Toddlers and Tiaras: Outlaw Pageant

Isabella, age 6, began doing pageants as a baby. Her mom’s not sure if she’s ready for high glitz. She likes feeling like a rockstar on stage. She and her brother play. She rehearses her acceptance speeches. She’s worn her glasses in past pageants. Glitz pageants make her feel like a princess.

Hailey, age 6, intends to “shoot down the competition” and she takes glitz very seriously. Cue her and her siblings shooting bb guns. She won her first pageant at 9 months old (despite sleeping through it). She’s won all but 1-2 pageants. She’s very competitive. Looking through her stuff, her mom says it’s like the prom. She’s got a flipper. She has an advantage because she’s been doing pageants for so long.

Jayden, age 5, loves pageants and started at 6 months. She’s been in over 150 pageants. She practices her western routine with her coach. She has a great pageant world reputation. She’s “gonna rock it out!” Jadyn began in full glitz two years ago. Her coach won’t be at the pageant so she’s giving her tips now. She doesn’t like getting her eyebrows doesn’t because she’s afraid of getting poked in the eye.

Isabella answers the door to her pageant coach. Her coach thinks she’s adorable and shines because she loves the stage. She likes to practice so that she can be really good. She’s only had her routine for a few days and if she forgets she just makes it up.

Jayden plans to rule the pageant. She loves glitz and is getting a pedicure. Her mom thinks she stands out because of her beauty and she says she’s a diva. Her mom says Jayden gets whatever she wants, but she’s not spoiled.

Hailey gets highlights because her hair color is too common. Her mom says she takes it seriously because Hailey does. Hailey is her whole world. Hailey says her mom is her best friend.

Isabella and her mom leave to start the 6-7 hour drive to the pageant. They’re nervous about how competitive rumors say southern pageants are. Isabella thinks she’ll do really really really good.

Jayden’s excited for her new outfit but her boots are too big and they’re worried that it will make her fall during the cartwheel or it will fly off when she kicks. She hopes she doesn’t break her neck.

Hailey practices with her mom. They need lots of energy and sheer perfection. Hailey is a perfection and her own toughest judge. Hailey hates practicing. She says she’ll be upset if she loses.

Isabella gets tanned when she gets to the hotel. It’s a new woman and her mom wants her not to get dark. Isabella dislikes it because you have to stand naked (meaning in a bathing suit). She’s darker than usual which makes her mother worried. Isabella says that the outlaw pageant is cow everything.

Pageant day has arrived. Isabella’s mom is very worried about her tan. She also thinks the fake eyelashes are weird. She doesn’t like how different she looks. Isabella likes it. Jayden and her mom worry over her hair and makeup. Ultimately Jayden’s satisfied with her look and thinks she will win.

Beauty Wear first.

4-5 year olds first. This is Jayden’s category. She’s got a little cheering section. She sometimes has a tough time with her smile but today she did well. It might have been one of her best performances ever.

Backstage Hailey tells us that she is perfect.

6-8 year olds next. Isabella is excited. She looks like she’s squinting because she can’t see. Her mom says she did better than expected. Hailey thinks she will do very good and win. She walks in with a little strut. Her mom thinks she did fabulous.

Western Wear second. Backstage is crazy as they chance outfits and hair and makeup. They stuff Jayden’s boots to keep them on properly. They make her feel a little bit awkward.

4-5 year olds go. Some tissue paper falls out in the middle of her cartwheel but she just kept going. She comes back and says “I rocked it out!” and does a little dance.

6-8 now. Isabella is looking forward to western wear because it is her first time doing it. Hailey says she never gets nervous because she never forgets her routines. Hailey does it with compete confidence.She says that everything she did was perfect. Isabella goes on and her moves are a little wild but she’s very into it with a little energy, She forgot her moves so she made it up and “ran all over and went crazy.” It was truly genuine, her mom says.

Judges say the kids were great and scores will be tight.

Time for crowning. This is Hailey’s favorite part. 4-5 first. Prettiest Hair, Most Beautiful, and Most Photogenic all go to Jayden. 6-8. Hailey and Isabella both get awards. Isabella gets sweetest face and most beautiful. Hailey is sure she will get the top supreme title. All 3 girls place out of their age group with the highest scores. Best Overall Western Wear goes to Isabella. (Jayden’s mom doesn’t think she can win over Hailey. Overall Mini Supreme goes to Hailey. Jayden wins Ultimate High Supreme (1st).

Hailey’s mom worries that she’ll be upset. Isabella is very happy and her mom cried.


6 Responses to “Toddlers and Tiaras: Outlaw Pageant”

  1. Heather Says:

    I loved this episode! I did not like Isabella because she wasn’t glitz enough to me. Jadyn was great but she should get flipper and a glitzier dress. Haley rocked it out and I LOVED her ! She was so gorgeous on stage! And I loved that she had a flipper! I thought haley should have won grand though! You go jadyn and Haley!

  2. Sue Says:

    I loved Isabella! I thought she was adorable with tons of personality. I liked that she wasn’t overdone. Hailey and Jayden were gorgeous, too. They all did well.

  3. lacitta Says:

    Hailey was nothing but fake, fake, fake. I guess that is how cheerleader bullies start out, so young so self-sufficient. Isabella was just sweet, truly having fun. Adorable in all ways.

  4. Brian Says:

    Jayden’s mom is a huge pig! She needs to do something about her disgusting weight problem….like get on a treadmill to get rid of those hamhock thighs.
    Why is it all the moms on this program are fat and/or ugly? Living through your children, huh?
    You’re all child porn enablers.

  5. JL Says:

    i loved jayden she was so cute and isalbella was adorable too but hailey was a little brat that thought she was everything and that she was gonna win hands down but am so glad she dednt coz she didnt deserve it x go jayden and isabella x

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