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The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Tod Margaret– I had the chance to finally check out this new show and I wasn’t impressed in the least. It was basically just watch an ill-qualified idiot be given more responsibilities than he can handle and see him fail. There wasn’t really anything funny about it and much as I love British accents, that wasn’t enough to draw me in. None of the characters were compelling or made me want to watch more.

Glee– Before I even mention this week’s Grilled Cheesus episode, I wanted to talk about the Britney/Brittany episode. TV guide complained that Heather’s vocals are weak, but if we’re honest with ourselves, so are Britney Spears’s. I remember when Baby One More Time was popular, we got one of our teachers to listen to the song and she said: “well, it’s fine, but why does she whine so much?” What the episode did showcase was Brittany’s awesome dancing, her body (which is better than Spears’s ever was), and her awesome stupidity. I didn’t really expect more out of the episode, though I do agree with the assessment that I prefer songs directly related to what is happening and given the number of songs Britney’s put out, it shouldn’t have been all that difficult to manage. On to this week, I really liked the conversation about religion though it would have been nice to hear about the actual Jewish side of things (Rachel for example who cares enough about Judaism to want her kids to be raised Jewish though not enough to date/plan to marry a Jew). As always, Kurt was fantastic. Anyone notice that Rachel is much more stylish this season?

Running Wilde– hasn’t gotten any better really. One of the faults of the show is the daughter’s voiceovers. She’s just got no comic delivery (though she doesn’t have much to work with)

Raising Hope– It’s starting to grow on me. I’m not sure why though. I did like the baby getting lost in the Hoarders’ closet. Interesting that the mom kept all that stuff because she hoped for something better, I don’t think that’s what it’s about for most hoarders.

– Continued solid performances by all involved but I don’t like how Amber has been mostly MIA lately. Bring her back! I liked seeing Gabby get stuck dealing with Crosby and I actually kind of hope they bring Gabby in more. The kid who plays Max is fantastic and the episode about Adam trying to bond with him was really one of the best.

Brothers and Sister– I still think this is some of the best writing for TV dramas. Thank you college roomie for insisting I watch it. (If you haven’t watched it, start from the beginning and give it a couple episodes before you decide.) Not a huge fan of Sarah’s bangs and the daughter’s haircut is pretty awful. I surprisingly don’t mind Tommy being gone but I do miss Saul and Rebecca.

Chuck– I never thought I’d say this, but I really enjoyed Nicole Richie’s performance. Her dynamic with Sarah/Jenny is fantastic though from what we’ve learned of her past I can’t imagine her as a punching bag. I would love to learn more about her. I don’t really get this ever changing agent Greta thing, but that’s ok. I do miss Elie and Awesome.

Outsourced– I’m ready to cross this one off, now that I’ve given it a second episode. This season’s new comedies are just not doing it. How did they get so many great shows last season (Modern Family, The Middle, Cougar Town) and have so many blah ones this season?

No Ordinary Family– I didn’t love this episode the way that I loved the pilot, but it was still enjoyable. I particularly liked the mom tripping over a bicycle while running at superspeed (didn’t anyone ever tell her to watch where she’s going?) and it did help us discover that she has a Wolverine healing factor (or a cheerleader’s). EW talked about JJ’s ability as cheating, but I have a different take on it. Aside from the fact that I’m not sure he can turn his ability on and off, is it cheating to use his own abilities?

Life Unexpected– it’s unclear to me why exactly Lux didn’t want Tash to stay with her newest foster family (was it because the woman was awful or because the woman had been a mother figure?) I miss Cate on the radio but I suppose this woman does bring new drama. My question is how the listeners feel about it. The decision to fire Cate seemed almost arbitrary, like it was a personal vendetta and not a business decision.

Nikita– learning what we did about Alex was really interesting (and even better that Amanda recognized that she was lying despite an excellent acting job). I really like the flashbacks and wish we could learn more about Nikita and why we should really feel for her vendetta (not in the sense that I don’t think Division is bad and needs to be brought down, but in the sense that I don’t buy the love story).

Dexter– There’s something fascinatingly disturbing about Deb’s blindness when it comes to Dexter. How can she, being so close to him, think he is the strong, supportive older brother? Can anyone with so little humanity really fake it that well? Seeing Dexter with Cody was great though I can’t pretend I’m sorry to see Astor go. There’s only so much pre-teen melodrama a person can take.

Undercovers– another show where I found the second episode slightly less appealing that the first. I think my main issue here is that there isn’t any real tension between the main characters. Everything was just a little ordinary. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either.

Vampire Diaries– if there’s one show that’s really kicked it up a bit (despite a sadly departed Anna), it’s this one. The Katherine vs Elena scene was great and I think I actually believe Katherine loved Stefan. Of course, Katherine’s version of loving isn’t so loving, but that’s a different story. I like Caroline the vampire when she’s struggling with her feelings for Matt, less so when she’s Katherine’s puppets. Why not come clean and get help? I miss the Bonnie of old, this new, moody, vindictive one is tiring.

Gossip Girl– Serena’s storyline is just dumb. I appreciate that she’s meant to be the hot wild child, but really, I prefer her storylines to revolve around her sordid past, fighting with her mom, and fighting with Blaire. And if they must do a love angle for her, perhaps one that brings in a new character. I’m so sick of Dan and Nate. (Nate for his lack of personality and Dan for…liking Vanessa.) I did feel for Dan losing “his” baby. The Blaire-Chuck dynamic has taken an interesting turn. A part of me didn’t think Eva would really be gone or expected him to fly after her or something, but instead he’s decided to go to war against Blaire. Should be interesting. You know, Serena and Blaire fought to get into that exclusive society and now there’s nothing about it.

90210– Adrianna is so dumb that I kind of feel like she’s getting what’s coming to her. But then, her new manager is so slimy that I kind of feel bad. As always I don’t care for Annie so her selling her eggs, besides being stupid and so illegal since she’s probably not old enough to do it (where will she do it?). Silver’s was sort of background this week. All she really did was make situations that allowed for other people’s drama. Ivy’s sex insecurity can only get better now that Dixon has found out that he might be HIV positive. How paranoid will she be when he either doesn’t show or doesn’t want to have sex? Liam and his brother was just eh. Naomi was also sort of a non-entity this week, but she’s been fairly interesting in the last couple weeks so I forgive her.

Grey’s Anatomy– I still mostly don’t care about Meredith, though I will admit that I like how she interacts with Christina. Speaking of, how did anyone think Christina getting married was a good idea or that it was something she wanted/was ready for. I’m guessing the writers will make it work, but I don’t believe it. (I don’t particularly like Hunt so that could be part of it.) Her reaction in the OR was so compelling and was definitely one of the moments of the week. I also liked Lexie-Mark (or lack thereof) for its complexity and Arizona-Callie for its sweetness (even though I had a hard time believing Callie was gay, I like their relationship enough to not care). I’m actually quite impressed with this season so far. I think cutting out some of the new cast from last season was really smart and the fallout of the shooting has been masterfully done. The thing I am most excited for: Amelia’s arrival. Which leads me to…

Private Practice– this show has had its ups and downs and it seems like the Grey’s-Practice writers were murder happy last season. The Violet-Pete relationship is still pretty awful (because though I liked the actress as Amy in Judging Amy, I find Violet grating and Pete so much better than her) but I love the way it interacted with the Coop-Charlotte relationship. I really like Charlotte and she did a great job this past episode of becoming more human while implying that she’d been that way all along. I don’t care for Naomi or Sheldon, but I must admit Addison has grown on me lately. I like Sam though I do hope his storyline doesn’t become all about him and Addison and nothing more. (Same goes vice-versa.) Though sad to see Dell go, I do accept the reasoning, better to get rid of a character than force storylines that are bad. Plus his death was pretty heart-wrenching and unexpected. Finally, I’m thrilled that Amelia has become a permanent cast member, it’s like another link between this show and Grey’s but still natural.

Cancellation note: Huge, Lonestar, and My Generation have so far been canceled.

What do you think? Any shows you didn’t like, shows I should give a second chance, or shows you think I should be watching?


90210: have you learned nothing?

This is my conversation with my college roommate, that more or less summarizes this episode (we were actually talking about brothers and sisters but i was watching this at the time and couldn’t help but comment):

me: you know, if someone told me that a guy was a rapist, even if i didn’t believe the person who told me, i probably wouldn’t go over to that guy’s house all by myself. especially if they’re a teacher
because a teacher inviting just you back to their house is sketchy in the first place
(sorry, i’m watching 90210 and one of the characters is being so incredibly stupid)

Lilo: haha i was just soo confused by that haha

me: basically, naomi was raped by this teacher (she’d previously spread lies about him attacking her so no one would believe her about him raping her when it actually happened). she warns silver about him because he’s silver’s adviser. he preempts her warning by saying naomi is obsessed with him. current situation: he invites silver to his house to check out this documentary he’s making and she agrees. Silver, really? I don’t care if you believe Naomi or not, doesn’t this strike you as dumb?
and silver isn’t a naive, sheltered girl. her mom was a neglectful alcoholic and she’s got a mood disorder (though she’s been fine all year).
and her sister was the school counselor! (who was almost raped fyi, back in the day of beverly hills)

me: you’d think she’d be a little smarter

Lilo: haha

me: and he’s about to drug her with tea

Lilo: oh lovely

me: oh, but she might have realized. (slash a video she saw of naomi makes her think twice so she “accidentally” drops the cup)

Lilo: haha well there you have it

me: but had she not been the editor for this video capsule, it wouldn’t have occurred to her at all

The rest of the plotlines:

naomi overdoses, which we knew would happen (didn’t you learn anything from adrianna?)

the guy who is staying at ivy (you know, the one sleeping with laurel and trying to sleep with ivy) is out for revenge because laurel ruined his parent’s marriage.

ivy revealed to dixon that her father walked out on her. (this was to explain her intimacy issues and why she’s still a virgin and lied about it)

annie’s employers asked if she wanted to sell them her eggs (well, she–and i–thought they wanted to have a three way–actually, i thought they might want to have her be an escort or something)

adrianna is caught for stealing javier’s song. i can’t believe she thought she’d get away with it! (what are the odds that NO ONE heard them?) also, this whole issue with adrianna being a bad songwriter, well so what. if they think she’s talented they’ll just have someone else write her song like most people. (at the very least they’d help her by getting her a co-writer)

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90210: Confessions

Jen gets an ultrasound. Naomi is stuck with the parking. When she rummages through Jen’s things she finds a paternity test.

Jenny and Liam talk about the coins. What to do? Liam is afraid of his life ending–his step dad might send him away or press charges. Annie suggests making it right some other way, like helping the housekeeper. Annie says at least he can do something, you can’t always.

Ad is performing in NY and people seem wild about the performance. Amazing! So amazing! The limo is full of gifts from fans. And he gives her the bracelet he receives. That’s…almost romantic?

Ivy jumps on Dixon and wants to go to the Pass the Torch on party. She’s not so into it. Ivy says all that matters is that they’re honest with each other and she can’t wait to go to Aussie with her. But he looks longingly at Silver and I just want to say “stop it!”

Naomi sends Ryan (teacher) “congrats dad” balloons and leaves the paternity test results. Surprise!

In school they learn about the universe and space. Dixon has something to tell Ivy…about the two minutes they were broken up? He kissed Silver. It didn’t mean anything but he doesn’t want to keep the secret from her. Ivy says she’s done playing second fiddle to another girl. Good for you Ivy! Someone who actually learned from their mistakes!

The Principal tells someone he is about to fail a grade but the kid says he will get Harry in trouble for covering for Dixon.

Naomi falls behind in gym and spots Liam. She finds him to complain about gym. He doesn’t seem interested. How is she feeling? he asks. He tells her to stop lying, it’s over. They never had much in common. All he needed was to talk and she pretended to have the flu. She tries to point out that he’s not perfect either but he stands firm. (Yeah, Naomi, great way to win someone back…)

Silver interviews Ad about her career. Naveed watches unhappily and then spots the bracelet. It was the one he left her. Naveed cuts the live interview. He has a couple of personal questions, like where he got the bracelet. He points out the significance of each charm and she realizes it is from him. Whoops Naveed, you’re still live. He asks for the bracelet back. She doesn’t want to. Silver tries to warn them but he’s not interested. She didn’t know he liked her. She says no one can compete with him. And kiss. To the awes and cheers of everyone who then realize everyone was watching.

Jen is at the beach club tasting food when Ryan arrives to talk. He asks if it’s true about his baby. Who told him? He saw a paternity test. She got his DNA from a hairbrush. It’s true. He doesn’t want to mess it, he’ll get his life back on track. He wants to be there. He may not make a lot of money but…he wants to do what he can. She says she doesn’t need his help. He says this is his baby, he has rights, which she will fight him for in court.

Teddy asks Silver for an explanation and she tells him about his dad. Teddy is furious. She explains that his dad may be a jerk but he was right about Teddy’s career. He says he needs her in his life. He can do both. She kicks him out again. Though it hurts her.

At the Pass the Torch party, Silver and Naomi arrive in the requisite red for juniors. Everyone seems to be coupled. Silver wants to leave, Naomi insists on staying. Why is Naomi in a good mood? She says she’s fantastic and she’ll meet someone better. Silver is not in the mood and spots Teddy. Naomi asks why she broke up with him. She points out that Teddy should make his own decisions.

Ad is inside and Javiar spots her. She has something to tell him. He wants her to open for him on tour. She tells him about Naveed. Why? She loves him. Laurel spots him and he reveals that it’s not over.

Annie goes to Liam’s boat, in red. He says he told his mom. And he plans to tell his stepdad too. He seems thrilled. He wanted her to see that his boat is sea-ready. Time to find out how it sails. They’re kind of actually a good couple, despite my dislike for her.

Ivy moans about wanting to leave when she is called to the planetarium (ps- that outfit is way short for her). She gets there to find it seemingly empty. Apparently, Dixon has managed to get controls (I saw this show!) and does a little thing about how she’s the center of his world and the only one for him. Mr. Reed has some connections. What does she say? Okay. She’d like to be back with him and it would be nice if he still came to Australia. For real. They leave tonight.

Javiar sings for the party (because all A-list singers sing at high school parties). Naomi urges Silver to go to Teddy and finally she does. She tells him it is his decision. He asks her to dance.

Ryan spots Laurel at the party and he seems drunk. He was excited to be a father. She tells him to go home and sleep it off. (Wow, unlike her.)

They do a literal passing the torch ceremony. Naomi looks upset and wanders out alone. She gets on the mini school bus. Ryan just misses the bus and asks to be driven. He wants to go now even though the next shuttle leaves in fifteen. So he steals the bus. That seems like an excellent plan…

Annie and Liam are still at the party. He hasn’t named the boat yet because he doesn’t know what to call it. Annie can’t believe he’s going to tell the truth. He says he’s made a lot of mistakes but he’s changed and he wants to do the right thing. He doesn’t think he could live with himself otherwise. She tells him he’s a better person than her. He thinks she’d do the same thing. She says she wouldn’t. She’s done worse and kept it secret. So she comes clean now…She cries. He hugs her. So he’s not appalled. Jasper meanwhile is watching, of course. And he is not happy.

Naomi goes to her car. Is she about to be hit by Ryan? The car won’t start.

Dixon is trying on hats. Aunt Becky tells him he can’t go to Australia. She said yes when she didn’t know what happened. The decision is final. Harry comes home and says he was just fired. Aunt Becky’s only response is maybe he shouldn’t have lied. More yelling. Dixon overhears the fight and takes his bag and leaves. Aunt Becky says they have nothing now. No savings, no jobs, no love. Can either of them say they still love each other.

Ad and Naveed are kissing when in comes Javiar (to July Flame!) and he says he still thinks she’s talented and is still offering her to go on tour with him. Naveed tells her to do it. He can come. Javiarsays it isn’t a summer tour, it’s a year. She says she’s still in school. Why go to school? To get a job. This is her career.

Naomi goes into the school to get help with her car and there is Mr. Canon. She’s looking for a phone to borrow. He asks if everything is ok. She says it isn’t and starts crying that everything is wrong and it’s all her fault. She says she’s terrible, he says she isn’t. He offers her some water and she accepts.

Ryan makes it back without killing anyone and leaves the motor running as he goes to his car and hits Naomi’s in the process. He backs up and hits the school sign, which causes a fire. (He sees Mr. Cannon closing the blinds and Naomi inside.)

Liam walks Annie home but she needs to tell her parents on her own. He’s planning to spend the summer on his boat. Aunt Becky and Harry are sitting in the kitchen and she comes clean.

Liam comes out and spots his boat on fire. And Jasper crutching away. Liam beats Jasper up. The police come but that doesn’t stop him.

Mr. Cannon shows Naomi a video about some project he’s working on. She says he’s impressed and he’s talented. He takes her hand and she seems nervous. She should go…he kisses her. He says it’s what she wants. He tells her to stop teasing him. She pushes him away. He slaps her. He points out that no one will believe her if she tells.

90210: Javianna

Well, Adrianna has become important enough to have an entire episode named after her. I’m not sure I care, only because I don’t like the way she talks. It’s so…earnest. She’s just not such a great actress, but really, how many of them are?

Naveed, meanwhile, is moping because he’s in loooove but Adrianna is dating Javiar! And just because he’s popular, doesn’t mean he’s any good. It’s like cigarettes. Dixon says “aren’t you guys broken up?” as though he didn’t obsess over Silver.

Meanwhile the girls talk about the happy couple and Adrianna’s first gig. Meanwhile Naomi’s credit cards aren’t working. Jen proceeds to cut them up. She canceled them. She’s giving her a “financial diet.” Jen suggests a job…Jay Boyd calls, it’s for Jen and she says it isn’t a good time so she needs to call them back. Jen intends for things to change. Frugal is the new black. (My dad would get a kick out of that.)

Dixon is sad that Ivy is going to Australia all summer so she invites him. I’m glad she’s over Liam, he treated her like crap. But Dixon’s kind of lame. Let’s find some better guys for this show!

Liam and Annie flirt until…Jasper arrives! As annoying and melodramatic as he is, he’s the only one who really brought any action. Jasper is ready to “reintegrate” into West Bev. He apologizes for what he did but he has to explain. He says he took advantage of her sorrow, he fell in love, panicked when she wanted to leave. She says she forgives him but they can’t be friends. (So much for action/excitement but I think there’s more to come otherwise what was the point to bring him back?)

Teddy and Summer (still an awful haircut) kiss and talk tennis practice. Naomi wants to know if they’ve had sex. Not yet. She’s only done it during her manic phase so she feels like a virgin again. Not sure it works that way.

Naveed has flowers for Adrianna who is walking with some girl I don’t think we’ve ever seen. Filler! I suppose they have other friends…But Javiar beats him to it with flowers. He’s planned a special night. (PS- what better way to boost your lackluster star power then by snagging the “it” guy as your boyfriend. Part of me wonders how genuine Ade is being.)

Teddy’s dad watches his practice when Teddy’s phone beeps and it’s…Silver! Uh oh, you’ve been caught. Silver should have known better than that. He says he loves her and he isn’t breaking up with her. His dad wants him to focus on his tennis but Teddy thinks he can do both. His dad “thought he was different, the one kid of his that was a success.”

Aunt Becky and the Principal are awkward still. Dixon asks if he can go but Harry says absolutely not. Dixon doesn’t deserve a trip. Becky thinks it’s a good idea, she doesn’t understand why he’s saying no. Aunt Becky doesn’t back down just because he’s firm. They’ll discuss it “as a couple.”

Ade is somehow alone at the date that he brought her to. He’s arranged to be on stage to serenade her in song. Now this seems awfully fast. This is their third date and already he’s singing her songs. With Spanish mixed in no less!

Teddy comes to see Silver. He’s depressed, tries to play it off, and she knows him too well. The only place he feels like he can breath is with her. Hmm, I think this is that “time is right” moment she was waiting for. It’s funny because it’s her doing all the undressing. He thought she wanted to wait but now she’s ready. It just feels so right. This whole scene would have been better off without that last line.

Crappy car pulls into school. It’s Naomi! She cries to Liam who offers to look at it. She has to get her money back and she thinks Jay Boyd is the key. Liam suggests she wait until she turns 18, 6 months! She can’t live like a “pauper” for six months. She needs his support but he doesn’t care! He gives her a piece of his mind about how awful his life has been for the last month. You didn’t really think this relationship would last right?

Aunt Becky tells Dixon he can go to Australia if he can raise the money for a ticket.

Everyone is staring at Adrianna. Silver wants to interview her about dating Javiar. She finds out that Naveed and Lila broke up. But if he liked her he would have told her so it doesn’t matter.

Jasper crutches his way through the halls when the jerks come to bother him (the gambling and school-trashing guys). Annie sees them teasing and she steps in. The response is they belong together. She says everything started with her and his uncle…he says it isn’t her fault. He says it’s ok. She forgave him, he forgives her. Liam sees her with Jasper and is NOT happy.

Teddy’s dad visits Silver to talk to her about how she shouldn’t be with him. She invites him in and he points out how long Teddy has been playing tennis and how she is going to ruin his chances. Their relationship is costing him everything, he’s losing focus. He offers her $150,000 to walk away. She tells him to leave and he fires one last parting shot “if you love my son don’t get in the way of his dream.”

Naomi comes to see Liam as he works on his boat. She apologizes and says she wants to be there for him. She’s here now! A month too late. Though she promises it won’t happen again. Liam tells her the story, sort of. He pretends to be fine. She’s sorry she wasn’t there. Also, he’s clearly not fine though she thinks he is. She says poor people tend to be honorable.

Naveed tortures himself with Javianna pictures when speak of the devil…Ade comes looking for Silver. She brings up the him and Lila thing. He says he’s “glad to be free and not one to be tied down.” He acts nervous and keeps rambling. She invites him to her solo show, tomorrow. As soon as she leaves Dixon wants to know what the hell he was doing. How can he compete with Javiar. He had to lipsync the torah portion of his bar mitzvah. Dixon says they have a history. Make a play!

Teddy is playing and he messes up. Silver thinks about his dad’s words. Teddy loses. (Tennis is so boring to watch.)

Dixon is trying to sell his Ipod to make money. Ivy sees it and wants to know why he’s selling all his stuff. This trip to Australia is the thing he’s looking forward to most. She looks…uncomfortable. What’s going on?

Silver is upset and looks ready to break up with Teddy who is already depressed. He’s upset that he lost. Teddy says he should have gone to bed earlier last night…So she says their relationship isn’t working. It’s too much, too serious. She wanted to wait until after his match. She run-walks away crying.

Javiar gives Ade words of encouragement. Naomi interrupts. Javiar won’t be there for the show because he has a gig of his own. Ade wonders if Naveed came and Naomi thinks “Naveed again, really?” She claims to have moved on. Naveed arrives with some jewelry thing for Ade. He wants to remind her that he knows her best, a charm bracelet with things that are important to her. Naveed wants to leave it in her dressing room with a note to meet him on the roof. (Always bad to push things off and leave everything to chance that nothing will ruin it. Don’t delay!) The show begins and though she’s not a good performer (and possibly a bad lip syncer) she has a good voice. Ivy looks completely depressed when Dixon spots her. She’s been thinking that he shouldn’t sell all of his stuff, it’s extreme. They start fighting which leads to them saying things they shouldn’t, her uninviting him, him breaking up with her.

Annie and Liam are working on some project and he’s staring at her. He tells her to stay away from Jasper. When he finds the thing that got autosaved on her computer and she freaks out. She pulls the computer away before he can see.

Silver finds Dixon moping. They’ve both just broken up with their couples. The guy who bought his Ipod offers Vodka and they accept. With the expressions of super inexperienced drinkers. Ivy sits outside in a funk and her mom finds her. She freaked out that it was the biggest thing in his life, what if they don’t get along in Australia!?! She freaked out. Her mom tells her to talk rather than pick a fight. She won’t get a chance because Silver and Dixon are super drunk and looking for the bathroom. Found! Or not, it’s a broom closet. She says Ivy is an idiot and he’s a great guy. He’s a bad drunk. He says she’s a great girl. And there it is…the kiss and makeout. They both pull back in shock and say it’s a mistake! Drunk! They say it never happened. Ivy finds them and wants to talk to him. She tries to explain that she’s used to “no strings attached.” It felt like too much for her. He says it was just a trip for him. She reinvites him and they hug. Technically they were “broken up.”

Naveed watches Ade do her awkward performance. It ends with applause. Her dressing room, which even has a star on the door. Before she gets to see Naveed’s gift, Javiar comes in. He stayed for the whole show and he wants her to come to NY to perform their duet. Umm, school? Naveed waits upstairs put he hears screaming and sees them leave together. What did I say? Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Dad comes to talk to Dixon, angry about the Australia trip. He says of course Aunt Becky said he could go because she doesn’t know what happened. So he should tell her?!?! She overhears.

Liam eats with his mom. They fired Rosa because she “stole some coins from his stepdad’s collection.” Liam doesn’t know what to do. Liam calls Naomi to talk when she spots Jen and a guy going into some building. She lies about having the flu. He catches her lie though because she forgets to hang up the phone. Liam calls Annie instead to talk. He wants her advice so they plan to meet up.

Naomi catches Jen and guy. She asks if he’s having an affair with Jen. This is Leo, her new assistant. Jay Boyd is Jen’s doctor. She’s pregnant! Somehow she’s managed to hide being HUGE. Scarves don’t cover that!

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90210: Meet the Parents

Naomi is a wreck and Liam wants to know why. Jen is back. And she’s bought the beach club! He suggests non-engagement.

Silver paints Teddy tries to talk. He’s never done this before…he wants to do it right. So he invites her for dinner.

Liam’s dad bargains with someone on the phone over the sail of the coins. Liam is excited for bonding time. Don’t get too excited.

Adrianna comes in to talk to Laurel. She suggests a duet with Adriana and Javiar. She’s thrilled! She has a magazine with his face on it. But it has to happen ASAP. Scheduling not the issue, the music is. She says she could try writing it. Can’t hurt. She has till Wed. Presumably it is Sunday.

Naomi comes home to find Jen has bought her house. She has 29 days left before she has to move but Jen plans construction meanwhile.

Liam calls his dad to no response. He’s already checked out. No surprise there. Poor Liam though. He’s actually a good guy. Minus how he treated Ivy. He mopes and calls Naomi. He suggests she find a new place to live. He tells her to stay away from Jen. Naomi shockingly doesn’t listen to why Liam is upset.

Adrianna tells Naveed her news. Silver and Ad talk about Naveed-Ad possibilities. She says he’s happy with his current girl. Silver wants to know what Teddy’s dad is like. Spence is intense.

Dixon meets Ivy who is upset with him for blowing her off. He wants to hang out with her but he’s grounded so he says she should come over. His parents are going out that night. She agrees. (I’m waiting for Dixon to get beat up for being a rat.)

Jen changes the beach club. Naomi approaches looking pissed. What do you want? She doesn’t want Naomi to tell Olivier about what happened last year. It will ruin their relationship. Jen says she owes her an apology for being so awful She’ll even give her the house back but she’d luck another chance with her. Hmm, now something really doesn’t smell right. The big qs: does Naomi fall for it?

Lilah and Naveed moment. They should do a piece of Ad and Javier. Lilah is okay with Ad now.

Liam works obsessively on his boat when Annie comes by. So she is trying to steal Liam now. It’s official. She claims it is too work on his project. She asks what’s going on. Sailing was his thing with his dad. He hasn’t spoken to anyone about his dad, not even Naomi. Annie suggests he tell her. It’s a thought…

Laurel and Ryan are at the club. She gets a call. Jen arrives and spots him.
Olivier of course shows up. It’s awkward. So Ryan decides to drink despite his earlier resolve.

Ad can’t write and Naveed tries to help her get out of her head.

Silver shows up at the bbq but it turns out to be a busy day. Spence seems to busy to talk to her. Silver has a hard time talking and things aren’t going well. She meets Spence’s super young girlfriend and mistakes her for Teddy’s girlfriend. She makes a good impression by speaking her mind.

Ad and Naveed in their super fancy car go to have fun in hopes of relaxing when they find Mr. Matthews looking like a homeless man. Very drunk. They have fun on the rides. Lilah? Ad wants to go. He refuses. He wants her to do this. She can! He doesn’t like her being depressed. I repeat, Lilah? Who conveniently calls at that moment. Naveed lies about his whereabouts. She says she’s inspired.

Jen and Olivier have dinner. Naomi is late. Jen is sure she will come and sure enough she does. Naomi plans to tell the truth. Olivier is shocked by the information. Especially the stuff about Liam. Jen actually looks devastated. You would almost feel bad.

Dixon has set up candles and stuff for Ivy and she’s so happy. He’s even gotten her favorite tacos. Just then his parents get home. Oh sad. That was a poorly planned date. Aunt Becky forgot her wallet. They fight because really she forgot the address to the therapist. Annie confronts them. She’s not an idiot you guys! Annie runs up to Dixon! The rents run up after her. She knows what is going on. Dixon is surprised. They’re seeing a counselor. Dad actually stands up for her a little. So there’s nothing to worry about? Annie wants them to promise things will be okay but they can’t. Well, they have to go. They’ll talk later. Well, that’s one way to ruin Dixon’s date. Annie doesn’t know what to do but Dixon can’t talk right now. Annie is all “fine, whatever.” Dixon goes back inside. He tries to play it cool but she tells him to stop it.

Liam shows up at Naomi’s and she is all proud of herself but he’s moody. She thinks Jen is slain. Liam isn’t happy. Every time he tries to talk he interrupts him.

Lilah and Naveed meet and he has something to tell her. It sounds like a break up speech. Yup. He still feels something for her. It isn’t fair to her. I kind of wish we knew her better so we could actually feel bad for her.

Liam paints his boat and Annie arrives all upset. (Anyone else notice Annie tends to take Naomi’s guys?) She helps him paint. Very flirtily.

Ivy and Dixon talk about how he thought maybe his life could finally be stable. So much for that. Ivy is flattered that he feels he can talk to her. She’s easy to talk to. She doesn’t think it’s such a bad date, dates are for getting to know each other. She’s getting to know him and liking it.

Teddy and Spence talk about Silver. His dad says he’s his favorite and that he can take tennis all the way if he takes it seriously. Pro or beach club lessons? No girlfriend then. Spence tells him to break up with her. Dude, many top sports players have significant others…

Teddy arrives at school and Silver looks pleased. But Teddy is not so nice. His dad’s words have snuck in.

Naomi is woken by Jen. By telling Olivier the truth, he cheated on her, earning her $16 million. Jen is thrilled. She will be handling her finances. Jen got her dad to transfer the control into her name. Naomi is not happy.

Teddy gets home after winning his match when Silver arrives. They apologize to each other. He thought winning would make him happy but when he won without her, he wasn’t happy. He’s in love.

Adriana and Javier record the song she recorded. He’s not as cute as he’s supposed to be. She does sound good but I’m not sure I believe it is her singing. This music thing seems like a desperate bid to give her a storyline. Or an excuse to get rid of her. (It’s clearly a song about Naveed “love me like the first time.”) They talk about her inspiration afterward. Naveed shows up with flowers but he sees her flirting with Javier and saying she had no one. Naveed chucks the flowers and leaves. Apparently he can’t compete with a pop star.

90210: Multiple Choices

Naomi’s punishment is picking up the garbage around school. Silver and Adriana ignore her. Liam walks by without a word. She gets to wear an awesome bright orange vest! She also has to paint over graffiti. The graffiti says MOLESTER in Mr. Cannon’s space.

Liam works on his boat with his dad. His dad says his world will turn around. Liam is sure his dad was framed. Somehow I doubt that…His dad is looking for money to open a shop. Then he and Liam can find their own place, he’s not staying with his stepdad. Anyone else think Liam is about to get swindled?

Naveed and girlfriend meet for and underground power game that includes Dixon. Someone knocks on the door and they wonder who it is, everyone who was invited has arrived already. It’s Mark who wants in. I’m not sure I know who he is but he isn’t welcome. He has a lot of money though and taunts them into letting him in. Dixon is awfully sure of himself.

Aunt Becky and Husband are at home. There’s a lot of tension. Becky wants counseling, Husband thinks they only have issues not problems. Becky reveals her illicit kiss. When? Two months ago. And you kept it quiet all this time! Husband stalks off dramatically.

Dixon and Mark are the only ones left. Dixon raises. Mark matches and raises $6,175. Spoiled brats much? With a smirk, Dixon asks for a marker since he doesn’t have the money. He says he’s good for it. He’s sure…And he loses. With a full house. Mark has 4 queens. He tells Dixon he has until tomorrow to get him the money. Otherwise the guy’s baseball team will break his legs.

Teddy and Silver flirt. It’s kind of cute. Teddy’s been busy thanks to tennis practice. But he’s neglecting the SAT prep. The test is in 2 days. He says college isn’t for everyone, he doesn’t plan to go right away. Professional Tennis has to happen now. She thinks he’s throwing away his future, he thinks she doesn’t know him.

Ivy and Dixon are on their date but Dixon is too distracted to pay attention to anything Ivy says. And then he gets a call that he’s got to take. Seems he’s a better fake boyfriend than a real one. It’s Mark. Dixon wants to give him a laptop and DJ equipment as payment but Mark doesn’t want that. Money or a favor. He wants the key to the school so he can decorate his girlfriend’s locker. He doesn’t want to do it but he doesn’t seem to have much choice.

Liam comes home with pizza for his dad. So far his dad can’t find a job, no one wants an ex-con. Maybe they can steal money from Liam’s stepdad. Just kidding. Or was he?

Dixon brings Mark the key. He’s going in with him. He’s not just going to give it to him. Dixon opens the door and a bunch of kids run in to steal the SATs. Why would it be kept in the school? Dixon says they aren’t in the school. They’re not delivered until the morning. Mark is pissed and calls everyone back. Dixon leaves, with a “you guys are real idiots.” That’s a good idea.

Dixon gets to school and finds the halls graffiti-ed. Well that’s the obvious response to not getting what you want. Dixon approaches Mark and he’s pissed. Mark jokes around but Dixon isn’t having it.

Naomi and Annie are talking when Naomi overhears girls calling Mr. Cannon a pervert. Naomi decides to fix things by getting everyone’s attention. She tells them he didn’t do anything wrong and apologizes for spreading a lie. Ade and Silver are listening. People quickly start taunting her when Silver and Ade rescue her. The girl gang is back together.

Dixon comes to his dad’s office where he shows Dixon a video of them breaking into the school. He tries to explain himself but he doesn’t want to mention the gambling. Finally he tells the truth. But he doesn’t tell him who the kids in the masks are. Dixon names them.

Naomi runs into Mr. Cannon who thanks her for what she did in the cafeteria. Liam is still upset though.

Harry and Deb talk. She wants to be honest with him. Liam and Annie come into the kitchen and hear her parents fighting. Her yoga teacher listened to her when she spoke, Harry didn’t. She stopped the kiss because it was the right thing, not because it was what she wanted. Liam suggested leaving. Annie is in tears as are her parents. Harry agrees to counseling.

Annie and Liam discuss their sucky families. His parents got divorced when he was 7. So Annie decides to jump in the fountain. That’s the obvious next step. She pulls Liam in after her. She is not a very good actress. It’s cold out and he rubs her arms to make them warm. So this relationship is actually going to happen now. Annie stops the moment and says “you should be with Naomi.” She did the right thing in the end.

Teddy is playing/practicing his tennis game. Silver arrives to say she wants to learn to love tennis because it’s what he loves. She now supports his pro desires. He tries to let her leave the match but she says she wants to watch. He convinces her and I wonder if there’s a girl involved.

Naomi is studying when Liam arrives to talk. They both apologize. He says she was brave and he should have been there for her. She says she’ll never do anything like that again. She tells him she loves him and he says “you too.”

Silver comes to the tennis match anyway. To support him. She brought some study cards in case she gets bored. His dad is in the stands and he’s hesitant to let her go there but she’s not listening. He runs after her to stop him but it’s too late. She introduces herself to her dad who knows nothing about her. So she bails. Naturally.

Dixon and Harry have a talk. The people responsible for the break in were going to be expelled so his dad covered for him. But he’s completely grounded in the meantime. He can say nothing to anyone. Got it? Mom doesn’t know. She has a lot going on. Dixon apologizes again. Harry says he thought he was better than that. Ouch. Always the most hurtful thing to say.

Liam’s stepdad wants to turn the boathouse into a gym. His stepdad says his mother will never leave him. When she leaves to Europe his stepdad is going to start renovations. She was hesitant to leave Liam and stepdad alone for a weak but he convinced her.

Family is having an awkward, silent dinner. Deb tries to break the silence but it just comes off stiff. Annie excuses herself. Dixon calls Ivy to cancel their plans, he’s grounded but he can’t tell her why. Ivy’s disappointed and sets off on her skateboard. Annie comes in to tell him what she’s overheard but he’s not interested. He’s had a rough day.

Liam finds his dad working on the boat. He offers to help pay for the business by stealing coins from his dad’s coin collection. He can’t stay here anymore.

Annie has a Sandra D moment on the windowsill and calls Liam for support. She feels trapped. So call her? And then she deletes the message with a function I’ve never heard before. Liam calls her and she pretends she didn’t call.

Naomi orders brain boosts for herself and friends. In comes…Jen. Who is renovating the beach club. It was a wedding present. Jen has moved to Beverly Hills. And she’s giving her marriage another shot. Oh, and she’s upset with Naomi and she holds grudges.

Dixon offers Ivy a power bar. She’s not having it. She feels like he’s been blowing her off. Things at home aren’t great right now. He really likes her. But he has to go. He’ll make it up to her. (He spots Mark and friends.) Mark wants his money. Dixon is surprised. Dixon says he can get him expelled. Mark says “interesting.” Now he knows the principal covered up to save him and that will come in handy someday. That was stupid Dixon.

SAT time. No one seems happy. (Not sure why Naveed is so forlorn.) Teddy wants to know why Silver isn’t returning his calls. She says they’re not okay. Annie stares longingly at Liam and then awkwardly looks away when he looks at her. Naomi comes in looking almost like a zombie.

If ever there was something I am glad for, it’s being done with tests like the SATs.

This show is really missing passion and anger. Everyone is so muted about everything lately. Get mad. Yell! Even when Harry and Deb were fighting they barely raised their voices. I don’t want people to just say “we’re not okay” I want them to shout it if necessary.

90210: Another Another Chance

Naveed was MIA last episode but I’m okay with that. He’s gotten boring. Most interesting characters equal Liam, Naomi, Ivy, and Adriana. At least each of them is doing something beyond “dating.” Scandals, new sexuality, schemes. All the best parts of this thing.

Adriana is with Laurel, trying to figure out how things work. Adriana wants to know why she can’t play with the band. Laurel says she won’t have any spare time. Her plate will get very full. She invites her to an industry party. Didn’t this storyline happen with Dixon already? Laurel says she’s going to be going to crazy parties.

Teddy has gotten stung by a jelly fish. Dixon owes more money to the bookie. I suspect Teddy never actually went to the bookie. More fake Dixon-Ivyness. She still thinks it’s fake anyway. Him…not so much because that is Dixon in a nutshell.

Meanwhile there’s the Ryan-Laurel relationship brewing. You know Ivy will walk in. Yup. Laurel wants to pick up where interrupted but Ryan is not so comfortable.

Gia and Adriana hold hands through school. Naveed sees them kissing (there he is!) and seems surprised. Apparently he’s been missing events around school. So he goes up to Gia to not so nonchalantly asks about things with her and Ade. His girlfriend is in the room too and listens in. He worries that he made Adriana gay. She laughs in response. He had nothing to do with it. He’s relieved. Okay, nothing to be jealous about there. But still awkward. He asks her to take care of Ade, she agrees. But his girlfriend does seem a bit jealous. He waves it off but she isn’t sure. (It’s not an unusual qs in the situation.)

Annie and Silver go car shopping. Annie finds one but it’s too expensive. A test ride at least. But the guy won’t let so Annie suggests stealing the car.

Naomi and the Principal talk. There’s going to be a hearing. Naomi doesn’t want to but there’s no choice now. Mr. Cannon is on leave until this is resolved. He says she has to tell the truth and things will be fine…For who?

Liam’s mom keeps calling him put he refuses to answer. Naomi is upset so he tries to encourage her to be strong. She has to tell him something…In comes the crew of guys to support her. Everyone is on her side. Adriana is sitting alone when Naveed finds her. With his food, which he already had sitting with Naomi. She’s clearly upset. He sits down to talk. The problem is the record deal…He thinks the other band members would jump on it in her place. That’s not it. This is just like acting but worse. She’s not sure she can handle it. He’s sure she can. The old Adriana wouldn’t have thought about it. It’s a secret though. (You know he’ll tell his gf though.)

Ivy and Dixon work music for the Blaze. He shows her how to do it in a very unnecessarily flirtatious way. Liam interrupts searching for Naomi. This has thrown Ivy’s mood off. She doesn’t understand why Liam likes Naomi.

Summer and Annie dress up in hopes of getting a chance to drive the car alone. Because they might look older or because one of the guys might obsess over her. Annie and Silver pretend to go elsewhere so they get a guy to agree, secretly. The guy thinks he’s about to make a sale. They speed around and I hope she doesn’t get into yet another accident. They get lost until Annie finds herself at the accident spot and flashes back to what happened. She slams on the brakes and asks for Silver to drive.

Naomi comes in for the meeting and Mr. Cannon gives her a puppy dog look. He asks why she’s doing this to him. He has a wife, she’s ruining his life. Liam spots them and steps in. Naomi almost looks like she’s sorry. He believes in her, she can do it. He says he loves her. She loves him too. You can do this! When it’s her word against his, can he lose everything.

Naveed’s girlfriend is pissed about what happened with Adriana. Why didn’t he tell her? Because he promised. She sees that he’s more loyal to Ade than her and storms off.

At the meeting, Naomi starts…and admits that nothing happened and she lied. Mr. Cannon and family and so happy to hear it (though this will ruin his reputation regardless). The principal is furious. There will be severe consequences. How could she do that? She didn’t think it would go so far. Well, it’s about to go farther. Liam leaves and some guy is watching him. His stepdad? The guy follows him.

Ivy comes in to tell Dixon that she got him a big DJ gig for her mom’s party. Dixon is shocked. She lied to her mom for him. She wants to break up now. Maybe Liam will be over Naomi now. Dixon doesn’t know what to do. Who should be dumped? He can dump her.

Laurel is with Ryan who turns down pot. He had a problem once. He’s concerned about Ivy but she convinces him (she taught Ivy to roll drugs for her when she was 13).

Adriana says she up for the music industry thanks to Naveed’s advice. Gia’s turn to get jealous. She doesn’t think she should go. She has to worry about her sobriety. And Adriana has to worry about hers. They get into their first fight.

Ivy spots Liam and says she’s sorry for what happened. At least he knows what kind of person Naomi is. He doesn’t seem to understand this which makes me think he might not have heard what happened. But he says he’ll never be with Ivy. Poor Ivy.

Ryan is high with Laurel who seems amused by him as he dances awkwardly. He spots Dixon DJ-ing and freaks out. This is a disaster! There’s Adriana as well. Ryan is upset that he didn’t know they were coming and leaves.

Naveed sets up a special date for his new girlfriend. Apparently they danced when they were little…He wants another chance. He’s in a suit and she’s in jeans but it’s cute. I wish he was less funny looking because he’s so sweet.

Laurel brags about Adriana to business people but she’s sad and quiet so Laurel pulls her away. What’s going on? She has to apologize to Gia. Laurel tells her to go then. With some parting advice. Screw the party and follow your heart you have to push back against the industry or ekse. Ivy comes to the party and sees Dixon DJ-ing so he puts on Bob Marley for her which brings a smile. See, she should date him. He’s less of a jerk and more interesting.

Adriana comes to Gia to apologize. She thinks she can do it but she should have talked it out with Naveed. Gia says this is a bad time. I think she’s with another girl. Yup! After all that talk about being there for her. Adriana is shocked and Gia tries to make it okay. She’s sorry but Adriana isn’t having it. So long.

Naomi sees Liam. What to say…she screwed up. This is the dumbest thing she’s ever done. He doesn’t seem to care. He’s going back to his mom’s, it’s better than with her!

Dixon finds Ivy moping. He even got a business card from a guest. She’s miserable. He wants to talk and makes her laugh. She relays what happened with Liam. Dixon says he’s an idiot, she’s amazing. Well now she can move on. Dixon is glad because he’s ready too. He likes her. Any chance they could go on a real date? Yes. Why not?

Naveed spots Adriana being sad and writing a song. So of course he sits though he should be elsewhere. She tells him what happened. Well now she knows how Naveed felt. She’ll survive. He says he’s proud of her. She’s different and she can handle things. Does that mean she’s about to leave the show? She asks if he wants coffee. Isn’t he on a date? But he sits.

Laurel finds Ryan outside…he was too high to drive. He couldn’t even find his car. She is sorry for not telling him about the others. She didn’t think about it. She’s not a consequences oriented person. Well…he’s a big boy. He wants more pot. She seems unaffected by it. She must do it so much.

Liam gets home and there’s his dad waiting. He’s out of prison recently. His dad says he missed him and they hug. (For a moment I thought Liam was sad because he’d put him in jail but that’s Ricky from Secret Life).

Annie finds a poster of the guy she killed on her wall. She pull sit down there’s another. And another. They’re all over. She’s clearly having a nervous breakdown. Oh, it’s a nightmare. Same difference. Will she go to jail. Now that would be interesting to see.

Everyone stares at Naomi in school and whispers about her. Annie sees her and comes out to make her feel better. Big of her considering. Annie says she isn’t terrible. Annie understands…she has her own secret.