Toddlers & Tiaras: West Virginia Walk of Fame

One of the biggest pageants with boys and girls from many countries.

Follow Jayla first, age 6. Unusual in this family is that her father works with her on her routines. She started at one year old. They do 9 pageants a year, approximately. Doing pageants has made them grow closer.

Riley, age 6. Riley has been in 40 pageants she sounds british though her father doesn’t. She wrestles, which builds her confidence. She said she wanted to do pageants when she was 3 and she likes to win because she gets big trophies. They let her do it because she really enjoys it.

7 year old Hannah is doing a pageant for the first time in two years. She stopped doing it when her mother got pregnant but she thinks pageants are really fun so they’re getting back. She won almost every pageant she went to. They enjoy their time together.

Jayla isn’t the girl to bring home the big titles all the time. Most days she does well but she has off days. They just make it fun for her and let her decide when she wants to do one.

Riley’s mother thinks her strength is her personality. She loves playing with animals. She says she can “speak animal.” She says the birds like her being in glitz pageants best.

Hannah gets a flipper (fake teeth) because her teeth haven’t grown in yet after losing her front teeth. This will help her scores. Because they’ve been out of pageants they need to buy all new clothes. $3,000 spent for dress ($2,400 by itself), street wear, and hair.

Jayla has a personal dressmaker who has been making her outfits since she was a baby. Jayla likes the sparkles. (It costs $600.) Her father sees pageants as an investment–maybe a modelings agency will come form it?

Riley’s dresses are made by her mom or grandmother. This lets her know it was made with love. They don’t do glitz pageants often. They don’t tan her because she doesn’t want to.

Jayla does tan. It makes them look leaner, healthier, and brings out the dress. She seems to enjoy-“I’m getting brown!” This pageant is the pageant of the year.

Riley practices with her mother and her dolls as her judges. Her mom says they don’t worry about her score, just that she has fun.

Hannah likes the full glitz most, it’s just being a girl. She’s drinking coffee, and tells her mother to get her more. She likes having pretty nails.

This pageant developed to be high level but affordable. The exciting part is the red carpet wear. Some contestants are new to this pageant, but there are no beginners. The director is excited for Hannah’s return. Riley’s the sweetheart. Jayla is the diva.

Jayla’s dad has never seen so many dads helping out as now. (The little boys are so cute in their little tuxes!)

Riley doesn’t like eye liner and makes it difficult for the make up artist. Her mom says she was easy to refocus, as we see her crawling on the floor.

Hannah is thrilled to be back. She has a fall! (Seven year old with fake hair, come on!)

Jayla gets her make up done. She’s laughing as they do it and rubs some of it off because it’s itching. She has a hairpiece also.

Pageant starts. Step one–beauty wear. Pageants aren’t just about beauty, a judge tells us. They’re about the total package. The parents say you never know what the judges are looking for.

Jayla doesn’t want to walk slowly! She says it’s hard to do practice with a pouty face.

There are nine kids in Riley’s age group.

Jayla and Riley are in the 5-6 group. Apparently Riley’s favorite toy is balloons. Jayla does her routine properly once up. She apparently enjoys helping her daddy make her a fashion diva. Her father directs form the crowd.

Hannah is in the 7-8 year old division. She’s ready to get back on the stage. Her mother is nervous but she isn’t. Her hobby is singing in church. Her mother says she’s not fake while doing the pageants, she likes the spotlight.

Next is red carpet wear. Little girls dressed as Britney Spears get up on stage and shake their butts in front of everyone. Hannah’s costume is a girlie version of the Austin Powers suit.

Meanwhile Riley is racing around, not yet dressed. When her mother picks her up she complains. The bigger pageants amp her up. She says she’s running around because she feels like a baby bunny. She wants to hop like one too.

Jayla’s dad loves the red carpet wear. This part really separates the contestants because some just don’t get the right outfits.

Rileys says she’s “done good” because she remembered all her moves. One of the judges says she has the personality but not the glitz down.

Jayla seems to have loved it. Judge says Jayla just needs more practice.

Hannah’s division is up. She even adds the Austin glasses mid-performance. She thinks the judges liked it a lot. Judge was wowed by her, she’s the total package.

Riley hopes to get a big trophy and a crown that fits. Jayla is crying backstage.

This pageant has everyone getting a trophy and bigger crowns by awards, there’s no money awards. Riley wins prettiest smile. Jayle wins most beautiful. Riley and Jayla get state beauty. Grand Supremes are the biggest awards. Jayla’s proud of her daughter for doing her best. Riley’s happy for getting a crown and trophy.

Hannah gets most beautiful. Hannah is recognized as being in the running for the Mini or Grand Supremes. Hannah wins Grand Supreme! That’s the top honor. She gets her own director’s chair and a crown taller than her head.

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10 Responses to “Toddlers & Tiaras: West Virginia Walk of Fame”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    I watched this show and jayla and riley needed to be way more glitzy because this was a glitz pageant. Hannah was awesome and had so much personality! I really enjoyed watching her! And was not suprised she won grand supreme! I’m so glad she’s back in pageants!

  2. kaotic Says:

    I am appalled by many aspects of this show. However, I did see where a the pageant could be fun. Riley showed that. And her parents showed that.

    Riley doesn’t get tanned because she doesn’t want to do that, and her parents didn’t force it. Same with the eyeliner.

    When she got up there, you knew she wasn’t going to win. Not by the criteria set by the pageant officials. But in my book, Riley and her parents were the only winners that I saw.

    Total package? I saw the total package when I saw a little girl wrestle, strut for her stuffed animals, and hop like a bunny and make everything around her truly fun.

    The rest was as fake as Hannah’s teeth.

    • Erica Says:

      You know nothing about Hannah. She is my sister’s best friend, and also my cousin. She’s not fake in any way, she just loves getting dressed up and being a girl. She has an amazing personality.

  3. Danielle Says:

    Hannah deserved that trophie…thats my awesome little cousin out there!!!
    Awesome job Hannah!!
    Keep on the Great!!

    • Anna Jones Says:

      my little unfortunately has lost some of her hair to chemo do you know where Hannah’s mother got her the hair piece she used in the pageant .. it would really mean a lot to my little girl and me…

  4. Lauren Says:

    I think hannah really deserved that.She had really great personality an was just a natural!!! That crown was really big! I am really excited for her return and has a great future in pageants/modeling!!!


  5. lucy Says:

    I was there at the pagaent and I’m sorry but I think those little girls are put through to much. And for whomever left the comment about it being glitz and the girls needed more, no it was up to you to be glitz or natural. Losing teeth is a part of life and I feel that a lot of the parents don’t know what beauty is if they have to put that much makeup on and get fake teeth and they pictures aren’t even real. I will say that regardless the amount of makeup some of the girls really get up there and shine. My little girl was there and it is always her choice to be glitz or natural and she tells me if I have to look like a doll then I would rather lose. But to each thier own and congrats to all the kids that were there. One more thing the host is amazing because she never lets anybody walk away empty handed.

  6. emiliano Says:

    I am working on some footage about these pageants for the Italian Tv, and I am absolutely horrified by what I see and hear.
    Those kids should be kids, not wannabe-celebs.
    These pageant are clearly damaging them, and what strikes me the most is the attitude of some “pageant parents”. I feel so lucky and grateful to have had parents that tried to focus me on more interesting and “sane” subjects.
    Sorry for my poor English: it would be way easier for me to express my thoughts in my language, in a more articulate way. Unfortunately, my lack of foreign language skills only lets me write “generic” reasoning… but I hope my point is at least understood…

  7. Laura Says:

    They were all so pretty- but Riley needed more glitz and better outfits. Yellow wasn’t her color.

  8. judy cox Says:

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