Drop Dead Diva: Grayson’s Anatomy: Finale

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve hit the final. Well, sort of. It almost seems like this show has gone on for so long and will never end, but I know it hasn’t been that many episodes. I’ve been really surprised and impressed by the show. They’ve managed to be fresh without gimmicky while still sticking to the heart of the story.

Jane interrupts Grayson to ask for help on a case until he starts staring at her and then gets up to kiss her. ALARM CLOCK! Grayson bolts upright. Stacy and Jane talk about Grayson and Kim’s break up and how it might mean that they’re platonic friends (since Grayson confided in her). So they moved on to Tony and how they can’t seem to manage dinner together. They’re lunch buddies at the moment. Stacy introduces Jane to Lena, “her new client.” She was supposed to be on the cover of a huge ad campaign but after she admitted having breast cancer, they fired her. Jane’s angry.

Parker is getting stares in the office. Teri yells at Jane for being late. Parker is clearly pondering a big decision. Jane says she doesn’t want partner. (Until she’s told she has an upstairs office and a budget to remodel.) Jane goes to tell him about the new case, with Teri’s “partner pen.” She tries to tell him about the case until Parker says he wants her on a different case. The case: for a man meant to be a baseball star whose chance was ruined by a doctor’s mistake. Kim and Jane are both in the meeting. Jane gets first chair over Kim. Kim is upset but he talks her down. Kim walks out before Jane can do anything.

Kim and Jane talk to the doctor and her lawyer. The doctor says she did nothing wrong. There is always risk, he signed a consent form. Her lawyer offers to settle, they reject.

Grayson deals with the lingerie model. Why is Stacy there? To support and translate. Lena wants her there because she’s overwhelmed. She doesn’t understand the issue because her illness never interfered with her job. She didn’t mislead, she just didn’t tell them.

Jane instructs Kim of what to do. They disagree. Tony interrupts with lunch. He suggests committing to more than lunch. Dinner. Or, he suggests a bed and breakfast for the coming weekend. (Grayson’s in the background…) She says it sounds…uh…She needs to check her schedule. Grayson watches.

Stacy is using a legal dictionary in a bikini and glasses. Jane is unhappy and tells Stacy why. She’s never “gone to Nappa as Jane.” What if Jane has never “gone to Nappa?” And what about Grayson?

Lena is on the stand. She told the truth because she knew it would come out anyway. But she also delayed the interview until after signing.

Now the baseball player on the stand. He tells about his life and what happened after the surgery. He once said he didn’t have what it takes to play for the majors. Kim and Jane argue but pretend all is fine when Parker asks.

Grayson talks to Stacy and yawns in the middle. He’s been having strange dreams about Jane. He’s tired. He runs away before Stacy can ask more.

Tony and Jane in the hallway. Jane brings up the bed and breakfast when she gets a call from Stacy who tells her what Grayson says. She runs away from Tony. Stacy and Jane talk…Dream or nightmare? She thinks maybe deep down Grayson knows she’s his soul mate. But what about Tony? Great guy chasing her while awake. Jane doesn’t know what to do. Stacy has to go to bed early.

Dream about Paula Abdul as judge. Grayson vs Tony. Everyone is in the dream. Jane must swear on a stack of fashion magazines. Even Kim (looking annoyed) and Teri. Chemistry, history. Tony tap dances, Grayson does magic. Paula Abdul has made a decision, she will tell her, after the break. Which is when Jane wakes up of course.

Grayson questions the CEO of the company. He doesn’t alert his stock holders about his own illnesses. It says Martinez can’t do her job because people connect her to breast cancer. Cancer isn’t sexy.

Tracy is working out a layout to Jane’s unassigned new office. Kim comes in to sort of apologize. She knocks over the model office with a box of paperwork about the doctor. “The Smoking Gun.” Kim is pleased with herself and Jane tells Kim to win the case. Apparently the doctor has not been resting and doing surgery at more than one hospital. Jane asks why she didn’t postpone the surgery: she had plans for the weekend.

Parker pops a wine to celebrate Kim and Jane’s success. $15 million settlement. Any other announcements? Parker has lost weight and will therefore be wearing suspenders. She’s wondering about the doctor being photographed somewhere she should not have been time wise. (The doctor is no longer practicing.) The doctor has a house on Hawaii, where the client intends to visit. The doctor and Eric were having an affair. The whole case was a scam.

Jane tells Parker the truth but she can’t say anything. Attorney client privilege, plus, it would ruin the firm if peopel thought they turned on their clients.

Grayson is figuring out a closing. Stacy has an idea: call Lena back to the stand. She drops a bag on his desk and says everything he needs to win is in the bag. Trust her! (Sounds like a Jane antic…)

Teri asks what Jane will do. How can she pretend not to know but it will end her career…And Teri’s career would take a hit. Teri says she’s working for her because she believes in her, do what you have to do.

Grayson and Stacy in court. Lena disagrees with the assessment. She disrobes to show herself in lingerie. Photographers take her picture. Who’s thinking of cancer now.

Jane meets with the doctor. Jane has a message from the client saying he won’t be coming to Hawaii. Jane knows everything. They’re protected by attorney client privilege so Jane can’t say anything. Jane gives her a letter with her share of the money, $20,000. The doctor is pissed. They both gave up their career. The doctor is pissed. (The client was getting weaker anyway, he would never have made the majors. The doctor was the mastermind.)

Grayson and Lena meet with the defendants. They know they were wrong but Lena has gotten new offers.

Jane has a tape that she packages for the LA court district. And a letter for Parker. Giving up partner then? Grayson is at his desk and she knocks at the door. She congratulates him on the case. She clearly has something else to say but can’t seem to say anything. “I just want to say…” kiss on his cheek “it’s been nice working with you.” Goodnight, get some sleep. He stares after her.

Stacy tells Jane how great it felt to win. What happens now? She’ll be suspended and under investigation. What should she do now? She can do anything she wants. Maybe it’s time to leave Old Jane’s life behind and concentrate on New Jane. And go with Tony to Nappa. She can’t be stuck in the past. Knock on the door. It’s…someone we don’t recognize. He says it’s been a long time…she’s hard to find. He’s Ethan, Jane’s husband…


2 Responses to “Drop Dead Diva: Grayson’s Anatomy: Finale”

  1. darci Says:

    That scene where Grayson accidentally revealed to Stacy that he’s losing sleep over Jane was awesome…really sets up next year great, and further develops the already complex Jane/Deb dichotomy that they’ve set up. I also thought it was cool that they used the song ‘Piece of Mind’ by Castaneda in the background of the scene – they’ve really had a bunch of great music choices all season long, and it’s great to hear that. (fyi, you can watch the scene at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSuv5PcbEp8 )
    Can’t wait for next season!

  2. sarah Says:

    I was so sad there was no episode this week, however LOVED the season finale…I think they did a great job especially with that twist on the case featured in the show as well as the Grayson/no sleep angle…and I don’t think anyone saw that Jane had a husband coming! I can’t believe we have wait till next summer now…

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