Drop Dead Diva Episode 5

8:10 and Jane is still in bed. Stacey wakes her up and tells her she can’t keep playing her song with Grayson over and over. Jane says this is her first time with Grayson–on a case. Stacey helps her find the perfect makeup and clothes. But when Jane gets to the office it turns out Rival (Kim) is on the job and Jane has been moved to pro bono. Rival also asks her if she owns a mirror because she has lipstick on her tooth. 

Secretary! The things we dont know about you...

Secretary! The things we don't know about you...

Secretary has something for Jane’s birthday! They will be celebrating together. But then she discovers that Jane is turning 32. Deb was going to be turning 24! She calls Stacey crying. She’s lost eight years of her life! Stacey says that sucks, but changes the subject to Grayson. 


She gets to her office to find her pro bono case, Michael. He was wrongly convicted of armed robbery and murder. He was in jail for ten years. He says he’s a self-help book junkie too (like Jane was). He says he was convicted because he was sleeping nearby and his blood was the same type as the killer (never tested his dna even). The state is willing to settle for $15,000. Jane says he can’t get such a small offer, he’s lost ten years behind bars on circumstantial evidence, they’re not going to accept such a paltry sum.

Everyone wishes her happy birthday as she goes to find Fred. He’s watching the Brady Bunch because he’s never seen it. She confronts him about her lost 8 years.

Kim and Grayson are working on a guy whose website is made to help men to cheat on their wives. He’s being sued for ruining a marriage. He says his site helps people–it might revitalize a marriage by taking away the mystery of “what’s out there.” Clearly that didn’t happen with this case.

Jane and Michael prepare to negotiate (the DA says Michael should thank him for getting him out of jail). 

Grayson sees Stacey come into the office and she reveals that she and Jane are roommates. She says they met at Deb’s funeral and bonded and that they have a lot in common–a love for romantic movies, the belief that polyester is the devil’s fabric, and an allergy to aids. 

Jane says $15,000 which equates to $4 of jail time is unacceptable. People in witness protection and parolees get more–homes, job training, etc. She asks them to reconsider an amount commensurate to his suffering.

Secretary and Stacey go through an “I know Jane better” fight. 

The board comes back denying her request. And the DA revokes his factual finding of innocence so he gets nothing–he doesn’t want to deal with other lawsuits that would be filed if they won. 

Secretary makes her a “loser cocktail.” Jane doesn’t want to do anything but fix this. she sees the masseuse from Stacey and he says she should just put on her robe but she’s uncomfortable with that and would prefer to just take off her jacket. It turns out she’s ticklish and can’t get a massage. 

Jane gets yelled at for messing up the case.

At Grayson and Kim’s case the wife tells about how she discovered the affair. He’s not even at the trial. He’s with the woman he cheated with. Kim points out that they hadn’t had sex in months before he started cheating so clearly their relationship was already ruined. The wife says they had issues like every couple but they weren’t insurmountable. 

Jane is watching trial videos and is shocked to discover that the real criminal was never even interviewed during the original trial. He wasn’t even a suspect. She says it might prove prosecutorial negligence. (He apparently has cancer and confessed because he wasnts to do a good thing.)

Grayson is disgusted by his client. Kim doesn’t believe in commitment. It turns out Kim’s dad was gay but married her mother before coming out, which scarred her view of marriage.


Rival aka Kim

Rival aka Kim

They discover that the DA sat on the real confession while Michael sat in jail. Grayson comes in while Jane works on her case. He says he’s disgusted by the case. Kim doesn’t have a problem with it. Jane says she wants a monogamous relationship too. He says if he’d married Deb he’d never have cheated. It wouldn’t have been a choice because he loved her.


The DA says the tape wasn’t buried it was just low priority and took 5 years to process. The trial was rushed because it was an election year.

Jane is told that if she doesn’t leave the case alone she can’t be guaranteed her job at the law firm (they don’t want an angry DA to contend with). She says nothing in life is guaranteed, she could be killed at any moment.

Grayson’s client says if a husband cheats with a woman he met at a bar, the bar couldn’t be sued, and his service is no different. The prosecutor says prostitutes use his site to prey on married men. He says the site has been used otherwise. (Kim sees that the jury hates her so Grayson will have to continue the trial as lead.)

Jane tells Grayson that the distinction between moral and legal dislike is what matters and he should tell the jury that. He hugs her–it’s brilliant!

Stacey tells her she has to stop listening to that song. This afternoon she looked him in the eye and called him an honest man. Stacey made her a carrot cake because it was Deb’s favorite. Jane remembers that Michael is a diabetic and this will help her case.

At court she says the robbery stole a root beer and a box of cracker jacks. Michael is a diabetic and would have been unlikely to take such things. There had been an eyewitness account to that effect. By them not doing what little they needed to see that he wasn’t guilty, the DA was negligent.

Grayson gets up in front of the jury and says he finds the client repugnant. He can’t pretend otherwise. But to blame someone else for ending a relationship is giving him too much power. The jury sees his point. 

Teri (secretary) talks to Michael and Jane comes in. The DA called they’re offering him $100,000 settlement. Jane wants to go further but Michael says he’s done. All he wants is the settlement. He doesn’t want to look back anymore. He wants to start living his life. (Jane of course learns that she should do the same with her own Deb-Jane life.)

Kim’s client brings her flowers. He would like to retain her services for the future and he would like to have dinner with her. What about your wife? She says she thinks it’s best that they not work together. She doesn’t like that she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage. She wants to at least be open to the possibility. He says good luck and leaves. (A moment of inner weakness for Rival?)

Jane’s not losing her job because she won the case. She’s “the lawyer of the day” but soon they’ll have to deal with crap from the DA. 

At least she got a voice out of the trade right?

At Jane’s surprise party Fred entertains. Stacey finds Fred to be a cutie. (Oh, they actually have a future.) Kim and Grayson are talking close together. Jane sees and decides she’s going to do choreography. Of course she chooses her and Grayson’s song. Apparently while Deb is tone deaf, Jane can sing. (I guess there’s something she got out of her body trade that was good?) Grayson says it’s his and Deb’s song and Kim tells him she has to move on.

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6 Responses to “Drop Dead Diva Episode 5”

  1. kitty Says:

    wat is the name of song she sang on her party?

  2. johann Says:

    Yuo right! It is “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. That is a beautiful song!

  3. Tatiana Says:

    In episode 5 at the beginning of Jane’s party fred was singing a song on karaoke, Does anyone know the name???

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  5. ozlem Says:

    I want the jane karaoke video help me where can ı find?

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