America’s Got Talent Finale!!!

I know, I know, this is super late, but better late than never right?

Out come the judges with their typical lights and cheers. Who do the judges will win? Piers, unlike previous years, has no ideas who, any could. Sharon looks about to cry and says the night is bittersweet but she can’t wait to see the results. David (continuing in the “Hoff”isms) doesn’t really say anything intelligent but ok.

Singing “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is the top ten. This only confuses me since not everyone in the top ten sings. I guess they do now/don’t have a choice? Well, Grandma Lee just talks and out comes Thelma Houston who isn’t part of the show at all really. Internet sensation or something? Oh and the dancers dance and Recycled Percussion plays their “instruments,” that makes sense.

Leona Lewis is on now. I don’t think I knew she was discovered on a talent show (The X Factor). I also didn’t actually know she was British so…I like her though I don’t care all that much for the song she performs for the finale.

Then we get a performance of…I don’t event know what to call it really. Poor acts? The Audition Allstars apparently.

Cirque du Soleil performs which is pretty cool. Hear so much about it but never actually saw it before. I didn’t realize it was a whole performance with singing and dancing, I always just thought it was just a fancier version of Barnum and Bailey’s Circus or something. Some crazy costumes in this performance and some cool tapping which I think is the highlight of the whole thing.

Filler about how awesome the show and contestants are. Time to narrow the field a bit.

Hairo Torres vs Barbara Padilla. Well, this one is pretty obvious though I liked Hairo as well. Maybe people can’t relate to opera? Even with that I can’t imagine her not making it. Sure enough Barbara Padilla makes it in and she looks utterly shocked.

Laurence Beaman vs Voices of Glory. Not sure what I think here. Voices of Glory isn’t consistent enough yet but I don’t really like Laurence Beaman. The act taking the next spot in the top five is The Voices of Glory. Well, hard to be bitter when it’s such cute people making it through. (Judges give a standing applause, as does the audience.)

Texas Tenors vs The Fab Five. I hope it’s the Fab Five. I don’t like the mix of styles the Tenors do. Sadly The Texas Tenors make it through.

Kevin Skinner vs Drew Stevens (the judges are whispering about something). This one is also pretty obvious as far as decision goes. Moving through to the top five is…Kevin Skinner.

Grandma Lee vs Recycled Percussion. Once again, I wouldn’t even hesitate to choose Recycled Percussion. I have yet to laugh at Grandma Lee’s jokes so I don’t think she even deserves top ten much less top five. She’s got a pretty big fan club in the crowd but Recycled Percussion makes it through. (Yay!)

Piers thinks that a number of the acts could have won previous seasons (even the ones already eliminated) showing how strong this season is.

More about bad auditions. David is very showman throughout everything. Then the judges talk about each other. Sharon loses her judgment when someone hot goes off. Piers is funny when obnoxious. And he loves the buzzer. He has a ten second attention span. David is “hoff” his rocker.

Shakira sings her new single “she-wolf.” I’ve never liked her all that much but I’m impressed that she manages to stay upright in those heals. Though her dancing seems worse than ever. More awkward than anything else.

Top five…more weeding out. Going home first of the top five is Voices of Glory. They handle it with dignity and smiles. Sharon cries and tells them it’s just the beginning for them.

The act finishing in fourth place and leaving is…The Texas Tenors. David says they’re well on their way. “It’s only the beginning.”

Finishing in third is…(I like them all now!!! Though I think Kevin Skinner is the least talented of the group) Recycled Percussion. They’re proof that small town boys can make it to big stages.

Piers thinks Barbara Padilla and Kevin Skinner are super different acts and the dream playoff. He can’t call it. Let’s see.

Rascal Flatts performs now with their fourth song to debut at number one. I don’t know what else they sing other than “Life is a Highway.”

100,000 acts are narrowed to the bottom two. We watch a bit of their journey.

Is it time for the winner to be announced? Nope. Susan Boyle performs “Wild Horses.” It’s her first performance in America ever. (How awkward that they show a girl making a face.) She actually doesn’t look bad when she was younger. I kind of can’t believe she didn’t actually win. She had a bit of a nervous breakdown after the show but now she’s better and more confident. This is once again an example of someone whose talent I see but whose style is not something I enjoy.

And now, to announce the winner. Winning $1 million and a 90 minute act in Vegas is…KEVIN SKINNER!


America’s Got Talent- Top 10

No surprise, the music they play in the background as they list the contestants it “Let It Rock,” which is one of three songs of summer (“Halo” and “Already Gone” being the other two).

Ten acts are performing tonight. I’m not sure why they changed the day of the finale from its regular night to Monday. Perhaps so as not to conflict/compete with other shows. Monday night does seem to have the fewest fall shows this week.

Show begins with the as always not very exciting judge entrance. I am not a fan of Sharon’s dress but I do like David’s suit. (Nick says he will miss the dramatic entrances, I won’t.)

Voices of Glory performs first and they seem to be better than previous weeks. Piers thinks they could win the competition with the act. Sharon says they delivered. David says hat trick, slam dunk, the best ever! (I don’t think he knows what a hat trick is…)

Hairo Torres is next. He agonizes over the right song choice. (As important for a dancer as a singer in his book and I agree.) In this performance he wants to just show himself and take it back to his finale. His dancing is so weird and creepy but he’s so impressive for his strength and energy and facial expressions. Sharon tells him he took a big risk and gave an emotional performance and she thinks he did the right thing. (I’m so curious to see how he would do with professional choreography.) David says he could be great. Piers loves him but has to be honest and say he doesn’t think it worked. (Boos.) He thought the show with other dancers brought his performance to another level and this dropped back again. Hairo wanted to do something that would make him happy.

Laurence Beaman performs third singing “My Everything.” As I’ve said more than once, he’s not bad, but he’s not for me. Whereas Barbara Padilla sings something I care nothing for but at least she blows me away, I don’t feel particularly strongly about him one way or another. David says he started humbly but he is a star. Fantastic, slick, cool performance. (Finally done with the Hoff jokes.) Piers says he’s the new Barry White but it’s not quite there yet. Fantastic vocals but need more love. Sharon asks how he felt about it (he felt good) and says she thought it was comfortable and natural.

Barbara Padilla singing her audition song is up now. It all sounds the same to me either way so whatever. As always good. Piers thinks Americans sympathize with her. Sharon can’t believe how far she’s come. David says the world is hers.

Fab Five is on next. They say they’re doing moves they haven’t done since they were kids. Not such a fan of their outfits. The music sounds too quiet. They do a great job with formations and of course special effects like fire and fireworks. Sharon says it was beautifully choreographered (choreographed, Sharon?). She says they belong in Vegas but the competition is tough. David asks if they ever stop smiling. He can’t stop smiling watching them. Great energy.

The Texas Tenors are singing “My Way.” I don’t particularly love them either but I do think this was their best performance yet. David says they have guts. Terrific! Piers thinks they’re fabulous cheese. Sharon says triple cheese, perfect vocals, superb harmonies, she loves them.

Drew Stevens follows the a capella performance. He’s good but not great. Piers felt proud of the show. He thought he performed his best ever. A wildcard could go all the way. Sharon says she’d choose him if she were a manager. She seriously thinks his trousers could be tighter.

Grandma Lee‘s turn. She comes in pregnant? Piers’s baby apparently. Sharon says the material got her. They all loved it. I didn’t laugh at any of her jokes, maybe smiled at a couple so…

Kevin Skinner is up now. He wants to do the best he can for the people. He’s singing “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. Excellent. such a nostalgia song. I saw them perform this concert once, they pulled Liv Tyler onto the stage for it. Not his best performance but still good. David says he could win. Piers says it wasn’t perfect. They say he doesn’t have the best voice but that’s ok.

Recycled Percussion, the group I am very excited to see. I wonder what they will do now. Water and see through shirts it appears. As always crazy and fun. Piers says brilliant and creative. Most exciting and most dynamic. Sharon hands it to them. Hoff says they’re insane. He wants to drum and shower all day.

America’s Got Talent Semifinal Results 2

Sorry this took so long to put up, it’s been a long day of traveling and I’ve only just managed to sit and watch the show. For some reason the finale will be on monday next week (an attempt to boost the ratings for another show perhaps?), this seems like a good way to hurt the show’s ratings due to confusion. As said on tuesday, the top five acts will be going through with no judges’ vote. The only down side to this is that the drama of the vote is gone. I’m just curious how often the judges have opted for the lower of the two acts they had to choose between.

Piers says the show is high stakes, shows up to par shouldn’t win $1 million. I thought we were through with the Hoff jokes but we’re not. Unfortunate. I wonder how often we need to get a list of the semifinalists. There are only ten and we’ll be seeing them as they get called up.

FootworKingz and Hairo Torres first. Who do I prefer? I’m not sure, I think Hairo Torres is a little stronger though FootworKingz are a lot of fun. The act moving on to the finals is…Hairo Torres. Piers gives him a little congratulatory speech.

We get a shot of the judges deciding to send both teams through last week. The Fab Five seem to be comforting the kids even though they haven’t made a decision. They sit there saying that the two groups both represent America in different ways. They were the only groups they didn’t want to choose between and both deserve it. David suggests they change the rules and Piers latches onto the idea: “We’re the judges, we can change the rules!”

More Orville Reddenbacher product placement. Think the partying is really before the show? Before people get bad news…They may not want to party after being buzzed. Oh, I guess not since they’re asked specific act related questions.

Eric & Rickie vs Jeffrey Ou. I prefer the dancers though I’m not a particular fan of either. I think the kids have great potential but that they’re not ready yet. In five years they can take on So You Think You Can Dance but right now they lack the technique. America has voted…both are out.

Mario and Jenny vs Recycled Percussion. I like both of these groups though I disliked Mario and Jenny’s performance last light for the reasons that Piers said (lack of excitement/danger, different act). One is safe. One is going home. I can’t imagine Recycled Percussion not making it. Going through is…Recycled Percussion.

Tony and Grammy Award winning performance by the cast of Jersey Boys. It’s a very calm act relative to other ones, but they’re good. Nevermind, it picks up midway through. The judges give a standing ovation (this is the type of act that I think would be best in person) and Sharon is so short she looked like she’s still sitting.

Laurence Beaman, Drew Stevens, the EriAm Sisters, and Barbara Padilla last. 3 of 4 should be making it. Definitely Barbara. I hope Drew Stevens. Then I don’t care, but I suppose the EriAm Sisters. The first act that will be performing in the final is…Barbara Padilla.

Laurence Beaman has made it through.

Drew Stevens vs the EriAm Sisters. One spot left. The act going into the finals is…Drew Stevens.

America’s Got Talent Semi Final Results 1

Filler, filler, filler, exclusive performance by David Hasselhoff, filler, filler, filler, meet the judges…

Piers says last night’s show was the best ever so there will be shocking results. Sharon can’t wait to see which four are chosen. “Pimp Daddy Hassel” is looking forward to sharing the stage with Miss Piggy and Kermit.

Now for the results:
Group One: Arcadian Broad, The Texas Tenors, and Drew Thomas Magic. The first act going home in the group is Drew Thomas Magic. His daughter is crying which is sad. Only one is going through. America has voted. The act that is moving on into the finals is The Texas Tenors. They come over and give Arcadian a hug which is cute. David thinks America made a good decision. (They make it sound like America was voting between the people within each of those groups when that’s not how it works at all.)

3 spots left. Earlier today, Sharon was talking to Miss Piggy about having lunch with Kermit, making the muppet jealous.

Muppet performance first. They fight about him eating with Sharon and sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Kermit hands Nick a CD that says “in case Miss Piggy throws a fit.” It’s a collage of pictures of them together. She forgives him. This is such a strange act…

Product placement: at the Orville lounge we zoom in on a bowl of popcorn with the Orville Redenbacher’s logo on it.

Group 2: Grandma Lee, Tony and Rory, and Paradiso Dance. This is my least favorite group. I wouldn’t come to watch any of them for 90 minutes. Only one group is going through to the final. America has voted. The next act to go home is…Paradiso Dance. (Grandma Lee has got a bunch of people shouting her name.) Now, the act taking the second spot in the final is…Grandma Lee. She gets a huge chant with Sharon and David standing up to applaud. Piers thinks she’s a very special lady and “‘why can’t she win this show?”

Next performance by David Hasselhoff who is performing “Feeling Good.” It looks like an old time movie. David is singing. He’s actually pretty good. Oh, and now he’s dancing. Not as good. It sort of like an old man’s dance. He’s clearly not in the shape he was in during Baywatch.

2 spots left. Group 3: Kevin Skinner, Acrodunk, The Voices of Glory, and the Fab Five. Well this is frustrating because I like all of them. Though I like Voices of Glory least. This is the strongest group up. The first act going through is Kevin Skinner and he gives the promised biggest smile he can produce. Three acts, one spot. America has voted. The next act to go home is…Acrodunk. (Shrieky girl cheers for them and boos the results.) I’m surprised by that but I really want the Fab Five to get in. Sharon always gets so emotional at this point and everyone added so much. It’s all bitter sweet.

One spot left in the final. They came in 4th and 5th. Only one will move on and it’s the judges choice. She says she has a soft spot for the Voices of Glory and they’re nearly there. The Fab Five are gorgeous and unbelievable dancers. She can’t decide. She won’t do it. David tells the Voices of Glory that they’re so young and they have so much to bring. Fab Five are so on their game. Piers said they debated and having already lost one great act (Acrodunk), they don’t want to lose another so they’ve decided the only fair way is to have no judges’ pick. Voices of Glory and The Fab Five will be going through.

So to recap, going through are: The Texas Tenors, Granmda Lee, Kevin Skinner, The Voices of Glory, and The Fab Five.

America’s Got Talent Top 20 List

Competing as the top 20, which begins next week will be:

(I’ve ranked the acts on a scale of one to five, five being great and one being eh, based on what I thought of their performance)

  1. Acrodunk***
  2. Drew Thomas Magic*****
  3. Kevin Skinner*****
  4. Grandma Lee*
  5. Arcadian Broad***
  6. Fab Five***
  7. Voices of Glory**
  8. Texas Tenors*
  9. Paradizo Dance*
  10. Rory & Tony*
  11. Jeffrey Ou* b
  12. Laurence Beaman*
  13. Mario & Jenny***
  14. Hairro Torres****
  15. FootworKingz**
  16. EriAm Sisters**
  17. Drew Stevyns**
  18. Recycled Percussion*****
  19. Barbara Pedilla*****
  20. Erik & Ricky**

Who are you excited for?

America’s Got Talent Results 4

First off, the EriAm Sisters vs Drew Stevens. America has voted and the first of five acts going into the semi-finals is…Drew Stevens. A little disappointed there. I kind of preferred the girls but what can you do? Just kidding…both of them made it!!! Haha, way to change things up but ouch that was mean.

We’re informed that the contestants have worked hard to get where they are and practice a lot. Well that’s a good sign. It’s cute to watch the contestants cheer each other on backstage and react the acts getting buzzed. Anyone else notice that each episode has “the best talent yet?”

Stepping forward is Pam Martin’s Top Dogs, African High Flyers, and Coney Island Chris. I think of these three I’d pick African High Flyers but honestly I’d pick none. Oh, and sure enough, they are all out. (I wonder why in the last results of quarterfinals show they decided to change the format…)

3 spots left.

Ishaara, Recycled Percussion, and Matt & Anthony are put forward. I’d be shocked if Recycled Percussion doesn’t make it. Only one is going through to the next round. The next act to go home is…Matt & Anthony. No shock there.With two left who will go through? Recycled Percussion.

5 groups left, two spots remaining…

Performance by Reba McKintire. Oh, she’s still around?

The Lollipop Girls Vs. Mia Boostrom vs Eric & Ricky vs Barbara Pedilla. I like all but the Lollipop Girls…First act going home is The Lollipop Girls. Good. Now I think I prefer the singers because while the kids are cute I don’t think their technique is there yet. One of the acts moving on is…Barbara Pedilla. (Sharon says she’s perfect.) Who will the judges choose between Mia and Eric & Ricky. David votes Eric & Ricky. Sharon votes Mia. Piers is the tie-breaker and he chooses Eric & Ricky.

Check out the Top 20 List and watch their quarterfinals performances.

America’s Got Talent: Final 10 of Top 40 Perform

5 spots left in the semi-finals. Morgan compliments Nick’s jacket. It’s all about the talent, be great. Hasselhoff has found a way to insert hoff into everything (even “mazelhoff”).

Ishaara the Bollywood group is first up. They’re all first generation Indian Americans who met at Berkley (even the tall, pale blond?). I think the bots shimmied better than the girls…This performance was stronger than the last one. I’m not in love with it but I think they did a good job. Piers says it was a wonderful way to start the show. Great energy and smiling. Sharon says they’re exotic, sexy, and great dancers. Hoff says America’s got Bodywatch (?!?) They’re the best dance group on the show by far.

Random comment, in seasons 1-3 the winner has always been a singer (in season 2 the winner was a singer/impressionist/ventriloquist). I wonder why that is.

Next up is cancer survivor Barbara Pedilla. She has adopted a daughter because she can’t conceive due to the radiation treatments. I don’t remember her from tryouts which is surprising considering her story. She’s an opera singer. She’s very good but I personally really don’t like opera. (Like her dress though.) She’s got a huge voice, I’ll give her that. Sharon tells her she’s taken her breath away. David thinks she’s a star. Piers says she’s the reason Simon Cowell created the show. She’s raised the bar. (I’d probably vote for her even though I dislike opera.)

Third comes a woman with a dog dancer, the performance is called Pam Martin’s Top Dogs. It must be brilliant since a dog act has already gone through. The dog is really cute but it’s just not enough for a 90 minute show in my opinion. I’m surprised she didn’t get any buzzes considering that not that much happened. David says whether she wins or not there is a place for her in Hollywood. Piers was certain he would buzz because he doesn’t like dog acts but the dog didn’t make a mistake. Sharon says it’s incredible. She has 16 dogs who can do nothing but pee on curtains. (16 DOGS!!!!)

African High Flyers are up next. They used to perform for tourists in Kenya. They plan a bigger show where one mistake is dangerous. Piers buzzes. They add some fire stick limbo. Fun but not worthy of another spot. Piers buzzed because he couldn’t watch them go for a long time. How far have they moved from their audition? Not far enough. Sharon says great energy and enthusiasm but they still need to add new elements for the next stage. David doesn’t know what they were watching but he loved it.

Mia Boostrom is on now. She’s been put down for being heavier. She’s not very big, not enough that I even noticed until she started talking about it. It might just be the close. She’s a pianist and singer and she sings Halleluyah. Great choice. She gets better as the song goes on and it’s an interesting remix. (Do they require most singers to have bback up dancers?) Sharon: WHOA who knew? You delivered. David: Look at how far you’ve come! Classy and beautiful. Piers: Love your guts and resilience and he thought she missed some notes, it was good but she’s not top among the other singers.

Erik and Ricky are up. These 8 and 9 year olds have been dancing since they were 4. They just have to hold it together. They’re so cute. Much as I dislike the passodoble (sorry Mary Murphy) I think they’re actually better than their audition. Sharon and David stand up to applaud. Hoff thinks they were so great, Ricky is so cool and Erik is the man and he thinks they could go all the way. Piers wants a man to man word with Erik, he’s the man. One of the most charming acts yet. Sharon thinks they brought in the right amount of drama.

Coney Island Chris is seventh. Being a comedian is a difficult life. He needs to horrify. He’s risking his life in this performance. Sharon and Piers buzz him when he lights his tongue on fire. He gets a final buzz after lighting his butt on fire. The audience seemed to be laughing at all of his jokes. Piers didn’t find it funny or shocking. Sharon agrees, he’s not on the level of the acts that have gone on so far. (She says “I don’t know how you got this far.”) Hoff just says it wasn’t there.

College roommates Matt and Anthony, the tap dancer and guitarist are up next. There’s just not enough going on in this performance and the back up dancers are poorly utilized, should have gotten some tap dancers. A single buzz from Piers. No shock there. Sharon thinks the dancing was incredible but there’s something in the combo that is missing. David thinks it works but were slightly off at times. Piers thinks the singing isn’t up to par with the dancing. I didn’t think he singing was noticeably bad.

Here comes the wildcard act The Lollipop Girls. They’re all crying as they talk. Fun, entertaining, saucy. If they don’t make it Hoff will go into a depression. The judges were all uncertain before but were impressed.

Drew Stevens is on now, the second wildcard. Piers doesn’t think his voice is strong enough and I kind of agree. He sings “How To Save A Life” and the opening is a little weak though he does improve as the song picks up a bit but not enough. Piers not strong enough but best performance for him. Sharon says she was surprised. Hoff is glad he came back too and had heard him backstage and thought it was a guest star.

On comes Recycled Percussion stomp group. I love stomp. They certainly stepped it up with fire and saws and stuff. All three judges give them a standing ovation. Well, I know which group I like best of the night (possibly the whole competition). Sharon doesn’t even recognize the group it’s gone up so much. David just wants to go bang on things. Piers says not everyone takes the advice they’re given but boy did they take it. (Now how will they top this? That’s what I’m curious about it?) He thinks a load of trash can win the show.

The EriAm Sisters perform now. They’re a sister group. The second all sister group. They sing Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” I think they chose the wrong song because the background is hard to keep on beat and harmonized and they are off for a bit though they definitely get better. David says the show is becoming America’s Got Kids and their singing is great talent. Piers likes their cheeky dancing. The 12 year old has the biggest voice and he thinks they’re the next Destiny’s Child. Sharon says they delivered and hopes America brings them back so she can see what else they can do.

The voting lines are now open. Results tomorrow.