The Secret Life: Let’s Try That Again

Anne doesn’t want to stay unless George goes for counseling. Jimmy hasn’t called Amy but they don’t plan to call everyday. Meanwhile Jessie calls Lauren every two hours. Jack calls Madison everyday. They discuss who is having sex with who. They think Amy must be a bad kisser otherwise he would have called and she gets upset. Adrianne asked if he called and Amy says he didn’t. Adrianne suggests she call.

Adrianne spots Ricky. She wants their parents to meet. Her parents want it. He’s moody too.

Amy is back to her whiny crying self. Ricky sees her upset and she asks if she’s a good kisser. He says of course. He believes anyone can be a good kisser but they can get better with practice. He can practice with her. Just as a friend. Yeah Ricky, this sounds like a great idea. They can practice while he comes to see John, and no one has to go.

Grace is late and wants a late slip but the guidance counselor wants to know what’s going on. The guidance counselor wants to do a Mother-Daughter dance instead of a Father-Daughter dance. Grace complains about her mom dating less than a year after her dad died. Madison wants to talk to the guidance counselor about the dance because she doesn’t have a mother and it’s awkward. She has a “wicked stepmother” because she’s a bad everything. They’ve been married three years and they dated a year before that. Madison and her father have an agreement as long as she’s not rude to her, she doesn’t have to get to know her. The guidance says she’d never let have someone have the power to ruin her life. Life is for the living. She has food and wants Madison to talk. Lauren comes in to find out if she’s okay. Lauren doesn’t want to go to the dance because her parents are divorced and her dad would be jealous. In comes Amy to get them back to class since they have a pop quiz. Amy thinks maybe she might use the dance to get her mom to stay around. Maybe Lauren’s dad can speak to them. Grace comes in to get her late slip signed. (Grace weren’t you over this for a bit.)

Adrianne wants to know where Grace is going but she’s furious. Adrianne says she didn’t tell anyone. Anyone what? Grace shoves her away and storms off. Grace is upset that her mom and boyfriend were thinking about getting married. She doesn’t want to talk to her.

Adrianne is upset that she can’t help Grace. What’s wrong with him? Nothing. But maybe it’s too soon. She can’t judge it. Her parents want a small wedding so that no one can ruin the moment for them with a negative opinion. Ricky doesn’t want his parents to meet Adrianne’s.

Ricky is at work and her foster mom would like to meet Adrianne’s parents. He doesn’t care but she likes that they seem to be close and have more than a physical relationship. She’d like to see John too. She tells him getting close will be fine. Ben is upset that he wasn’t introduced. Ricky doesn’t like people getting in his business, he tends to cut them off. Ben points out that he knows his parents. How’s Grace? They’re just getting to know each other slowly. They were doing well until…her parents. Ben’s surprised she hasn’t told him. Ben likes her. Maybe he should call her. (This is rocket science advice here.)

George talks to Ashleigh and she gives him an update. He says he won’t talk to a therapist. She says it’s weird that the family is divided into teams. It would seem that talking to a stranger isn’t such a big deal. He wants them to work it out on their own. It will take a lifetime. Maybe he should call Lauren’s dad. Ashleigh is miserable and I feel bad for her because it goes largely unnoticed by all but Griffin. Amy dislikes that Ashleigh tells her everything before anyone else. She wants him to call Lauren’s dad. Go have dinner with him, it’s not the same as going to a therapist. She tells him to fix his problems. (George is insightful enough to know that she’s talking about herself.) Lauren is talking about the dinner plan with her dad when George calls. Lauren’s dad suggests a real meeting but George denies it. Lauren’s mom butts in and tells him to stay open. Lauren’s parents are a bit hostile. Her mom wants to switch around their weekends.

Anne says that doesn’t count as therapy. Anne wants it to be both of them because they need to work things out. They have decisions to make. Is she staying, are they getting remarried, are they committed. Anne wants them to want each other. She wants to start over. How do they start over? He says he can only try but he can’t promise anything. George thinks she’s looking for an excuse to leave. She’s looking for someone to say something to make her want to stay. (Your children are not responsible for that! When did Anne become the worst parent in history?)

Adrianne is thrilled that their parents will meet but Ricky says this isn’t a commitment. He’s not being so nice about it. He points out that Amy and John are part of his family too. She’s a little insecure again and texts Ashleigh to find out why Amy wasn’t called back. Everyone is being all worried about Amy getting rejected. Adrianne wants to call and ask Jimmy. Adrianne realizes that something in Amy’s purse must have freaked Jimmy out.

Madison’s parents say goodnight. Her stepmom seems super nice. They both want to talk to each other. Her stepmom says not all guys really want one thing and even those who do will settle for something else. She wanted to talk about guys and boyfriends…no really, the thing that’s bothering her is that she thought that they might have dated before her mom died. She assures her they met after wards. Jack keeps calling Madison but she keeps ignoring it.

Jack says he won’t have to tell her that they’re breaking up because she isn’t answering the phone. He’s going to talk to Grace. His mom prefers Madison. Just because Grace needs him doesn’t mean he has to go back to her. Her mom says he’s just hoping to go all the way with Grace again.

Ben’s dad talks to him about how great it is to be in love. Who will Ben be bringing to the wedding? The Bowmans are introduced. Stop competing with Ricky! He can’t stop thinking about Amy.

Madison talks more to her stepmom about the drama of her friends. And then she segues into asking her to go to the dance. Jack is a great dancer. Madison wants him to really get away from Grace. Nothing is guaranteed in life.

Lauren’s dad talks to George about his ex-wife. Once a wife always a wife. Ex-nothing. Denial much? Which one needed therapy? When you have children together you’re together like it or not.

Amy feels awkward about kissing Ricky. He tells her to react. They’re just friends he’ll do the hard work. Ashleigh sees and is upset so they actually kiss because that’s the obvious reaction to it.

Ben goes to see Grace. He sees Jack’s car and is nervous. He says they were just talking. Grace’s mom goes up to talk to her. Jack asks if he can take a hint. Ben says he guesses he should stop calling Grace. She doesn’t want Ben to know how screwed up his family is because she likes him as more than a friend. She just thinks of Jack as a friend now. (There is too much phone calling on this show!) Grace and her mom talk and her mom points out all the screwed up families. Their family used to be perfect. Grace asks her to come to the dance. She would change the date if it was the same day as her marriage. Tom is waiting for Adrianne.

Ashleigh comes to talk to Anne about George. He’s a good guy and he loves Anne and everyone. The dinner is the best she’ll get. Just see how things go for a couple weeks. Stick around. It may just seem that she loves George best and Anne loves Amy best but really it’s that they’re the ones who need the most help. Life is a push and pull. She asks her to stay but she says she’s considering. Ashleigh would love her to come to the dance because she loves her. Anne cries and says she loves her too. (Way to go Ashleigh with some of the best acting on the show, as usual.) There was less sex talk this week than usual.


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