Toddlers & Tiaras: Stars of Pennsylvania

This is a prelim pageant.

Meadow is 7. She’s done 100 pageants and says she’s a professional. She’s been doing them since age 3. She loves being the center of attention.

The Ayala family has 3 girls who compete in pageants. Angela, 8, has done pageants. Aliana, 3, won a crown in her second pageant. The littlest likes dresses and doing the pageants with her sisters. Addison, 4, has gotten awards too. They do the pageants because they make friends and build confidence.

Roni, age 2, is the “only little princess” of her mother. She can’t seem to pay attention to anyone. She decided to put her in pageants because people kept saying she was adorable. She’s won a grand supreme and has done many pageants.

Meadow and her mom look for outfits. They watch a video from her first glitz pageant. Her mom says it’s given her confidence in school.

The Ayala’s dad was a soldier in Afghanistan and this is the first pageant he gets to see. He’s excited to see them perform.

Roni’s mom tries to get her to practice and she’s not interested. Her grandparents help out. As the first grandchild, Roni is very spoiled.

Meadow goes to her hairstylist, this is the hair necessary for the win. The hairstylist’s daughter is Meadow’s coach. She became a winner with their help.

One of the boys of the Ayala pageant because it is girl stuff. He says he doesn’t like to do it. Addison is allowed to get a hairpiece because her brother cut off all her hair once. They don’t let their kids do the fake stuff-teeth, tan, eyelashes- and they rent dresses.

Roni has things that say “it’s not easy being a princess” and “diva.” They try to get Roni to practice by making it a game with her dolls but it doesn’t always work. Roni doesn’t want to try on her clothes. Her mom likes swimwear best. Roni lies on the floor yelling “stop it!” and doesn’t want to try them on but then she follows her mom anyway.

Time to go to the pageant (Roni is crying–does she ever not whine?) It’s snowy and Roni has a coach. The cost is $50 an hour. She doesn’t have any interest and just lies down. The coach brings in another kid to pressure Roni into doing it. It succeeds.

Meadow arrives a little late and they’re stressing up. Her mom thinks she looks awesome all done up and Meadow likes doing it. She thinks the fake stuff accentuates how they look. Meadow says sometimes she gets nervous when she has good competition.

Margie coaches the 3 girls from the Ayala family. Margie says normally the “bushy eyebrows gotta go.” The mom isn’t a fan. Margie seems to think they have no shot of winning. Normally they do longer session but there isn’t enough time and she’s not confident that she can get them ready in time.

Because of the weather there are fewer competitors. The boys have a single category. The girls use “butt paste” to keep their bathing suits in place (like tough skin in gymnastics)

Roni tans. She uses hairpieces.

Apparently everyone should have a coach who won’t hold back.

Aliana and Roni are in the same group. Aliana struggles. Her hair is nothing compared to the others but she’s still cute though she looks down too long. Up goes Roni who doesn’t want her mom to come on stage with her and did “fabulous”. She wants to go swimming after getting off stage.

Addison doesn’t look happy when she gets on stage. She’s very shy and looks uncomfortable but she perks up a bit. The dad feels a little out of place.

Angela gets up on stage and looks comfortable.

Meadow has a somewhat scary smile on but she does her routine perfectly. She says it was a lot of fun.

They prep for casual wear and Roni doesn’t want to get dressed. Meadow practices her routine with her coach.

Aliana bounces around a bit and spins in circles. Roni, finally dresses, loves the stage and did “her sassy walk.” She also did “hey judges come here baby.” Addison basically stands still on stage. Meadow is in a tiny revealing top and dances around. Angela comes out in preppy cute.

Then comes swimwear. Roni runs on in a one shouldered bikini. She asks if they can go swimming again. Addison starts crying. For her turn she seems somewhat better. Meadow loves the stage. (For a glitz pageant it’s not so huge.)

The tough thing about pageants is that kids don’t understand why they didn’t win so the pageant makes sure everyone gets something.

Crowning begins and Roni falls asleep. Aliana wins best personality. Roni wins beauty wear, casual wear, swimwear. Roni will be vying for a supreme title. Aliana gets the queen for her division. (There seems to be only two girls?)

Tie for princess between Addison and another girl. Meadow wins beauty wear, causal wear, and swimwear. She is also vying for a supreme title. Angela gets beauty wear and queen. She’s a little upset because she wanted the higher titles and she says she likes natural pageants instead of glitz.

Now for the supremes, who got the highest scores. Roni doesn’t get called. Meadow gets Mini Supreme. Finally Roni gets called up (her grandmother seems to be crying). Roni wins grand supreme for the first time ever. The crown is too big for her head and has to be held on.

Meadow’s mom wonders how Roni won over her daughter. It’s also Roni’s 3rd birthday. Final scene: Roni’s mom kissing the scepter and crown.


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