Drop Dead Diva: The Dress

Stacy is at a store where she is waited on hand and foot–people bringing her dresses, asking her if she wants a drink. In walks Jane. Stacy asks if she wants a drink because it’s free but the woman says the machine broke. Jane wants to give herself the perfect make over, starting with the perfect dress. They ask for a size 16 for Jane but they don’t carry anything over a size 10 in the store. Jane is loud and upset. He says that Jane is just not their brand. The woman says it’s intended for a different silhouette. The woman not so subtly tells them to leave. Skinny women all around the room are staring.

Kim wants more substantial cases and tells Parker so. She wants this to help her make Parker. In comes Jane saying she wants to sue the retail store. Parker assigns Kim to the case. Kim doesn’t want to do it but he doesn’t give her a choice. (Stacy makes herself sound like an idiot over and over again. She tells Kim that being a lawyer is like being a superhero and she needs to use her powers for good.)

Kevin Hansen comes to the firm. He’s an old friend of Parker’s. Kevin is upset that his daughter ended up on a “Girls Gone Wild” video. He wants to stop the video from being distributed. He wants him to win it even though there isn’t a legal precedent.

Jane asks Kim how she feels about the case. Kim says it doesn’t matter. Jane says it does and she wants to know how Kim feels about her. Kim says all she sees is “poor Jane, banging her drum.” Jane says she wants her day in court because of people like Kim.

In court, the judge isn’t buying it. Kim makes no effort to win it so Jane steps up and says that the store knowingly inflicts emotional harm. It says it sells dresses for the average woman when the average woman is in fact bigger than the store carries sizes for. The judge says they will begin jury selection.

They talk to the video makers who don’t care. Jenny says she wasn’t taken advantage of. Kevin punches the guy who says that they will be suing for assault and he will put Jenny on the cover of the next video.

Kim is headed to jury selection and Jane wants to partake. Kim tells her she can’t micromanage. Jane says she wouldn’t if Kim believed in the case. Kim says if she were on the jury she’d tell Jane to grow up or go on a diet. Kim and Jane argue a lot while deciding but finally find the right jurors (size, metabolism, etc.)

But when they return to the office, Parker tells them to withdraw the case because the firm represents the largest shareholder. Kim agrees but Jane does not.

Jane sings to the jury and gets an applause. They judge is Paula Abdul who says great job. Paula says her clothes are bad. Even she improved her judge’s robe (belted and bedazzled). Why doesn’t she dress more like Kim who looks awesome. Kim walks in wearing the dress Jane wanted. Kim doesn’t even have to sing to make it to the top. Paula tells her not to give up the fight. Paula says “it’s nice being the only judge.” Teri wakes Jane with gifts. She’s glad that Jane is suing because when she was younger she never went to the mall because of her weight. The sales people always made her feel bad and Jane is telling them that the overweight women are not the problem. Jane says Parker told her to drop the case. Teri points out that she pulled an all nighter so clearly she’s not.

Jane goes to Parker and says that if he tries to prevent her from suing the company, she will sue the law firm because it files her rights. He says he won’t support it but he won’t stop it. Kim is back on the case, much to her chagrin.

Jane sees Grayson watching the Girls Gone Wild video. Jane is upset and tells him to at least close the blinds. Grayson laughs and says he’s on a case. “Oh, well then I’m embarrassed.” She says that just because Jenny says she isn’t embarrassed doesn’t mean she isn’t. No girl wants to admit it.

Jane is on stage. Kim asks why she’s really angry, it’s not just about a dress. She says because they made her feel like she didn’t count. In cross the defendant points out that not all ads are geared towards all people. Outside Kim says she has something coming: Stacy.

Grayson approaches Jenny to talk. The clock says 1:11. Technically she wasn’t 18 yet, maybe they can win a case. Grayson says this could hurt her future. She doesn’t seem to care.

On the stand is the designer who says it would be impossible to put his design on a larger woman. Funny thing both Jane and Stacy are wearing his design. (Though the two dresses don’t really look like the same design.) The designer was given a contract to sign saying he can design for anyone he wants. Jane pushes for her to amend the suit because they’re losing. They want to say that the contract was counter to the company’s best interests. I’m not sure why they can sue for that.

They say any judge will look for any loophole possible. They ask if Jenny will sign a new release she says no. Not only that, they will sue for illegally filming a minor. They must stop sales and donate all proceeds to charity, which will bankrupt the company. Terms are agreed to.

They call the largest shareholder to the stand. His wife can’t shop at the company. The judge finds for the company then.

Kevin apologizes to Parker for being rude and thanks him for his help. Parker invites him to poker nights.

Jane is upset and Teri comes in. Jane feels like a failure, she couldn’t even win her own case. Kim says they’re wanted in Parker’s office. Jane apologizes to the company’s largest shareholder. He says that’s fine, he realizes that he hasn’t been paying attention to an under served market. They’ll be catering to a larger size now as well because it just makes sense. After everyone leaves, Parker asks Jane to remain. He says Jane went too far. Her zeal whether she wins or loses is how you make partner. Good job, he’s impressed. (Kim’s gonna be pissed!) She finally got the dress she wanted.

Kim asks what Parker wanted. Jane lies and says just for her to get back to work. Jane says thanks for trying so hard despite her feelings on the case. Jane asks if Kim wants to go shopping with her at the company now that it carries her size and Kim says maybe. Teri and Stacy are waiting anxiously for Jane who comes in wearing the dress. They have girl talk and discuss who they’re looking for guy-wise but Jane says she’s not looking for the moment. Teri makes Stacy eat Calamari and she’s amazed. Even though it’s fries.

The question on everyone’s mind: WHERE’S FRED? He’s still in the intro so he must be coming back…


One Response to “Drop Dead Diva: The Dress”

  1. sarah Says:

    Kim will literally kill her-again-if she makes partner…althou I am sure we won’t see that till next season…I am also wondering where Fred is, he’s either gone and they were too lazy to edit the intro OR they are obviously going to bring him back in some season finale cliffhanger if my totally obvious guess.

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