Drop Dead Diva: Dead Model Walking

After an awkward moment between Kim, Parker, Grayson, and Jane, Parker warns Kim to keep her and Grayson’s relationship quiet. Deb and Stacy’s idol Kristy is the firm’s client and Jane wants to work with her but the case was given to Kim. Meanwhile, Grayson takes on a pro bono case to help a woman keep her home (the government is trying to force her to sell).

Jane weasels her way into the case by showing how much she knows about Kristy. Kristy is being arrested for assault (her card was declined so she hit the guy). Jane talks her out of the arrest and now they have to work unfreezing her assets. Kristy chooses Jane over Kim (despite Kim’s specialty being in finance).

Kim confronts Jane about stealing Kim’s client. Kim thinks Jane wants the partnership that Kim wants despite Jane’s denials. Kristy calls Jane to invite her to cocktails.

Kim goes to Parker for a new case and Parker tells her what she needs is actually pro bono hours. The partners know she can bring in, they need to know she can give back. Parker tells her to help “her boyfriend” since Grayson just took a new one on.

Kristy’s being accused of helping her husband flee. She says she didn’t help, she called the authorities when she saw that he didn’t come home. While they’re talking, Stacy shows up and joins. Stacy asks for her autograph. Jane has managed to get her personal assets unfrozen.

Kim and Grayson flirt in bed. Kim uses the moment to ask about the pro bono case. She’s a little upset that she’s never been to his place. He says next sleepover will be at his place but when he leaves she whispers “you said that last time.”

Cocktails are going great when Jane gets a call from Tony asking for dinner. She suggests dinner instead. Police come to tell Kristy that her husband’s body has been found and she is under arrest for his murder. They refuse to give her client bail because she’s a flight risk. He does offer a plea bargain: second degree murder. (They have motive because the murder was timed to allow her to get his estates.)

Kim and Grayson tell the woman about a new offer, the woman refuses. Kim insists the woman just wants more money but Grayson insists she’s honest. She comes back without Grayson for another offer–a million dollars–but the woman turns her down. The woman tells her off and says that women like Kim (who only see the world as they want and as though it revolves around her) always end up unhappy.

Kristy refuses to take the plea. She says she was mad at him but that she still loved him and would never have hurt him. She cries which convinces Jane she’s honest because she’s a terrible actress.

Trial time for Kristy. The husband was killed by a paddle like the one rented but Jane points out that so many others do too.

Grayson finds out about the million dollar offer (which was fake) and he’s furious. If she found out that it was fake, Kim could be sues for malpractice.

Kristy takes the stand. A fake passport was found with Kristy’s picture but a different name. Jane is upset about the passport. Kristy reveals that the passport is actually the true her. She used a dead person’s ssn to create a new persona. Jane wants to explain the truth but Kristy insists otherwise. It’s all she has left. (Who is this actress? She looks so familiar…Baywatch?) She doesn’t want to be a punchline on late night TV.

Kim shows up in Grayson’s office with coffee. He receives her coldly. She says she has a hard time to understand the attachment to places because when she was little she moved around a lot. She apologizes and offers off the case. He forgives her and wants her to stay on it. Before she leaves she adds “so, you’re place tonight?” He stumbles for a way to say no “eh, uh, I’m not sure…”

Tony shows up for the lunch date but Jane is too busy with Kristy’s case. She’s too busy to even pay attention to setting up their double date between Grayson and Kim and her and Tony. Oops.

Grayson, in court, says that though they’ve followed the letter of the law, they are violating its spirit. Grayson explains that the house where your loved one was (before they died) becomes the loved one. Kim realizes that he’s talking about Deb. She says she realizes that he thinks he is cheating on Deb. She can’t be the other woman. She cares about him and she’s not what he needs at the moment. I’m actually sad for her. (Good job Lifetime, making someone sympathetic despite her evilness.)

Stacy brings coffee to Jane and Teri. Jane notices a mark on the husband’s neck. There’s a lipstick mark on his neck, not Kristy’s. Meaning Kristy wasn’t the last person to see him. Jane questions Kristy’s remaining friend on the stage (who is wearing the same lipstick shade as was on the husband’s neck. There’s also an overseas account set up for her. Her credit card receipt shows that she rented a boat the same day.

The judge rules in favor of Grayson. There will be an appeal but at least she’ll have some time. The woman has something to tell them, they won’t tell right? If she moves theyll find her husband’s body under the floorboards because she killed him in ’89. Oh. That was…unexpected.

Kristy offers Jane a designer bag. Kristy asks if she wants to go to dinner but Jane has a double date. Jane says that she can still do things differently.

Jane shows up for dinner where Grayson is already waiting to find out that Tony can’t come and Kim and Grayson broke up. But rather than call it a night, they decide to sit down for dinner anyway. Deb had a theory that you are where you live, which is the line he used to win the case. This is weird, watching him tell Jane what Deb told her. He thinks that if he was meant to be with Deb then now that she’s dead he’s meant to be dead. She says we always change and who we are meant to be changes too. He’ll find someone to share his life with, she’s sure.


3 Responses to “Drop Dead Diva: Dead Model Walking”

  1. sarah Says:

    I really liked this episode…they made Kim look human, which they needed to do. I thought it was hysterical when her and Grayson’s client told them she murdered her husband…maybe Kim was onto something with her afterall!
    I think it’s always weird listening to Jane repeating things Deb said to Grayson…since we know there is a second season we know nothing will be resolved in the finale next week between the 2 of them…but I would like to see the hot guy fall for the ‘average’ girl just for once in a tv show or movie…

  2. christycaliber Says:

    I SO want Jane and Grayson to wind up together. But, as we know, they can’t help but tease until next season (or the season after that…)

  3. sarah Says:

    Drop Dead Diva returns the first sunday in june!!!

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