Drop Dead Diva: Magic Bullet

This is going to be a somewhat shorter than the regular recap, as the next few days are so crazy, but I’ll try to get in everything:

Jane wants to hear all about Fred and Stacy’s date last night. Stacy says she doesn’t know who Fred is. Apparently she has a history if pretending guys don’t exist when a date doesn’t go well. Which she can’t do now, what with Fred being Jane/Deb’s guardian angel…Jane reveals that she had dinner with Grayson and they plan to swap date details later, Stacey must prepare for her bikini-clad interview now.

At work there’s a staff meeting and a new client who specifically asked for Jane because of her recent success rate. The issue: the client’s daughter went on a weight loss plan that made her lose so much weight so quickly that she now has a heart problem. The diet has no warnings on the packaging about the health risks.

During the staff meeting Kim (Rival) is served with papers informing her that she, and the firm, is being sued for sexual harassment by her former assistant.

Jane meets her new client who is in full support of the diet despite the health problems now. She says it lets her shop at popular stores and now she has friends. If called to testify, she intends to say it’s a great diet.

The lawsuit is about Kim forcing her old assistant, Adam to watch her eat a piece of cake in a seductive manner and then attempt to kiss him, firing him the next day. There’s a video of her eating the cake that does not look good. She works hard to stay think and when she indulges she REALLY enjoys herself!

Jane and Stacy discuss the case apparently the ingredients of the diet bars are essentially speed disguised as a health food bar. When Stacy leaves a letter shows up. It’s from Fred. Apparently, he kissed Stacy and that broke some rules so he’s been transferred back to Heaven and Stacy’s memory of him was wiped. So she’s not pretending she doesn’t know him.

At court, the head of the diet program tries to convince Jane to settle. (The kid on the diet is star struck when she sees her.) Jane says they’ll only settle if she fixes the ingredients and posts warning labels. No go there so trial on.

They want Kim to settle, she desperately wants to fight it in court. Grayson agrees to represent her. If they lose, Kim’s reputation puts the firm at risk so she will have to be fired.

Jane and Grayson make dinner plans.

Kim has been through many assistants and some last only a few days before quitting. (She’s not warm and fuzzy, she forgets kid’s names and birthdays…) She is struggling to find a character witness because why would she keep in touch with people she fired?

At Jane’s trial the mother is on the stand and explains that her daughter’s doctor said the 500 calorie diet and the fake supplements (the diet bars) contributed to her daughter Hannah’s condition. The defense gets hostile and says she must be a bad mother who paid for the diet or she’s wrong about the diet (or her daughter was ignoring the diet’s instructions). Jane is very hostile.

Grayson asks Teri to find an old assistant of Kim’s who has something good to say about her. Teri says Kim is too smart harass her assistant. While in the witness stand it is revealed that Kim was sued for sexual harassment while working as a teacher’s assistant in college.

Jane is called as a witness for the defense’s case. Jane is angry but the judge allows it. Jane’s been on many diets and it turns out she’s been on the diet before. (She of course can’t remember what with not knowing Jane’s past…)

Jane goes to see her doctor to ask about her diet on time. The diet worked for 3 weeks and then stopped working. The doctor tells her not to even think of trying it again. “Your body could only starve itself for too long.”

Kim begs Grayson not to settle the case because it’s an admittance of guilt. Teri meanwhile cannot find a witness for Kim. The bartender used to be a lawyer but he quit because he doesn’t like the atmosphere. He has worked with Adam, the guy suing, and says it’s total BS.

Grayson tells Jane he doesn’t want to settle. With anyone else he might have, but it’s Kim “it’s different.” He thinks he’s finally found someone. Jane finally tells Grayson the truth about her and convinces him (with some details) of it. He leans in to kiss her. Just kidding…It was a daydream. Teri comes in with the dirt for Grayson to use to win Kim’s case.

Stacy was told to lose five pounds by Tuesday in order to do the job she interviewed for. Jane interviewed people about the diet and if people really succeeded to keep it off: two. The person who created it and the sick girl. Jane thinks that the weight was lost through a surgery not legitimate dieting.

Jane asks the woman to eat her own diet bars. How come? Her body can’t handle the ingredients because of her surgery.

Kim and Grayson confront Andy. It turns out Andy copied the case from someone else he’d worked with who went through the actual incident.

The jury finds for Jane and the company is shut down until further review. Hannah apologizes to her mom for everything. They go out for lunch.

Jane sees a mailman and thinks it’s Fred but she’s sad because it isn’t. Jane intends to tell Grayson the truth now…

Kim thanks Grayson with a bottle of wine that she got when she won her first case. They kiss…just as Jane walks in. She walks away crying.

By the way, DDD was renewed for another season.

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