So You Think You Can Dance- Still the Top 6

Kent gets a cha cha with Anya, which he’s already done. For some reason Anya looks REALLY old here, maybe it’s the styling? With the music they seemed to be aiming for something much more contemporary, but honestly, this choreography felt almost non-existent and quite boring. Nigel says Kent has become a man dancing but he needs to keep his hands from curling up. Good effort. (Not the ringing review.) Toni thinks it was better this time around. He was more grounded but he sacrificed posture for masculinity. Mia thought his hips moved right but the piece was too crunchy and there wasn’t enough space in his movements. She is also upset about him not fixing his face. Kent says he’s trying to change it but it is him. Adam agrees that he needed more length and relax. Own your awesomeness is his basic advice.

Robert got a contemporary routine with Kathryn, choreographed by Stacey Tookey, about going off to war and leaving a loves on behind. I hope it is actually emotional, because I find hers can go either way. Kathryn’s really got the emotion down, Robert is just so so. But there is a nice little surprise in this…Kathryn is the one going to the army! (I had a feeling that might be the case even before anything started, just because it would be “different.”) Nigel loved it. Robert’s been goofy in the past of SYTYCD but he’s grown and matured. He’s becoming even better than expected. Toni watches carefully for partnering skills and (Kathryn is super emotional about it) she felt it. Mia says they were mature enough to pull back in the beginning; her one note to him is to let his emotions be the catalyst of his movement to make it look less step oriented. Adam is so proud of the dance community because they supported each other so much. Kathryn is so stunning that it freaks him out. And Rob came up to her.

Jose gets the first solo. It’s just so so to me, nothing super exciting or impressive here.

Adechike picked out jazz with Courtney with Tyce. She hasn’t been on in a while, glad to have her back. My sister walked in mid this routine and said “they are so good!” Adam liked that it was just balls out dancing. He wants Adechike to loosen up more. Mia thought it was a great performance but he’s such a powerful athlete that he needs to find a balance of style (it’s kind of what she told Lauren). Toni thought it looked fun. She loved it. Nigel said there wasn’t enough abandon from Adechike.

Lauren‘s solo now. She just blew Jose’s solo away. It was pretty awesome, unique moves, good flow and technique. This is what a solo should be. Take note!

Jose and Comfort are paired for hip hop and I’m beginning to wonder how he always seems to get things that conveniently fall into his general genre. (More so than anyone else I mean.) They’re not quite in sync. This was a weird, slow sort of hip hop (lyrical?) and I have to say, Comfort easily outdanced him. Nigel liked the routine and style and we find out that Jose pulled his groin last week but he’s all right (can’t quite escape that curse, even if it doesn’t take someone out completely). Nigel didn’t think this quite worked with Jose, not sharp enough, too flappy. Toni disagrees, she bought it. Mis disagrees with Toni, she didn’t see swag. Adam recommends that Jose dances the intention of the character, steps secondary. It was too fun, not sexy enough. Smokey eyed?

Billy‘s solo routine now. Super quirky, which is fun, but not overall impressive in terms of actual moves.

Kent‘s turn for a solo. My only complaint is that he kept grabbing his shirt. Otherwise, great moves and full of emotion.

Lauren is paired with Allison for a Broadway. So an all girl routine. I was wondering if they were ever going to do that. It’s all about being strong women. Another Damn Yankees routine, Tyce? Not as action packed as the one he did for Kent but still pretty good. Adam thinks of Lauren as an All Star already. Nothing to criticize. He wants Lauren and Allison to do a variety show. Mia agrees there’s nothing to critique. She thinks Lauren’s forged ahead of everyone. Toni says strong is sexy. Lauren didn’t overdo her face despite the high energy. Nigel says its worked for him. He’s sure she’ll be in the finale, win or not.

Robert‘s solo time. It’s not the best or the worst of the night for me. It was a little jerky.

Billy and Ade are paired for a Stacey Tookey routine. They are supposed to have extremely different styles (homeless man and high powered business man). This was a good Tookey routine. He gets a three of four judge panel standing ovation (Nigel really can never be bothered). Nigel asks Billy about his knee (he’s wearing a brace). He’s glad they kept Billy because it was a privilege to see that piece. It showed Billy’s maturity. Toni found it incredible, this piece transcended dance. Mia says it was sheer perfection. She thanks Stacey for keeping her on her toes (wow, that’s a bit narcissistic). This was Billy’s best storytelling job. Win or lose, he will be remembered and respected. Adam says he was “just born on the show” and one of the best dancers ever on the show. Magnificent.

Adechike does the last solo of the night. This felt no different than everything else he’s ever done.

Kent and Jose get Broadway. Kent you were off on the whistle. Kent, I know you’re supposed to be the young eager one, but really, goofy faces after the warning you had? Adam is thrilled with the choreography. He thinks it will be between Kent and Lauren. Kent needs a little more breath under his hands (huh?) and says Jose was unbelievable. (I agree that this was Jose’s best job.) Mia thought it was fantabulous. Kent found his home. She says his faces even work (but I thought it was too much). Jose kept up and did a good job. Toni agrees that the characters suited them both perfectly. Nigel says Kent has gotten everything thrown at him. He thinks Jose’s problem was just doing it with Kent. He basically says Jose will probably be going home this week. (I’m not really sure why he didn’t leave last week.)

Lauren and Adechike are paired for the second to last routine of the night for a foxtrot. Meh. Not as sultry as one might want from a routine like this (I want nothing from it since I am not a fan of the style.) Nigel said it felt a bit more jazzy than ballroom. Overall, good connectivity and certainly sultry (really?!?!) but he was a bit meh. Toni loves the showcasing of new and different dance styles. They haven’t got the muscle memory for this style though but it isn’t dance like ballroom dancers. It was off. But, they got into the character. Mia says he had some good partner moments but there was a disconnect there too. Lauren has grace, sensuality, presence, it looks like she’s done it a million times. Adam says “simply” that Lauren was just dancing and this was one more proof that she’s excellent. Adechike looked too concerned about her safety (which is good intellectually but it shouldn’t look like it).

Robert and Billy are paired for a Bollywood routine, which is the final dance of the night. I’m noticing that Billy looks like a frog. Also, while his facial expressions are bigger, Roberts movements felt more believable. I think Billy’s extensions were actually a downside to this. Nigel thinks it was one of the best Bollywood routines (with two guys). Toni said it comes down to personal choice now. Toni prefers Robert over Billy though. Mia prefers Billy. NO INJURIES! Nothing wrong with that, everything was right. Adam says they split the vote.

Top Three…Lauren, Kent, and Robert probably. (Though voters seem to really like Adechike…)

Lauren is apparently with the medics right now. So much for no injuries.


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