires a full time house mother starting next year. And Casey’s secret birthday party is in the works. Even Rebecca seems into it. She’d nervous about going to spring break single. Rebecca is still into Evan. Ashleigh suggests they take a vacation from themselves and lie about who they are over break to find guys.

Rusty accidentally invites Dale to Myrtle Beach and he actually agrees, Surprisingly. He finds Dana grating, but he wants to go anyway.

Leaving to the beach but first Casey assaults the mailwoman and she finds out she didn’t get into CRU but when Cappie asks, she lies about it.

Dale will be staying with Dana and Rusty. They’re both disappointed. Dale uses a blacklight to search for “residual body matter” and it’s all over. The Omega Chais look around at the myrtle beach house. Some guy comes in and tells them they have ten seconds to get off the property. He pulls his coat back to reveal a gun. Evan realizes it was a setup. Tripp wants to take it back but Evan suggests they find a place to stay first.

Casey and Ashleigh talk about the end of Casey and Cappie’s relationship. They also talk about how old people are 22. Ashleigh wants to bungee jump. They’re going to miss each other. Some guy overhears her talking about law school and advises her not to flunk out.

Dana gets a fake ID from Rusty. Dale is unhappy about all the girls who aren’t wearing much. Dana heads for a drink. Dale says he will make sure Dana won’t get pregnant.

Ashleigh and Rebecca begin their pretend game. Ashleigh finds someone interested in her right away. Someone takes a picture of Ashleigh’s top. Her name is Faith Flowers. Ashleigh tells her off. Rebecca knows who it is, she’s a trend forecaster. Ashleigh says she’d be good at that. Rebecca says to do something about it but Faith disappears. Like she’s magic. She’s the fairy job mother.

Evan, Tripp and Calvin discuss plans. Cappie and the KTs show up. Beaver teases about sleeping with Rebecca. Calvin reminds them about Nationals.

Casey asks Abby her first spring break. They discuss what Casey wants to do for law school housing, etc. Casey isn’t sure she’s ready. She isn’t sure she’s going. Casey wonders about maybe taking the house mother position at ZBZ. Right.

Dale wants to hang out with Rusty and Dana but they want to be together. Dale says he doesn’t like being the third wheel and leaves. Dana points out that they’re alone and can save some money. Rusty has to help with Phase Three but when he’s back…Dana goes to the beach.

Cappie sneaks into Casey’s room with coffee while she sleeps. He has a donut with a candle but she doesn’t wake up until the candle goes out. Casey is hungover while Cappie is fine. Casey tells him she didn’t get into CRU. She’s been thinking…she’s decided to stay. She can defer for a year or two. She loves her life and him, why leave? Come on Cappie, this is a test. If you’re the best boyfriend ever, you would talk her out of it!

Ashleigh and Rebecca look for boys. Rebecca can’t vacate from herself because she misses Evan. What can she do? Ashleigh points out she can open herself up. Evan sees her coming and has the Omega Chais leave. She says she screwed up and she’s sorry and she still cares about him, a lot, and she misses him and she’d like a second chance. He says he can’t. He forgives but he can’t forget. Should he? He’s still pissed. He doesn’t look so sure of his decision but he lets her walk away.

Cappie and Casey stand to bungee jump. Casey is freaking out. Cappie wants to give her something. Casey is scared. What if the cord breaks? Cappie tells her it will be fine. She says fear is natural. But it isn’t good when it keeps you from living your life. He jumps off.

Evan tells Calvin what Rebecca said. Calvin points out he still likes her and should give her another chance. Calvin is too nice. Tripp sees Rusty paying the guy from the house. The Omega Chais confront him thinking they hired the guy to kick them out of the beach house. Rusty says no one is staying there now so the Omega Chais intend to take it back.

The Omega Chais come to the house while the KTs are partying. Evan says leave them the house and they’ll call it even. Rusty says if they want them out they’ll have to kill them. Policemen walk in asking what they walked in on. They ask whose house it is. The Omega Chais say it’s theirs. He wants to see their house. (There’s even a donkey there.) Evan says they just arrived, the illegal activity has nothing to do with them. They could lose their charter. Should of thought of that…Cappie makes no move to help.

Ashleigh wanders and is approached by a cute guy when she sees Faith and talks to her about why should be hired. She wants to do what she does or learn from her or get her coffee or whatever. So…?

The cops asks if they did anything with the coffee. Tripp wants Evan to fix things. Tripp gets up to try to bribe him. He of course makes things even worse. Calvin asks to talk in private. They come to an understanding and the cops agree to leave. Tripp asks what he did and he says he handled it. This gets Calvin people’s support. Calvin said he learned from Evan. He’s learned how to be loyal and how to prevent pride from ruining him. He’s going to lose Rebecca because of his pride.

Casey is prepping for her surprise party. Ashleigh has something to tell her. She’s gotten an unpaid internship with Faith. She’s going to New York! She isn’t freaked out, she’s ready. Ashleigh says when they started college she never thought she wanted much for herself but Casey made her see that she should want more. Casey always goes after what she wants. Casey says maybe she’s not as strong as Ashleigh thinks but Ashleigh says maybe she’s just taken a vacation from herself.

Rusty apologizes to Dana for Dale who is drunk. Dale says it’s Rusty’s fault. He wanted a girl, that’s why he came. A real college experience, fun, etc. He only has two years left. Dana suggests getting him coffee. Someone knocks on the door, it’s Casey. She tells him about GW and how she isn’t going. She worries about failing. He assures her she is ready. She’ll be alone. Rusty was like that too but look what he has now. Even their relationship is better now. Rusty says everyone has to grow up, even Cappie. Dale throws up.

At Casey’s party, Ashleigh tries to push Rebecca to look for a guy but she plans to call it a night. Calvin approaches to say that even Tripp agreed to vote for Calvin. That was the last phase. All the people (cops, mafia, etc) were old KT brothers. Casey wants to go on a walk with Cappie now. Evan sees Rebecca and runs over to say it’s been his fault and he doesn’t want to lose her. He says she cheated on him because she doesn’t think she deserves happiness but she does and he’d like to try.

Cappie has something to give her. It’s his lavaliere. She tells him she can’t stay in Cyprus because she’d be doing it because she’s scared. She has to do what’s best for her. He thinks he will lose her. She suggests he comes, to transfer. He says he can’t leave. He says he doesn’t want to leave, he’s not scared. They conclude that they have no choices left. This is just one of those college relationships. She says maybe it’s the best one of all time. He says why wait? They should break up now. She doesn’t want to. It’s done. He walks away.


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