SYTYCD: Top “6”

With yet another injury tonight, you have to wonder if perhaps the contestants this season are being pushed too hard too fast. The downside of there being only eleven competitors is that perhaps they do more per show than in previous season or maybe the pressure…whatever the reason, this is just getting ridiculous. This time it’s Billy Bell, sidelined with an injury though it sounds like he may be all right by next week so no guarantees about who will be sent home. Nigel says they will be bringing someone in to try to do some injury prevention.

Cat Deeley’s got a nice simple ponytail but what is with the dress? It sort of looks like someone just draped tissue paper over her.

The first routine of the night is a Nappy Tab hip hop routine with Twitch and Lauren and while I was not in love with the choreography, I was impressed with Lauren. I didn’t feel like she was outshined by Twitch at all. Adam thinks she tore it up. Hot hot hot. (Anyone else wondering what Mia’s long earrings are? So weird.) Mia thinks she’s completely letting go and should. Kenny (of HSM) thinks SYTYCD changes dance each season. The praise is unanimous. Lauren has enough energy to power LA. Nasty buck.

Jose and Allison get a Sonya Tayeh contemporary. It is much more loving than her usual stuff. One interesting thing about this is that the dance takes place at the edge of the stage. Jose point your damn toes! Notice the walk away that ends 95% of routines? Adam compliments Sonya’s concept and Jose’s immersion in the character and partnering. Less conventional dancing though, making it hard to critique. Mia agrees but it was smart because she gave him pedestrian contemporary (human gestures rather than a technical place) but he didn’t grow much. Kenny thinks the all stars elevate the competitors. Jose gets mucho compliments on his partnering. Sonya covered up his weaknesses. More toe pointing please. Agreed Nigel!

Robert and Lauren are paired for a Tyce Diorio Jazz about seduction. Ir’s one of Tyce’s better ones. Adam dubs it smokin. “Rob” is so good. But watch your hands. Agreement that Robert’s dancing was really showcased here.

Adechike has his solo, which starts out eh, has a cool jump-turn sequence and then eh.

Kent and Kathryn
are paired for a Jazz with Sonya. (Two Sonyas in one week! Best week ever.) Kent was great but it was hard not to watch Kathryn here. Adam says he made the show more special. Mia thinks his face gets a little funny (corny). Kenny thinks Kent is the guy to beat.

Robert‘s solo is strong but I didn’t feel an emotional element.

Lauren‘s solo is my favorite so far.

Adechike and Comfort are paired for a hip hop routine with Nappy Tabs. Interestingly, this routine really showcased how Comfort has grown as a dancer (she used to be only so so at partnering and emotion but she’s really gotten better). Adam felt like he was watching a movie. Adechike is actually crying. Adechike did well but I think Lauren and Alex did better at hip hop. Mia said it felt more real than any contemporary routine. Nigel says it was the epitome of an honest rendition.

Jose‘s solo definitely showed his happy go lucky personality but the actual dancing was no the strongest breaking we’ve seen.

Kent‘s solo while a little frenetic was very solid.

Lauren and Robert are partnered together for a samba with Dmitry Chaplin. Not the best routine of the night but not bad. Adam wants a t-shirt that says you shot me with your but. Robert’s lines were clean and partnering strong. Lauren’s retractions and footwork are so strong. Mia felt that Robert looked like a Samba dancer. However, Lauren’s hips and butt were great but she’s in plie a lot giving some heaviness to her dancing. More tssst. Robert’s upper body reminded Nigel of Dmitry. Lauren has shaken everything that is possible to shake.

Adechike and Jose are paired for a pasedoble (Legacy is assisting) and it’s matador versus matador. Again from Dmitry. Some of the partnering stunts came off a little awkward but it was kind of cool for a style I’ve never loved. Adechike does a weird thing where he holds his head too far forward. Adam’s impressed with their commitment. Jose needs to stretch his body more. Adechike needed more abandon. Mia thought they did okay (but was aesthetically gorgeous). Both had technique issues. They didn’t quite fill the space but good attempt. Valiant effort but needs more carriage.

Kent gets a step routine and gets Billy who is injured and thus replaced by Twitch. Choreographer Chuck Maldanado. I’ve done step, it isn’t easy. The biggest problem I had with this routine is that the cool thing about step is the noises it makes and with two people and the music so loud, you couldn’t actually hear any of it. Adam thanks the producers for introducing new styles. And he thinks Kent killed it but I think he made some funny faces. Mia had no idea he had that in him. Great chemistry.

Random thought, but I love seeing the old contestants and all stars who aren’t competing sit in the audience. It’s just so cute.


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