Drop Dead Diva: Crazy

Marla Sokoloff plays a bride to be who wants Kim and Grayson to sue her maid of honor for sleeping with her fiance before the wedding.

Grayson apologizes for kissing Kim and making Jane uncomfortable. He knows it’s inappropriate but he can’t say it won’t happen again. Jane tries to pretend it must be because he was vulnerable. “Not really,” he says but she dismisses.

Jane has a meeting with someone important and her boss is nervous. She was specially requested. The client is being sued by his business partners who are trying to prove him incompetent so they can strip of the rights of his company, which he built. He seems sort of off, but not crazy just yet. A few months ago he had a near death experience and he had an epiphany: stop wasting life. He collected some tattoos, travels by air balloon, shut down some factories. He wants her because she’s a bulldog. Of course he says something that makes her realize maybe he really almost died (“People say life is short but unless you see the gatekeeper press the return button you have no idea”). I’m seeing a theme!!!

Kim wants to do the case but Grayson says there’s no case. She’s clearly angry at him though she pretends otherwise. The judge says the same thing and Kim says she suffered emotional distress. He turns it down, no monetary loss. So Kim says the dress cost $10,000 paid for by the defendant. He agrees that there is a case.

Stacy and Jane look at real Jane’s old yearbook. One of her reunions have come up.

Jane is met by her client for court, wearing pajamas (because he gave his suit to a poor man). He takes her bosses suit. He’s itching all over while his son says that he’s no longer doing a good job with the company. Jane points out that he had never worked with the company. But while she’s questioning the son her client gets undressed because the suit was itchy.

Kim tells Grayson she succeeded with the case and Grayson says he’s not interested in getting involved. He says the guy was a creep who couldn’t control his urges. She asks if that’s what happened when he kissed her.

Jane puts her witness on the stand he explains that what he wants to create lawnmowers that are energized by the grass they cut. The prosecutor asks what he would do if the item fails. He puts on bunny ears to get smiles. The prosecutor says Sandy Kipling is the next witness which elicits an “uh oh.”

In comes the fiance to ask Kim for help. He wants her to tell Mia he’s sorry for messing up. Kim bashes him in front of everyone. She’s pretty awesomely mean, making me appreciate her and wondering what baggage she has beyond the Grayson thing.

Sandy is on the stage and she sounds pretty ridiculous but what she describes the client doing is worse. Her client wants to ask a question. The judge allows. He proposes because while she served him coffee she was nice. She said no. Jane tells him she thinks he needs help. He asks why she thinks he hired her. Because of her brush with death but he was wrong about her so she’s fired.

Stacy and Jane prep for Jane’s reunion while Jane says she’s upset about being fired. Jane memorizes everyone’s names so she knows who they are but no one remembers her. They search for Brian Young, who signed Jane’s yearbook saying prom was the best night of his life thanks to her. Stacy sets out to make everyone think Jane is awesome. With Stacy’s encouragement they all start saying Jane was awesome. In comes the prom date. He calls her Jane-iac. He thinks she’s gorgeous. He’s afraid he ruined prom for her because he came out on prom night.

Kim tells Mia that her fiance came and she hears that he said he loved her and you can see that she still likes him. Kim convinces her that he lost his chance.

Jane and Brian talk. She says she’s a great lawyer except she was just fired. He says her client must be crazy which makes her laugh. She has something to tell him that he can’t tell anyone. She tells him her true story (about Deb) and he laughs thinking she must be telling a joke. She doesn’t correct him. On prom night she said to him that no one has the right to tell him how to live his life and this gives her what she needs for her case, as per usual. She wins the client back right before court.

Kim is told by her client that she doesn’t want to sue. She spoke to her fiance and she’s taking him back with therapy. You can’t predict a future.

Jane says that by societies norms her client is nuts. She puts on the bunny ears and asks if she looks crazy. Do her words make any less sense? No. She gives examples of brilliant but eccentric people. No one can tell you who to be. Her client wants to say one thing but as he does he collapses. Jane approaches his son in the hospital. The doctor says his dad is going to die. Even though he and his dad aren’t close, he’s upset. The nurse comes out to say he’s asking for Jane. He loved her closing speech. She tells him to reconcile with his son.

Grayson decides to ask Kim out (Jane tells him life is short and no one should tell him what to do) but she says no. She wants to pretend things never happened because clearly he doesn’t know how he feels about her. He tries to say he likes her but she gives him no chance.

Jane’s client signed over his shares in the company to his son who will convert the company to what his dad wanted. She then meets her client and they go for a hot air balloon ride.

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2 Responses to “Drop Dead Diva: Crazy”

  1. sarah Says:

    I liked this episode, althou that guy was a little crazy to go hot air ballooning with…did you get the impression at the end that there weren’t going to be new episodes for a couple weeks?

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