Drop Dead Diva: Make Me A Match

Jane is late for a meeting with a judge. She doesn’t even know why (IT’S ROSIE!!!) but apparently they’re playing scrabble. Long time competition between them. Judge Rosie paid $25,000 for a dating program that Jane found her and has gotten nothing so Jane suggests she get a lawyer to get her money back.

Kim is in with a client who spots Grayson and insists that they need him on the case. “Him! We need him!” Kim comes to ask if he come and reveals that the woman is a psychic who believes he will win her case. Lily (the psychic) and her sister inherited their father’s psychic shop. They were meant to run the shop together until her sister left to open a competing store across the street. Her sister refuses to work together (both are psychics). There is no will so they’ll get the father’s things in equal share.

The psychic runs into Jane and tells her she will not be alone for long.

Jane talks to Stacey (who is on a pirate themed shoot) and they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s FRED!!! (Even better than Rosie!) Fred was messing up so much that he gave up his guardian angel status to come back to Stacey. She may not remember him but she fell for him once so it can happen again. Fred has no job or place to stay after he left.

Gina Torres, the dating service head, meets with Jane and Judge Rosie. They say the place introduced her to 28 dates but none led to a second date as it expressly said in the contract. They ask her to go to a mixer, she refuses and leaves, but Jane convinces her to go (on the condition than Jane chaperone).

Stacey arrives home to find Fred who was crashing at Jane’s and thinks he’s robbing the place. She maces him. (Stacy is such an idiot, he’s baking when she comes in.)

The psychics meet and fight. (The psychic sister tells Grayson that “she will be still close.”) He’s skeptical of her but she talks him into staying. For the first time since Deb, he’s thinking of another woman. She’d want him to be happy, the psychic assures him. When he leaves, he spots a picture of the two sisters together. She sidesteps his questions.

Jane helps Fred wash his eyes out. He and Stacy are not hitting it off.

Grayson goes to the rival Psychic’s shop. He feels uncomfortable. Stacy confides in Jane that she feels like she’s meeting the same guy over and over again. Jane suggests Fred in a roundabout way. Stacy doesn’t get it at all.

Rosie’s uncomfortable at the party. Stacy encourages her to relax. Her dates don’t go all that well and then Gina Torres introduces her to someone in particular.

The rival attorney flirts with Jane. (Wouldn’t it be easier to just refund the money? But that would be a failure!) He gives her his business card, in case she wants to go to dinner…

Rosie’s date seems to be going well. Stacy pulls Jane away and explains that the guys talking to the judge is actually an unemployed actor who she met on a job. Jane is pissed and they plan to make Gina Torres (Diane in the show) pay.

At the trial, Diane (Torres) says she gave free memberships to people who have passed background tests because people are more than her wallet. Rosie wants to know why Diane chose him. She says she thought he’d get along with him.

Grayson calls both sides together. He wants to speak with the one person they haven’t spoken to, their father. The seance begins. How does his dad want them to run the business? 50-50. The dad says he’s not okay with the second shop. Younger sister doesn’t always listen and Lily has good ideas. The sisters need each other.

Fred wins his job back.

Court. Jane questions Rosie on the stand. The question is whether she rejected everyone just because she has impossibly high standards. The lawyer pulls out her response cards and says she misrepresented herself when signing up. Her submission said she was a “fun-loving romantic.” Rosie is pissed so she storms out and says she’s going to drop the case. It turns out Jane filled out her questionnaire.

Teri goes to Rosie. She came of her own volition. She’s mad because she’s one of Jane’s few friends and is being mean to her. After some yelling she convinces Rosie to call Jane back.

Kim is impressed by Grayson. The sisters needed a nudge in the right direction. He isn’t ready to let their kiss go and asks her out to dinner.

Jane gets a visit from Rosie while she packs up everything she subpeonaed from the dating service. Rosie’s impressed and realizes that Jane was really trying to help her. She apologizes. Rosie was trying to find someone to replace her husband (who died). Rosie sees that one of the clients of the agency is Ron Haywood. Forget dismissing the case. It turns out the dating service’s thorough background check wasn’t so thorough. 8 felons were on the list.

The sisters sign a deal to share the shop. They ask Kim and Grayson to join them for lunch. Kim declines. They already have dinner plans. (Awwe, she may be evil to Jane but I like her.)

Jane got Rosie a full refund, they’re revetting the whole operation. And Jane found a guy who enjoyed his first date with Rosie.

Stacy is dating the mailman who Fred replaced. Fred is upset and when asked for advice he says treat her well. She deserves the best. Poor Fred.

Psychic asks Jane for the bathroom and Jane asks what she meant about her not being alone for long. She talks in third person, clearly about herself. The psychic says hell is being unable to love. To get unstuck give yourself a kick, stop living in the past.

Jane calls the lawyer from the other side to ask if the offer for dinner still stood.


One Response to “Drop Dead Diva: Make Me A Match”

  1. sarah Says:

    I knew you would be happy Fred was back. lol-Stacy is such an idiot, she is and she’s awesome…I think they did a great job on casting this show, btw. I agree with you about Kim, she’s a b!tch, but I like her too!
    Did you notice how the other lawyer that asks Jane out is Roy from The Office?? (if you watched that) I hope he sticks around, I like him a lot. They have great guest starts on this, which for Lifetime is impressive…sad there are only 2 episodes left!

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