Make It Or Break It: Save The Last Dance

Emily talks to a picture of Damon about him being an idiot and rips it up. Damon calls for Emily but her mom covers for her. Chloe was thinking that the Kmetko have a history of trying to rehabilitate bad men. If her gut tells her Damon’s bad news then he is.

Lauren searches for Carter upstairs. He was hiding from his dad’s dates. Lauren says Steve would never. Lauren wants to CSI this. (Really?) She thinks it must be a tramp. Carter wants to leave but Lauren insists he stay.

Sasha is working with Kayley on her strength and difficulty. Finally seeing Kayley do something in a super weird apparatus. She’s having difficulty with the double arabian. Sasha is tough, everyone will be wondering if she’s a one hit wonder. Carter tries to give her confidence and offers to help.

Payson is taking pictures of her parents. For a class or club? Kim is disturbing with her fake Inga accent. Heather arrives to talk about prom disaster. Payson knows some people who can help. They leave and the parents wonder about her being happy about gymnastics. Do they get her hopes up? They can’t put Payson through it, they thinks it’s best not to tell her. “What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.” (She’ll find out and she’ll be furious.) Also not fixing the injury can lead to later injury.

More training between Kaylie and Carter. Lauren watches, upset. Emily says leaving the flowers in Kaylie’s car was a good idea? Maybe opening yourself up isn’t worth it? Carter is sure Kaylie’s his soulmate. Lauren asks what’s between Kaylie and Carter. Lauren says she’s worried about her, once a cheater always a cheater. Lauren goes up to Steve while he’s on the phone and says someone’s been fooling around in their attic. (Chloe is on the phone.) Lauren basically makes sure her dad won’t go upstairs anymore.

The girls help Heather do flowers but they fail at it. They want to know what will be at prom. They’ve seen proms in movies. The theme is tropical paradise. Payson says she’s not going, she doesn’t want to and she has no one to go with. Lauren suggest Ike which Heather laughs at. Heather suggests they all go. They’re all excited except Payson so they will only go if she goes so she agrees. (Remember the last time she let herself be peer pressured.) Kim overheard and talks to Mark about it. Mark spoke to the European doctor. She’s in Boulder and is convinced she can help Payson. They owe it to Payson to hear her out.

Emily sees Razor at the Shack. She says she’s furious at him. He tries to be funny it falls flat. He bailed Damon out of jail for her. She’s upset with herself because she’s making her mother’s mistakes. Damon is sitting behind her and wants to tell her everything. Apparently she should hear him out because she owes him that much. How exactly? He says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was embarrassed, not a criminal. She throws him breaking into the gym for her back into her face. He says he’s not a loser. She says gymnastics will save her from being like her mother. She must focus so she can make it to the World’s competition in China. Razor suggests he give her space. Carter shows up with Lauren trailing to the Shack. Lauren has good news: we’re going to prom! (Lauren bringing Emily in?) Emily isn’t in the mood. Lauren says it’s to support Payson. Razor insists they can’t miss prom so Lauren says they need a date and Razor is it. Carter says no, but Lauren says they’re going as a group. She convinces him because high school boys will hit on Kaylie.

Kaylie is actually still training. This is the most training we’ve seen from her all show. Explode off the floor Kaylie. Carter insists her to do it without the harness. He says she’s using it as a safety net and with it on she doesn’t have to commit. He says “trust me.” So she does. Sort of. At least she tries the move. I’d like her to land on her face because really it takes more than a couple days. But of course she does land it this time. He says “see, you trusted me, you didn’t get hurt.”

Lauren wants prom dress money from Steve. Steve refuses. Emily complains the reverse, she doesn’t want a new dress. Chloe pleads with her so she agrees. It’s just a dress (we also remember how awful the last dress she bought her was…) Chloe and Steve flirt. Chloe’s thrilled. Steve offers to pick something up for Emily. It would give him great joy. So he’ll buy Emily a dress and not Lauren. That could cause drama.

The Keelers meet with the doctor. The doctor is surprised that Payson isn’t there. They want to talk to her first. How did she hear about Payson? She saw it on TV. She believes Payson can still make history in the Olympics. She’s sure it is meant to be. Kim stops her before she can go through. Payson is healthy and able to walk, this is elective surgery and there’s a risk of paralysis. But it’s highly unlikely. Can she guarantee that she was the same gymnast? Payson would be devastated if she couldn’t come back to the same level as she was before. You can’t guarantee something like that. Kim leaves. Mark stays a moment longer and then follows his wife.

At the Keeler household, Kim and Payson return from prom dress shopping. Payson can go without her brace, she got a dress, and a prom. Heather is upset about the prom falling through. Payson comes to the rescue again. Kim is thrilled that Payson is adjusting. Mark points out that she doesn’t know she has another choice. Mark says he thinks they should tell Payson. He feels like he’s hiding something from Payson and he doesn’t feel good about it.

Lauren finds the prom dress her dad bought Emily and thinks it is for her.

Kayley does her double Arabian for everyone. With more moves like that the Chinese won’t know what hit them. Lauren asks Emily what she’s wearing to prom, she’s so excited about the dress her dad picked out. (Steve reveals to Chloe that it’s Emily’s dress in case you missed it.)

Payson comes out in her dress (I don’t love it, I’ll be honest) but she’s cure and happy. The limo driver arrives. They rush out. Mark wonders if maybe Kim is right and things are better this way.

Steve wonders why Lauren isn’t dressed and he doesn’t get why she’s asking. He refuses to pick out a dress for her and gives her money instead. She finds another dress. Lauren thinks her dad gave the dress to the tramp he’s dating. Razor and crew are the band Payson got. Emily hasn’t arrived yet. Emily also doesn’t know that they’re the band. Lauren can’t wait for the drama. (Ok, even for her that’s weird.)

Someone takes a picture of Payson and Kaylie. Carter asks Kaylie to dance and she turns him down. Razor approaches. Where is Emily. She’s basking in her dress. (Really? A Cinderella moment?) Emily asks how much her mom spent. Chloe tells her not to worry. Nice dress, can’t wait for Lauren to see it. Ike shows up at the prom and everyone is shocked. He approaches Payson to say she looks awesome and he asks her to dance. He apologizes for being a jerk. He got a ticket and suit just to say that. She agrees to dance. It’s actually a little cute though I don’t like him. He’s the last person she expected to see. Doesn’t he find it pointless? He apologizes for trashing her beliefs and says maybe his philosophy is pointless. Maybe there’s something in his life he cares about? Well, he’s open to it.

A hot guy asks Kaylie to dance. She tries to turn him down but he insists. Carter watches, all upset, and asks Lauren to dance. Lauren says no, he will not use her again. (WHAT!?) She tells him off and stalks away. I highly doubt she’d ever really have turned her down. Carter cuts in, very rudely. If I were Kaylie I’d leave but instead she apologizes. He says he’s her safety net. He broke his heart and she’s breaking his. While he waits for her to forgive him maybe she’s looking for another boyfriend. He loves her but he’s tired of trying to convince her how sorry he is. Poor Kaylie. Really this is for the better.

Razor dedicates the next song to Emily, his prom date. Damon is upset that Emily is there. Payson goes over to compliment her. Emily’s upset that it’s Razor’s band. Lauren thinks her dad is dating Emily. Then with some information from Carter she realizes that makes no sense. Lauren asks where she got it. Lauren realizes that Steve and Chloe are dating. She feels sick.

Razor goes to dance with Emily like Damon won’t care. Really? I know he was a little mean but really? Damon stops playing and then says he has a song to play for Emily. He doesn’t sing in public! Looks like he’s going to start. He tries but then he gets stage fright and runs off. Emily runs after him. He’s furious. It’s not okay! He was arrested for buying stolen equipment that he didn’t know it was stolen because he wanted to show her and record his song for her. She yells him that being there is all she wants, not some song. He’s upset and walks away.

Payson gets a round of applause for saving the prom. She’s super awkward about it.

Razor runs out forever after. He’s never seen Damon try to sing on stage, he must love you. She must love him. Well, what clued you in Razor? He says they both want more. He has to find a way to go for it. I don’t know what his advice even means. So in other words she should leave him be?

Lauren is upset that her prom sucked and she didn’t get to dance. (Will Carter offer now?) She doesn’t know what to do. She refused to have the Kmetkos as family. If her mom hadn’t bailed…she wishes someone would choose her for once. And she cries and for ONCE I actually believe her. Sure enough he turns on the music and asks her to dance. Way to give her a pity dance. She agrees and he comforts her. Maybe they will end up together and in a way, I’m not sure I’d mind that.

Meanwhile Kaylie stares at a picture of them kissing. The one she so wisely made as her ringtone and then she wipes the screen. (Was a scene of her getting undressed really necessary?)

Mark stares at the pictures of Payson that have magically been developed. Kim tries to get him to accept that they’re protecting Payson. He doesn’t like that they taught Becca and Payson to tell the truth if they won’t. In walks Payson and she says it was so much fun. She was a hit! (What about the meanies?) She asks how their night was and Kim decides they should tell her about the doctor. (See, that’s a good final scene, getting better MIOBI.)


10 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: Save The Last Dance”

  1. sarah Says:

    Agreed, they finally ended the show properly and I would have liked to see the mean girls bother Payson and watch Lauren bitch them out again. Again, not crazy about this episode…I guess I have to remember this show has the cheesiness for the teens and not us 20-somethings!!

    Liked: Kaylie deleting Carter from her phone, Lauren finding out about Steve and Chole and Kim and Mark debating about the doctor and Lauren showing real emotion(even if it might have been a ploy to get Carter). Also glad Payson and Ike didn’t start making out on the dance floor…I don’t know if I could have stomached that.

    Saw the sneak peeks for next week…looks like we are finally getting back into the gymnastics drama over the personal drama that I prefer and Kelly Parker is back for the National Team practice….can’t wait.

  2. Chloe Says:

    this is one of my least favourite episodes – i guess it’s because there’s so little gymnastics involved. i can’t wait for payson to just get back out there at the gym and yes, kelly parker too.

    i’m not hating lauren so much in this episode mainly because she didn’t walk right up to emily and tell her about all that she knows about their parents. i also feel sorry for her when she didn’t get to wear the beautiful dress. it really IS gorgeous and i’m just not liking chelsea hobbs’ short hair. i guess her short hair gives her the edgy look but i just…don’t like it.

  3. Chloe Says:

    oh and that scene in which damon freaked out was just…lame. and when heather went up on stage to apologise for the shelter pups and saying ‘they will come back – i hope’, i just cringed. it’s just so…fake. these sort of prom dramas just don’t cut it.

  4. sarah Says:

    Chole…I couldn’t have said it better myself….

  5. sarah Says:


  6. cindy Says:

    I completely get why Lauren wouldn’t dance with Carter. She loves him, but she isn’t stupid, she knows he was just using her to get back at Kaylie. And she has too much self respect for that. Not that she has a whole lot of self respect, but that’s crossing a line. Plus, she doesn’t want to betray Kaylie again, especially for something she knows is nothing. She would betray Kaylie if Carter were to actually fall for her, but she’s not going to settle for some kind of silly mindgame.

    I absolutely loved Lauren in this episode, she had so much heart and her story was so thorough. And I laughed out loud at “My dad is dating Emily Kmetko.” I did not think she’d be dumb enough to think that, I expected her to immediately assume he was dating Chloe…but this way was better. Imagine if Steve were dating Emily…ewwwwww

    • sarah Says:

      I agree with your entire post…I was proud of Lauren for telling Carter to essentially f-off. She will 100% go for Carter if he’s willing. I am glad Kaylie deleted him, I’d like to see her turn crazy dedicated and focused like Payson was for a while.

      I love Lauren in general….I laughed when she exclaimed her dad was dating Emily too… I think she was in such shock seeing that dress , certainly not dumb enough to think her dad was dating a 17 year old! She delivered the scene well and I cannot WAIT until Emily finds out and Lauren is just a raging bitch about it like she was with Summer. I am all for anyone being a bitch to and about Emily. I do love her mom thou…she’s hilarious.

  7. Chloe Says:

    Sarah, no worries abt getting my name wrong 😀

    Who’s your favourite character and favourite actor/actress on the show?

    Mine’s Payson and Ayla Kell/Josie Loren (can’t decide). I think ayla kell acts really well. as for josie loren, she’s really fit! (i guess that explains the scene where she’s undressing, though i agree that it’s not necessary.)

    • sarah Says:

      It was a typo! 🙂

      As far as characters go…Josie Loren is by far the best actress on the show. I like Payson’s(i’m not as keen on her acting as Josie’s) storyline the best because it’s the most realistic and relevant to ‘real’ gymnastics and not associated with stupid drama. As much of a bitch as Lauren is, she makes the show interesting and fun and probably acts like some of the real gymnasts do as well. She is probably my favorite character. I like seeing her defend her friends but also be a scheming bitch at the same time. Whoever plays Kelly Parker can also act.

      I hate everything and anything about Emily…the story, and the actress and her mantourage.

      • Chloe Says:

        Really? I was thinking whoever plays Kelly Parker can’t act. Lol. Opinions can differ greatly I guess – but I agree with you on emily. Couldn’t have put that better myself!

        Josie reminds me of Eva Longoria quite a bit. Petite, skinny, fit. Dark-haired and dark-skinned.

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