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In December I began writing TV posts for Common Room, a website and series of podcasts on pop culture, beauty, fitness, and more. My segment, Small Screen Chat, is a weekly segment where I talk about some aspect of TV, whether that be trends, a specific show or episode, or what I am watching in general. Take a look at what I’ve written so far-

A look at new shows that have premiered over the year:

  • The End is Near – Intelligence, The Assets, Killer Women, Chicago PD (I also talk about the spring premieres of Community, The Crazy Ones, and Big Bang Theory.
  • What Else Is New? – Enlisted, Helix, Bitten, Spoils of Babylon, and True Detective (I also discuss the spring returns of The Originals, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Switched at Birth, and Shameless, as well as my decision to stop watching The Michael J. Fox Show and Community.)
  • Just Getting Started – Star-Crossed, Growing Up Fisher, and About a Boy
  • The Start of Something New – Crisis, Mixology, Believe, and Night Shift
  • Let’s Get It Started – Bad Teacher, Friends with Better Lives, The 100, Faking It, Sirens, Playing House, Deadbeat, and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge.

Other Recaps

How I Met Your Mother– apparently some people are furious about the rather unexpected turn at the end of this week’s episode. I don’t see why. I think it was unexpected but emotional and well done. I don’t mind a comedy being sad every so often (especially since the episode as a whole wasn’t sad). I didn’t notice the countdown and don’t mind it, though I kind of would want it to be for something happy/exciting, like “I’m pregnant!” instead of the sadness that we actually got. Joss Whedon has always said that Alyson Hannigan is one of the best criers out there and she showed this week just how true that was.

Greek– there’s something weird about the fact that Ashleigh, Evan, and Casey aren’t in college (and therefore the fraternities and sororities). Technically Casey was still on campus and she isn’t going anywhere, but how uninvolved in ZBZ can she be but still be important? And Ashleigh is so far away and separated from everyone else so I’m not sure how involved she can be in the show in the end. I loved watching Dale and Rebecca fight over how involved he could be with the house. I always wonder why people like Rebecca, why would anyone elect her as the new president, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy her. The show is going to have to beef up some of the other ZBZs (and maybe some girls from other sororities) if this is going to work. Otherwise she’s sort of working with no one. I do appreciate how both Cartwrights got backbones this week and hope to see more of it.

Brothers and Sisters– Sarah was basically MIA this episode, which is sad for me as she’s one of my favorites (though her storyline as the insecure older woman is rapidly getting annoying), but we got a lot of the others. Scotty and Kevin signed up for being foster parents. Nora realized that her newest relationship can’t work because her family is too much for the new guy. Justin is a newbie paramedic and dating the nurse. Kitty’s relationship with the Dean’s son is exposed. I could care less about Kitty, but everyone else’s storylines were extremely well done. As sad as I am for Nora, I’m not sure I believe it is really time to call it quits. Justin and the new girl are super cute and I like seeing Justin in this role much better than in the role of super slut. Scotty and Kevin was easily the most touching story, I can’t wait to see how they proceed. My one complaint: Bring back Uncle Saul!

Parenthood– I don’t really care for Haddy and I was kind of surprised to find myself siding with her parents on this one. She’s too young to be dating someone who lives on his own with no supervision. Forbidding her from seeing him at all might have been much, but certainly making rules like “you can’t ever go to his place” seem fair. Max stories are always more interesting than Haddy stories. She’s just not that deep a character. I was happy to see more of Drew (though I missed Amber) and hope he gets a better showing this season. I have no idea who he is really. Sarah’s struggle to tell her kids the truth about their father (though I would be surprised if they don’t know more than she thinks they do) should play out really interestingly in the coming weeks. Crosby and Julia’s storylines were a bit on the more subtle, quiet side: Crosby had to learn that he was Jabar’s parent not friend and Julia had to figure out how and what to tell Sydney about death.

V– this week’s episode certainly has more action than most of last season put together, which is a definite plus. Anna’s explanation for the red rain was a little too easily received, which is unfortunate. The red sky was pretty cool though. My favorite story line of the moment is Lisa’s. She genuinely likes Tyler but is forced to use him by her mother, she wants to rebel against her mother and has the human emotions that are considered so terrible but doesn’t know how to act on it. I’m also loving how Anna tries to prove she isn’t emotional, but i can’t help but think that half the things she does to prove it are actually emotionally rooted actions in the first place. I’m hopeful that the second season will find the footing it was missing in the first season, because it has so many elements that I like. Tyler as a character is pretty lame so hopefully he will be more than a naive teen soon.

No Ordinary Family– Another show that has potential but isn’t quite living up to itself. Daphne has memory loss and yet they only seem remotely concerned by it, which is immediately irritating. I find Katie and the Watcher’s relationship really interesting, but I feel the need to point out to him that quitting does not make up for the lying he did to her. He seems to think that taking her virginity would be okay because of that, but as she’s found Stephanie’s diary in his things…we shall see. I’m hoping that this is the start of exploration into the bigger picture that has been hinted at but not really utilized. (Also, nice guest spot by Renee of 24–what’s her real name?)

General Recaps

Dexter– Not much has changed since the last time I wrote about this show. Some people are disliking Julia Stiles’s character, but personally I love it. The relationship that she and Dexter have is fascinating because on the one hand he’s training a protege and on the other he’s trying to shield her. The way he acts with her is some of the most human we’ve ever seen him, even more so than when he was with Rita where a lot of it was about guessing what the right thing to say was. He’s been more honest and open with Lumen than he ever was with Rita (for good reason). Meanwhile, I love the little twist that Deb’s story line has taken. Fired because Laguerta’s trying to save herself! The cop who idolized her turning on her! Can’t wait to see Deb strike back. And with Angel on her side, that should do wonders for the already irritating (and troubled) marriage. I’m still waiting to see how everything comes together between Deb’s story and Dexter/Lumen’s but I’m not seeing how it would. Unless it’s just Deb’s being out of work and her relationship that makes them intersect. Finally, there’s “Quinn’s” investigation and the pictures of Lumen and Dexter dumping bodies. So that’s one more person to kill. Personally, I’m really liking this season though I’m not sure they can really beat the shocker that was the end of last season.

Brothers and Sisters– This week was the first time where Luc’s presence on the show felt like it had a point. Maybe it’s just me, but until now his only point was for Sara to have issues and basically ignore him. For the first time we had an opportunity to learn a little about him and see him have an actual storyline. Justin as sex God was a lamer thing, didn’t he change at all over this series? And what happened to the girl from the hospital? I liked her much better than Scott’s staff members. Kitty’s absence this episode was a definite plus though, I did not miss her at all. I did miss Saul though. Has anyone else noticed that he’s been getting more and more absent as the show continues? Bring him back! Let him have a relationship for once. Meanwhile, I would really like Scotty to get more in the way of storylines. We got a little with the cheating on Scotty and with his parents, but I want more. Also, we get it that Paige is a bratty teenager, but what is Cooper’s story? We haven’t seen him in ages. Nora and her friend/love interest are cute but I’m more excited to see what happens when Sara becomes her boss (finally she’ll be back to storylines that aren’t just about her love for Luc and insecurities because he’s younger).

House– I have to be completely honest, I’m really enjoying Amber Tamblyn’s awkward new character. I’d be happy to see Thirteen return, but I kind of hope we can keep them both. Get rid of Foreman or Taub maybe. I’m sick of them. Even Chase is sort of boring at this point. Maybe it’s time for a new guy. House and Cuddy are still a strange relationship that’s sometimes endearing and sometimes a little irritating. She expects him to tell her the truth, he intends to lie…I particularly loved when Wilson’s new girlfriend/ex-wife says she sees House’s side of things. I’m hoping they do more about them (like the episode with House and Cuddy’s baby, that was great. I can’t wait till the kid is a little older and can have funny/entertaining conversations).

How I Met Your Mother
– We knew that it was only a matter of time before Robin Sparkles returned, but I never anticipated Jessica Glitter. This week had some funny stuff, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. It was one of those filler episodes where nothing really changes. Still funny, but not quite as exciting as other episodes.

90210– Is anyone else waiting in eager anticipation for the moment when Adrianna is finally outed in front of the entire world? That is all I want. When that happens I will be happy. I’ve realized that the main reason I dislike Naveed is because he LOOKS dirty. Like he hasn’t washed his hair or anything. Silver has been a non-character all season so I guess they’ve decided it’s time to give her a relationship with Naveed which will also bring drama into the girl group. I do wish we’d seen more of Ivy hanging out with the girls (do you think they will get her to be more girly?) but all we got was the precursor. Teddie’s story is one of the most interesting. I like how they’ve finally said that him being gay isn’t just a sudden plot twist (though perhaps some more subtle hints throughout would have been nice) but something from before. On the upside, there was none of Liam’s annoying “girlfriend,” on the downside there was very little of Naomi. No surprise that Aunt Becky and the teacher slept together, it was only a matter of time.

Chuck– There were a few particularly fascinating and excellent things in this week’s episode. For one thing, YAY SUMMER GLAU! Her storyline was pretty hysterical, though I was kind of hoping for a little more. Meanwhile, Chuck was trying to learn how to re-access his intersect and they brought in a specialist who thought fear would be the way to go. He also thought Sarah prevented him from full fear because he could always fall back on her. Why didn’t they simulate a situation that Chuck thought was real rather than actually bring him into a real one? And why didn’t they “threaten” Sarah because if ever there was something to make Chuck afraid, it would be the possibility of losing her. It bothered me that Chuck was insulted about Sarah saying he wasn’t an agent without the intersect. If he can’t fight and defend himself, he can’t be an agent. It’s as simple as that. Maybe there was a better way for her to say it, but still.

The Event– The show has taken a turn for the interesting (aged little girls, man morphing from young to old, the vice president as evil) but it’s still on the slow side. I want Layla and Sean to do something more interesting. Enough running away and crying. Let us see Layla as a three dimensional character. What skills does she bring to the story? (No, abducting a doctor doesn’t really count.) I hate to say it but the president is pretty lame. He doesn’t compare to any of the 24 presidents. He’s involved in things where it doesn’t make sense and yet doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I mean, does he actually run the country? We need more pieces to the puzzle (or even just more things to make us say “what?”). Think of Lost. In the first season, we saw polar bears, the smoke monster, a hatch, a mysterious distress signal, Locke healed, visions of Jack’s dead father, a cable running through the forest/beach, the others, the mysterious numbers, and some other things. So far in the Event we’ve got…stranded aliens with advanced technology, aged girls, and a creepy man. Not enough. Give us more!

Lie to Me– this show is missing the personal interactions and storylines. Think of Bones. Each week there is a unique case, but we also have a ton of relationships going on as well. Cam and her sort of daughter, Bones and Booth, Booth and Hannah, Sweets and Daphne, Hodges and Angela, and the random techs. In every episode something happens with a couple of these relationships so that it feels like someone has moved forward in some way. In Lie to Me, it is that progression in character that I feel like we are missing. Yes, we have Lightman and Foster flirting and Loker and Torres have their moments, and of course Lightman and Emily, but that’s about it. And we don’t really progress much (at all) with any of them in each episode. Get into the interpersonal relationships more.

Gossip Girl– As much as I hate Chuck, I do like him and Blaire together. This decision of hers to remain apart is interesting (and unlikely to stay this way permanently). Dan and Nate act less like bros and more like a couple. Vanessa is a little bit delusional. While it’s true that Serena gets away with things and her friends help, Vanessa has yet to actually be a victim of this. Her friends have always stepped in for her when Vanessa was trying to screw Serena for no good reason. Still not clear on how Ben got in jail. Even if he and Serena had an affair while she was in school. (Is that the real reason she left? This seems like a really delayed address of the issue.) If he’s in jail for statutory rape then Serena’s mother would know about it. I’m okay with a bit of Jenny here and there just to help with the sabotage (since Vanessa and Juliet are clearly awful at it) but I hope she’s not making an official comeback. What I really can’t wait for is when everyone realizes they’ve been scammed. What do we think they’ll do then? And what will happen when Serena wakes up in Juliet’s place?

Castle– After those excellent episodes where Beckett was being targeted, the show has slowed down a bit. I get it, Alexis has a boyfriend and it’s cute, but we need more. Is anyone else expecting Alexis to get kidnapped at some point? It feels like it’s only a matter of time.

Weeds– This show is not what it used to be. The only interesting thing happening is that Nancy has just fallen into the clutches of Guillermo and Esteban and then turns herself into the police to get away from them. It sounds like there is one season left to this show. We’ll see what happens then, but I miss Aggrestic and the other characters that they’ve eliminated.

Glee– Gwyneth Paltrow! She may not be the best singer ever, but I think she was excellent as Holly Holliday and I hope they bring her in more now that they’ve left the door open for it. I’m fine with Teri not coming back and I notice Emma has been a bit absent of late. Fine by me, the EW recapper may not agree, but I don’t care for the adult storylines (except for Sue vs Will which took an interesting turn this week as Sue realized he was better than the alternative). I like Kurt and the idea of him having a boyfriend (and I particularly love the secretly gay football player) but I’m not the biggest fan of Blaine. I’m not sure why, something about him just rubs me the wrong way, talent and all. It feels like the Glee kids for the most part have fallen in the background (Brittany, Tina, Quinn, Puck, Santana) and I would like more episodes to focus on them. Some people are probably thrilled to hear that Mike the Other Asian has been upgraded in cast status. I don’t particularly care, just because we already have so many characters to explore that I’m not sure we need another at this point. Otherwise, the music is still excellent and I am completely happy with the show.

No Ordinary Family– watch this show people! It needs to build more of the mythology (more hints about who the mom’s boss is for example and bring in some more supervillains), but I think this week’s episode with the parents and JJ were excellent. Daphne’s powers have got to become more dynamic (mind control!) to give her some more active storylines. Somehow they’ve made JJ’s super brain more interesting than mind reading. Maybe Daphne mind reads someone who wants to kill themselves or get revenge by shooting up the school and intervenes somehow? Something. Save this show! ( say this is a bubble show so let’s push it back to renewal!)

Life Unexpected– Well, we know this show is done for. Unfortunate since it just got back to a particularly interesting plot (an abusive foster family). Anyone else wonder what the deal with the recent obsession with student-teacher relations is? Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Life Unexpected, 90210 (though it is obviously different in this case because he’s a rapist)…enough already. The question is, will Lux ever come clean to get Tasha out of trouble? What will happen when they find out.

Parenthood– another show to save. How are people not watching this? Everything about it is compelling. The best story this week was definitely about Christina trying to get Max invited to a birthday party (though I enjoyed the Sarah-Amber college story too). Never has a TV show addressed Aspbergers as in depth as this (well, I can’t say never for sure, but from what I know of) and how it affects the rest of the family is so compelling. Haddie could stand being a little more interesting (maybe it’s time for her to go through a rebellious stage, just as Amber is bettering herself because then who better to help her back?), but otherwise, I’m thrilled. It seems Parenthood is moving nights. Let’s hope this isn’t a too little too late measure to save the show. If you haven’t been watching yet, it’s time to start. This is one of the better family dramas on TV.

The Good Wife– this week was a particularly fantastic episode. Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) guest starred as a pop icon trying to shed her Disney image by over-partying. But the interesting thing was how clearly it was actually an act and not the reality of who she was. And when does it become a reality rather than an act simply because of how long she’s been doing it. Cosgrove in real life seems to be one of the teen stars (though Nickelodeon not Disney which might be part of what’s helping her) who has not gone crazy, but she did a great job of acting the part. I’m hoping the show will further explore Kalinda as well as Peter and Alicia’s relationship (which has been pushed to the background), but otherwise I just can’t believe it took me so long to start watching this show. If you haven’t, this is yet another show that should be saved from cancellation.

Survivor– This season has been a weak one (seriously Producers, Old vs Young is 9 out of 10 times going to be lame, why risk it?), but this week’s did take an exciting turn as Holly instigated a push to get Brenda out. I am surprised that Naonka is still around just because she’s so awful. I would think that Fabio would have tried to make a push to get rid of her (though I guess he has not really made any moves on his own). But the odds of Naonka winning are so slim that I guess everyone is hoping she’s the next Russel.

Bones– I’ve already mentioned some of the things I like about the show, but I am hoping that they kick things up a notch. I loved the gravedigger episodes because there was a bigger picture to decipher. I’m hoping they bring in a new big picture villain sometime soon.

The Big Bang Theory– I’m glad Penny is back. She seems to be walking normally (or normally enough). Not everyone is happy about Mayim Bialick’s promotion to series regular, but as long as the show actually explores her character rather than just use her for comic relief, she will be a good addition. (Though Bernadette has yet to be more than a prop so we’ll see.)

The Office– The show hasn’t been garnering the laughs and compelling storylines of former seasons. I’m still watching but I’m a little ambivalent about it of late. Hopefully it’ll find itself again soon.

30 Rock– I want them to give Jenna a new, bigger story. She’s been comic relief but I think it’s time to explore her background more. We got a little about her mother, but I’d like to see more. Kenneth too, would be nice. The show has still be pretty funny, but not quite as strong as it was in past seasons. I do appreciate the way they dealt with Jack needing to move on (though it wasn’t quite as awesome as the episode where Jack was supposed to walk away from his mentorship with Liz).

Outsourced– The show has definitely gotten better since the premiere. I particularly appreciated getting a sense of Tod’s family, which we haven’t really gotten to see until now. It’s still not the best show out there, but it has some interesting things (especially when it comes to Tod and Asha) that make it enjoyable.

Grey’s Anatomy– I am glad Christina’s bartending stint was only a one episode deal. It’s funny, but not the kind of thing I’d want to go on for a long period of time. I particularly like how Teddy’s taking Christina’s issues so personally. It shows there really was a bond and they’d gotten beyond Hunt. I’m more annoyed with the way Derrick is dealing with these things since it doesn’t feel like he’s doing anything to help but rather is keeping her from being able to deal with things. Avery’s also become more interesting now that he has his own survivor’s guilt issues to work out. Bailey drunk though, was awesome. I love Bailey and really hope she gets more air time.

Private Practice– this show has just reached some of its best point since it started. Charlotte dealing with the rape is intense but compelling (though Violet is really starting to bug me). I also love the little bit of Amelia that they finally gave us and hope they can find a way to make her more of a character on the show. I really liked seeing Pete deal with his family, that was probably some of the best we’ve seen of him.

Burn Notice– this was one of the stronger episodes lately. There’s something about the team being caught and forced to work with someone else while also stopping them from doing anything bad that makes it much more interesting. Plus it sort of followed the show’s general procedure while also disrupting it, which makes it interesting. It’s time for more unexpected things to happen. Take the control away from the players for a bit.

Smallville– I love that Tess is finally a good guy with a past to explore. I was over her self-righteous evil. It would be nice if Louis could start being more of a solution to some problems than the damsel in distress since she’s supposed to be so strong. I was happy to see Supergirl back and really hope we haven’t seen the last of her. (Though she was a little too “perfect” this time around, which is never fun.)

Well, that’s pretty much everything in one of my longest posts ever. Thoughts?

Monday Night

Well, this week wasn’t nearly as overwhelming as some other Monday nights, but there were still a number of things on and I haven’t caught up on them all (namely the shows that I intend to recap in full). In the meantime, I do have some thoughts about the other shows out because I think we got some great episodes this week.

Life Unexpected– This week’s episode reminded me of the premiere which made me instantly love the show. While the other episodes have been interesting, they were mostly filled with teen angst (and adult angst) and had less of what drew me to the show, which was this unique look into the life of a kid put up for adoption but never adopted. It’s not that the story has never been told in any way, shape or form, but the way it’s been handled is more subtle (and less woe-is-me) than most portrayals. We find out why Lux is really so angry at Cate, among other things.

Chuck– This episode was so sad in so many ways. They’ve really made me feel for Sarah this season, in part because now she’s the one who is sort of secretly in love instead of Chuck being the pining nerd. Obviously she will find out eventually about Casey’s role in the test, but until then, how will Chuck and Sarah avoid being separated for good? And what about Ellie? Wouldn’t it be super suspicious for him to just disappear? Don’t they think Ellie would make a huge deal about it? Poor planning NSA and CIA.

Trauma– There were a handful of things I disliked about this episode. Largely it was the handling of Nancy and Diana, which was so anti-climactic and abrupt. On the other hand, it was interesting to learn about Rabbit’s past (though too much of a “I figured out the key to explain every bit of your behavior”). I like Rabbit and Marissa’s dynamic. I’d also like to learn more about her.

Big Bang Theory– I know that Leonard is technically the main character of the show but let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong with an episode about Sheldon. Alcohol may make Raj comfortable talking in front of women but Sheldon and alcohol…not as good a combination. Even my sister, who does not love this show (the characters are a little too much for her) was laughing out loud throughout.

How I Met Your Mother– Probably the best part of this episode was the Barney can’t take a bad picture bit. But there were other details I loved. Lily’s obsession with her birthday reminds me of a friend of mine who has a similar excitement: she has Cindystock, which extends her birthday to a full week. Or month. Now I can’t remember.

24– Well, some exciting and surprising information and some things that I didn’t particularly care for. I really dislike Jack and Rene’s relationship (which seems to be more than close from working in craziness together but is as of yet slightly undefined) so I didn’t care for her charge to save him. Though she did kick butt doing it so I will give her that. Chloe was once again right and did what she needed to (in this case pulling a gun on someone) to make them see it her way. She also stood up for herself which was nice to see. It was sad to see her floundering and weak when last season she was always showing Jeanine how much more awesome she was. And then there’s Dana. Go figure. But still a good surprise.

Castle– I saved the best for last. My sister and I agree that this is the best episode of the season, if not the show as a whole. Everything about it was spot on: Castle and Beckett’s relationship which was made more interesting by introducing the FBI agent Jordan Shaw (the FBI version of Beckett), the super creepy but awesome serial killer who was obsessed with Beckett as Nikki Heat, Beckett and Castle vs Shaw/Shaw and Beckett vs Castle dynamic. The suspense, the humor, and of course the happy ending. (yes, that’s sarcastic for now, but you know it will happen in the next episode) If you haven’t watched this show, you are really missing out because this was one of the best things on last night.

Total Recap

With so many shows coming back this week and last (and one of my best friends coming in from Chicago to visit) I’m somewhat behind on my TV shows, so I’m writing a general recap of the shows I’ve seen:

Chuck- so glad this show is finally back. The will they won’t they dynamic of Sarah and Chuck isn’t as good as it used to be since they basically were together for a bit and Sarah sort of feels like a sulking baby. I would love for us to learn more about Sarah. Few people can completely cut ties with their past and I’d like to see her slip up with something that is less about Chuck and more about her.

How I Met Your Mother- Neil Patrick Harris singing and dancing, about suits! Need I say more? It’s like everything you could ask for and more. While the Consummate Consummator didn’t win a Golden Globe, he’s still pretty awesome in my book. The other characters were a little dull this episode but it’s hard to compete with Barney.

Better Off Ted- though not quite as good as other episodes, this show is still too good to be canceled. The Veronica-Rose dynamic is definitely the best thing the show has to offer and I hope we see more of it. How many ways can you corrupt a child?

Leverage- one of the more exciting returns in my mind, this episode was truly one of the greats because it managed to surprise you. Jeri Ryan’s character is much more interesting than Sophie and, while I miss the British accent, I prefer Ryan’s less prinicipled mentality. It’s nice to have one semi-honest thief within the group of honest thieves. Besides, seeing her develop into an honest person is interesting. The others have to rub off on her right? (Can we get more Parker-Hardison please!)

Ugly Betty- this week’s episode was the one I saw them filming! With rumors of Daniel and Betty getting together, a lot of people are upset. While I’m not a fan of the pairing, I am in no way surprised considering that Betty has so profoundly helped him change. At the same time, it’s nice to see a guy and girl be very close and not romantically involved for a change. I sort of kind of a little bit felt bad for Wilhemina. I was proud of Mark for his work with Daniel (promotion anyone?). I didn’t care all that much about Betty and Mark, largely because I’m not a Mark fan. He was mostly a jerk to Betty.

Dollhouse- great episode. These last few have really been some of the best yet and I can’t wait to see the finale next week, in a sad but excited way. Sort of the way I felt about the 7th Harry Potter coming out.

Ghost Whisperer- yet another generic episode. Really, it’s time for the larger storyline to come into play already. There was that one great episode with the child ghost and Aiden and that’s it.

Project Runway- Glad to be back in NY, glad to have the regular judges back (this reminds me, how awesome was it when Tim Gunn guest starred on HIMYM this week? “Sorry Barney, I can’t make it work.”). I think the talent this season looks pretty high though I have some serious disagreements with the decision of the first episode. That and I wonder why Nicole Ritchie was on the show. Who is she to be judging fashion?

Legend of the Seeker- I was wondering when the Sisters of the Light would show up. I’m a little disappointed in the way they made the split since it was so much more dramatic in the book but otherwise I think that part was mostly well done. I don’t really like the most recent Denna plots but she’s not super important so that’s ok. Anyone else notice Kahlen’s new clothing? Way cooler looking that before. And certainly more flattering though still not the most practical.

That’s it for now, more to come.


The month of December, especially the end of December, sucks because most shows have his their mid-season hiatus and there’s almost nothing to watch. (Plus with all the free time because of holidays, I have nothing to watch!)

Monday nights this past week wasn’t too bad as far as new episodes go and How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Lie to Me did not disappoint. At this point I kind of watch Chef Academy because there’s nothing else on so it’s just whatever. How Emmanuel hasn’t lost his entire hand is beyond me. He should get kicked off for safety reasons. I mean, he hurt himself while being taught about safety!

Tuesday had So You Think You Can Dance–only one house! come on!–which was pretty awesome and Better Off Ted. If you aren’t watching BOT (and “I already have one TV Ted” is NOT a good reason not to be) you’re really missing out. Tuesdays this year has not been good for TV anyway, so no surprise here. I’m missing my Gilmore Girl days.

Wednesday was both good and bad. First off, reunion shows suck! I’m sorry but they’re just not that interesting. I usually skip them because they don’t often show anything new or interesting enough to sit through the hour for. So naturally, Top Chef and the Ruins were both reunion episodes. Gary Unmarried and The New Adventures of Old Christine were pretty funny. Neither are really great shows but they’re more entertaining than the majority of this year’s new comedies. The final of So You Think You Can Dance was disappointing since the majority of guest stars were pretty lame (with the exception of the Groovaloos) and the winner, Russell, was somewhat predictable. For once I’d actually like to see the BEST dancer win, which according to the judges was unquestionably Jakob. But I think America prefers the dancer that grows the most. I keep missing the end of Launch My Line which is unfortunate but not super disappointing as there are so many people on the show that it’s hard to keep track. (Plus it would have been nice for the experts to be people we know. Then again, why would like Calvin Klein go on this show?) Lastly for Wednesday,there was Eastwick, which has really picked up some ante as shows tend to do right before cancellation (ie- Dollhouse!). The final scene was eerily reminiscent of Dexter this season, but you know it will turn out differently. (Husband comes in and saves her maybe?)

Thursday was the most disappointing night since it’s usually so jam packed with shows that I don’t know what to do. But alas, all we had was Survivor. Which obviously wins the night because it had no competition (smart CBS, run shows when no one else is competing thereby getting good press and possibly the better ads–which reminds me, why wouldn’t you want to try and attract advertisers right before Christmas with good shows? wouldn’t that be profitable?) Russel is still flabbergastingly successful and I can’t wait to see them blindside him right before the finale. Also, what were they thinking, moving the show to Sunday night for the finale. That’s so confusing!

Friday night was also missing a few shows, but with a double dose of Dollhouse it was hard to be upset. The show has really kicked into awesome right now. The question is will we ever see the end of Epitaph One? Merlin was pretty good too, shame it didn’t carry over well in the US, but at least it (and the Listener) is still happening in its native country (Britain and Canada). Surprise revival, The Beautiful Life is being put up on Youtube each week. Not a good show but I’ll watch it.

(Oh, and I tried out the British show Hex–lame–and the Secret Diary of a Call Girl–not enough substance–but neither worth sticking around. And the Amazing Race. I’ve been wondering about that show and since it’s been on for 15 seasons I figured it’s time for me to check it out. It’s not bad except that based on the order of arrival, your departure for the next leg is determined. Except that it doesn’t really matter since the team that leaves first always has to wait to leave for hours, by which time the other teams catch up. It just seems poorly planned. I also don’t like that it’s a couples game where the majority of tasks are done by only one person.)

And that’s the rundown… Any recommendations for me as far as shows to pass the time?

How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, I didn’t really watch comedy shows. Half hour sitcoms, without Friends, didn’t really interest me all that much.

And then my brother introduced me to How I Met Your Mother. I caught up on that show in like a week. And then once I was up to date I needed another comedy, so I found The Big Bang Theory. (And from there I found The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried…) Those were the two shows I missed most all summer. I rarely watch an episode more than once. More than twice is saved for special occasions (like introducing a friend to the show). But three or more times…well, I might have seen many of the episodes even more times than that.

How I Met Your Mother has Ted (voiced by Bob Saget but played by Josh Radnor) telling his two kids the story of…well, the title makes it pretty clear. We’re set up to believe that Ted and Robin are meant to be, all the while knowing that they can’t end up together because 1) the whole show wouldn’t make sense then and 2) she’s referred to as Aunt Robin in all the voiceovers. There are hints here and there of the mother (did we catch a glimpse of her in the End of the World episode?) and now we know, she’s connected to his college class. Will she be a student, a visiting professor, a stranger who wanders in for a moment, a drop out? So many options. Has she been planted randomly in the room and the camera sweeps over her every so often? The Where’s Waldo of it only makes the entire thing better.

And then there’s the Big Bang Theory, four geniuses living across the hall from a blond beauty. (If you think the laugh track is loud, that’s because it’s a live audience, btw.) Sheldon is by far the best character. I will never look at knocking on the door and saying someone’s name the same again. (Knock knock knock Penny, knock knock knock Penny…) Kaley Cucou is back in a role she’s more suited for (more like Ten Simple Rules than Charmed). And then they finally do it and…it’s weird! And it has the best theme song ever!

I’m so glad they’re back. If you haven’t watched, better get to it!