The Office

Everyone said this show was funny. My family kept quoting it (and the quotes sounded funny) but every time I tried to watch, I couldn’t get into it. Whenever I said that to a fan of the show, they always responded “it gets better.” Which begs the question, how did it get picked up for a second season if season one was so awful? I’ve never been a fan of mockumentary style and the office was particularly painful for its lack of background music (and ridiculous number of silent pauses), so it really was a challenge. Plus, Michael may have been intended to be a ridiculous character, but many of his antics hit too close to home as far as awful bosses go. But I was determined to try, at least long enough to fairly say I’d given it a chance. And by the time it came to the middle of season two, I did find myself enjoying, despite the long and slow start. And in just a week or two, I’ve caught up on all six seasons.

Ultimately, the show goes from a comedy with characters who are more caricature than complex person to fully rounded, well-developed individuals. I only with I had someone in my life who could be teased the way they teased Dwight. (I actually do have a friend who used to get coasters thrown at her quite a bit, but she wasn’t crazy the way Dwight is.) And the relationship between Pam and Jim was extremely well-developed. I just regret the deterioration of Dwight and Angela’s relationship.

Over time, even Michael grew on me (though the awful way he treated Toby always rubbed me the wrong way). I think it was the development of his relationship with Holly that really did it. With Jan he was just pathetic but with Holly, it was actually a kind of sweet side. Now that he plans to leave, what will happen to the show? I can’t imagine not having him there (what, will the office actually function?). And while for EW the biggest mystery of the moment is who will replace him as regional manager, I have an altogether different mystery that remains unsolved:

How is it that the Scranton branch was the most successfully run branch when it is the most dysfunctional one of them all?!?


2 Responses to “The Office”

  1. save Says:

    caught your entry via the tag surfer… good post, i’ve written something similar about the office… however, for me, i thought it STARTED fine but precipitously descended into shite.

    • ax20 Says:

      well I don’t think the most recent season was the best but I really didn’t like the first season and a half.

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