Drop Dead Diva Second Chance

Jane stands in front of the mirror talking to Grayson. Oh, and she is wearing a wedding dress. She has to tell him something…in walks Tim Gunn asking her what she’s doing. Jane intends to tell Grayson the truth because she wants to marry him. Tim talks her out of it, saying she has to accept herself first. Thankfully it’s a dream, as that in real life would be far too cheesy.

Jane comes out to tell Stacy the truth but she sees Fred. He and Stacy moved quickly it seems. (It’s supposed to be the day after the party ps.) Jane is hungover because while Deb didn’t get hungover, Jane hardly drank. Jane wonders what Old Jane did to blow off steam. Apparently crossword puzzles. Oh, Fred was around to clean up and take care of Stacy after the party. He slept on the couch. Such a gentleman.

Which Life Would You Choose?

Which Life Would You Choose?

Teri is at her desk when a woman comes in saying she has a meeting to interview for her appointment. Teri is pissed and takes it out on Jane.

Grayson gets a case with the boss. Someone comes to talk to Jane. Before she can even say anything, police come in and arrest her. She’s been charged with murder. Apparently Mary Ann’s boyfriend when she was 18 killed someone during a robbery. She panicked and ran away and got married, had kids, works in a hospital…now she doesn’t know what to do.

Grayson is with the boss. Larry, a one time celebrity, wants to sue Famousbutdead.com apparently he’s listed as dead. He says it will hurt his ability to get work because people think he’s “unavailable.” Parker hands Grayson the entire case because he’s uninterested.

Fred is worried that Jane might say he’s in love with Stacy. According to a magazine article he would be better able to get her if he plays hard to get. Jane says ok but Stacy knows she can have you. He also bought Jane crossword puzzles.

Teri is still angry about the other receptionist interview. Rival comes up because she’s been assigned to her case as second chair. Jane doesn’t want her but it isn’t her choice. They meet her husband and he’s upset at being lied to. A note on the fridge is how she broke the news to him. He says relationships are based on trust and they therefore have none. They want the husband to testify that he forgives her so that she won’t get life in jail but he says he can’t forgive her.

Jane unpacks a box of Deb’s stuff (given to her by Grayson). Stacy comes in wondering why Fred hasn’t called because she does like him and they have a rule that you don’t like someone until they know he likes them. There’s a bracelet amongst the stuff that she doesn’t recognize, it wasn’t hers. Stacy doesn’t want Jane to tell Fred how she feels.

Grayson talks to Famousbutdead.com owner. He apologizes. He wants to print a retraction and take a picture and everything. Larry wants to have lunch with Grayson but Grayson says he can’t. (There’s a sad and painful reminder of Deb’s death.)

At Jane’s case, they talk to the son of the guy murdered about how his father never got to see him grow up. It doesn’t seem to be going well. People talk positively about Mary Ann (saved the library, helps the sick). The prosecution offers a deal of ten years in jail. She doesn’t know what to do but Jane says she doesn’t think she should, she should just take the stand.

Larry returns with food and apparently though the website was fixed, it was publicized so he wants to sue them. Grayson reluctantly agrees.

Grayson is hiding from Larry. Jane sees him and wants to be introduced because she loved him. Jane broaches the issue of the silver bracelet but Larry spots him first. But once the retraction is done, he’s known as “the guy everyone thought was dead but isn’t” so he wants to sue all of late night television.

Kim left to court without Jane because Teri didn’t get her. Fred wants to talk about missing Stacy. Jane says to just talk to her. He sees her at the office and they have awkward talk while trying to pretend not to care.

Mary Ann is on the stand. She explains why she kept it a secret. She wanted her old life to disappear. When she knew she’d be caught she didn’t run this time because she’s changed. She wants to be there for her children and part of being a good mother is doing the right thing. She apologizes to everyone she hurt. Her husband decides to testify but it is too late.

Jane knocks on Parker’s door. He’s already working to cash in on Jane’s case. It turns out that Parker was the one who scheduled the interview. Jane refuses to replace Teri.

Philip shows up begging to be allowed on the stand. Kim says there’s no way but Jane promises she’ll get him to testify. She has a letter from the husband that she reads aloud. It basically says he loves her, forgives her, and he, the kids, and the community need her. She says if they send Mary Ann to prison she will make a mistake that they just can’t fix.

Teri hugs Jane for standing up for her. Grayson’s in her office with homemade cookies from Larry. He just won’t go away. How can he dump the client? It seems that after Larry’s wife died he didn’t go out anymore and he’s using Grayson to compensate. Jury is back on her case so she has to go. But not before grabbing a cookie.

They find the defendant guilty to accessory to a robbery but not murder in the second degree. She’s sentenced to community service (aka returning to her current life).

Grayson and Larry meet at the cemetery. Grayson tells Larry there will be no more cases. He says his girlfriend died and he hasn’t come to visit since the funeral and he thought it would be easier to come with someone who understood. (Grayson is undoubtedly the best character in this show and I kind of wish there was more about him. Well, him and Fred. Fred’s pretty awesome also.)

Jane and Stacy discuss the end of the case. Stacy wants to know what’s going on with Fred, she’s decided she likes him. She plans to call after dinner but it seems Fred has decided to show up first. Before he can get through his explanation she kisses him and they go out to dinner. Jane settles down to do some crosswords when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Grayson. He needs the silver bracelet back, it wasn’t Deb’s. It was his sister’s and has sentimental value. Jane offers him to stay for dinner and he agrees with plans to finish off the puzzle together afterwards.

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