Legend of the Seeker: Broken

Well, this week’s episode was possibly my favorite of the series to date. I knew that bringing Cara in as a character was a good idea. (She’s sort of like a leather clad Seven of Nine, though their clothes are pretty similar despite the different fabric choices.)

This week we get an even deeper insight into the mind of Cara and the Mord Sith as a whole. We got to see how Cara was chosen, trained, and broken (though for television’s sake they have changed some of the details–it’s less horrible than Terry Goodkind’s version).

The idea of “rehumanizing” someone has always been an interesting one to me. There’s the whole debate about whether or not your youth can excuse your adult behavior and whether or not bad people can change. It’s with characters like this that we get to see these things played out.

And there’s the question of whether or not Kahlen, the Mother Confessor and upholder of justice, can accept Cara after all she’s done. And if she can forgive her for what she has done to Kahlen personally.

Cara’s remorse was a little bit too quick and easy for me, but I’m sure we’ll get more of it over the season.

My only complaint about this current season is the boy with the rune tattooed on his hand. I don’t remember any such character in the books and the boy is kind of annoying. Though I guess it’s just to add to the “will they succeed or won’t they” excitement of the story.